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    Hey dipshits

    Oh never fucking mind they just started sending them all to the old RFG look at this shit

    Oh, THAT’S why all the submissions to RFGR suddenly stopped, they’re just sending it to the old blog that has me blocked cause they think i can’t see it there and it makes them safe.

    Okay, not only are you reprehensible pieces of shit, but absolutely spineless fucking cowards beneath even the spineless cowards i already thought you were, that’s good to know. And here I was so happy and thought we’d all decided to let it go

    I will see anywhere you talk shit about me.

    And if you keep saying shit you don’t know fucking shit about about what happened to me as a kid, I will fucking find you

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    feat @paper-mario-wiki

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    Utena “jock lesbian” Tenjou


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    now that I’ve been roleplaying and I have a better grasp as to who Lyra is I’m rewriting my whole fic lmao. Soz for the delay in the sequel. I’m just trying to get my head back in the mood for it <3

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    Remedy For Guilt - XXX

    Summary: The daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange is a Healer who finds herself not only haunted by her past but also questioning her choice in career. When Lyra Lestrange’s old headmaster offers her a position as Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher she finds herself thrown into an adventure involving a secret affair with a colleague, discovering the cure for a disease and dealing with students cursing themselves. Who knew that being a Hogwarts Professor was such a rollercoaster?

    Set in the school year of 1990-1991 with the prospect of a sequel, or two, on the horizon.

    Rated: E for graphic sex scenes in THIS and later chapters. Over 18′s only please.

    Word Count: 1904

    Multichapter Fic (Expected to be around 30-35 chapters with a planned sequel which will take place during the Harry Potter Books)

    Chapter Thirty - Heartbreak

    Both Minerva and Severus had a full day with back-to-back classes, having split Lyra’s classes between them. It was easy to take over from her as she had each day planned and most of it was revision for the students anyway as their final exams were scheduled for the following week.

    Severus found himself in a constant state of anxiety through the day, his stomach churning and his patience short for any student who would toe his boundaries.

    He suspected that Lyra was pregnant. It made sense. It explained her fatigue over the past few weeks as well as her overly sensitive nipples although when he had dropped by the Hospital Wing, Poppy had insisted that Lyra merely had a stomach bug. He attempted to see her but she was asleep. He had hoped it was just a stomach bug but his gut told him otherwise.

    Lyra was pregnant. She was expecting a child. His child.

    He had never desired children, he had already discussed that with her. Yet, he found himself toying with the idea in his head. Him, Lyra and a child. A small baby. Their baby. He could see so perfectly its smiling face and Lyra’s adoration for both it and him. The way her eyes would light up and sparkle, the warmth that light would bring.

    Perhaps he could be a father. He felt as though if he were with Lyra he could do anything. But for now he was worried; anxious to know the truth, anxious to see whether she was alright.

    The day seemed to last forever. Every minute dragged on.

    He had his own class to finish the day and once that had concluded and the room was tidied he found his way up to Classroom 3C to see whether Lyra was back from the Hospital Wing.

    When he entered the classroom he realised all her things were gone. Those glass cabinets with projections of creatures were gone and her table was bare. The museum like atmosphere she had created was gone and instead the classroom was empty, except for the furniture that was already there. His stomach twisted, a chill ran down his spine and his nerves felt alight, his hands were shaking as his head began to spin slightly. He feared the worst, that she had left without a trace. Before he allowed himself to lose his nerve entirely he strode up the staircase that led to her office and pressed the door open.

    Lyra didn’t even acknowledge him as he entered the room, still flicking her wand and packing her things away.

    “What are you doing?” he asked.

    “Packing my things,” she replied in a bored tone, not even bothering to look up.


    “Because I’m leaving,” she slammed the case in her hands shut before heading for her bedroom door.

    Severus reached out and grabbed her by the arm, “Lyra.”

