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  • englishstrawbie
    24.07.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #anyone else got any thoughts? #station 19#maya bishop#robert sullivan#anon
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  • mariocki
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pledge Night (A Hazing in Hell, 1990)

    "Look what he did to my hand!"

    "Wow, looks like a burn. Looks like you got his burns!"

    "I'm suing."

    #Pledge night #A Hazing in hell #Horror imagery#gore tw#slasher film#Paul Ziller#american cinema#Joyce Snyder#Todd Eastland#Shannon McMahon#joey belladonna#Will Kempe#Dennis Sullivan#Craig Derrick #David Neal Evans #Robert Lentini#James Davies#Barbara summerville#Cecelia wilde#Suzanne Dean#Arthur lundquist #Low rent low effort low brow frat horror splatterthon. The real horror is the toxic masculinity that thrives in these environments amiright #Except here the real real horror is actually an evil acid spirit that shows up to kill pledge and brother alike; notably he doesn't turn up #Until more than 40 minutes in‚ which means an inordinate amount of time is spent on the actual hazing and frat stuff.. Which is... An odd #Choice. True to form it's all quite homoerotic‚ but props to that one guy who‚ as his pants are ripped down during his actual murder‚ #Manages to stutter a tremulous 'What are you‚ queer?' to his supernatural killer. Priorities. This was made in 88 and may have been shown #At a festival or two‚ but didn't see wide release until '90; it must have dated pretty quick because everything about this screams bargain #Basement 80s schlock horror. Still it doesn't outstay its welcome and some of the effects are pleasingly silly #Including the acid man monster getting real weird with some guy on the toilet... Not a classy movie. But then what can you expect when #Literally the first thing you hear in the film as the credits start is a flushing toilet. Remarkably apt.
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  • caribbean-ace
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    A random thing that crossed my mind at 02:19 lol:

    i just love bossy!Carina, when she’s delivering the baby at 19 (4x11 if you’re wondering) Sullivan, Montgomery and Hughes are asking a bunch of questions and she just snaps telling them if they’re not helping they should leave. It’s so funny because they bolt out of the door so fast😂 i mean they have a woman in the middle of birthing a baby and they are just asking a lot of irrelevant things. It also made think that Maya loves when Carina is bossy lol

    I hope we can see more of Bossy!Carina in season 5 (and of course her own storyline and not just being Maya’s wife which i love a lot but i believe she has a lot more to offer)

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  • take2intotheshower
    20.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    Kurt Weller in Season 1 #26

    (Blindspot Season 1, Episode 21 - Of Whose Uneasy Route) (Part A)

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  • herrera-n-hayes
    19.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Dynamics I wanna see more of on Station 19

    Travis & Sullivan: I want this very badly. I do not know why, I just feel there is potential for them to be sad together in a way that would sooth my need for angst. Also Travis's awkwardness paired with Sullivan’s seriousness? Chaos waiting to happen. Sully and Monty should be a thing

    Vic & Carina, Travis & Carina, Andy & Carina: Let Carina DeLuca have friends!!!! All these people are excellent candidates!!! She and Andy lived together so they're basically besties who gang up on Maya in my mind. She and Travis love gossiping and Vic is basically like her little sister, would 100% bribe the writers to make these consistent facts within canon

    Jack & Travis and Jack & Emmett: The friendship Jack and Travjs had in season one was amazing and I miss it. Literally like they were best buddies and now I can't even tell you the last one on one scene they had? Unacceptable. Also Jack and Emmett are best friends, the writers just forget to show it on screen...I like the idea of Jack just being a third wheel for Tremmett every now and then.

    Dean & Maya: I need them to have more scenes together, truly a superior duo. Love all the limited one-on-one scenes they have. They are both very smart and pretty and if Maya was to help Dean become a Lieutenant, well then I'd be more then happy.

    Maya, Vic & Andy: Best trio going and truly it's shite that we've not seen them in a while, I miss them terribly and the writers need to fix that for me. Carina can also join girls nights and drinking on porches. I will not be mad about it.

