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    Dark Side 


    Never Die 


    Dark Side Never Die.

    Chris Redfield 

    Ethan Winters


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    #re McDonald’s au #funniest concept ever #Ethan winters #resident evil village #art tag
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    Witchy Woman

    Y’all here it is Chapter Four. It’s currently 4:53am and this chapter is a little bit messy so enjoy!

    Chapter Four 

    While sleeping peacefully you start to hear a familiar voice calling out your name. Slowly waking up to the sound of the voice you look around the room seeing Karl is sleeping in his bed. Confused, you hear it again discovering the sound was your mother’s voice. 

    “mama ești tu?” (Mother is that you?)

    “dragă, am nevoie să mă asculți. Nu am prea mult timp.” (Darling, I need you to listen to me. I don't have much time.)

    “Ce vrei să spui cu Mama? De ce nu ai mult timp?” (What do you mean Mother? Why don't you have much time?)

    “Nu există timp pentru a explica dragostea, ci doar să știi în acel castel se află cărți care te vor ajuta să scapi de Miranda.” (There is no time to explain love, but just know in that castle lies books to help you get rid of Miranda.)

    “De unde știi despre Miranda, mamă?” (How do you know about Miranda, mother?)

    “îți amintești cum am spus că am părăsit satul meu din cauza întunericului? Mama Miranda este întunericul. Du-te la castel și găsește cartea despre vrăjitoarea stacojie. Atingerea întregului potențial este singura modalitate de a o învinge. Acum mi-a trecut timpul, trebuie să merg să știu dragă.” (remember how i said I left my village due to darkness? Mother Miranda is the darkness. Go to the castle and find the book about the scarlet witch. Reaching your full potential is the only way to defeat her. Now my time is up I must go know darling.)

    “Stai mama! Vă rog să nu mă mai părăsiți! Mamă!” (Wait mother! Please don't leave me again! Mother!)

    “Vei fi bine dragostea mea. Îmi amintesc doar ce am spus. te iubesc dragă” (You will be fine my love. I just remember what I said. I love you darling.) 

    “Mama te rog nu te duce! Si eu te iubesc! Te rog nu te duce mama!” (Mother please don't go! I love you too! Please don't go mother!)

    You start to feel someone shaking you gently trying to get your attention. 

    “(Y/N) hey (y/n) wake up!”

    Jumping awake you soon realize she was never here with you. Tears streaming down your face as Karl still calls for your attention.

    “Hey red are you there? What happened? You were screaming in your sleep.”

    “I saw my mother. She was right there with me and now she’s not.”

    “Would you like some tea and talk about what happened?”

    “Maybe in the morning I just want to lay down for now.”

    “Alright well don’t wake me again I need to get my beauty sleep. This doesn’t happen naturally sweetheart.”

    Letting out a small laugh, you slowly make your way back to laying down thinking about what your mother said to you. You were lost all over again watching her disappear in front of your eyes again. Soon before you know it the sun has risen. Still lost in your thought you didn’t see or hear Karl wake up and ask what you would like to eat.

    “Red, you did it again.”

    “Did what again?”

    “Start glowing red and get lost in your thoughts. Are you going to tell me what happened?”

    “My mother came to me saying there is a book in the castle about the scarlet witch. She said, ‘By becoming my true potential I can defeat Miranda’.”

    Karl studys you for a moment before he speaks. 

    “Well I did say we had stuff to do today. Hurry up and eat, so we can head over to see the Duke.”

    “Who is the Duke?”

    “A local salesman, he will have bedding for you. Now let’s eat, get dressed, and be on our way.”

    After eating you both head out of the factory heading to see the Duke. Walking behind Karl just taking in the beauty. You find a chicken while walking on the path and pick it up. You always loved animals, but due to moving every ten years you have never been able to have any. Maybe one day things will change, and you can own all the animals you want. While reaching the outskirts of town you decided to put the chicken down. Watching it run off free you get to thinking of how your whole life you always claimed to be free but you weren’t actually living. Running from place to place every so many years, never truly making friends, never having the chance to fall in love and experacts a heartbreak. 

