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    Feeling sick and coughing today, but I’m doing requests

    Only zodiac combinations; send a color scheme if you’d like (optional)

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  • #fugo pannacotta#fugo#jjba#request #jojo no kimyō na bōken #jojo vento aureo #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo x reader #jojo request#fluff#headcanon #this is honestly so cute #i love him #pannacotta fugo #part 5 vento aureo #buccellati gang#bucciarati gang#passione #fugo x reader #fugo pannacotta x reader
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  • Clint Barton x Reader


    Requested: Yes

    Request: I was thinking about a Clint x Tony’s younger sister reader. She is a skilled kunochi (a skilled ninja) and uses the twin katanas (sword blades). She’s a lot like her brother…apart from being flirty (she can be Way better but she doesn’t.) So Clint and her share a Flirty relationship to make natasha “Jealous”. They claim to be “friends” (her and clint" But she soon starts to catch feelings for him. So when he flirts with her again to make Nat jealous, she drops the acts and tells him she can’t do it anymore without giving him an explanation. Soon, from friends they turn to rivals trying to over shine one another Once they get assigned for a mission together, they get half the info required before they both begin verbally arguing. They both get shot by the enemy and they flee with the info they have. Back in HQ, when asked abt it, they blame one another arguing again. They get cancelled out for the next two missions or so. Then, Tony and Sam (separately) try cheering her up.. Then, she ignores Clint and blah blah….One day, Clint (in disguise) drags her into a room demanding for why did she hate him…They went on arguing until she accidentally confesses her feelings. She and Him freezes, and soon she begins rambling trying to cover up…He cuts her off and assures he feels the same. and the flirting meant something to him

    Summary: The reader is Tony Stark’s sister, and the usual mission partner of Clint Barton. She and Clint have a flirty relationship, and on missions they’re usually all over each other. Of course, it’s all in the name of making Natasha Romanoff jealous. No other reason besides that, at least for Clint. Finally, the reader gets tired of it. She has real feelings for Clint, and she can’t take the one-sided faking anymore. So she doesn’t.

    Word Count: 3,468

    Category: Angst with a fluffy ending


    What a gorgeous mansion, I thought to myself as the car rolled to a stop. It wasn’t quite as scenic as my brother’s Malibu house, but it was still pretty stunning.

    My car door opened and Clint Barton extended a hand to help me out. I gladly took it.

    “You ready?” he asked, putting my hand in the crook of his arm before starting towards the beautiful house.

    “Always am.”

    Clint and I were one of several S.H.I.E.L.D. teams here tonight, tasked with finding and arresting a Hydra operative in attendance. Whoever he was, he chose this beautiful masquerade ball for the location of his secret meeting with a scientist we had recently turned to our side.

    I’d have to thank him once we had him in custody. There were certainly worse places to spend the night than dancing in a gorgeous red dress with a handsome partner to flirt with all night. Clint looked amazing in his suit, which was absolutely no surprise.

    He always looked amazing.

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    #marvel#avengers#clint barton#hawkeye #clint barton x reader #request#marvel fanfiction#marvel imagine #marvel one shot #clint barton fanfiction #clint barton imagine #clint barton x female reader #avengers imagine#natasha romanoff#black widow#tony stark#stark reader#assasin#shield #agents of shield
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  • Favorite Dylan characters: Stiles Stilinski 

    “Worming is one of my skills.” 

    #dylan o'brien#stiles stilinski#teen wolf #stiles stilinski edit #edit#quote#request #i tried something new #againagain #i think i may make a few sets like this #that's why it's characters in plural #dylanholyhellobrien
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  • image

    @carpenter-synth sorry if it took too long, luv. Also sorry if it’s too much Billy and not enough Stu. I’m a Billy fucker, what can I say? lol



    Being uncertain if you have a livehood only for Ghostface to take a liking to you

    Billy and Stu


    Originally posted by nastylilmermaid

    “No, Derek, I can’t keep it open only for delivery”, you said to your business partner on the phone as you crossed the threshold of your home.

