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    I love madohomu so much. So so so so so so much

    #really i guess it is madoka that i love #but the absolute tragedy and devotion that is homura is PERFECT #how did they make madoka so wonderful yet so normal #she really genuinely convincingly is just a random girl #its the voice acting #and also it helps that she was the main character #anyway #those domestic gfs from the owl house are cool and all but i will never get that kind of romance #romance should be epic #romance should ACTUALLY be romantic #pmmm#my stuff#personal #I STILL LOVE THEM SO MUCH #AND THEY BECOME GODS!!! AND THEY SACRIFICE!!!
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    25. Suyuki to Ouji no Senya Ichiya - Inose

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    She was the only person I wanted to speak to when my world collapsed.

    - Vicious

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    "I've read too many references of what a man should be -

    now I can't differentiate between being 'fought for' and being 'fought with'."

    - Nathalie Fiorin // 04/08/2021

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    04.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    More Than Brother And Sister

    Description: Set sometime after the season 1 finale. Bree and Chase start to question whether or not their relationship is strictly platonic or not. Especially after watching a movie called Flowers In The Attic. Meanwhile, Skylar and Oliver aren't exactly the happy couple they once were. Kaz isn't sure what he's feeling. Tensions are rising, triangles are forming, drama will ensue. Rated M. (Disclaimer! I DO NOT KNOW LAB RATS: ELITE FORCE, OR ANY OF IT'S CHARACTERS.)

    Pairing: Bree x Chase

                               Chapter 1: Weird Feelings

    Bree's POV:

         I slowly woke up, and lazily rubbed my eyes. I looked at the wall across my room that read 7:00 am. Ew, it's WAY too early. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but Skylar was snoring, AGAIN. Skylar's my sister, teammate, best friend, and roommate, but I swear to God if she doesn't SHUT UP... I sigh deeply, and rub my face with my hands. There's no way ANYONE, could actually get a good night's sleep in the same room as a snoring Skylar. I'm going to have bags under my eyes, aren't I? What I wouldn't do to have this capsule sound proofed. I can't though, I already tried. Chase claimed that I wouldn't hear the mission alarm go off if I was sleeping. I step out of my capsule, and stretch my body, popping my back and neck. I use my super speed to change out of my plain black pajamas into; a white bra and tank top, black panties and sports shorts, white socks, and black sneakers.

    I pull my hair into a high ponytail, and look over my shoulder to see Skylar, still sound asleep. Must be nice to sleep in, I WOULDN'T KNOW. I leave our room, and walk down the stairs into the living room. I quickly glance around, and it looks like no one's up yet. Well at least I'll finally have some peace and quiet. I walk into the kitchen, and open the fridge. We're out of milk, again, for the 30th time. That's just fantastic! I grab the orange juice carton, it feels strangely light. I shake it, and realize it's empty. You've got to be fucking kidding me. I can't exactly superspeed to the store, I don't have any makeup on, and I probably have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. I dig through the fridge and find a bottle of water, welp, better than nothing. I open the yogurt drawer, and dig for my favorite yogurt flavor: wild mountain blueberries. "Come on, where are you?", I whisper. There's no way in hell I'm shouting, and risking waking up the rest of the team. I don't need to hear how horrible my face looks at the moment.

    Chase's POV:

         My eyes snap open, and immediately travel to the clock on the wall adjacent to my capsule. I quickly step out of my capsule as I realize what the current time is. 6:30 am!? OH NO, I WOKE UP 30 MINUTES LATER THAN I WAS SCHEDULED TO! This is awful, I just lost 30 minutes of extremely precious research and inventing time! I quickly exchange my white pajamas for a blue v-neck t-shirt, beige cargo shorts, white socks, and white sneakers.

