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  • Listen, I’m tired of ‘Aeneid is fanfiction’ takes, when PROBA exists!! I wanna talk about centos!! The word cento is from an ancient Greek term for a patchwork garment, something sewn together from odd fragments. There were Homeric centos in the Greek world, and the Romans used Virgil.

    Faltonia Betitia Proba wrote in the mid-fourth century the Cento Vergilianus de laudibus Christi, in which she details the life of Jesus and deeds of the Old and New Testaments, using lines from Virgil but arranged in a new order to tell the biblical story. She either used a whole line or sewed together two different halves of lines to compose a new reasonably metrically correct line of epic hexameter. For example, lines 56-59, beginning the Creation section:

    Principio caelum ac terras camposque liquentes (Aeneid 6.724)
    lucentemque globum lunae solisque labores (Aeneid 6.725 + 1.742)
    ipse pater statuit, uos, o clarissima mundi (Georgics 1.353)
    lumina, labentem caelo quae ducitis annum. (Georgics 1.6)

    In the beginning, heaven and earth and flowing sea
    moon’s glowing sphere, sun’s honest toil,
    the Father himself established, and you, O cosmos’
    clearest lamps, which lead the year as it wheels round from heaven.

    The result of using Virgil like this is that Proba’s Jesus resembles the epic hero Aeneas in fascinating ways. She is pretty free in her handling of biblical material, crafting new scenes like Jesus speaking furiously down from the cross—but otherwise Aeneas is a pretty good model for Jesus: one divine parent, pietas, more than mortal prowess, leadership, contact with the afterworld, rebirth, etc.

    Her poem is the earliest complete and extant work in Christian history that was definitely written by a woman. She pioneered Christian literature for children, basically, by telling Bible stories in the Virgilian Latin. Studying Virgil was the basis for Roman education for centuries, but by the mid-fourth century the Roman Empire was at least nominally Christian. It was the perfect continuity with difference for their age.

    I would not necessarily call what Proba did ‘fanfiction’, but she did transformative work with a core cultural text and made it into something new. It’s one step removed from original composition, a form of metacomposition. It depicts a VERY HIGH level of education by Proba to be familiar enough with Virgil to do this, and a VERY HIGH level of creativity and ingenuity.

    Remixing and sampling are as old as civilization, I guess. I think that’s NEAT!

    (Source for info on Proba is the book The Golden Bough, The Oaken Cross by Clark and Hatch, 1981)

    #fanfic#women writing#roman history #early christianity i guess #i just want more people to know about proba and her cento #it's a pretty dope work of art imho #classics
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  • I think we all need to talk more about Byzantine history and Empress Theodora.

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  • Julie and The Phantoms is gonna make me fail Roman History

    #jatp #julie and the phantoms #roman history#college#im struggling #i have a paper due #i havent done it
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    Artist was busy filing a lot of paperwork today, so have an Ancient Roman history meme while he continues drawing me wearing that one dress…

    #care bears #care bears: unlock the magic #cheer bear #care bear plush #ancient rome#roman history#history meme #louisiana woman mississippi man
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  • This may be a controversial opinion but I think that the reign of Justinian and Theodora is the perfect example of how while military success can be unsure and fleeting, it’s architecture, law and culture that last far longer.

    #don't @ me belisarius stans #he was a brilliant and underrated general #but his project was ultimately a temporary one #let's be honest #justinian and theodora #belisarius#empress theodora#tribonian#tagamemnon#hagia sophia#codex iustinianus #corpus iuris civilis #constantinople#roman history#byzantine history
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  • Ok but the fact that Vespasian built the Flavian amphitheater where Nero’s Domus Aurea was in hopes of erasing Nero from history but letting Nero’s really big statue stand (although he renamed it and said it was the sun god, which was kinda Nero’s intention, like portraying himself as a god) only to have his amphitheater named Colosseum after the fucking statue of Nero (probably) is honestly the funniest shit

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  • Me reading a book about Nero: Typical of Sagittarius

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  • the next person to say “nero fiddled while rome burned” is getting hanged


    #roman/greek history is one of my oldest hyperfixations #my teacher seem intent on reviving it #BUT I KEEP SEEING MISINFORMATION ABOUT NERO AND IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE #it's also debatable that he was a bad leader in the first place but #that's a topic for another day #emperor nero#roman history#exeunt: bay
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  • A concept: a fanvid about Theodora set to a song by The Score.

