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    17.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    #barok van zieks #Barok x Ors #request
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    17.09.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    Imagine: moving in with your boyfriend David Nolan
    Fandom: Once Upon a Time

    It's a turning point of a relationship when a couple decides to move in together. The decision to share not only your time, thoughts and feelings, but also space (in the more constant manner), may need a lot of thinking it through.

    The matter's different with David Nolan. You've known since one of the very first moments after you met that your relationship is bound to be 'something more'. Because of that it felt natural to agree on moving in together the second he suggested it.

    Despite having this deep connection with David and being sure you want to move in with him, you're really stressed when the day comes.

    Busy with bringing all your stuff into your new apartment, one of the nicest you've seen in Storybrooke, you don't have much time to think about what you feel, but it still lingers there. You subconsciously let out a sigh every now and then, which doesn't go unnoticed.

    'Y/N, my sweetest. What's bothering you?' David asks you eventually as you're in the middle of setting boxes in your future living room.

    'Nothing, I'm just... a bit nervous about this. Are you sure we haven't decided to live together too soon?'

    He approaches you with a smile and wraps his arms around you.

    'If it was only up to me, I would decide to move in with you much sooner. I just didn't want to push you. I can't say I'm not nervous at all, but I'm trying to treat it more as a sign of excitement. How about you do the same thing?'

    You smile back at him with a nod and let him hug you tightly. After a moment you get back to bringing all your stuff into the apartament. David's reassurance might be a small thing, but it makes a huge difference. Knowing he feels the same but is sure about his decision anyway helps you realise you're doing the good thing.

    #Hanna's writing#hannaswritingblog#fanfiction#imagine#gif imagine #once upon a time #once upon a time fanfiction #once upon a time imagine #prince charming (david nolan) #david nolan #david nolan fanfiction #david nolan imagine #david nolan x reader #reader insert #gender neutral reader #not requested
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  • koikee-cork
    17.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    yuureoo asked: so like, i’m just thinkin’,,, how’sa ‘bout a they/them geo person who actually like- panics, for the first time, since they’re always calm and collected, but ganyu’s there to help? (oh and like- geo reader has a bunch of stuff that they need to do :))

    ganyu, our beloved ; request completed!

    notes; hhhhh,,,, it sadly went right past the panic part by accident but- i tried. apologiesjdksjckdxj

    blinking slowly behind the lenses of your glasses, you tore your gaze away from the bright, white papers to look at your surroundings. starting with your right, it was just the beautiful seas of liyue harbor. turning your gaze to in front of you, past your papers, it was the busy life of the people in the nation; an n their two feet or probably forget to eat.

    [name] [surname]. they were a member of the qixing along with herself, keqing, uncle tian, and lady ningguang; in charge of the funds and the auditor for people's debts and/or tabs, the diligent individual was certainly fit for the job considering their apparent sharp memory and skill with numbers. recently, they'd been working plenty—too plenty, as things had been stacking up a bit.

    the secretary could see how hard they worked and how it was all under control. she knew that they were independent, yes, but she couldn't help but worry. what if they really forget to take care of themselves? call her a hypocrite, but...

    "ah..." a sigh. "sure."

    ganyu blinked, looking over to the ever-so hard-working qixing member who was speaking to one of the people. ... [name]? and then her eyes slowly redirected themselves to the paperwork being handed over and they widened subtly. that was... half the amount she had to do, at least from what she could see. ah... more work, i see. that's a bit much though.

    brushing hair out of their face with a free hand, they let out another breath as they accepted the papers. "i can do it, count on me," nodding as their farewell to their 'client', the auditor walked off to heyu teahouse where they usually worked over a few cups of tea. it was a bit of a walk, but it was always worth it, apparently.

    ... she had time to tag along, right?


