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  • oceanic-panic-panic
    02.12.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Wait did everyone bully the jwd prologue out of the movie 😂😂 amazing job djsjdh

    #oh my lord the only thing i feel bad about is the azhdarchid renders #and iguanodon #moros idc but safe to say no more moros #anyway ugly giga will still be there but at least its not universe shattering??? #idk but ugly therizinosaurus ugly plesiosaurus and ugly pyroraptor will be there soo ughhh
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  • teayo
    02.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Late at night missing the little things Something as simple as "Baby, come over"

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  • cubiedraws
    02.12.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    Oil and water

    I know nothing about league of legends (nor do I wish to) but I watched Arcane and it was really great? I came for the steam punk-y atmosphere but stayed for this storyline.

    #digital art #artists on tumblr #digital painting#procreate#digital illustration#arcane#piltover's finest#vi arcane#caitlyn kiramman #I got lazy rendering this so I added a bunch of effects and stuff #i do wish the creators could make it explicitly canon but i’m old and cynical
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  • actugeeks
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Des rendus réalistes du prochain Samsung Galaxy A73 sont révélés

    Des rendus réalistes du prochain Samsung Galaxy A73 sont révélés

    Le célèbre initié du réseau @OnLeaks s’est une nouvelle fois distingué. Cette fois, il a montré à quoi ressemblera le Samsung Galaxy A73, dont la sortie est prévue pour le premier trimestre de l’année prochaine. Les rendus montrent qu’en termes de design, il ne faut pas s’attendre à des changements radicaux, à l’exception de la disparition de la prise casque de 3,5 mm. Rendu du Samsung Galaxy…

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    #Galaxy A73 #Galaxy A73 design #Galaxy A73 features #Galaxy A73 leaks #Galaxy A73 renders #Galaxy A73 specs #Samsung Galaxy A73
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  • notsomodernsim
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Morning Cocoa

    #sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 edit #sims 4 screenshots #sims 4 cc #ts4 screenshots#my sims #ts4 custom content #ts4 simblr#ts4cc#blender#render#sims 4#mysims#notsomodern #ts4 maxis match #ts4 edit
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  • ccrv-7
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    yes i am violently ill. yes i am playing the telltale gotg game. these two are entirely unconnected

    #ITS SO BAD BUT. GOD. #LIKE JEEEEESUS CHRIST THOSE CHARACTER MODELS #im having fun tho! pirating games is fun and exciting <3 #thetalogs #no but actually like this is a good time. surebi have to have it at low rendering as to not kill my laptop but its fiiiiine #also my mom doing gospel practice in the bg really adds to the experience
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  • simspud
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Head empty, just thoughts of Delfin in a mullet and crop top

    Raf’s search history probably:

    #sims 4#ts4#sims render#render#simblr#edits #look 👏 at 👏 him 👏 #man really living on the edge using his phone w/o a case #just some super self-indulgent edits of my fave sim #he's beating out dima in my personal sim tier list #(*̩̩̩ᵋ *̩̩̩ ) #it's the boyfriends wearing complementary colours for me #okay im done rambling
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  • abyssanyon
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i think it would be really funny if techno just wore technomerch the whole lore stream. and for the next streams. this is canon now.

    [img ID: Two digital drawings of Technoblade. In the first drawing, he's standing with his left arm a little outstretched, as if to push away his cape. Under his cape, he's wearing one of his merch: a red long sleeve tee with a large Technoblade black lettering logo in the middle. At the right arm, where he's holding a handle of an axe, the sleeve has 6 small Technoblade pigs. There is lava behind him. To the bottom left of the drawing is a small cartoon dog. In the second drawing, it's a simple drawing of Techno with a red hoodie under his cape. On the left side of the chest is a small Technoblade pig logo. His hands are in the hoodie pockets and some purple stars are next to his head.

    end ID.]

    #technoblade#technofanart#dream smp#dsmp#dsmp technoblade#dsmp techno #look guys. if connor can be in a sonic onesie. this can happen too #id draw him in his big pig form too but i also have college #i told myself: i am NOT going to render this seriously #i can't. i don't have the energy... but i need to make this joke!! #hence Apollo just lookin a little skrunkly #insay's #anyway if anyone wants to buy me technomerch that would be really pog-
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  • centropampa
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    🌿📐 ¡Laburazo! Este trabajo final fue realizado por un alumno de la Carrera de Diseño del Paisaje para la materia Diseño IV a cargo de la docente Daniela Troncatti. "El proyecto ofrece recorrer todo el paseo desde los cuatro puntos cardinales. Unifica a través de un pequeño centro comercial elevado sobre el anden ambas estaciones e integra el flujo peatonal, unificando a través de senderos sinuosos de material absorbente color rosado, el ingreso este y oeste del parque. [...]" 🎓 Dentro de nuestras Carreras de Diseño te capacitamos desde cero y ofrecemos todos los conocimientos necesarios para que puedas no solo ejercer profesionalmente sino que también puedas expresarte de la misma manera. 📝 Las inscripciones para el Ciclo 2022 ya se encuentran abiertas y la matrícula se encuentra a valor promocional hasta el 15/12/2021 ¡Sumate! 💻 Carreras de Diseño, Nivel Terciario, Modalidad 100% Online > 🪑 Interiores 🌿 Paisaje ✏ Gráfico 👗 Indumentaria #diseño #diseñodelpaisaje #paisajismo #urbanismo #sketchup #render #proyecto #cursosonline #carrerasuniversitarias #centropampa @roman_pablo @paisajistasdeargentina https://www.instagram.com/p/CW_OxAOrQK8/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • notsomodernsim
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    May your dreams come true....

