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  • sarcs-art
    12.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Still thinking of teenage Lucci and his stupid 90s hair

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  • joudoodles
    11.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Flamenco!Lucci AU

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  • aka-ichigo
    10.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    zoro and sanji protecting luffy from his old enemies!!!

    usopp helping luffy!!!!

    #i'm so proud of all of them #roronoa zoro#sanji #black leg sanji #usopp#crocodile#rob lucci#douglas bullet #one piece stampede #one piece
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  • cipher-zoo
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Just watched stampede for the first time.

    I did not expect to see Lucci!

    I also did not expect him to just stand around the entire time!

    Like I get it you're all dark brooding and mysterious but sir, SIR!

    #one piece stampede #one piece#cp9#rob lucci
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  • sayakdrinking
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    NO.9 Rob Lucci

    Umbrella academy au doodle

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  • sirkaoru
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Redraw of Rob Lucci! [Og from Oda ofc] 

    #one piece redraw #op#rob lucci #one piece rob lucci #redraw #i think i am in love #hattori#one piece
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  • incorrect-cp9-quotes
    08.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Kalifa: If you found out you only had one day left to live, what would you do with it?

    Kaku: I would say goodbye and mend my relationships

    Jabra: Something illegal

    Lucci: Accept my fate

    Fukuro: I would send a message to ten people that said "if you don't forward this message to 10 other people, I will die tomorrow"

    Kalifa: What-

    Jabra: Can I change my answer? That's brilliant

    #cp9#cipher pol #incorrect cp9 quotes #incorrect one piece quotes #one piece#rob lucci#kaku#incorrect quotes #one piece incorrect quotes #kalifa#fukuro#jabra
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  • littlesniggy
    06.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Yes, Sir.

    Anon: Hi!

    I would like to request a scenario with female reader who is a servant and Rob Lucci, please. He ordered private/special service and she is the one bringing his food, serving, filling his whine and whatever.

    I'm not sure how but I would like it to be NSFW. If you want with an (erotic) humiliation kink (the reader is receiving but both enjoy the kink)

    Feel free to delete if you don't like the idea!

    Thanks a lot for your amazing content! ✌🏻

    This is way longer than expected and I could've written more and more but I decided to make a part two instead. I hope you don't mind....Please enjoy!!
    Warning: 18+, nsfw, dirty dark, degradation, Master/slave, name calling
    Pairing: Rob Lucci x female reader
    Word count: 3.4k

    You never liked the term “slave” but that’s technically what you were. Years ago, you were brought to Mary Geoise and since then you haven’t seen anything else. Your life wasn’t as bad as you first anticipated. You were like a maid in one of the accommodations for special guests visiting the holy land. Given your duties and leaving the fact out that you were here against your will you liked to see yourself as a servant. It was a much nicer term than slave after all.

    You were told a couple new guests would be staying the night but you were more than surprised to see members of CP0. Usually, they weren’t staying in places like this (though you had no idea where they actually lived) but it seemed like today was an exception. You always thought of them as scary; after all, they reported directly to the celestial dragons and did everything they demanded to the point.

    You didn’t know most of their names but one man you knew for sure – Rob Lucci. He was famous in Mary Geoise and probably the most dangerous out of all of them. You couldn’t deny that he gave you the chills every time you saw him but there was something enticing about this man that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. Sure, he was handsome but a lot of people were. There was something in his aura that let your body want to get away from him as far as possible but at the same time get closer to him. It was confusing.

    “Welcome, dear guests. I’m Y/n and will be taking care of you during your stay.” You said in a quiet voice, head low and hands folded in front of your body – just like you’ve been taught. No one seemed to acknowledge your presence but everyone followed you when you showed them to their respective rooms.

    The last one to enter their room was Rob Lucci and just as you expected was he the one who got the nicest room – or suite you should say. It had a huge window overlooking a gigantic park and could be considered beautiful if you weren’t allowed to leave the holy land. For you, it was just a park, an extension of your prison.

    “If you need anything, please let me know, sir.” You said and were already almost out the door to leave him alone when he stopped you. “Are you responsible for everyone?” he asked, Surprised, you looked up. “Well, there are three servants here and we divide the-“ you started but were interrupted by the dark-haired male.

