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    Today is my birthday, it’s june and it’s pride month, so this is my way to celebrate! Enjoy my actual favourite couples in all their colorful joy! 🎉🏳️‍🌈🎉

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    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Ob[li]vious (RinHaru fanfic)

    Since I'm back to the fandom after a 7-years-hiatus (not that i ever stopped loving these idiots) and have just learned some exiting things like a new movie coming out on the date Harurinralia episode aired, RinHaru advertizing Tokyo Olympics merch etc, you can imagine what an emotional mess I am rn. Also, i've rewatched the anime and read some things i haven't yet read (like Season 1 novel), and all the feels are so fresh as if i'm back to 2014 T_T Thank you, Free!, for being my time machine. Thank you, RinHaru fandom, for being strong over the years, I love you all sfm T_T

    Anyway, there's probably tons of RinHaru Olympics fanfiction (gonna catch up on it), but I couldn't help it once my head started imagining this. It's nothing much, no plot and non-native engrish, but i want to contribute something to this fandom, too. Also, it's probably a parallel universe cause it's Sydney Olympics. Idk. I just wanted it all in one :)


    “Haru…!” Rin chokes out as he claps his hand against the wall and watches the familiar slender shape cleave the air over his head, all in one heartbeat that seems like eternity.

    It’s the same as in elementary school. The same as in the second grade of high school. As in a number of dreams Rin had over the years. The same, yet much, much louder.

    ...The crowds on the stadium lose their minds as Haru slices his way through to the end of the pool, a ferocious underwater lightning that seems to warp space and time themselves, and the moment he touches the wall the world goes white with noise.


    It’s the shining of the Olympic Gold.

    Rin drifts back to reality, at least some limited version of it, to the feeling of Haru's body crushing against his in a stormy hug, and they're both screaming, God knows what, just as the rest of their relay team and the Olympic Sydney and probably the whole freaking world right now.

    And Rin can almost process it, flashing before his eyes in an almost coherent sequence of images: years of ups and downs—Haru—their best team—his father’s proud shadow—Haru’s laughter—Japanese flags everywhere— But for an endless moment, the spinning world freezes, and it’s only him and Haru. Alone. They’re together in this place of dreams, right on the spot where Haru broke out of his shell and found his passion, eyes shining and wings unfurled; and Rin can barely breathe as he squeezes him in return, something irrepressible exploding in his chest. And Haru laughs, all tears and sweat and dripping water that leave a salty taste on Rin’s lips because at this moment, it seems only natural to press a kiss to the side of Haru’s neck and then breathe out: “We did it, Haru! We fucking did it...!”

    He doesn't think about how gay it must look, and he doesn't have a time to, really, because the next moment the world picks up full speed, and it's not just him and Haru but their whole team in a jumbled heap of dorks going nuts on the poolside because they have the fucking right.


    The locker room is a mess, too. They sing and shout something jolly and off-key and victorious, kiss their gold medals, drink non-alcoholic beer because some of the guys still have races tomorrow, but Rin is still drunk and he can’t quite feel the ground under his feet. They have to sober up a bit for some government officials to congratulate them on the phone with high words about the honor of Japan and the historical achievement; then for the press to ask them some obligatory, obvious things. What do you mean what I’m feeling right now? I am HAPPY! What? Me kissing Haru? Of course I would kiss him all over again because WE FUCKING DID IT! Hey, Haru! But Haru is not by his side as he’s probably answering some stupid questions, too, and Rin just laughs, blows kisses into the camera I LOVE YOU ALL! and rushes back to hook himself into the jumping circle of his precious teammates, coaches and staff and sing the hymn once again.


    The emotional burnout afterward is real. They walk down the street in deafening silence, he and Haru, just two ordinary guys in their everyday clothes as if they weren't THE BEST IN THE WORLD mere minutes ago. Hell, they still are. Rin can barely keep in the giggles that are bubbling in his chest. He feels like they’re some galactic heroes in disguise. It’s freaking awesome.

