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    i . send me toesy woesy pics

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    IN WHICH y/n does unexplainably stupid things that makes riki head over heels for them —

    “BOTH OF YOU, STOP LIVE TWEETING!” Chenle said as he was leading them to his car. “OKAY? YOU DID IT TOO?!” Y/n yelled at him. Meters away from him, not being able to catch up. Riki, was surprisingly obedient. He was very slow though. “RIKI! Go faster, you have long legs!” Y/n shouted, people were already giving the three weird looks. But y/n couldn’t careless especially with big dogs chasing them, Chenle was getting secondhand-embarrasment from the two. “I AM!” Riki shouted back, not caring about the stares people were giving. Chenle did not want anything to do with these two children after this, as time passes he was getting even more embarrassed.


    I don’t like this one since its very rushed but i have so much schoolwork to do. And i repeated a joke, i hate this. So uh that’s it for this chapter !!

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    asking enhypen "why aren't we dating?"

    [basically you're friends and you ask them why the two of you aren't dating]

    a/n: based on a tiktok i saw today~ i'm working on something rn but i wanted to put something out for u guys heh enjoy

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    Sun-ki ♡

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    Teasing boyfriend

    He’s gonna tease you till your nerves fray, but will make up for it by clinging onto you till you forgive him

    Best buddy

    check here to know how you can interact with Riki!

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    04.12.2021 - 23 hours ago

    chapter 17 | “the little details”

    w/c: +2.2k

    warning⚠️: implications of familial absence, bullying / violence depicted

    there are also two written sections, so make sure to read all the way!

    entering the cafeteria again almost elicites a foreign feeling within you. you hadn’t stepped foot into the room these past few weeks in order to avoid a certain couple and the self consciousness of sitting all by yourself. you even take your sweet time strolling to the cafeteria today, because you were growing paranoid of if you’d be first one there or if the chaotic crowd would make you look like fool trying to navigate to the proper table.

    once you see the group you were searching for by the back corner, you beeline straight towards them.

    “is jay coming?” you overhear jake ask.

    “eh, he said he had something to do or some other bullshit,” sunghoon replies with a shrug.

    “y/n!” sunoo acknowledges you first, happily clapping his hands together and giving you a precious eye smile. you wave shyly in response.

    sunghoon tightly presses his lips together to hide a laugh as he watches riki’s head shoot up from his food at the realization you were here. sunghoon could’ve mistaken him for a lost puppy that had just found its owner.

    “hey cutie,” jake greets you with a side hug once you took the seat in between him and riki.

    you sit quietly as you listen to the others open the conversation with how their morning was or what classes they were dying to complain about. you resist the urge to look behind you at the table where jungwon and kyeong would be. the thought alone was capable enough to damper your mood. missing them was torture.

    “you didn’t bring lunch?” riki asks which results in you shaking your head. “and you’re not buying from the cafeteria either?”

    you shake your head a second time, furrowing your eyebrows when riki only smiles giddily at your answers.

    “I had a feeling this would happen,” he reaches into the backpack by his side and pulls out a pale blue lunchbox. “here, this one’s for you.”

    you could only stare at it as riki sets the lunchbox in front of you, peeling back the lid to reveal an aroma of home cooked foods.

    “are you gonna digest it with your eyes?” sunghoon jokes.

    “riki’s mom always makes the best dishes,” jake adds. “I should crash those nishimura family dinners more often.”

    “earth to y/n!” sunoo waves a hand in your face from across the table. he slumps back into his seat once he realizes you’re not reacting. “I think she’s gone.”

    “eat up,” riki gently nudges you. “it’s all yours.”

    “no one has ever done something like this for me before,” you slowly grab the set of chopsticks from the side of the box, toying with them until they properly rest in your grasp.

    “really?” sunoo says inquisitively. “your mom has never packed you a lunchbox?”

    you body freezes a second too long and everyone at the table looks up from their lunch once the fraction of silence washes over.

    “I live with my aunt and she’s usually too busy for these kinds of things,” you say with a sad smile curling your lips.

    “I’m sorry for bringing it up,” sunoo apologizes, ashamedly diverting his eyes away from you.

    “it’s okay,” you brush it off genuinely. “you didn’t know. it’s no big deal to me either, just the way things have always been.”

    you finally come around to taking a bite from the lunchbox, nonchalantly munching down the japanese-styled meal. maybe it was the presentation or the delectable taste or the kind gesture associated with it, but nonetheless, this felt like the home you never had.

    “it’s really good,” you let out a small smile, tilting your head to face riki. “thank you.”

    “no problem,” his voice shyly whispers.

    “so y/n,” jake tries to uplift the atmosphere, forming a smirk. “any embarrassing stories you wanna know about riki?”

    “jake!” riki shrieks, his stare shooting lasers into jake’s soul.

    “do tell,” you laugh, a mischievous glint shimmering in your eyes.

