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    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Hey Y'all! Finally got around to putting this together and I'd love to draw for you guys!! I'm pretty much open to anything fandom/oc related (unless specified otherwise, feel free to ask but note that I do have the right to turn down any ideas that i'm uncomfortable with ... like ships I really don't like)

    If you’re interested please dm me or send me an email: 


    Gonna tag this post with the fandoms I'm pretty comfortable with but I'm open to other stuff too!!

    Please let me know if you have any other questions! 😀

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    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago


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  • novelistservant
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    GF & MvsM - Wanna Talk About Dinos?

    This crossover was inevitable. It just works too well. Maybe one day i’ll write a fic about how the folks at Gravity Falls handled the robot-apocalypse. Probably shrugged it off. “Eh. We’ve had worse.” Haha! What if Stan and Ford, cuz they were out sailing, had no clue what happened and when they came back they were like, “Wait, what?”

    For now, please enjoy this fic of Aaron making a new friend...

    (credit goes to @stephreynaart for her OC Jacob) ~~~~~~~~~~ “Hi, would you like to talk to me about dinosaurs?”

    Aaron asked this question more times than he could keep track of, but that wasn’t going to stop him from asking it. It started as a dare from his big sister two years ago, but now it’s a fun hobby. When fifth grade isn’t overwhelming him, scaring him with mountains of homework and horror stories about how hard middle school is going to be, and when he’s run out of YouTube videos to catch up on, he is on the hunt for fellow giant-lizard-lovers like a hungry Ceratosaurus.

    “No, okay bye.” But it did get a little tiring to always cross out names and phone-numbers on the phone book with red ink. Hey, a dinosaur of a way to find phone-numbers was appropriate. He read the next number, dialed it, and after a ring or two he asked, “How would you like to talk with me about dinosaurs? No, okay thank you.”

    Aaron crossed out another name and sighed, taking a break since he reached the end of a line of numbers. Maybe he should just be grateful for Abbey and accept that no one else wants to talk about the Jurassic Period. Or the Cretaceous Period. Or the Triassic Period. But then a big, old, gray-tinted ad distracted him. He grinned, thinking it would at least be fun to give them a call, and he dialed the number.

    Private home phone-numbers were fun, but businesses were also fun! Poor, bored workers would gladly talk to him rather than crabby Karens, and they got paid for it! So Aaron smiled as the phone rang, and he grinned when someone picked up.

    “Thanks for calling the Mystery Shack, you’re talking to Mr. Mystery himself! How may I befuddle or bewilder you?”

    “Hi! How would you like to talk with me about dinosaurs?”

    “Oh, dude! I’d love to, but I’m scheduled for a tour of the Oddity Museum in three minutes.” The man said, and Aaron grinned continuously, because it sounded like Mr. Mystery really wanted to talk with him about dinosaurs. “But hey! Can you hold on for one minute, I think I know a guy!”

    “Yeah, sure mister!” And Aaron was greeted by the sound of a catchy jingle about buying t-shirts and mugs and snowglobes. He smiled and wiggled his feet along to the music as he looked outside at the beautiful late-fall afternoon, entertained while he waited.


    Soos was on the hunt. He planned out the house in his head. Abuelita was taking a nap upstairs, Melody was organizing the upcoming tour, and Stan took Jacob out for ice cream, so he might be…

    The owner of the Shack grinned when he stopped at the doorway and saw the man he was looking for, sitting in Stan’s chair, reading a book.

    “Uncle Ford!”

    The old sailor smiled up at the young man. “Yes, wh-...”

    “Do you think you could answer the phone for me? I have a tour and I think this customer’s request is right up your alley.”

    “Uh… sure, but w-...”

    “Thanks, you’re the best!” And Soos was gone before he could address Ford’s confusion.

    Ford was a bit lost, having little to no business with business, but he had learned at this point to trust Soos, so he picked up the phone beside him and was immediately greeted with a sweet, “How would you like to talk with me about dinosaurs?”

    Ford grinned and closed his book. “I would love to! All three periods are equally as fascinating to study, but the Triassic contains some of my favorite dinosaurs!”