    “Tell the other slaves they should take care of the rest of my colleagues. You’ll be serving only me.” His voice left no room for arguing and even if it was just a simple suggestion you wouldn’t refuse – you were way too scared to actually object to a man like him. Even though you hated the name slave you wouldn’t dare to correct him. You were a servant, yes, but you still valued your life.

    “Of course, sir. Is there anything you need?” you asked again, hoping he would let you go for now. Rob Lucci already turned his back to you when he said: “I expect dinner at 6. I want my stake sautéed, not too many spices, and a nice red wine going with it. That’s all. Leave.” He knows what he’s talking about. You were a little impressed by his self-assured behavior and even if he had no idea what he was talking about you would’ve thought he did.

    You closed the door silently behind you and made your way to the other servants. You had to let them know about the “new situation” and you were sure that they weren’t too pleased with Rob Lucci’s behavior but there was nothing you could do about it.




    When the time came you knocked on his door and waited for him to call you in. But he never did. Unsure, you knocked again. Silence. You didn’t know what to do. Wasn’t he in his room? Or did he just expect you to walk in? Or was he asleep? The longer you waited, the more anxious you got. It was already past six so you made the decision to open the door.

    It was empty inside and he obviously not in his room. A little bit relieved you turned the lights on and prepared the table in his room; you put the silverware, a plate, napkin, and glass on the table. The food was still on the serving cart, kept on the right temperature by a small heater. You just hoped the steak wouldn’t keep cooking.

    “You were late.” A voice behind you stated and you turned around in shock. You didn’t even notice his presence when he walked in and closed the door. His eyes were on you, a slightly disgusted expression in his eyes. You knew there was no need to lie since he’d know if you did. “I’m sorry, sir. I wasn’t sure if I could simply walk into your private room.” You apologized, bowing down so your head hung low.

    The agent remained silent, simply walking past you and sitting down on the comfortable armchair in front of the table. Without him uttering a single word you started serving him the wine after telling him what kind it was and if he preferred a different wine. “This one is fine.” You nodded and served the food, praying it would be to his liking.

    Rob Lucci eyed the meat and you couldn’t read his expression. You just figured he’d tell (maybe yell at) you if he was dissatisfied. You stepped back, standing to his right side, hands behind your back and waiting to serve him. The man started eating, the clattering of the knife and fork on the plate the only noises that could be heard.

    From your position, you saw that the steak might be a little too cooked but you just hoped he was satisfied. “That’s not what I wanted.” He put his fork and knife down, his eyes fixated on the piece of meat in front of him. With a concerned face, you stepped closer to take a look at his dinner. Indeed, it was too cooked.

    “I’m sorry, sir. I will bring you a new one immediately! If you could just wai-“ “I don’t want to wait. You had one job and you messed it up. I should kill you for your incompetence. I’m honestly surprised no one has done it before.” His voice was like a knife cutting through your soul, making you stiffen. That’s right, you messed up and deserved to be punished.

    You sank to your knees, head bowing down until it touched the floor, hands in front of your head. “I am inconsolable. I will expect every punishment.” You said, waiting for his decision. You felt his cat-like eyes on you, how they scanned your submissive form and his contemplating expression. But apparently, your apology worked since you haven’t felt any form of punishment yet. “Just this once.” He said and the sound of clittering could be heard again.

    You sighed in relieve but didn’t dare to get up. After all, he hasn’t given his permission yet. And like he said: he would be forgiving only this one time.

    You stayed in this position for at least fifteen minutes; until he ordered you to serve him wine again since his glass was empty. Your joints hurt when you got up but without making a sound you grabbed the bottle of wine and started pouring him a glass.

    It was almost not noticeable but you were sure that there was a short move of his hand and suddenly the wine started to pour onto the white tablecloth. Shocked, you put the bottle down and immediately started to put napkins on it but you knew it would be futile; red wine wouldn’t be so easy to get rid off. You messed up – again.

    “I’m so, so sorry, sir! I don’t know how this could happen!” you apologized, too scared to look at the guest. Yet, you still noticed the small, sadistic smile on his lips. It was his fault! Your mind screamed but you watched your tongue. “You don’t know how this could happen?” he asked, enjoying your panicked expression.