    “ok, so riki is on the dance team,” jake begins his story. “and last year they had a performance that included a dance solo. he’s considered the prodigy there, so when he didn’t get the part as expected, he complained so much that the rest of the team almost threatened to unanimously kick him off. he had to fake cry and become an errand boy for a month to stay.”

    “he’s such a prankster too!” sunghoon chimes in. “one time he tried to scare jay by making it seem like his house was haunted and ended up accidentally getting gutted in the stomach. he sulked over how jay wouldn’t treat him to ice cream for two weeks.”

    “he’s the baby of the group,” sunoo exclaims, his fluffy bangs swishing with his animated head movements. “restlessly evil yet still has his shinee posters with hand drawn hearts hung all over his room.”

    “yah, kim sunoo!” riki abruptly stands from his seat, chasing after the poor boy in circles around the lunch table. sunoo is eventually caught and riki practically strangles him until jake tears the two apart.

    riki has never failed to display his more mature and comforting side when it comes to you, but this was different. you saw through the veil of his coy personality and found yourself enjoying this one all the more. you didn’t have to agonizingly watch riki reform the chipped edges of your broken heart that you wished you could fix yourself. he was so energetic and vibrant and playful; it almost fulfilled you just by watching him and listening to everyone’s stories that told you all the little details you failed to learn about him before.

    riki returns to his seat out of breath. you silently laugh at the upset expression resting on his face as he glares at the three other boys. he seems to still be unsatisfied even though sunoo’s uniform is no longer prim and proper and his hair is tousled into all sorts of directions.

    while sunghoon and jake are in their side conversation and sunoo is busy fixing his tie, riki turns to you.

    “before I forget,” he reaches into his jacket pocket to pull out a dangly metal keychain with the pendant of a silver four-leaf clover accompanied by shiny, decorative beads lining the chain. “my sisters forced me to window shop with them not too long ago and I came across this. remember when we exchanged numbers on the bus ride home from the food stalls? I kept thinking about what you said when I asked why you put a four-leaf clover by my name. you said us coming across each other that night was like fate or some kind of luck, so I thought of you when I saw it. I hope you like it.”

    “you didn’t have to do that,” you stammer in shock. “I feel like ever since I’ve met you, I’ve been in debt to your kindness.”

    “not true,” riki denies instantly and hooks the clip of the chain onto your bag. “you gave me bungeoppang the other day. plus, I noticed that your other keychain was getting a bit rusty. I thought that it’d be nice to have something new.”

    “you’re not wrong,” you say, stretching an arm to retrieve the keychain jungwon once gifted you at the bottom of your bag. you slowly rotate it front to back between your fingertips. “I’ve been meaning to get rid of this one, but I can’t bring myself to throw it away.”

    “how about this,” riki hovers his hand over the keychain, waiting for a nod of confirmation from you before taking it and storing it in the front pocket of his backpack. “I’ll keep it safe for you. if you ever want it back, just let me know.”

    by the soft spoken tone of his voice, you know he understands the context of that singular keychain, who it comes from. it’s scary how transparent you feel around him, like the wall you have a habit of building is just glass. you’ve known deep down that you were no stranger to him when he found you at the top of that staircase. you tell yourself that it’s best he keeps the keychain, and most importantly, that you’ll never ask for it back.

    as lunch comes to an end and you bid your goodbyes to the group, you catch jay’s figure when you exit the cafeteria doors. hesitating at first, you tap your foot anxiously until you decide to follow him.

    “jay!” you yell as you rushed to weave through the sea of students.

    your face twists into a grimace once it’s obvious that he’s beginning to walk faster, but you impulsively transition into a sprint. you manage to loop a hand around the crease of his elbow to get his attention, pulling him aside to a less crowded space.

    “why the hell have you been randomly avoiding me?” you demand. “it’s about heeseung, right? what’s going on with him?”

    “woah, slow down,” jay put his hands on your shoulders to distance you a bit further. “and what I know about heeseung is none of my business to tell. I know you’re concerned but wait until he comes to you.”

    “screw that,” you say carelessly. “if heeseung’s taught me anything, it’s that waiting sucks when all you want is to be there for someone who’s trying to deal with everything alone. don’t tell me but at least help me out.”

    heeseung was always willing to be there for you, and now, you’d let him. however, this was about proving to him that you could do the same.

    jay reads your unwavering face. he thinks about it twice and then again once-over, observing that you haven’t moved an inch in waiting for his answer.

    “meet me at the gate after school,” he says with a sigh of defeat. “I’ll take you to visit heeseung.”

    right when you and jay enter the parking lot, you immediately remember how prestigious of a school it was. you both approach the front gates together as you search for heeseung among the other students filing out.

    “where is he?” you ask jay after waiting longer than anticipated. “did we miss him already?”