    Well, you gotta figure something out!” His annoying voice replied.

    You sighed deeply, urging yourself not to lose your head before speaking: “Well, I can’t do this alone. We’re supposed to be partners, remember?”

    Silence filled the other line.

    I give you money and you manage”, Derek said, a menacing tone in his voice. “Or do you want me to cut you off and find someone else?

    You scoffed. “You can’t do that. We both own the restaurant”.

    Try me”.

    Fingers shaking, you hanged up. Staring at the screen of your cellphone in complete shock, you suddenly let out a scream.


    Derek wasn’t your boss. Not really, but you both co-owned a small business that was close to shutting down due to this whole situation. Only it wasn’t Derek’s only restaurant… He had other bigger ones that were in no rush to panic. They would recover in time, yours probably wouldn’t. If he cut off your funding, your little income would surely fall even shorter than it already was.

    You made your way to the kitchen in a daze, opening it to find yourself with almost no food at all. You didn’t have time or money to go to the store that week. Almost zombie-like, you stared at a jar of olives for far too long before closing your fridge again.

    The sound of your phone ringing called you back to the present. You refused to answer it, however, fearing it would be Derek saying he felt he had been too lenient.

    A few minutes later, your doorbell rang.

    You opened the door, only to find no one there. Looking down at the floor, you find… groceries?

    “What the hell?”

    Inside, your phone began to ring again.

    Not bothering to pick up the groceries or close your door, you almost ran to the phone.

    “Hello?” You ask.

    Do you like my gift, sweetheart?” A strange voice replied.

    A chill creept up your spine. “Who are you?”

    Your secret admirer”, the male voice said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Now, did you like my gift?

    This was absurd. The voice said something else, but you couldn’t hear it well. But you were 98% certain you could hear a voice yelling in the background: “Tell her the eggs are free range! I hear chicks dig that”.


    The voice hushed the other before the distorted one replied: “I said we shoold have some fava beans with a nice Chianti. What do you say?

    A struggle on the other line before you hear the same distorted sound but this time another voice.

    Or maybe some chicken nuggets?

    Dude, you’re ruining this”.

    You had no bloody ideia what was going on, but you did know you didn’t want to be a part of it anymore.

    “Please don’t call this number again”

    You quickly hanged up the phone before any of the voices could answer. After a few hours, you were on your couch, watching a movie and eating a dinner you had made with the groceries you were given by you “secret admirer”. Admirers? You didn’t know nor did you care. You had just taken a sip of your wine when you felt your phone vibrating again. It would have been the fourth time you ignored the call from the unknown number, but you decided enough was enough.

    Has the lamb stopped screaming?” The voice asked.

    “Listen, asshole, I don’t want anymore of your gifts or your calls so you can go fuck yourself”, you replied, feeling more confident than you had in a long time.

    But you’re desperate”.

    Deep down you knew you were projecting your frustration with Derek onto this poor souls, but honestly? They were weird for sending gifts to strangers, even though you had to admit the thought of having not one, but two secret admirers was kinda hot.

    “Mamma taught me not to accept any candy from strangers”.

    The voice chuckled.

    Then tell me your name and I’ll tell you mine”.

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  • drew a pic for my dear friend @olgaloz

    just hanami-themed stuff

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  • requests are open!!

    considering a majority of us are stuck in quarantine and scrolling through tumblr, i wanted to reopen my requests for a little longer so hopefully i can help the boredom we have!

    if you’d like to make a request, please read through my guidelines first! also, it’s been a while since i’ve written exclusively for seokjin so (pls i love writing seokjin so much)

    have a good day!


    Originally posted by jengkook

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  • An old ass video I did some time ago.

    I was making videos like this for almost 4 years, but then I stopped making them for some reason, and I haven’t made any in two years by now. (I did some drawing, wrote poems and stories instead.)

    But maybe I make one or two again in the future. Would you guys be interested? If so, I’ll take requests.