    “Duke, I’ve come for my supplies.”

    “Ah yes mister Heisenburg I have them right here.”

    “Thanks Duke, now do you possibly have any bedding for my coworker here?” Looking at Karl funny for calling you his coworker but I guess if you two are going to kill Miranda, you guys would be coworkers. 

    “Ah, I didn’t even see the young lady, my apologies ma'am.” Karl finds that funny since he knows you are not in fact young.

    “It’s okay I’ve just always learned how to blend in with people.”

    “Very well unfortunately mister Heisenburg I do not have any bedding for your coworker --”


    “Ah very lovely name dear, but as said I currently do not have any bedding for (y/n). But if I may add, you could always ask Lady Dimitrescu for spare bedding since she has so many.”


    Politely cutting off Karl before he could finish his sentence thanking him, and hurrying off your way to the castle. Wondering how you were going to ask Lady Dimitrescu for extra bedding but also to look through her library to look for the book your mother was telling you about. Approaching the castle you freeze for a minute trying to find a way to apologize to her. 

    “Well aren’t you going to knock?”

    “Shut up I’m thinking.”

    “Oh no that’s dangerous for you red.”

    Picking up the giant door knockers you knock on the door three times before it opens slowly. Karl goes first, then you head in after him. Fascinated by it’s complete beauty you didn’t notice the flies swarming around the room.

    “Is this the woman mother was talking about?” spoke Bela

    “She doesn’t seem all that powerful as mother Miranda stated.” Daniela said.

    “What is she even?” Cassandra asked her sisters.

    “ENOUGH you three, where is the tall bitch I need to speak with her.”


    You think to yourself how if she wasn’t so scary that she is actually quite gorgeous. Her beautiful pale skin, the strong powering female voice, her very long legs. Quickly snapping out of it you hear Karl trying to fight her, so you pull him back before he does anything stupid. 

    “I see you have a guard dog now Heisenburg.”

    “I see you're still a bitch as always.”

    Smacking him on his head, glaring at him to stop or we won’t be able to get what is needed from her, you decide to do the speaking from now on. 

    “I apologise for his manners Lady Dimitrescu, but we actually came to ask for something.” 

    “What could you possibly need from me?”

    “Well ma'am mister Hiesenburg does not have any bedding for me and I was wondering if you had any spare I could have.” 

    “Since you asked nicely I suppose I could spare some to you, but I want something in return. A pint of your blood dear. I could smell it yesterday, and it smells delicious. 

    “ABSOLUTELY N--” Karl tries to yell at Alcina before you cut him off yet again. 

    “Of course it’s a deal” 

    “Very well I will have it delivered by nightfall.”

    Holding out your hand Alcina’s fingernails grow to razor sharp claws and carefully cut your hand letting the blood drain into the cup. Once she got her pint her hand started to heal itself. Karl heads out of the castle first angry probably because you had to shut him down from doing anything stupid, but you stop for a minute before leaving facing Lady Dimitrescu one more time.

    “Is there something else you need?”

    “Yes actually, Heisenburg told me you had a library and I was wondering if I could read some of the books there.”

    “I suppose that is fine just don’t bring Heisenburg with you.”

    “May I come over tomorrow afternoon to read some?”

    “Well Donna is coming over for tea but you are welcome to join us if you like.”

    “Thank you and I would also like to apologize again for attacking you yesterday, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and panicked.”

    “It is alright, I probably would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes.”

    Smiling while waving goodbye to Alcina, you see Karl glaring at you.



    Shoving past him heading towards your so-called home. Not listening to Karl yell your name calling out for you to stop you reaching the factory. You wanted to slam a door but couldn’t just yet since your room is still unfinished. Sitting down on the couch where you put your headphones is blasting music so you wouldn’t have to listen to that greasy hobo for the rest of the night. You see Karl out the corner of your eyes walking towards you yanking out your headphones to speak to you.

    “I’m sorry that I overreacted. She gets under my skin sometimes and it was not fair to take it out on you.”

    “Well you are still an ass but I guess it’s fine. She invited me over for tea tomorrow with her and Donna.”

    “Are you going?”