    I glance over my shoulder at Kaz and Oliver's direction, and note that they're still soundly in deep slumber. I don't understand how they can just sleep the day away! Maybe if they went to bed at a reasonable hour, instead of late into the night, they'd wake up at a more reasonable time. I silently crept out of our shared sleeping quarters, down the stairs, and into the living area. I used my super sense of hearing to confirm that the rest of the team was indeed still asleep. I don't really feel like being teased for waking up 'early' today. I stroll over to the kitchen, and open the refrigerator door. I open the yogurt drawer, and retrieve the 1st yogurt I see. I read the flavor 'wild mountain berries'. This is Bree's favorite flavor of yogurt, she hates it went anyone else besides her tries to eat some. I scan the contents of the drawer, and realize that this is the LAST CUP of 'wild mountain berries' yogurt. I silently cackle, and take the yogurt. She's going to be so mad when she wakes up. I look for milk, only to find that we're out, yet again. This is the 5th time this week! What're these people using all that milk for? I don't even see most of the team drinking milk! They're always drinking extremely unhealthy carbonated drinks. I reach for the carton of orange juice, it approximately has 1/8 of orange left inside. I retrieve a glass, empty the remaining liquid into the glass, and place the carton back inside the refrigerator. Bree will be FURIOUS now, I can't wait to see her face! A smile makes its way to my face, as I retrieve a spoon, and head down to HQ to work on my latest invention.

    Bree's POV:

         I dig through the yogurt drawer for an eternity before finally accepting the fact that it's not in there. HOW IS MY YOGURT NOT IN THERE?! Someone must have taken it! I put my favorite yogurt in here yesterday evening, and warned everyone that if they touched my yogurt, and I'll super kick their teeth in so all they could eat is yogurt. So either someone took it in the middle of the night, or this morning, and I only know I dork that would purposely wake up before 7:00 am. I huff, and shut the fridge. I then grab my water bottle, and power walk to the hyperlift. Which instantly takes me to HQ. I immediately see Chase messing with what is no doubt, another dumb invention. That will probably backfire in the end. There are a bunch of vials, beakers, tubes, and other nerd stuff. I quickly walk over to him, and notice that THAT MOTHER FUCKER IS EATING MY YOGURT AND DRINKING MY ORANGE JUICE. I mean, the juice is not THAT BIG of a deal, BUT MY YOGURT!? Chase looks up at me, and smugly smirks. He already knows what I'm down here for, well, partially. I was planning on coming down here to train anyway. I across my arms, and shoot him a dirty look. "Hey Bree, you're up early. To what do I owe this pleasure?", Chase asks. OH YOU KNOW. "Don't play dumb with me Chase. I KNOW YOU TOOK MY FAVORITE YOGURT, AND THE LAST OF THE ORANGE JUICE!", I firmly say. Chase's smirk only gets wider, as he reaches to his right. He grabs the last glass of orange juice, and drinks the last of it. My glare intensifies. "Well what can I say Bree? You snooze, you lose!", Chase replies. He puts the empty glass down, and reaches over to grab MY YOGURT. "OH NO YOU DON'T!", I shout.

    Chase's POV:

         As I'm reaching for the yogurt cup to my right, Bree super speeds around the table, and tackles me to the ground. I go down with a groan, as Bree pins me to the floor. I'm lying flat on my back as Bree straddles me, holding my wrists down with her hands. I try to struggle from her grasp, but I am unable to break free. I hate to admit this, but Bree's actually really strong. Apparently even stronger than me, well that's pretty embarrassing. I stop struggling, and end up making eye contact with her. Wow, she's extremely furious. I don't think I've ever really examined her facial features this closely before. Her facial structure is actually really nice. "WHY DID YOU TAKE MY YOGURT, WHEN I SPECIFICALLY TOLD EVERYONE YESTERDAY EVENING NOT TO TOUCH MY FUCKING YOGURT!?", Bree screams. Okay, that did some ear drum damage. "Language, Bree.", I chide. Has Bree always been this pretty? Wait, what? Bree's not pretty, she's Bree, my sister. She's a lot of things, but pretty isn't one of them. Well, not THAT kind of pretty, that is. "WHY DID YOU EAT MY YOGURT!?", Bree screams as she's repeatedly slamming my wrists into the ground. Thank God she didn't slam my wrists down THAT HARD, otherwise they'd probably be sprained or broken. My eyes couldn't help but travel downwards from her face, to her bust. They've really increased in size over the years. They're pretty big, and REALLY jiggle. WOAH, WOAH, WOAH. NO, I REFUSE TO ADMIT, that my sister has a really nice bust. "Your name wasn't on it.", I reply. Bree's grip on my wrists tighten. I wonder what she'd look like without that white tank top... OH NO. What are these weird feelings? OH NO OH NO OH NO! It seems that I've developed an erection, from watching my sister's bust jiggle. This can not possibly end well.