    Send me a song and the concept you want to see. Which ninja should be featured, or the whole team, maybe ships. I’m up for anything. ;)

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  • Could I request a jane english x jasprose strider panel edit? jane had green glasses, and wore a long sweater that looked a little like LE’s coat and black pants, and jasprose had aviator sunglasses and wore daves shirt and a long black skirt. Sorry if this is too much and thank you!!!! - @jasprosed

    I hope this is accurate. This was very cute to edit, I hope you enjoy.

    ☆ Thank you for the request. ☆
    ☆ Credit for general things, such as items of clothing, are on my Carrd. (This message will only be on posts I used a base for.)

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  • A Million Materpieces (Taehyung Imagine)

    pairing: taehyung x reader

    genre: of course its fluff again!

    word count: 0.46k

    notes: i chose cambridge as the location since it’s very local to me. i also think it’s a very romantic city and somewhere that i could imagine tae wanting to visit. google will show you it’s very taehyung-esque

    rules | m.list | requested


    Originally posted by taegiiseok

    Before Taehyung came into your life, art of most types just seemed to slip under your nose unnoticed. Your fast-blooming relationship led your awareness of different art forms to flourish and so before long, many of your midnight conversations led back to all the museums Tae wanted to take you to.

    When the opportunity in your schedules allowed, the pair of you had travelled to England for a short, romantic getaway. Alone in a foreign country without any possibility of disturbance was more appealing to you than you first thought. More specifically, Taehyung had whisked you away to Cambridge. One of the most academic cities in the world, coated in some of the most intricate architecture you could imagine and riddled with extravagant galleries and museums to tour, and you were fortunate enough to experience it with him.

    On your second full day in the city, the time had finally come to explore art museums, starting with the Fitzwilliam, “You’re going to love it, I swear! I’ve read that there’s pieces from all over; Italy, Spain, China…”

    “I think you already know more than the tour guides, Tae. You’re adorable, I can’t wait to see!” You matched his excitement as you marched down the widened path, swinging your joined hands between your striding legs.

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  • @iwanttobejaebeomsslut asked and I provided! Hello everyone! This came as a request from our lovely aforementioned blog and I’m telling you, this was one helluva ride tho. Enough rambling, enjoy~

    Synopsis: You have to give a full percentage of yourself in a relationship to make it work. Jaebum learns the hard way that any number below that is a certain cause of destruction.

    Warnings: angst, smut, unprotected sex

    ~4.5k words

    “Breaking up with someone is…yeah.”

    You had just closed the door of the apartment, only to be welcomed by a small commotion coming from the kitchen. The lively sound of vegetables being diced and some indistinctive ingredients being boiled served for a false distraction from the fatigue starting to kick in. Although you had a refreshing night with your girl-friends, you had long forgotten how taxing it was to spend a full night out in the middle of the week. You kicked off your shoes and threw your backpack on the floor. An ominous feeling started nurturing in your chest.

    “I don’t know. She’s probably out late with the girls… Yeah, no, I didn’t know.”

    You distinguished Jaebum’s voice among the variety of little sounds mixing together. It seemed like he was talking on the phone with someone, his back turned to the kitchen door as he divided his attention between cooking and carrying the conversation. You paused your movements and leaned against the outer wall, listening in. It looked like he was talking about you.

    “Distant? Yeah…no, I didn’t get the chance to tell her.”

    Tell you? Tell you what? You pursed your lips. What was Jaebum hiding from you?

    “Jinyoung-ah, how can you find a nice way to tell your girlfriend something like that? It’s…It’s never that easy.”

    You let out a hollow chuckle and folded your arms over your chest. You felt anger swirling up in your veins. You were getting a pretty clear idea of how that scenario would eventually play out.

    “Of course I will. The longer it drags, the harder it will be. Catch you later, Jinyoung-ah. I don’t want to burn the recipe…yeah, thanks.”

    You peeled yourself off the wall and dug a hand in the pocket of your jeans. You threw the keys of the apartment on the kitchen table with a loud noise and it successfully captured Jaebum’s attention. The little smile he had on his lips irked you. “Is this what you have been doing lately, Jaebum?”

