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  • S-Cross Petrol 1.5L 2020 complete review - Interior & Exterior

    Here’s the complete walkaround video of the all - new 2020 S-Cross 1.5L Petrol.

    To Book, all New S-Cross 1.5 L Petrol, Call: 88281 99999 / 86002 88888
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    Or Visit Our NEXA Showroom at Kandivali / Andheri.

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  • Mini-thoughts #2

    This is Gyasi’s second novel following her 2016 debut Homegoing. Where Homegoing was a sprawling epic, Transcendent Kingdom is a more intimate novel.

    Gifty is a second generation Ghanian-American PhD student in Neurophysiology. Her work concerns reward-seeking behaviour and addiction in mice. Early in the piece, Gifty’s mother relapses into a melancholic-depressive episode and comes to stay with her. This disruption leads Gifty to contend with her familial history, grief, her work, faith and more.

    It is a very sorrowful and tender story. I found Gifty’s relationship with her mother and her lab mice especially moving. Gyasi does a great job deconstructing the theatre of being a model minority. She allows Gifty to be messy and chaotic in how she grapples with and thinks about these issues and how they intersect. As a result, it’s not a neat book and in many ways an imperfect one. I felt this messy quality lent itself well to the main themes of the novel. 

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  • #Anu's 1.1K celebration #harry#harry potter#review
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  • Mini-thoughts #1

    Trust Exercise by Susan Choi (2019) 

    Sarah and David become entangled while attending a performing-arts high school in the 1980s. Their affair, really only a summer fling, becomes a spectacle that draws in their fellow classmates and their overinvolved teacher Mr Kingsley. As the novel progresses it becomes a story about telling stories. Each of the three sections in the book builds on the inquiry into memory and storytelling through structure and narrative frame. In this sense Trust Exercise could be thought of as an experimental work. 

    I do not think I’m the best reader of this type of experimentation (for similar reasons I struggled with Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday). While I think I appreciate what Choi was doing, to me it sacrificed much of what I found compelling in the first section. These teens desperately wanted to be chosen and realised ultimately few of us are. It felt like Choi didn’t choose them either. I left this book frustrated. 

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  • A review and discussion of the final 9 episodes of Fuller House. 

    We have a new show called Sitcomisery! In this first episode, Jackson & Jordan review and discuss the last 9 episodes of the Netflix show Fuller House. The uncut discussion was around 2.5 hours long, but has been widdled down to a crisp 43 minutes. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Finished November 29, 2020. Four stars.

    Old in Art School: A Memoir of Starting Over by Nell Painter

    Have I declared my love for memoir on here yet? I do so love a memoir–especially when it’s a woman writing about her own life, in her own words. Add to that that this is an older Black woman writing about being an older Black woman, who has a highly successful career as a historian and decides to go to art school, beginning with a BFA. I loved it. I mean, it was worth reading alone to hear the way her thought process evolved over time, this dynamic between history and art that so occupies her thoughts and creative process. I also found her writing about the ways in which grad school ground her down and how she felt isolated from her peers to be weirdly validating and comforting? At least if only because I had a similar experience in my second Masters program–though not for the reasons Painter does.

    I loved so much of what Painter wrote, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I’d love to read her academic, or at least other nonfiction texts. Reading about artists–in all their iterations–and their creative processes and lives creating and the way they think really just gets me revved up. It’s also nice to know that you can start your life over or reinvent yourself whenever you want.

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  • image

    “I feel dark inside, and I feel something pulling at me, and I don’t feel like resisting anymore.”

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  • 1.

    “Why do you think they built so many churches here? Somehow the men and women of this city knew: their streets were home to other gods.”


    Sometimes you read books and it feels like you’re being told the story. The narrator puts you squarely in the audience and proceeds to regale you with their tale. This is not a bad thing, it has its time and place, but my favorite way to experience literature is to live through it. I love the type of storytelling that puts you not between the pages but in them. I read books because reality is disappointing and there’s no better feeling than getting lost in a story. This is what Ninth House is like. From the first page you are thrust into the words, standing beside Alex as she examines her wound in the mirror. You see it, you feel it. You are pleasantly confused as Bardugo never tells you, only shows. You put the pieces together as you go along, slowly understanding the world and its rules. The plot glides forward; despite the story being told through layers of flashbacks and introspection, it feels seamless. Alive. Aware of itself.


    Galaxy Stern sling shots from one end of the spectrum (hidden from society via poverty and drug addiction, rendered faceless and useless by capitalism and a guilt that passersby can’t shake so they aggressively ignore it) to the other (a talented artist in a position of indelible privilege, living in a world of magic and obscene wealth), and that seems to loosen her grip on reality, on her identity. “She had the eerie sense that they were dreaming her, a girl in a dark coat who would disappear when they woke.” Do you ever feel like you don’t exist? Or get the overwhelming feeling that you’re dreaming? A sudden hyperawareness, Am I here? Do they see me? I often feel like I’m playing the part of Woman on Subway in someone else’s story, that I serve no purpose other than fleshing out a scene, lending some reality to an otherwise unrealistic story.