    Bree's POV:

         "YOU KNEW IT WAS MY YOGURT! YOU...", I start to scream. I trail off, when I notice Chase's face is as red as tomato. You know, Chase is pretty cute when he blushes. WHAT THE FUCK? DID I JUST REALLY THINK THAT?! He's actually pretty cute period. EWW, WHAT AM I THINKING? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?! CHASE IS MY BROTHER! HE'S A LOT OF STUFF, BUT CUTE ISN'T ONE OF THEM. I quirk my brow at him. Why the hell is he blushing though? I'm about to ask him, but I already have my answer. I feel something press against my ass. I look down and realize where it's coming from, Chase has a fucking boner. OH. MY. GOD. I quickly look back up, and make eye contact with my brother. I could feel a deep blush cover my face. I cannot believe that Chase has a boner! I know he's never had any action before, and this is probably as close as he's ever gonna get, but Jesus Christ! Calm down, dude! "I-I-I, um, uh.", Chase stutters. I'm not sure if I've ever really heard him stutter before. I super speed off of him, and grab the half empty yogurt cup. Chase quickly stands up, and awkwardly tries to adjust his shorts to hide his boner. It's a little too late to hide it now, bro. "Well don't even THINK about eating my yogurt even again, or I really will kick your teeth in.", I say. I super speed into the hyperlift, and it takes me back to the living room. DAMN IT! I FORGOT I PLANNED ON TRAINING DOWN AT HQ! It's a lot more peaceful down there, and it's a lot easier to focus when Kaz and Oliver aren't having hot dog eating contests right next to me. Well I can't go back now, that was hella awkward. I walk into the kitchen, and sit on a bar stool at the counter. I might go back after I finish the rest of this yogurt. I mean, I'll have to face him eventually.

    Chase's POV:

         I MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED! I pace back and forth at my work station, trying to think of a solution to this predicament. WHAT DO I DO?! Erase her memory!? No, that could get ugly if that backfires. Avoid her forever? No, we're on a team together, live in the same apartment, not to mention she's my sister. There's no way I could actually avoid her forever. Not to mention the fact that the rest of the team would be able to tell that something's off, well at least Skylar would at the bare minimum. Suppose I never bring it up, and pretend the whole ordeal never happened? As long as Bree doesn't confront me with it, I'll be fine. What was that though? I've had erections before, just not under these particular circumstances before. I stop pacing, and grip the end of my work table. I take slow, deep, and even breathes. After approximately 5 minutes of breathing, I regain my composure. I continue to work on my latest scientific invention, immobilization serum. I continue my work until I hear the hyperlift. I freeze, and briefly glance up, praying that it's anyone but Bree. I know I'll have to face her at some point, but I'm not quite ready to face her at this very moment. Of course, with my luck, it actually is Bree. I continue my work, and ignore her presence. What does she want now? I hope she didn't come back down here to talk about what happened. I hear her super speed away for a moment, then super speed back. I quickly glance up to see that she brought a training dummy into the center of HQ. I suppose that's why she woke up earlier than she usually does, to squeeze in some extra training. Well at least someone else other than me is using their time wisely.

    Bree's POV:

