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  • Kalinka is right you know

    #SADHKAS SHE LOOKS TOO LONG #BUT I HAD TO HIDE THE DUDE IN THE BACKGROUND #Mega Man#MegaMan#Rockman #Mega Man 4 #MegaMan 4#Rockman 4#Kalinka Cossack#megaman kalinka#nabasart
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  • Yes! I’ve found another song which is stuck in my head again! :‘v

    I was thinking to make Indie’s battle suit since months ago.
    As I’ll update her backstory, I noticed that she became in a villain OC who works with Dr. Wily and makes her own inventions.
    You know… She’s able to build robots like Rocket Man, so maybe she could build more robots even in my future AU.

    In the incident of the Wright Numbers, Megaman must to defeat Indie with her battle suit before to fight with Dr. Wily.
    Indie becomes more powerful with this battle suit, but she isn’t too powerful as her brother Bass and Megaman.

    In the AU of MMAWX (Megaman Apocalipse World X), she becomes stronger with Ignis Frost’s Core, but she loses that power when “The "Rebelion” recovers Ignis’s Core to Ignis could join the team.
    However, she ends infecting herself by the Virus from Zero’s capsule and she returns stronger than before until be stronger than the “Chosen Ones”.

    For now, her powers are these…
    - Fly
    - Indie Buster (Shots three times and charges in 5 seconds a powerful energy)
    - Indie Pistol (It’s more powerful)
    - Net Trap (She can catch the enemy in a net trap)

    ¡Sep! He encontrado otra canción que se estancó en mi cabeza otra vez! :'v

    Estaba pensando en hacer el traje de batalla de Indie desde hace meses.
    Como actualizaré su historia, noté que ella se convirtió en una OC villana que trabaja con el Dr. Wily y hace sus propias invenciones.
    Ya saben… Ella es capaz de construir robots como Rocket Man, entonces tal vez ella podría construir más robots incluso en mi futuro AU.

    En el incidente de los Wright Numbers, Megaman debe derrotar a Indie con su traje de batalla antes de pelear contra el Dr. Wily.
    Indie se vuelve más poderosa este traje de batalla, pero ella no es tan poderosa como su hermano Bass y Megaman.

    En el AU MMAWX (Megaman Apocalipse World X), ella se vuelve más fuerte con el núcleo de Ignis Frost, pero ella pierde ese poder cuando “La Rebelión” recupera el núcleo de Ignis para que Ignis pudiera unirse al equipo.
    Sin embargo, ella termina infectándose con el Virus de la cápsula de Zero y ella regresa más fuerte que antes hasta ser más fuerte que los “Elegidos”.

    Por ahora, sus poderes son esos…
    - Volar
    - Indie Buster (Dispara tres veces y carga en 5 segundos una poderosa energía)
    - Indie Pistol (Es más poderoso)
    - Net Trap (Puede atrapar al enemigo en una trampa de net)

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  • SLN-002: Geyser Man

    Height: 7'6"
    Special Weapon: Chain Geyser
    Good Point: Dependable
    Bad Point: Unintentionally hazardous

    A towering robot modeled after volcanic eruption, Geyser Man was in charge of monitoring the characteristics of cryptodomes and hotspots before being armed for battle by Synth, a rogue robot with a drive to amass a powerful army of unstoppable robots dubbed the ‘Synth Legion’ (The Synth Legion Numbers). Despite appearing as a power-hungry giant, Geyser Man believes in a fair battle, but his internally stored magma can reach up to a hot temperature of 3,000 F, so he often begins with the upper hand. His antagonistic side notwithstanding, Geyser Man is a highly dependable and respectable robot who loves hot springs and often goes on vacations to sightsee volcanoes with Magma Man.

    Coming in hot from the Synth Legion is the sizeable Geyser Man! While it was difficult to figure out how to incorporate magma and volcanoes into his design, I eventually settled on a volcanic helmet and chose to make his arms and legs see-through glass, revealing the lava flowing throughout his being! His sprite was definitely one of the harder ones to make, all because of how hard it is to sprite a closed fist, but at least the turnout looks pretty great! I hope you enjoy him, and stay tuned for SLN-003! 

