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  • *subtle sound of bongos in the distance*

    oh god oh fuck gotta run

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    grimey lil boy.

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    Chap 11 Who Can You Trust?

    Chris: Last time on Total Drama Island… Things really got cooking between the campers. Heather pushed Leshawna too far in the cook-off challenge and ended up one chilly mama. Owen had a hard day. Geoff led the Killer Bass to victory. And the Screaming Gophers got to the bottom of their losing streak. It was buh-bye, Beth. Have the Gophers broken the curse? And just how much trust do they have in one another? Find out this week on Total. Drama. Island!

    “Hey Harold you know what they did to you wasn’t right.” I said sitting with him he looked so sad. “Yeah well they had their reasons I’m just a target.” He said ok besides wanting Duncan to hurt, this boy needs help. “Then lets make them stop.” He looked at me shocked. “Say I don’t know Duncan the ring leader. Make him feel pain.” I said and he jumped up. “Are you crazy he’d kill me!” How original this one is going to need work. “Well look at it this way he will know. You won’t take his crap sitting down. ” I said standing up. “Why would you want to help me?” He asked confused. “Because unlike the people on this island I think bullying is wrong.” I said walking away letting what I said sink in.

    (Confessional: Chris)

    Chris: Hi. Chris, here. Sometimes teams just don’t get along. So the producers and I thought the best way to work through the group friction would be… to exploit it for laughs! This is gonna be awesome!

    (Confessional Off)

    Chris: So, last week’s challenge exposed a few Gopher issues. And I’m sensing a little something funky floating in the Bass pond, too.

    Duncan: Ahh!

    Chris: So, this week’s challenge is going to be centered around building trust. Because all good things begin with a little trust.

    (Confessional : Gwen)

    Gwen: I trusted Trent once. He left me buried alive on the beach.

    (confessional off)

    Chris: There will be three major challenges that will have to be completed by two or more members of your team. Normally, we like to have the campers choose their partners, but not this time! More fun for me!

    Chris Okay! So for the first challenge, you’ll be doing an extreme freehand rock climbing adventure! DJ and Duncan will play for the Bass. Heather and Iris for the Gophers.

    “This is going to be interesting. ” I said watching the two glare at each other. Iris: Ugh…

    Chris: Here’s your belay and harness.

    Heather grunts

    Iris: Hey! What’s your damage?

    Heather: If you think I’m letting you hold me up, you’re nuts!

    Chris: You won’t be holding her up exactly. One camper pulls the slack through the belay as their partner climbs. If the climber falls, the belay will stop them from crashing. The catch? Both the side and the base of he mountain are rigged with a few minor distractions like…Rusty nails… Slippery oil slicks… Mild explosives and …A few other surprises.

    Harold: Wicked!

    Chris: The person on belay must also harness their partner up. It’s all about trust, people. And remember, never let go of the rope. Your partner’s life depends on it.

    Iris: Excuse me dad, can we trade partners? I really don’t feel like being dropped on my head today.

    Heather: Please. As much as I love your company, I’m not gonna throw a challenge just to kill you. Yet. Now spread ’em.

    DJ and I start climbing when I pray that I don’t die. Chris: I promised surprises! Habanero pepper sauce, anyone?

    Heather: Ugh! What the heck, Chris?!

    Iris: Whaaaa! Ow! HEATHER YOU BITCH!

    I scream before climbing again.

    Chris: Muy Caliente.



    Duncan: Ah… [gulps the sauce] Is that the best you can do?

    Chris [hushed, to Chef] : Is that the best we can do?

    Heather: Come one, Iris. You don’t wanna fall behind. [whip] [rip]

    Iris: You Bitch!

    Duncan[admiring the “view”]: Well, you don’t see that every day.

    Chris: *points watergun at him* If you don’t want to go blind, KEEP YOU EYES ON DJ!

    DJ: Whoa! [screams]

    Duncan: Whoa!

    DJ and Duncan grunt.

    Duncan  [ after he groans] : This bites.

    DJ: Ugh. Big time.

    Iris: Aw, screw it.

    Chris: Looks like the Gophers have won the first challenge.

    Iris: Yeah! Crap!

    Chris: Like legendary marksman William Tell, you’ll be knocking arrows off your partner’s head with crab apples.

    Courtney: Um, wasn’t it the other way around?

    Chris: Shush! Also, the shooter will be blindfolded! [DJ gasps] The person who knocks of the arrow while causing the least amount of facial damage wins.


    DJ: Ooh!

    Chris: Aw, nuts! Leshawna and Owen, you’ll be one team. Courtney and Sadie, you’ll be the other.

    DJ groans

    After a few minutes Leshawna got the apple Sadie kept pounding Courtney with apples. I was laughing and clapping my hands.

