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  • starsailorstories
    23.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    fashion has only been good for like 4 years that ive been alive. It had cooled from good to just tolerable and now it’s getting bad again thanks for coming to my tedtalk

    #i am never going back to low rise jeans or thin brows
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  • shirimp
    23.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    rangi sketch 🔥

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  • briars-tire-fire
    23.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    new mire is mostly a yes from me!! i like all the new enemies/fams, esp the seeker and whisper and the wolves, and the items they drop, and i don’t haaate the bg i just wish it was a lil more desaturated and wasn’t so top down lmao

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  • suplex-from-the-heavens
    23.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Holy shit.

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  • sheepston
    23.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Finished geneing another four G1s! :D

    #the two males already have outfits but thats not what im showing off here jnjnfwef #personal#flightrising#flight rising
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  • sifenke
    23.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Some paint dragon doodles

    I do have my favorite breeds to draw :’)

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  • dailydragonscry
    23.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago


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  • badfrideas
    23.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago
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  • naphiatra
    23.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Golden Roc


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  • chalkrub
    23.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    firecracker, resident explosives expert and wildcard (bad combination)

    #flight rising#fr#frfanart#my art#fae #last one for now i gotta work fr..... #i know faes aren't expressive but firecracker is just built different okay #they are on dragon drugs that you could not comprehend (caffeine) #to them the crazy frog is just normal frog #they do not live in a society #also they're missing a wing from explosion related incident
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  • 3d10fire-damage
    23.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    the S.S. two gay parents

    #haven't really posted about my saturday game but it's very good #rising five#dnd#shenanigans
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  • travelers-rest-fr
    23.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Sees the Mire update : oh neat !

    Me the second i enter the coliseum : let's go to the Ghostlight Ruins

    #flight rising #look. Mire Hard. and apparently the new opponents are harsher than the old ones #i don't use a mire flyer i use.... weird ass builds lol
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  • dykelittlemy
    23.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    tbh drawing in this style will always hold a special place in my heart<3

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  • shin-kuroi-lover
    23.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    damn, France is really a good country, next presidential elections will be against a far-right intolerant racist homophobic and transphobic guy and a far-right intolerant racist homophobic and transphobic girl

    truly the country of equality and human rights

    #France#politics #death to France #intolerance is on the rise #but half of French people don't vote cause for them it's the same #how privileged do you have to be not to vote
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  • confusicon
    23.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 𝕬 ִֶָ  ⛪ 谷 𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐄 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐄 𖥔 ࣪˖

    ꊞ ! 𓊆🐛𓊇 ⌇não copie, não repasse, e não reposte como se fosse seu. também não o coloque em pastas públicas. // don't copy, don't repost, and don't repost as your own. don't put it in public folders either.

    ꊞ ! 𓊆🐛𓊇 ⌇não me acuse de plágio, nem faça qualquer insinuação, de quê plagiei algum editor, isso é errado! caso veja qualquer psd parecido com o meu, me avise.//don't accuse me of plagiarism or make any insinuations that I plagiarized some editor, that's wrong! if you see any psd similar to mine, let me know.

    ꊞ ! 𓊆🐛𓊇 ⌇me dê os créditos caso use meu psd em seus posts. com a #confuicon ou #t-toxicgirl, se preferir marque um de nossos blogs para reblogar seus posts// give me credits if you use my psd in your posts. with #confuicon or #t-toxicgirl, if you prefer, mark one of our blogs to reblog your posts.

    ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀𝕬 ִֶָ  ⛪ 谷 𝐃𝐎𝐖𝐍𝐋𝐎𝐀𝐃 𖥔 ࣪˖

    ꊞ ! 𓊆🐛𓊇 ⌇sigam (@confusicon) e (@t-toxicgirl). like ou reblog. me mande uma ask logado "psd 004. rise and shine, por favor!" // follow (@confusicon) and (@t-toxicgirl). like or reblog. Ask me logged in "psd 004. rise and shine, please!"

    ꊞ ! 𓊆🐛𓊇 ⌇se ocorrer algum problema para baixar ou aplicar o psd, pode me chamar que irei te ajudar. // if there is any problem downloading or applying the psd, you can call me and I will help you.

