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  • incorrect-jojo-quotes
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okuyasu: Can you be quiet!? I'm trying to think.

    Rohan: Don't worry, doing anything for the first time is difficult.

    #submission by#sideburndanny#okuyasu nijimura#rohan kishibe #diamond is unbreakable #source: total drama
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  • liliability
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #i'm making a taglist for rohan #if you want me to add you send me an ask #I noted everyone who asked me in the tags
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  • kalopsiaaaan
    13.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hello I am back and I wanna share my first animatic! :D

    #jjba#josuhan#josuke higashikata#rohan kishibe #diamond is unbreakable #jojo fanart #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo part 4 #kalopsiaaaan#animatic#仗露#joro#jjba fanart #jjba part 4 #Youtube
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  • liliability
    13.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Rohan: caning

    New oc!

    CW: human trafficking, caning, blood, noncon touching (a bit suggestive), intimate/sadistic whumper, hanging, begging, future pet whump (with implied noncon), fictional worldbuilding.


    “Saints, you’re barely twenty, aren’t you?”

    “T-twenty-” His voice cracked. Rohan closed his eyes, trying to focus on the foreign words his father once taught him in the shelter. The words that had always been effortless to him now refused to come, lost somewhere between his panicked breaths and the throbbing pain in his shoulders. His raw throat protested any sign of communication.

    Somewhere, there had been pain. Strong hands held Rohan by his shoulders, taking him away from the caravan. There was a glimpse of copper hair, a weeping mother, her clothes spattered with blood, crying out for her son. He remembers calling out for his dad.

    Then, he’d woken up here.

    Rohan’s wrists were held over his head by a pair of rusting manacles. The chain that attached them to the ceiling was barely long enough to let him scrape his toes along the floor. For the past ten minutes, Rohan had balanced on his tiptoes, trying to get some slack. Still, his shoulders ached for bearing his weight while he was unconscious. 

    The room where he was left could’ve been described as cozy, if not for restraints holding him in place. There was a queen-sized bed in one corner, where a blonde woman, dressed as a maid, sat on the verge of passing out. Another maid helped her calm down, while a tall, younger man stood by the wall. He looked like an average Ettoryan man, casually dressed, heavy-lidded eyes so similar to all the foreign students Rohan’s father had taught over the years, but unlike all the meek soon-to-be college boys that Rohan had met, this man stood there like he owned the place, his fingers curled around an ornamented cane.

    He eyed Rohan like the boy was prey, and Rohan couldn’t help but give him some reason. Sharp green eyes moved over Rohan’s face, taking in his labored breaths and glazed eyes. Then, he smiled and walked towards him.

    The man circled Rohan with his cane in hands, until he was no longer in the prisoner’s sight. “No.” Rohan said, weaker than he intended to. His hands twisted uselessly over him, a failed attempt to turn around and face his captor. “W-wait, wait, what are you doing , what are you-”

    “Do I have to repeat myself, prodtyia?” The stranger spoke from behind, his mouth too close to Rohan’s ear. There was more than a bit of contentment in his voice.

    “Twenty four.” Rowan mumbled. It didn’t occur to him to lie. 

    “Hm. I would have show you some mercy if you were younger”

    Without warning, the man brought the cane down on Rohan’s bare back. Rohan screamed. His toes gave up under him and he slumped forward, all his weight caught by agonizing shoulders. Blood ran down from his wrists to his forearms.

    The ettoryan stepped back to give Rohan some time to regain his position, then struck him again. The man kept Rohan in place with a hand on his waistband. One maid cried out. Rohan yelled and clenched his eyes shut against the tears.

    Again. He sobbed. The pain was raw, worse than anything Rohan had ever endured. With only the manacles to hold to, it was difficult to keep his feet arched.

    Again. Again. Again. Rohan’s legs were trembling.

    The ettoryan man paused to ran his fingers across Rohan’s back. He let the boy get adjusted to the touch before he slapped his sore welts with a bare hand, eliciting a pitiful cry from him. He moved methodically, hitting-stroking the deep red lines on Rohan’s back, drawing out all sorts of incoherent pleas from his abused throat.

