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  • oh my. what did you call that? a kiss?… i rather liked that.

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  • i find it hard to believe you’re comfortable lying next to me.

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  • your heart rate has exceeded its natural pattern. is something wrong?

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    Yay back with list of five more heart warming kdramas❣️:

    1. Descendants of the Sun

    2. Fight for my way

    3. Suspicious Partner

    4. I am not a Robot

    5. Goblin 🔥

    The mark (🔥) indicates must watch kdramas…

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  • The top five remains the same, but there’s been a lot of movement elsewhere on this list (some shows have stayed with me a lot more than others, which has affected the ratings) and I’ve watched several more new shows (of course).

    The GREAT:

    1. Crash Landing on You

    He’s from North Korea. She’s from South Korea. They never should have met, but they’ll change each other’s lives.


    Originally posted by thingskateknows

    This was my first K-drama, and its still my favourite. It really is the full package and deserves all the recognition its getting. The entire cast of characters is great, the lead romance is ANGSTALICIOUS and its genuinely, laugh out loud funny (when its not making you cry or swoon).

    Male lead: Officially the best boyfriend ever. With added dimples.

    Tear-jerk factor: 4/5

    2. Healer

    The lives, and pasts, of a hot shot reporter, a spunky young tabloid journalist and a mysterious thief-for-hire intersect.


    Originally posted by sweet-asian-paradise

    I ADORE this show. It was so addictive to watch - the plot was tight and engaging, and this is one of the few shows I’ve watched where there didn’t seem to be a lot of filler. I loved the central 3 characters, and the romance was amazing. I especially loved that the male lead started off such a brooding loner, but he became super-affectionate as soon as he admitted his feelings. So many good hugs and lots of face-cradling in this one.

    Male lead: Effortlessly beats up 2 henchmen while comforting his girl over the phone. What more do you need?

    Tear-jerk factor: 1/5

    3. Itaewon Class

    A young man’s life is forever altered when he runs afoul of a powerful family.


    Originally posted by silverlyfee

    This felt like a big step up in quality from everything else in this list, in terms of the production, soundtrack (which was brilliant), the lack of annoying sound effects, and just the overall ‘real world’ feel of the show. All of the characters were fleshed out and 3-dimensional, and they all had their ‘moment’ to shine. The story itself was gripping and so well done - some of the twists and reveals had me gasping! And what can I say about the 2 leads? I love them, both separately, and together. He is so wise beyond his years, and his journey will break your heart and inspire you. She is borderline sociopathic, but I adore her.

    Male lead: Tenacious, principled, kind, innocent, caring, driven, loyal…and he can cook!

    Tear-jerk factor: 2/5

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  • I get that every fandom has drama and has its own specific batshit toxic people, but that being said I have yet to meet a transformers fan who I didn’t like.

    #i dont even go there but like?? i get good vibes from the alien robot fans #my partner likes it #one of my old managers likes it and he was super nice #ive met other ppl who like it and they were just super wholesome
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