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    A/N: Okay, okay I know I said I wouldn’t be making another chapter but I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write something like this 😅! So hope you enjoy!

    PART 1 and PART 2

    Now this was an awkward situation you were put in. Was this a mistake or were you truly losing your mind from everything that had already happened. You were with your husbands one moment in your shared penthouse. Relaxing on the couch in your massive living room. Then the next thing you knew the three of you were transported to dessert by a strange portal.

    That’s how you ended up in an all too familiar desert to then see the palace you once resided in. To your shock many of the servants still recognized your face. Cheering they shouted as loud as they could, “THE GODDESS HAS RETURNED!”, making everyone turn towards your direction.

    So what else could you do than to drag Ran and Rindou behind you as a crowd gathers. Only to open a door for the three of hide in. Finding it strangely steamy when you then turned around to see the other versions of you now husbands. Both pharaohs dumbfounded and in shock to see you. Body on full display as you now realized you entered a steamy bath. Their abs on full display, hair down, and towel wrapped around their waist. As you know, not anyone can see that part of the pharaohs unless your the queen. (😏 ehh hem you)

    “Y/N?!”, Pharaoh Ran got up as he didn’t hesitate at all to go to you. Only to then realize that you were hiding behind the back of another version of him. “Please put on some clothes! The Both of You!”, you pleaded, both face and ears turning beet red.

    Ran was quite amused but overall a little envious of the other version of him making you get a reaction out of you like this. Maybe he should try this out sometime?

    Pharaoh Rindou was glaring at the other versions of him and his brother. This was strange indeed. As asked, they clothed themselves then had you and the other them to go to their bedroom. Yup doesn’t look good, as both versions of the brothers were getting all handsy. Pharaohs and Husbands playing tug of war with you.

    “God, please help (ಥ﹏ಥ)”, you begged in your head.

    “It would be nice if you can let go of My Wife”, Ran emphasized as he pulled you near him.

    “You wife? She’s My Queen”, Pharaoh Ran spoke in the same manner.

    Rindou and Pharaoh Rindou eyes were shooting lightning at each other. With you in the middle of the chaos wondering if you would still have arms from how hard they are gripping on it. Without thinking much, you pulled your arms back to your sides. “STOP! IF YOU PULL ANY HARDER I MIGHT BREAK!”.

    “Really that would be nice”, Pharaoh Rindou added with a smirk.

    “Hey don’t fuckin flirt with my Y/N”, Rindou shouted.

    The tension in this room was getting real, but thankfully your savior arrived. A young maid who called for to see whether or not you would like to change your attire into more comfortable ones. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, please now let’s go haha no time to waste if you know what I mean”, following the maid without hesitation.

    You can only hope a war doesn’t start out once you left that room. But there was a war not a physical one but a verbal one. Each brother smacking the other about something that they did with you. You slept with her? So what I bathed with her? You bought her expensive clothes? I dressed her? So many comments that made the other boil in jealousy.

    When you returned, four pairs of eyes shot towards you causing you to tremble for a slight second.

    “Y/N, tell us whose better, your husbands or these dumb idiots”, Ran asked sitting there head on his hand. “Choose wisely”, the other Ran commented.

    Both very intimidating so you sought help from Rindou, they too gave the same aura. Dark and heavy. Be prepared to give a whole speech cause you won’t hear the end of it from the other party. That’s when you started your two hour ramble about who can be better. Luckily both sides got lost half way. Letting out a sigh of relief to see neither of the brothers were infuriated… well not yet at least.

    Ironically, your more worried about the brothers than getting back home. But what else could you do? Nothing. So you just had to live like you did before.

    Little by little, there were mini competitions formed. Who gets fed the most by you? Who gets to hold your hand the longest? Who gets to talk to you the most? Who gets taken care of by you? They kept track, neither brothers willing to lose. Their piercing eyes never left their counter part.

