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  • indonesiancrush
    23.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago



    Hujan sudah kerap turun menjelang akhir tahun 2021 ini sehingga pengguna sepeda motor harus berhati-hati ketika berkendara di jalan. Kondisi saat hujan yang berbeda membuat pengendara harus meningkatkan kewaspadaan untuk menjaga keselamatan berkendara. ”Mengendarai sepeda motor saat hujan membuat pengguna motor perlu memperhatikan beberapa hal yang mendukung keselamatan berkendara bersama.…

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  • hotairballoondubai
    23.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago
    #Hot Air Balloon Dubai #Hot Air Balloon Dubai Price #Balloon Ride Dubai
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    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • sarah-dessen-things
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    September 13 & 16 2021: Sofia Alvarez posts that she’s in Along for the Ride editing mode.

    #along for the ride #aftr
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  • kali-mav
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Anyone else hates the idea of driving/owning a car?

    Money for lessons, money for insurance, money for mechanics, money for gas, and horrible reflexes that leave me screaming and thrashing everytime anything sudden happens. I've done 5 (6? dunno) surgeries, and I don't trust myself, in charge of a metallic death machine, not to have another one.

    I stopped wearing heels and running to avoid accidents ffs!

    #which sucks cause I live far away from home and can rarely visit #i just want to go home whenever i want #fucking hate the idea of being in charge of a car #cause I KNOW I'll cause an accident #I almost caused one when riding shotgun #too scared to get hurt and it being my fault
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  • chapmanavenue
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    素材から縫製まで全て新潟産のWEST RIDEオリジナ




    Lot AK1612-1


    color: BLK×F.GRN / GRY×BRN

    ¥ 15,800

    ¥ 17,380 tax in








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  • alex-w-ynn
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the graphics are having a field day

    #mate they said raul was doing while the camera was literally showing him riding jsjksnskj #emilia romagna moto2 2021 #fp3#moto2
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  • hyejina
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Adventure in New York

    Queens, New York

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    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • hollyjumper
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • fairytalesurvey
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just over a month to go!

    There's just over a month to go for the 2021 Survey of Popular Fairy Tales.

    What are the most popular fairy tales? I don't know, so I made a survey to find out! Doesn't matter if you love, hate, or are indifferent to fairy tales, I want to hear from you!


    The survey is short, anonymous, and open until 23:59 UTC, 30th November, 2021.

    The results will be released to the point public in early 2022 on this blog.

    Reblog for wider reach!!!

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  • babyblurbs
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Bad boy- Remus Lupin.

    Warning: spanking, punishment, established s/d relationship, drinking, pillow riding, crying

    Notes: this is the first story I’ve written with a sub/dom relationship. If there’s anything I did wrong, please inform me so I can fix it.

    The door slammed shut to the Potion Masters chambers, alerting the lycanthrope that his husband had finished Detention for the night.

    “How’s your day been, love?” He called from the living room, only to be greeted by silence and the occasional sound of Severus kicking something out of his way into the kitchen.


    “Fucking fine, Remus!” The professor snarled, a cup slamming onto the counter and causing the werewolf to stand up and walk into the kitchen.

    “What was that?” He questioned darkly, the smaller one quickly realizing his mistake and shrinking back away from his partner.

    “‘M sorry… been rough today..” he murmured, Remus reaching up and caressing his cheek.

    “I bet, you were on detention duty today, but you know better, don’t you? Know better than to cuss or shout at me? To slam doors and cups, Hmm?”

    “Yes, daddy..” the meek reply came, Remus smiling at his sweet little sub. The rough, calloused hand patted his cheek, earning a whine from Severus.

    “Go to the room, Doll. Strip down to only your dress shirt and grab the paddle. And then sit on the bed, I’ll be up in a few moments. Need a quick reminder of how you’re supposed to act.” Remus ordered gently, Severus quickly rushing off to their shared bedroom.

    Remus shook his head and picked up the cup Severus had set on the counter, frowning when he recognized the stench of alcohol in the cup. He told Severus he wasn’t allowed any during the week, no matter what the situation is.

    “Puppy?” He called, a noise of response echoing down the hall to let him know Severus had heard him. “What’ve you had to eat today? It is almost midnight.” Tense silence filled the atmosphere, giving Remus almost everything he needed to blister his poor subs ass. “That’s what I thought. Upgrade the paddle to the belt and get out here and get something it eat.”

    “No daddy, I didn’t-“

    “Severus I didn’t ask. Don’t make it worse.” He warned, hearing Severus’s shameful footsteps echo through the hall as he walked into the kitchen. He was dressed just how Remus ordered; in nothing but his white dress shirt.

    “I thought I told you you needed to eat at least twice again and a cup of water every class?”