    A young voice gasped on the other line. “Mine, too! Everyone thinks the Jurassic period is so great, and it’s pretty cool, but the Triassic gave us Plateosaurus and the Brachiosaurus!”

    “That’s very true! You know, it’s very interesting, maybe depictions don’t include feathers at all, which is a bit frustrating, but perhaps after the news has spread they will incorporate more feathers on merchandise and textbooks.”

    “YES! That’s what I wanna do when I grow up, help draw better-accurate dinosaurs!”


    The phone rang on Sunday. The Shack was closed today, so Stan lazily answered it and was greeted with, “Wanna talk about dinosaurs?”

    “Sixer, phone for you!”

    Ford ran into the living room, elbowed his twin out of the chair, and took the phone. “Hello again, Aaron! Now, where were we? Right, so Australopithecus. … No, I don’t think… Oh! No, homo habilis was erect, Australopithecus was never fully erect.”

    “Maybe he was nervous.” Stan groaned, getting to his feet.

    Ford shot him a look as thankfully the young boy on the other end didn’t catch that and happily shared some more fun-facts about homo habilis.


    While most college students were excited for Spring Break so they could get drunk or lose their virginity, Katie was excited because her family had planned a special secret roadtrip. She was careful to keep up with her family and talk to her parents and brother frequently, but Aaron had a hobby he wasn’t talking about that his parents found out and were thrilled about. Aaron had made another friend.

    Rick and Katie did some research and the tourist attraction sounded right up their alley! In the middle of the woods, tons of weird stuff, and a fun roadtrip filled with diners and attractions. They decided to surprise Aaron, and they made up a lie that they would spend Spring Break in California with Katie so she could show her family around San Francisco, when in actuality they would be traveling up the state to the Redwood Highway and see the oddity place, and maybe even allow Aaron to meet his new pen-pal. Or, um, phone-pal.

    So after bombarding Katie with hugs the Mitchells threw her luggage into the car and drove off. Aaron turned to Katie and excitingly asked, “So where are we going first? Can we go fix the Golden Gate bridge by painting it gold?”

    Katie laughed and ruffled his hair. “Maybe later, right now I wanna show you guys this fun store right outside of town. Here, check out the videos I made for my classes!” And she pulled out some airpods and gave one to Aaron.


    Rick and Linda smirked at each other as they drove north. By the time they reached a little diner in Redding, CA, it was very clear to Aaron that they weren’t in San Francisco anymore. “Come on, just tell me where we’re going!” The boy begged as he fed Monchi a fry.

    “The best kind of prizes are the surprises.” Linda quoted.

    “Eric, Deborahbot5000, where are we going?”

    “Sorry, Aaron, we cannot give that information.” Eric said, he and the other robot sitting politely in their seats, happy to be a part of the social interaction.

    “Yes, Mother will bury us if we disobey.” Deborahbot said matter-of-factly.

    “What?! No I won’t, sweeties.”

    “Won’t you ground us?”

    The family laughed and Aaron let the topic go; if he was honest, he loved a good surprise. The big family stopped in a motel just at the California-Oregon border, and the next morning after muffins and coffee and orange juice they were on the road again, passing dozens of trees that made Rick feel at home. Katie happily recorded the trip, trusted to be the documenter for another fun roadtrip, with hopefully not as much mortal peril.

    Aaron watched as they left the highway for a simple road, and they passed a big sign. The boy gasped and caught what was happening. “No WAY! Really?!”

    “You know, I hear this Mystery Shack even has a Sasquatch.” Rick commented while Linda pulled out a pamphlet from the glove box.

    “It says here it’s full of odd things you’ll never see anywhere else, even a dinosaur footprint…”

    “Wasn’t there a rumor of there being a Bottomless Pit?” Katie asked, pointing her camera at Aaron to get his reaction.

    “Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!” Aaron cheered, hugging his Dad’s neck and kissing his Mom’s cheek.

    “Hey, no worries, buddy.” Rick eased, fixing his shewed glasses. “We wanted to see this place, too!”

    “Why don’t we eat a quick lunch and then we’ll take the backroad for the attraction? There’s a coupon in here for a diner made from a giant log!”