    “Yes I am.”

    “Well then I’m going too.”

    “No you are not. I promised her that you wouldn’t come along. I need this to work, so I can find that book.”

    Looking at you knowing one of the only ways to defeat Miranda was you discovering your full powers. Nodding his head letting you go. 

    “I’m going to start working on your bed frame now before the delivery gets here, so don’t have too much fun up here while I’m gone.”

    Karl turns around towards the door leaving you alone for the next couple of hours.

    #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#karl heisenberg #karl heisenburg fanart #karl heisenburg x reader #lady alcina dimitrescu #lady donna beneviento #lord karl heisenberg #lord salvatore moreau #resident evil village x reader #re8 x reader #resident evil x reader #resident evil village #resident evil #re8 mother miranda #re8 alcina dimitrescu #re8 angie#re8 donna#re8 village#re8 dimitrescu#re8 bela#re8 duke#re8 daniela#re8 cassandra#lady dimitrescu#lady beneviento#lord heisenberg#lord moreau#alcina demitriscu
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    Updated: 08|03|2021

    KEY: 👑~most recent || 🌸~fluff || 💜~angst || 💋~smut

    ~The Devil Wears Prada

    Miranda Priestly x Andrea Sachs

    I'll Be There For You 🌸

    Miranda Priestly x Reader

    We'll Be Okay 🌸💜


    Agatha Harkness/Agnes x Reader

    You Owe Me 🌸
    Make Yourself at Home 🌸
    Tickled Pink 🌸

    Wanda Maximoff x Reader

    Off Duty 🌸
    Let's Write Our Own Story, Okay? 🌸
    Oblivious Idiot 🌸

    Natasha Romanoff x Reader

    Lay With Me 🌸
    Why Would You Do That? 🌸
    Beautiful Mistakes 🌸
    Under the Shade, Part 2 🌸💜 👑

    ~Resident Evil 8: Village


    Re8 ladies reaction to model!reader 🌸
    #kingpreciouswrld#masterlist #marvel x reader #resident evil village #wanda maximoff x reader smut #natasha romanov x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #agatha harkness x reader #agnes x reader #miranda priestly x reader
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    Cass behind is very helpless XDDD

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    The Savior Complex [Part 2 of 2] To the Victor Belong the Spoils [Chris Redfield]

    “How long have you kept me locked up? And don’t give me that you’re not a prisoner bull.”

    Chris leans back against the plush couch and takes a deep uneasy breath. “About two months. And you need to understand that no one in the BSAA trusts you.”

    Has it been a month already? You snort. How ironic because no one in the BSAA can be trusted.

    “And you? Do you not trust me?”

    The answer is no; you know this. Otherwise, Chris wouldn’t have locked you in a safe house; who knows where.

    Chris narrows his keen eyes. “I can’t let you leave.”

    Nailed it.

    You stand with a pout, walking into the kitchen for a drink. The layout reminds you of a studio apartment, except there are no windows, and the door is always locked.

    “Do you want something to drink?”

    Chris hums. “No, I’m good.”

    You frown and settle on a bottle of water. The monitor around your ankle is humiliating, but you ignore it and stroll back to the couch, sitting next to Chris with a bounce. The button-down you have on rides up your bare legs as you tuck them under you, showing Chris your panties.

    He averts his eyes, urging you to snort. Ever the gentleman, he is. You don’t have any shame. It’s your apartment; you can wear how little you want.

    “At least you’re honest,” you admit as you sip from the bottle.

    Chris grunts. “Could you not act like a––”

    “A what? Calm down, big man. And besides, I’m just trying to get a rise out of you; I’m a bit bored,” you state.

    He glances at you with a frown. “What do you want?”

    “There’s no chance you will let me go, so I want to sit and enjoy your company a bit more before you leave again. You don’t visit much as is,” you say with a grin.

    Extending your legs, you ease them into his lap. He visibly tenses.

    “I’ve been busy,” Chris admits.

    He won’t tell you what he’s been doing, but you imagine it has to do with your employers. Regardless it’s none of your business.

    “Do you miss me? And the fun we had?”