    Rohan went rigid when one hand went to his chest and pinched his right nipple. The other stayed on his back, massaging his burning skin with less than careful motions.

    “The extension of your suffering is up to you, prodtyia.” The man announced. The cane lay useless on the floor, all of his attention turned to toying with Rohan’s nipple until it hardened on his hand. “I want you to do something for me. Do as I say and you can rest for the night. My maids will clean you up.”

    Rohan nodded once. He would have raised his tear-stained face to beg him, anything, please, let me go home, if he wasn’t so exhausted.

    The ettoryan released him. “Say my name.”

    Rohan panted through his teeth. “B-but, you,....nngh, d-didn’t tell me your name.”

    The cane went back on Rohan’s back. He shrieked. 

    “No!” He moaned. “P-please, I don’t know-”

    Again. Rowan was twisting weakly, barely on his feet. His face was a mess of tears and sweat, and still he tried to spare his shoulders from further pain.

    His captor kicked his trembling legs. This time, Rohan didn’t find the strength to rise to his tiptoes. “It only stops when you say my name.”

    “I d-don’t know! Please... aaagh, hurts-”

    Another blow. The maids looked at them with horror on their face. The younger one paled, her eyes shining with tears. They didn’t felt real. Nothing was real except the agony on Rohan’s back and the man administrating the blows.

    “Help!” Rohan begged them. “Help, please-”

    The ettoryan grabbed his chin from behind with a bruising grip. “They are not holding the cane, I am. If you’re going to beg, beg for me.”

    “P-please...” Rohan’s pleas were barely whispers. “Please, no more...”

    His captor chuckled.

    “Here’s the thing about begging, prodtyia.” He used the handle of the cane to poke a irritated welt. “It won’t do you any good, but saints, do I love to hear it!”

    Rohan whimpered. Blood trickled down his back and stained his waistband. “C-can’t... No more, p-please, too much, too much...”

     “Shhh, you can do it.” The stranger stepped forward, back to Rohan’s field of vision. He guided Rohan’s head to rest on his shoulder, gently stroking his sweat-dampened curls. “You will be so good for me.”

    Rohan sobbed on his captor’s shirt. “P-please, d-don’t kill me...”

    “Oh, babe, I won’t go too far.” He said. The taller man tilted Rohan’s head and wiped his tears away with a thumb. “I never killed any of my pets before.”

    Rohan raised his head. His mouth fell open in confusion and shock. “N-not, not your your pet.”

    The man in charge laughed. “I’ll give you a chance to reconsider.”

    He dropped the cane unceremoniously to the floor. Rohan flinched when it landed on the tiles. He could swear he saw a maid flinch, too.

    “You really don’t know who I am?” The ettoryan asked, faking his utter disappointment. When Rohan shook his head, he brought a hand to his own heart. “That’s a huge blow to my ego, y’know?

    “Please, don’t take it personally.” The stranger said, in a rather mocking voice. “I do this to every pretty thing that catches my eye. You’re only the first one who never heard of me.”

    “Y-you’re not...” Rohan asked, averting his kidnapper’s eyes. It came out as a strained whimper. “You, you’re not g-going to kill me?” 

    “That would be such a waste, darling.” His mouth twisted in satisfaction, reading the fear in Rohan's face. “My name’s Cassi. My parents run most things in this side of the country, and that includes the roads." He poked at Rohan's chest.

    "Trying to get to enemy state through our territory, darling?" Cassi accused. The playful humour in his voice was gone.

    "N-no, nnhgh..." Rohan said hoarsely. "Dad's sick, we h-had to..."

    "Well, I suppose the cells won't be good for his health."

    "No" Rohan tried to move, but his shoulders protested again. "P-please, let him go..."

    "Here's what you can do." Cassi took a chair and sat in front of his prisoner. Even towering over him, Rohan felt helpless. "I'll move you to a room closer to my quarters. From now on, you'll be my pet. You’re going to let me take you, in every way that I see fit."

    Rohan paled. "You father will receive proper medical attention, as long as you're good for me."

    "C-can I see him first?" Rohan swallowed against the pain in his throat. His face burned with humiliation. "I'll do it, if you let me see him first".

    Cassi nodded.