    “With his other hand he pushed the fabric of her shirt up the slope of her forearm. It felt like a prelude.” This is why books are so much more exciting than real life. In my aggressively normal existence, this would simply be “a man pushes up my sleeve”, but in literature it is something else entirely, words like slope and prelude make it feel big and meaningful. It makes the simple act of moving a sleeve something dramatic, something noteworthy.


    “Darlington was a good talker, but he was happiest when no one was talking to him, when he didn’t have to perform the ritual of himself and he could simply be left to watch others.” If I had written this sentence, I probably would have just said “Darlington was a good talker, but he was happiest when no one was talking to him, when he didn’t have to perform and he could simply be left to watch others.” I, too, feel like I’m acting in almost all social situations (most of my smiles are fake) and would have thought saying “perform” conveyed the sentiment well enough. But by adding “the ritual of himself” Bardugo makes it seem more like a burden, something heavy and sad. Ritual is defined as an “observance of set forms in public worship” and “an established or prescribed procedure for a religious or other rite” and that describes it infinitely better than relying solely on “perform”.  Is that not exactly what it is? All of us worshipping social niceties and the status quo by behaving as we’re shown, by sticking to the script?


    “’Yes,’ said Alex, leaning forward. This was what Alex’s mother had never managed to grasp. Mira loved art and truth and freedom. She didn’t want to be a part of the machine. But the machine didn’t care. The machine went on grinding and catching her up in its gears.” For all the time I’ve spent lamenting an “average” life and working a boring “regular” job, I’ve been living an average life and working boring, regular jobs. I don’t know how to exist outside of the machine. It is everywhere. It is everything. Perhaps it’s time to admit defeat. Was there ever a future where it didn’t win?

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  • - Mắt Biếc -

    Một câu chuyện tình buồn bởi vì Ngạn đã để Hà Lan đi khỏi làng Đo Đo.

    Để rồi cô gái lỡ dở cả một cuộc đời lệch nhịp với vũ trụ : yêu nhầm fuck boi, đẻ ra Chà Lông và ko ai yêu, kể cả khi cô cố gắng đuổi theo Ngạn trên chuyến tàu cuối cùng thì cũng đi nhầm giờ.

    Ngạn thì lại là một câu chuyện khác.

    Ngạn luôn rời xa người chuẩn bị yêu mình bằng nhiều cách, dù gián tiếp hay trực tiếp, anh luôn đẩy người kia vào thế khó xử và bỏ cuộc trong nước mắt ( tận 3 người: HL, Hồng và CL ).

    Điều cuối cùng nữa, là nếu tác giả đổi tên Ngạn cho Dũng thì cá nhân mình thấy thuyết phục hơn =]]]


    Mình ko có cơ hội đc xem phim trc khi gặp vợ mình. Nhưng ngay khi xem bói cho cô này và biết ý định về quê lập nghiệp, mình đã lanh chí khuyên cô ở lại đây chờ thời 😏

    Và quả thực, nhờ vậy cô ko bị lỡ nhịp với vũ trụ như Hà Lan, lại còn lấy đc ng chồng đảm đang tuyệt vời hàng ngày đàn hát mấy bài của Ngạn.

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  • A Christmas story about long term crushes where the timing is never right, told over four years, starring Lincoln Rhyme’s cop protege.

    The format didn’t allow for much filler, which I appreciate. Story/script/acting wasn’t bad. Overall it was endearing. I am confused about the age progression of the little girl though.

    7/10 ciders - medium good

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  • A foster child in search of his birth mother is given super powers but his fun is soon ended when a villain appears.

    This was an unusual superhero film in which it felt like the younger actors somewhat stole the limelight and gave deeper performances. They also got just about all the characterization in their scenes and managed it quite effectively, making the characters feel real. There were also a few good messages about finding a family dynamic that is healthy.

    The older actors rather paled in comparison to the younger stars, possibly because the kids are more likable and it felt like the adult Billy didn’t act much like younger Billy. The comedy occasionally got too strong, especially during some of the more dramatic fight scenes. It’s sometimes good to have a joke or two during an action sequence but this film overused the trope.

    There was some fun meta-textual analysis of superhero movies in general because the heroes have turned into a consumerist object within the fictional universe which made it so that the film could make references about itself. Some of the humour worked well enough, again working better for the younger actors because the banter felt more natural.

    The sins didn’t get much use in terms of having unique powers or even personal identities; they were mostly used as generic monsters. It’s difficult not to compare DC with its only major competitor so I will; the references to other films are fun but they never seem as well prepared as the MCU is which limits the amount these films can really overlap. It would also have been handy to have had some further background or context on DC magic rules and figures before this film.

    5/10 -Can’t find a better example of average-

    -The director stated that the movie’s title has an exclamation mark because an app of the same name had copyright over the word without one.