         I really hope I don't regret coming back down here. I set up my training dummy, and I feel like I'm being watched. There's only one other person in this room. I turn around, and see Chase, extremely focused on his 'work'. He looks a little too focused if you ask me, but maybe I'm just overthinking things. I work on my form and execution of my fighting technique. I'd occasionally glance at Chase, to see him looking at the same beaker for like the past 30 minutes, or to see him quickly look down again. He's clearly watching me, and I'm getting pretty annoyed. I'm not even mad at the whole yogurt thing anymore. I'm annoyed that he's making things more awkward than necessary. I stop training for a second, and take a long drink from the bottle of water I brought with me from the kitchen. I close the water bottle, and set it down on the ground. I look at Chase, who's yet again looking at the same mother fucking beaker. This is too fucking ridiculous. I stomp over to Chase, and loudly clear my throat. Chase finally makes eye contact with me. He looks really uncomfortable, well that make 2 of us. "Stop making this awkward.", I say. He looks in practically every other direction, but my face. "I'm not making anything awkward. Why would things be awkward? What're you talking about?", Chase replies. I roll my eyes. I hate that I found that extremely cute. What're these weird feelings? Jesus Christ. "You know what I'm talking about Chase. You got a boner from a really pretty girl sitting on top of you, that's normal. I mean, that's probably as close as you'll ever get to a girl anyway. It's okay, I'm not mad or anything. So let's just put it behind us, okay?", I say. Chase looks pretty flustered. Did I take that comment a little too far? Especially since what happened with Reese.

    Chase's POV:

         HEY! I TAKE OFFENSE TO THAT! Also, conceited much? "Okay, 1st off, a really pretty girl wasn't sitting on me, you were.", I say. Bree quirks her brow, and crosses her arms. She's pretty adorable when she's mad. DAMN THESE HORMONES! "EXCUSE ME?", Bree asks. "2nd, I'll have you know that there are plenty of girls out there that are extremely interested in me!", I retort. After I say that Bree starts hysterically laughing. Okay, now I'M starting to get mad. "That's really funny, Chase. You do know that robots don't count right? Although, last time I checked, the robots you MADE don't even like you.", Bree says. Now she's hit a sore spot. She's knows how bitter I was when all the female androids I made chose Kaz over me, their creator. "What about you? I don't see a line of eligible bachelors waiting outside the apartment, just DYING to ask you out on a date. I'M probably the closest YOU'LL ever get to being with a guy!", I state. I smirk, knowing I'm right. I see the look of hurt flash across her face for a brief moment, so brief, that if you blinked you would've missed it. My smirk disappears. I know she's had just about as much trouble getting guys, as I've had with getting girls. I also know how jealous she initially was when Oliver and Skylar started dating. She says she's over it, and she's happy for them, but I know that she'll always be somewhat jealous to a certain extent. At least until she gets a boyfriend that is, and who knows when THAT'LL happen. I briefly wonder if I've taken it too far, but I remove the thought from my mind. She's the one who started this. Bree rolls her eyes. "As if you even count as a guy. Don't you have to be at least somewhat manly and strong, to be a guy?", Bree taunts. SHE KNOWS HOW INSECURE I AM ABOUT MY STRENGTH, AND MY APPEARANCE! I CAN'T BELIEVE HER. YOU KNOW WHAT, I'LL SHOW HER.

    Bree's POV:

         You wanna trade insults? Come on, let's go! He looks hurt for a second, before glaring at me. "You know what? I may not be MANLY, and I may not be STRONG. Which is fine, because I have so many other things going for me. I'm intelligent, I'm agile, I'm an amazing inventor, I'm great at leading people, and I have bionics that are useful for things other fighting. What do you have going for you, other than the fact that you can run?", Chase says. The whole team knows how insecure I was before I had super powers, when AJ made that dumb list. "I have super powers now, I can do a lot more than run! You're smart, so what? You're only smart because of your bionics! Without your bionics, you're useless!", I shout. My eyes widen in shock, and I cover my mouth with my hands. I didn't mean to say that. I never meant to take it THAT FAR. I know how afraid Chase is of being useless, he's been insecure about that our whole lives growing up. Chase looks down, and starts to walk towards the hyperlift to leave. Oh my God. What've I done? "WAIT!", I scream. I super speed in front of him. "Please don't leave! I didn't mean to say that! I didn't mean it.", I say. I couldn't stand it if anyone REALLY hurt Chase physically or emotionally, especially if that 'anyone' was me. "I think you did, and you're right. Without my bionics, I'm useless to the team. Now please move out of my way.", Chase replies in a monotone voice. My heart hurts so much right now. Chase is my brother, I'm supposed to protect and support him, not hurt him. That's the last thing I ever meant to do. "No, I'm not right! I went too far, and I'm so sorry. I know you feel about that topic, and I was just so hurt by what you said. That I didn't really realize what I had said, until it was too late. I never meant to hurt you.", I reply.