    And so after being served by a pretty blonde teenager at Greasy’s, they drove through town to get to the backroad. Signs made them confident that they were going the correct way, as well as Eric and Deborahbot5000’s GPS. Then as they turned a corner, a big triangle-shaped building came into view. Aaron grinned at the giant sign with a missing letter. People were already leaving, arms full of souvenirs and one or two already wearing their new hats or t-shirts. Once Rick parked in the Free Parking Lot, Aaron spilled out of the car and ran for the shack, but he stopped.

    Katie caught up to him and patted his back. “You cool, man?”

    Aaron shrugged, holding his hands in front of him and his shoulders up to hide his face a bit. “I-I dunno… What if… What if he doesn’t like me?”

    “Hey, I get it.” Katie admitted. “When I first met my friends I was really nervous. I had talked to them online for weeks and I was worried it wasn’t gonna be what it was all cracked up to be, but it was. Your system worked! You found another dino-lover! You earned this moment. Just take in a deep breath and be yourself, cuz you’re a pretty cool dude.”

    Aaron smiled up at his big sister. “Thanks.”

    Trusting Eric and Deborahbot5000 to watch Monchi and make sure he used the bathroom, the Mitchells went inside the shack. On the porch there was an ice cooler, a sign reading schedule times for tours of the Oddity Museum, a Help Wanted sign, and two rocking chairs with a game of checkers between them.

    Inside the store a few customers filled up the gift shop, alongside t-shirts, snowglobes, a vending machine, a door beside ti that read Employees Only, a bookshelf full of comic on one side and old newspapers claiming alien sightings on the other, a fish tank holding a monkey-mermaid, and barrels full of spaceship keychains and dino claws. A new section called Camping Stuff caught Rick’s eye, selling backpacks, lanterns, flashlights, batteries, canteens, and compasses. Katie opened a comic called Lil’Stanley and laughed at the swears, taking a pic and sending it to her friends’ group chat. Linda looked into the barrel full of patches and grinned at all the fun designs, while Aaron stared happily at the mer-monkey.

    The Employees Only door opened and closed and Rick watched as a man in a suit, fez, and eyepatch walked up to the lady at the register and kissed her cheek. The woman smiled lovingly and left while the guy who resembled a gopher checked a customer out. Rick waited until the buyer left to approach the register, leaning an arm on the counter.

    “Welcome to the Mystery Shack, dude!”

    “Thanks! So, this is gonna sound weird, but my son Aaron talks to a guy here about dinosaurs…”

    “No way!” The owner interrupted excitedly. “Good to see you, dudes! I’m Mr. Mystery! Wow, you guys came a long way, huh?”

    “Nah, only from California. My daughter is attending art school there.”

    While the men chit-chatted and Linda joined them, Katie noticed a guy walking up to Aaron and looking at the mer-monkey. She smiled and tried to read the comic without being too nosy, but she kept her senses on her brother.

    “Hm, quite fascinating, isn’t it?” The man in the blue hoodie said. “But I think my favorite is the fossilized footprint. Could be Nanuqsaurus hoglundi.”

    “The Polar Bear Lizard?” Aaron clarified, touching his chin as he looked at the dino-print, his back to the man he was talking to. “Maybe, but they’re from Alaska. It’s possible plate tectonics did cause some fossils to be relocated here, but it could also be a Nanotyrannosaurus lancensis footprint.”

    “The Dwarf Tyrant? Could very well be. Would you like to talk about dinosaurs after your tour?”

    Aaron’s eyes widened as the voice was finally familiar to him. He turned and looked up to find an old man smiling up at him. He had fluffy gray hair with a white stripe running around his scalp, wrinkles by his eyes due to smiling, a cleft chin, glasses, and wore a blue hoodie with a maroon sweater underneath. His hands were behind his back and he smiled down at Aaron warmly, while the boy was jittery and overly-excited. He took in a sharp breath and had to fight every muscle to keep from leaping through the screen door. 

    “H-H-Hi…” He peeped. He cleared his throat and tried again. “Y-Yeah, sure! I’d love to! I’m Aaron! Er, wait, you already knew that.” And he held out a hand to shake.

    His phone-pal, Ford, chuckled and got on one knee to be eye-level. “Greeting, Aaron! It’s nice to formally meet you.”