    Ben & Travis: They are work wives and I need them to not forget it. Give me more light Travis and Ben scenes but also give me Bailey knowing Travis is her husband's work wife (oh I could make that a fic)

    Andy & Vic: love them, they are smart and beautiful and I want them to hang out more one on one. Let them hang out and talk and just be badass firefighter ladies together, remember back in season 2 when the hung out with Kat? I loved that energy and their dynamic

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  • surrerafics
    17.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Robert and Andy salsa dancing in happier times! 🕊🙏🏾

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  • artreider
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    This case of the week wasnt really that intersting to me, i was much more interested in the teams personal lives.

    The chief and fd cowing down to pd and dixon when their own firefighters were almost shot to death saving two kidnapped girls is complete bull. In my opinion if you stand with them (you being the fd) against your own people when pd was in the wrong then you wre no better and the apple bunch is already spoiled.

    Sidenote this is becomming very frustrating. Keep having to restart my firestick to get the episode to play.

    I love travis and carina's interaction when he asks gor a test especially when she tells him to call her carina but tells jack later to call her dr deluca. Lmao.

    Carina snapping at jack and questioning his use of her office makes me smile because its partially everything hitting at once, her not liking him in maya's office/being protective of maya's domain. And then when he says he likes crying women the look in her eye like did maya come to crying before you slept together, or at least thats the vibes i get.

    I love carina educating jack on parenting.

    The chief is such as ass and i would love to know his take post George floyds death. Also he supported sullivan becoming lt wonder how he'd feel about him jumping up and throwing his team and captain under the bus. The world doesnt need more leaders like that.

    Also his reaction to pd ticketing the fire truck is complete bullshit, he shouldve been more pissed.

    Hughes is so right, who are you here for chief your fire crew or pd. I love maya's support of her team. She has always wanted what's best for them even when they didnt have her back. She is a wonderful leader. I cant wait to see them give her their full support in season 5.

    This jack and marcus scene is so wonderful, jack will be a great dad one day if given the chance. Im on board for a potential jo/jack pairing.

    Travis i love you and i love how he is dealing with his dad. He had so many great speeches this season. Station 19 shouldve been nominated as a show and each actor for this season. It was the best for everyone.

    Travis's dad really failed him.

    I love andy supporting maya in going to italy for as long as she needs to and being there for her in general. Oh my heart when maya walks in and does the cute walk saying honey im home, cant get enough of that. I need that in season 5 when she returns home to carina after a shift.

    Marina's little talk about carina having to go back, makes so much sense even if its hard.

    Haha i love her saying jack needs them and maya questioning it, so cute.

    Andy this conversation should've been a red flag to the lengths robert will go to to get his job back.

    Yall really need therapy, yall have so many issues you havent handled. Se

    I want to know what maya, carina and vic were laughing about. Also love this little interaction between them and travis. I need these four hanging out more.

    How much carina gets excited about getting an idiom right is so cute.

    Travis is so cute with his is my hair okay, before seeing emmett.

    Jacks laugh unnerving people is too funny. Also the story is cute and i love carina playing with maya's hair.

    The sweetness when marsha woke up is so great. I loved that maya decided to go with carina even if i know she doesnt. It shows such growth. Its kind of funny that the group inside the room was just jack, maya and their significant other and marcus and everyone else was outside the room. Lol.

    Good episode.

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  • artreider
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Finally getting to finish this episode while also finishing laundry for the week when i should be sleeping before work.

    I love Andy's family grilling robert. He would've lived spending time with them i feel.

    Still not a fan of the michelle obsession with maya. It irks me for some reason.

    Miller and his family stuff breaks my heart but its so great prue is bringing them together. Kids are funny like that.

    Maya is so nice to lend jack her office.

    Im glad maya and carina and inara and jack are in such good places that a simple hig between friends is okay.

    Andy being so nervous for robert and her family to interact is very telling. If you arent comfortable with them interacting maybe you should rethink the relationship.

    I love carina and Ben's friendship and interactions. It makes me remeber when he was still a surgical intern/resident and she was doing her study.

    Carina feeling like noone likes her is sad.

    I love that maya discusses her problems with andy. It shows such growth.

    #station 19 #station 19 rewatch #andy hererra#robert sullivan#dean miller#maya bishop #carina x maya #carina deluca #carina and maya #maya x carina #marina #maya and carina #robert and andy #surrera
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  • take2intotheshower
    13.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kurt Weller in Season 1 #24

    (Blindspot Season 1, Episode 20 - Swift Hardhearted Stone) (Part A)

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  • artreider
    09.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Daughter is down for the night, let's see if internet will allow me to watch and live blog the next episode.

