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    22.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    His persona is that of a movie star. He's got that charisma. It's plain to see.

    —Rikki Lake

    Cry-Baby co-star, Sky Magazine, June 1990

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    01.05.2021 - 2 monts ago


    Origin: German

    Nicknames: Rik,Kiki

    #baby names #baby r names #ricki#r #german baby names #ricki lake #h20 just add water #rikki chadwick
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    19.09.2020 - 10 monts ago
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    03.09.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Rikki Lake, Johnny Depp and Traci Lords in Cry Baby (1990).  Traci was born Nora Kuzma in Steubenville, Ohio and has 123 acting credits, from What Gets Me Hot in 1994 to three projects now in production.  All her credits through 1988 are in hard core pornography.  Her first non-porn credit was an episode of Wiseguy (1989).  Her other notable credits include two episodes of Married with Children, an episode of Tales from the Crypt, Serial Mon, four episodes of Melrose Place, three episodes of Roseanne, 19 episodes of Profiler, Blade, an episode of GIlmore Girls, an episode of Will and Grace, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and eight episodes of Eastenders.

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  • howardhawkshollywoodannex
    03.09.2020 - 10 monts ago

    unknown actor, Kim McGuire, Johnny Depp, Rikki Lake and Traci Lords in Cry Baby (1990).  Kim was born in New Orleans and had eight acting credits, starting with Cry Baby.  Kim also earned a law degree from Loyola,  passed the California Bar exam, and was a practicing attorney in Los Angeles.

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    01.08.2020 - 11 monts ago
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    01.08.2020 - 11 monts ago
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  • davidisacamp
    24.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    things are always up in the air at Camp Rikki by the Lake.

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    03.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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  • i-am-vpelno
    21.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Stuff that “Just Doesn’t Work” in Days Gone: A retrospective after 100% completion

    Touch Pad Map- Seems super convenient until you realize Deacon stops moving completely when you pull that stuff up, really irritating when you’re facing a horde or you just accidentally bump it.

    Lisa- Her story is so weird! It’s always “Go save Lisa and bring her to a camp but oh no we tried to give her a job and she ran away” until the end where she’s world worn and messed up. There were times where we stopped seeing her for so long I thought they finally killed her off, only for her to come back again in some sort of “gotcha” moment. Then when we see her for the last time, what we’re supposed to be proud that she’s finally got her shit together and started emulating Deacon??? She should’ve died or stayed her dumb ass in a camp!

    Addy and Rikki- Now this whole game has the issue of not enough realistic representation of races, sexualities, disabilities etc. but it also has the not so pleasant feeling of being written by a straight white guy who grew up in a ton made up of mostly straight white men and it shows the most here. I liked both these characters at first and then as soon as the writers tried to write some development for them I was turned off. Addy doesn’t get more than “she’s lgbt+, jealous and a veterinarian” with some half assed development in between. We get a note that tells us that Addy’s parents disowned her because their religion doesn’t allow lgbt+ people, Skizzo being a fetishist and so so so many weird stories and zingers about her and Rikki’s relationship (that weird as fuck story after they bury Mike is the worst!) We get no real resolution to her jealousy arc, which was not handled well at all but I’ll expand on that later. Her being a vet and not a doctor thing is laughably underdeveloped, she mentions anxieties about her experience ONCE and it’s never brought up until the end fight where she’s like “I’m a doctor 🧐.” Rikki is so disappointing!!! It really seemed like they were setting her up for the cliche “The apprentice becomes the master”, succeeding Iron Mike path but no??? They give that to Deacon??? Who, despite what happens, is not a leader! He’s just a bounty hunter who does favors for you guys? Rikki is the one who stays and takes care of everything at Lost Lake even when Mike’s gone! Anyway, that’s why I liked her then the writer’s weird fetishization stuff reared it’s ugly head again when they were trying to make Rikki and Deacon a thing 🤮. It was so forced and out of nowhere, they even did the “Oh I’m seeing you topless for the first time” thing TWICE. Not to mention Addy and Rikki were in an established relationship before Deacon came and then Rikki just starts treating Addy like shit suddenly because of Deacon! It’s so fucked up, how are we supposed to like her after that I mean come on????

    Copeland and Tucker- Also weird. Honest question, are they supposed to be skinheads? I heard some mention of skinheads when we were introduced to Cope’s camp so I was never sure. Both of them are dicks tho, who are “redeemed” by the sole fact that they like Deacon by the end. Such bullshit.