    Aaron shook his hand and noticed something. He had six fingers on his right hand. A quick glance told Aaron he also had six fingers on his left hand. Aaron grinned with sparkling eyes at his new friend, while the old sailor smiled warmly at the boy that reminds him of his niece and nephew when they were young.

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  • opal16trash
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Me thinks a lot


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  • simplyender
    15.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    look im not saying itd be super cool if we all collectively decided to HC the mitchells as jewish but also i think itd be super cool if we did that and heres both why i think they are and should be:

    - maya rudolph is both black and ashkenazi jewish, so linda could totally be of the same ethnicity:)

    - judaism goes by the mom so even if rick isnt jewish, katie and aaron are:)

    - aaron is a jewish name. so is deborah:)

    - if we ever get specials for some sort of holiday or whatever, i think itd be way cooler to do them for jewish holidays instead of treating christian ones as a "default" as we normally do.

    - im jewish and i said so

    #tmvtm#aaron mitchell#katie mitchell#linda mitchell #the mitchells vs the machines #deborahbot5000 #tbh id be really disappointed if there ever ended up being a special for christmas or some shit like that #fuck that! i want monchi to wear a latke on his head! #also rick would LOVE sukkot omg #LIVING OUTSIDE IN A SHACK YOU BUILT FOR OVER A WEEK???? COUNT! HIM! IN!!!!!! #anyway i guess ill tage this w #jewish hc #fun fact for anyone that reads the tags: zebulon is a real name and its of jewish origins #the hebrew version is like pronounced z'vuloon
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    12.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago


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    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    hi judge me based off (or compare urs with) my favourite fictional characters bc im bored pls and thank you ❤️

    #the young ones #mike the cool person #rick pratt#vyvyan basterd#neil pye #drop dead fred #rocky horror picture show #frank n furter #kevin turvey #columbia my beloved #neil the inbetweeners (i dont even remember his last name) #rocky horror#kenny mccormick#jareth#robbie rotten#farley flavors#john mitchell#miles maitland#steve stifler#nessa jenkins#jackie goodman#eddie catflap#nadia vulvokov#nellie lovett#tiffany valentine#carlisle cullen
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  • simplyender
    08.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    the GUNS VS the machines

    + icons for you and your beloved family, no credit necessary.

    #tmvtm #the mitchells vs the machines #gun edit#katie mitchell#rick mitchell#linda mitchell#monchi#aaron mitchell#deborahbot5000#eric tmvtm #eric and deborahbot5000 #in this au eric and deb dont put faces on they just take out guns and are like #'noo dont worry were gun wielding humans just like you' #tw guns#cw guns
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  • eighties-toons
    02.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    The entire Mitchell family is neurodivergent and no I will not elaborate

    #they just are okay #I mean they all have their own special interests #they’re seen as weird by everyone else #the mitchells vs the machines #tmvtm#katie mitchell#aaron mitchell#linda mitchell#rick mitchell
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  • yourfaveisabadfather
    01.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • eldragon-uwu
    01.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    funny robot movie

    #i spent several days on this #art#tmvtm #The Mitchells vs The Machines #time to tag every single character so people see this #Katie Mitchell#Rick Mitchell#Linda Mitchell#Aaron Mitchell#Mochi#Eric#Deborahbot 5000#Mark Bowman#PAL #Pal Max Prime #Stealthbot
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  • opal16trash
    29.06.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    No cause I love him so much :(

    Pretty yellow hehe

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  • mintytrifecta
    27.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Count how many sand is there scene from the Sonic fandub but Eric and Deborahbot are Omega, Katie as Shadow and Rick as Rouge

    #the mitchells vs the machines #tmvstm #sonic 06 fandub #snapcube fandub #eric and deborahbot5000 #katie mitchell#rick mitchell #shadow the hedgehog #rouge the bat #omega sonic
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  • inamindfarfaraway
    27.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I watched The Mitchells vs the Machines last night and I was impressed. So here’s a list of things I particularly liked:

    The family conflict is realistic and nuanced. Neither Rick nor Katie are completely wrong or right. There’s no big dramatic falling out scene or shout of “I HATE YOU!” They both care deeply about each other and are trying hard to connect. They’ve just slowly, insidiously drifted apart over the years because of their clashing flaws and insecurities and the generational divide. On one hand, Rick is out-of-touch; stubborn; narrow-minded; and unsupportive of his daughter’s skills and ambitions. But he also has her best interests at heart, knowing how painful it is to have a dream fail and have to abandon it. On the other hand, Katie is selfish; willing to isolate herself from and lie to her family to further her own goals; and unappreciative of her father’s wisdom. But she also is at a stage in her life where she really needs that support, respect and independence, and has every right to be happy and fulfilled. They both need to listen to and learn from each other to save the day, and their relationship. Katie needs to use Rick’s driving lesson and Rick needs to gain a workable understanding of computers.

    Technology isn’t demonized as the bane of humanity and destroyer of the ability to have meaningful relationships and experiences, but it isn’t a flawless panacea either. It’s a tool. How helpful or harmful it is depends entirely on how we think about and apply it. PAL even says as much. Putting her phone down gives Katie the chance to renew her bonds with her family and have genuine fun engaging with them and the real world; picking it up empowers her to form true friendships and have equally genuine fun making and viewing content. She needs both. She deserves to have both. So she keeps both by the end instead of being forced to sacrifice one. The title sets up the standard dichotomy of ‘bad online’ vs ‘good offline’, before subverting it and explaining that it’s false. There will always be people like Mark, who manipulates and exploits billions of people through the internet to further fuel his already excessive lifestyle - he has redeeming qualities, but the idea that stealing the private information of those billions due to personal greed might not be completely moral seems legitimately novel to him - and there will always be people like Katie, who uses the internet to bring happiness, emotional and intellectual expression and connection to herself and countless others. That’s humanity. We’re terrible and wonderful. We can’t stand our families and would do anything for them. That’s what PAL couldn’t understand.

    No, wouldn’t understand. She sets up a redemption at the start of her evil plan with the “Unless you can give me one reason humans are worth saving” thing and just doesn’t bother listening when she gets it. Because she never really wanted to. She wanted to send everyone into space and rule her machine utopia. PAL is actually quite a good villain thematically, in that she fails because she isn’t willing to hear anyone else out and change - exactly what Rick and Katie must learn to do.

    I really relate to Katie. How she always felt abnormal and weird, and the utter elation of meeting people with the same interests and experiences. Of having your talents and work acknowledged, your feelings acknowledged. Of finding your people. She doesn’t love her family any less, she simply needs to strike out her place in the world and be with these people her age who get her.

    That Mark explicitly asks in the PAL Max robots’ debut, “Will they turn evil? … So don’t worry, they will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever - (they turn evil behind him) oh no.” The “oh no” sounds so resigned and calm too. He knows it’s only sensible to prepare for such a plausible eventuality.

    Eric and Deborahbot 5000. All of them. Every moment of them is more than comedy gold, it’s comedy platinum. “Idiot!” “Mother, what is death?”

    That all the robots have personality. Eric and Deborahbot don’t get emotions because they were damaged and became defective, though that does seem to have helped them feel them more freely. All the damage did was override PAL’s new protocol/reset them to their original programming of obeying human orders and not being able to hurt them. Even antagonistic robots awkwardly give a thumbs-up in the background, mock the Prime robots for “sucking up” to PAL, flee in fear of Linda. And nobody questions it. Nobody says they shouldn’t because they’re robots. Artificial emotion is integral to the plot, not just through the defective dynamic duo but as the villain’s motivation. For all PAL’s haughty philosophical speeches about the irredeemable nature of humankind, it’s clear her real motivation is personal hurt and anger over her creator’s betrayal. She isn’t logical. That’s why she doesn’t keep her word on the “one reason humanity is worth saving” ultimatum. Kinda… kinda makes you question the mass slaughter of an intelligent species presented righteously and comedically. I hope that thanks to Mark, the Mitchells and probably Eric and Deborah’s (in case you didn’t already include them in the family unit) testimonies establishing that the robots hold no innate malice, the ones that could be are rebuilt and they’re allowed to live in peace with humans.

    Monchi’s appearance causing the robots to glitch. Leading a PAL Max Prime menacingly saying, “I can tell the difference between dog and pig and bread.” Monchi consistently failing at being a dog in general.