    Chris: Sadie! It’s over, man! Let it go!

    “Oh come on dad this was gold”

    Sadie: Oopsie. Sorry.

    Courtney: Ugh… You’re going down. [moans and faints]

    Chris: And now,the blind trapeze! To avoid serious injury, the trapeze has been set up over this pond, which is full of jellyfish.

    You two will stand blindfolded on the platform until your partners tell you when to jump.

    Then hopefully they’ll catch you. Or that’s gonna be one heck of a painful swim. [laughs] Okay! Hut hut!

    Harold got Bridgette across no problem. Then Heather and Lindsay came up. Lindsay let Heather drop. “HA KARMA BITCH ”

    Chris: And now, the final leg. The blind toboggan race.

    Leshawna: The say what?

    Chris: Each team will have a driver and a navigator. The driver steers while the navigator show directions. Oh yeah. And the driver will be blindfolded! [Geoff and Harold gasp] Not many of you left, huh? Keep losing you guys. [laughs] Oh well. Uh… Gwen and Leshawna, Geoff and DJ.

    Chris: On your marks. Get set…

    an airhorn blows

    Leshawna and Gwen came down  DJ and Geoff trailing. DJ and Geoff cross the finish line only to be disqualified because DJ took off his blindfold. Chris: Who wants a treat? A tasty goodie that represents exemption, security, peace of mind.

    Courtney [after she sighs]: Just get on with it.

    Chris: And if you don’t get a marshmallow, you have to walk the Dock of Shame and you can never come back. Ever. Let’s see. One for Duncan. One for Bridgette. One for Courtney. DJ, Geoff. Well done, my brothers. Looks like we only have one left. Sadie and Harold, the final marshmallow…

    (Confessional : Courtney)

    Courtney: When I say someone’s going down, they go down.

    (Confessional off)

    Harold gulps.

    Courtney: Mm, come on already!

    Chris: Don’t rush me! The audience eats up this kind of dramatic conclusion![Courtney sighs.] Harold.

    Sadie: You know what? That’s fine with me, you… marshmallow eating freaks! [cries loudly]

    Chris: The rest of you are safe. For now.

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  • The trouble was that I would die for our love

    I knew he would not.

    So he left and with him my happiness.

    The only thing I could do was leave him in a world with memories filled with me.

    For that was my revenge.

    My revenge for the one I had once loved.

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  • — Stéphane Mallarmé, tr. by E. H. and A. M. Blackmore , from Summer Sadness; Collected Poems and Other Verse.

    I shall taste kohl wept from your eyes, and thus
    see if it gives this heart stricken by you
    the impassivity of sky and stone.

    #Stéphane Mallarmé #E. H. and A. M. Blackmore #Summer Sadness #Collected Poems and Other Verse #5 of Cups #7 of Wands #3 of Swords #7 of Swords #Revenge#Eyeliner#Kohl#Eyes#Heart#Impassivity#Sky#Stone#Heartbreak#fragments#quotes#lit #quotes after my own heart #typography#French author
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  • #emily thorne#amanda clarke#revenge#jemily#demily #daniel and emily #aiden and emily #nolan and emily #Emily VanCamp#nemily #jack and emily #aimily
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    Shitty OC shitpost, made by a very shitty person

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  • How The Crown subtly nodded to The Revenge dress

    How The Crown subtly nodded to The Revenge dress

    Even though season 4 of The Crown has ended, we’re still obsessing over Princess Diana’s outfits in it, and how they compared to the real deal.
    And although we’ll have to wait for the fifth and final season of the show to see Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce play out, we’ve seen a lot of foreshadowing.
    So much so that the show’s costume designer Amy Roberts has already nodded to Lady…


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    “Wow, I can’t believe how ripped this douchebag is…” I muttered to myself as I stared into the mirror and took some photos of the asshole who had secretly infiltrated my relationship with my boyfriend. For months now, I had felt like there was a strange disconnect between myself and my boyfriend Felix. He had been out later and later either working or going out to hang with his friends, leaving me stuck in our apartment with nothing to entertain myself but a Netflix account and a friend in the form of our pet cat. 

    This became my daily routine for several months as Felix was gone out of the house more and more while I was left to my own devices until he decided to finally wander home and pass out in bed before we could even get remotely intimate. Usually, I would use my own laptop for watching stuff in bed, but I somehow forgot to plug it in last night. Unfortunately for me, my charger cord is far too short to allow me to watch with the laptop on the bed with me. Luckily, I spotted Felix’s Macbook and opened it up to use for the time being. We were both rather independent individuals with our own password-protected laptops and cars that each of us only had one key for, but I shrugged off that usual rule for one day and cracked open his laptop. Not surprisingly, the computer asked for his PIN, so I took a crack at a few guesses before finally getting it to open by typing his birthday. Then, I began to enjoy my night by streaming old episodes of Parks and Recreation while I snacked on some popcorn.