    Haru is silent, though, probably still not quite back to it, or maybe he’s just being Haru again. Rin leaves him be.

    Sydney fusses around them, colorful and bright, all dressed in olympic yet still the same familiar Sydney that once broke his bones and watched him drown with these bright cold eyes. Yet Rin loves Sydney. Look at me now, he thinks proudly. Look at me.

    But Sydney doesn’t care to look, too busy in its daily routine, too large. They could’ve just taken a taxi to the station, but somehow, without sparing a word, they both decided it’s a walk. Sometimes Rin wonders if they’ve already reached that level of synchrony where they just don’t need words. It’s been years, after all. Mostly spent apart, but still. It’s not so hard to read Haru when you know him through. Not hard at all.

    Yet now, he keeps dead-silent, and keeps not looking at Rin, and Rin begins to feel uncomfortable.

    Is it that kiss, after all…?

    Rin tries to think back, through his most recent memories which are a mashup of the wildest moments of his life, back to that moment. And his body immediately flushes with heat from the vividness of it.

    ...Haru’s skin is buttery and smooth, and his wet hair are silky between Rin's fingers. Haru’s hands are squeezing Rin so tight there must be bruises on his back. Haru’s taste is… Haru-like. Rin can still sense it on his lips. He sucked it in too hungrily, absolutely in a non platonic way. At the mere thought, a sweet wave washes through his body from head to toe, making his every nerve buzz. Rin chokes on a breath and stumbles.

    “Fuck,” he murmurs.

    Haru flinches slightly but still doesn’t look his way.

    The reality begins to sink in. Rin’s an idiot.


    It does look gay. Totally.

    Rin sees the photos on their train ride—mostly the screenshots various people mailed him—when he jams a cap over his wet hair and fishes his phone out of his pocket, absently going through his inbox. All the messages are a crazy mess of emoji and caps YOU DID IT WERE SO PROUD OF YOU and they all end up mentioning that kiss. Rin curses under his breath and switches his phone off.


    And of course, of course where they have to be heading now is that exact same room in that same freaking hotel because Haru called Rin on the night before their flight and said he must book it.

    That was a joke, moron! Rin palmed his feverish face, for once relieved they're talking on the phone, no video.

    Yeah, I figured, Haru said, and Rin registered notes of sadness in his voice. But I thought it's a nice idea for a good luck tradition…

    How is it a good luck tradition if we can't stay there before the tournament? Rin moaned, because obviously, they would be living and training with the national team in the Olympic village, what’s this airhead even thinking?

    Then we'll stay there afterward, Haru said matter-of-factly. It's the intention that matters. Book it.

    It won't be available anyway, Rin sighed with exasperation.

    Do it, Rin.

    And just like that, Rin succumbed and went on to book the damn room, his face hot and his heart jumping and missing beats. Because it’s one thing when it's a mistake and it’s a whole other freaking thing to do that on purpose, clicking all the OK buttons under the "1 double bed" "ensuite bathroom" shit and the pictures of the said bed and the said bathroom behind the glass.

    And of course, of course it just ought to be available for that exact date. Holy fuck.


    There would be times when Rin would seriously consider confessing. He would even go through the most romantic places in his head and compose the most perfect, totally non cliched lines. In his imagination, it would all be sakura petals and city lightscapes, breathtaking views, fancy restaurants with the best mackerel dishes and—if he let his imagination wander off further—private pools and night beaches. He knew it obviously wasn’t a good idea, but he also knew he would jump into it someday. Probably. When they’ve achieved their dream and he’s desperate enough and—

    And what? Haru—suddenly—likes him back?

    Rin knew Haru liked him, probably even loved him, but not in that sense. Obviously not in that sense.

    ...But now, just like that, everything is out in the open, and there’s no meaning in confessions anymore.

    They walk the last stretch past the quay, and somehow it feels so nostalgic as though they used to live here, not spent a couple of nights some years ago. The city skyline across the water is drowning in the purplish haze of the evening as the night draws closer. So does their destination. Rin feels nausea tugging at his insides.

