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    Originally posted by changbinskz

    Hyunjin + 👑

    Requested by- @mlm-writer

    You bowed your head, not looking directly at him. Hwang Hyunjin, a crowned prince, looking for a partner to complete his - ‘title’.

    Without a spouse, he could not be a King. So, he quickly took matters into his own hands, finding the closest Prince or Princess across the whole continent, until he found you.

    Also a Prince, you had not realized such an important thing needed to happen not only for Hyunjin, but for you as well.

    Hyunjin quickly had his servants fetch you, many, many miles away.

    So, you bowed your head, looking down as you waited for Hyunjin to speak to you.

    “Prince (Y/n), im happy to have you here.” Hyunjin said, smiling down at you from his throne. You also gave a small smile, taking the time to look at him.

    A man with his hair down, two braids from his bangs tied it all back. Dressed in red and black, with a few diamonds here and there, it was very apparent that he was no poor Prince.

    But, what stood out the most was his smile. It looked so innocent, you almost found it adorable.

    You replied quickly, “I am honored your Highness.” Hyunjin scoffed, shaking his head. He stood up, stepping down from his throne to your level.

    You raised your head to look at him, seeing his smile still there. You gave an awkward one in return.

    “You’re status is equal to mine, so you can call me Hyunjin and I will call you (y/n). That seems fair.” He said quickly, walking past you.

    “Come with me, we have a lot we need to discus.”

    He led your down a large hall, pictures of men and women of royalty, the colours mesmerizing you. Your interest in them caught Hyunjin’s attention. He stopped, looking at you with a gentle gaze.

    “Tell me, (Y/n) what sort of land are you coming from?” He asked politely. You thought to yourself of the good qualities your land had.

    “Well, we do have much open and unchartered land.” You replied. “Oh? Why?” He asked, genuinely curious. “There isn’t a speck of land free from my rule. So why do you not explore what land is yours?”

    You gave him a rather shocked expression. “W-Well… I would just like to have… Open land.. I suppose. It makes the land feel more, alive I suppose?” You answered quietly, as Hyunjin looked at you, still confused.

    “You let the land live on its own. Tell me, (Y/n), what sort of things do you like to do?”

    You paused, your body also halting as you again thought. What exactly would he like to hear?

    “I… enjoy reading. I also garden and I do archery.” You replied. Hyunjin stopped and again gave a smile, “Archery? Are you very good at it?” He asked.

    “I suppose so, I have been doing it for many years.” You replied, Hyunjin nodded and gave you a look up and down.

    “(Y/n), do you know why I brought you to my kingdom?” Hyunjin asked bluntly. You nodded your head, but did not want to reply.

    “I won’t force you.” Hyunjin said. It was his turn to looked down.

    You couldn’t really reply. It would take one word to decided whether he would or wouldn’t be wed. “Your Highness-”

    “Hyunjin.” He interrupted, causing you to pause. “H-Hyunjin, I need you to.. Maybe allow me to compose myself. It is a.. Big decision to make at once, yes?”

    Hyunjin gave one nod, “Yes. It is.” He replied simply, turning to walk once again.

    “My servants will take you to your room. If you wish to speak to me, you are free to come to my room.”

    As he walked away, you were left standing, thinking this over. Hyunjin needed to do this, as did you.

    You turned to walk in the opposite direction from Hyunjin, greeting some of the servants who guided you to your room.

    A large room with satin and silks everywhere. It amazed you how lavish this place was. You sat on your bed, trailing your fingers over the sheets. Black silk and red satin. It was clear to you what sort of colours Hyunjin was most fond of.

    Just as you began to relax on the bed, a knock came to your door. “You may enter.” You called out, watching as a older woman walked in, a tray in her hands.

    You quickly got up, walking up to the woman. “Please, allow me to help.” You pleaded politely, taking the tray from her and placing it on his bed. A teapot and a beautiful porcelain teacup.

    “Thank you very much ma'am.” You stated, giving a smile to the woman. She smiled in return, “Thank you your Highness. Dinner will be soon, I will come for you then. Please, dress comfortably.” She replied, bowing her head.

    “Thank you, I will be waiting.” You responded, allowing the woman to exit the room without another word.

    You glanced down onto your bed, looking at the tea and cup. You grabbed the pot, pouring into the porcelain cup.

    You sighed, feeling your body relax as you sipped.