    A few hours had passed and I had somewhat forgotten about Felix and my worries about where he was. I smiled as I felt a wave of relief pass through me as I fell deeper into my bed and surrendered to the warm comfort I felt. Little did I know that this relief would be short-lived once I saw a text notification appear on the top right side of the computer screen from the name Alex. I had originally shrugged it off and paid it no attention as I remembered that he had a co-worker named Alex that he had been working with on a big project. However, my eyes bulged out as they caught the phrase “had a great time, I already miss that ass of yours ;)” displayed in his text. I gasped as I pulled the computer close to me and clicked on the notification, which brought me to a page of Felix’s text history with Alex. While looking through the series of flirty messages and nude photographs they shared, it was clear: Felix was cheating on me. As I read through the messages, I saw their conversations where Felix talked about his plan for dumping me so he could finally make it official with Alex. I read Alex’s horny sexting talking about how much he enjoys fucking my man. My blood was boiling as I read about how Felix let this douchebag exclusively top him, when Felix never let me do that in the three years that we had been together.

    At first, I was furious and ready to beat him to the punch and end things as soon as he got home. I couldn’t believe that I was so oblivious to his cheating ways for months now! But as I laid in bed and began to think more about it, I found myself becoming depressed as I stared at the photos of this buff man who had been fucking my boyfriend behind my back. He was the complete opposite of me, a lanky computer programmer who was never allowed to top my boyfriend. It was completely infuriating yet depressing at the same time, as I began to feel so insecure about myself and excuse his behavior, blaming it on myself and my non-impressive body.

    Before I knew it, I heard Felix enter the apartment and close the door behind him. Unsure what to do given my depressed mood, I quickly slammed shut his laptop, placed it back where I found it, and jumped into bed. Right as he opened the door, I turned to the side and shut my eyes, deciding the best course of action to avoid a confrontation at such a vulnerable state would be to just wait until I process it myself. I felt so many emotions running through my body as I heard him get undressed and felt him slide into the bed with me. He kissed me on the back of the head and turned the opposite way as he quickly fell asleep, leaving me alone to quietly handle the emotional trenches I now found myself so deeply sunk into. I silently cried to myself as I slowly passed out from being both physically and emotionally worn out. All I could think about as I fell asleep was wishing that I could be good enough for Felix and that I would never have to feel mediocre ever again…

    When I woke up the next morning, I got upset as my arm aimlessly wandered around my sheets and found myself coming up empty. Once again, Felix had left me alone without even a goodbye, which stung even more given last night’s revelation. I felt a slight tickle above my lip, which was quickly relieved when I scratched it and felt the thick facial hair draped around my upper lip. “Gosh, I really need to trim. I didn’t realize it’s been this long since I shaved” I thought to myself as I made plans for my morning routine given that I was alone once again. Turning around, I squinted my eyes and immediately put up my hand as my eyes were suddenly burned from the bright sunlight shining through the bedroom window. “But… there’s not a window on my side of the bed” I thought to myself as I began to sit up and figure out what’s going on. As I lowered my hand away from my eyes, I gasped as I looked at a much thicker hand than the one I had the night prior. My hands were once tiny with long fingers, which made it perfect for my career in working with computers. But now, they were much wider and thicker, with fingers that were no longer long, but thicker and more masculine-looking.

    As I look down, I’m shocked by the sight of the wide and thick pectorals that now rest on the top of my chest. I know for a fact that I did not have these last night, which only adds to my morning confusion. From all of my years of running track in high school, the only muscle on my body was a modest amount of muscle around my calves and thighs. Yet, as I remove the sheet and stare at the completely buff torso that is completely revealed to me, I know that something has definitely changed me. I lift up my arm to scratch behind my head as I feel a thick presence press against my face. Pulling my arm back down, I’m greeted to the sight of a thick bicep that proudly flexes with even the slightest movement in my arm.

    “Ahhh” I cry out as I jump out of bed and find myself unsure what’s happening to me. “Where the fuck am I?” I scream as I look around the bedroom that is very clearly not the same one I fell asleep in. Assuming I’m dreaming still, I frantically pace around the house I now found myself in and check every room until I quickly stumble into a bathroom and slam the door behind me. I flick on the light and I come face to face with the man who Felix cheated on me with. Alex’s face is displayed to me as I realize that I’m somehow inside of Alex’s body. Now positive that I’m dreaming, I turn the faucets and splash my face with copious amounts of water. But, the vision of Alex still remains in between each cold splash of clarity. I wished to be good enough for Felix and to never feel mediocre again, so it seems that the universe has played a cruel joke on me by forcing me to inhabit the body of my biggest enemy. 

