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  • an honest hl1 lad for @theoriginalcowboycat

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    Request: “ headcanons for byakuya with a toddler daughter? ty!!”

    Contains: one mention of pregnancy

    A/N- This is an unofficial sequel to my Byakuya Holding His Daughter For The First Time headcanons, which can be found here. ♡

    • From the first time she met her father, your daughter was absolutely enamored with Byakuya
    • She may have relied on you for nine months, but as soon as she was born, she seemed to believe that the world revolved around her father
    • Byakuya was the one who could always soothe her without fail
    • He was the one who could get her back to sleep at night, he was the one who could get her to eat, and he, of course, was the one she waddled towards as she took her first steps
    • All of this only boosted his ego to be even larger than it already was
    • He never passes up an opportunity to tease you about the fact that she tends to prefer him
    • (That’s always light-hearted, of course, he’d never intentionally upset you)
    • That all being said, it’s no surprise that she continues to follow him around like his tiny 2′ tall shadow now that she’s a toddler
    • She looks almost identical to him, with soft wisps of blonde hair and a strong physical resemblance even with her chubby baby-like features
    • She makes the same facial expressions as him too
    • They have the same angry/annoyed expression
    • Which is unbelievably adorable and makes it very difficult to not laugh when she throws a fit
    • Like you have to put her in time-out for that, but you kinda just want to scoop her up and press kisses to her chubby features
    • This makes it all the more adorable as she follows him around and tries to do whatever he’s doing
    • If she’s awake, she’s most likely within one foot of her father at all times
    • While Byakuya generally prefers to have his own space and privacy, it’s entirely different when it comes to you and your daughter
    • She clings to his leg any time she can and Byakuya wouldn’t have it any other way
    • He also lets her sit in his lap while he works in his home office, giving her a piece of blank paper and a crayon so she can ‘do paperwork’ with him
    • Two years old and she’s already training to be the next head of the Togami Corporation-
    • For days when she doesn’t feel like ‘working’, she has some of her toys next to his desk so she can still sit next to him while he works
    • He isn’t embarrassed about it at all honestly, he has no problem with people seeing that his daughter is allowed to have her toys in his office
    • Have you seen that video of that guy on video call being interrupted by his toddler while he’s live on the news? Yeah that’s Byakuya now
    • Sometimes she wants to follow you around for the day, but even then she’s using her toy kitchen to make Byakuya ‘coffee’ while he works
    • “Where are you going, baby?”
      “Papa needs his coffee!!”
    • Of course, he pretends to drink it from the tiny empty cup, and she’s endlessly proud of herself each time
    • When he has to go to work at the office, she tends to be grumpy all day
    • She can’t understand why her daddy would need to leave the house to go to work when she could help him here instead??
    • It’s always a difficult morning when she wakes up to find that he’s not here, and even after she calms down and decides to be your shadow instead, she asks about him at least once every hour
    • “Papa is coming home now?”
    • “Not yet baby, three more hours”
    • She holds up her chubby fingers, counting three on them before pouting a bit
    • “Too long..”
    • When he does finally come home, she recognizes the sound of his car and sprints to the door as quickly as her short baby legs will let her
    • He barely makes it in the door before she’s throwing herself against his legs with an excited squeal
    • Byakuya’s used to it by now, she he’s ready to scoop her up into a big hug
    • Suddenly all of that fussiness and pouting melts away and she’s returns to being the bright, beaming ball of sunshine that she usually is
    • Sometimes you’ll take her to his office so you three can have lunch together, and she charms everyone she sees there
    • She’s just as confident and bold as her father
    • She likes to sit in his big office chair
    • It makes her feel important
    • She also likes to look out the window, clinging to Byakuya as he holds her up to it
    • Which make sense, because she’s clinging to him the entire time you’re there, even going as far as to refuse to eat until he pulls her into his lap and shares his lunch with her
    • She may be wrapped around his finger, but he’s just as much of a sucker for her as she is for him
    • There’s more to life than just working, even for Byakuya, and she’s glued to his hip when he isn’t working too
    • She’s always bringing him books to read to her, reaching her tiny little hands up towards him so he’ll sit her on his lap
    • Byakuya always agrees, not only because he can’t say no to her, but because he wants her to grow up to be as smart and educated as possible
    • Similarly, Byakuya has never believed in talking down to or dumbing things down for her
    • If he wants her to be a strong, smart, and powerful woman, he feels that she needs to be taught everything he can possible teach her
    • He fully believes that she is smart enough to understand the world around her, and he’s going to treat her as such
    • Of course he doesn’t treat her like an adult, but he also doesn’t coddle her
    • Sheltering her or doing everything for her isn’t going to benefit her in anyway
    • When you first started dating Byakuya, you never would’ve guessed that all these years later, that cold, hard headed man would now be laying on the floor with your sweet baby girl, enthusiastically playing dolls with her
    • He may be a ruthless, cut throat businessman with little patience for those around him, but when it comes to you and (especially) your daughter, he turns into the most nurturing, gentle guy around
    • Byakuya would do almost anything if it would make her happy, even if that means wearing a plastic tiara while she messily paints his nails with sparkly washable children’s nail polish
    • He does her hair whenever she asks, he watches whatever toddler show she wants him to, reads her to sleep at night, and makes her her instant mac n cheese for lunch
    • On one hand, he doesn’t want anyone to misinterpret his love for his family as weakness
    • But on the other, he’s come to believe that there are few things more respectable than being a responsible, caring, and supportive father
    • He chose to have a family, and it would be irresponsible to be a dead-beat, apathetic parent/husband
    • Byakuya now understands that while his father may have been a very successful and competent businessman, he was an extremely weak and useless father
    • And He’ll be damned if he lets his own insecurities turn him into a useless father 
    #look man I don't even want kids- but the idea of having a baby girl with byakuya just has me so emotional okay #byakuya togami #byakuya x reader #danganronpa #trigger happy havoc #danganronpa imagine#x reader#self insert#headcanons#one shot#fanfic#rae writes#requests
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  • I’m so fucking mad, I just took a look at my inbox only to find that every request I have is gone and I don’t even know why :D fucking g r e a t,,, I’m now opening requests and matchups back up for a bit to quickly start putting stuff out again. Now is a good time to mention that I also now write for dead by daylight as well