    Chase's POV:

         What Bree said really hurt me, and she knows it. Although, I realize that my running comment really hurt her as well. I suppose we're even now. Bree looks into my eyes, and I can see the regret in her eyes. I sigh. Her eyes start to water. Oh God, please no. Please don't cry. I couldn't stand if I made my sister cry. "Okay, it's fine. Just, please don't cry.", I respond. "Chase", Bree whispers. She quickly envelops me into a hug. Her chin rests against my right shoulder, as her arm wrap around me. I can't help but smile, and hug her back in return. I thought she'd be sweaty after training, but I suppose her super speeding in front of me dried any particles of sweat that were on her. She also smells surprisingly good, like flowers. "I'm so sorry, Chase. I love you so much.", Bree whispers. I feel my face heat up at her remark. I know she meant as a brother, but is it odd that a small part of my being wanted it to mean more than that? UGH. WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS ALL OF A SUDDEN? "I know, and I forgive you. Also, I love you too.", I reply. I'm not entirely sure how I meant it. Bree releases herself from our hug, and I feel a tinge of disappointment. I miss her warmth already. "Let's never fight like that, EVER AGAIN.", Bree says. "Agreed.", I quickly reply. Bree warmly smiles at me, and I can't help but smile back in return. It feel like someone's doing somersaults in my insides. "So what were you working on?", Bree asks. My smile widens. She usually never asks, or takes any interest in my work. She's most likely only asking in an attempt to make me feel better. I appreciate it though. "Follow me, and I'll tell you.", I respond. She nods her head. Turn around and walk towards my work station.

    Bree's POV:

         I know how much Chase loves bragging about his inventions and stuff. I follow him to his table, and he holds up a beaker with neon yellow goop inside of it. "What is it?", I ask. I'm a little leery about this. "THIS is what I'm currently working on, an immobilization serum. After I perfect the formula, I'm going to load into the immobilization gun I'm also working on. It'll be able to make ANYTHING immobile for a short period of time.", Chase says. So, it's like a freeze ray, just without the ice. My eyes widen in realization. "So this will be able to stop Rodissius and his kids?", I ask. This could be huge. Rodissius and all 13 of his children have been a thorn in the team's side ever since we arrived in Centium City, and we formed the Elite Force. Things would be a lot easier if they were out of the picture. "In theory, yes. I still have to finish the gun, and run some tests.", Chase says. Chase has been down in HQ everyday since the whole Reese and Douglas thing. Thankfully, Douglas is back at the bionic island recovering from Reese's attack. He's lucky he didn't get seriously injured. Chase has been determined to stop Rodissius and his black swarm ever since. "That's amazing, maybe now we can finally get rid of those annoying shape shifters.", I say. After we got the power back up and running, Chase restored our communications to the rest of the super heroes. We then warned them about Rodissius' plan. At the moment, they're all safe somewhere. "Yeah, and get revenge for Douglas.", Chase replies. Revenge is not a good thing, revenge is what turns people evil. Revenge is what gets innocent people hurt. I furrow my brows at Chase. "Please don't go on a whole 'revenge' vendetta. That's the whole reason why Rodissius is after us in the 1st place. You won't feel any better if you carry out your 'revenge', anyway. Most people turn evil because they're consumed by revenge, please don't be one of those people, Chase.", I plead.

    Chase's POV:

         Deep down I know she's right, but how can I just let it go? How can I let go what Reese did to Douglas, what she did to me? "I can't just let this go, Bree.", I reply. Bree gently grabs the beaker from my grasp, and places it back in it's holder. She takes my hands in hers, and we lock eyes. I really hope she can't hear how fast my heart is pulsing. "We'll stop them together, the whole team. We'll do it for Douglas, all the super heroes they're trying to hurt, and for the world. We're not doing it as revenge though, we're doing this to protect and save innocent people.", Bree says. I sigh. She has a really valid point. I pull her into another hug. She gasps in surprise, but returns my hug. I like hugging Bree. Huh, that's new. We release from our hug. I wish we could've hugged for longer. These hormones fluctuations are really starting to weird me out. "You're right.", I state. I know she'll love to hear that. "I know.", Bree playfully states. Even though we have our differences and arguments, Bree's always been there for me. I don't know what I'd do without her support. If only she wasn't my sister... I feel a pang of sadness spread across my aura. What am I thinking? I'm glad she's my sister. "Hey, wanna take a break from all this work, and spar with me? You know, like how we used to when we were still in the lab.", Bree asks. How could I forget? I sometimes reminisce about the old days when it was just Adam, Bree, Leo, and me. At the lab, training, going on missions in secret. Going to school, and trying to fit in, all while trying to hide our bionics. I miss my brothers, I wonder how they're doing at the academy. I wonder if you can really even call it an academy, since the 'students' aren't actually students anymore.