    As I stare into the bathroom mirror and mentally comprehend what’s happening, I can’t help but find myself slightly turned on at the prospect of being Alex. Because he was an asshole who ruined my relationship with Felix, I couldn’t help but chuckle thinking about how shocked and disappointed Alex must have awoken this morning stuck in my old body. Given that this dude obviously cared about working out and being physically fit, I’m sure he’s going to get a thrill out of my lanky, average body with a boyfriend who doesn’t find him attractive anymore. I cockily smiled and flexed my biceps as I thought about how much fun it’s going to be becoming the exclusive top now. It would be so easy to dominate Felix and he would have no idea that it was his boyfriend fucking him the entire time.

    Although I’m still in shock over this change, I can’t help but feel in high spirits as I confidently march back into the bedroom. As I look into his bedroom mirror, I can’t help but smile as I look at the stunning body that is now reflected back at me. I love karma and it seems like karma loves me as well. As I’m admiring my biceps and lifting the waistband of my shorts to take a look at my new equipment, I jump and the waistband snaps across my lower torso as a loud ding permeates across the room. I quickly stop admiring myself as I begin to look around the room and search for his/my phone. After a few minutes of searching, I finally find it on his desk and I watch as Face ID picks up his face and immediately unlocks and opens to his texting app. Looking at the app, I find that there were some new messages from Felix. Curious, I open it up and chuckle as I read his series of messages.

    “Hey sexy, could I come over?”

    “He knows somehow…”

    “He’s acting weird and saying that he doesn’t know why he’s here.”

    “He’s crying in the bathroom and saying that he’s supposed to be you”.

    “Please message me back.’

    “I just dumped him, I’m heading over. I need you to make me feel better…” 

    Shrugging to myself, I open the camera as I begin to take some photos. “Wow, I can’t believe how ripped this douchebag is…” I muttered to myself as I picked one and sent it off to Felix. Following it up, I quickly send a little text in the style of his writing. He didn’t seem to be the brightest man, but the man surely loved his wink emoji, so it was quite easy to pass myself off as him.

    “Great, I’ll be waiting for you ;)”


    As I stood there in my mirror, I felt much more confident somehow. Maybe it was remnants of Alex’s old personality joining mine, but I felt much more secure with myself than I ever did prior to today. It was quite fun to think about myself being in such a well-sculpted body. With my brains and his brawn, I was going to be quite the unstoppable, irresistible catch once I’m back on the market. But first, I’m going to have to punish my dirty dog of an ex by topping him for the first and only time. I can’t wait to see his face when I finish and tell him to get out immediately after. I chuckle to myself as I begin to imagine him crying, begging me to be with him. But, I think we’re both in for our own change. I’ll get the confidence I wanted and the body and life he wanted to spend his days with, and he’ll get to experience being alone for trying to chase two guys and losing them both!

    As I hear a knock on the door, I flash a devilish smile in the mirror as I prepare to teach my soon-to-be ex-boyfriend a good and hard lesson about infidelity…

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  • What would you call a wilted rose ,

    A dead flower or an aesthetic dream?

    What is a falling star,

    A sense of hope or astroid letting off steam?

    I was caught in the moment,

    Yesterday was so much prettier when you were in the green light .

    And now that I’ve lived inside your truth,

    It all flickered away like a candle in the night.

    It’s the dawn of hysteria, all the scorned are waiting on the call.

    All the minds you fondled with are lining up to watch you fall.

    You should speak more carefully, stop mumbling without any thought.

    Because it will all catch up and your ego will be caught.

    And now you’re in the hall of fame in my hurt.

    I thought you would be last, but you were gunning for first .

    But you can’t run from the consequences, the choices you made are you own weight to bare.

    You thought you just leave me, you thought my heart was yours to break?

    You played naive when you sold your soul and now it’s mine to take.

    Don’t dance with the devil, it’s a dangerous liaison for two.

    Who’s the innocent, who’s the real villain, is it me or is it you ?

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    #gerard way #my chemical romance #rare my chemical romance #mcr #three cheers for sweet revenge #three cheers era #revenge#mikey way#black parade #the black parade #frank iero#ray toro
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  • frank has all his albums framed and hung up and now i don’t know what to do with that information

    #mcr#mychem#my chem #my chemical romance #frank iero#gerard way#ray toro#mikey way#bullets#revenge#tbp#dd#danger days #i brought you my bullets you brought me your love #three cheers for sweet revenge #the black parade #danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys
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