    Worst of all was when it became night time. All wanting to be the that sleeps next to you. But you had other plans. “Okay Ran you sleep with Ran. Rindou you already know, you sleep with Rindou. As for me I shall take refuge in the other spare bedroom. No complaints great! Now goodnight”, running for your life to the bedroom.

    Strange to have someone that looks and acts like you sleep with you. Ran feeling strangely weird to look at himself. The same goes with Rindou. But all shared the same thought. Y/N?!

    So in unison they threw the covers off to rush to your room. Surprisingly you were already dead asleep looking adorable. (To be honest they find you cute no matter what).

    “How cute?”, Pharaoh Rindoj said with so much adoration.

    “Of course, it’s Y/N after all. There’s no one else like her”, Rindou said but this time not in a defensive way.

    Pharaoh Ran seeing how much Bonten Ran and Rindou love couldn’t help feeling extra happy. As much as he and his brother wanted to keep you. Though inside he knew he couldn’t do anything to keep you there no matter what had been done.

    “Hey take care of her when you guys return”, Pharaoh Ran asked.

    “With pleasure”, Ran said happily.

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    when you’re laying next to rindou in bed you have this habit of tracing your finger along his tattoos. rindou will be fast asleep and meanwhile you’re touching the blank ink that covers his arm and chest. if you suddenly stop rindou’s nose and eyebrows will scrunch up as if annoyed. turns out even in his sleep rindou wants you to be touching him always
    #rindou haitani #rindou haitani x reader #rindou haitani headcanon #haitani rindou#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers imagine #tokyo revengers headcanon #tokyo rev #tokyo rev imagine #tokyo rev headcanon #random hcs
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    it would BE MUCH better from this mf 🙄

    #fuck i hate south #tokyo revengers #daily tokyo revengers #haitani brothers#ran haitani#rindou haitani#south terano #certified south slander #tokyo revengers manga #tokyo revengers fandom #tokrev#daily tokrev
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    TW. Yandere TW. Step-cest thing going on

    Yandere Ran and Yandere Rin love their little step sister very much. Your so precious to them- they can’t afford to lose you to any other man. They’ll kill for your love no law will restrict their love for you.

    Though knowing that you actually have a little biological brother and that’s their younger step brother- they love him too but not as much as they love you- Ran and Rin will always try to get your attention away from the youngest brother in the family to have eyes on them only

    Won’t kill their little stepbrother of course that’s not what family is- they just may give their step brother iPads, games or anything to get you alone

    Your spoiled too! With their love and all the money they spend on you, shopping, games, food you name it! They just love you too much to let you be with someone other then them- even if it’s with their own family

    #tw.yandere #tw.dark content #yandere tokyo revengers #yandere tokyo revenger #tw.stepcest #ran haitani#rindou haitani
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    #rindou smut#ran smut #rindou haitani smut #ran haitani smut #haitani smut #rindou x reader #ran x reader #rindou haitani x reader #ran haitani x reader #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo rev smut #📢NSFW ALPHABET GAME!
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    art credit: Nachi2738, momoi060, Bei_Maroro_OP, IKAooi1, uuiuuOO on twt

    like or reblog if you save
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    Bonten x Fem!Child!Reader (Platonic)

    Some bonten executives find a child during a dangerous mission
    Slight comedy(?),Heavy mention of blood dead body,a lot of whining

    Note: i kinda enjoyed the idea,might make a part 2

    "Ugh...this is starting to get annoying.."

    "Stop complaining this is nothing."

    "Probably for you Sanzu! We are both used to dead body but right now there's more than 27 body!"

    "You counted the body Rin rin?"

    Rindou didn't responded,he only continued walking with Sanzu next to him. The duo were on a mission,a kinda dangerous one though and they were doing the mission for 2 hours and they weren't done.

    The location was a large mansion,victorian style and it seems that thier victim knew about thier appearance here so they prepared everything to make them fail.

    Reason why so many dead body were on the floor.

    "Where this fucker could be..!"

