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  • The Super, Pink Moon reaches fullness Tonight at 10:35 pm ET, Lovelies. Check my previous post on crystal cleansing and charging if you want to get your rock babies in a lunar bath.

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  • Full moon happens Tuesday at 10:35 pm ET. Get those crystals ready, Lovelies! If you’re anything like me and hate putting them out in the cold, this may be their first cleanse/charge for Spring…

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  • Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Decisive Transformation, Renewal, Forgiveness
    Tarot of the Day: Judgement

    Judgement is a card of change; but unlike Death or The Tower, it isn’t sudden change influenced by luck or intuition, but change that springs from reason and decision making. It signifies plans, choices, and focus, coming to fruition.

    There is a cycle ending and beginning in the same moment; like the cycle of the Phoenix. If there is a choice that needs to be made, ruminate and let your mind guide the decision. Logic, today, is a better guide than intuition. Be prepared to make a major decision in your life, likely one that will shape the next chapter.

    💚  At work, your efforts (or lack thereof) have been noticed. Keep doing your best and your efforts will pay off. If you’ve been slacking off, now is the time to pay attention to detail and focus your energies before you risk permanent damage to your career.

    💙  Whether you are single or in a relationship, this card is a sign that you need to be very clear and truthful about what you want, need, and can change. Take the necessary actions to make them happen for your highest good.

    🧡  This is a time of absolution and renewal; release preconceived notions, judgements, and assumptions. Forgive others and yourself for very human mistakes, and transform lives. Release the negative energy; it’s time to start anew.
    Peace out…

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  • Good Morning! Feeling the love? Today is about Intuition, Maturity, Wisdom

    Tarot of the Day: Queen of Cups

    This Queen embodies compassion, patience, and unconditional love. She is strong, wise, and respected for her depth of emotion. Her concern for humanity and its bond to all life is a gift to the world. Like all of her suit, she concerns herself with emotional life and can defend it like a fierce warrior. She is the soul of peace, the mother of understanding, the seat of ancestral wisdom, and the source of the will to treat ourselves and others with love and compassion.

    As is the case with the court cards, the Queen likely represents an actual person you know or will know. Usually, a light/ash haired female energy who is intuitive, a good listener, and a valuable counsellor. Possibilities for your life will be revealed by the influence of this powerful woman. She may challenge, entrance, or inspire you, but whatever she does will lead you to valuable insight.

    💚 If work is your focus, remember to think positively. Trust the female energy there that seeks to help you. You’ll find there is more to be positive about than you previously thought.

    💙 If love is on your mind today, Queen of Cups speaks to keeping your balance and perspective. Whether you are looking for a relationship, just beginning one, or in a long-term one, don’t rush things and don’t define yourself by it. There is much in your life that makes it full - a partner is just part of it. 

    🧡 Today, your journey will be determined by your emotional considerations so remember to stay in touch with the gentler, more emotional aspects of your character. Acknowledge inspiration and positivity everywhere you find it and celebrate the day.

    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Perseverance, Destiny, and Reaping Rewards
    Tarot of the Day: Seven of Pentacles

    This card is about being the architect of your destiny. It appears when the time has come to harness the energy you have been working to create and direct it to achieve your highest good. You will soon reap some rewards, and, although they may not be as ‘rich’ as you may have hoped, you’ll be pleased with the ‘return’.

    So much is likely to go well for you today that you may find yourself needing to choose where to focus your energy. This can be a pivotal decision so be sure you know where you want to go next. Choose wisely and with conviction.

    💚 At work, this Seven heralds a time of success. Things are going well, finances are secure, and you are being recognized for your dedication and effort. Keep focus and know you deserve the rewards of your work.

    💙 If you are in a relationship, today is a good time to show your partner your gratitude for the successes you have shared. Keep it simple and enjoy the ability to enjoy each other.
    💙 If you are ‘unattached’ and enamoured with someone in particular, today is a good day to be open to moving on and finding someone more open to you.

    Single or not, if suspicion or fears rear their heads today, don’t give them any energy – all is well.

    🧡 Today won’t bring a huge lottery win or promotion but it’s the kind of day that brings happiness, contentment, and renews your spirit. 
    What you put into the world is coming back to you today so, share what you have and accept gratefully what you are given.
    Peace out…

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  • Good morning! Today we look at Greatness, Burden, Perspective
    Tarot of the Day: Ten of Fire /Wands

    This card appears when you are carrying too much at once. Always saying yes to people may seem helpful or noble but in reality, it’s not possible to achieve or complete ‘everything’. The time has come to stop, get perspective on your situation today; see the situation as it truly is and lighten your load - literally or figuratively.