    "Okay." Rohan replied, finally.

    Cassi laughed. He signed, asking the maids to get Rohan out of the restraints.

    "Don't worry, prodtyia. You'll learn to love every command I give you."

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  • nenuials
    13.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Not that I don’t wanna be excited for new Tolkien content with the Rohan anime but... it covers the war of the Rohirrim with the Dunlendings and...

    Gondor gave the Rohirrim Calendarhon like... the cheek!! the audacity!! WHO gave Gondor the permission to just give a province away to someone else and then the Rohirrim CAME and drove the native Dunlending population away and then they had the AUDACITY to be insulted when the Dunlending kept warring on them to take their lands back like Rohan sweetie, you’re not the good guys here - why don’t you just go find yourself another empty province somewhere any make your country however you want. I hear the lands west of Tharbad are nice and empty

    #no fucking wonder they went to saruman for help #dunland#rohan #war of the rohirrim #can't wait for all the helm hammerhand apologists #can't forget how numenor just came and... started stealing the wood resources of native populations #i swear im usually ok i just remembered about this #and got angry for the dunlendings #i like the rohirrim they're pretty cool #but i can't ignore canon text
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  • jotaros-left-nut
    13.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    No wonder why Rohan is the way he is, he’s seen some shit

    #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojos bizarre adventure #jojo meme#rohan ova#rohan kishibe #diamond is unbreakable
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  • catboy-catan
    13.06.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #~rohan tag~ #it's all good fam dw about a thing >:3 #i'm going to ask this since i've been gone for a while: what's your preffered pronouns fam
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  • jotaros-left-nut
    13.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    In Rohan’s ova everyone gloss’s over the fact that a woman slept with a man that has been dead for years and gave birth to his child!!?

    #rohan ova#rohan kishibe #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojos bizarre adventure #jojo meme#jjba #jjba part 4 #morioh#josuke higashikata#okuyasu nijimura
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  • strawberryvanillablast
    13.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Shy Sad Spell (Josuke Higashikata X Female!Reader)

    As you were walking down the streets of Morioh-cho, you felt something strange, weird, and all around bizarre hang about in the air. That wasn’t a surprising thing considering Morioh but this was something new all together. You stop to think on what it was when someone stumbled back into you roughly. You hear the cackle, no doubt a Stand User, and look at the person who stumbled into you. Your eyes widened in shock. 

    “J-Josuke,” You stutter. “Josuke, are you okay?” 

    He didn’t answer. At all. Recovering from the shock, you shake his shoulder. But he didn’t respond. That was strange. You rub his arms and yet, he didn’t reply at all. You frown and decided to pat his face in order to get a response. Maybe he’s in shock? You turn him around and froze. His eyes were glazed over and he was as still as a statue. In fact, it was unnerving at how stock still he was. 

    “Josuke-kun,” You timidly ask. “Josuke-kun, what’s wrong?” 

    He blinked slowly as if he was trying to register the person in front of him. You try to snap him out of it by patting his face. But it looked like it only worked a little. At the passing of five minutes, you hear shouting from Okuyasu and Rohan. Maybe they would have information on this. You turn around and wave at them and sigh in relief as they spotted you. 

    Then, something happened, which took you by surprise. 

    You swore that you heard Josuke squeak and hide behind you. You felt his large soft pompadour tickle the back of your neck and back while his hands pressed a little into your shoulders. You were taken aback by this behavior and turned. You gaped at his face. He looked this close to crying, his cheeks tinged red. His blue eyes were furrowed in worry. 

    “Oi, Josuke,” Okuyasu waved, smiling at the both of you. “Hey! Did you find that Stand User?” When he saw Josuke hiding behind you, he tilted his head. “Huh? What’s wrong?” 

    “U...Um,” Josuke replied in the smallest voice. “I...I, uh, did...”

    “Josuke, why’re you acting like that,” Okuyasu frowned as he moved forward bit by bit. It only made Josuke hide his face in your hair. “What’s wrong? Did ya get hurt or somethin’?” 

    You frown and rub the side of Josuke’s head and he leaned into your touch. The Stand User definitely had something to do with this. He still hid into your hair but there was a definite trust that he had with you. You wondered why that was for a little moment in time. Okuyasu seemed confused, but Rohan seemed irritated. 