    #multi fandom blog #multi fandom imagines #x reader blog #requests open #send me anon #helluva boss#hazbin hotel#multi fandom#requests #honestly im really irritated #literally had over 50 request and its all just gone #might cry#ahhhhh#fuck this #x reader imagines #x reader insert #x reader #hazbin hotel blog #dbd imagines #dbd x reader
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  • the incredible safety of a construction site for @nonsycamore

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  • I will be putting this in my ‘currently working on’ page! 

    -       Your Family request by @imnotasuperhero , taking the new baby to the beach

    -       A passionate kiss, so perfect that they can’t open their eyes for a moment afterwards, requested by @imnotasuperhero

    -       Fluffy fic with soft Nat and mutual pining at the end, requested by @procrastinatingsapphictrash

    -       Domestic and cute that has to do with cooking/baking, requested by anon

    -       Your Family request, Nat goes on a mission and is homesick. She gets a cute little video call from her wife and kids supporting her, requested by anon

    -       Your Family request, Reader in other room with the baby and Nat’s reading a book to the other kids. Reader eventually joins them, requested by @thewidowsghost

    -       Cheryl fic, reader is overworking herself and Cheryl takes care of her because she notices how tired the reader is, requested by anon

    -       Either Reader or Nat becoming distant, and the other worries, requested by anon

    -       Nat is jealous, and everyone realizes it except Reader. Nat gets tired of it and while Reader is talking to someone who’s being flirty, she just goes up to Reader and kisses her. Reader doesn’t realize Nat feels this way, requested by anon

    -       “Huh, I thought it’d be more impressive.” Scarlett x Reader, requested by anon

    -       Scarlett x Reader, they’ve been dating in secret for a while, and they decide to go public/their relationship gets leaked to the press and they address it afterwards, requested by anon

    -       Nat x Reader, play fighting, requested by anon

    -       Reader can walk through walls so she joins the Avengers because she can be an asset to the team. What she doesn’t tell them is that she can also see the red string of fate. She sees Tony is connected to Pepper, Scott to Hope, etc. But she couldn’t see hers until she met Natasha, requested by anon

    -       Sparring together and playing “Black Widow” to annoy Natasha

    -       Natasha x Reader saving a little girl whose parents died

    -       Natasha x Reader, mile high club

    -       Natasha x Reader, they broke up but are still in love and get back together

    -       Something based off of the SNL pictures of Scarlett as an angel, Scarlett x Reader


    I will leave all other requests in my inbox for a week before deleting them. If you know you requested something and would like to discuss modifying it with me, you have until Wednesday, March 3 to do so. 

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  • #requests #i wouldve added bart the enderman slamacow (my beloved) but he would look very #off.........
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    - 𝙳𝚘𝚕𝚙𝚑𝚒𝚗/𝚘𝚌𝚎𝚊𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖𝚎 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚗! -

    - 𝕨𝕨𝕨.𝕦𝕨𝕦.𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕞𝕤

    DM for credit!

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  • jennie ✧ lovesick girls stages, for anon

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  • #requests #probably just gonna use flash for the rest of the reqs it looks hella epic
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  • I’ve been thinking about taking requests in the future. It would be for the HxH fandom and I would accept all kinds of shipping (canon character/canon character, canon character/oc, self ship) EXCEPT for anything with children characters.

    But I wanna know your opinion on this (it’s an anonymous survey, don’t be shy).


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  • 10:21 PM

    — yongha + gn!reader, fluff, 197 words

    requested!wei masterlist


    out of all the possible things to occur, the clichéd mistake of room reservation happened. shared bed, shared blanket in a room that for the both of you was not even bigger than the standard hotel room. first night out with your boyfriend and it already felt like you were stuck in some kind of heavily overrated romance film.

    “come on.” a pout appeared on yongha’s lips as he tried to drag a bit more of the blanket the two of you were sharing. “it’s cold.”

    perhaps the pillow that was conservatively placed in between the two of you should be removed for the bed to accommodate both of you. and maybe it could also do the trick for the small blanket.

    that exactly was what yongha did. with the resolution in mind, he moved the pillow to the top and had his head rested on it before snuggling closer to you. satisfied, he said, “there~”

    a curve was drawn on your lips as he wrapped his arms around you. something you reciprocated with settling your arms above him, content with the warmth the hug provided which mingled with the steady yet slow beating of his heart.

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  • Heard you got a distress call. Yeah, Engine 118. Wind blew a power pole over on top of their engine.

    for @sweet-sammy-kisses

    #911#911 fox#911edit#911onfoxedit#josh russo#linda bates#josh#linda #josh x linda #911 spoilers#s4 #4.06 #myedit#requests #i LOVE that they have a group chat #Josh is such a delight #knowing when the full moon is #taking advantage of his status and taking the day off #OH of course they're just trying to remove a curse #an absolute joy
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