    His eyebrows knitted together. He looked like he had no idea you overheard his previous conversation. “Doing what, exactly? I want to test out those cooking classes—“

    “Let me rephrase.” You clicked your tongue. “Is this what you were busy doing while actively ignoring and neglecting me? Planning a nice and easy way to throw the break-up text in my face?”

    Jaebum hissed and returned to chopping the vegetables. “It’s not like you bother paying too much attention to me either, Y/n.”

    You could not believe your ears.

    “Go fuck yourself.”

    Jaebum slammed his knife down and shifted his body to face you. “What did you say?”

    “Oh, so now you are interested in what I have to say” you laughed bleakly and shrugged your shoulders. “Should I say it again?”

    “What’s with this attitude? Huh? Lately, there’s always something you don’t like, something you complain about. What the hell is it that you want?”

    Every ounce of patience you had left was wearing thin. You analyzed Jaebum’s face and found nothing but outright irritation and displeasure. It satisfied you beyond measure. It was only natural he should get a taste of his own medicine. You took a step closer to him, holding your ground. “You don’t get to blame this on me. You have no right.”

    Jaebum scoffed at your words and raked his hair with his fingers in an evident annoyed manner. “Of course, it’s my fault only. I am the only one in this world who doesn’t understand you.”

    “You are a hypocrite.”  

    You stormed out of the kitchen, your breathing ragged from all the failed attempts to compose yourself. The unidentified feeling that invaded your chest as soon as you entered your shared apartment bloomed into a hurricane, sweeping all your entire being. Rather than feeling sadness, you felt a sinister rage boiling in your lungs that you knew you wouldn’t be able to tame.

    You couldn’t remember the last time you enjoyed some time in Jaebum’s company without constantly feeling pressured about something. Nothing you did for him seemed to be enough anymore. You tried visiting him at his company or call him randomly when you missed him but it didn’t appear to have much of an effect on him as it did in the early stage of your relationship. You two did not talk much about yourselves, either; Jaebum was always closed off. Your last resort was giving him the space he needed to put everything in order. You should have given up altogether had you known everything was just a cheap show of pretense.

    Jaebum’s heavy steps trailed after you and you had to jerk forward to avoid his touch. “Why are you always leaving in the middle of an argument?”

    That was the last straw. “You want me to tell you why I am always leaving, Jaebum?” your voice was raised, probably in a desperate attempt to get everything off your chest without any hesitation.

    “I am done with this cat and mouse game! I am done with you always retreating in your little perfect bubble, I am done with you always denying my calls, I am done trying to make you communicate with me, Jaebum. Even when you actually come home, it feels like there’s a ghost in my bed. I am done wondering why I am not enough for you.”

    Jaebum unconsciously took two steps back, his frame shaking slightly. You shook your head softly and let your hands fall to your sides helplessly. “You’re putting your fucking guard up again.”

    All he could do was look away. Jaebum couldn’t bear to listen, much less look you in the eyes. It was stupefying to hear about all of his insecurities shoved in his face. He should have figured out they would come haunting him.

    “Y/n…” he began as you threw your coat over your shoulders and dug your feet into your boots. He remained silent, repeatedly trying to find something to say. And you waited, a sliver of hope still hanging on against all odds.

    “You see, Jaebum,” you broke the oppressive silence instead, your tone trembling. “You cannot give someone only 85% of yourself and expect it to be enough.”

    “It was hard for me, too.” He blurted out, his fist clenching. You turned away too, fearing that seeing him struggle would make you go back to square one.

    After you had left what was your shared apartment in a frenzied rush, you drove mindlessly into the night, winter streets of Seoul, the fingers gripping the wheel in a futile attempt to suppress the amalgam of emotion in your ribcage. A couple of hours passed until you finally parked the car in a lot on the outskirts of the capital and crawled out of your seat. You rose your head to the sky when big snowflakes started waltzing in the air. You felt your phone buzz in the pocket of your coat and you lazily took it out. The text glowing on your screen made you break down in tears.