    “I think you’re simply inapt to be servant after all. This is a beginner’s mistake. Maybe the celestial dragons were too lenient with you.” He mused. “N-no….I….this….” you didn’t know what to say and were too occupied to get rid of the dark red stain that you didn’t notice how Rob Lucci got up and got behind you. You also didn’t notice how he opened his belt, pulled it out and folded it in his hands. What you did notice, however, was the smack against your ass; not too hard but it made you jolt in response, your thighs hitting the table, making the glass first falter and then fall over, spilling the rest of the wine.

    “How clumsy.” You heard his deep voice dripping with amusement. You braced your hands against the table top, head low and eyes closed. You wanted to turn your head to look at him but you were sure he’d hit you again. “I’m sorry!” you squeaked, pressing your lips together.

    “You already said that.” He said before he let his belt collide with your ass again, making you yelp in response. “I’m sorry.” You whispered. For some reason, the main feeling you felt wasn’t fear – it was excitement. His whole demeanor, the way he acted, the way he made you feel less, the way he threatened you with your life – it all made your belly tingle in excitement. Sure, you still feared for your life but it was not the most prominent felling in your body anymore.

    You pressed your legs together, trying to be subtle but he caught your movement nevertheless. “Do you always get aroused when someone disciplines you?” you didn’t want to answer his question. Another hit, this time a little harder.

    “I think I asked you a question, slave. Answer me.” You felt the leather of his belt caress your ass where he just hit you moments before and just the feeling itself made your knees go weak.

    “No, sir.” You answered truthfully. “Then why are you aroused right now? I can smell your dripping cunt, slave.” He purred. The belt moved across your clothed thighs and then back to your ass. “I-I don’t know, sir.” You whimpered. His voice, his tone, his scent – everything made your mind slowly but surely go blank and you weren’t sure if that was even a bad thing.

    “What a despicable thing you are.” He sighed, putting the belt down on the table, right next to your hand. While he did that he leaned over your body, his hips slightly pressing against your ass, his muscular chest barely touching your back. A shiver ran down your spin at this sensation and you instinctively pressed your butt closer to him. A deep chuckle vibrated through his chest and he his hand brushed against your arm for a moment.

    “You’re a needy slave, aren’t you? Is your master not fucking you enough?” you panted at his words, lips tightly pressed together. Your “master” was one of the celestial dragons and you were more than thankful that he had never seen you in that way. “Apparently not.” He concluded at your silence. He placed his hands next to yours on the table, his full body now pressing against yours and you could feel everything underneath his clothes. His nose brushed against your ear, inhaling your scent.

    “What makes you think I would fuck you, slave?” his raspy voice gave you little goosebumps and you had to collect yourself for a moment. “Obviously, if your master doesn’t want to fuck you, you’re no good, right?” his voice was a single purr. His lips found the sensitive spot on your skin behind your ear, brushing against it. You couldn’t help but sigh in pleasure at this touch, not able to hold it back.

    Rob Lucci huffed in amusement at your reaction, his hot breath ghosting your skin. “How far would you go just for me to fuck you?” the question had you moan and you pressed your ass further against him, moving your hips against his crotch up and down. “Everything, sir.” You breathed. You looked at his hands, strong and big; the hands of a man who knew what he wanted and who would get everything he desired. But also, the hands of a man who was ready to kill.

    “Dirty slave.” He purred. “Get down on your knees.” His order came with a harsh and demanding tone, leaving no room to argue. Your body responded before your mind could wrap itself around his order. The carpeted floor pressed into your skin as you kneeled in front of the man, back still turned towards him.

    You heard him chuckle lightly and then his footsteps moving away from him. There was a small sound of fabric on fabric and you knew he was sitting in one of the other armchairs in the back of the room. There was also a small ‘cling’-ing sound. “Come over here. But on all four.” You heard him order and you obliged. You turned around, got down on your hands and slowly crawled over to where he was sitting. You also so the glass of wine in his hand which was probably the source of the sound from earlier.

    Rob Lucci had also taken off his white jacket, leaving him in his white pants and a light blue shirt. The sleaves were rolled up and his chest was visible as well. You swallowed hard at this sight when you were kneeling in front of him, looking up like an obedient little dog.

    “Pull your dress down, slave.” He ordered, taking a sip of his wine while he watched your fingers work the zipper at your back a little bit awkwardly but eventually managing to pull it down. You pulled your arms out the sleeves and pulled the dress down to your waist. “That’s enough.” He informed you. Since the dress was so tight you weren’t wearing a bar, much to his enjoyment.