    Skizzo and Jesse/Carlos- Weirdly interesting but flawed. I have a feeling that whatever happened to him and Jesse in the writing department. Jesse has a super cool concept as a villain. It’s a little tropey, I mean, what are the actual chances the person you wronged would search for you in the apocalypse and find you at that? However, I liked it because I was genuinely shocked at the reveal and curious what happened between them. Sadly Jesse’s place as the main villain is cut short in exchange for Skizzo. I would’ve liked to have seen Jesse’s relationship with the Mongrels before he was kicked out, I think that was a missing piece to the game in general. Anyway, again it felt like they didn’t know where they were going with Skizzo and Jesse was supposed to be the main antagonist but it was switched but they also didn’t do enough to make Skizzo a believable villain. He’s your standard shit starter and piece of shit of the group, and when he’s doing stuff like that it’s nothing remarkable. He really shines when they’re doing the Ripper twist. I genuinely began questioning whether Skizzo could be a good friend or ally for Deacon and even though I saw his betrayal coming I was chomping at the bit to see him punished. But then Jesse dies and Skizzo gets away and I audibly said “oh no” and it’s just bad writing from then on. Again it’s one of those situations where he’s gone SO LONG after he gets away I was hoping he died, we already saw he doesn’t do well in “The Shit.” But then he’s the final boss essentially out of nowhere, ugh so disappointing.

    O’Brian Twist- So my main issue with this is our lack of context and knowledge on the virus and what happened exactly at the Nero HQ while the game was going on. There’s so much we still don’t know by the end of the game like how the virus spread, why it was being made, what were the Nero scientists looking for etc. Then boom, really impactful and interesting twist that comes out of nowhere in a bad way. More like “what?” Instead of “Woah really?” I liked O’Brian he’s definitely 1st or 2nd best character for me.

    Nero Field Recording Soldiers and Scientists- Now this was a HUGE missed opportunity to give us the context we needed. A lot of the Nero personnel have great voice acting and juicy information about the virus. The scientist pairs Booth/Franklin, Simpson/Fernandez, Esposito/I can’t remember his name but he’s a dick, all have interesting chemistry and we more or less don’t know if they’re alive. It would’ve been cool to see them in game surviving or their bodies specifically to see what was going on with them (ngl I’ve been shipping Simpson and Fernandez and I was hoping to see them run away together.) I think Franklin’s cough and Fernandez’s suit glitch is supposed to key us in to the O’Brian twist. Black Rock or Black Top is mentioned and Deacon says he knows where it is, I don’t know if you can go there or what but it seemed pretty important for the game just to leave it like that.

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  • fluegelheld
    15.05.2021 - 2 monts ago
    [ID: An edited image of H2O and Supernatural. It’s the lake inside the cave in Mako island during the mermaid transformation, only instead of Rikki, Emma and Cleo there are Sam, Dean and Cas inside the water, looking confused as they are being illuminated by the moonlight. ID End]
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  • chuckhansen
    04.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    okay so i already said kiki finds out ami is pregnant after sarah and deacon do...but what’s even worse is that SEVERAL people get wind of it before it even reaches him. deacon is DUMB enough to pull noah aside and be like “hey so...don’t tell anybody but...” bc he knows noah is the only other person (besides kiki) that can actually ...talk to her like a civil person. and what does noah do? noah freaks out and boozer overhears him giving himself a pep talk about how he’s going to try and “rein ami in” you know...not letting her put herself in danger. 

    this is right after lost lake is attacked so people really aren’t in the mood to hear about things while they’re mourning one of the most important person in their community, but, boozer thinks it’s a good idea to go blab about it to addy and rikki because he’s PISSED that someone like her is bringing “another psycho” into the world. 

    half of that damn camp knows this “secret” before ami even gets a change to travel to WHERE kiki is in the first place....