    Let’s break up.’

    The months that followed were undeniably hard on you. You sent your closest friend the following week to pick up your things from your old home because you didn’t have it in you to face Jaebum. The lack of messages and calls was impressive, even for the two of you. There were numerous times when your fingers ghosted over the ‘send’ button to forward a paragraph to him but you knew better than that. There was no need to tear yourself apart anymore.

    It became hard to adapt to your new routine. Waking up in an unfamiliar bed and spending your time in a different house was strange. Even after winter ended and the warmth of the sun began enveloping the world, there still was an overwhelming coldness residing. It took you some time to grow accustomed to it. You loved Jaebum and you knew there were a lot of things left unsaid between the two of you but you missed feeling whole more than anything. Feeling unhappy was the last thing you wanted to remember about him and ending it, alas abruptly, was your way of keeping your fond memories intact.

    Jaebum was a good lover to you. And having back the life you had was an impossible matter.

    It hurt to let go because you tried your hardest to hold on and it only seemed like it wanted to get further away from you. Blaming yourself for having felt, for having wanted, it was gnawing at you. It confused you because you thought your feelings were the wrong ones all along, that you let them go and they were not reciprocated. You felt like a deplorable criminal and it was mirrored all over your existence.

    Distractions were everything keeping you from succumbing to your suffering. Keeping yourself busy was the only way you’d stop your mind from wondering about Jaebum and about your own mistakes. Gradually, it grew a little easier to breathe and wake up in the morning. You started pushing the curtains apart to let the sun come through and you were slowly and steadily eating more and more. Dealing with a broken heart was a complex and tough process. You knew it was also not an unbeatable one. Once you convinced yourself of it, you managed to gather the shattered pieces of your heart from the floor. You were not ready to move on just yet but you were not wailing either.

    Of course, meeting and dating Jaebum exposed you to his other idol friends with whom you grew closer. One thing you appreciated about his circle was that they were totally impartial when it came to your former relationship. Just like that, knowing someone resulted in introducing you to someone new. You liked to think people did not despise you.

    In a late august morning, the ringing of your phone awoke you from your sweet slumber. You brought it to your ear, trying your best to make sense of the words spoken to you. You were asked to help organize a private pool party for one of your closest friends.

    The idea in itself made you beam with excitement. Your summer was sprinkled with events here and there, mostly dedicated to you. Your circle put in a lot of effort to drag you out of the pit and you couldn’t love them more for it. It felt good to help do something nice in exchange and a pool party was the one thing you didn’t know you needed. So you were in charge of reserving the location and the mobile bar. And because you loved being a tad extra, you reserved one of the largest skybar areas which had all the requirements.


    “You really invited a lot of people!” you giggled as you finished dressing with the one-shoulder bikini top. Your friend nudged you with her elbow, wiggling her eyebrows at you.

    “He has a lot of friends, all right! We all needed this to celebrate the end of the summer before we go back to work. But you really went extra with this red two-piece.”

    “You said it yourself, didn’t you?” you smirked and exited the changing rooms, grabbing a cocktail on your way out. “We’re celebrating!”

    “That’s my girl.”

    There were a lot of guests coming in, most of the people you had already met before. The crowd was thickening by the second but it was one of the few times you actually enjoyed it. You wanted to lose yourself among them so you could finally wash off the regret lingering in your heart. It didn’t take long for your group to gather and it took but a glance to agree on opening the party. All of you jumped in the pool, accompanied by roaring cheers. Others followed in after you, filling the water rapidly. The DJ didn’t hesitate to switch the music up, fueling the otherwise great atmosphere. You gathered quickly to the pool bar to down a shot and joined your girl-friends in a game of water volleyball.

    “Hey, girls! I am going out to dry myself a little, I think I might turn into a siren if I stay any longer!” You announced cheerfully and got out of the pool to grab a towel.  You wrapped the soft linen around your body and a group of people gathering to the entrance captured your attention. You felt as if the weight of the whole world came crashing down on you.