    ꊞ ! 𓊆🐛𓊇 ⌇preview feita pela minha princesa @lupinzitos AVISA WUE É ELA!!!

    #psd coloring#yeah psd#psd#deviantart psd#filters coloring#filters#polarr#psd commissions #nao vou da ib pra kylie jenner #nao flopa isso pls #mary&gab arrasou!!! #avisa que a collab veio! #rise and shine psd #confusicon#atlanticollors#t-toxicgirl#lupinzitos
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  • squirmgender
    23.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    [ID: 2 flags with 7 horizontal stripes each. the top stripe and bottom stripe of each flag are bigger then the rest. the colors from top to bottom are: peach, orange, maroon, yellow, brown, medium-dark pale brown and dark pale brown. the second flag has 2 banescale dragons, one orange and one dark brown, from flight rising in the middle. end ID.]



    a gender related to/connected to the banescale dragon breed from flight rising! this gender may feel as though it is a banescale dragon or simple just relate/connect to such.

    (the art in the second flag belongs to flight rising, respectfully!)

    [ID: a thin, brown banner. a yellow, pixelated pony which has red hair and a magenta bowtie is the on the far right. there is tan text on the banner that reads “please read my DNI!!”. end ID]
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  • toastmyrolls
    23.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Astrology Notes 🕯🕸

    These astrology notes are based on my opinions and interpretations. Please take what resonates and leave what doesn’t, I hope you all enjoy these notes. Don’t apply it to yourself if it doesn’t make sense or resonate, Thank you so much🍬🍭👻

    * Please do not steal or reword my astrology notes, please and thank you! with love.🧡

    ♂︎ Sagittarius Mars really do take the cake for having ✨the audacity✨

    ☉ Aquarius Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus women tend to have more male friends than most. Same can apply for Aquarius men and Capricorn women.

    ♂︎ ︎Mars in the 7th house natives will pursue you like no other if they’re dearly interested or invested. They also won’t stfu during an argument.

    ♀︎ Libra and Capricorn Venus natives can quickly become obsessed with someone within a relationship if they truly see the potential there. Clingy babes🥺💖

    *Juno within 1 ° usually want partners who are fairly blunt with their feelings/thoughts and make great leaders.

    ♃ Jupiter in the 10th house or Jupiter within 13 ° in a natal chart can indicate someone who will be blessed within the work space and may become the leaders of their work place within good and easy circumstances. They take charge of the shit they do.

    ☿ Moon & Mercury in the 12th house natives don’t necessarily post their lives on social media all that much. It’s hard to tell where these people went in life when you don’t really know them well.

    ♓︎ Lilith in Pisces natives take the win for perfecting the victim complex. At its finest.

    ♂︎ Pisces & Taurus Mars will do the bare minimum and then be like “it’s time to take a 6 hour nap🥱”

    ♋︎ Natives who have a mix of Aries & Cancer within their big three are the types of people who cry during arguments but would also still yell at you back.

    ☽ Moon in the 9th house natives weirdly enough have decent relationships with their mothers. They may also believe in the same things or could be on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    * I’ve noticed that it’s mostly Fire & Water signs who often do micro dosing or are more open or receptive to shrooms, acid, lsd, etc.

    * Family members, soul family or friends closest to you will often share the same elements or placements as you. For example, 3 generations of my family have had Pluto in the 12th house within a fire sign.

    ☉ Sun in the 4th house natives strongly identify with their family or share the same morals as their family.

    ☉ An Aries Sun would genuinely tell someone to fuck off when a Pisces Sun would most likely talk shit about you to their friends/online.

    ↑ Capricorn Rising women are so freaking beautiful. Their jaw lines, ✨flaw less✨ and they usually look younger than their actual age.

    ♄ Natives who have Saturn Square Uranus tend to not like older generations or often get into conflict with people older than them. Gen Z vs Boomers

    ☿ People say that Mercury in Leo natives talk loud, but Y’all clearly forgot about Mercury Virgos over here. Believe it or not.