    #oc: ami mccormick #bet ami is looking at deacon like #......... i'm going to murder all of them....but you specifically #why does deacon even care tho? #well look at that world they're in.....i mean they gave us a pretty solid reason for there being no children in the game #so the fact that SOMEONE (doesn't matter it's a maniac) is carrying probably one of the first children POST collapse is like.... #that's a huge thing #not really for him but the thought of it is kinda hopeful in a way? it's just a normal part of life that's being brought back and i think #in the back of his mind it's like...a life goes on sort of thing? #boozer just hates ami so he doesn't think she'd be a good mom (and he's half right) #but i think the fact that she was so desperate to find out what happened to rachel that deacon got to kinda see past the monster she'd #become and saw a woman that just wanted to know what happened to her child #he and ami are like frenemies now #its just funny that everybody that hate ami and kiki know about this kid before he does and he just straight up o_o when she tells him
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  • vilifyme
    28.04.2021 - 3 monts ago

    @seekjoy​ said ;  ❛ he's what they like to call a special case. ❜ rikki & ripley

    the rules were simple.    they were easy to live by and kept the pressure off her neck.    settlements like this ?    she could get used to it.    amanda could find a comfort in how rikki’s laughter rolled so honest.    in iron mike’s well-intending bear hugs that always bordered on a painful that had nothing to do with harm.    this place was nice.    lost lake..   a beacon in the ever growing dark that’d been swallowing the world for years now.    but the rules..

    skizzo was that reminder.    that every place had a timestamp.    they’d rot from the inside out if you weren’t careful.    and sometimes, even if you were.

    “  he doesn’t seem thrilled that i’m here,  ”        pushing him further down the totem pole towards the ground she couldn’t see how he’d gotten off of.        “  guess he’s not a fan of hot showers.  ”        a fast-talker with itchy fingers wasn’t good for anyone.    especially not her.        “  he’s not dangerous, is he ?  ”        everyone was.    children could break their teeth over a person’s flesh as quick as the strongest man.    or the loudest.    the dullest.    a pretender watched with wary eyes as he disappeared around a cabin and out of sight.    take the mental note of which was his and make sure her own root was far away.

    “  mike seems to listen to him though,  ”        mike listened to everyone.    the morbid wonder if he’d end up the same as the last man she’d met with such kind ears was there, afloat near the surface, bloated and ready to pop if tampered with.        “  guess he can’t be that bad.  ”        experience promised he’d be worse.

    #hopebleed#socketoya #* socketoya & hopebleed i.
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    18.04.2021 - 3 monts ago
    Days Scattered
    Deacon St. John x St. John!Reader
    Part 1 of 3

    part two-part three

    The St. John Siblings.

    (Y/n) and Deacon Lee St. John.

    (Y/n), Deacon's younger sister by 6 years.

    They were both very close growing up, Deacon would do anything for his little sister, her all the same.

    Their bond was no different in the Apocalyptic wasteland of Oregon. Boozer, (Y/n) and Deacon stuck by each other's side since they left Farewell, since they said goodbye to Sarah.

    "Deacon, (Y/n), you there? Lost Lake to St. John siblings, come back" Boozer's voice sounded through the walkie talkie strapped to Deacon's chest "Yeah, Boozer?" Deacon acknowledged him, his eyes keeping a close eye on his sister, who was currently harvesting some plants they could use "What's up?" Deacon's voice lowered, barely noticeable.

    "A group of Rippers were seen driving by the camp, looked like they were heading in your direction, keep a look out" Deacon's dark brows furrowed together "Dammit.." Deacon muttered under his breath "Okay, yeah, we'll make our way back" his put down the device and looked around for (Y/n), who was suddenly nowhere to be seen.

    "(Y/n)..?" Deacon's eyes darted around the area "(Y/n), where are you?" He turned, his worry was gradually climbing "(Y/n)?" He called, he could hear the sound of roaring motors in the distance- probably the Rippers Boozer was talking about "(Y/n)! Dammit, you were just here!" He hastily searched around the small grove "(Y/n)!" He fumbled around with the walkie talkie strapped to his chest "(Y/n)! Where are you? We need to go!" He spoke into the device, crackling noises sounded back.

    "Deek? What's wrong?" He sighed in relief when he heard her voice "Jesus, (Y/n)..we gotta go, there's Rippers coming and we aren't safe here, where did you go?" Static again before her voice replied "I found a stream, and there's fish in it" he nodded like she could see him "Okay, ju- just wait there, I'm coming to you" he strapped the small device back to his chest and immediately set into a light jog.

    "(Y/n)?" He called out in a normal voice, scanning the bank of the stream "Over here" her voice came from behind a small bush, practically hiding her figure "I caught a few, we can turn them into the kitchen" Deacon eyed four fish beside her "Okay, but we have to go, here let me" he knelt down beside her, pulling a roll of string out of his bag and quickly stringing the fish together. "'Kay, c'mon" he tied the fish to his belt and grabbed her wrist, pulling her along with him "If we make it in time, we can leave before they get here" he said through panted breaths.