    “What?” she spat, glaring up at him. He tried casting legilimens but she rolled her eyes, pulling away from him and continuing into her bedroom.

    “Why are you leaving?” he asked.

    “You think someone as intelligent as you would’ve figured it out already,” she said, “I’m pregnant.”

    “That’s no reason to leave,” he began, ready to give her a speech.

    “It’s not yours,” she replied carelessly, flicking her wand at her suitcase and opening it, sending her clothes in.

    Those words cut deep. Like a knife tearing through his heart and his stomach. He felt ill. He felt like crying. He felt so much. He felt too much.

    “The wedding?” he asked, slightly dazed.

    “Obviously,” she replied, “I was drunk and I forgot to cast the charm.”

    “I should’ve gone with you,” he said softly. His hands were trembling. A lump caught in his throat. Gods, he was going to lose her and he couldn’t. “Lyra, we should talk about this,” he said, attempting to say it as clear and precisely as possible.

    “Talk about what?” she snapped, “About how I fucked someone else?”

    “Lyra, you don’t need to leave,” he said, “We can sit down and talk about it, we can discuss your options.”

    “What options are you referring to?” she asked, “Do you think I’d shed pureblood?”

    He swallowed hard as his insecurities began to bubble up. Of course she’d screw someone pureblooded, how could he live up to that? How could he compare?Desperation began to take hold of him as he tried to cling to Lyra and the remains of their relationship.

    “Lyra, I still want you. We can still be together, we can raise this child together.”

    “You want to raise a kid that isn’t yours?” she asked, “You don’t even want your own fucking kid.”

    “I could it if it was with you,” he insisted.

    “I knew I was a good fuck but I didn’t know I’d make you this desperate,” she said with a laugh, “How pathetic.”

    “I thought- I thought you loved me,” he said, becoming uncertain of himself.

    She laughed again, “Oh Sev.” She stepped forward and stroked his cheek in a condescending way for a brief moment. “You really should’ve listened to your doubts all along. I’ve been owling Ilya since I saw him at New Years. I fucked him when I got my Order of Merlin and I fucked him at the wedding.”

    “You’re lying,” he shook his head in disbelief.

    “I only kept you around to warm my bed and because you were a decent shag,” she said, “Our arrangement was convenient and amusing.”

    “No, what about Lucius?” he asked, “He slapped you and made you cry.”

    “I needed him to believe it so you in turn would believe it,” she shrugged, “It was also amusing getting under his skin. Who knew I could piss him off that badly just by fucking his best friend? I’ve always known my place but god, he hasn’t shut up about it for years. I can’t believe he was going to marry me off to Carrow. I thought I’d see how he felt if I fucked one of his other Death Eater buddies. It was enough for him to give up that idea.”

    “So I was just a pawn in your game?”

    “Come on, Sev,” she said with a smirk, “Don’t think about it like that. It was more like you were a toy that I got bored of, something that was filling the place until something bigger and better came along and it did.”

    He closed his eyes and swallowed, his mind and thoughts were now twisted with doubt as Lyra’s words poisoned him.

    “Did you really think you’d ever be good enough for me?” she asked with a small laugh, “A filthy mudblood fit for a Lestrange.”

    “Don’t say that word,” he said.

    “Mudblood?” she said in a taunting tone, “But that’s all you are Sev, a mudblood who thinks he’s better than the rest when you are no better than the dirt on my shoe.”

    A large crack echoed in the room.

    Severus’ hand had connected with Lyra’s face, slapping her. Her head turned from the impact but she gritted her teeth and looked at him with a fire in her eyes and firm expression. “Get out,” she said, “I’m done.”

    Severus turned his heel and left, slamming the door in his wake. He barged through packs of students with a furious expression on his face. He barrelled into his quarters and tore the room apart with his wand, smashing things, tearing apart his furniture, allowing it to break as he threw each piece.

    He couldn’t allow himself to stop. Memories of the past few months threatened to play in his head. Her voice was already taunting him.