    You had a lot on your mind. Would you say yes because it’s your duty or because you genuinely like this man.

    You looked into the teacup, hoping to find and answer. “I.. guess I could say he’s good looking.” You told yourself.

    You got up, setting the tea back onto the tray. You walked over to the dressing room, finding a few outfits for him.

    It was rather nice, you had never had someone think about him In such a way. It made him curious, what else does Hyunjin know about him?“ You pulled out a beautiful outfit, finding the colours nice. It would probably make your eyes pop.

    With that said, you walked into the room and began to undress.

    The same older women came back, guiding you to the dining hall.

    Hyunjin, accompanied by 8 more men. You sat at the far end of the dining table, feeling overwhelmed.

    They were all smiling at you, Hyunjin as well.

    You looked down at the table, internally screaming. What were you supposed to say? Would it be weak to simply say good evening?

    "Good evening.” You said, not realizing you had simply spoke your thought. They all chuckled before in unison they also greeted you.

    You chuckled to yourself, a little tension lifting from your shoulders.

    “Hyunjin” You spoke again, earning said persons attention. “Yes, (Y/n)?” He answered casually, tilting his head at you.

    You looked at the men then back at him, “Who exactly are.. These gentlemen?” You asked. “These are good friends of mine. Brothers, I’d say.” He replied, a light laugh over coming the group.

    You gave another smile, bowing your head a little. “It is very nice to me you.” You replied, earning a few nods from the men.

    Hyunjin chuckled under his breathe, waving a hand that signaled his friends to leave. The members bid farewell, walking out of the dining hall leaving you and Hyunjin. His smile was still on as he stared directly at you.

    You looked down at the table, suddenly finding interest in it.

    “Are you afraid?” Hyunjin asked calmly. You looked back up to him, shaking your head. “No, No, i-i’m not afraid it’s just… Well.. ” You started, drifting off, thinking of the right words.

    Hyunjin raised a brow, waiting for you to continue. You sighed as you spoke, “I’ve never been married. I’ve never even had a partner.. Not a romantic one at least. So… Excuse me if I’m childish when it comes to this. ”

    Hyunjin chuckled, nodding. “I agree, it is a big step for the both of us.” He began, pausing as the dining room doors open, allowing a few maids to place food on the table.

    You watched as a palate was left in front of you, followed by silverware and a few more plates with food on them. With this amount, you figured more people would be joining to eat.

    But, the maid’s and Butler’s left, leaving you two alone.

    You again looked all the way down the table, seeing Hyunjin pulling the lid from his food. Fresh lobster with a bowl of noodles, covered in beef and egg itself.

    Hyunjin looked back at you, smiling as you stared at his food.

    “You can eat too.” He stated, allowing you to lift the lid from the plate in front of you. Just as Hyunjin’s, your food looked just as delectable.

    “Thank you for the food!” You exclaimed, helping yourself to the noodles.

    Hyunjin couldn’t help but laugh, finding your reaction, well… Cute to say the least. “So… (Y/n).” He began. You looked up from your bowl, being brought back to the conversation previously.

    You placed your silverware down as you listened to Hyunjin.

    “I don’t want you to feel.. Pressured. Do you understand?” Hyunjin asked, earning a slow nod from you.

    “If you do decide to marry me, I can certainly say that I would make sure you want for nothing.” The statement made You chuckle, your hand covering your mouth.

    Hyunjin once again gave a confused expression. “I didn’t hear a joke.” Hyunjin added. You finally lowered your hand, giving Hyunjin the most innocent smile.

    “ I don’t want for anything. I just want to be happy. I’m not materialistic, jewels and colourful clothing don’t work for me.”

    You finally replied. Hyunjin was a bit stunned, processing the response. It was odd, most royalty he’d met previously were always in search of getting the best jewels, clothes, etc.

    Yet, (Y/n) didn’t looked for that. He must have sat thinking a little too long since you had to yell to get his attention. Hyunjin blinked back to reality, giving a 'hm?’ as he did.

    “Hyunjin, are you okay?” You asked, concern in your voice.

    Hyunjin nodded, giving a smile once more. Quietly, he turned to his food, ending the whole conversation. You both finished, maids coming back in to take the food and silverware.

    Being left alone again with Hyunjin, you felt a little more comfortable with him now. He was actually a really laid back person, for a man many people talked badly about.