    Resist accepting burdens that distract you from your focus. People ask you to help them with their loads because they value your input (and your seemingly constant availability) but, if you become overburdened with the issues of others you will be unable to help anyone - least of all yourself. In all aspects of your life today, the message of this card is the same: Be selective and choose that which allows you to actually achieve your higher purpose.

    💚  If your workload has increased, or you are struggling with additional tasks that aren’t part of your usual workload, speak up. This card indicates a possibility that your own work will suffer as a result of the increase. If you feel full already and are asked to do more today, ask for help completing and/or prioritising; management will appreciate your candour.

    💙  In love, the Ten signals a particularly ‘hard part’. This could be something your partner is going through personally but, usually, this card appears when there is something in your relationship that needs to be adjusted. Neither of you will gain from ignoring something so talk, see it from each other’s perspective and start working it out. 

    🧡  Whatever the issue today, set your boundaries lovingly but definitively and forge ahead to your potential; you may be pleasantly surprised by the support you receive from others.

    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Good Morning! Today is about Concentration, Dreams, your Inner Voice
    Tarot of the Day: Seven of Cups

    Today, you may find yourself tempted to listen to your ‘troublemaker angels’ instead of your ‘better angels’ or simply finding your head keeps returning to the clouds. This card is about choices; not just making them but having many on hand. Who hasn’t played the “If I won the lottery…” game, or “If only…” when they were overwhelmed with options?

    This Seven speaks to your innermost self, your unconscious, and the realms of your imagination. It’s asking you to reassess your motivations; are you being creative and adventurous where it may be harmful to you and linear and logical where you need imagination? Are you making or avoiding choices based on fears?

    💚 In work and finances, watch that your decisions are not based on wish fulfillment. If a deal feels ‘too good to be true’ then it likely is. 
    If your job has a creative aspect, today holds the ideal energy for it but if it’s a linear or precise job, today is a better day to re-examine and follow-up than decide a new path, project, or investment.

    💙 If you are in a relationship you may find yourself over thinking small issues and finding problems where there aren’t any. All relationships reach a comfortable place where love is felt deeply and serenely instead of the heady rush of a new relationship. Don’t mistake this for a rut. If your relationship isn’t truly troubled, leave decisions about it for another day.

    🧡 For today, where possible, leave decisions for another day. Where that’s not possible, Seven reminds you to focus on your ‘better angels’; your clearest intuition, to make the right choice for your highest good. Focus on what you need, not what you wish, or fear…
    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Good morning, Lovelies! Today we consider the messages of Arrival, Creativity, New Opportunities
    Tarot of the Day: Knight of Cups

    Cards of Cups usually denote the ‘higher graces’ (philosophy, love, romance…) and this knight’s graces are creativity, and intuition. He brings you good news regarding your path, and guidance to the successful completion of your task; likely regarding a creative project or love.

    This Knight reminds us that victory is not always an exercise in strength but also in creativity and savvy. Seek novel paths to accomplish your goals. Pay attention to signs from the Universe and unexpected offers that make you see things differently; these are serendipitous messages from the Universe. This may also be an ideal time to explore new realms of spiritual growth.

    💚 Work projects are likely to move ahead positively and quickly today. Be proud of your contributions and accomplishments but gracious when accepting accolades for them.

    💙 Be open to exploring your feelings today for this card indicates positive messages, being swept off your feet, and for some, commitment/marriage.

    🧡 Wherever you feel the Knight’s presence today, remain honest and faithful to your cause and you will soon achieve your desired and deserved end
    Peace out…

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  • Good morning! Feeling Divinely Inspired to Create? Seeking Truth and Justice? Sensing a need for Change?

    Tarot of the Day: Ace of Swords

    The Aces represent their suit’s elements in their highest and purest form. For the Ace of Swords, some of these are objectivity, achievement, reasoning, and creative thinking. It represents a change or turning point that will reveal many truths. It cuts away the artifice and the confusion to show you the ‘bottom line’ so you can take the next steps.

    With this type of clarity, comes a need to apply the ‘blade’ responsibly. Don’t cut too deep or too quickly, as that could damage aspects you wish to maintain – people’s feelings, beneficial processes, etc. This Ace may show itself as a brilliant idea or, perhaps some sort of divine inspiration toward creativity. Regardless of how/where it appears for you today, bravery is what’s called for because, you already have a sense of what you need to do next- trust yourself and take the next step.

    💚 At work, the Ace indicates the need to take a different tactic or even, possibly, consider a different job. Be generous with your creativity and ideas today; you may not appear to be getting the credit for the new outlook but you will in the end - and to your benefit.

    💙 If love is on your mind, truth is key. If you are in a committed relationship, the Ace speaks to ending a pattern that is not positive for you. It’s time to speak up and speak truth to your partner. You are being guided to the relationship that is better for you.