    ♈︎ Aries 4th house (empty or not) natives more than likely had parents that just talk very loudly and it could come off as yelling when it’s really normal within that environment.

    ♂︎ Mars in Gemini natives don’t even need caffeine to seem like they’re on edge, it always seems like they are lmao.

    ♒︎ Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus & Gemini natives will have a sudden urge to want to talk to someone, but if it’s not reciprocated, they lose all interest entirely. Good luck trying to get them to talk again lmao

    ♇ Pluto-Ascendant aspects within a natives natal chart can indicate someone who has a unique but interesting sense of style and fashion. Snazzy.

    ♅ Uranus transiting over the 12th house of ones chart can indicate a time where the native might take extreme measures with doing unpredictable things.

    ♀︎ Venus Square Neptune natives may deal with issues of seeing the full story to certain relationships or in romantic situations in general. Their idea of love doesn’t necessarily match with their partner or their reality sometimes.

    ♑︎ You can’t tell me a Lilith in Capricorn natives wouldn’t purposely fuck with someone just out of spite. They LOVE messing with people who come at them the wrong way.

    ☿ Mercury in Libra natives will talk in rather a calm or mellow tone throughout the conversation, but when it comes to Mercury in Aquarius & Gemini natives, it sounds like they’re talking so much and are spitting so many thoughts at once but still expect you to remember everything they said within a 3 minute time span.

    ☉ Sun Opposition Saturn natives weirdly enough have weird relationships with their fathers. They usually have a relationship where they see one another, but both don’t usually agree with each other. The relationship might not be there entirely.

    ☽ Moon Conjunct Mercury natives are the types of people where if they wronged you in anyway possible, they probably won’t remember or while they wronged you, they were not being their truest form of self. These people can be an emotional roller coaster during their upbringing especially within their teen years. They more than likely did insensitive things that didn’t line up with who they are as people. They will grow and learn to not be this way later on, but they probably aren’t deemed as the kindest person within the upbringing.

    ♓︎ ♋︎ ♏︎ POV: you just went out on your first date with a water sign and they text you saying “i had such an amazing time with you.” “btw I deleted all of my apps for you💘”

    * The ruler of your 5th house is often the Ascendant/Rising signs of your lovers or friends. Its interesting to look into once you see a pattern.

    Happy Spooky Season Loves🎃🍬🧡

    Written with much love, Em.

    #Astrology#astrology notes#astrology observations#Sagittarius Mars#Aquarius Sun #Mars in the 7th house #Libra Venus#Capricorn Venus#Juno #Jupiter in the 10th house #Moon in the 12th house #Mercury in the 12th house #Taurus Mars#Pisces Mars #Moon in the 9th house #Sun in the 4th house #Aries Sun#Pisces Sun#Capricorn Rising #Saturn Square Uranus #Aries 4th house #Gemini Mars #Uranus Transit 12th house #Venus Square Neptune #Lilith in Capricorn #Aquarius #Mercury in Libra #Mercury in Aquarius #sun opposite saturn #Moon Conjunct Mercury
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  • tiredspirals
    23.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Hey besties how are our mire builds fairing

    #sprite speak#flight rising #i use ghire ghorer i think it's called #it's build with meditate instead of scratch
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  • coffee-fr
    23.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    🌨️🌲Snow covered saplings sprouted and are available for 16000t on the ah🌲🌨️

    Sycamore Umber/Shamrock/White

    Mahogany Umber/Shamrock/Moon

    Sequoia Soil/Shamrock/White SOLD!

    #flight rising#dragon sale#my dragons #mort.txt #lil frosty guys... #i wanna extend the sec range at some point but ill wait after a few more clutches
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  • drawnecromancy
    23.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Doodled one of my Flight Rising dragons, Silverlily, to try and do some art again :O

    She lives in a swamp. How do you do that in the plaguelands ? Flood a good chunk of your parent's lair, obviously. Good thing Denyze and Choas are okay with it :')

    #flight rising#frfanart #flight rising fanart #flight rising art #fr mirror #she's from my progen's very first nest! #one of the OG 4 babies #i'm going to reblog this onto the FR sideblog soon #my art#fr
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