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  • snikithequeer
    27.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    #hi im going to be saying fucked up things because my therapist is on leave #and if i dont post it here then i wont tell anyone and that is an impulse im trying to get rid of #soo feel free to scroll right past im just hoping getting it out will help me #cw for disordered eating #i was thrown off balance recently #both physically and emotionally cause i ran out of meds and my antidepressants have some severe withdrawal symptoms #im back on them now and all is good but its really hard for me to get back into any sort of routine once it breaks #and everything is just. in major disarray #and im getting excited about writing and reading which means i procrastinate on basic stuff like cleaning and shopping #this is a long winded way of saying i cant quite find the balance yet and when i feel unsafe i stop eating #appetite nonexistent barely anything in the fridge because i havent had the wherewithal to actually buy more stuff #the most appropriate phrase seems to be im uninspired but it sounds ridiculous #and its not even that i dont feel hunger #it just feels. familiar and safe #and the ache feels like its hugging me #(cringing as i write this) #idk it feels comfortable #and its an easy place to retreat to when something throws me off like what happened with the meds #and its just so fucked up. #an easy solution would be to go to the shop and keep buying some ready meals so i dont lose my resolve while preparing food #and it Would get me out of the house which could potentially clear my mind #but ugh theres a voice in my head that keeps saying its cheating somehow. like im failing at life by not actually cooking #this is so stupid lskdjdkdn #anyways. i'll try to eat something #but it just makes me wonder #how it is that pain that we grow used to can be comforting even though its unhealthy to us #sorry about this if anyone is still reading #you can post a vent every once in a while as a treat right? #delete later #oh fuck i reached the tag limit. good job
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  • berryjaellie
    27.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    (gestures vaguely towards outside my window) what’s stopping u

    #covid its time for u to retreat . let junseo take 24783 pictures of paris
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  • coconut-retreats
    27.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    Why Move, Connect, Dance, Rest & Rejuvenate?

    It's freeing, liberating and releasing to Flow with movement, and let the energy move and transform in your body - especially to music.

    Animals move and shake their emotional and energetic state, and we can use movement to release stagnation as well as send positive signals through the body.

    Movement is great in states of fear, anxiety and stress. With movement we combine breathing as well, to increase our lifeforce energy, Qi, Prana.

    The team at Coconut Retreats love to use dance and yoga as a way to release what's no longer serving and to connect to each part of the self. When we move and focus on the body we also allow more flow, healing and presence in our body.

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  • rshforex
    27.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    USD/CAD retreats towards 1.2650 on upbeat oil prices after Fed, BOC meetings

    USD/CAD retreats towards 1.2650 on upbeat oil prices after Fed, BOC meetings

    USD/CAD pares Fed-led gains around weekly high, down for the second day in a week. Fed, BOC matched market forecasts whereas Powell, Macklem sound cautiously optimistic. WTI crude oil prices stay firmer around the highest levels since October 2014. US Q4 GDP, Durable Goods Orders will be crucial for near-term direction. USD/CAD consolidates the previous day’s gains around 1.2660, down 0.11%…

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  • buckybarnesdeservestobehappy
    26.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Retreat and Surrender, Chapter 3 (Plot)

    Summary: Steve Rogers is an author with writer’s block, which is a very bad problem to have for the commercially successful author of the Captain America and the Winter Soldier book series. Frustrated and despondent, he books three summer months at a remote B&B in a New England coastal town so he can write his next novel. The sea, fresh air, and rural setting are exactly what Steve needs to unlock his imagination and fulfill some fantasies before he returns to Brooklyn.

    Chapter Summary: Excited about the new ideas he has for his book, Steve heads into town to research at the local library. What he doesn’t expect is a plot twist with the potential to throw off his entire summer. Still, he’s an author, and he knows how to tweak until he can fill all the major holes. Holes in his story, that is.

    Chapter Rating: T

    Author’s Note: Thanks to all of you who've read this story so far. Now that the @marvelreversebigbang is over and the first story has been posted in it's entirety, this one takes precedence and will post almost daily until it's complete. I know we're not supposed to have favorites (oh, wait, that's about children), but this, second of my @fandomtrumpshate stories, may be it for this round of posting. Thank you to @fanficmakesmehappy for bidding on my auction(s) and for allowing me the opportunity to create this world and live in it for a while. Happy reading!

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  • cindymoon
    26.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    maybe discord just wanted genosha to go back to being openly unhinged on the dash like we were when the server was brand new..

