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  • Westworld S01E06

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  • So dawson’s creek is on Netflix and I couldn’t help myself and starter rewatching. But holy shit Dawson is such a whiny asshole!!

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    • Love these strings in the score. Very dramatic. 
    • Has Angel’s Irish accent gotten better? I mean, it’s still terrible, but is it a better terrible?
    • Buffy’s bangs. Her tiny bangs. 
    • Omg Xander’s homelife. 
    • Aw, Buffy wants to invite Giles to Christmas <3
    • When Buffy drops-in on Faith both of their makeup is very pretty. 
    • G A W D   T H I S   S C E N E   when Angel visits Giles… nnnnnnnn it’s so good. “Coming from you that phrase strikes me as rather funny. ‘Sorry to bother me.‘” “I need your help.” “And the funny keeps on coming.” And then he comes back with a crossbow. And, “Sir, to be blunt, the last time you became complacent about your existence turned out rather badly.” I   L O V E   I T 
    • I remember the first time I watched this, when Jenny appeared I was like, “whaaAAAAT?!?!!!!” I was freaking out.
    • I think there might be hints of “Remembering Jenny” in the score here? 
    • Anyways, Angel’s flashback/dream… his hair and mustache are just horrific. 
    • Angel’s panicked ragged breathing gets to be a BIT much.
    • Actually I don’t like seeing Jenny like this, it does leave a bad taste in my mouth. It makes me feel like Amber Benson was right not to come back to play the First. 
    • Lol Xander trying to order a drink at Willy’s
    • Omg Willowwwww. The way she stutters, “s-sit down.” Baby. “We could do that thing.”
    • “I’m ready” she says. You’re really not, bb. 
    • Lol, she has a bottle of pop in the ice bucket. 
    • Buffy’s Christmas Eve look is great. 
    • LOL omg Angel diving headfirst out the window. 
    • Love the shot of Buffy and Giles researching together on the stairs in his apartment. 
    • So the First Evil. It was doing a thing. It had some kind of plan. It wanted something. And then Angel doesn’t comply, so it just… gives up? Honestly the First Evil is the weakest part of this episode. 
    • Buffy to Angel, “I wish that I wished you dead!” Jesus christ the drama. 
    • “If I can’t convince you that you belong in this world, then I don’t know what can” Magic snow can!
    • Snow doesn’t work this way. Snow doesn’t block out the sun. But whatever, this is  m a g i c  snow. Okay. 
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  • watching tombstone now….oh my god that’s his BABY

    #his BABY!!! #rewatch
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  • okay psyche i’m watching free to be you and me again. why is sam setting his fake ids on fire in a motel sink bro those are plastic the fumes are gonna hurt you also they’re just gonna melt and clog the drain

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  • as much as I like teh and oh-aew they need to fucking communicate I’m screaming

    #i told sunset about you #rewatch
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  • i can’t make it through any of the major character deaths without getting h*gh ellen and jo i am SO sorry for what these bitches are about to do to you

    #also side note is it not weird that jo was dean smith’s sister but they try to make her real dean’s love interest that’s weird right #rewatch
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  • uh oh sisters i just remembered why i paused my rewatch. it’s because i got to the episode with the fan convention

    #aka the episode that hurt my feelings when i was 15 :( #rewatch
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  • Matthew: If Phillippe finds out about me and Diana it’s all over -angst-

    Philippe: I’m gonna plan a wedding so fucking big…

    #he's been waiting to marry him off #he's like please someone marry my son #philippe de clermont #adow season 2 spoilers #a discovery of witches #rewatch
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  • Goody’s hat is a strong contender against Matthew’s. A+ to the costume designers who decided to go all in with the hats this season. 

    #a discovery of witches #rewatch#goody alsop
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  • ‘Please let me finish my reading’ the most relatable thing ever 

    #the bickering #i can't help loving it #Diana Bishop#Matthew clairmont #matthew and diana #a discovery of witches #rewatch
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  • That gambling game was hilarious and I’m like 99.9% certain Kit cheated that poor guy lmao also the germaphobe in me cringed when Matthew put the earring in from the other guy. 

    #a discovery of witches #Matthew clairmont#rewatch #are we tagging him as kit or Christopher? I dunno #kit marlowe
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  • If there is one phrase that accurately describes Diana Bishop it’s ‘Reckless, but also brilliant’

    #Diana Bishop #matthew loves his wife #Matthew clairmont #matthew and diana #a discovery of witches #rewatch
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  • Diana saying she would make the same choice again if it meant saving Matthew’s life. I can’tttttttttt this type of couple is my weakness.

    #Diana Bishop #a discovery of witches #rewatch #matthew and diana #Matthew clairmont
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  • I didn’t think they’d fully be able to convey Hubbard’s creepiness on screen but if anything it’s even worse than the books. 

    #a discovery of witches #rewatch
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  • Ughhh she made the Hubbard promise.I hate it, but the conflict is so good at the same time ahhhhhhhhhh

    #Diana Bishop#rewatch #a discovery of witches #adow season 2 spoilers
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  • Matthew’s hat is a thing of beauty

    #Matthew clairmont #a discovery of witches #rewatch
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  • ‘One could not forget your disdain for witches’ 

    #lol #he drank his wine like #yep hate em #all of them #totally #a discovery of witches #adow season 2 #Matthew clairmont#rewatch
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  • I love how that poor servant dude just took the snake away like it was an empty cup, as if he’s so used to crazy shit happening around Mary that nothing fazes him.

    #a discovery of witches #rewatch
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  • Rewatching Wandavision after scrolling through Tumblr for hours, here we go let’s see what else I notice

    Oh I forgot how cool the MARVEL logo fading into black and white was

    The way she just puts the sold sign on adds to the self-made fantasy feeling

    the way she cleans the dishes feels so unnatural

    “well that explains the empty refrigerator”

    I would celebrate a national holiday for Wanda and Vision

    “My mother in law was in town. So J wasn’t.”

    Yeah it was definitely a moving company not me & my husbands magic powers

    She doesn’t know how long she and Vision have been together, adding to the feeling of how this was all set up

    Gee Willikers!

    I love Vision questioning what he does in the company

    ah yes, I am human like you

    he wore a turtle neck

    The death rate of single men is twice that of married men

    The phone call is so jslsndheusjbahd the misunderstanding is killing me

    The commercial woman is so robotic

    “Forget the past this is your future”

    (I don’t think I need to mention the way the toaster is representing the Stark bomb)

    I forgot to mention that my wife who has an American accent is from Europe, don’t mind my British accent

    Mrs. Hart is so unsettling, I don’t know if it’s just me remembering the “stop it” thing every time she talks or what

    Ah yes, Old MacDonald, the best way to make your guests welcome

    “yeeeeeees it’s… a pet name for me.”

    Wanda’s dress I just can’t

    “The man selling telegrams”

    The questions they ask are setting her off because she doesn’t have the answers set up yet

    “Leave them alone they’re setting up their story”

    Vision seems so confused, he doesn’t know why he can’t seem to find an answer

    Holy shit that scene is so creepy

    Wanda is making everything ideal again, he’s getting the promotion, they leave happy, and everything else

    Wanda only makes something as soon as it needs to exis, the rings show up after she notices they’re missing, etc. etc.


    i’ll do a separate post for episode two, this is already super long

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