    Yet, as always, the St. John's luck was never on their side, Deacon came to a halt, pulling them down into a crouch "Fuck..!" He said through gritted teeth, (Y/n) sighed "We can take them, there's only 3" (Y/n) said, a hopeful lilt in her tone, Deacon's gaze hardened as 5 more Rippers pulled up "Of fucking course.." (Y/n) muttered under her breath.

    "The Lost are here!" The pair listened in as one of the Ripper's exclaimed "Find them" The group of Ripper's spread out, slowly stalking towards them "Go, go back to the stream, hurry!" Deacon said through hushed whispers "I'm right behind you" he nudged her back in the direction of the stream, the younger St. John did as she was told, scrambling up in a low crouch, Deacon following after her.

    "How are we going to get back to the bikes?" (Y/n) asked after they made it an okay ways away to stop for a few minutes "You go around, I'll distract them" Deacon and (Y/n) shared a worried glance. "No, that's crazy even for you" she said, taking his larger hand in hers "We go together, Deek" her tone was firm "Together or I'm staying right here" Deacon sighed heavily "Don't do this now, just go, I'll be fine" her brows furrowed in frustration "Fine" she said, pulling away from him and walking away "Be careful".

    Deacon turned away from her fleeting form, seeing 6 of the Ripper's coming into view, armed with Machine Guns and Rifles "Okay, time to get low, motherfuckers" Deacon never did notice the absence of the other 2 Ripper's.

    (Y/n) carefully treaded along the grassy area, keeping a steady watch on her surroundings "(Y/n)?" The sound of her brothers came through the walkie talkie, startling her for a brief second "Yeah?" She replied "Make your way back to Lost Lake, I'll meet you there" she rolled her eyes, shaking her head "I'll wait for you" (Y/n) neared the road, glancing in both directions to make sure no one was on it.

    Seeing that no one was near, she walked back in the direction of the bikes, walking in the tree line to stay hidden in case someone did drive by. Her eyes caught sight of numerous bikes parked on the road, her pave quickened as she could see her and brothers bikes still there, looking to be in the same condition they left them in.

    She let out a breath of relief as she stood by her bike, she quickly checked it over, making sure nothing was missing "Deek?" She pulled the walkie talkie closer to her mouth "I'm here, you at the bikes?" He replied, she smiled "Yeah, are they all gone?" Deek took a second to reply "Yep, all dead and accounted for" (Y/n) could hear the exhaustion in his voice "Heading back now" She put the device back in its place, doing Deacon the favor of also checking over his bike.

    She was crouched down, eyeing the engine and all that, the scuff of boots meeting gravel caught her attention, she didn't turn to look "That was fast" she jested, coming to a full stand once she deemed her brothers bike good. "Expecting your brother..Mongrel Princess?" She gasped, turning to meet 2 Ripper's, their bloodied and cut up bodies in full view, she quickly reached for her walkie talkie but the Ripper that didn't speak to her lunged for her, knocking the device out of her hand.

    "No!" She yelled, thrashing against the Ripper's hold, their drug fueled strength proved to be 10x stronger than her, she grunted as she continued to fight against them "Carlos will be most pleased to see that we have caught the little Princess" the Ripper was in her face, she could smell his breath wafting into her nose, she cringed.

    "Let go of me, you fucks!" She cried, kicking at the Ripper that wasn't holding her, trying to push him away, her boot-clad foot ended up connecting with the Ripper's groin, he doubled over in pain, she smirked at the satisfaction "Did that hurt, motherfucker? I hope it did!" She growled, the Ripper stood "Little bitch!" was the last thing she heard as the Ripper slapped her so hard, she blacked out.

    Deacon finished looting all of the bodies, hoping to find some rags so he could fix up some bandages for a couple hits he took, he walked towards the direction of the bikes, wrapping the bandage around a bullet gash on his arm "-you fucks!" He halted in his tracks, picking up the sound of yelling "(Y/n)" he said, taking on a full sprint, the sight of 2 Ripper's lugging his unconscious sister onto the back of their bikes entered his vision.

    "(Y/n)!" He shouted, adrenaline fueling him "No, (Y/n)!" The 2 Ripper's turned to him, having fully got his sister on one of their bikes "Let her go, you bastards!" The Ripper's started their bikes, the rev of the engines haunting Deacon "No, no!" He sprinted even faster if at all possible, they were pulling away from the grove, Deacon ran at the bike that had (Y/n), lunging with his full body at it but they were too fast, Deacon landed face first into the pavement, he scrambled to his feet despite the pain.