    You wiggle your toes against his stomach.

    “You’re safer here,” Chis says, avoiding your question.

    How long does he plan to do this? He can’t protect you forever. And why? It makes no sense to you.

    Humming, you remove your feet from him. You don’t feel safe. And you know there is no reason to go back; your employers will never allow you to return. You are as good as dead.

    But it makes you feel unique. Chris is going through a lot to protect you, and at first, you thought it was because of his job, but for the last two months, he has come to visit you every week.

    Perhaps you’re bored of the chase; maybe you want more.


    Said man puckers a brow.

    You stand up and move closer, easing into his lap one leg at a time.

    “What are you doing?”

    You slide your arms around his shoulders. “Yes or no, big man. You’ll have time to think about it later.”

    “But will you?” Chris asks. His hands rest on your upper thighs.

    Is he serious?

    “I already know what I want. There’s no reason to dwell on it,” you state.

    He leans up and presses his lips against yours in a rough way.

    You were hoping that he would say yes.

    Chris raises a hand and sinks his fingers into your hair, angling your head down to deepen the kiss. The smoky odor of the last cigarette he smoked lingers on his warm breath, but you don’t care. Brushing your tongue over his lip, you plead for him to open his mouth, zealously grinding against him.

    Once he does, you sigh in relief as you taste him; goosebumps litter your skin.

    You’ve wanted this for a long time.

    Chris raises a hand from your thigh and squeezes your ass, then slips a finger into the band of your panties, yanking them down your thighs. He breaks the kiss for a moment to yank them off you with your assistance, tossing them onto the couch.

    “Get on your back,” he orders.

    You come off his lap, lying on the couch with a grin.

    Chris spreads your legs and raises them to rest them over his shoulders, leaning his head down to devour you. For fuck’s sake. The hair on his face prickles your inner thighs as you come close to pressing your legs together. It’s the most intense pleasure you have ever gotten during oral.

    Moaning, you sink your nails into your thighs as he licks your clit. His fingers sink into your eager pussy, thrusting in and out. The lewd sounds he draws from you heats your face in embarrassment, but you are far too into it to stop him.

    Chris quickens his pace, switching between licking and sucking on your clit until you come undone. It’s too much; you press your legs together, trembling in pleasure.

    When the orgasm begins to fade, you become aware of your sensitivity, and tears form in your eyes.

    “Easy there,” you whine.

    Chris lifts his head and puckers a brow. His lips glisten with your wetness. He knows that you’re pleased. Your legs tremble as you ease them from his shoulders, keeping them open for him. He links them around his waist as he unzips his pants, freeing himself.

    He looks delicious, a bit thicker than you expected.

    Positioning the head of his cock at your entrance, Chris thrusts into you, grinning as you grunt and tighten around him. It stings a bit, but you don’t mind. He grabs your hips and moves out at a slow pace, bottoming out as he thrusts back in. Pressing your heels into his side, he lifts your hips and quickens his pace, knocking the air from your lungs as his cock hits your cervix a few times.

    The hold he has on you keeps you in place, but the worn look on his face suggests that he won’t last much longer. But this doesn’t slow him down.

    It’s almost too intense.

    Your breasts bounce with every hard thrust, and you moan until your throat burns. Chris’s name on your lips pours out in worship as he fucks you. And by the time he orgasms, spurting his warm cum onto your stomach and inner thighs, you are tender and exhausted.

    Chris pants as he stares down at you.

    “Let me get you something,” he proposes.

    Standing up, he pulls up his pants and walks around the back of the couch. As you lie there, you hear the faucet turn on, and you grin. How sweet of him. Once he returns, he offers you a damp washcloth. You take it and clean the mess from your stomach, tossing the soiled cloth onto the floor once you are done.

    Damn, you are a wreck. It hurts even to sit up.

    Chris sits back on the couch and watches you in silence. You wonder if he regrets fucking you.

    You are a criminal, after all.

    “Your coworkers won’t understand this one,” you laugh.

    Chris snorts and leans back. “I don’t give a damn.”

    Did he not? You don’t believe him. He is ever the fucking savior.