    Finally standing up, you bow to Hyunjin, about to go rest in your room.

    “(Y/n), ” Hyunjin called, making you turn around. “Yes?” You answered casually. He smirked, waving for you to follow.

    You followed close behind, looking around were they were. A new hall way with red drapes keeping the hall dark. You looked down the hall, seeing doors at the end.

    Hyunjin approached, pushing the doors open. They opened wide, allowing the inside to be seen completely.

    Precious jewels, crowns of the Royal family, and many other treasures. Hyunjin placed a hand out for you to take. You looked at him confused but, you took his hand regardless. “Hyunjin, I just told you Jewels and-”

    “Yes, I know. But, I think you’ll want this.” He replied, bringing you to three crowns. One, was the King’s crown, a beautiful design and clearly was crafted well, with rubies.

    Beside it, the Queen’s crown, another beautiful crown, some red satin covering its outside. Finally, beside that said the Kings Crown once again, but it’s design was different. It was constructed with the size for the King, but it was decorated with Celestine. He raised a brow, looking at Hyunjin. “Why are there two?”

    “Because, sometimes this happens.” He replied, opening the first crowns box, pulling out the crown. “A Prince is wed to another Prince.” He added, looking down at the Crown.

    “As King’s, we make decisions together. We work together and we make sure to see each other as equals.” He continued with a smile.

    You were now stunned, looking back to the second crown.

    You tilted your head in interest. You smiled, also opening the glass.

    You looked at Hyunjin, asking with your eyes to allow you to take it out. To which he nodded. You reached out, feeling the satin cloth, the colour a green and blue mix.

    You used both hands, holding the crown. It was a bit heavy, but nothing to uncomfortable.

    “Hyunjin, Will you help me?” You asked, the question confusing him. He looked down at the crown “Uh-”

    “No, not this thing. Are you going to help me be a good partner? I’m not very insightful when it comes to war or politics, so i-”

    Hyunjin sighed, leaning over and placing a single kiss on your forehead. Your voice stopped and your eyes were wide with shock.

    “I don’t ask you to know everything about being a King-”

    “But I don’t know anything about-” you cut in.

    “I will be here to help you.” Hyunjin finished, chuckling. “Please understand, I’m not just going to sit next to you on the throne. I will see you everyday. I will be a husband.” He added.

    “Do you promise?” You asked suddenly, looking into Hyunjin’s eyes. You were not going to give yourself to a man who only seeks to have you around for a little while.

    “I do.” Hyunjin replied, scoffing as he did. He took the crown in your hand and carefully placed it on your head. “King (Y/n)” He whispered. Now on your head, you realized it was a tad too big. It wasn’t long before it tilted into your face.

    Hyunjin laughed, a higher pitch than his scoffs or whispers. You found his laugh far more entertaining, making you laugh.

    Both laughing, you began to realize something. This marriage thing might not be to so bad after all. Well, if it was with Hyunjin at least.

    If it meant nights and days of this, you were more than happy to call him your husband.


    “Yes?” He replied, a smile still on his face.

    “I do” You stated, Hyunjin felt his smile grow as he took one of your hands.

    “I will not disappoint you.”

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    You gave O a panicked look which he mirrored. You quickly began to shove the photos away and O rushed quietly to your kitchen with the plates.

    “Come on,” said the Doc, “Please let this be the right address.”

    “Just a sec Doc,” you called, “I’ll be with you in a tick.”

    “Thank God,” she said, “Had me worried for a moment.”

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    Originally posted by cophines

    Pairing: Dinah Lance x Reader

    Characters: Dinah Lance

    Warnings: N/A

    Request: Anon- 32 (“It looks good on you.”) off the prompts, for Dinah Lance from Birds of Prey?

    Word Count: 401

    Author: Charlotte

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  • 6. for one muse to fall asleep next to the other muse who is keeping watch  

    (On AO3)

    Requested by: @lohrendrell

    Hope you’ll like it! 

    Special thanks to @theoversharingskeptic 
    For being an awesome beta, as usual (I gonna pay you in art, totally) 

    Geralt couldn’t sleep. Another sleepless night in a row. Whenever he laid down and closed his eyes, his mind started to wander. He thought about Ciri, about how desperately he wanted to help her and how much she needed his help. He was scared that he would reach her too late or would just never find her. His efforts seemed hopeless… 

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