    “Forgot, daddy.. got busy.” He whined, stomping slightly in anger that his punishment was raised. Remus glared softly at him.

    “You better control yourself, pup. Before you wish you did, better be glad I didn’t go up when I found the alcohol.” Remus warned, Severus’s ears going pink in embarrassment.

    “Daddy please, didn’t mean to.” He murmured, Remus shaking his head and handing him a plate of dinner along with a glass of water.

    “Too late, butterscotch. Now go eat.” He stated, much to Severus’s dismay. He guided Severus to the table, the man taking in his last few moments of him being able to sit down without being in pain.

    He picked at his food, moving it around on his plate to stall time, hoping his lover wouldn’t realize that’s what he was doing.

    “You gotta eat something, pup. Don’t want you feinting halfway through.” Remus murmured, taking Severus’s fork from him and starting to feed him himself. The man reluctantly ate, crossing his arms and shuffling his feet.

    “Daddy I don’t want a spa-“

    “Severus Tobias Snape, I did not ask what you wanted. I told you what you were getting.” Remus snapped, shoving another mouthful of food into his mouth to keep any bratty comments from escaping his mouth. “If you didn’t want it, you should’ve followed the rules. They aren’t hard, you just refuse to listen.” Severus grumbled and took his fork back from Remus, angrily eating what was left on his plate.

    “And now the water.” Remus pushed the cup towards him, Severus slowly drinking the entire cup of water before handing it back to him.

    “Good, now go back to the room. I’ll be there after I clean up.” He ordered, Severus standing up and stomping back to the room, Remus shaking his head and continuing what he was doing.

    “You poor thing, don’t even know how much trouble you’re already in.” He murmured, scrubbing the dishes down and setting them in the rack to dry. He dried off his hands and started towards their bedroom, hearing the fussy grumbles of his poor sub. He chuckled softly, rolling up his sleeves and opening the door.

    Severus was settled in the middle of the bed, glaring up at Remus who just pulled up a chair and sat down. “Come here, pup. Don’t make this harder than necessary.” He patted his lap, Severus staying put on the bed making Remus raise an eyebrow. “Severus, get over here. Don’t make me come collect you.” He warned, the man still not budging from his spot.

    Without warning, the lycanthrope stood up and walked over to him, gripping his bicep and yanking him off the bed, pulling him back towards the chair. He sat down, pulling Severus over his knee and pressing his hand to his back so he couldn’t move.

    “You little brat. You continue to tell me you’re sorry only to act up once again. Don’t worry, you’re gonna be real sorry by the time I’m finished.” He growled, Severus whimpering when Remus snapped his fingers, the belt appearing in his hand. “Gonna blister your sorry little ass.” He muttered, pulling up the shirt he had on. “You’ll be lucky if you can sit down next month.”

    “Daddy no! ‘M sorry! Really!” Severus cried, knowing he made it ten times worse now by not listening the first time.

    “Too late, brat, now start counting.” He growled, snapping the belt against his porcelain skin, eliciting a whine from him. His fingers curled into Remus’s thigh, his toes curling.

    “One, daddy.”


    “Two, daddy!”


    “Ow.. th-three, daddy.”

    Severus kicked his feet slightly as the hits continued to reign down on his soft skin. Cries and wails started to escape his mouth after the fifteenth hit, his struggles getting worse.

    “Keep counting, you aren’t even close to being done.” Remus hissed, keeping Severus pinned to his knee as he continued to bring the belt down.



    “Eighteen! Daddy please!” The desperate wail came from Severus as Remus looking down at him.

    “You have at least twenty seven more.” Remus scoffed, the hits getting harder as they reached 23.

    “Twenty four!”

    “Twen-twenty five!”

    “Ow! Twenty six- please daddy not so hard!” Remus stopped for a minute to grip Severus’s hair.

    “I don’t want to hear your pathetic begging, you got that? I want to hear you ONLY count!” He snapped, Severus hiccuping and nodding weakly. The belt came down again harshly, warning a whimper at the searing pain blooming across the poor subs bruising ass.

    “Use your words, brat.”

    “Y-yes daddy! I understand!” He cried, trying to keep his noises to a minimum. Remus offered condescending pat to his back before he continued the reign of hits, Severus trying to keep himself quiet and from kicking the air. The numbers came nasally from Severus’s mouth, only Remus noticing the constant bucking of his hips against his thigh. He smirked softly, bringing the belt down harder when Severus lost count.

    “Lost count? Pup you know what happens when you lose count.”

    “No! No ‘m sorry! Please! Didn’t mean too! S’too much to count!” Severus wailed, Remus taking mercy on his pitiful cries.

    “Oh I know. Poor brain dead pup can’t even count to forty five. Come on. Thirty five is where you were.” Remus crooned, running his fingers through his hair.