    His voice is a crack as he finally braces himself and says, “There on the poolside... Sorry. I lost it.”

    It does not rip through the thick silence between them. Somehow, makes it even heavier.

    ...This is not how Rin pictured their post-victory evening. In his thoughts, it would be a blur of merry partying and blissful laughter and bright sparkles in Haru’s eyes, and touching words of eternal friendship, team spirit and camaraderie; and the most intimate feeling of love finally intertwining with the feeling of the achieved dream would be only for Rin to bask in, drown in, his deepest secret. It was never supposed to confuse and burden Haru. It was never supposed to come out for the whole world to behold.

    Now, it must be all over the news. "A spur-of-the-moment Olympic coming out"... "The Japanese Team lets passion speak after the dramatic victory"... “The Pride Flag rises high in the Olympic Sydney”... Rin hisses under his breath.

    He's fucking ruined it.

    "It won't happen again. Ever," he finds it important to add. Like it somehow can turn back the tide, fix things and make Haru—along with the rest of the world—just forget.

    "Eh?" Haru's voice comes barely audible through the thick beats of pulse in Rin's ears, and the sound of his steps halts.


    Rin flinches and turns around.

    "Ever... Again..." Haru's lips move without producing a sound. He still doesn’t look at Rin. The bangs fall over his eyes like a shadow.

    Rin is confused.

    ...until something rings alert in his memory. It was one of Rei's talks while Rin was teaching him swimming on the evenings. "...He had been out of it ever since that loss to you. And in the Regionals, it's like he finally collapsed. ‘Will I never swim with Rin again...?’ He seemed devastated.”

    Rin was... shaken once again by Rei's revelation. "I won. It means I won't swim with you ever again. Ever." He never knew his words had affected Haru that much back then.

    It was another grain of hope, another detail Rin attached to his imaginary “signs puzzle”, too eager and incautious. He knew it was a bad idea, he fucking knew it right from the start, and today it finally overflowed, breaking through the barrier of his self-control.

    “Ever. Again.” Haru repeats in a firmer voice, his lips twitching in a scoff. And when he raises his head at last, his eyes are a flash of blue blazing Rins heart: “Are you chickening out now?”

    Rin gulps. Heat flushes the back of his neck. “I’m not...! It’s my fault. You don’t have to comment on it, you know, in the interviews. Just tell them they can go to hell. I’ll do the explaining.” It’s my fault. You shouldn’t be dragged through that shit. You can’t let it affect you, Haru…

    “Rin.” He still can’t read through the calmness of Haru’s voice, and maybe even Makoto wouldn’t. “It is you who cares about these things. I never did.”

    ...and Rin feels all the air being squeezed out of his lungs. He’s back to that horrible, devastating moment in the dark changing room when Haru yelled at him almost the exact same words, “What future? What dreams? It’s you who cares about these things! I’m not like you...!”

    Rin forces air back into his lungs. Now, Haru seems rather steady. It is Rin’s voice that shakes as he says, “Like hell you don’t care… wasn’t it you who stopped in the middle of the pool once because of all the pressure?”

    “It wasn’t because of the pressure," Haru denies right away. "It was because I couldn’t understand why I must feel pressured. I just wanted to swim. Not to please the public.”

    “You mean… This thing now doesn’t bother you either?”

    “Why must it?”

    Rin chuckles as he exhales, “Right. You’re the guy who would undress in the middle of a shop to dive into an aquarium, after all…”

    Rin's knees almost give out with relief. He’s been an idiot to fear that Haru may leave this path—the path he’d once chosen and never wavered since then—just because of some stupid public scrutiny. And no, Haru's also wrong, because this shit doesn't really bother Rin on itself—but only as far as it affects Haru.

    Haru just nods seriously, his eyes—deadly focused blue lasers—never leaving Rin’s. “If this issue is settled, let’s talk about the important stuff. You kissed me, Rin.”