    #i don't know how to edit videos #so i can't make this but it's an idea i had #and i think it would be awesome #empress theodora#tagamemnon#byzantine history#roman history#constantinople#vilma raubaite
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  • A friend of mine sent me a link to buy a Theodora mask. She knows me so well. :)

    #i'm sure theodora would approve #given that she saw the plague #empress theodora#personal#coronavirus#covid-19#byzantine history#roman history #justinian and theodora
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  • It’s amazing how Romans adopted 250% horny Greek practices to be only 80% horny

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  • It was pretty baller of Sulpicius to call his gang of 300 armed men the Anti-Senate.

    Like, if some American paramilitary group of 100 guys started calling itself “the Anti-Senate”, with an auxiliary of 435 “Members of the House of Retribution”, all under the command of “The Shadow President”, that would be very aesthetic.

    I guess for the Judicial branch you’d have nine “Injustices of the Extreme Court”

    #Roman History #The Storm Before The Storm #Publius Sulpicius Rufus
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  • While everyone focuses on the whole “look like a reasonable and moderate conservative before slaughtering thousands and declaring yourself dictator for life”, I think Sulla’s real political masterstroke was “Promising the Italians you’d respect their rights and give them equal voting rights to Romans, then abolishing democracy”

    #roman history #The Storm Before The Storm #Lucius Cornelius Sulla
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  • But if Marius really thought he could secure an eastern command, he was deluding himself. He was almost seventy years old. The Romans did not send seventy-year-olds to run their wars. To prove he could handle the job, Marius came down to the Campus Martius daily to exercise and display his physical prowess. He cut a comic, and somewhat pathetic, figure going through his regimen… Marius was never in serious consideration for the job. The men who were in serious contention were off waging the Social War, not doing jumping jacks in the Forum.

    This kind of reminds me of Mao’s Yangtze river swim. A great military leader and national hero, now in his 70s, makes a political comeback by publicly demonstrating his physical fitness and performing feats of strength. Though Mao was undeniably far more successful.

    Also even if Marius’ “Spiked Boots” bodyguards were more snappily dressed than the Red Guards, they only managed about a week of killing Optimates before the rest of the Cinnan troops massacred them.

    #Roman History #The Storm Before The Storm #Gaius Marius
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    Gaius Julias Caesar was born on 12 July 100 BC. His parents were Gaius Caesar and Aurelia Lotta. When Julias was born his family knew that he was their man. As Julias grew up, he knew he needed a job. So, he became a high priest in Rome This job did not last long. The people of Rome threw him out of the job. Julias was left with no job. He needed more money. Julias went in search of jobs, but none suited him.  ulias then went to Turkey. Over there, he joined the army. When he came back to Rome, what was taught in the army made him a superior warrior. Then he began earning money and popularity.

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  • *Finding a forum where people talk about Byzantium* Nice!

    *realising how much of the content on that forum is just Christian nationalism, racism and islamophobia* Ewwwww

    #against racism#anti nationalism #i'm sick of stupid online byzantium discourse #it's all just brain rot that gets you nowhere #for some reason this site of all places has some sane people #but i'm sick of seeing bs online #byzantine history#roman history #TAKE BACK BYZANTINE HISTORY FROM THE NATIONALISTS #it will be the greatest reconquest since laskaris
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  • We need a space for people who are interested in Byzantine, Medieval and Crusades history but who aren’t white supremacists and christian nationalists, 

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