    “Thir-.. thirty five.” Severus sniffled, gripping onto Remus’s pants, struggling to keep up with the last ten hits to his bruised ass.

    “F-forty t-two..”

    “Forty th-three.”

    “Forty- god.. forty four.” When the last one struck his ass, Severus let out a harsh sob, pressing his face into Remus’s thigh.

    “There you go~ you did so good.” Remus praised, massaging the heated flesh as Severus laid limp across his lap.

    “I’m s-sorry, daddy!” He cried, Remus lifting him up to straddle his lap instead of laying across it.

    “I know you are, puppy. ‘M so proud of you.” He murmured, smirking softly when he felt Severus squirm in his lap.

    “Daddy.. please.”

    “Please what, puppy? Use your words.” He ordered, Severus rocking his hips against him.

    “Need you…” he whined, Remus kissing his neck.

    “I know, you poor thing. Gotten all needy from me beating your cute little ass? My desperate little boy.” He crooned, one hand sliding up his chest and to his mouth, pushing two fingers into his mouth. “Get them wet baby, come on, good boy.” He smiled, Severus eagerly licking and coating Remus’s fingers in his spit, looking at him.

    “That’s it. My goodness. Is this what’s wrong? Did you need me so bad you just decided acting up what a good idea?” Remus questioned, Severus whining against his fingers. The fingers slipped out of his mouth and went around to prod at the tight ring of muscle.

    “Yeah? Thought it was a good idea? Well,” he started Severus groaning in frustration when Remus pulled his hand away. “You thought wrong butterscotch. Now get up.” He ordered, The other whining and holding onto him.

    “No, daddy ‘m sorry! Please, need you so bad.” Severus whimpered, Remus helping him to stand up and guiding him to bed.

    “Sorry, but it’s too late baby. You should’ve thought ahead of time. But, because I’m feeling merciful, you can get off-“ he said, gripping Severus by the throat when he went to touch himself. “Using my pillow.”

    “Noo daddy!” He whined, bouncing on his tip toes as Remus let him go.

    “Either that or nothing.” Severus pouted, crawling up onto the bed and grabbing the pillow while grumbling. “Come on baby, don’t be like that. You dont want to go to bed without anything right? Besides, I love watching you grind against my pillow, humping it like a needy slut in heat.” He purred, Severus shuddering and straddling the plush fabric. Remus sat back down in the chair, rubbing his cock through his pants.

    “Come on, you know what to do.” He murmured, Severus gripping the front of the pillow as he slowly rocked his hips against it. He kept his eyes locked on Remus’s hand, which had undone his pants and was now pumping his cock in time with Severus’s small thrusts.

    “Speed up pup- that’s it.” Remus crooned, watching as Severus shy thrusts slowly became needy rutting, his hips digging and pushing into the soft pillow.

    “My needy little puppy. So brain dead all you can think about is getting off, Hmm?” He scoffed, Severus whimpering and speeding up, his cock twitching heavily as the coil in his stomach began to tighten. Remus sped up his hand, letting out soft pants as he growled.

    “God how I want to bury my cock deep in your tight little ass, want to hear you cry each time him thighs hit that bruised ass of yours. But you just had to be a little brat tonight and make it so I had to punish you instead. I should spank you again for making me unable to reward you tonight. Should’ve spanked you till you came like that; from the belt, like the dirty little whore you are.”

    Severus cried out in ecstasy, precum leaking from the tip of his cock.

    “Please daddy! Please let me cum. Need to so bad. Wanna be a good slut for you, daddy.” He whined, his hips jerking spastically on the pillow.

    “Cum f’me baby. Make a mess on my pillow.” He ordered, Severus moaning out as thick white ropes shot onto the corner of the plush fabric, Remus cumming with him with a deep growl.

    Soft pants filled the room, the Lycanthrope standing up and walking over to his spent little sub. He scooped him up, tossing the dirty pillow off the bed and pulling the covers over both of them. Severus moved up and nuzzled into his chest, holding onto his waist as Remus rubbed his shoulder.

    “Such a good boy, my good little pup. ‘M so proud of you.” He whispered, Severus smiling and leaning up to kiss him softly.

    “I love you, Rem.”

    “I love you too, Severus.”

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  • hopelessromanticidiota
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The tension between me and this jacket

    I’d never look half as good as this guy in it but whatever a person can dream

    #bear talks #yes this is from the wrangler website yes i am still A Gay #i am simply A Gay who is not-cis and dresses very generically and rides horses #this is my shit #im also dean-coded so #do the math besties #got the cowboy aesthetic down pat #(No rural gays come for me please i am only joking)
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    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    thank you cw nancy drew for the delicious fuckin food

    #nancy drew#nace #I am gonna be riding high all day that ep was SO GOOD
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