    Jaebum and his members were coming in.

    You quickly turned your back to the entrance, your features wilting. You had to grab onto the metal railing to sustain your balance. Why were they there? Why was he there?

    That was an unforeseeable situation. Leaving the party would be inconsiderately rude to your friend and avoiding all of them was beyond impossible. You were at a loss for words. All the months spent moving on from the murderous pain went down the drain in mere moments. You knew you couldn’t afford to reopen such a fresh wound.

    You rushed to the barman to mix you another drink. Your index trailed along the rim before you gulped it down. Alcohol wouldn’t serve as a savior but it would at least keep your adrenaline contained. People were getting out too to enjoy the snacks, the drinks or to dance to the endearing music. You put the towel on a nearby surface and meddled with them in an attempt to restrain your thoughts. The alcohol in your veins made it easier for you to lose yourself to the rhythm, along with your friends who hyped you up.

    However, the stares Jaebum kept sending your way were excruciating. As soon as he laid his eyes on you, subtlety flew out the window. He was at a considerable distance from you, surrounded by countless other girls who tried catching his group’s attention, yet you caught him glancing at you so many times you lost count. It vexed you. You wondered if he had always been that shameless. It was only getting worse as one of your girls attached herself to your back to start grinding against you. The glances turned to intent stares, burning through your skin. Your eyes connected once and you recognized that singular vulgar glint in his eyes. You could only guess how many scenarios ran through his mind. Unfortunately, you weren’t one to back out from a challenge.

    You hated his guts and you absolutely despised his presence there when it was meant to be a perfect summer’s end for you and your friends. You recalled the way you felt that night you left his house and all the pent-up frustration burst forth. If he was staring at you, might as well offer him something worth staring at.

    For the rest of the night, you welcomed any inappropriate or daring moves initiated by your friends. At a certain point, you even started enjoying it; you forgot how much you adored having fun. It served for good distraction as Jaebum managed to slip off your mind for a while. You didn’t realize when time passed so fast and guests started retreating to their respective homes. You lost sight of Jaebum and the rest of his members, too. There were hardly any people left and you needed to cool down your body of all the intensity, so you dived into the pool to execute a lap or two.

    You pulled yourself to the surface and ran your hands over your face to wipe off the water. An indistinctive sound of water splashing echoed in the distance but you paid it no mind as you swam to the edge of the pool, leaning your back against the cold surface.

    “Nice party, huh?”

    You felt your body tensing up at the painfully familiar voice. You opened your eyes to see Jaebum in front of you, momentarily keeping his distance. Were you wrong earlier?

    “Thanks, I reserved the place.”

    Jaebum laughed and it tore open a piece of your heart. The sound was so beautiful. “Figures you did.”

    You nodded your head and looked away. You wanted to escape that situation.

    “We weren’t supposed to come, our schedule was packed.” Jaebum started as he ran a hand through his damp hair. “I am glad we did, though.”

    You chuckled. “You would have missed a great party otherwise.”

    Jaebum took a step closer to you, prompting his hands on either side of your body. You tilted your head to him, your eyes lifting up to his. You clicked your tongue at his gesture.

    “You know I am not talking about that.”

    “God knows what you are talking about, Jaebum.” You dared. “Don’t push this. We began as friends, let’s end as friends.”

    “Friends are not supposed to look at each other the way I look at you.”

    You pursed your lips, your breathing coming to a halt. So you were not wrong about your deductions. You inched your face closer to his, maintaining eye contact. “You look at me like any other male would look at a female he wants to fuck. That’s not something special.”

    Jaebum’s reaction was entirely different from what you were expecting. Instead of scoffing and walking away as he used to, his eyes softened, unlocking the gate to his soul you never managed to pass through. “That’s not true, Y/n. I never took you for a stress reliever. Even though having sex with you pushed me over the edge every time.”

    You felt his hands lowering to your hips to pull you toward him. The tips of his fingers sent scorching sensations through your body. You kept your distance, fighting a savage battle to keep yourself contained. “Sex is the only thing we did well, Jaebum.”