    Rob Lucci’s eyes were obviously staring at your breasts, your face feeling hot at his gaze. Your nipples were already hard and you pressed your hands against your thighs, digging your nails into the skin. You were so aroused and he hasn’t even done anything major yet. “Am I making you feel uncomfortable?”

    “No, sir.” You answered, averting your eyes.

    If he was surprised by your answer, he didn’t show it. “Let’s change that, shall we?” he chuckled. “Why don’t you show me how you usually play with your nipples?” he suggested, leaning his head against his hand to watch you, his other hand still holding the glass of wine.

    “Yes, sir.” You answered and lifted your hands to your breasts, starting to slowly let your index fingers rub over the sensitive nubs. An excited feeling rushed through your body and you closed your eyes a little, looking at him through hooded eyes. His were watching your movements; his body not shifting even slightly though. His expression seemed bored, just the slightly widened pupils were an indication that he liked what he was seeing.

    You twisted your nipples between your index fingers and thumbs, slightly pulling on them. You thought about how it would feel like if he touched you like this, if he put your nipples between his warm lips, sucking on them and fondling them. To your imagination one hand started to massage your breast, small pants and moans left your mouth as you did.

    Your eyes shifted from his face to his crotch, seeing a bulge in his pants and you swallowed hardly, licking your lips. “Is there something on your mind, slave?” he asked, of course noticing your stare. You groaned at his words, your head moving unconsciously towards your goal. But before you could press your face against his dick, his big hand covering your face.

    “Did I give you permission to touch me? And with your filthy mouth at that?” his words were like a slap to your face and you would’ve bowed down to apologize but his hand prevented you from doing this. “I’m sorry.”

    “Use your tits.” He ordered you, letting go of your face. “Yes, sir.”

    You got a little closer, opened his pants with slightly shaking hands, your fingers already brushing against his hard member. Your heart started racing in your chest the closer you got to your goal.

    “You’re almost drooling and my dick is still in my pants. You must be really needy.”

    “Yes, sir.” It was like an automatic response but it was also true. You were needy and you wanted to touch him.

    When you had finally freed his dick you took a moment to appreciate it, much to his dismay.

    “If I wanted you to stare at it I would’ve said so. Use. Your. Tits.” You took a quick breath before you leaned forward, enveloping his dick between your tits and starting to move up and down. You watched the tip plop out between the soft tissues and disappear again. The small droplets of pre-cum coated your breasts and left a shiny liquid behind.

    Rob Lucci didn’t make a sound and you didn’t know if he enjoyed it or not. You did but you wanted more. Your eyes flicked up to look at him through your lashes. “Can…can I taste you?” you asked carefully. “If that means you’re gonna do a better job, go ahead.” He gave permission but it wasn’t what you wanted to hear.

    He doesn’t like it! I need to try harder! You lowered your head and let your lips run over the smooth skin. Your tongue flicked across the slit, tasting the salty pre-cum in your mouth. You moaned in response, feeling a little bit embarrassed that you were more aroused by what you were doing than him.

    “Seems like you’re having fun.” He huffed, taking another sip. You wrapped your lips around his mushroom head, starting to suck on it and lick over the slick skin. He was big and you knew it’d get uncomfortable once you took him in deeper but right now you were just on a high. You started to bob your head up and down, your breasts still moving around him. You played with your nipples while you tried to please him, panting against his dick.

    You felt his hand on the back of your head and you knew what he wanted. Without him doing anything, you took him in deeper and deeper, until his tip brushed against the back of your throat. Your gag reflexed started to set in and you wanted to let his dick glide out of your mouth a little more but the CP0 member didn’t let you, his hand keeping you down.

    “Now it’s getting interesting.” He purred, pushing you even deeper. With wide eyes you tried to push yourself up, frantically breathing through your nose while desperately trying to suppress your gag reflex. Tears dwelled in the corners of your eyes, saliva started dripping out your mouth, coating your breasts.

    He grabbed your hair and started to move your head up and down at his pace. Each time he pressed you down again, you had to take him in a little deeper. Muffled gagging noises and sobs were the only sounds you could make and you dug your nails into his thighs.