    🧡 The Universe rewards us for the risks we take on its behalf. Know that there is good, beneficial energy that is getting you where you want to go. Take the leap - the Universe will catch you.

    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Good morning, Lovelies. Today is about Balance, Flexibility, Prudence
    Tarot of the Day: Two of Pentacles/Discs

    This is a card of perception and balance; the right choice, the strongest approach, and the inner and the outer views – balancing spirit with practical, life demands. It denotes a need for wisdom, meditation, or consultation to see all sides and then decide.

    This Two often appears when there is a need to keep two broad areas of your life in balance; money and health, love and work, etc. Multi-tasking is not likely to work today so take a step back from all the things you are ‘juggling’ and choose the two most pressing things to prioritize; the rest will fall into place.

    💚 Pay particular attention to work and whatever endeavours you have going that affect your finances; there may need to be a better balance there to keep them growing. You may have to take a risk where your finances are concerned but don’t worry overmuch as long as your foundation is solid.

    💙 If you are in a relationship, you and your partner may be finding it challenging to get time and energy to focus on one another. Ensure that you keep your relationship high on the priority list and that it isn’t getting lost in the juggling - balance time and be flexible.

    💙 If you are looking for a relationship be sure that you are truly ready. Finding a partner should not be your chief priority but neither, should you be seeking a partner before you are willing to dedicate the time, space, and energy to put romance in your life.

    🧡 Wherever this card appears in your day, remember to stay in the moment, keep body, mind, and spirit balanced and nourished, and all will turn out well.
    Peace out…

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  • Good morning, Lovelies. Today’s message is about Skill, Diplomacy, Powerful Energy
    Tarot of the Day: Magic /The Magician

    This card represents intelligent and skillful communication; whether that ‘s communing with nature, the elements, or the other side of the veil or, communication with people. This card is a very powerful, positive omen of newness and freshness; Ideas, plans, innovations, patterns are all affected by the power you yield, today.

    In areas where you have been feeling there is no movement or feeling powerless, this card lets you know, that time is at an end. Today, creativity will increase and improve your position. 
    Pay attention to synchronicity; no matter how “small” the ‘coincidence’ know that it is the Universe clearing your path to give you the knowledge, strength, and inspiration you need.

    💚 This is the perfect time to find a new job or to ask for and receive a promotion. If your work is in a creative field, you’ll find your ideas will be met with excellent comprehension and may lead you to “bigger and better things.”

    💙 If you’re in a relationship, today you are likely to see new or deeper levels of commitment and joy.

    💙 If you are in the market for a new romance, this is a great time to meet someone new so, “join an online group and meet people.”

    🧡 The Magician seeks to remind you that you have the power to make a difference, in your life and in the greater world. Focus your energy, believe in yourself, and watch things happen.

    Peace out…

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  • Good Morning! Today calls for your Witty, Creative, Adventurous side
    Tarot of the Day: Page of Wands

    This Page represents the lively energy, passionate philosophy, and fearless adventurousness of youth. If she represents an actual person in your life, it is a warm, ambitious, high achiever with deep loyalty and a youthful love of learning. They will bring you news that inspires you and brings you joy. If she is you, succumb to her charismatic call and embrace the desire to leap to action.

    In all areas, the Page encourages being adventurous and ambitious in starting new projects using your creativity, enthusiasm, and courage. Today is a day to believe in your dreams, focus on your path, and move fearlessly ahead.

    💚 If work or finances concern you, the job or project you have been waiting to hear about will likely be yours - and will be even more enjoyable than you initially thought. Finances will improve due to a good deed or some other form of positive energy you put into the world.

    💙 In love, it’s time to abandon the things that prevent you from feeling vital and positive. This can mean everything from habits to people. This is a good time to reassess a problematic relationship; remind yourself of what you wanted from and with a partner and boldly correct your course where necessary.

    🧡 This Page brings and inspires positive energy. Embrace it, revel in it, and direct it to move forward in your life for your highest good.
    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Good morning! Today is about Energy, Purpose, Resolution. 
    Tarot of the Day: King of Fire /Wands

    The King of Wands is a charismatic, confident, and inspiring figure of authority. He is the worldly voice of knowledge gained through experience and resonates with adventurous, creative energy. He is the embodiment of natural leadership, gifted mediation, and masterful at energetic focus.

    He is most likely a reference to someone who will aid you, today, in achieving or furthering your goals. Likely an older man with light or silver hair, who will assist you in directing today’s abundant energy for your highest good.

    If he represents you, he speaks to a need to tap into your inner strength, ascend the issues, and let the lessons of the past, be your guide.

    💚 At work, you may find yourself aided in solving a dispute. Be open to the advice of those you trust – even if they are a little rough around the edges. This King can also herald a possible financial windfall - likely a result of an idea you fostered or a creative project you started. 
    💚 If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, this can be a sign that the time is ripe so foster that possibility with research and plant the seeds.