    He felt so hopeless as he watched them drive away, their figures getting further and further by the second, his knees crashed to the ground. Defeat, failure, hopelessness and fear clouded his mind and body, defeat because he couldn't stop them, failure because he couldn't protect (Y/n), hopelessness because he was so close to saving her, if he was any faster, she would be in his arms right now, and finally..fear, fear because of what they do to hostages.

    He sat against his bike, back against the engine "St. John to Lost Lake, do you copy? Deacon St. John to Lost Lake, come back" static filled his ears as he waited for a reply "Deek?" The familiar voice of Rikki reached his ears "Is everything alright?" Deacon's head lulled back, hitting the tank of the bike "No, Rikki.." He muttered, gaze set on the direction of where the Ripper's went.

    "What is it? Is (Y/n) okay?" A lump formed in his throat, scared his voice would crack and waver if he answered, he waited a few seconds, taking a deep breath before he spoke again "No, goddammit" his reply was quick "What happened? Is she hurt?" Rikki's voice was taking on a worried tone "She will be, we were attacked by Ripper's, I- I thought that I- I thought that I killed them all but I guess not.." Deacon held his head in the hand that wasn't holding the walkie talkie.

    "They took her..the last 2 Ripper's that I didn't kill, they took her" it was quiet for what felt like forever until Rikki spoke again "Okay, come back to camp and we'll figure out what to do from there, plus Mike wants to see you, it's urgent" Deacon's hand slapped the ground "Dammit, Rikki! Iron Mike is the least of my problems right now!" His temper flared even higher.

    "Skizzo sold you, Boozer and (Y/n) out to Carlos.." Her voice was quiet as she spoke the one sentence that Deacon needed to be pushed over the edge "That's why Carlos has been sending groups of Ripper's to harass the supply runs, it's also why Carlos sent a group of Ripper's to capture both of you, come back to camp, Deek".

    Deacon stomped up the steps of the lodge, roughly pushing the door open "It was for the good of the camp!" Deacon's anger flared upon hearing Skizzo's voice "Christ, Skizzo! If we start turning on each other, then we're no better than the Freaks, Rippers or anyone for that matter!" Iron Mike gaze flitted to Deacon, who standing behind Skizzo "Your treaties not gonna hold with the way you're running things!" Skizzo still hadn't noticed the other presence that entered the room. "You're going to get our people killed, it's three bikers for a whole camp!" Skizzo argued, Mike shook his head "That is not how we do things and you of all people should know that!" He yelled, pointing a finger in Skizzo's face "It doesn't matter who you were or what you've done in the past, if we don't stick together, we'll be gone in a damn week!".

    Skizzo rolled his eyes "Whatever, Mike, don't come groveling at my feet when Carlos attacks the camp to get them" he waved him off, turning around and immediately running into Deacon, Skizzo's eyes went wide as he took a step back, he didn't really get that far as Deacon threw a punch that knocked Skizzo on his ass, a cut marked his cheekbone "Deacon?!" Skizzo said, bewildered "Yeah, it's me, what, did you expect the Ripper's to have me?".

    Deacon knelt to eye level with him, he shook his head "You know what they do have?" His voice had a dangerous edge to it "(Y/n)" Deacon pulled his boot knife out and stabbed the knife into the wooden floor right next to Skizzo's leg, Skizzo visibly jumped "You got my sister captured, because what? You trying to be a hero? Huh?" Deacon was basically growling at this point.

    #days gone #deacon st john #deacon st john x reader #days gone x reader #pls like this #i love this game
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    Andy Nguyen Wheel Of Fortune

    Wheel Of Fortune Recap

    Tonight At Wof Recaps

    Jun 16, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by 🍒. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. MY CHANNEL WAS RECENTLY DE-MONITIZED SO IF YOU WISH TO DROP A DONATION: LINKTREE: https://linktr.ee/MrG. WHEEL of FORTUNE with Andy Nguyen Daily postings of 'America's Game' — the author is NOT affiliated with the show in any way. WoF Recap: Valentine’s Day 2018.

