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  • diver5ion
    17.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #supergirl#katie mcgrath #i bet you do #dc fandome#lena luthor #the actual rockstar of this show #fav#//
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  • bonsi-art-central
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Finished more pokemon doodles from the same page

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  • n1ghtpers0n15
    16.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Day 16: Demon

    This is my rockstar demon oc Phoenix, she use to look a little bit different but I think she’s rockin the neko look


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  • drag-tween
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • queenlua
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    falling a little bit in love with every single girl rock band vocalist featured in NEO TWEWY

    #this is probably just remnants of my childhood obsession with Do As Infinity #but like.  something about japanese lady-rockstars. dreamy sigh #lua plays neotwewy
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  • menacingfag
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #samhaine posts absolute nonsense: image edition #panel screencaps #dont care didnt ask plus i wanna be a rockstar headass #colored manga#diu
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  • heroes-villiansxqarlj
    16.10.2021 - 13 hours ago
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  • messybuu
    16.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    gumball, rockstar, parfait, and cherry cookie are sibling figures to each other;;;;i dont know their relationship in canon idfc they are siblings

    #shhh let me have this one #cherry cookie#rockstar cookie#gumball cookie#parfait cookie #cookie run headcanons #cookie run ovenbreak #crob#albedo rambles
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  • bincynical985
    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    My rdr2 online character, Mirabel 🤓

    #rdro#rdo#rdr2#rockstar games #red dead redemption 2 #femoc#cowboy #red dead online
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  • mrperfectlyfine1989
    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    What's your favorite Taylor Swift bridge?

    For me it's probably, DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS and ALL TOO WELL

    #taylor swift#taylornation#music#pop music#rockstar#popstar#style #red taylor’s version #red tv#1989taylorswift #1989 taylor's version #all too well
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  • newrockfandoms
    16.10.2021 - 17 hours ago
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  • videogameads
    16.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    EARTHWORM JiM 3D Interplay / Rockstar Games Nintendo 64 1999

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  • buttybarnes1917
    16.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    the man who cant be moved

    You had been off tour for weeks at this point, helping some friends on another tour, and Bucky was getting antsy.  Sure, you weren’t together or anything—Bucky didn’t do girlfriends, or dating, or being exclusive—but there felt like there was something missing when you were gone. Maybe it was the way he missed your perfume as you hurried past him to fix something going wrong at front of house, or the way you laughed when Natasha teased you about watching the show from the rigging above the stage, like she did every show.  Maybe it was the way your fingers felt so soft against his cheeks as you kissed him, somehow knowing instinctually how he liked to be held, or how you breathed softly into his chest the few nights that you accidentally fell asleep in his hotel room.

    He never wanted you to leave.

    But Bucky Barnes wasn’t interested, of course.  With dating came control, and Bucky hated being controlled.  He was a rockstar, for god’s sake.  He was the definition of uncontrollable.  

    Then why did he want to be near you so badly?

    It didn’t help that this week was absolute hell on earth.  Bucky had been in a constant battle with the lead singer, John, to change up the whole play style two years into being in a rock band.  Sam, the lead guitar, and Bucky had been vehemently opposed, but John pushed relentlessly, and it was causing a lot of issues with the band.  Bucky had been looking at other offers, and he knew Sam had already been headhunted by another rockband.  

    He was already losing his safe space,  his best friend, potentially his career, and on top of it all, he might lose you too.

    Not that it meant anything, of course.  You weren’t dating.

    Bucky checked his phone again for any text from you, but still nothing.  He wasn’t sure why he was thinking you would text him.  It’s not like you were dating.   He didn’t want to date you.


    He sighed heavily and opened your chat.

    When’s your next stop?

    Your response came almost immediately.

    Buffalo—I finally have an off day.  Why? What’s up? You okay?

    Wanna meet up?

    Buck, you’re in LA.

    I’ll fly to NY. He bit his lip.  You weren’t dating. You weren’t dating. You weren’t dating.  He watched the three bubbles go up and down for a few minutes.

    You know you can fuck someone else, we’re not exclusive.  You don’t have to fly across the country if you want to fuck me.

    That’s not it, I just .  Bucky’s fingers hovered over the letters to type “I just miss you”, then he backspaced. That’s not it.  I’m bored.  Buffalo’s cool.  

    It’s snowing here rn. You hate snow.

    Do you not wanna see me or something? Too busy with your other big shot friends?

    Fucking hell, you’re so dramatic dude.  Of course I wanna see you, I just don’t want you to waste money flying out here to see me for one day and then hating it the whole time.  

    Won’t hate it when you’re there.  Bucky sent that one before he could change his mind.  Maybe we could meet halfway? Get a hotel in Chicago?

    There was a pause. Those damn three bubbles went up and down again.

    Yeah, sure. Tickets to Chicago for the day are like. 100 with my discount.  You’re paying for the hotel though. The three dots again.  Horny bitch.  See you soon.  

    Bucky’s heartbeat picked up, and he grinned softly as he opened his travel app.

    He paced the hotel room nervously, checking his phone for texts from you.  Your plane landed over an hour ago and he still hadn’t heard from you.

    Maybe you hadn’t come, and this was all some fun prank on him.  He was so stupid, theres no way you would fly so far just to see him, you were probably busy with all the friends you were making on your new tour, and then you would just leave on that tour and leave Steve and Nat and Loki and him, because the other tour wanted you more and no wonder, you were so smart and funny and kind and so good at your job—

    There was a knock at the door and Bucky rushed forward to look through the peephole.  

    There you were, bundled up in that blue puffy jacket he always teased you that hated, a red beanie pulled over your hair, just your nose and eyes sticking out from behind a thickly knit scarf.  He pulled the door open grinning down at you.

    “Why is it so fucking cold,” you complained as you stepped into the hotel room, shaking off your coat and hat as you pulled them off.  “I cant believe you flew to Chicago in the middle of January just to get a quickie—” you squealed as he cut you off, wrapping his arms around you, just breathing you in for a few minutes.  You slowly slipped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer as he took a deep shaky breath.

    “Missed you.” He breathed out, and in that moment, your heart broke for him.  You slipped your fingers through his hair gently.

    “Missed you too, Jamie.” You whispered and he almost instantly relaxed into your touch.  You swallowed hard as you shut your eyes, just holding him close.  Too bad we aren’t dating… crossed your mind briefly, but you pushed that thought away.

    #bucky barnes #bucky x female reader #rockstar!bucky #bucky x reader #sweet fluff#fluffy bucky #fluffy bucky barnes
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  • asmolbirb
    16.10.2021 - 19 hours ago


    #everyone in my team: you’re crushing it! you’re a rockstar! you’re an essential member of the team! #me: oh god oh heck. they all hate me. they’re all so mad at me and think I’m incompetent #neko is night blogging #insecurity sure is a bitch!! #work woes
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  • charlieismydarling
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    The Rolling Stones // 1963

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  • charlieismydarling
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    The Rolling Stones // 1964

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  • dr-sixx
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    duff mckagan

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