    [name] huffed as they were sat behind a table, reading through all the paperwork with tea already in front of them. this is... quite the amount. but i can do this, i have the energy. and with that thought, they started reading through all the papers. the paper was a bit bright, due to the light of the sun. as blinding as it was, it wasn't that bad for the auditor as the glasses helped. (not really.)

    my lord, holy barbatos... they grimaced at the amount of debts the people had with others, looking through all the things a shop needed from the other. ... look at all the mora they even spent on all these. you shouldn't spend so much. sighing, [name] simply skimmed through the orders.

    most of these were things they've already seen, like souveniers from mingxing jewelry being put on a man's tab and has gone overdue without payment, some of huixing's tax papers handed to them as it seemed more of a debt situation, and the occasional person who couldn't pay off their debt and needed more time. just the usual. nothing less, maybe a bit more.

    blinking slowly behind the lenses of your glasses, [name] tore their gaze away from the bright, white papers to look around at their surroundings. starting with the right, it was just the beautiful seas of liyue harbor. turning their gaze to their front, past the papers, it was the busy life of the people in the nation; and they were a part of those lives. and then to their very left was ganyu, the secretary of the yuhai pavillon and was [name]'s frien-


    "... w-wait, miss ganyu?"

    sat to your right, she stared for a moment before jumping slightly in surprise. "ah, i'm sorry, i didn't think you'd really notice since you were working," the woman gave them a small smile before the auditor sighed quietly with a fond shake of their head. "... it's quite alright. did you need anything from me, my friend?"

    smiling a bit tiredly, she sighed, putting a hand on their shoulder. "i feel like you know where i'm going with this, but you really need to take a break," ganyu remarked with a soft squeeze of her hand, [name] simply staring for a moment. "we can take the time to have a breath of fresh air, it's going to help plenty."

    "but..." the auditor faltered, looking at all the stacked papers on the table. "... these are all very urgent..." the other spared the documents a glance as well before looking back to her friend. "we can ask huixing to keep those safe and hidden for the time being."

    that... shut them up for a moment. i didn't think of that. their train of thought was interrupted—not that they had much to think about anyway—by the secretary who smiled at them kindly.

    "shall we now, [name]?"

    "..." a sigh, and a fond shake of their head. "of course, of course. do lead the way, my friend."

    #genshin impact#ganyu#request completed#imagine #we love cocogoat #i rlly liked writing this one hehe #i did a lot of research ngl #much interesting
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    17.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Costumes + Domina (2021)

    Octavia Minor’s blue, grey & golden dress in Season 01, Episode 04.

    // requested by @theliteraryavenue

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    17.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Tips are now open!

    To those who want to support me and keep the headcanons rollin in, tip me on kofi!


    Tipping helps me continue creating good content, as well as helping me in edit my work :)

    Thank you for your support! xx

    #genshin#genshin impact #genshin impact headcanons #demon slayer requests #demon slayer #jujutsu kaisen x reader #jujutsu kaisen#haikyuu headcanons#haikyuu#mha #mha x reader
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    17.09.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #professor layton#anthony herzen#anton herzen #my style keeps changing between requests i am so sorry dsjfhgkds
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    17.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago


    A reminder of the giveaway I’m having!!!

    Summary: Riverdale, General, reader has a hardcore drug problem unknown to her friends, and watches her parents get killed by the black hood, her friends try to help her with everything, 

    TW: Drug Use, violence, murder

    The black hood didn’t need to dig up dirt on your family. You knew your father was knee deep in the blossom's drug trade. He’d started as a runner then a dealer and before long ended up using most of his stash, still able to keep the house and rest of your life as normal as possible because he stole from everyone else he used with and would usually spend weeks away with your mom on business trips, you knew that meant selling to other people and stealing from them in the same night.

    You hadn’t meant to get involved but it had been out in the open and then your dad had let you have some because you’d gotten a job and you realize too late he’s just going to take all of your money anyways.

    It’s too late, you’re craving it now, almost desperate enough to steal but still able to hide it from everyone. You knew no one knew. You knew you were hiding it almost too well, no one suspected anything with how they knew what your parents did, of course you wouldn’t be a suspected drug user, why would your parents let you get involved with them. Of course you can’t help the thought that it’s Riverdale, and if Clifford Blossom can murder his own son then anything can happen.

    “This town needs to be cleansed of sin.” You can hear the gravel in the voice but you can’t recognise it, you hadn’t done any jangle, you were still coming down from your previous high, you’d been keeping to your self made promise of not doing anything during school hours. So the second you got home you were shaking, trying to be as quiet as possible to avoid your parents getting mad.

    “This town…” You realize it's not the TV playing, that there’s someone else in your house and when you peer around the living room doorway you see both of your parents, kneeling, a figure blocking your view. They’re clearly still high but you can see the way their attention shifts when they recognise you.

    “Oh Y/N, you poor thing, here sweetheart.” You still can’t recognise the voice but the gloved hand offers out a fresh tube of jangle, bright pink and green paper, unlike the grubby and dirty tube your parents pass off to you when you whine at them.