    “I don’t have a good feeling about this,” jay straightens his posture, visibly growing more tense. “let’s look around.”

    he wasn’t in the hallways, the classrooms, every crevice you managed to check. even though you still had no idea what was actually going on, you impatiently became more panicked as the search lead essentially nowhere. jay suggests to try looking at the back of the school, to which you had no reason to argue with besides the fact that your strides were turning into tired drags of your feet. you were seconds close to throwing in the towel and letting jay drive you home.

    and there you see him, hands holding his weight in the pocket of dead grass, bruises darkening on his cheeks. towering over him was another boy with fresh blood on his fist that dripped onto the edges of his expensive uniform sleeves.

    “what the hell,” your jaw slackens in disbelief. “heeseung!”

    you ran to his weak body, sliding your bare knees into the ground as you check his condition. your breathing quickens as he winces with every movement.

    “holy shit, hee,” jay joins you, adjusting heeseung to sit as comfortably as he could in that state. trusting that jay will continue aiding him, you stand to face the boy simply watching the three of you.

    “are you fucking crazy?” you scream angrily. “what’s your problem?”

    “y/n don’t,” heeseung warns you. “it’s not worth it.”

    “do you even know who I am?” the boy laughs cockily, stepping closer to intimidate you. “you and your little boyfriends should scram before you get yourselves too deep into trouble.”

    “I don’t give a fuck about who you are,” you grab the boy by his collar, your grip tightening as hard as it could as you slammed your other hand flat on his shoulder to turn and trap him against the side of the building. “don’t make me warn you twice. just do me a solid and leave, so I don’t ever have to look at your sorry self a second time.”

    “you don’t scare me,” he says teasingly, his smirk irritating you. “why don’t you just be a doll and let me go?”

    your vision turns red.

    he tries to push you off of him but is surprised by your relentless hold leaving no inch between him and the wall.

    “don’t fucking test me,” you grit through your teeth before aiming a punch right at his nose.

    there’s also another hard blow to his jaw in the mix of your rage. you grab a handful of his blazer and force him off the wall, kicking at his leg to make him stumble forward.

    “bitch,” is all he spits out before scoffing and running away.

    your eyes narrow as you watch his figure disappear towards the direction of the parking lot, checking to see that he’s left for sure.

    “y/n,” you hear heeseung mumble feebly.

    “save your energy,” your reply is gruff. you offer heeseung a hand as stinging tears cloud your eyes. “let’s just get you out of here.”

    you have never in your life felt so strongly about protecting someone else, your cheeks puddled with the weight of all those intense emotions. heeseung takes your hand as jay assists him in standing upright and you hug him so carefully like he’s a sheet of paper.

    “don’t leave,” heeseung whispers into your ear. “don’t shut me out, don’t think you’re a burden. just don’t leave me, please.”

    “I won’t run away again,” you cry into the sandpaper texture of his uniform shirt. “I’m sorry, hee. I’m so fucking sorry.”

    your sniffles become increasingly louder as it hits you — what it’s like to be the arms that someone else falls to pieces in.

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    summary: after all your years of pining for your best friend, Yang Jungwon, you suddenly catch him with his secret girlfriend… which happens to be your other best friend. deciding to forgive and forget, you heartbrokenly cut all ties and fall back into your habits of self isolation. however, that doesn’t go as planned when Nishimura Riki approaches you with an almost-confession and a stolen keychain.
    taglist (OPEN): @pebbypenny @hoodiebangtan @jakes-tummy @ncityy04 @clear-color-hair @hrtattcker @anuisamazing @desitr98 @a-vian @urresidentdrugdealer @studioreader @aria-grace-scott @s0ngk4ng @httpsoa @sunvishine @lomlyeonjun @haechans-sunflower @unipanda1006 @angel-ishere @hyuckslytherin @pixyseeun @minyoongisbigassfeet @giyyuzz @ncthpen @rikisnotforsale @uhhalexwashere @renjunvibes @meiiiwa @acciomylove @wiltingdaisies @xetherealbeautyx @tomorrowbymoa-together @leeis @mildlystupid @ryumiko221 @kyleeanne @iamnotgrootforiamthor @soobnny @ddeonubaby @ohmy-fandoms @c0nvers3h1gh @yeetjake @yeonjunsleftboob @junhyukiscute @nvm @justanotherimaginesaccount @pixisvng bolded accounts couldn’t be tagged!
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    ni-ki  —  ‘ global  rising  artist  ‘  award  acceptance  speech  @  mma  2021
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    211204 | ENHYPEN @ 2021 MMA "'Intro' + 'Drunk-Dazed' + 'Tamed-Dashed'" Performance Pictures via @melon Twitter [NI-KI] (8/8)

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    211204 | ENHYPEN @ 2021 MMA "'Intro' + 'Drunk-Dazed' + 'Tamed-Dashed'" Performance Pictures via @melon Twitter [OT7] (1/8)

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