    Bree's POV:

         Sometimes I think back to the old days, when everything was so much simpler. When all I had to worry about was my hair and cute boys. What I wouldn't give just to relive old times, at least just once. "I'd love to.", Chase says. I hop up and down in excitement. This is doing to be so much fun! I missed kicking Chase's butt at fighting. "Although I'm not really dressed for it.", Chase adds. I stop jumping, and roll my eyes. Excuses. "You need to be prepared to fight in whatever you're wearing during an emergency.", I reply. Chase walks over to the dummy, and I super speed next to him. "Alright, let's begin then.", Chase says. I super speed the dummy out of the way, then super speed back to Chase. I assume my fighting stance, as Chase does the same. We spar for like 5 minutes. Chase does really well, and holds his own. He's definitely gotten a lot better since the last time we've sparred. In the end though I win, as expected. He lies on the ground for a minute. I eventually bend over, and offer my hand to help him up. He grabs my hand, and quickly pulls me to the ground next to him. I yelp and face plant into the ground. I can hear Chase laughing next to me. I roll over onto my back, and slap his right arm. "Ow!", Chase says as he rubs his arm. "Now we're even.", I reply. Chase stops rubbing his arm, and turns his head to look at me as I do the same. I feel my heart flutter, and my pulse race. I really hope he can't hear how fast my heart's beating right now. He's so gorgeous. He smiles at me, I can feel myself blush and smile back. What am I thinking? What am I doing? GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF! I just need to breath. He's your brother, you're related. It doesn't matter how amazingly hot Chase is, you can't be interested in him. That'd be wrong on so many levels.

    Chase's POV:

         God, Bree's so beautiful. Has she always been this beautiful? She couldn't have been, or else I would've noticed long before today, right? Although, I never really bothered to closely study her facial structure before. Bree hasn't changed too much facial structure wise since Leo found us. She's matured of course, we all have. It's clear that puberty has been very kind to her. She must have always been this beautiful, but I never took the time to realize it until today. It doesn't matter though. I'm not Bree's 'type' anyway. She likes 'strong', 'manly', 'creative', 'good looking' guys. I suppose I can be creative at times, and I'm not that bad looking, if I do say so myself. Wait, HOLD THE PHONE. WHAT AM I SAYING? Bree's my sister, we're related. It would be extremely illegal to pursue a relationship anyhow. I shouldn't even be thinking of her in this way, but how can I not? It's like I'm seeing Bree with a whole new perspective. Bree has just always been Bree, my annoying sister. I never even really considered as a girl before. Not that I considered her as a boy or anything. I just, never looked at her in that way before. Now she's Bree, this beautiful, fun, witty, talented, spirited, intelligent, and compassionate, girl. I feel a blush creep upon my cheeks when I realize how long we've been staring at each other. I quickly clear my throat, and hop up. Bree quickly blinks for a moment, then rises to her feet. "I should really get back to my work now.", I state. Bree slowly nods her head. "Okay, well, it was surprisingly fun to spend time with you.", Bree replies. Surprisingly? I'm not that boring. I'm actually really fun, I'll have you know! "The feeling's mutual.", I say as I walk back to my work station. I start to resume my work, but I stop for a moment and look up. Bree's staring at me. I love her deep brown doe eyes, they're so adorable. I desperately need to get a hold of myself. "I'll see you later then.", Bree says. I nod in response. She stares at me for a moment more, before departing via hyper lift. This is going to be a long day.