    Heavens. How could he be so naive to think that she would love him. Of course it was all a sick ploy. He shouldn’t have expected anything better from a Lestrange. How she had gotten under his skin and torn him apart.

    He didn’t even realise that an angry yell was ripping through his throat the entire time. Once he had run out of energy he looked around and saw the mess he made, he fell to his knees and he cried.

    God. How his heart ached like no other time before it. It was almost as though his heart had hardened and shattered into a million pieces, each shard imbedding itself in his chest.

    How could he allow himself to be played by her?

    There was no chance that she ever loved him. Who would love someone as ugly and horrible as him? She just used him and now he was left here, burning in the aftermath of their love affair.

    He stayed there and cried, sobbing until his tears ran dry and numbness overcame him.

    It may have been an hour or two before he found the strength to get back up. He headed for the bathroom and stripped, getting into the shower. He allowed the water to wash over him, hoping it would wash her away but her touch still haunted him. Her essence was still thick in the air and all around him. He reached for the bar of soap and began to scrub, trying to erase any trace of her but it still lingered.

    He cried out once more, falling to the floor. His knees were pressed up to his chest and he just held them tightly to himself, trying to give himself so comfort. He felt so empty, so hollow, so broken. Oh, how he’d been played.

    Severus didn’t come out of his room for days. He didn’t want to eat. He couldn’t even sleep in his own bed because he had shared it with her. Everything was tainted with the memory of her. Everything just hurt way too much and he wanted it all to stop so he tried to numb himself with alcohol.

    “Severus, what do you think you’re doing?”

    He turned his head and saw that the Headmaster had breached the protective barriers he had placed around his quarters. He gritted his teeth and turned back, staring at the fireplace that flickered with a fire.

    Albus approached him and sat next to the Potions Master, “Interesting redecorating.”

    Severus didn’t answer him, his eyes were fixed on the flames.

    “Severus, let this be a lesson to not get distracted,” he said.

    “So did you put her up to this?” Severus asked, “Because it doesn’t make sense. None of it makes sense. Lyra was genuine.”

    “Lyra is a Lestrange, through and through,” Albus said, “She is her mother’s daughter, as cruel as Bellatrix no doubt. I was misguided, Severus and I apologise. I should have listened to you when you expressed your concerns, she had us all fooled.”

    There was still a part of Severus that doubted it, doubted that she was that cruel. Surely it was a rouse. Lyra had felt so real, so loving, so genuine. His mind had been swirling with the memories of her for days.

    “Severus, I need you to be strong,” Albus continued, “I know it is hard to have your heart broken once more but please, allow it to strengthen your resolve than weaken it.”

    “For what purpose, Albus?”

    “Lily Evans’ son will be starting this coming term,” he said, “And I fear that is when Voldemort will attempt his return. You must protect him, Severus.”

    “I can’t,” he said, his voice was broken.

    “You can and you must.”

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    Remedy For Guilt - XXIX

    Summary: The daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange is a Healer who finds herself not only haunted by her past but also questioning her choice in career. When Lyra Lestrange’s old headmaster offers her a position as Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher she finds herself thrown into an adventure involving a secret affair with a colleague, discovering the cure for a disease and dealing with students cursing themselves. Who knew that being a Hogwarts Professor was such a rollercoaster?

    Set in the school year of 1990-1991 with the prospect of a sequel, or two, on the horizon.

    Rated: E for graphic sex scenes in THIS and later chapters. Over 18′s only please.

    Word Count: 2443

    Multichapter Fic (Expected to be around 30-35 chapters with a planned sequel which will take place during the Harry Potter Books)

    Chapter Twenty Nine - Conversations

    “I’m pregnant.”