    But all this rough treatment made you only wetter. You felt your panties getting soaked, your slick also running down your thighs. Rob Lucci shuffled his legs a little and positioned his foot between your legs, close to your core. “C’mon. Fuck yourself on my shoe.” He chuckled, not really thinking you’d do it. But boy, was he wrong. You were so desperate that you almost immediately started rubbing your core against his shoe.

    “You’re actually fucking yourself on my shoe? You’re more than desperate. What a pathetic slave.” You moaned against his dick, moving your hips back and forth to create as much friction as possible.

    “You know what? I think something so obedient like you should get a small reward.” He pushed you off his dick and you fell on your back, legs slightly spread so he could see your soaked panties.

    “I will fuck you, slave.”

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    06.06.2021 - 6 days ago
    #eight hundred angels #hell side #rob lucci imagine #rob lucci headcanons #rob lucci x reader #rob lucci #one piece writing #one piece reader insert #one piece x reader #meliwrites #one piece scenario #one piece imagines #🥀 — thesinsofmeli #sundrysins
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    06.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    one piece comfort characters but make them fashion but i have a tenuous grasp of fashion 🥀✨ [4/4]

    #one piece#opfanart#rob lucci#kumadori#cp9#my art #just thought this composition would look cool and then Oops! now i ship them actually #only the most obscure lucci ships for me your honour #alt caption: diversity win! the evil catboy who just stabbed you with his finger is trans and in love with a bigger dumber cat man
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  • sirkaoru
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    A day at the beach.

    my relationship ended with Doflamingo, now i love Rob Lucci.

    #jk i still doflamingo #yes they use floaties #one piece#op#rob lucci#luffy #monkey d luffy #charlotte katakuri#donquixote doflamingo#eneru#god enel#kaku#ussop
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  • incorrect-cp9-quotes
    05.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Lucci: This is crazy but I'm having feelings again like some ten-year-old kid, you remember feelings, right?

    Kaku: Yeah, I have feelings every single day of my life

    Lucci: You do?

    Kaku: Are you saying you don't have feelings?

    Lucci: Yes

    Kaku: I'm sorry to tell you this but you have the capability to feel

    Lucci: You take that back!

    #cp9#cipher pol #incorrect cp9 quotes #incorrect one piece quotes #one piece#rob lucci#kaku#incorrect quotes #one piece incorrect quotes
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  • littlestlilies
    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #One Piece#Lily Asks#Trafalgar Law#Whitebeard#Boa Hancock #I have tried typing underneath the images but it's broken #Anyway #I love Hancock so much #I would seriously die for her #She is my queen #Law was a long time crush #I've loved him ever since he appeared in Shabaody #And I'm always a sucker for old men and found family so Whitebeard's guaranteed a spot on the list #Some honourable mentions include #Eustass Kidd#Princess Shirahoshi#Rob Lucci#And#Nico Robin #I like my men evil #And my ladies smokin hot and could crush me in multiple ways #Hahaha #This was an awesome question #Thank you so much Coco-chan 💕💕💕
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    04.06.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • theazureknight
    03.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    it lucci birthday guys!!

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  • lavender-darling25
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Happy Birthday Lucci

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  • pagingdoctorbedlam
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    It's Lucci day! (Happy birthday, you bastard cat.)

    I needed to practice drawing his face, plus I wanted to nail down some outfits he might wear in "Absolution and Other Nightmares". Once I found out it'd be his birthday today, I decided to go the extra mile and break out some inks and colors.


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  • janalovehisoka
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    Happy Birthday Rob Lucci!!!!🎂🎂🎂

    June, 2 , 2021

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  • pagingdoctorbedlam
    02.06.2021 - 1 week ago


    Happy June nerds, it’s time to headcanon all the assassins as queer.

    Btw, Emphasis on the HEADCANONS. These are my personal interpretations as an out and proud queer, but by no mean is my word law. Make what you will of my thoughts! (And NO bashing of any identities, sexualities, or characters in this post or the reblogs.)

    Now, without further ado, click that Read More!