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    Book Review: Carmilla by Sheridan le Fanu

    A classic of Gothic and LGBTQ fiction: Carmilla by Sheridan le Fanu #bookreview #bookblogger

    Carmilla by Sheridan le Fanu Publisher: Puskin Press Publication date: 24 October 2021 (1872) Genre: Gothic horror Page count: 160 pages Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Carmilla is the original vampire story, steeped in the sexual tension between two young women and gothic romance.In an isolated castle deep in the Austrian forest, teenaged Laura leads a solitary life with only her father, attendant…

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    CabbageAngel, writing in Rhindeval, a part of Fractured Kingdoms:

    At first Asher became ridged from the sudden intrusion. Eike of all people thought he could just enter his chambers? The Telseon man’s ears flicked with irritation as he growled mostly to himself while hearing the Torturer’s demands. Eike wanted his assistant healed, and Asher was ready to give a biting retort when a thought struck him. His annoyance gave way to a much more . . . Playful line of thinking. He got up from his rather comfortable position, waving a hand to Tempeste in a gesture to stay where she was. “Oh what grievous injuries to be had in such an innocent child! Sadly though I don’t think you will be able to get such services from myself or my lovely assistant.” He sauntered over to his now steaming kettle and made himself a cup. “I happen to be rather emotionally compromised it seems, and my lack of focus could cause the poor dear more harm than good. As for Tempeste, I’m afraid she has overworked herself again and won’t be able to have the steady hands you desire for your own assistant's treatment.” He lifted his cup and turned to give Eike a sharp look as he stored his tea. “The other doctors are available and capable, besides, you should take the advice of our Queen’s head doctor. I’m sure she would be rather disappointed to hear you were asking me to perform malpractice, seeing as she would listen to my opinion on such matters.” He took a rather long sip before smacking his lips. “But what do I know, I’m just the head doctor right?” Eike’s jaw clenched, and his grip on Lilou’s hand tightened. Asher’s words swept through one side of his head to the other. Terms like ‘emotionally compromised’,‘overworked’ and ‘malpractice’ were foreign and meant nothing to him. He had surfaced and braved the light and was rejected service for it. It was just - confusing. Lilou noticed the hand squeeze and pulled herself back in from sneakily ushering her rat down her skirts, having completely ignored Asher’s answer. “What did he say?” “Un… necessary things,” he grunted through his teeth, and pulled Lilou’s arm up, like dangling a doll to the medics. “She wanted to come -" He spared a glance to Tempeste. " -here. I would not come up for the other doctors. She...” he regarded the dangling girl for a moment, trying to figure out what exactly it was that made her special and deserving of the best anyway. She’d barely done any of her homework and was much more of a hassle than a help in the dungeons. “- was a gift from Her Majesty. She can’t work if she’s broken. She’ll get taken away.” Eike turned his vacant eyes back to Asher and thrust the child towards him. “Fix her,” he repeated his demand, stronger. Asher regarded the girl lazily then looked back at Eike. It was honestly cute that the rat thought he could make demands, but it wasn’t his fault if the Royal Torturer couldn’t get the truth through his head. Pausing momentarily before taking another sip, Asher set his tea down before choosing his next words a bit more simply. “. . . . . No. I’ll just make it worse.” His arms folded behind him out of sight while his tail swished back and forth lazily. He didn’t care to stop a little condescension from slipping into his words. “Whether she wanted to come to me or not is irrelevant. Me and my assistant will. make. It. Worse. So you can stop being childish and get her the help she needs, or do it yourself.” Eike narrowed his glare at Asher. His eyes were bloodshot from the light, soft as it was, that was so harsh to him. Oh, he wanted to go back down. “I don’t know how to fix… things.” he stated, his grip on Lilou starting to make her concerned. Eike tilted his head to Tempeste, recalling the scene he had interrupted. Her hands had played in Asher’s hair, thin lady fingers scraping the scalp, maybe… giving the healer the same flutters that made Eike’s head light when Ivelda did the same. Why Asher sought it from anyone else, Eike could never understand. But such treachery kept Ivelda his. “B-brother, you’re hurting me worse-” Lilou tried to tell him. Her little wrist was being carelessly squeezed like a toy in his hand, but the feeling of it there gave rise to a new kind of anger in the face of