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    Originally posted by tanrininprezervatifi

    I finally got around to finishing the third season and wow way to leave it on a cliff hanger.

    In other news my Probability & Statistics course is going well.

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  • genuine question, what has happened to charles and camila?

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  • Veronica, I don’t know how to tell you that Oedipus isn’t a good analogy for your battle between you in your father.

    #Imma look real stupid if there's another Oedipus #but like unless you mean that you didn't know hiram and will kill him by accident then f your mum #i think you might rethink it #riverdale 4x08 #riverdale season 4 #veronica lodge#veronica luna#hiram lodge#riverdale#4x08
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  • Going through the Riverdale tag and hoping not to see anything about Bughead is the same as going through the Supernatural tag and hoping not to see anything about Destiel. It’s pointless and just exhausts me.

    #anti bughead#anti destiel #i mean i only really hate destiel #bughead i'm neutral on i just don't care #no offence to people who do ship them but i just don't #riverdale#supernatural #i'm saying stuff #shippers don't interact
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  • Noooo, I can’t believe Hermione let herself be seduced by the devil. Girl I thought you were better than that

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  • Hello?

    Hi, I’m new on tumblr so I didn’t really know how this works, to be honest. I enjoyed reading and in fact, I used to write fanfics back in the day, like years ago.

    So I didn’t know how to write based on requests since I used to crack my head open for plots and ideas to write a story. 😂 And to be honest, I am a little concern that I couldn’t really granted the person’s request should I received one.


    I could try, should I received one.

    I am mostly going to write for female characters from movies, tv shows and perhaps female characters from games like Choices. If you noticed from my last few imagines, I didn’t really went into details of the situation since I’m bad at remembering stuffs like a place name, etc.

    If you wanna request; you should be specific on the character, plot and situation. I’m going to try my hardest to comply.

    For now, I write for the female characters from Marvel, DC, Harry Potter series, Riverdale. I might add more though since I couldn’t remember anything else. (I rarely watch shows and movies, I’m sorry)

    I am not sure if this is going to get noticed tbh, might go to flop but I’m gonna try anyway.

    I’m still figuring things out here on tumblr so apologize in advance for any mistakes I might commit 😂

    Say hi.

    Follow me if you want.

    Twitter - therainbowtwt

    #wlw imagine#wlw imagines#marvel#dc#harry potter#supergirl#riverdale#playchoices#choices #choices stories you play #natasha romanoff x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #kara danvers x reader #mcu #cheryl blossom x reader #betty cooper x reader #veronica lodge x reader #hermione granger x reader #mcu imagine#mcu imagines#mcu ladies#dc ladies#riverdale imagine#riverdale imagines
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  • SO! I finally decided to post the Riverdale fic I said I’d write about Archie’s little sister. I’ve been working on it for a while. I’d really appreciate if you guys could check it out and tell me what you think! Thank you!

     read on ao3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21690055/chapters/51732778

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    #'Mr Justice Comet The Red Circle I really identify with them you know' #archie andrews#4x08#season 4#riverdale#riverdale 4x08
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  • Okay… nobody’s hair looks that perfect after waking up and especially not after a nightmare. Nice try Cheryl

    #and toni who is peacefully sleeping #catching up on riverdale #riverdale#cheryl blossom#riverdale 4x06#riverdale 406
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  • when cheryl got her serpent jacket before betty???

    also still fucked up that cheryl and toni got kicked out when really it shouldve just been cheryl. or they couldve been put on probation or s/t. the whole plot where they start their own gang is such bs

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  • My goodness, Betty just cannot catch a break. Are they trying to make her go insane?

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  • You know what I think bothers me most about last night’s episode? That none of it actually means anything.

    Betty/Alice: great, we acknowledge that they have a tumultuous relationship but has anything really changed? Alice wrote a check within 24 hours of that conversation which meant she had the money on hand…which meant that when it was time to pay for Betty’s college, she’d have been able to write that same check to the school. Betty’s college fund was never actually at risk, it was always in Alice’s account. And the other thing that was supposed to show progress - Alice not opening a letter - well, here’s the thing. Everyone knows that small envelopes mean a rejection letter so like, Alice doesn’t even need to open Betty’s mail to know what’s inside* (Also - why didn’t we even address the fact Betty/Jughead and Alice/FP are happening under the same roof, or that Betty and Jughead share a sibling or Betty’s self harm or “dark!Betty” or any of the other pressing mental health challenges Betty is facing?)

    Veronica: is still ‘obsessed’ with her father. Whether you are chasing someone’s approval and affection OR frantically trying to outdo them - you are still constantly focused on that person**. So again, not really a step in the right direction, just a slight step to the left (Also - Hiram can just bribe her into Yale and then what?…)

    Archie: so the advice Archie got was basically to be more of a grown up which feels like the exact opposite of what he should be doing. If anything, this felt like a big regression for Archie. He slipped further away from his family and friends. Increased isolation is never a good thing, and what good came out of said isolation? None. In fact, nothing changed so much for Archie…that he’s already back to being a vigilante by the end of the episode. (Also - in what world would Mary let her son, who is being chased by gunmen, out of her sight? None.)

    Cheryl: my goodness. Where to even begin? Are you honestly telling me that talking to and harboring your brother’s rotting corpse is just the same as talking to an urn or going to a graveyard? Because…I find that incredibly hard to believe. Honestly, it felt like this whole session justified Cheryl’s actions and basically told her that she wasn’t doing anything abnormal. As an audience member I felt like I was being told to excuse Cheryl’s actions. It is like the writers knew she was hemorrhaging her fanbase and did this as a way to try and coagulate the wound. But the problem is, this therapy session seems to only encourage the continuation of her unhealthy behaviors by saying that they actually aren’t unhealthy… (Also - the irony of Cheryl being gaslit after she did that to Josie and Tony…and I’m sure countless others…)

    Jughead: this is the only session that feels like it actually made some progress but at the same time, it also made the least amount of progress, falling only second to Archie’s regression and tying equally with Cheryl’s pardon. Literally by the end of the episode Jughead is back on his bullshit with conspiracy murders. To make matters worse, there is evidence that he might be right, which only serves to prove that his paranoia is justly founded. He literally goes home, does the things on his to-do list, and is right back to researching conspiracies. So again, what was the point of that? (Also - just like Betty, there are probably some more pressing issues that should have been discussed instead of having a case of writer’s procrastination)

    So just a few notes - one session of ten minute therapy will not even begin to address your challenges. It seems irresponsible for an LPC to offer such monumental advice to teens she hasn’t spent nearly enough time engaging with. I understand that this isn’t a TV show about therapy but you can’t just fuck up your characters and then spend one episode making it “all better.” But who cares because therapy will probably never be brought up again. I really feel like this was just to shut up both the actors and audience members who were concerned over the obvious mental health challenges present on Riverdale. None of these characters actually got the help they needed. If anything, some of them are worse off after that episode.

    *The whole idea of people getting rejection/acceptance letters in the mail is just… you’ll find out electronically weeks before you receive anything paper in the mail)
    **What 18 year old is going to outdo a 45+ year old when it comes to rum? Like your virgin taste buds are going to have no idea what they’re doing. 

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  • “NO ONE rejects harvard!!” well clearly hiram didn’t watch gilmore girls SO

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  • betty cooper is too fuckin smart to have only applied to ONE school

    #yale aint for everyone #shes a sara lawrence girl #jackie watches riverdale #riverdale#4x08#chapter 65#in treatment#betty cooper#riverdale spoilers
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