    Jaebum leaned over, attaching his lips flawlessly to a sweet spot in your neck that always set you off. Your fingers clenched around the edge of the pool. Giving in started to feel like a plausible solution to your problem.

    “It wasn’t the only thing we did well, Y/n. Waking up to you was the most joyous part of the morning.” Jaebum placed a chaste kiss behind your ear. “Writing songs with you was when I’d get the most inspiration.” Another kiss to your jaw. “Having you by my side was the only thing I could boast about shamelessly.”

    Jaebum pulled away from you altogether, saving you from eliciting a moan. He looked both sincere and sad. “Loving you was the only thing I couldn’t do right.”

    “I suffered, Jaebum.” You cleared your throat. “I suffered terribly even while being with you. Do you have any idea how it is to feel alone in a relationship? I’ve loved you all alone, Jaebum. It destroyed me.”

    “You didn’t love alone, Y/n.” He pleaded. “I was a coward and I was so wrong. I knew I had to work on myself first and that was one thing I had to do alone.”

    “I don’t understand you.”

    “Then let me explain myself properly.”

    Jaebum crashed his lips against yours and his hands took a steady grip of your hips again. He pushed his body atop of yours and you could feel his hardening bulge rubbing against your lower abdomen. A sultry moan evaded your lungs against your wish. Jaebum took the opportunity to slide his tongue in your mouth, engaging yours in a carnal dance. An unexpected amount of adrenaline was surging up inside you as his tongue worked on yours ardently.

    “If this is the only way to make you listen to me, so be it.” Jaebum pulled back and did not give you any time to catch your breath. He pushed his knee in between your legs, the sudden friction making you bite back another moan. “Firstly, I need you and I love you, that’s unquestionable.”

    Jaebum lowered a hand to grab your ass harshly, his fingers sliding inside your bikini for a better grip. You threw your head back in ecstasy. “Secondly, I am terribly sorry for breaking up with you through text but I knew that if I saw you again, I’d break and I wouldn’t work on my issues if I had you running by my side to pamper me.”

    Jaebum pulled out his other hand from the water to pull your chin tenderly to him. The vicious glint in his eyes turned you on. “And thirdly, I swear to explain everything to you so you can decide if you give me another chance or not. What do you want me to do?”

    You brought a hand to his hair, running your nails on his scalp then down to his nape. You smirked at the low growl escaping his lips. “I swear to God Lim Jaebum, if you don’t fuck my brains out right now, I won’t even consider listening to you.”

    You saw a dangerous smirk growing on Jaebum’s lips. His knee pushed your legs further apart and his hand traveled to your core, two fingers pushing inside of you without any prior warning. A resonant moan vibrated in the air at the desired feeling of his fingers stretching you out and Jaebum leaned over to whisper in your ear. “You never told me you were into public sex.”

    “I thought you weren’t.”

    Jaebum circled his tongue around one of the prominent veins in your neck, a predator steadying himself to mark its prey. “I prefer shielding you from curious eyes but I have to obey my princess’s wish of fucking her outright.”

    Instead of attacking the skin of your neck, Jaebum lowered his head to your breasts, pulling the fabric of your top for access. Your nails dug into the blade of his shoulder when his lips started sucking on your breast ever so passionate. You had to steady yourself as his fingers began curling in and out of your core, the avalanche of moans coming out of your mouth filling the air.

    “Jaebum…oh, right there”

    Jaebum glanced up at you before admiring the beautiful colored spot on your breast. He licked his lips and attached them to yours in a fiery kiss. Your eagerness hinted at your first orgasm much faster than you anticipated. Jaebum allowed you to take the lead of the kiss so he could focus on the movements of his fingers getting faster.

    You moaned into his mouth and threw your head back, holding onto Jaebum’s shoulder to grind against his magical digits. Jaebum let out a groan of his own; watching you surrender to the pleasure he was granting you, the way your lips parted with every airy sigh echoing in the air and the way your body reacted to every little gesture arose him greatly. He placed his other hand on your inner thigh to keep them parted as your warm walls clenched around his fingers. “Come on, Y/n. Cum on my fingers, beautiful.”