    #maybe this is a team building exercise #genosha corporate retreat if u will #b.txt #genosha discord
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  • rshforex
    26.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    USD/JPY spiked to 114.48 though retreated to 114.30 post-Fed monetary policy meeting

    USD/JPY spiked to 114.48 though retreated to 114.30 post-Fed monetary policy meeting

    The US central bank kept rates unchanged and signaled it would hike rates “soon.” The USD/JPY spiked to 114.48 then retreated to pre-Fed levels on a “buy the rumor, sell the fact” event. US 10-year T-bond yield shoot through 1.80%, sits comfortably around that level, post-Fed. On Wednesday, in the Fed’s first monetary policy meeting, the US central bank maintained rates unchanged at 0 to 0.25%,…

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  • emersonmanandnature
    26.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    January 26, 2022

     The Lost Road

     Seeing not feeling taking from your

    intuitive realizations smothered words

    without sharp focus, illusive thoughts

    reaching for truth homogenized for those

    looking for answers, the conditioning

    of a curriculum that defeats independence

    of mindful openness, youths put into known

    puzzles easily manipulated to believe

    truth as lies and lies as truth all in the

    name of their deceitful control for profits off

     the backs of human beings robbed of

    their individuality, nothing is committed

    to without an acknowledgement of ones

    superiors be them parents, teachers, bosses

    with aggressive games of violence all bringing

    their own deceptions of truth to the

    forefront of childhood education, the

    flock of criminal minds taking what is

    not theirs to exploit youth as they grow-up

    with actions of selfish desires, and a narrow

     understanding of our political criminals

    taking from the people their hard earned

    wages with higher taxes while the rich

    buy layers of political brown noses to lessen

    their taxes for after all they are the new reason,

    the force behind our despair slinking about always

    looking for the latest scams that they can

    invest in, we have only meaningless ideals to

    discard and a con from the founders of our

    united states of wealthy landowners, praise

     our lord for his intervening, oh wait he

    has remained silent for centuries after

    his only son was murdered by the hands

    of greed and power just like his godly

    father and maybe that is why the holy

    ghost never appears because he still

    can’t believe that our lords father would

    allow him to suffer for people that live

    under the thumb of the rich that can easily

    turn against anyone and destroy any evidence

     they ever existed for to live under the thumb

    of greed you must allow your feelings,

    your thoughts to sink deeper into your

    sub-conscious for to open your mouth

    and claim the rulers of this planet are

    evil in human flesh would be an under-

    statement and your pain would increase

    hundred full, for these men and women

    of greed, though despised by their flock,

    live on the surface of a reality created

     by the corporations, as we lose our sense of

    individuality, with no intuitive force to break

    free from the forced propaganda of our physical

    objects that are destroying human beings

    without consequences for the rich own the

    body and soul of the political facade they ware

    for the holy sacrifices will always be for material

    gain, and any new revelation that speaks of truth,

    will be disposed of and our lives now are only for

    profits and nothing else, we are herded

     together in different levels of work and

    if you rise in status then your world moves

    closer to the truth of your existence

    that we are just pawns to be tolerated

    as long as we are yes men and woman and

    we live in empty rooms in the nothingness

    of space surrounded by infinite possibilities

    without a strong grasp of the independent

    mind with a desire to break free from the

    structure of thoughts burnt into your feeble

     souls with actions redundant, a necessity of

    passing by time, as one devours the hypocrisy

    of ones status without a sure footing of

    deceit, if we focus our attention toward

    change we can begin to share a new

    existence of living life within fear of a

    murderous intent, rising daily in angered

    complacency, ones footing in reality hides

    its own illusions knowing that one wrong

    word out of place can decide your fate,

    can determine your place, change is as

    complicated as you fight against it,

    redundancy of common thoughts exposed

    by the blind words of monstrous corruption

    while acting upon your individuality softens

    choice of ones independent decisions

    we don’t want responsibility for transmitting

    to others our inner dreams of heroic faith

    we stop the motion forward of hope by our

    silence, seeing but not believing our inevitable

     choice to die without a known purpose

    we assume others know more than us, and

    give them a free pass to manipulate and

    move us into situations that will not open

    our minds to the vision of our true self, we

    have our ideas accumulating without action,

    our momentum stifled by negative energy,

    dispersing our insights into casual phrases

    molded now in narrow minds for profits

    and not benefiting anyone but the rich

     we sit and pout when action needed

    your revelations are worth the effort of

    exploration putting ideas to work bringing

    them together to move beyond the exploring

    stage but to act now in the duality of ones

    necessary voyage of his/her truth

    why think for yourself when technology

    thinks for you, your early aging retreats

    into lies that mean nothing but a choice

    demanding your loyalty as you retreat into

    self guilt, complacent that you are just a pawn

    in this reality owned and operated by

    powerful money demanding a nature of self-

    interest, the dull brain corroded with

    voices meaningless tyranny for their profit

    is made off your hard work, one boasts of

    freedom of expression but it’s an illusion

    of their underlining purpose each word

    placed strategically to heighten a false

    vision as their truth is dutifully obeyed

    without seeking a favorable means of escaping

    the serpents demanding all of your living wage

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  • anandawellnessretreat
    26.01.2022 - 23 hours ago
    #best yoga retreats for beginners #yoga meditation retreat sydney
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  • 33service
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    The Duties to Retreat and to Comply with Negative Demands

    The Duties to Retreat and to Comply with Negative Demands

    I’ve just finished up a rough draft of my The Right to Defy Criminal Demands article, and I thought I’d serialize it here, minus most of the footnotes (which you can see in the full PDF). I’d love to hear people’s reactions and recommendations, since there’s still plenty of time to edit it. You can also be previous posts (and any future posts, as they come up), here. [* * *] Thirteen states and…

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  • seniouesbabes
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Lily Maymac 🌸🍒💋🌸 No matter where you stand! Your on Aboriginal Land. @clothingthegaps

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