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    Here’s Crash Man. Look at all those bombs!

    #he even has one thst comes out of his back! #that's so cool! #Crash Man #Super Adventure Rockman #sprites#Robot Masters
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    Here are some of Quick Man’s sprites from the same game. I think they’re pretty neat.

    But that’s not all - there’s also these:



    #that totally caught me by surprise when I first saw them #he's just like Top Man! #i wonder who can spin faster #Quick Man #Super Adventure Rockman #sprites#Robot Masters
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    I find it really cool how when Top Man spins really fast, he looks just like a giant top.

    #this is from Super Adventure Rockman by the way #man that game is so cool it's a shame we will probably never get to play it #it had SO MUCH #i have some more stuff from it that i really want to share with everyone #Top Man#Robot Masters #Super Adventure Rockman #sprites
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  • Happy Birthday from another Dimension!

    “The Wright Brothers wishes you a Happy Birthday, Aiden!”

    For @flowersofstarlight

    It’s curious that I’ve met you thanks to @purplesweetwarmheart, my friend of DeviantArt since 2019.

    I know… 

    The Wright Numbers are an Special Line who had to go through space and time to visit Aiden to wish him a “Happy Birthday!”. 

    For an strange reason, they discovered the day of Aiden’s birthday and they cooked a delicious chocolate cake with orange cream XD 


    *A mysterious purple hole appears without reason*

    The Wright Brothers: Happy Birthday, Aiden!!

    Windy: *holds a chocolate cake with orange cream* My brothers and I made this chocolate cake for you!

    RocketMan: *smiles* I hope you’re having a good time!

    Ignis Frost: *laughs* This is a gift for our part! Thank you for let us met your friends! 

    Aiden belongs to @flowersofstarlight


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  • Who’s your favorite robot masters? (Classic Mega Man)

    Idk, wanna draw a few. My personally faves are: Time Man, Fuse Man, Snake Man, Splash Woman, and Ice Man

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  • Happy (early) Halloween!

    #For anon asking for more clown man #but I added a few #all the horror bots plus pharaoh man #because mummies I guess #spooky scary skeletons gets stuck in head every time with Skull Man #my art#digital art#robot masters#Clown Man#shade man#Pharaoh Man#skull man#syndicate#megaman #Ruby-Spears Mega Man #rockman
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  • very quick Star Man for ask blog 

    #my art#digital art#star man#robot masters#megaman #Ruby-Spears Mega Man #just don't trust art from Curse of the Lion Men I guess
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  • What if the Robots from Megaman 11 don’t have their helmets? (My version)

    1. Bald Block Man :‘v (Based on this thing “WHERE IS MY BLOCKY-Y-Y?!”)
    2. Bunny Fuse Man 🐰
    3. Acid Man with asthma :'v
    4. Blast Man with headphones 🎶
    5. Fabulous Tundra Man ❄️
    6. Karate Man Torch Man? 🔥
    7. NO BALD Impact Man XD
    8. Bounce Man without head? 😱

    ¿Qué sería si los Robots de Megaman 11 no tuvieran sus cascos? (Mi versión)

    1. Block Man Calvo:'v  (Basado en esta cosa “WHERE IS MY BLOCKY-Y-Y?!”)
    2. Conejo Fuse Man 🐰
    3. Acid Man con asma :'v
    4. Blast Man con audífonos🎶
    5. Fabulouso Tundra Man ❄️
    6. ¿Torch Man Karateka? 🔥
    7. Impact Man NO CALVO XD
    8. ¿Bounce Man sin cabeza? 😱

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  • Hey, I’m not dead here,  I bring new adoptive robot, Shine Man

      (A Robot Master Custom Adopt that I adopt from MegaPhantaze in DA)

    Copied from the Custom adopt publication:

    Shine Man has flamethrowers on the mask. Underwater, he can boil the water, and on land it breathes fire. The tail is made to create whirpools and agility in water is fast enough for those whirpools, also known to have metal like skin and claws are sharp as well.

    New information added:
    Shine man also has the capable of shining in the dark when he want, adopted by Dr. Jazz 5 years after Keys man was adopted.
    He’s very smart and a little naughty, but its has a tendency to scare unknown people when they’re in their area, so it’s kind of hard to socialize, but with patience towards him you can know him better, he is quite friendly when he is in confidence.

    Fun facts:
    - Although he is the last of the three brothers, he is the tallest surpassing even his second brother, Kaaman.
    - His claws are so sharp that he can kill someone unintentionally.
    - His name and capableness is inspired by Bioluminescence.
    - I was inspired by the original description and decided to give his tail as a kind of helix.