    $1K T-U: Thing

    C R _ S P

    C _ E A _ / A I R

    LeAnne can taste the CRISP, CLEAN AIR:

    LeAnne Bandy (Wimberley, TX): Accountant at co. that sells/rents oil tank & pipeline inspection equip. married to Chris for 38yrs; she’s also a rock concert fan Gregg Wright (Tucson): Software engineer married for 22yrs; they work w/ MS & HS students in a youth group Keiko David (Round Lake, IL): Project mgr. for a national safety certification co. engaged to Zeus

    $2K T-U: O

    _ O S _ I P

    Wheel Of Fortune Recap

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S T

    Gregg’s correct saying GOSSIP COLUMNIST.

    FP: Winter Hideaway to Aspen (sponsored by “Daddy’s Home 2”)($6.5K) + blu-ray combo pack

    R1: B&A

    Tonight At Wof Recaps

    _ _ _ _ _ _

    _ _ _ _ _ _

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Gregg: BANKRUPT NEAR $2.5K Keiko: 2 T’s (DSG), R ($600), 2 A’s, S (“Daddy’s Home 2”), E, SAME BANKRUPT LeAnne: 2 N’s ($600), 3 I’s, C ($650), O, SAME BANKRUPT STRIKES AGAIN Gregg: F (TD), K (WC), 2 G’s ($700)(NMC)

    A C T I O N

    F I G _ R E

    S K A T I N G

    He prepares for ACTION FIGURE SKATING & he improves to $6400.

    BANKRUPTS: 3 (everybody)

    Gold Bond Ultimate lotion MR: Showbiz

    _ _ _ _ _ _

    _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Keiko: T ($600), 2 E’s, LaT LeAnne: H ($900), 3 A’s, I, N ($500), OTHER VOWELS SEEN, 2 R’s ($650), S (1/2 CAR near $900), MDW’s LEFT SIDE Gregg: OTHER REGULAR BANKRUPT Keiko: BANKRUPT W/ TD NEXT DOOR LeAnne: C ($700), B ($600), L ($650), D ($650)

    _ R O _ E N

    T H E / B R O A D _ A _

    _ U S I C A L

    “FROZEN” THE BROADWAY MUSICAL it is & she’s increased to $3600.

    SOLE LaT: Keiko BANKRUPTS: 3 (everybody again)

    PP: F&G

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _

    _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

    LeAnne: 2 N’s ($700), 2 E’s, 2 A’s, 2 I’s, R ($700), OTHER VOWEL BUYS ARE SINGLES, G (TD), T ($600)

    _ A I _ I N G / O N

    _ _ U E / _ A T E R _

    She’s the new leader w/ another $4950 & she may be SAILING ON BLUE WATERS when we send her to the St. James’s Club ANTIGUA- the subtotal for her this time’s $15,950.


    $3K T-U: Person

    _ O _ T _ R Y

    _ I N _ _ _

    LeAnne guesses LOTTERY WINNER & she’s a victor again.

    S-U:Places FS: $1.5K

    _ _ _ _ _ _

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    L: S, T, R, N, 3 L’s, D, G, P, B, V (OoC)

    _ L P _ N _

    V _ L L _ G _ S

    $6400 additional for LeAnne by solving ALPINE VILLAGES– that means she’s got $25,350 in $ & trip to her credit.

    AIRED DUDS: T (Gregg), R (Keiko), D (Keiko), B (Keiko)

    TONIGHT’S BANKRUPT TRASH (excl. extras): $12,990 in $ & loot

    BR TOPICS AWAITING: Thing, Food & Drink & Person P:F&D

    LeAnne took to the studio son Evan & daughter-in-law Rikki; the &’s spun by she.

    _ _ _ _ _

    _ _ _ N _ / _ _ _ E


    _ _ _ _ _

    _ _ _ N D / C A _ E

    She needed the M’s or the Y’s to have gotten YUMMY POUND CAKE for the Jeep Compass.

    It’s Wheel of Fortune, America’s Game, and we’re posting the Bonus Puzzle with the winner’s final prize amount. By way of comparison, the Jeopardy! payoff is also included with a link to the recap of that game.

    Just a note on the Jeopardy! results this week: the College Championship is going on so the high score is not a player’s actual winnings. It guarantees each player a spot worth a minimum of $10K in next week’s semi-finals.

    Mon 4-9-18 Wheel: $19,050 On Jeopardy: $17,000 Jonny Knowles scored with a P and an O, giving him the first 3 letters of the second word. I dunno, I always get a sinking feeling when a contestant starts off with a guess that starts with one of his/her rejected picks. That happened and he didn’t seem to notice that the first word had 6 letters either. So Jonny didn’t get to take his all cash winnings home in a BMW 320i.