    “I-I thought we’ve just been talking about it,” Rin says in a small voice, panic returning and hitting him like a wave. Right. The publicity is one thing; but what happened between them still stands, and it can't be brushed away just like that. “Haru… I’m sorry. I was carried away by all the feels. It's nothing. It’s not like I… want anything, you know…” he trails off.

    Breathe, Rin. Just breathe.

    “So, you are chickening out. Even with the gold medal on your chest."

    “I said that I’m not!" Rin clenches his fists in desperation. "God, what do you want me to say now? The obvious? Wanna laugh at my misery...?” No, Haru wouldn’t laugh, he would feel guilty and sad, like that winter when they were 13, and it’s even worse. “Want it to ruin everything we’ve achieved together...?"

    “Ruin?” Haru closes the distance between them in a few firm steps like he means it, and halts only when they're inches apart. Are they being too loud...? Right, they’re still on the quay… Rin backs off until his ass bumps against the railing. But Haru probably wants to push him into the water because he closes those last inches, too, and presses their foreheads together. “Ruin...like this?" his breath soughs across Rin's parted lips, "—or maybe like this?" And then it's not just air, but a touch, too. Hot, angry, gentle, wet, greedy— short. Too short. "You're such a drama queen, Rin.”

    ...Passers-by continue walking past them as if the world hasn’t just shaken and ground to a halt. Nobody even looks their way. Ok, this is Sydney, not Iwatobi, not like it's too big of a deal here, two guys standing like this on the quay and— wait, what…?!

    “Haru… Do you… too…”

    “Obviously. I do.”

    “Since when…?”

    “Since forever. I thought you knew.”

    “Me? Knew…?" Rin barely recovers enough to peel his hands off the metal and clasp them on Haru’s forearms lest he disappears, and everything is another dream, and Rin is the biggest idiot again. "How on earth? Why couldn’t you just say anything?”

    “I wasn’t sure you feel the same.”

    “Oh? Wasn’t it obvious?” Rin asks in a mocking voice.

    “It kinda was.” Haru is still agonizingly close, just enough a distance to look into each other's eyes, yet Haru keeps glancing down at Rin’s lips. "You’ve been staring at me with these lovestruck eyes since elementary. But it also could have been that you’re just an idiot, so.”

    Rin digs his nails into his skin, outraged but too messed up to come up with a witty response in a second, since another second Haru adds, his voice soft and suddenly not so confident anymore: “Anyway... I was afraid to screw up everything, and before the Olympics, too.”

    “Now who is the drama queen?” Rin whispers, tentatively sliding his hands up Haru's arms, sensing goosebumps popping up under his fingertips.

    “It’s still you,” Haru smiles and kisses the tear off Rin’s eyelashes.


    I want to add the hotel part, of course, once i finish it. So, let me know what you think about it so far! Love you all <3

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    Matsuoka Rin → FUTURE FISH ED
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    Greetings fellow users of Tumblr. Right now I’m on episode 5 of Free! Dive to the future and I really wanna know...

    Who’s your fav character throughout all the seasons??

    Of course you can put multiple! Or add in what characters you dislike as well!

    I think the range of characters in Free! as a whole is really diverse and I wanna know how other people feel.

    As for me, my top 3 are probably...

    Makoto - c’mon, I’m in LOVE with the orca boy (not related to my love of him but his English VA is Johnny Yong Bosch, who is one of my fav VAs)

    Souske - I think he’s cool, and he’s actually a nice guy, like in his interactions with Rin

    Rin - sharky boi. It took me a while to warm up to him. But I really like his whole shark aesthetic and I like how goal oriented he is, while still caring about the people in his life. (his English VA is the same VA that voiced Qrow Branwen in RWBY and I actually screamed when I found out)(yes I used to watch RWBY, twas shamed for it earlier today)

    Gou was a very close fourth. I like the spunk her character has, and I just vibe with her a lot.

    I used to like Rei a lot but as the show went on I started to like other characters more. Still like him tho.