    "Hey Rin rin..can you hear something?"

    The duo didn't spoke for some minutes,trying to hear that mysterious sound.

    Someone...running? No...crying?

    "Who could be crying here?"

    "Let's check ou-"

    "Are you crazy!? What if this is a trap?!"

    "Well we will kill it Rin rin."

    "Call me Rin rin again and i'll chock you to death."


    After walking for some time they were finally in front of the room,where the sound was coming from,Sanzu immediately opened the door violently with his feet. And when they entered to room,they were welcomed by a little child crying.

    "Woah...why there's a child crying?"

    The child immediately dried the tears and turned to them.

    "Who's th-...Mommy!"

    The child ran towards Rindou,hugging his leg

    "Woah there little one! I'm not your mom and I'm not even a women!"

    "You got a child and we never knew Rin rin?!"

    Sanzu laughed at his own words and at the situation too but Rindou only clicked his tongue before kneeling in front of the child

    "So...little one,what's your name?"

    "It's [Name].."

    "And what are you doing here..? This place doesn't seem to be good for you.."

    "Well,daddy told me to come here and I think that i lost myself...But you found me Mommy!"

    "I...am not a women..and I am not related to you!"

    "But...my mommy have purple hair like you..."

    And you started to cry but Rindou stopped your cries by pinching your cheeks


    "I hate crybabies so stop crying...you will come with me and my...comrade and we are going to leave this place and fix this situation."

    Rindou stand up,you removed your hand from his leg. He noticed Sanzu chatting to someone on his phone

    "What are you doing?"

    "I was talking to Mikey about the situation and he told us to abandon the mission. We going back home little girl."


    On thier way to the exit,the duo started a conversation with you,they learn a little about your background,they also hide your eyes when entering to a bloody hallway.

    "Are we soon getting out?"

    "Yes,don't worry we ar-"

    Before he could even finish,the sound of guns getting loaded could be heard and the trio were caught in a trap. You wanted to cry at the sight of the guns.

    "Aw man!"

    "Don't worry little one,I'll protect you."

    Those were the words of Rindou before the sound of shooting could be heard and half of the group of unknowns men were down.

    You were amazed by Sanzu and Rindou killing those men,this feel like a fairytale story with the princess getting saved by her prince but instead you were getting saved by two princes.

    But as you were observing them,a bullet hitted the chandler on the top and it was about to fall on you. Luckily you noticed the chandler falling and you immediately got saved.

    "You almost died [Name]!"


    Rindou sighed before putting you down on a fallen couch.

    "Y'know what stay here,watch and take exemple."

    "Okay! I am supporting you....mommy..!"

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    This song but it's you and Rindou

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    TW. +18 TW.nonconish TW.Dubconish TW. Yandere

    Being shared by the Yandere Haitani Yandere Rindou will always try to win your affection by being your “savior” between him and his brother

    Yandere Ran being too mean fucks you too hard? Rin there to give you soft kisses and soft love to show how much softer he is then his brother

    Yandere Ran not letting you cum? Well Yandere rin will overstim you because he loved you that much- he so much nicer then his brother after all

    #tw.noncon #tw.yandere #tw.dark content #yandere tokyo revengers #yandere tokyo revenger #tw.dubcon #ran haitani#rindou haitani
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    #tokyo revengers #haitani ran x you #haitani ran x reader #tokyo revengers ran #ran x reader #ran x you #ran x y/n #haitani ran imagines #ran haitani#haitani ran #rindou haitani x you #haitani rindou #haitani rindou x you #rindou x y/n #rindou x you #haitani rindou imagines #haitani rindou x reader #rindou haitani #tokyo revengers rindou #rindou x reader #tokrev rindou
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    Headcanon - Bonten Weirdness [pt.6]

    Rindou (Shouting from the next room): “You goddamn little bitch, I’ll cut your mullet off.”

    Sanzu (Screeching back): “You have a mullet too, you asshole!”