    Travis is so hurt and that just hurts me. I'm glad we are getting his backstory with Michael.

    Okay so if Michael died in 2016 and it was 2009 at the start of the episode, then they were together for at least six years. So travis has been a firefighter at least 11 years at this point in the series. So what station was he at, and how did he and Michael meet. Im just curious because theo calls his buddy michael probie and then doesnt say travis name. Travis tells him name and instead of calling probie as well making me believe he had been either a firefighter for a bit longer than Michael or he is from a different station, because surely if they were all at the same station he would call him by name or maybe travis is from a different shift at the station.

    I love this episode but it still left me with questions.

    Also so i didnt even make it five minutes in, thanks internet let's restart it.

    Also are they all in the same academy class because it sounds like it.

    I'm not okay with travic being not a dynamic duo at the start, i love their friendship.

    Hey look the captain has returned lol, also this sushi conversation i have had with my coworker. Leftover sushibis just wrong, fight me on this. Im glad maya agrees. Also i agree with sulluvan its from the grocery store, i dont eat my sushi from anywhere but a restaurant thats gross, and making it day old is worse.

    Of course travis agrees with the sushi talk, they are truly two peas in a pod. Im surprised vic didnt ask to stay at maya and carina's for a few days.

    I like theo and jack this episode.

    Vic looks tripped out by travis showing her his scars lmao. Travis and this scar analogy is fantastic and makes me giggle, so dramatic.

    I still dont know how i feel about these two drug addicts.

    First commercial and i just want to add that the sushi scene i love, the family feel is wonderful.

    Michael and travis are so cute. Also how long was theo a captain before michael died?

    Listening to libby you can tell how troubled travis is by the look on his face. Its like he's thinking what if something were to happen to Hughes and we weren't in a good place.

    Im glad jack came to talk to theo. It's good for them both.

    Emmett you cutie. Im glad he is speaking truths to travis.

    This proposal is so cute, the double proposal makes me so happy.

    Travis needs to become a dad, he so wanted that future with Michael.

    Its so cute that theo was there for the proposal and his best friends. Who stood up for travis at the wedding and who married michael and travis? Im headcanoning theo marrying them.

    I totally get travis's feelings about theo in light of Michael's death but with how involved he was with the two i wish travis had found some way to heal with his friend sooner.

    Vic trying to discuss Emmett, oh i love you.

    This scene by the trees is so tough.

    I bet they had so much fun shooting this even if it was difficult material.

    So travis is in a apartment instead of his house with michael, howd that happen.

    The things they are saying to each other are so hard. Everyone grieves differently.

    Okay how long was theo a firefighter before he became captain. They were possibly in the academy in 2009, he was training for lt in 2010 and in 2012 he was put up for captain. So it seems he was on the fast track like maya. Okay he was only at lt for 6 months with may he a bit longer than maya.

    Though she definitely made better decisions as captain. Also i love that ripley put up for it and ripley is who told maya to become lt and that she'd be a good captain.

    Theo's joke about dying in a fire is just wrong.

    Theo did make a bad call like travis worried but his being green should be a reason to find forgiveness for him.

    Im glad michael stood uo for his friend. Also travis asked if it was a good idea theo being michaels captain, not ours. That further leads me to believe that travis was at a different station. I really cant shake the thought that he was at station 19 by this point for the simple fact of capt hererra saying he hand picked all of them.

    Its nice that travis is finally talking to vic about his anger and sadness over michael, his grief and apologizing for his comments about ripley.

    Okay so based off the past episodes for the characters, gibson and miller have been at the station longer than andy and maya and it appears travis has been as well. So that just has me questioning how long hughes has been, did we get dates when we learned how she became a firefighter, i cant remember.

    Who notified travis that Michael was gone? He wasn't on scene otherwise he'd already have seen theo.

    Theo was so good to own up to his mistake to the higher ups and travis.

    The house vs apartment thing bothers me about station 19. Like maya's apartment always felt like a house and then we see its an apartment. Travis lived in a house with Michael and now has an apartment filled with Michael's things. Then Jack had an apartment or something in season 3 and now lives with martha and co. Then vic is basically homelessx had an apartment then jumped from friends homes. I dunno why i bothers me so, i guess it just feels so inconsistent, i dunno if that makes sense.