    Resting on his arm, you laugh in sorrow.

    “Why did you save me?”

    Chris tenses up. “It’s my––”

    “I don’t want to hear it,” you argue.

    Tears burn your eyes. Why though? It irritates you.

    “I hate that; it’s my job. No, it isn’t. You are not obligated to anyone, least of all to me,” you ramble.

    Looking at him, you feel your lip tremble.

    “I want to thank you, whatever your reason is.”

    Chris puts his arm over your shoulder.

    You are happy to have met him.

    Because of him, you can start living.

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    But Ethan, are you sure of this?

    Your body is, well, falling apart...

    #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil fan art #re8#re village #resi 8 spoilers #resi 8#village spoilers#Ethan winters#re fanart#resi fanart
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    Ethan: fighting molded with proper military arsenal, grenade launchers, bombs and flame thrower

    Joe Baker:

    These hands rated E for everyone 😂

    #bro i just straight up punched a molded #😂#lmfao#Joe Baker #the end of zoe dlc #re7 dlc#re7 biohazard #resident evil 7 #resident evil 7 biohazard
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    Credit to ResidentEvils on Tik tok

    #She’s adorable #it’s homophobic to make me choose a favorite Dimitrescu tho #her lol dancy sway #resident evil#re village #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #cassandra dimitrescu
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    Chris watching Ethan getting his ass beat by Eveline from the helicopter


    #Chris wtf man #come down and help me?? #re7#eveline re7 #resident evil 7 #Chris Redfield#re7 biohazard
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    Disaster person Roisin needs to fight Tom once a day. Tom’s just the WORST. 

    #my art#roisin #I keep going back to her pre-cadou form it's just so fun?? #resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil fanart #resident evil OC
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    “Death is happiness” pt2

    Heisenberg also known as Karl spent more time with you, this ceremony wasn’t going to be completed until weeks later but the way Miranda was so eager to just start this said performance made you wonder. “How did you become family with her?” Heisenberg doesn’t respond, he was busy making this so called entertainment for you, “She kidnapped me…never wanted to be in her family. That broad, took me by force and I spent decades with her.” Leaning on his shoulder you hum, “I want to kill her.” He chuckled and rests a hand on your face, “Don’t we all?”

    “How come you trust me so easily?” Karl asked, “You plan to go through with my dream, plus I don’t fear you. I fear a plain death…dying from something so boring…like a Boulder crushing me- or falling off a cliff: I want to be scared and despaired or just filled with delight that death will welcome me not with the ugly truth. But happiness!” This made him curious, “Alright…” he suddenly pushed you and then you both grabbed onto one another’s arms. “Let’s see how you’ll face death.” With that he threw you back from a two story high fall, the way you studied him and he stared while you stared until you grabbed your phone and *snap* a picture was taken. Immediately the male jumped, held your waist then used the metal to grab the both of you. Once he was placed on the ground, Karl just held your head close to him. “You’re an idiot.”

    “No I’m not, I just know how to not let someone read my face.” His hand moves down to your waist after that then his shades come off, “I mean you’re an idiot for making someone like me gain a liking towards ya.”

    Back in the factory again he spoke into his microphone, talking with Ethan while you fiddled and touched his stuff. “Don’t touch that dammit.” You huff then paw at it again, “Bitch you may not be afraid of death but I’ll freaking decapitate your pretty head if you don’t sit your ass still.”

    “Fiiiiiine….” You sit on his lap, “So mean.” His arms were around your waist. “Good pet.” A smile rests on your face while you cuddled into him, ‘I think I like him too…’

    #lord heisenberg #resident evil heisenberg #heisenberg x reader #karl heisenberg #resident evil village #resident evil 8
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    Viddy games 💞

    #i love my computer #💞#videogames #playing resident evil 7 rn #:)
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    I mean are this Angela and Karl Heisenberg in Resident evil 7???? I Mean What 😱😱😱

    #owl house #resident evil village #karl heisenberg
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    #resident evil village #asks #absolutely on purpose #middle sister hell ™
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  • sylverstormz
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    #resident evil village #it's true tho dat ass is hers #and it's a rly nice one too #asks
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    Little thing of mine and my gfs maid ocs because I have to ship them together or I’ll die or something 😞

    (Her oc is still with Daniela within her story, and mine with Cassandra. But it’s fun to ship them together anyways)

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    You'll be sliced to ribbons...