    #sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 cc #sims 4 edit #sims 4 screenshots #ts4 screenshots#my sims #ts4 custom content #ts4 simblr#ts4cc#ts4 #ts4 maxis match #notsomodern#blacksimmer#black simmer#mysims#blender#render #sims 4 custom content #the sims 4
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  • juanxee
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    🍑  PURPLE TARO | Blender ROOM for Sims 4  💖💖💖


    #sims 4 blender scene #sims 4 #sims 4 blender #the sims 4 #ts4 cc finds #sims 4 cc #sims4 cc finds #sims 4 build #sims4 blender room #sims 4 blender render
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  • info-architect
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    How BIM Services Offer a Technology Edge to Small AEC Firms

    The question of How BIM services offer technological edges is questioned widely. BIM services are the best solution to your existing physical construction constraints. BIM services use top-notch technology to ensure the best 3-D representation of the existing building.

    The BIM software Revit MEP allows the system to get more productive by minimizing the future risk & extra labour cost. It defines, validates, and provides solutions for all the unseen errors and rectifies them. Seeking help from prominent architects, engineers, or designers for yourBIM Outsourcing work makes the current system more worthwhile.

    What is Revit MEP?

    How BIM services offer a technology edge is answered by a Revit MEP that's a BIM Software. BIM stands for building information systems that allow the 3-D representation of the building in the virtual platform. Autodesk develops & has meant for the specialists working in MEP - mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. The Revit MEP software makes the entire process of architectural designing more efficient.

    Benefits of Revit MEP

    Revit MEP is a world-proven tool to authenticate BIM. How BIM services offer a technology edge is covered under its numerous benefits.

    Revit MEP detects & solves the design problems using the 3D model.

    Time & money wasted in sending RFI's is saved by the Revit MEP services when operating with building project stakeholders.

    Revit MEP is compatible with multiple designing applications like Relux, Pro design, & Dialux.

    The team members' simply deliver consistently and timely examined using the As-built in BIM Revit.

    It enables the easy conversion of the model from the designing phase to the fabrication phase. The Autodesk Fabrication CAD MEP is utilized to accomplish it.

    The intelligent tag system enables the spontaneous exhibition of the design's information.

    It allows the various team members present at different locations to view the same project on a single platform.

    Revit MEP keeps track of all the project items that are accessible as per the need.

    Revit MEP is straightforward to use. Its automated functions enable the quick placement of fittings, pipes, & ducts.

    The elements of the projects consist of Design information. It helps cross-check for various aspects like size, duct runs, pressure drop, velocity, etc.

    The clash examination and its documentation are available using the Navisworks Revit MEP 3D modelling.

    Who Does Revit MEP?

    Building & Construction companies use Revit MEP Geninfo Solutions is one of the leading firms providing Revit MEP Services. They have incorporated top-notch technology in their system to implement BIM services. Geninfo Solutions takes all your queries regarding How BIM services offer a technology edge smoothly.

    Their qualified architects & engineers systematically plan the MEP Modelling and MEP Coordination. The 3D implementation of the BIM Services provided by them is unparalleled and unmatched to any construction industry. With their work-related solid ethics comes the supreme quality outcomes.

    Approaching the Geninfo Solutions for BIM Outsourcing is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make financially and quality-wise. Especially if you are a small AEC firm, working on the 3D MEP BIM Services will be beneficial in the long run. Geninfo Solutions helps you with this from start to end and also provides you with after-delivery support.

    Revit MEP is the best alternative for all the co-workers to work simultaneously on the same project. How BIM Services offer a technology edge to small firms is a critical subject to gather knowledge. The small AEC firms get a lot of technology privilege by adopting the 3D BIM Services.

    Significantly, the Revit MEP helps these firms save a lot of unseen future expenditures by detecting the errors at the present period. Moreover, Revit MEP is a very effective tool to authorize BIM. Adopting the MEP Modelling and MEP BIM Services takes the business to heights by forecasting its future success.

    #BIM#bim services #BIM Modeling services #BIM outsourcing #MEP BIM Services #mep#mep modelling#mep coordination#revit mep#me#MEP Services#conversion services #bim conversion services #Clash Coordination Drawings #Clash Coordination#Architecture#architectural rendering #arch design validation #as built drawing #revit modelling
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  • solongfranklloydwright
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    being a latin student for 10 years really helps with learning russian (provides a framework for learning conjugations, tenses, genders, etc) but trying to figure out word order is like switching from using a paintroller to a little detail brush

    #let me leave out pronouns! if the verb form renders them unnecessary!
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  • prof-kenny
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #ken renders #komi can't communicate #komi can't communicate render #komi can't communicate chibi #komi shouko #komi shouko render #najimi osana #najimi osana render #komi can't communicate komi shouko #komi can't communicate najimi osana #komi-san wa komyusho desu #komi-san wa komyusho desu render #komi-san#komi-san najimi#古見さんは コミュ症です #chibi anime render #najimi and komi #komi and najimi #naji and komi render #image anime render
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