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  • mckaysrodney
    18.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #sga#asks #im picturing rodney as a pied piper for cats #so on the planet they're all following him along in a line #also bates hating cat is my hero #it deigns to let ford pet him after he finds a box for it to sit in #rodney gets offended when the cat starts bunting sheppard #'you bewitched my cat!!' #(but the cat is only fascinated by his pointy hair)
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  • mific
    16.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Love this so much! A single frame of the gif by pinkieranddompie.

    #I find flashing gifs hard to watch #Rodney McKay #giant cat! #hee#Stargate: Atlantis
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  • hewwwwkayyyy
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    Rodney's cat sure went through some changes between season 1 and 2.

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  • hewwwwkayyyy
    15.09.2021 - 4 days ago
    I'm not going on a diplomatic mission to another country. I'm going to another planet in another galaxy by means of a device called the Stargate. Millions of years ago there was a race of beings we call the Ancients.
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  • facesofcinema
    11.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Hound of the Baskervilles (2000)

    #2000s #actor matt frewer #dir rodney gibbons #dp eric cayla #cat crime#cat horror#cat mystery #cat tv movie #canadian#brown#collar#pipe#hand#tie#brown eyes #the hound of the baskervilles 2000 #the hound of the baskervilles
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  • needleclaw
    28.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    two random pride icons of ocs. i wanted to try out smthn new. it’s alright

    not f2u duh

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  • evildilf2
    07.03.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #I love the name Rodney BTW. my mom had a cat named Rodney 😼 #horatio speaks
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  • iloveurcat
    17.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    His name is Rodney and there's not a single thought in his head


    he is a tried and true himbo for the ages!!!!! I love your little guy so much!!! 

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  • haarryy
    21.07.2020 - 1 year ago

    i don’t have a wife so i have to take pictures of him with this filter instead

    #🥺 hes a Baby #the only reason i post pics of my cats on here #is so i dont lose them AHSHSHS #rodney
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  • chiaquie
    25.06.2020 - 1 year ago

    can’t wait for my apple pencil to come in, won’t have to draw with my finger any more ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

    #the looney tunes show #looney tunes #looney tunes cartoons #wabbit#bugsy#bugsy bunny#bugs bunny#cartoons#animation#art#my art#daffy duck#lola bunny#sylvester #sylvester the cat #sylvester pussycat#rodney rabbit#baffy #bugs and daffy #daffy and bugs #tlts#lt#cartoonist#space jam #space jam 2 #looney tunes funny #looney tunes art #looney tunes fan art #fan art#fans
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  • paopufruit
    19.05.2020 - 1 year ago


    #i was looking for a cat tbh bc i want to have a mostly cat island and rn i only have raymond but i had to stop for marina #right before her i ran into rodney #cursed
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  • zhenya71
    17.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    A handsome man. =)

    #Rodney#siamese cat #life with cats
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  • zhenya71
    11.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    "OMG Dad! You have a cookie, and I don't!"

    #siamese cat#rodney #life with cats
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  • zhenya71
    11.02.2020 - 1 year ago

    Trying to make the guest room bed, and someone keeps getting in the way.

    #siamese cat#rodney #life with cats
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  • that-was-a-lie
    19.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    tagged by the lovely @sebaston-vettel <3

    tagging in return anyone awake that feels like answering (:

    What colour are your eyes? blue

    What instantly tells you if a person is good? if they treat people in 'service' positions (cashiers, help desk, etc) kindly. if a date is a jerk to waitstaff i’m out.

    Do you have a recurring dream? nope, i rarely remember my dreams at all

    What is the most interesting class you have taken? oh boy, so many: geology of volcanoes, ancient pyrotechnic technology, radio astronomy, egyptian hieroglyphics, gis, linguistics - okay i’ll stop. tl;dr i’m a massive nerd.

    How often do you find yourself day dreaming? a lot.

    Name/Nickname: tabs

    Zodiac: scorpio

    Height: ~5’2"/157cm

    Nationality: american

    Favourite colour: purple

    Favourite season: fall (but only until it gets cold)

    Favourite animals: cats! house cats, big cats, tiny wild cats, all cats!

    Favourite fictional characters: i have a type and that type is smart+smartass (and yes that includes the real world as well) - rodney mckay, peggy carter, stiles stilinski, sebastian vettel

    Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?: all of the above depending on mood, but usually coffee

    Average hours of sleep?: 7-9

    Cat or dog person: cats! i do love dogs but i could never give one the care and attention it deserves

    Number of blankets slept with: currently none, just a flat sheet and a heavier linen top sheet

    Places ancestors are from: germany and ireland mostly

    Dream trip: a deep jungle tour of central american archaeological sites

    Blog established: tumblr? like 2011 i think, begrudgingly following the demise of lj (which i’d had since 2003 or so)

    Random fact about yourself: i have two tattoos - one the size of a postage stamp and the other covers a full two sqft

    Three ships: seb/jenson (f1), hannibal/will (hannibal), stiles/peter (teen wolf)

    Last song: christian kane - thinking of you

    Last movie: oh gosh, it’s been a while… probably a comfort rewatch of venom (2018)?