    “Here we go, take that and be a good girl.” You rip the top off, downing most of the tube and laughing as you can feel the scrape of the jangle as you swallow.

    “Y/N….” You can’t focus on your parents trying to call your name, everything is warm and soft the way it should have been when they used to tuck you in, and you cling to the feeling, despite your mind sobering you up enough to see the Black hood shooting them in the face. You never see his, just a blurry smudge before everything tilts backwards and you wake up curled in your bed, tucked in, jangle tubes next to you and banging on the door.

    Sheriff Keller just watches you sit up and blink at him before he nods to one of the deputies andand you’re gripped by the shoulders and walked to the car.

    They release you later that day, clear proof the black hood killed your parents and even his assurance of your innocence and drug use. You wish no one had to know about that, the sad looks Kevin and his dad give you as they let you sleep on the couch is more than enough to last you a lifetime but of course everyone else in school seems to know.

    It’s Reggie who discovers just how far off the deep end you’d fallen. Living with the Kellers left no room for your jangle habit and you were quickly forced sober, something it seems the entire rest of the school was taking under its wing as a project, people you didn’t even know went to school with you were patting your shoulder and asking if you ever needed to talk they were there to listen, you wonder if it was the news of both your parents being killed, seemingly innocent. You’d found that out from Reggie as well, Kevin and his dad had kept it hushed about why your parents had been killed, just that the black hood deemed them sinful enough to murder.

    Without your drugs you’d found others just as dangerous ways to cope, you weren’t really sure if you could call it coping but either way it's all you seemed to know now. You skip breakfast and then lunch because you’re too stressed about falling behind in school because you know any chance of getting out of this town for college is gone, you know writing about the black hood killing your parents will get you some sort of scholarship, but you also know most college’s won’t want anything to do with a drugged up washed up addict.

    Your grades slip soon after that realization, you don’t see much of a point in eating or trying in school, not with everyone refusing to look at you switch anything but pity. You know everyone can tell what’s going on, the bags under your eyes must be at least triple what they were the last time anyone saw you without your sunglasses on or your hood up.

    The final straw come when Reggie bumps into your shoulder and you stumble, hitting the ground and wincing, you stagger back up your head feeling dizzy and can see Reggie’s hand reaching for you, something shifts in your brain and you only see the black hood’s hand before you’re jerking back, cowering and crying. When you open your eyes, Reggie’s watching nervously, but you notice everyone of your friends are too and you realize that maybe they actually do want to help as you take the hand one of them offers out.

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    #✨—wallpaper#💫—genshin impact#🌟—zhongli#wallpaper#genshin impact #genshin impact wallpaper #zhongli#zhongli wallpaper #motivation went brr yesterday lol #requests are very open
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    #as always if anyone has the image they think anon means please feel free to submit it or add it in a reblog :D #not a pic #someone asked me a thing! #ask mood: image request
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    This time request for @mattikitku - Frenkie de Jong 🧡

    #football #frenkie de jong #netherlands nt#fc barcelona#my art #i'm so pleased with how lips turned out #first time i'm pleased with the way i drew them for a man i think #and as only two people went for three request spots i offered #the last one is for me #sorry in advance for who i'm gonna draw lol
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    #ooc. #request. #mobile. #cinnanon roll. #honestly it makes me so happy #or like #not happy but reassured?? #when people let me know i'm doing okay #so thank you and thank you to everyone who says or thinks these kind things!
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    One of the things I'm worried to see when I open requests again...

    Person - hey! Can you.... (Request)...

    Me: Sure! (Writes the Request)

    Me: I'm sorry if it took time, but I had fun writing it an di hope you like it! (Posts Request and tags the person who wanted it)

    Person: (Doesn't like, or share, or even responds to it at all)


    #there are people who Request but then show nothing when I finish the work #like who did I do this for?????
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    Hi @herobrinearfox soo I drew ur dog as an anime girl umm idk how it's supposed to turn out...

    I hope u like it she's enjoying some delicious biscuits

    #random drawing#drawing requests#drawing #i take requests #anime girl#my art #i hope you like it #i think your dog is cute #i love her
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    #⛓ || mod sanemi || #⛓ || accepted! || #⛓ || request competed! ||
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    Floral Minimalistic Dividers

    Please like and reblog if you use or save

    Requested by @kketilin

    Dividers List

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