    It didn’t take long to satisfy Jaebum’s wish; a high-pitched moan signaled your orgasm washing over you and Jaebum helped you ride it off eagerly. You barely had any time to inhale that Jaebum flipped your body so that your back was facing him. “I believe we’re not done just yet.”

    Jaebum lowered his head to press a trail of butterfly kisses along the upper part of your spine that made you arch your back. He traced a finger over the scarce piece of material and you detected disapproval in his tone.

    “This is very much in my way, gorgeous.”

    “You’ll leave me naked if I take it off.”

    Jaebum chuckled and prompted you to raise your arms so he could remove it. He draped an arm over your breasts, grabbing one of them in his hand to play with. A yelp emerged out of your chest. “Problem solved.”

    He resumed his previous actions, peppering kisses over your spine that caused goosebumps to appear. He truly knew your body inside out.

    “You like that?”

    You hummed in approval, throwing your arm around his neck as he pressed his chest to your back. “Very much.”

    “It means you will just love this.”

    You bit your bottom lip in anticipation. Jaebum pulled down his shorts and guided his erection inside your wet cavern. He moaned into your shoulder, grazing his teeth over the sensitive skin at the contact he longed for. His length filled up every inch of you and you leaned forward to adjust to his size. He had always stretched you out to your limits and you could never get enough of the euphoric sensation.

    Jaebum’s thrusts started at a fast and rough tempo that found an excellent angle every single time. Before you knew it, you began chanting his name like a mantra. His hand cupping your breast was only adding to the infinite bliss whirling uncontrollably through your veins. Your body reminded you how dependent you were of his touch and how he was the only one who could make you reach absolute nirvana. There was no use denying yourself anymore.

    “Fuck it, Y/n, I missed you so much. I could never live without you.”

    Through the rapid pacing of your breathing and the mixture of moans coming from both of you, you heard his words loud and clear. You brought his face to you to pull him into a desirous kiss in response. Jaebum added his middle finger to your clit, rubbing against it masterfully, and you had to take a grip of the edge of the pool. Your vision was getting blurry and you could no longer form coherent words because of the ecstasy exploding inside you.

    “Oh, Jaebum…”

    “I know, love.”

    Jaebum was panting but that didn’t stop him from picking up the pace and hitting your sweet spot with every sharp movement. A well-known sensation built up rapidly in your stomach, igniting your core almost devilishly. You couldn’t hold out any longer. Your walls clenched around his thick length and Jaebum sensed it, pulling himself completely out of you before coming back in to offer you deeper thrusts. You placed your hand over his, guiding his fingers to rub your clit just the way you desperately needed.

    Your second orgasm hit you violently and Jaebum had to sustain your body as you came. You screamed out his name in euphoric pleasure and the overwhelming warmth of your juices ensured Jaebum would follow closely behind. It took a couple more angled thrusts for him to release himself inside of you and an airy sigh approved of the nice feeling.

    “I am sorry for that, I couldn’t hold back.” Jaebum whispered as he gently turned you to him and placed his forehead against yours.

    “If there’s anything you should apologize for is me not being able to walk tomorrow morning.”

    He chuckled and you circled your arms around his neck, holding on to his broad back. Your breasts were pressed against his chest, trying to cover yourself. Jaebum pulled up his shorts and guided your legs around his waist before wrapping his own arms around you. You were so comfortable with the familiar warmth his body provided. It was an abrupt turn your life took and there would be much to do to make it work but you could feel it wouldn’t be a scarce 85% again.

    “Let’s get out of here.”

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  • Summary: I received this request: “Maybe the reader and Duncan are trying for a baby, and they take a test but she isn’t pregnant, and she gets upset that she isn’t. Maybe it ends that she does get pregnant in the end? And Duncan holding the baby for the first time.” Here you go! 

    Warnings: None really. Slight smut, the smallest amount. Angst and fluff. 


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