    Lyra sat on the edge of a bed in the hospital wing, her eyes focused on the ground. She couldn’t bare to look at Poppy, knowing her eyes would be full of judgement or pity. She didn’t want either. Her head was already swirling with images of her uncle and Severus, their looks of disappointment and disbelief over the situation. She could already imagine what they would say and her head began to spin. Trains of thought would roll by but she couldn’t climb onboard, another would pass and she was just standing there, watching them all drive by.

    “I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on it sooner, being a healer and all,” Poppy said, “I had a feeling when you were falling asleep during dinner.”

    Poppy felt sympathy for the girl. She had seen several students enter the hospital wing in similar situations but this was different. She knew Lyra. She had spent an enormous amount of time with her. She had trained her and seen her grow. She knew all about her family and the pressures she had.

    Lyra was a talented witch, there was no doubt about it and in Poppy’s mind adding a child to her life would no doubt hinder her potential. There was also the very likely possibility it was Severus’. She wondered how he would feel and whether he would step up to the plate. He didn’t seem to be one who wanted a child but Lyra had changed him. She had shone this enormous light on his life and you could just tell that things were better by the way he carried himself day to day.

    “What do you want to do?” she asked.

    Lyra didn’t know how to answer she just sat there blankly, feeling completely detached from everything that was occuring. It was almost as though she had separated from her body and was watching the scene unfold from nearby.

    “We can take care of it if you want.”

    Lyra understood the implication under those words.


    She was going to be sick again.

    Whether it was stimulated from the pregnancy or her mind’s aversion to the prospect of ending her pregnancy, she tilted her head down and threw up. Poppy was already prepared, quickly summoning a bucket and shoving it into her lap.


    It felt so disgusting.

    “We can talk about it,” Poppy offered, “How do you feel?”

    Lyra still avoided eye contact. Her shoulders moved up as if to shrug but instead a staggered breath came out of her. She felt as though she needed to cry. She just wanted to lie in bed and cry but she knew she couldn’t do that.

    “You’re overwhelmed,” the Matron said, rubbing her back. “It’s ok, everything’s going to be ok.”

    But it wasn’t.

    Lyra knew it wasn’t. There were so many variables. So many things to address. So many things that could and would go wrong.

    “Is there anyone you could talk to?”

    No. She didn’t feel as though she could talk to anyone. No one would understand the gravity of her situation.

    “Your family?”

    Laughable. God, imagine Lucius and Narcissa. Their disappointment. The shame. If they found out. If they knew. She’d have no choice in the matter. The child would be ripped from her womb in a matter of seconds, be it from a potion snuck into a drink or with a knife.

    “The father?”

    She swallowed hard at that suggestion.


    Precious Severus.

    Her love. Her light.

    The man whom she loved with all of her heart.

    He wouldn’t accept it. If he knew the deal she made with Lucius, gods, this made it even worse. Even more complicated.

    Severus didn’t want kids anyway, he had made that clear and she wasn’t going to try and twist him into fatherhood if he didn’t want it. That would be selfish.

    It was almost as though the decision had been made for her already. Her family wouldn’t want a mudblood tarnishing the line. Her lover didn’t want to be a father. Then why should she keep it?

    Why did she want to keep it?

    “You know there are options,” Poppy said in her most detached and professional voice.

    “I want it,” Lyra said, “I want to keep it.”

    She looked up at the matron who gave her a sympathetic smile and nod. Lyra swallowed before speaking once more, “I just don’t know logistics.”

    Poppy exhaled a laugh, “Look, if you’re worried about your career perhaps speak to Albus. He’d be able to give you some wisdom regarding it. I’m sure we can find a place for you, even if you worked here in the hospital wing. We’ll support you, ok?” She placed a hand on Lyra’s shoulder and gave her a reaffirming squeeze, “You don’t have to decide today. In fact, I encourage you not to but know that there are options.”

    Lyra nodded, “Thank you.”

    Poppy insisted that Lyra stay for a while to rest and process things instead of sneaking off back to her room. She knew if she did so she would’ve run into Severus and it just wasn’t a conversation she was ready to have yet. There were still so many things that Lyra needed to figure out.