    Currently reading: on my nightstand rn are nk jemisin’s inheritance trilogy, jenson button’s how to be an f1 driver, and annalee newitz’ four lost cities

    Currently watching: rotating atm between the 2011 f1 season, leverage redemption, and rewatching hannibal

    Currently craving: a good cuddle ;-; (fuck this pandemic (in a mask-wearing fully-vaccinated kind of way))

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  • signoraviolettavalery
    09.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    McShep prompt number bazillion and one

    When Rodney needs to be transported from McMurdo to the Ancient outpost in Antarctica to work on the chair and try to find Atlantis, Sheppard is the one who flies him. They chat, John asks what Rodney does, Rodney smirks and says “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. Or rather, the people I work for would have to kill you, because, you know, you’re Air Force and I’m not, and then they would be very annoyed at me and I actually like my job.”

     And John just laughs and says “I just meant, what’s your PhD in, Dr. McKay?” and McKay is like “astrophysics.” 

    “Really?” It’s John’s turn to raise an eyebrow. “What’s an astrophysicist doing working for the Air Force in Antarctica?” 

    Rodney looks supremely smug. “I already told you, Major. If I said anything I’d have to kill you. Which would be a shame, because you’re the only pilot I can stand.” 

    And then Carson accidentally launches that drone and it’s Sheppard and Rodney in that helicopter, Rodney explaining to John that it’s a drone and it’s heat-seeking and he needs to land and turn off the engine, and Rodney shouting at him to get out once they land

    (John is secretly impressed that the irascible physicist can apparently handle himself in the heat of the moment)

    And then John sees the drone that nearly killed them, which definitely looks alien, and raises an eyebrow, and Rodney looks supremely smug when he says “I told you. Top secret. If I told you I’d have to kill you.” 

    “Well,” John says, equally smug. “Looks like the cat is out of the bag.”

    Rodney snorts. “That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.”  

    And then John gets to go inside and sits down on the chair and it lights up and Rodney says “Major, think about where we are in the solar system” and it all goes from there

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  • wildflower-1995
    07.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    01: Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

    -with my mum... nope. With my dad... eh, it's a start I guess.

    02: Who did you last say “I love you” to?

    -my daughter

    03: Do you regret anything?

    -oh man... yes. Too many things.

    04: Are you insecure?

    -sadly... yes.

    05: What is your relationship status?

    -a mess? Idk

    06: How do you want to die?

    -peacefully... in my sleep.

    07: What did you last eat?


    08: Played any sports?

    -in the past, yes. Not recently.

    09: Do you bite your nails?

    -ugh yes

    10: When was your last physical fight?

    -idk.. when i was a kid?

    11: Do you like someone?

    -yes and it's driving me insane.

    12: Have you ever stayed up 48 hours?


    13: Do you hate anyone at the moment?

    -i try not to. But I severely dislike a number of people

    14: Do you miss someone?

    -yes.. 2 people in particular

    15: Have any pets?

    -yes. A dog named Izzy. 2 cats named Patchy & Jaffa. And a cockatiel named Cornelia

    16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?


    17: Ever made out in the bathroom?


    18: Are you scared of spiders?

    -ew yes

    19: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?

    -if I could keep the knowledge I have now, yes

    20: Where was the last place you snogged someone?

    -i haven't snogged anyone in ages but probably my bedroom

    21: What are your plans for this weekend?


    22: Do you want to have kids? How many?

    -I already have 4. I'm not opposed to having more.

    23: Do you have piercings? How many?

    -just my ears

    24: What is/are/were your best subject(s)?

    -english except i never did my school work because.. ADHD

    25: Do you miss anyone from your past?


    26: What are you craving right now?

    -nothing, could do with some water though

    27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?


    28: Have you ever been cheated on?


    29: Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?


    30: What’s irritating you right now?

    - nothing in particular

    31: Does somebody love you?

    -i hope so

    32: What is your favourite color?


    33: Do you have trust issues?

    -no, not anymore.

    34: Who/what was your last dream about?

    -i think I was on a ship? I can't remember

    35: Who was the last person you cried in front of?


    36: Do you give out second chances too easily?

    -ugh yes

    37: Is it easier to forgive or forget?

    -i don't know.. probably forgive?

    38: Is this year the best year of your life?

    -I've experienced amazing things... but I'm not sure if it's been the best.

    39: How old were you when you had your first kiss?


    40: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?


    51: Favourite food?

    -anything good

    52: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

    -i never used to, but now I do

    53: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?

    -closed my eyes

    54: Is cheating ever okay?


    55: Are you mean?


    56: How many people have you fist fought?


    57: Do you believe in true love?


    58: Favourite weather?


    59: Do you like the snow?


    60: Do you wanna get married?

    -depends who it is I guess. Right now, no.

    61: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?