    My least favorite at this point is Hiyori, which is who I was going to originally make this post about but got *side tracked*. I don’t know, I actually am very attracted to how he looks, but his vibe is just like... off. Maybe he gets better as the show goes on but for now those are my answers!

    #free! dive to the future #free! iwatobi swim club #free! anime #free! #hiyori toono#makoto tachibana#rin matsuoka#gou matsuoka#rei ryugazaki#Bri asks
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    Yamazaki Sousuke & Matsuoka Rin → Free! Eternal Summer, episode 11
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    Sousuke’s unyielding grip → Free! Eternal Summer // Free! Take Your Marks
    #yamazaki sousuke#mikoshiba momotarou#matsuoka rin #free! eternal summer #free! take your marks #dailyfree#gif tag
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    Let’s go to the place we dreamed of, baby.

    #free! edit #rinharu#rinharu edit#rin matsuoka#haruka nanase #free! eternal summer #sharkbait #had this in my drafts so why not #this is exo's song Bird and I luv it #my gifs
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    Rin: So you really think you could take Sousuke and Makoto? Kisumi [with no hesitation whatsoever]: Absolutely.

    [A few moments later]

    Kisumi: Oh, wait. You mean fight.

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    Aiichiro: This is a disaster! The printer messed up the invitation! It’s supposed to say “Momo’s birthday!” Sousuke: What does it say instead? Aiichiro: “Momo’s bi!” Rin: Hey, that could still work!

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    ✨ Aviso ✨

    ¡Hola, linda comunidad! Como sabrán, en unos días se iniciará el Week 2021 de esta hermosa ship, y quería decirles que: SE EXPANDIRÁ EL EVENTO A OTRAS PLATAFORMAS.

    Hace unos días me pidieron que lo hiciera en AO3 y pensé: "Bueno, ¿por qué no?". Entonces, los enlaces de las redes donde de llevará a cabo el evento son:

    Tumblr: Sí, nuestro evento se traslada a esta plataforma para que puedan subir el contenido que quieran.

    AO3: Colección creada para el evento [https://archiveofourown.org/collections/RintoriWeek2021/profile]

    Wattpad: [https://n9.cl/d3u9l]

    Aquí se hará una lista de lectura con los fanfics que se vayan a subir.

    Twitter: Recuerda activar las notificaciones para enterarte de todo ♥ ️[https://twitter.com/rintori_lovers]

    Recuerden usar el hashtag #rintoriweek2021 en cualquiera de las redes sociales donde vayan a participar.

    ¡Gracias por su apoyo y las sugerencias que dieron! ♥

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    ✨ Notice ✨

    Hello, nice community! As you know, in a few days Week 2021 of this beautiful ship will begin, and I wanted to tell you that: THE EVENT WILL BE EXPANDED TO OTHER PLATFORMS.

    A few days ago they asked me to do it on AO3 and I thought: "Well why not?"

    Then, the links of the networks where the event will take place are:

    Tumblr: Yes, our event moves to this platform so that they can upload the content they want

    AO3: Collection created for the event [https://archiveofourown.org/collections/RintoriWeek2021/profile]

    Wattpad: Here a reading list will be made with the fanfics that will be uploaded. [https://t.co/TeMShMHJjN]

    Twitter: Remember to activate notifications to find out everything ♥ ️ [https://twitter.com/rintori_lovers]

    Remember to use the hashtag #rintoriweek2021 in any of the social networks where you are going to participate.

    Thank you for your support and the suggestions you gave! ♥

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    listening to dreamwastaken’s discord podcast is such a great way to find inspiration to write fics because just in this one broadcast i got:

    person a going “hey do you want me to read the nutritional value of this mcdonalds meal i’m eating?” and person b going “yeah(灬ºωº灬)♡“ and listening the whole time

    two famous streamers doing a secret stream and one of them saying “hey speak up please, we have an audience” and the other going “no this is fine, we’re just vibing. we can just be Ourselves and enjoy each other’s silence like we always do” (there are 20k people listening)

    online friends who know each other’s set-ups so well that one of them knows the sound of the other muting their physical mic and being offended by it (because they want :( to hear :( their best friend :( always!!)

    taking the Am I in Love With My Best Friend? test while on call with said best friend and an audience of at least 10 thousand people, and getting the result “you’re a little in love with your best friend” AND THEN ending the stream after in a rush, confusing both your audience and your best friend.