    Y/N (Pinching the bridge of her nose, sick to death of the petty argument which had been going on for the past hour): “Instead of having a screaming match, how about you just talk it out like civil adul-” (is cut off by Sanzu mumbling).

    Sanzu (holding his hand out to the knife the Y/N was using to cut up vegetables): “Gimme that people-opener!”

    Y/N (fed up, but not surprised in the slightest): “Did you just refer to a knife as a people-opener?”

    Sanzu (shaking his hand harder in frustration): “It’s technically not untrue…”

    Y/N (throwing her hands up in frustration): “That’s it. Time-out for both of you. Rin, get your ass in here!”

    And that’s how two fully grown, dangerous criminals spent the next hour sitting on their knees, forced to hold hands in silence as a means of ‘making up’ while Y/N made dinner.

    #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers#tokrev #tokrev x y/n #Haitaini Rindou#sanzu haruchiyo #Haitani Rindou x y/n #Sanzu Haruchiyo x Y/N #Bonten#bonten headcanons #haitani rindou headcanons #sanzu headcanons #These two assholes are stressful
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  • red-letter-imagines
    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Random Fact About My OC#6:

    *Ran and Taka chillin' in the living room, then a wild Rindou comes in with some newly-rented movies*

    Ran: Oya? Returning rentals?

    Rin: No, I just got these.

    Ta: Oya oya? Rin-chan's planning a movie night? Let us join!

    Rin: *slightly blushing* Why do you think I came out here for?

    *Cue Ran and Taka gushing over tsun Rin*

    Ran: Awww Rindouu~

    Ta: Come here, my baby brother! Gimme a hug!

    Rin: I change my damn mind! *grumbles and ignores their whines for him to come back* Why am I living with a bunch of idiots?


    #tokyo revengers#tokyorev#haitani brothers #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers scenarios #haitani ran imagines #haitani ran#murakami takara#taka talks #haitani rindou imagines #rindou haitani#haitani rindou #tokyo revengers rindou #tokrev rindou#rindou fluff#ran haitani #tokyo revengers ran #ran fluff #tokyo revengers headcanons #random thoughts #random headcannon of the day
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    26.10.2021 - 11 hours ago


    He found a love, or so he thought. Beautiful and sweet. Voice so angelic, in sync with the harmony of his heart. At one point, Rindou wondered if there had been a meaning to his world—apart from all of the tangled structure of his past; intertwining his memories in barbed wires. Though with your presence close to his, light breaths fanning from his lips in a delicate swift of a wave, Rindou remained still; a sway from right to left.

    “I have someone so amazing in my life...” you murmured, smiling along to the guitar strumming from the music softly fading into tune. “I love you Rindou.”

    His eyes widened, irises struck in a colored haze. For a moment, he recognized a future—one with your soul connecting with his. Forever. Happy sentences hopped around his mind, only to indulge of the calm moment where he can find the meaning of what forever really was for someone, especially for his sake. And he found a love; he wanted it, he got it. To share love, secrets, memories—all bound together to you like a hidden music box, only tucked away for both of your bodies to open together.

    “I love you with all of my heart...” he whispered right back, close to your ear while he swayed along to the music. Kitchen timer nearly digging in the back at the blink of eleven at night, only to signal that the late dinner was about to complete. Rindou chose to savor the moment for a little longer; dancing to the fiddles of guitar strings, having faith in his heart for the moment of time that had froze.

    An angel in reality, all of you, giving yourself to all of him.


    #idk what i am writing lmao #forgive me #i am just spitting out randomness #rindou x reader #rindou x y/n #rindou x you #rindou haitani #rindou haitani x reader #rindou haitani x you #tokyo revengers x you #tokyo revengers x reader
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    This week I'll be posting daily Haitani art on my twt!! Check it out 🤗

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  • red-letter-imagines
    26.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Another Random Headcannon of the day:

    One of Rindou's more annoying habits is that he leaves used cups all over the place. Be it a mug he used for coffee, or just a glass he used once, Ran finds it in the strangest places!