    Ugh the ruiz and Gibson scene here is so good for them once again and im glad it helped marcus. Im sad marcus wont be a part of jacks life anymore.

    Theo why did you decide to talk to vic about ripley? Not that it was a bad talk just curious what sparked it.

    Travis im so proud of you, this talk here is so important for your healing. Vic i love your joke. Yay my travic is healing.

    Okay so hughes was probie in 2016 after michael died. Ugh i need to know more about travis time at station 19 before during or after whatever michael died. Also when did andy and maya graduate im blanking on the year.

    Travic's first scene at the station together is so lovely.

    Ugh travis's phone call is so rough.

    So travis cant vacation very well either, no wonder he told maya to enjoy her trip with carina in sesson 3.

    The station 19 actors are so phenomenal. Such a wonderfully acted episode.

    So as im sure my followers and anyone else reading this has gathered, i decided to do this live blog as one whole thing since the anon was upset by my previous posts. If you hate this and think i should go back to the other way let me know or if i should take their suggestion and creatr my own tag let me know. Basically if you are interested in my live blog please let me know what you think.

    The anon has been weighing on me leading me to almost not want to finish my live blog of the series.

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  • artreider
    05.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #station 19#maya bishop#carina deluca #maya x carina #marina #maya and carina #maya and carina station 19 #carina x maya #robert sullivan#andy hererra
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  • artreider
    04.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Yes andy you should've pushed it and had that conversation. Sullivan is definitely the derek of station 19. Dont get me wrong i loved derek but he wasnt the best for meredith in her career or relationship sometimes.

    The vic theo stuff was rough and the ending still kills me.

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  • artreider
    04.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Sullivan throwing his support behind dean is just for show. Im not saying he doesnt agree with wanting justice but its easy to support in words only, actions speak louder and his actions in the finale are not supportive.

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  • artreider
    04.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I like this talk between vic and miller, he is holding in his feelings so well.

    Also who all did travis work with at 19 when michael was alive, did anyone know michael?

    The sullivan and andy scene is so insightful into the problems in their relationship, their working relationship and his issues.

    #station 19#maya bishop#carina deluca#marina #maya and carina #maya x carina #maya and carina station 19 #carina x maya #robert sullivan#andy hererra#victoria hughes#theo ruiz#dean miller #station 19 rewatch
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  • artreider
    04.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Once again sullivan second guessing andy. It pisses me off more in light of the finale than it did originally.

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  • merememberjust
    04.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Station 19 Incorrect Quotes from Grey's Anatomy (pt. 35)

    Vic: I ordered a pizza and Dean owes me 20 bucks, but he's not speaking to me because I saw him crying, and there was a minute, a week ago that I actually thought he was gonna be a human being, and now he won't open the door.

    Sullivan, naked with only a pillow covering himself: Run into the bathroom. Just go. Go.

    Vic: *hides into the bathroom*

    Sullivan: Miller!

    Dean: *opens his bedroom door*

    Sullivan: Give me a $20.

    Dean: *gives Sullivan $20 & walks back into his room*

    Sullivan: Thank you. *deeply inhales & hands out the $20*

    Vic, exits out of the bathroom: *takes the $20* That was so awesome. You're pretty cool. Not that I didn't think you were cool before, but you know, I did not. I kind just though you were all, ya know.

    Sullivan, just wants to sleep: ah.

    Vic: Now cool, you want to share some pizza?

    Sullivan: *shuts the door on Hughes*

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  • merememberjust
    04.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Station 19 Incorrect Quotes from Grey's Anatomy (pt. 32)

    Andy: [about Maya] Ask anyone, we're close.

    Sullivan: Maya and my wife sometimes have sleepovers. In my bed. With me in it.

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  • caribbean-ace
    04.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I hate when people say: oh Maya and Carina rushed their wedding bla bla, and those same people don’t think that about Andy and Sullivan…

    I wish we’d see a little bit more of their relationship (hopefully they don’t screw Maya’s growth). It would be nice that Maya has a shot to make her case (just like Sullivan did)

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  • artreider
    03.07.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Its fucked up that theo's decision cost michael his life and he was demoted but maya made a call to save the life of a little boy and gets demoted or fired. Talk about a fucked up system, its sexist, and racist to no end. And im still not over Sullivan's role in it.

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