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  • Fuck capcom and canon the robot masters are self aware and have free will pass it on

    #megaman#mega man #reblog and like if you agree #robot masters#robot master
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  • My List Of MegaMan Ocs

    Organized by name

    • GoldWoman
    • EmberWoman
    • FlyWoman
    • EspectroWoman
    • Fouetté Woman (and her line)
    • Starlight Woman
    • MonarchMan
    • LunaMan
    • SwiftMan
    • Cupid Sniper
    • SoftMan
    • Jianzi
    • Harmonia
    • Aken, Ammit and Anubis
    • Majoris
    • Deimos
    • Orion
    • Sirene
    • Sean
    • Belladona
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  • 2/2 And heeeere’s Cut Man. I couldn’t think of any props for him, but perhaps he’d wear some pointy accessories, like piercings? 

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  • I am going to Brazil for this


    His name is SwiftMan now and he is a TurboMan knockoff

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  • Shannon sees the Wiley Boys walking by

    #okko lets be heroes #cartoon fanart #video game fanart #mega man#robot masters #shannon ok ko #radicles#metal man#shadow man#cut man#crossover
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    Part of the TFcon 2019 Toy Haul

    Transformers: Robot Masters

    Lio Convoy (Incomplete)


    BlackCat (GI Joe convention Exclusive)

    TFcon 2019, October 25th-27th in Reston Virginia (yes, I’m that far behind).

    Black Cat–


    Blackcat is a metallic green and black Ravage repaint which was used for a G.I. Joe convention.

    He’s a non-transforming toy, and he only articulation is a ball joint at the neck.

    For what this guy is he’s fun, and I think I’ll add him with my tiny GI Joe collection…such as it is.


    Lio Convoy–

    Beast Mode:

    Not starting off on a strong suit but this beast mode is horrid. It’s not very good.

    The lion sculpting is okay, it’s very basic, the lion face is fine, it’s all very reminiscent of the Beast Wars II ultra class toy, however considering this toy is pretty much deluxe scaled, Robot Masters line wasn’t meant to be a high quality toy series, more like a timeline hopping, crossover series hybrid thing. It is what it is; the beast mode’s a mess, pure and simple.


    As far as articulation goes the front paws can swivel side to side, and bend at the elbow.

    The hind legs (though a hidious) have ball jointed hips, double backwards knees, and ball jointed ankles.


    Lio Convoy’s jaw can open and close, and reveals some fierce teeth, and painted eyes.


    At the end of the day this is a sloppy beast mode.


    Transformation to robot mode is a pretty simple affair; it’s mostly just rotating things into place. The lion head does kind of get in the way every so often, but over all this isn’t very challenging.

    Robot Mode:

    Where in my opinion the beast mode was such a disaster, I really like the robot mode. The Beast mode was sacrificed to make a decent deluxe class bot mode, and I’m okay with that.


    For a deluxe scaled toy Lio Convoy has a decent range of articulation:

    Ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders and elbows, waist swivel, thigh swivel, double bend at the knee and ball jointed ankles.

    It’s a decent range of articulation, however the beast mode head on the right shoulder greatly hinders the right shoulder joint, and the entire arm all together.

    The front legs of the beast mode have flip out duel blades, and I think this looks awesome.


    The lion head opens up, and it’s supposed to be spinning blades, but unlike the the ultra class version from the 90′s this toy is too small for that kind of gimmick, so you’ll have to do it manually.


    The fur on the arms open up to reveal…nothing, since Lio Convoy doesn’t come with any accessories, I don’t have the missiles to attach to these tiny pegs. But I guess they kind of look like inverted Wolverine claws, I guess.


    Flip up the back of the Lion head to see an Autobot symbol painted on. Lio Convoy never originally wore this badge, however for the Robot Masters toy line, even the Maximals and Predacons had Autobot and Decepticon symbols, very similar to 2004′s Transformers Universe toyline here in America, which was…a similar concept to Takara’s Robot Masters line.


    I really love that head sculpt, and the premium metallic paint on the head and chest, and arms really shimmers. The right side of the chest opens up to reveal Lio Convoy’s Energon Matrix.



    Since I bought this toy used for about $15.00 Lio Convoy didn’t come wit any accessories at all, but i believe that he was supposed to come with 6 missiles to place in his arms and lion head, and a hand gun.

    Final Thoughts:

    For an incomplete toy Robot Masters Lio Convoy is really fun.

    Yes, the beast mode is an absolute disaster, but that robot mode is where all the attention was placed.

     Personally I think he fits into more collections than you’d realize.

    Add him to your Beast Wars, Masterpiece or GI Joe collection, and he could be a little on the short side, but I think it works.

    Add him in with your Autobots, and suddenly he becomes tall for a Maximal.

    I haven’t exactly decided where I’m going to put him yet, but I’m glad I’ve got options.

    I’m really glad that I got these two figures!


    Personally, I think this version of Lio Convoy fits in well with just about all of these Transformers toys.

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