    “Hey, Higashikata,” Rohan strode forward and flicked Josuke on the forehead. “If you didn’t notice before, we’re in the midst of catching a Stand User here. If you, Higashikata, can quit acting like a doofus for five minutes, then...” 

    He stopped and blinked in surprise, along with Okuyasu. You turn to Josuke and, oh no, he was actually crying. You look back to the two and to Josuke. No doubt! This Stand User was behind this! You rubbed circles on his back to calm him. It’s a technique that you used whenever he had nightmares. 

    “W...Why did you have to do that,” Josuke murmured. “I...I tried to do my best...!”

    “Hey, woah, Josuke, bro,” Okuyasu knelt besides him. “Don’t cry, bro!” He glared at Rohan. “Man, Rohan, why’d you have to do that! He didn’t do anything to you! Can’t you stop being a jerk for a couple of minutes?” 

    Rohan scoffed but turned away, looking a bit guilty for that exchange. You looked at Josuke, whose sniffles subsided, and decided that splitting up would be a bad, bad, bad idea. So, you four searched for the Stand User. As you walked, you felt Josuke’s hand gently tugging on yours. He was like a puppy, following you. It is a definite change of behavior on Josuke’s part, which was a shock. 

    “Hey, Josuke,” You whispered. “Why are you so attached to me?” 


    “I mean, you’re so shy and quiet around Okuyasu and Rohan. But you trust me,” You turned to him. “Why is that?” 

    “...Because I like you...” 


    “I...You’re nice and pretty...And you didn’t attack me when we first met...Neither did Koichi and Jotaro-san either, but you were really nice to me.” He smiled. “I, uh, really like that. It makes me feel...” 

    He didn’t say it, but you knew what it meant. You smile. Would he remember this when he turned back to normal? You didn’t know. But you would cherish it just in the moment. 

    #JoJo's Bizarre Adventure #JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken #jojo part 4 #jjba pt 4 #diamond is unbreakable #Josuke Higashitaka#Okuyasu Nijimura#rohan kishibe #jjba x reader #josuke x reader
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    13.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Successful Trip

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    13.06.2021 - 16 hours ago
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    12.06.2021 - 18 hours ago
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    12.06.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #THE FUCKING IMAGEJQHHAHAHQHQHAHQHAH #i love u rohan mwah #🥺 #WHERE DID THIS COME FROM BTW WHAT IM JUST SITTING HERR #i just said your name 50 times in my head going heehee and now i feel like i got it wrong in sorry
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  • shuukins
    12.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Happy Birthday to one of the Seiyuu / Voice Acting Kings in Japan!

    Happy Birthday Takahiro Sakurai-san!!

    Date: June 13th

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  • rosenblatt-legacy
    12.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    At least she's playing with her kid? Unclear why they're in the road but Rhonda gets an *almost* good parent participation award for this one

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  • arofili
    12.06.2021 - 23 hours ago

    men of middle-earth ♞ house of éorl ♞ headcanon disclaimer

              Fengel was the son of Folcwine, and the fifteenth King of Rohan. He was the third of his father’s sons, and became his heir after the death of his elder brothers Folcwine and Fastred in the Battle of the Crossings of Poros. Yet Fengel was never given the same kind of attention as his siblings: his mother doted upon him, but his father ignored him, and his sister Layrun treated him with outright disdain. As a result, Fengel grew up both spoiled and starved for attention, manifesting into an adult greed and love of gold.           As king, Fengel dallied about with many women, neglecting his wife Bledwyn, who bore her fate with her head raised high. Fengel was unloved by his people, but they respected Bledwyn, who took care of most of Rohan’s day-to-day business in her husband’s stead. Bledwyn also bore Folcwine three children, two daughters and a son. The elder daughter, Wilfled, took after her mother and aided her in managing Rohan’s state affairs; the younger, Cwenswith, left Edoras to become a shieldmaiden in her youth. Thengel, Bledwyn’s only son and Fengel’s heir, quarrelled often with his father, and left for Gondor as soon as he was old enough to enter into the service of Steward Turgon.
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