    -i have no opinion on it

    62: What makes you happy?

    -God, my kids.

    63: Would you change your name?


    64: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?


    65: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?

    -if only

    66: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?


    67: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?


    68: Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?


    69: Do you believe in soulmates?


    70: Is there anyone you would die for?

    -my kids.

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  • itwoodbeprefect
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    in poisoning the well there’s this moment where john, carson, rodney and teyla are together and john compares carson to dr mccoy, as in, bones from tos star trek, and this combined with the several times in sga canon that john is compared to kirk kind of implies that in this trio of men rodney would then be spock. which is amazing, because rodney is, uh, not spock.

    i do however think that, if it does not exist yet, there is an excellent crack fic to be had here in which rodney goes “it has to do with biology” and john’s like “what?” and we get “biology.” / “what kind of biology?” / “canadian biology.” / “you mean the biology of canadians?” and then they have to take rodney back to his native lands (canada) so he can work through his pon-farr-but-make-it-a-canadian-pun-somehow. jeannie is t’pau. the role of t’pring can go to the neighbor that rodney left his cat with, who has decided she’s happy with just the cat (which she renamed stonn) and doesn’t really want rodney anymore. rodney and john roll around in the red maple leaves for a bit, there’s an iconic rip in john’s shirt, rodney thinks he killed john (you can tell this is a very realistic sga episode plot because it involves john almost dying) but then it turns out he didn’t, etc etc, you know how this works. it’s not at all strange to see rodney show open emotion, so we need to adjust his response to the reveal that john is still alive a little, by which i mean he probably just, like, needs to kiss john right on the mouth to achieve an equal level of significance. all’s well that ends well, roll credits.

    #i feel like SURELY this already exists. surely someone had this thought before me #sga#*#stargate atlantis#mcshep
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  • pheita
    20.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Flash Fic Friday: Fleeting Heart

    Does my mind like to already entertain itself with the new idea? Yeah, it does. So here we are @flashfictionfridayofficial with a new test scene for my WIP "Tricky Love" Tagging @mantabanter @incandescent-creativity as well.

    I still wondered why I had actually gotten involved in this date. I hated online dating! If it wasn't for Rodney's stupid comment, I probably wouldn't even have gone. So, I actually had to strangle him for it. On the way to Rose's, I must have raided three restaurants and a supermarket, so I was standing at her door laden as if I had done a week's shopping. Knocking was only possible with my foot, but who cared. Besides, I should tell her that the front door was open, which was a security risk. "Audrey? Don't you have a date?" Rose stood in front of me in PJ pants and tank top, hair messily pinned up, staring at me like I was crazy. "It's dead. I quote: "You're a little too femme for me, and I don't do anything with bisexuals on principle." "Huh?" Absolute disbelief appeared on Rose's face, as if she were a toon. I'm sure it was the mojito talking, but I found it strangely appealing. I just rolled my eyes and raised my arms. "Don't say anything. Sushi? Gambas al oili? Aioli and bread? Ready-mixed Strawberry Daiquiri?" She started laughing and stepped aside, so I could enter. "You looted all the stores on the way to my place, didn't you?" "No, Indian didn't fit the bill," I joked, falling onto her sofa. I ignored Marie Curie's disgruntled meow. I gave the cat five minutes, then she was back in my lap anyway. "All right, date with Gold Star Lesbian wasn't the bomb. Why did she agree to this? I mean, you have it in your profile that you are bi, don't you?" "Of course! Just to weed out such people from the start. Clear case of profile not read. Can I use that as my villain origin story?" Laughing, Rose waved it off and went to get glasses. "It would take more than that, I'm afraid." "You don't have any either!", I threw back. Still, it was weird knowing she was considered a villain, but let's face it, anyone who isn't government compliant is considered evil these days. "That's different." "Why?" Pouting, I sat there and unwrapped the food. Only when my hand caught something cold did I remember the ice cream. "Oh shit!" With the bag in my hand, I sprinted to the kitchen. "What now?" "Ice cream?" "Chocolate chip?" "What else?" "You're the best." Inevitably, I blushed as she came closer to me and stopped with hers just a finger's breadth away from my face. Grinning, Rose took the ice cream and put it in the freezer. "So come on, you fleeting heart, tell me everything." "Only if you promise to follow your cruel deeds." "We'll see." The sound of something falling to the floor startled us both. A second later, I remembered that I had put the sushi on the table. "I'm afraid that was our sushi," Rose continued to laugh and put her arm around me. "Should I have bought treats?" "That wouldn't have helped either." As quickly as the slight peck on my cheek came, I couldn't react at all. The wide grin on Rose's face made me laugh. Somehow everything was easier around her. She had used the few seconds I was lost in thought to unpack the rest and pour us the daiquiris. She raised her glass and toasted in my direction. "Well, I'd be ready to gossip." Why I felt warm, I couldn't say, but I knew she had been right when she called the heart a fleeting thing, because mine was about to fly away, and I didn't know where or why.

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