    Rob Lucci:

    -Demiromantic AND demisexual. If he can't trust someone with his life, there's no chance for a relationship. -That said, will still feign interest or sleep with someone for a mission. Isn't really bothered by doing so. -Once he catches feelings though? Much as he hates to admit it, he's a flustered mess on the inside. -Even if he seems calm (or a little more irritable than normal) on the outside, he has...issues processing his feelings for others, especially since he's so unused to them. Give him some time. -Doesn't really care about gender much? He'll use masculine pronouns and presentation most of the time, as that's the default he's been raised with. But if he feels like presenting another way on occasion, why shouldn't he? Not like anyone would dare give him grief about it. -Also, on the rare times he chooses to do so, can rock a dress and heels.


    -Pansexual, and has always been. Gender has no bearing on who he likes. -He's never been closeted, but he doesn't make a big statement about his preferences either. After all, he's a gentleman! -Prefers to go on a few dates before "knocking boots" with someone. Gets annoyed when pushed to do otherwise for a mission. -I figure he's either cis, or if he's trans he transitioned fairly young.  -Doesn't have any shame or guilt about his identity, and gets super confused if others assume he does.


    -Lesbiaaaaaaan -Yes, she'll flirt and sleep with any gender for work, but she only gets feelings for ladies and other femmes. -Also supports the hell out of those close to her who need help playing with presentation. Fashion tips? Makeup help? She's got ya'. -The BEST wingwoman for picking up dates. -Always knew she liked girls, but took her until Water 7 to decide she was solely sapphic.


    -Biromantic asexual -Even though he has so many emotional barriers, he's actually super romantic once he actually warms up to someone -He's not necessarily repulsed by sex, just...not interested. He'll give it a go if his partner asks, though. -Rarely asked to seduce anyone on a mission. Is thankful for this. -Presents Cis, but honestly if he researched genders and such, he may well identify as Agender.


    -Bisexual, but he's only recently come to terms with that. Still a little tetchy about his attraction to men. -However, he's surprisingly great with pronouns! He rarely slips up, and will correct any misgendering he hears in a heartbeat. -I mean, the entire crew would beat up homophobes and TERFs in a heartbeat, but Jabra's first in line to do so. -A good hypeman for his queer pals, and is always happy to chaperone if they want/need a bodyguard if they feel unsafe -Prefers not to seduce folks for missions (like Kaku, he'd rather take them on a date or two first), but will stick around on overwatch for others who do so.


    -Proudly trans and pansexual! -Was taught Life Return so he could control his hormones during puberty -The first of the group to come out as queer, which opened the way for the others -Well researched on queer histories, identity, pronouns, etc! Even performs plays about them to educate and entertain others. -Identifies as male, but is secure enough that he can be gender-nonconforming without feeling dysphoric. -Actually handles the romantic side of seduction missions well! He's a GENTLEMAN through and through. Just...don't make him cry please.


    -Aromantic asexual. If he's in any sort of relationship, it's platonic. -However, he LOVES the idea of romance, and has a fondness for cheesy romance novels. -Even if he doesn't feel romantic or sexual attraction for others, he can still BE romantic and such if his s/o likes such things. -Is tired of explaining that lack of attraction doesn't mean he's averse to a concept, come on guys we've been over this -I can also see him being trans, and Very Proud that he's finally grown some facial hair even if it's patchy -Please do not send him on seduction jobs, he'll over-research with his romance novels and it'll be awkward for everyone.



    -No one knows what his actual sexuality; they've only seen him flirt with folks who could elevate his status. (It's known that his father wants the family line to continue in some capacity.) -However, he's surprisingly protective over CP9 in that regard (one of the few reasons they listen to him)! No one misgenders or insults their sexualities on his watch. -(Okay, he'll only stand up with words, but then he'll absolutely give the insulted agent a free pass on revenge in most cases.) -Also, if a mission has a seduction element involved, he'll try to align things in accordance to the team's preferences -Cis, and he'll get tripped up over pronouns and name changes. But he does try.

    Nero (I’m sorry I cannot find a gif of him here)

    -Gaaaaaay -Though was also starting to question his gender identity before his untimely demise -Alas, we hardly knew ye

    Bedlam (my CP9 OC):

    -Openly nonbinary, they/them pronouns -Microdoses hormones to achieve a more androgynous body -Semi-genderfluid; will have days where they lean more masc or femme -Pansexual and panromantic -Lightly flirts with just about anyone, but gets super flustered if anyone flirts back -Please stop by the infirmary before your seduction mission for protection, and afterwards to make sure you didn't pick anything up, thanks

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