    The deal. Severus. A baby.

    How were they all going to fit together smoothly?

    No matter how she looked at it, it just wouldn’t work. She spent hours staring at the ceiling trying to just figure it out. She was obligated to fulfil her deal with Lucius through magic. Her options were to find someone she could put up with to marry, marry someone of Lucius and Narcissa’s choosing or die. The only loophole she could think of was marrying Ilya, then she would have no obligation to love or have sex with him, she could potentially still be with Severus on the side and that baby would just be further proof to the Russian Ministry that they were a legitimate couple. Then again, Severus didn’t want a kid. Perhaps she could convince him… If not then, that was a loss she just had to take.

    She feigned sleep when Severus came by to check on her during the day’s lunch break. Poppy had insisted it was just a stomach bug that would pass and she just needed to rest. He did take a peak to ensure she was ok but Poppy shooed him away.

    Severus cared. Severus loved her. Perhaps he would be willing to compromise. She knew it would be forcing his hand but she just wanted it to work.

    When classes resumed Lyra decided to take a stroll around Hogwarts to get her blood circulating, hoping it would give her a new perspective. It didn’t but her feet carried her to the Headmaster’s Tower. She stood, staring at the gargoyle for a few moments, trying to gather her nerve. It reminded her of when she was younger, when Severus had revealed her name, when she stood outside with tears spilling down her cheeks and her fists clenched in anger.

    She had matured from that time, being six years older but her family’s opinion as well as the whole world’s still weighed heavy on her mind. She just needed someone to talk to. Someone to rationalise what she was thinking and she hoped that somehow Albus would guide her in the right direction.

    She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath in and slow breath out before she said, “Jelly slugs.”

    The gargoyle sprang to life and began to spin, making its ascent up the Headmaster’s tower. Lyra quickly stepped onto the staircase, joining it on its journey up to the office.

    The Headmaster of Hogwarts sat hunched over his desk. He looked up through his half moon spectacles and smiled at the sight of the young witch. “Lyra,” he said, addressing the girl. “I heard you had taken ill. Is everything alright?”

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” she said, as she approached the desk. “I have something I’d like to discuss with you.”

    He nodded, gesturing towards the seat in front of his desk. “Firstly,” he said, “Would you like anything to drink? Coffee? Tea? Pumpkin Juice?”

    “Tea is good,” she replied as she sat in the armchair.

    “Herbal? Black? Green?”

    “Black with a splash of milk.”

    He nodded and flicked his wand at the china cabinet that stood against the wall. The kettle and tea began to make itself, quickly coming to boil and brewing before floating over to Lyra and Albus.

    “Thanks,” she said as she plucked it from the air. She took a seat before placing it down on the desk.

    “Now, how can I help you?”

    She paused and for a moment contemplated in the best way to address the situation. She wanted to be delicate but she decided to just outright say it. “I’m pregnant.”

    “Oh,” he said, slightly startled. He placed his tea down and his lips thinned for a brief moment, “I’m unsure as to what to say as it seems as this may not be a welcome surprise. It is Severus’ no doubt?”

    She nodded.

    “Have you told him?”


    “Do you have a plan?” he sensed the discomfort of Lyra as her eyes avoided his, “Or is that why you’ve come here?”

    “It’s a complicated situation,” she frowned but looked at him.

    “No doubt about that,” he replied, “I’m afraid you would not like my opinion on the matter.”

    “Why not?” Her head tilted slightly and her eyes narrowed.

    “Lyra, it’s no secret that I believe that Voldemort will return again.”

    Lyra winced at the use of the name, fear growing in her heart.

    “Tell me, if he did, where would you stand?”

    Lyra’s eyes looked to the table once more.

    “What would happen if you had a child?”

    “Sir, it’s been ten years and there has been no sign,” she argued.