    💙 There is romance in simplicity and truth. You may feel a wave of gratitude and protectiveness for your partner today. If so, take the time to tell them. If you are in a relationship where work or obstacles regarding work have made your relationship harder, now is a good time to tell them how much you appreciate their support and willingness to adapt.

    🧡 Whether he represents the energy surrounding you today or a literal person in it, King of Wands will have you feeling ambitious and goal -oriented. Go with it - you have the support and the wherewithal to achieve, lead, or create; think positively and dream big - fortune favours the bold.

    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Good morning! Today’s focus is Compassion, Integrity, Wise and Balanced Energy
    Tarot of the Day: King of Cups

    The King of Cups is a compassionate, warm, and gentle voice of reason. He is the worldly and calm projection of authority and resonates with the balance of ‘male’ and 'female’ energy. He is the embodiment of loving benevolence, gifted intuition, and infinite spiritual knowledge.

    He is most likely a reference to someone who will aid you, today, in achieving or furthering your goals. Possibly an older person with medium to light or silver hair. Seek and consider their advice.

    If he represents you, he speaks to a need to tap into your inner strength and let the lessons of the past, not the issues, be your guide.

    💚 If work is your concern, know that your co-workers respect you more than you may think. If you are feeling the need for advice on a project or in advancing in your work, seek the advice of the male authority energy that you respect. They will surely be in your corner.

    💙 Whether you are in a relationship or looking for one, few cards are more loving than the King of Cups. He heralds warm, compassionate, and satisfying pairings so, enjoy that surge of affection and spend it well.

    🧡 Overall, this King foretells an element of pure and true love in your life. Nurture yourself, and allow others to nurture you. Know that you are supported by the Universe in ways seen, and unseen.

    Go, Do, BE…and feel the love.

    Peace out, Lovelies…

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  • Good morning, Lovelies!  Today’s messages are of Practicality, Finances, and the Female Archetype

    Tarot of the Day: Queen of Pentacles

    This Queen embodies home, hearth, and motherhood. She is nurturing, practical, and well respected for being organised and financially adroit. Like others of her suit, she represents the safety and stability of tangible life, but she does it with strength and joy. She is the soul of generosity, the mother of all, the seat of ancient motherhood, and a source of unconquerable strength.

    She brings with her a reminder that in order to achieve your goals you must be unafraid of the change or journey that could lie ahead. If you have a pragmatic, wise, earth-mother type in your life seek and accept their advice in these matters and your success is assured. If not, seek your inner Queen of Discs and let her provide the strength and conviction you require.

    💚 In work, she speaks to generosity and comfort. If there is a female energy at your workplace with dark hair and/or eyes, trust her to be an ally for you. Try personalising your workspace a little if it’s possible – this will allow others to better understand you and you to feel more comfortable.

    💙 If love is your focus today, Queen speaks to being practical. Do not chase love or affection. You are enough. Being someone else will attract someone with whom you will never be able to be free. Living the life you want is the best way to find someone who shares your interests and views. Be yourself

    🧡 Whether she represents an actual person in your life or is simply a herald, the energy this Queen characterises is open, patient, and encouraging.

    Love and trust yourself as “she” does; know that you deserve all the good things that are coming.

    Peace out…

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  • Good morning!  Today is a good day for Initiative, Attention, and Skill…Tarot of the Day: Page of Pentacles

    📰This Page brings good news of a change in the tedium of your routines. If it represents you, then it’s time to refocus on the task at hand and complete it before seeking out something ‘more fun’.

    🗝️This Page is trustworthy, practical, and unafraid to embrace a world of physical pleasure.  Either as a person or a portent, it represents intelligence, diligence, and focus; even if the task is tedious. In fact, the temptation to do something to “shake things up” is a sign of how bored or frustrated you’ve been feeling about the slow but steady growth you’ve been experiencing. Rethink any urges to 'shake things up’, and find a better use for your energy. Excitement can be created without also creating drama. If you’re feeling a need for attention, be honest about how you feel. 

    💚 In work it speaks to buckling down. The task at hand is mundane and the timeline is tight; this is splitting your focus and cutting into your timeline. Focus and you will find the time you need. 

    💙 Whether you are single or not, the idea of love may be boring or lacklustre, today. This could be that stuck feeling or it could be due to a need to release some ties of the past (an ex for example). Whatever the cause, be sure to be honest with yourself and others about your feelings if/when you share them. 

    🧡 Regardless of whether it speaks to excitement, tedium, or practical restraint, the Page of Pentacles heralds an end to whatever rut you’ve been in. Let passion meet initiative, finish the task at hand, and then go play!Peace out, Lovelies…

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