    #fanart #lady alcina dimitrescu #tall vampire lady #sketch#pencildrawing #resident evil village
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    Domestic Dimistrescu Drabbles - Hide & Seek

    Summary: A drabble where you play hide & seek with your daughters: Bela, Cassandra, & Daniela.


    Your voice echoes throughout the halls of Castle Dimitrescu but there was no response. Just the distant giggles of your children that echoed quietly. They were somewhere but they were no doubt using their abilities to hide from you.

    There were strays of flies lingering about, so either one of them was nearby or all of them...and you knew EXACTLY how to lure each of them out.


    Once again, no answer. Just the echoed laughter.

    You smirked. “BELA! DANIELLA!” Intentionally leaving one out.

    And like clockwork, “Hey!” A soft voice shouted from the ether.

    Behind you a cloud of flies swarmed together creating the rambunctious Cassandra. She was tiny compared to you, a fact made even more apparent by how Cassandra looked up at you with a chubby pout, her doll made Donna clutched tightly in her hand.

    “You didn’t call my name!” She cried.

    At five, the girls were already showing signs of their individual personalities. Cassandra was the most hyperactive. Kids were already a handful with no powers and now you were dealing with a child that can teleport, it made everything so much worse.

    “I know~” You said. You then crouched and began inching towards her with your hands in the shape of wiggly claws. “Because I knew that YOU would come out so I could gobble you up!” The last bit of the sentence, you softly lunged toward her, grabbing her and lifting her up to spin her around. She let out a manic giggle as you did so. “It’s time for dinner, your mother’s waiting for you in the dining room.”

    She hopped out of your hands and ran off to the dining room where Alcina was waiting with their sippy cups filled with blood. One down, two more to go.

    “You’ll never find us~” The sweet but taunting voice of who you guessed was Bela had you looking around the hall for a hint of their hiding spot. A few stray flies turning the corner caught your attention. Saying nothing, you followed.

    Your next target was clear: Daniela. She had an active imagination. She was the one perched up when it came for story time of gallant knights being devoured by ferocious monsters protecting their homes.

    The stray flies led you into you and Alcina’s bedroom. Since a lot of your wife’s belongings required…upsizing…there were a lot of places for a young teleporting child to hide away in. But you knew how to get Daniela. It sounded mean but she was gullible.

    “Do you know what happens to little children who hide from their parents?” There was a creepy whimsy in your voice.

    There was no response, the girls were determined to remain hidden.

    “When they’re hidden from their parents for too long, the child-eating fairies creep out from the corners of where you’re hiding and SNATCH you up! When they grab you, you can no longer make sounds to call for your parents and they’ll take away from us...forever.”

    “AHHHH!” A child’s ear piercing scream filled the bedroom as Daniela quickly crawled out from under the bed, patting herself repeatedly like the fictional fairies were bugs that were slowly creeping up on her. Once she spotted you, she ran over to you and tightly hugged your legs. “I don’t want them to take me away! I wanna stay here!”

    “You do?” You asked teasingly.

    “Mmhmm!” She rapidly nodded her head.

    “Well, your mother and I make sure that never happens. For now, go ahead to the dining room, dinner’s ready. Cassandra’s already there.”

    The third born quickly ran off to join her sister. Now with those two out of the way, it was time to find the ringleader: Bela.

    You stepped out of the room and into the hallway. You turned, prepared to head the direction of the study when the sound of flies gathering behind you caught your ear.

    You turned to see Bela standing behind you with her little arms crossed and her head turned up at you.

    “You may have gotten my comrades through your deception but I have the dignity to know what battle’s been lost. But this war is FAR from over. You just wait until bath time. Hmph!”

    She huffed and proudly walked away towards the dining room, leaving you stunned by your daughter’s statement. Shaking your head out of your shock, you trailed after her.

    Your triplets were truly something else.

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