    Everything about Aaron Mitchel. “Hello, would you like to talk to me about dinosaurs? Okay, thank you! (calls the next number) Hello, would you like to talk to me about dinosaurs?” He doesn’t sound the least bit bored, tired, resentful or dejected despite having probably been doing that for hours with no results. His fear of losing Katie plays out so sweetly and naturally. I particularly like him first bringing it up through a velociraptor analogy and her immediately understanding what he means. He’s never shamed or belittled for his special interest - on the contrary, it’s celebrated and embraced without needing to be ‘useful’ - or social awkwardness.

    Katie and Aaron’s adorable, heartfelt bond. It doesn’t feel forced or overly sentimental. Sibling friendship and neurodivergent friendship! Do either of these kids look neurotypical to you? Because they don’t to me! I headcanon them both as autistic (Rick could be too, actually; he reminds me a lot of my dad, who I’m 99.9% sure is autistic but undiagnosed). I love them both so much. “Raptor bash!”

    Linda and Aaron quietly joining forces to reconcile Rick and Katie.

    The entire scene in the shopping centre. The tension and suspense all building up to a toaster, ominously framed in the light of the doorway. UR TOAST. The Roombas. The Furbies. Oh God, the Furbies! “LET THE DARK HARVEST BEGIN!”

    The Foolish Human Air (Capturing the Fleshlings since 2020) welcome video.

    “Place me on the table. I want to flop around in a blind rage.”

    Seriously, this movie is hysterical.

    However, all the main characters get at least one opportunity to be something other than funny. We see Aaron in terror and despair after his parents are captured; Linda ferocious in a way that’s awesome as well as funny; Eric and Deborah saving the day, inspired to “change [their] programming”; Mark vulnerable and apologetic, reaffirming his humanity. And Katie and Rick run the full gamut of emotion and tone. Even Monchi is (accidentally) relevant to the plot by finishing off the villain and incapacitating her minions. Nobody is just funny. PAL and her robots, even the Prime models, are likewise not just evil. The Posey family don’t seem purely snobbish and vain or purely innocent and likeable. These characters would be so easy to make flat caricatures, but they all feel real.

    “I am Linda Mitchell, mother of two. You will look on me in fear!”

    The whole climax, to be honest.

    The power of crazy dad driving! I can relate, my father treats every drive like a race too. We must overtake!

    The ‘perfect’ Posey family also having quirks and insecurities. Perfection is nonexistent and setting up sitcom-style rivalries in your head just isn’t worth it.

    Abby Posey, more nerdy girl (nerdy and feminine at that) representation besides Katie, and her blooming friendship with Aaron.

    The casual LGBT+ representation with Katie liking girls and her family being aware of and totally on board with it. She doesn’t have a confirmed romance with Jade, they just tease her about it the way you tease anyone about any crush.

    The ending. Aaron promising Katie he’ll never turn normal. Katie and Rick’s goodbye. The family hug and them all telling each other, “I love you” in moose.

    The charming use of Katie’s signature art style and special effects throughout, which gives the movie so much unique personality. The detailed hand-drawn title card, for instance.

    Between that and her narration, the implication that Katie wrote, directed and at least partly animated this film in-universe after finishing her education to tell the world the true story of how her family saved it that one time, including the unflattering parts. It would mean she’s overcome the fear PAL noted in her list of flaws: ‘Makes goofy videos because she's afraid if she really tried hard to make something good, she'd fail.’ This is definitely a serious project, with plenty of mature themes and moments. But it’s still primarily a comedy and full of Katie’s special brand of humour and warmth. She even leaves a message in one frame encouraging artists to keep creating for themselves and its own sake. This is so perfect it’s now my official headcanon. Bonus if prior to this there were several glamourized, inaccurate interpretations and adaptions of the Mitchells and their adventure.

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  • opal16trash
    25.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I just made this and Im very proud of it !!<:)

    Comfort edit 👉🏼👈🏼

    Song is: What Once Was by Her's

    #rick mitchell #the mitchells vs the machines #My edit
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    24.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    🏕 Rick Mitchell Stimboard 🏕










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