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  • You know this sound that’s trending on TikTok that goes “Take her to the moon for me okay?”, “I’ll try”

    Yeah I just imagined Jason saying that to Will about Nico.

    Why am I doing this to myself? 🤠

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  • Jason: You have a cocktail dress in the back of your car?

    Piper: I’m not an animal Jason!

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  • Caleo’s Child: Um, is there alcohol in this?

    Leo: No! Of course not! What kind of Father do you think I am?

    Leo: Why, do you want a little bit? Because if you’re going to drink I’d rather you do it in the house.

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  • Can…the woman who had affairs with gods have an abortion?

    Don’t exactly remember what made me think of this but if a woman finds out she’s pregnant and…doesn’t want the child would the abortion take? We all know demigod are stronger then humans so would something so human kill them? Think about those poor woman, who possibly unknowingly slept with a god and is stuck with the child whether they want it or not? Later being forced to give them up?

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  • Dragonborns and Demiprinces are ESO’s equivalet of Demigods:

    1. Divine heritage.

    2. Constant bullshit from the universe and their parents.

    3. Special powers like Dragon Aspect, dominion over pocket Oblivions, etc.

    4. They always have big impacts on the world.

    5. They babey and just wanna be left alone/loved by their aedric and daedric parents.

    6. Dragonborns and Demiprinces should start a club or a camp that offers sanctuary for their kind. Wink wink, nudge nudge, hint hint.

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  • SO


    Fun fact!!!

    City of the Plague God excerpt! Is here! On ReadRiordan! And I will talk more about it when I’m not exhausted! But yay!

    #i was just thinking about it and then— bam #i must be magic sklsksb #city of the plague god #rick riordan presents #rick riordan#sarwat chadda #ok... sleeping now
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  • Let’s get ‘em boys



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    • Percy and Nico: damn I bet we could have had the best relationship in the books..
    • Rick: ... I guess we'll never know-
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  • 𝐅𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧

    Leo: Yo dude!

    Percy: Sup man, wanna hang out?

    Leo: Yeah!


    Leo: Yo dude!

    Percy: Who the fuck are you?

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  • Part 1

    • at this point these two have been dancing around each other for the good part of nearly a year, they’ve both amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, both because they’re awesome and also because people want to know more about them 
    • The same day annabeth uploads her vlog at the airport
    • Percy uploads a vlog type video as well talking about how he’s going to go into city to meet up with a friend, he finishes the tik tok with a shot of roughly the same area Annabeth was just in and winks at the camera
    • The next tik tok goes up on Percy’s account and it’s him trying to convince her to get on his skateboard while she’s listing all of the potential injuries she could get if something goes wrong 
    • It becomes their most viewed tik tok EVER
    • Annabeth’s next tik tok is a vlog of her going around New York City and has 2 second glimpses of percy leading her around and pointing out different monuments to her (she’s a relatively private person so I feel like she wouldn’t flaunt him around) 
    • Percy on the other hand is releasing tik tok after tik tok about annabeth. Videos of her skateboarding, videos of her looking and walking about the streets of New York, of her eating her food and her hiding her face as he points the camera at her
    • Its almost tangible how much affection he has for her 
    • And this is the first day they’ve officially met, but its a culmination of nearly 10 months of them talking almost every day for hours on end so it doesn’t even feel like the first time, it just feels like his best friend is visiting and he hasn’t seen her for a long time 
    • In the month that Annabeth is in New York, she’s with percy almost every day. And their accounts are just full of each other
    • Percy manages to talk Annabeth into doing one (1) tik tok dance with her and Percy makes a tik tok on her account talking about the importance of climate change and helping sea turtles 
    • Behind the scenes, without the camera, percy and annabeth walk around New York until the sky is indigo and then he takes her to the rooftop of his apartment complex so they can continue talking and end up falling asleep as the sun peeks through the clouds, and in the morning he walks her to her hotel, bleary eyed but with the biggest grin known to man 
    • (Annabeth falls asleep with the smallest of smiles on her face and dreams of pink sunsets and green eyes) 
    • He introduces her to his mum, sister and step-dad (and adoptive brother Tyson) 
    • Neither of them directly address it, but they’re falling for each other and the month is ending and they don’t know what to do about it
    • The week before Annabeth is meant to fly back Percy invites her to a college party to meet some of his friends, Grover (who has been in Percy’s videos, also has a tik tok account that is solely dedicated to his plant collection and sharing information about caring for them), Hazel (has the sweetest most aesthetic jewellery making videos + baking videos, literally a pioneer for lesbian tik tok even though she’s in a relationship with frank) and Nico (e-boy tik tok duh), Frank (not an avid tik tok user but he does model hazel’s jewellery and Nico and percy have used him in transformation videos) 
    • Percy also introduces Annabeth to Rachel who Annabeth knows through tik tok because Rachel drew percy one time a couple of months ago and the spark of jealousy annabeth felt was so uncomfortable
    • But it dissolves completely when Rachel goes off on a tangent about the importance of asexual representation and talks about the importance of seeing yourself in media and Annabeth makes a note to herself to educate herself so that they can have something to talk about 
    • The party goes by without a hitch, except for the fact Annabeth hates parties and Percy doesn’t drink…
    • So they sneak off to walk around NYU campus and percy shows her all of his favourite spots (someone from the party (Grover) makes a tik tok of them not so subtly leaving the party together and grins at the camera no context) 
    • That becomes grovers most viewed tik tok 
    • (At this point percabeth has taken over tik tok and it’s on everyone’s FYP) 
    • Percy and annabeth remain oblivious to their phones going off about their mini escapade, and they end up In the NYU library and percy takes her to the architecture section “because I thought you’d like it”
    • She kisses him there
    • And he kisses her back 
    • “I refuse to regret this,” she whispers against his mouth, as she presses her forehead against his. He smiles and lightly brushes a curl away from her face.  
    • “I won’t let you,” he whispers back. 
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  • Leo: I’m too busy to die.

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  • Monsters: Now that you lost your weapon we can finally kill you.

    Jason, raised by wolfs: You really wanna die?



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    Goodreads Challenge:

    -Trick | Natalia Jaster | 5/5 Stars


    - The Magician’s Land | Lev Grossman | 5/5 Stars

    - The Tower of Swallows | Andrzej Sapkowski | 3/5 Stars

    - The Sword of Summer | Rick Riordan | 5/5 Stars

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  • image
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  • i think buying the scarf was the start of something. because now i’m thinking about lacing up my doc martens and putting on my leather jacket… someone tell me to stop before i go too far

    #i don’t wanna cosplay but... #i might’ve just sealed my fate #magnus chase #magnus chase and the gods of asgard #hearthstone alderman#hearthstone #magnus chase and the hammer of thor #magnus chase and the ship of the dead #rick riordan#personal note
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  • doing the Christmas tree on Olympus…

    Hades: WHY NOT BLACK?

    Demeter: Pines aren’t bl-

    Hecate: *turns the colour of the pine

    Hades: you said?

    Zeus: NO.

    Poseidon: why not BLUUUUE?


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  • Riordanverse characters moodboards/aesthetics:

    (Part 2)

    Percy Jackson:


    Alex Fierro:


    Magnus Chase:


    Mallory Keen:


    Reyna Avila Ramirez Arellano:






    Meg Mccaffrey:


    Lavinia Asinov:


    Samirah Al-Abbas:

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  • The song in the silence Thyramis

    Percy and Annabeth falling into tartarus. Just came up with this so its just a voice recording let me know if I should finish it / properly record it :)

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