    #Mega Man Ultimate #Rockman U#Geyser Man#OC#Sprite Art #Fan Robot Masters #Mega Man#Rockman#Coolness #It actually blows my mind that a volcano themed robot master hasn't been done yet #I mean... Magma Man KIND OF counts #But this man is everything volcano #Plus he's got glass limbs you can see the molten magma through. Now that's cool! #Every time I read the vacation part of Geyser's bio I think of him in a Hawaiian t-shirt #He'd totally wear one. #Fun Facts With SD81: Geyser Man originally had a plethora of different placeholder names #The most popular of the bunch was 'Eruption Man' before 'Geyser Man' was chosen instead #Also name drop for Mega Man Ultimate's antagonist- Synth! #He's essentially Ballade but much more technological and edgier
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  • How RockMan and Roll met:


    This take place after RockMan 1 by the way.

    #rockman#megaman#roll #dr.right #dr. light #rockmanxroll#megamanxroll#rockxroll #megaman and roll #rockman and roll
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  • he go aaaah 

    The pose Plant Man makes when he throws his shield always looked…odd


    like I don’t know what he’s even emoting(??). I think he’s suppose to be yelling, but it looks like he’s just got a smile on his face. So I drew him with it!  So go Plant, kill the child!….wait no-

    #This took so long to draw because of his stupid arm pads #But I love him #Mega Man#MegaMan#Rockman #Mega Man 6 #MegaMan 6#Rockman 6#Plant Man#PlantMan#nabasart
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  • image

    Is this a hot take? 

    #Cossacks been on my mind #I know they were made to fight but that doesn't mean they would be mean to her! #Mega Man#MegaMan#Rockman #Mega Man 4 #MegaMan 4#Rockman 4#Skull Man#SkullMan#Ring Man#RingMan#Kalinka Cossack#not art#meme
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  • I know the chevron on Quickman’s forehead is probably designed for aerodynamics so it’s probably very stiff but there’s something so funny about the idea that he could pull it and let go and it would twang

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  • Sooo uh, I’m working on a sort of Christmas themed MegaSonic animation right now. (And yes, I have started it, it’s not a “I plan on it” sorta thing.) I hope to get it done by January at the latest, but sadly I can’t make any promises. For now, I have this lil’ poster!

    December’s fairytale is the name of the song that will be in the video. It’s another Junichi Kanemaru song. (I put a lot of his songs in my MegaSonic videos. I think you can figure out why lol.)

    Oh, and yeah, I know I kind of draw this ship a lot…and it’s not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. If it bothers anyone, I’m really sorry and I respect your opinion. You don’t have to look at my stuff with these two.

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  • Just some various Megaman X doodles I hadn’t posted here ^_^

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  • #THIS MAN NEEDS SOME THERAPY #mega man#megaman#Rockman #mega man 4 #megaman 4#rockman 4#dr cossack #dr. cossack #Doctor Cossack
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  • SLN-001: Zap Man

    Height: 6'4"
    Special Weapon: Zap Chaser
    Good Point: Attentive
    Bad Point: Hotheaded

    Zap Man, a robot initially built for electricity plant inspection, talks big and stands bigger. With a glass dome constantly exerting five hundred thousand gigawatts, his electricity is easily the most dangerous out of any of Mega Man’s previous shocking foes, able to cause blackouts at a moment’s notice. True to his no-nonsense nature, Zap Man can sometimes be an impatient bot and tends to have things done his way, otherwise he grows irritated. In his spare time, he tours electricity plants across the globe, harshly critiquing each one to the point of growing so furious that he’ll subject the entire town to a power outage.

    I had meant to wait a little while before beginning to upload each of the eight robot masters I’ve designed for Mega Man Ultimate, but I simply couldn’t after the unexpected positive response I received upon uploading the stage select- I had no idea it would be received so well! Starting things off is the first robot master I designed for the line, the electrifying Zap Man! I hope you enjoy the sprites!

    #Mega Man Ultimate #Rockman U#Zap Man#OC#Sprite Art #Fan Robot Masters #Mega Man#Rockman#Coolness #Zap Man may be the most official looking fan robot master I've designed yet #And you know what's funny? He started out as a random sketch. #I never meant to fully develop him but after showing a friend the sketch they thought that he was really neat #Fun Facts With SD81: He has close relations to Fuse Man
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  • Halfway through I decided I didn’t care about doing anything more to this. 

    It’s just. da boy.

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  • Now and Then (Sorrow)

    #asterisk.png #megaman#mega man#rockman #fun fact: the original name of this image is fuckbitchesgetjusticeenergy.clip #might do one with sunny boy later yayyy
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