    Tue 4-10-18 Wheel: $22,400 On Jeopardy: $23,312 Paige and Terry added three P’s and one C to the puzzle. The middle word was completely blank and they couldn’t figure it out so they didn’t get a VW Beetle convertible.

    Wed 4-11-18 Wheel: $22,600 On Jeopardy: $20,100 Andy Nguyen got Vanna to turn over all the letters he picked, one D, H and C and two O’s. Now he knew the last word for sure but the first word just didn’t come to him. For the third night in a row, no car. This time, it was a Camaro.

    Thu 4-12-18 Wheel: $50,820 On Jeopardy: $26,000 CJ Covington only got one C and one I from his letter choices but they were in very strategic positions. He had it all figured out about a second before he even realized his success. CJ added $35,000 to the $15,820 he racked up in the main game.

    Fri 4-13-18 Wheel: $17,950 On Jeopardy: $19,601 Brian Schwartz had a Wild Card entitling him to an extra consonant. That D he picked turned out to be the only letter he could add to the puzzle and there were 2 of them together. Unfortunately, they did nothing to help Brian win an extra $35,000.

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  • tvguidancecounselor
    08.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 456: Blaze Mancillas

    December 17-23, 1994

    This week Ken welcomes comedian, fellow podcaster, actor and all around good dude Blaze Mancillas to the show.

    Ken and Blaze discuss NYC vs SF, ships, ghosts, pervy ghosts on ships, Don Johnson, Nash Bridges, video albums, Kathy Lee's crazy life, Dave Chapelle's backdoor Home Improvement pilot, Blown Away's huge explosion, Deep Space Nine, pandemic episodes, easy payment for collector' plate, coin collection, plate you can't eat off of, Bobby's World, Camp Candy, Life with Louie, how therapists are out to get you, Woody Allen's Made for TV movie, The George Carlin Show, Roseanne, 90210's Christmas reality show, MTV's Sex in the 90s, AIDS, urban legends, Rescue 911, UFOs, Bigfoot, The Making of Richie Rich, Basketball cards, E!, The Dream Team, not coming out of the closet, a craving to shoot hoops, ER, Grand Mama, Christmas, Tom Poston, Family Matters, Christmas Unsolved Mysteries, Lion taming, Circuses, fake Unicorn, Pen15, Jeer heavy, lying on Rikki Lake, Jimmy Smidt, NYPD Blue, bookies, Notre Dame and not messing with Boston's team mascots.

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  • tvguidancecounselor
    08.03.2021 - 4 monts ago

    TV Guidance Counselor Episode 456: Blaze Mancillas

    December 17-23, 1994

    This week Ken welcomes comedian, fellow podcaster, actor and all around good dude Blaze Mancillas to the show.

    Ken and Blaze discuss NYC vs SF, ships, ghosts, pervy ghosts on ships, Don Johnson, Nash Bridges, video albums, Kathy Lee's crazy life, Dave Chapelle's backdoor Home Improvement pilot, Blown Away's huge explosion, Deep Space Nine, pandemic episodes, easy payment for collector' plate, coin collection, plate you can't eat off of, Bobby's World, Camp Candy, Life with Louie, how therapists are out to get you, Woody Allen's Made for TV movie, The George Carlin Show, Roseanne, 90210's Christmas reality show, MTV's Sex in the 90s, AIDS, urban legends, Rescue 911, UFOs, Bigfoot, The Making of Richie Rich, Basketball cards, E!, The Dream Team, not coming out of the closet, a craving to shoot hoops, ER, Grand Mama, Christmas, Tom Poston, Family Matters, Christmas Unsolved Mysteries, Lion taming, Circuses, fake Unicorn, Pen15, Jeer heavy, lying on Rikki Lake, Jimmy Smidt, NYPD Blue, bookies, Notre Dame and not messing with Boston's team mascots.

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  • raftaar24
    24.02.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Newly engaged Ricki Lake shares details of surprise proposal: 'I was naked in the jacuzzi'

    Newly engaged Ricki Lake shares details of surprise proposal: ‘I was naked in the jacuzzi’

    Newly engaged Ricki Lake shares details of surprise proposal: ‘I was naked in the jacuzzi’ Little Lagi Rikki Lake shared details of the surprise proposal: ‘I was naked in Jacuzzi’ Source

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