    -On one of the videos Freddy posts of the power demonstrations, a name he gives the hero on one is “ZAP-tain America”.

    -The prologue of the film is set in 1974, the year a previous Shazam! Film was released.

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  • Over Christmas Part 1 (2020)


    Last year, I made the mistake of watching an entire limited series in German before trying to write a review. Not this year! I am very thankful that Netflix has widely advertised their foreign language shows because I love them.

    Bastian (Luke Mockridge) is excited to go home for Christmas. He has been struggling to find success as a musician in Berlin, and almost a year ago, his girlfriend of 5 and a half years ended things. He says he’s over it, but he’s not. Walter (Rudolf Kowalski), his dad, picks him up from the train. Brigitte (Johanna Gastdorf), his mom, keeps asking him if he he has talked to his young brother Niklas (Lucas Reiber). Apparently, Niklas is dating Bastian’s ex, Fine (Cristina do Rego) and bringing her home for Christmas.

    The fact that Bastian doesn’t kill Niklas is a testament to his character, because honestly, he would be justified. He does make it very clear that he is not ok with it, though (duh), but his family is not super understanding. They send Bastian and Niklas to find a tree together, which ends up being a bonding exercise for them. It doesn’t solve everything, but it helps. Then Bastian goes out with his old friend Ingo (Eugen Bauder) and meets the lovely Karina (Seyneb Saleh).

    This show has me hooked and there’s only two more parts. The scene at the church was especially entertaining. Limited series also probably means there won’t be a season two. Overall, I give it 4.5 stars.

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  • Quick donut critique number six

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  • so I just finished Schitt’s Creek and I am here to talk about it.

    the reason I started watching it in the first place were all the gifs and clips I seen here on tumblr. they didn’t necessarily make me laugh but the humor they displayed was so weird that I was like “wow I’ve got to give that show a try” - which wasn’t easy considering my country doesn’t have the show on netflix and my laptop is too broken to make a pvn work. so I had to find a website to stream it, and while the episodes weren’t always the greatest quality, I did enjoy them.

    i’m having a hard time finding something to actually complain about, which is weird because I usually always fine something I don’t like in a show. but let’s start with what I did like.

    the characters were all so weird and quirky, but at the same time so lovable - most writers usually can’t manage that, they either make the strange characters so strange that it’s flat out annoying (like cameron from modern family) or just short of the little quirks a strange character needs to be what I’d consider a good strange character - like johnny rose in this show. I didn’t mind him, he just had something missing imo, but the fact that I still enjoyed his scenes just shows how well he’s still written or incorporated in the show and scenes.

    I liked the bits and pieces of development that most characters got, especially the women. moira managed to grow to love the people of schitt’s creek while still being the strange existence she is. alexis managed to become more mature and reasonable. stevie managed to become more open and loving. even ronnie managed to shed a tear in the finale. good stuff!

    the men weren’t as much developed over the course of the show, if you ask me, but then again this isn’t the kinda show that builds on development, rather than loves off of its weird niche humor. david had some crinqeworthy moments but nothing that grossed me out too much. and he managed to bring the thing I liked most about the finale - he actually stayed in that small town in the middle of nowhere. many other shows wouldn’t have taken that route. hats off to the writers.

    I liked david’s relationship with patrick, even though I found it very hard to watch when they were experimenting with sexual endeavors like threesomes and handjobs from a stranger. that kinda storyline has to at least sort of fit a character or a character arc, but patrick was anything but that kind of character, so it was a bit weird. but I mean, that’s life. I would have never taken that wedding day handjob thing that lightly - I never would’ve let it happen if I were david and I would’ve been really angry about it if I were patrick. that was probably the only thing about their finale storyline that didn’t sit right with me, but it wasn’t anything too big, so.

    the only thing about the finale in general I didn’t like was the lack of closure for alexis. she’s come such a long way and for her to be this neglected in the finale was unfair. I really thought she’d make last minute flip and go to the galapagos to be with ted. I get that her career was her main plot line for almost the entire series and that the boyfriend drama is what she was supposed to overcome, but it just wasn’t satisfying, the way they left things.

    speaking of, ted was prolly my favorite character. another cute smol bean cinnamon roll that has to be protected at all costs, I’m a sucker for that kinda character. and it’s really unfair that he’s also so fucking sexy. the chemistry between him and alexis when they weren’t yet back together was also off the charts, like, palpable through my tv screen kinda good. props to the actors.

    overall, there’s some small adjustments I’d have made. make johnny more interesting. maybe have roland disappear after the first season, because he was the most annoying character on that show. have alexis and ted get back together. but that’s prolly it.

    and the ending credit theme music is like…so good. it’s my ringtone now hah.

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  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 13 Review

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  • Netflix heeft het vervolg ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’ online gezet. Waardoor de kijker Kurt Russell en Goldie Hawn op het scherm ziet verschijnen. Is het vervolg goed genoeg om in de kerst stemming te komen? Lees de recensie opende blog Thismademyday.nl.
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