    “There have been,” he insisted, “You have just been blind. You do not wish to believe it therefore you will not see it. I know when the time comes you will have no choice but to join them or face a tortuous death. I cannot imagine what it would be like if you had a child, particularly if the father is a traitor of the Death Eaters. Therefore I implore you not to carry out this pregnancy.”

    Lyra’s heart broke. She could see the truth in his words and she couldn’t deny it. She didn’t know what to say.

    “What do you want to do?”

    “I want to keep it,” she said in a soft voice.

    “Lyra, it is dangerous-”

    “I know!” she said, her voice desperate. Emotion overtook her as she began to ramble, “Don’t you think I know? Do you think my family would accept this child if they knew it was Severus’? They have been wanting our relationship to end since the start. You know in order to reverse the curse on Fred I had to make a deal with Lucius to quit Hogwarts and marry a pureblood. I don’t want to have to sacrifice my child as well.”

    Albus closed his eyes and sighed. “I understand where you’re coming from, Lyra, but I have my reservations. You care for Severus, don’t you?”

    “Albus, I love him,” she insisted, “If I had my way I would be with him but I know that it’s not possible.”

    “Lyra, there is a reason why I don’t want you to have this child. You know it will be a weakness for not only you but Severus as well. Don’t you think that Voldemort would prey upon your son or daughter and torture them in order to keep you doing his bidding? You know what it was like growing up in the presence of the Dark Lord with his most loyal followers. Your child would be twisted in the ways of the Dark Arts, if not they would lead a life of suffering. Don’t you wish for them to have a better life than you did?”

    Lyra’s jaw tensed and she looked away, swallowing hard. “So you’re saying I should terminate my pregnancy on the slim chance that the Dark Lord will return?”

    “I guarantee he will return and when that time comes I require Severus to return to his service so he can spy on him and the Death Eaters for the Order.”

    “That’s a death sentence,” she said, tears threatening to form in her eyes, “If he got caught-”

    “It is a sacrifice he is willing to make for the greater good,” he said.

    Her eyes narrowed, “But it’s not a sacrifice you’re sure he’ll make if he has a child.”

    “I am only telling you this because I know you care for him, he has been training you in occlumency for a reason and I can see how good you are. Even now the only thing I can read off you are your emotions, you thoughts and memories are still heavily guarded.”

    A twisted smile appeared on Lyra’s face as she realised Albus’ plan. “You want me to protect him when he comes back. It wasn’t just to hide our relationship but to get me on board too.”

    “I know you don’t believe in what Voldemort wishes to achieve, I know you would only join out of loyalty to your family. I know your values align with the Order’s and I wish for you to join.”

    “I don’t take kindly to manipulation, Albus.”

    “Forgive me,” he said, bowing his head slightly, “I had to ensure that you were trustworthy.”

    “Was Severus privy to this plan or did you manipulate him as well?”

    “He knew pieces.”

    “And what are his views on the matter?”

    “He loves you, Lyra,” he said with a frown, his eyes downcast for a moment. “He wanted you on our side, he always did but he had his doubts. He knows that you value the opinions of your family too much, he was afraid that when it came down to it that you would choose them over him.”

    “I don’t have a choice,” she said.

    “Did he know of the deal you made with Lucius?”

    She shook her head, “I thought I’d try to figure out a way out of it before telling him. I have a friend who could benefit from a marriage to me and I’m sure I could convince him but I haven’t spoken to Severus about anything.”

    “Perhaps it’s for the best,” he said, “He doesn’t need to know any of this.”

    “You want me to lie to him?”

    “For his protection, Lyra. For your child.”

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    Lyra Lestrange - Daughter of Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange

    Ch. 30 - Heartbreak

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    Lyra Lestrange - Daughter of Bellatrix And Rodolphos Lestrange 

    Ch. 27: Wedding of Syrin and Gustav

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    Royal Gun Foundry - 1859

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