    The older Haitani even found a coffee mug behind the door once! He always gives Rindou shit for it, and leaves his dirty dishes at his bedroom door and refuse to wash them. Cue a grumbling, pouty Rindou washing his ten cups of the week.


    #tokyo revengers#tokyorev#haitani brothers #tokyo revengers imagines #tokyo revengers scenarios #haitani ran#bonten rindou#rindou haitani#haitani rindou #haitani rindou imagines #i kin rindou cuz same #tokyo revengers rindou #rindou fluff#tr rindou #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers crack #tokyorev headcanons #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyorev crack #random headcannon of the day #random thoughts#thoughts
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    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    self ship rants

    no.1: fresh set ft. rindou haitani

    warnings: none, just fluff

    a/n: so i had got my nails done and this literally came to me as i was looking at the top coat being painted on top. please enjoy my personal opinions on what I think my husband(s) would act. very much inspired by @dejwrites ily girlie

    from the shapes, color, length, design, he’s just as invested as you are.

    he will always be willing to pay for your nails, even tagging along with you just to watch the entire process. yes he is gonna ask for certain colors “most likely to match his hair color half the time) and designs.

    he will always be willing to pay for your nails, even tagging along with you just to watch the entire process. yes he is gonna ask for certain colors “most likely to match his hair color half the time) and designs.

    expect boten nails at least three times

    he loves the instant boost of confidence you gain too, it’s like watching a star at night burn st it’s highest degree.

    he could be leaning against the counter and watch as you perform the simplest of tasks. even when you use your hands to talk, he’s caught in a trance.

    kinda goes like this….

    “do that thing i like,” rindou presses, his chin resting along the width of your shoulders. you glance up from the boiling pot of curry, a pout pushing itself out onto your lips.

    “and what could that possibly be?”

    rindou takes your hand into his, shaping your fingers to hover underneath his chin. your brows knit together, unsure of what the man wanted from you. “now what?” you puzzle, growing slightly annoyed by his persistence.

    “Squish my face together,” he states, his lilac eyes in line with your own.

    you only sigh as you gently press the pads of your fingers into his skin, his lips protruding outwards. a faint giggle vibrated from his throat as he struggled to explain the next action, a smile curling onto your face.

    “m’kay…now, kiss me!”

    #anime#reader insert #x fem!reader #x female reader #x black reader #x black fem reader #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers #rindo x y/n #rindo x reader #tokrev rindou #rindou x you #rindou scenarios#rindou haitani #haitani rindou imagines #haitani rindou x reader #tr rindou #chris + rindou= 🤎✨ #self ships
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    #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo revengers x you smut #tokyorev smut #Tokyo revengers hcs #tokyo revengers headcanons #rindou smut #Rindou Haitani smut #rindou x y/n #rindou x reader #rindou haitani headcanons #Rindou hcs #rindou haitani x y/n #rindou haitani x reader #rindou headcanons #rindou haitani hcs
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    #I may be insane… #I still thoroughly believe that: Instead of brain there is haitani brother piss. #id let Rin raw me any day. #tokyo rev smut #tokyo revengers smut #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tw: noncon#rindou smut #ran haitani smut #haitani rindou smut #rindou haitani smut
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  • whatstheoccasion
    25.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Random, sweet headcanons about some Tokyo revengers boys as your boyfriend!

    part 1 / part 2

    genre/tags: fluffy fluff. gn reader. warnings: none!

    a/n: thank u for liking the first part! it got progressively longer and I felt bad for chifuyu 😭 if I ever make a part 3 he's definitely included again. also these are longer. anyways, enjoy! <3

