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    • Robin: I can't keep making an ass of myself.
    • Ted: Well a word in defence of making an ass of yourself, it's underrated. Eight years ago I made an ass of myseld chasing after you, and I've made an ass of myself chasing after you a bunch of times since then. But I have no regrets. Because it led me to something that I wouldn't trade for the world. It led to you being my friend. So, as your friend and a leading expert in the field of making an ass of yourself, I say to you from the heart, get the hell out of this car.
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    • [Ted continues to see Robin in every person he encounters]
    • Ted: Why are you still here?
    • Robin: [as MacLaren's bartender] Why do you think I'm still here?
    • Ted: I guess because I'm in love with you. Why else would I be seeing your face everywhere I look?
    • Robin: [as old patron] Because you feel bad.
    • Ted: Of course I feel bad. I told you I still love you because apparently, that's the worst thing you can say to someone.
    • Robin: That's not why you feel bad. You feel bad because you let me go away. I know our relationship wasn't exactly what you wanted it to be, and I know I may not love you the way you love me, but I do love you. Isn't that worth hanging on to?
    • Ted: [pause] I miss you.
    • Robin: [as model in Wharmpess Gold beer] So go get me back.
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