    “Do I stare at my best friend? ...yeah, once in a while. But everyone does that, right? ...right. 100% that’s what everyone does. Yeah. 100%.”

    “Do I get jealous if they have a gf/bf? ...n-noooo?” “BUT?” “But if you have a partner, and you spend all your time with them, it would suck. I wouldn’t like it. So... I guess a little. I’ll be a little jealous.”

    being asked if you try and look nice for someone when you meet up, and sadly saying it’s a stupid question because you don’t know how to answer, and the best friend going “it’s a stupid situation” because he also wants to meet you but he lives in a different country and covid has prevented you from meeting in person.

    “Of course I think about our future. We do everything together. My future is your future.”

    Just. the slow realization in front of 10 thousand people while your best friend watches you answer “do you ever think about kissing your best friend?” with “N-no... but, i guess, i don’t think it’s gross. I just. I think. Yeah.”

    “do you compare your best friend to others you’ve dated? no.” “well.” “shut up.”

    answering the question “do you think your best friend is in love with you?” with “i don’t know” WHILE YOUR BEST FRIEND IS ON THE CALL and YOUR BEST FRIEND DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING

    #text#yacchan notes #he really gave us a whole prompts list #thanks dream #you're such a good muse #no but like what the fuck was that<3 #i'm using this as a prompts list for my other OTPs actually #rin matsuoka WOULD say 'i STARE at Haru but EVERYONE does that with their friends right? RIGHT?' #you think about kissing your best friend RIGHT? #style5 au would be perfect for this actually #also that mdzs gamers au!!!! #yiling laozu being a faceless youtuber is still a plot bunny id like to use #this is dnf so there's the tag for your blacklist #also here's the mcyt tag for other blacklists #WAIT IM THINKING ABOUT RIN SAYING MY FUTURE IS YOUR FUTURE #NO BUT WORSE HARU SAYING IT #nagirin is my otp but harurin is perfect for these lmao
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    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I started watching Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and to say the least, I’m obsessed. Especially with Rin and Haru, and their evident relationship, so in lieu my new otp I’ve made this playlist for them ☺️✨

    #free! iwatobi swim club #free! eternal summer #free! dive to the future #rin matsuoka#haruka nanase#rinharu#harurin #rin x haru #rin x haruka #they’re so in love #ship playlist#character playlist#otp playlist#Spotify
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    17.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Haru who hates getting up early and who’s always bitching in the mornings, getting up at 6am just so he could spend more time with Rin still gets me every time. Like only night owls and WWX will get just how cute and loving that is xD He literally went “I’m with you then”, but Rin being the usual idiot just went like “hehehe great” and I wanted Haru to beat him up with his pillow lolz

    ALSO you know who, stop with the they had one popcorn, one cola with one straw in the cinema, this is not helping, it just adds to the conspiracy theory. And how the heck did we get to “pls send me all the dramas” to “I've just read the ‘if you share these 8 gross things with your partner, then you guys are getting married soon’ google article”. I’m wheezing. Btw Rin also shoved his sports bottle into Haru’s mouth, so I’m guessing they’re okay with canonicaly sharing their salivas with each other xD. But I’m really happy some of you guys catch just the most important stuff just like me lmao. I just love this fandom haha.

    #rinharu#harurin #Free! #rin matsuoka#nanase haruka#free#sharkbait#anime #I just sent u and official art and the response is 'oh did they suck on the same straw' lmao I can't #didn't expect this #thanks for the cutest evening lolz #but if it's so friendly and okay why not in TYM then? just killed me #it's because he only lies on one person haha
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    Hi everyone!

    I've been watching a lot of anime lately and I kind of did something...

    Do you recognize them?

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