    Shinichiro keeps everything you give him. It doesn't matter what is it, he's keeping it. It comes to the point where his boxes with your name and a smiley face next to it isn't enough, so he starts putting things up around his room and shop. Any polaroids you get him of the two of you smiling or kissing on a date? He tapes them on the wall. That pretty rock you gave him that day at the beach before you started dating? On top of his drawer, right next to the other ones. Eventually his room is too full so he starts putting shit in the living room. Mikey asks you to stop gifting him things altogether but Shin's puppy eyes convince you otherwise. He just lives for any reminder that you like him!! You once showed up to their house and there was a garage sale with mostly his clothes being sold, and when you ask him about it he answers "I just need more space in my closet for your boxes babe :)"

    Rindou teases you too much for a guy who can't go to sleep if you're not talking to him. You have to help him out and tell him when his jokes are too much, because sometimes you don't and he crosses the line and you get rightfully mad. He gives you your space, but if you don't talk to him before bed? Rin's secretly tearing up, looking up to his room's ceiling because he refuses to cry. You're not only his significant other but his best friend and the only person he likes besides his brother. Shyly texts you before going to bed "Hey, I love you." He makes it a rule that you to tell him you love him before going to sleep, no matter how angry you are at him. "Love you too, idiot." He smiles for the first time after your fight at your text and falls asleep, ignoring Ran's amused smile in the bed next to his.

    Draken likes it when you watch him work. He's never going to tell you he's busy working if you want to hang out with him, he'll just call you to come over to the shop to wait for him. "I'm going to be done soon anyways." Yeah right. You tell him you're on your way and he kicks his friends out– Inui snorts and Mikey amusedly whistles at him when Ken undoes the first buttons of his work shirt. He likes it when you stare at him, okay, his uniform all sweaty and clinging to his bare chest, shining under the shop's bright lights. Sometimes you'll get so flustered your face blooms a pretty red and you will shyly avoid eye contact– it makes his heart skip a beat. He loves it, I'm telling you, even if his face won't show it the red tips of his ears do. Bites his lips to stop himself from smirking.

    Ran is touchy touchy. Can't go on a date without him feeling you up in some way, you can't take him anywhere. He's with you as you take out the trash? His hands are on your waist. Going out to the store? He can't help it, long bony fingers squeezing your hips, butt, touching your shoulders, resting his chin on the top of your head. Checks if people notice too. "Keep looking at my baby like that and soon you won't be able to look at anything anymore~ ♡". More than once, you're taking a shower and he goes inside the bathroom to ask you if he can hold your hand while you finish up.

    Kokonoi buys your groceries almost every time. He knows the best prices, brands, and he knows you the best. Will whine everytime you ask tho because he chooses to be difficult, "Last time I checked I wasn't your employee," but he's already got a foot outside the door. He thinks you should manage your money better, but instead he manages it for you. He also always pays. Little do you know he's doing it on purpose so if you ever want to leave him he'll try to win you back by asking you to pay your debt. If you even try to pay him back he'll refuse it so strongly, it's like you offended his entire lineage. You try to sneak the money inside his coat? You'll find every cent sooner than you expected in your room with a poorly drawn "🤨❓" note. He pretends nothing happened afterwards. Koko will always bring you your favorite snacks too, and he bashfully looks away when you thank him with a quick kiss. "Tch, whatever." Oh Kokonoi you're blushing, shush.

    #ran can complain about his lil brother all he wants but hes doing the same if u ignore him. #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers headcanons #sano shinichiro x reader #sano shinichiro fluff #shinichiro fluff#shinichiro headcanons#shinichiro scenarios #ran x reader #haitani ran fluff #haitani ran headcanon #haitani ran x reader #haitani rindou x reader #haitano rindou fluff #rindou fluff #haitani rindou headcanons #kokonoi hajime x reader #kokonoi fluff#kokonoi headcanons #kokonoi hajime headcanons #bonten headcanons#draken fluff #draken x reader #draken scenarios#draken headcanons #tokyo revengers. #ryuuguji ken x reader #tokyo revengers ryuguji ken
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