Asher’s refusal, now. He didn’t know what it was. He was quite aware of his status as a cockroach in the eyes of the others, but he was never hurt by it. They just… didn’t know Ivelda’s heart as well as he did. He rocked himself to sleep in its cradle. She kept him closer than anyone, in the dungeon walls, like a suffocating hand. And that was okay. She loved him. It was okay, no, wonderful. So wonderful that being outside of her cage twisted his gut with guilt. But this. Asher’s… treachery... was getting in the way of the will of the child, not only Ivelda’s. This new feeling was... “Asher Bolton, do not pretend,” he started. “That your judgement is impartial.” His eyes slid back to Tempeste. “... Do you know what fate befell the Outrider’s sow?” He asked, almost lazily. He remembered dressing her, a pale thing, ruddy cheeks and rough hands, like it was only a few days ago. He could picture the colour of her dress and the cut. Maybe he could still recall her size. His stare snapped back to Asher. “Perhaps you do… know enough. I think red would be flattering on you, maiden.” There was a long pregnant pause as Asher took in all of Eike’s words. An amused snort escaped his lips as a dangerous grin spread across his face. Leaving sharp teeth bare and glistening. “You really shouldn’t threaten anyone in a doctor’s ward. Well, I gave you a chance to get help,” In almost a blink, Asher had crossed over to Eike and was face to face with the torturer. His hand pressed right against the boy’s solar plexus. He leaned down, a husky growl only loud enough for Eike to hear. “And the left hand of the Queen is tired of your empty mewling.” With surprising force, Asher’s arm shot forward and shoved Eike out the door violently with his assistant along with him. The Telseon brushed his hands and yelled so that the other staff could hear. “You either get help from these hard working people here or none at all. All but the Queen herself follow my words in this ward as law and You are no exception. Act up again and I’ll have you removed from my ward. Good day!” “Wait, she said I could come-!” Lilou, the nine and a half year old girl, yelped as she was pushed with one last futile point at Tempeste. Asher rarely had to invoke the rulings Queen Ivelda had declared herself when he became head of the medical ward out of good nature, but today he relished the privilege. He slammed his heavy door shut with a bang and locked it, heavy iron sliding together so that anything less than a battering ram or an enraged Korgan could bust it down. He let out a snort. Threatening people in his own domain, that boy really was clueless outside his dungeon. Eike remained on the floor. He heard Lilou hammering away at the door, shouting for a “Pig”. His nose crinkled and lips turned into a grimace when he heard her voice go… watery. A sudden gasp. “Big brother Eike, please help! We have to get Pig back- AHH! It’s bleeding!!” He looked down, at a dark wet patch that was spreading from his hip. He hadn’t felt it. Still didn’t. He touched it, and pulled away a red handprint. He looked between it and Lilou’s tears. “Why are you scared, Ishara? It didn’t kill me when you did it,” he stated. She looked away guiltily, and Eike - after some hesitation - petted her head. It didn’t occur to him not to use the bloody hand. “Tem… peste. Ponce.” He tried her name slowly. He hadn’t tested it on his tongue before. “That woman… you like. She should be scared. She wasn’t a threat to Ivelda when I tested her.” His dead, morbid eyes turned back to the door. “He knows Ivelda's heart like I, yet it’s his treachery that will make the maiden a threat to her.” A hollow voice. “I should take her measurements.”

    Inside of Asher’s office, something round but agile quietly sniffed its way towards Asher’s secret liquor stash.

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    More old art

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    And finally, meet Morgan! They were in the old captain's crew and was the only member from the old crew that joined Pyre's crew after he became captain (the rest were old and weren't equipped to look for the crew's older brothers). They were a life long friend of the crew and Pyre's fiance. The broadsword Pyre uses was theirs. Also included in the two doodles of Morgan is the aftermath of what happened after Kioko's first encounter with Calypso.

    ...The crew really hates Calypso for some very good reasons.

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    Fire and water

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    He wrapped long fingers around my wrists, holding me there, then turning his face to press a kiss into each of my palms. “I wish you happy Andromeda. Remember it. Despite all the rest, I want that for you.” ~ The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy

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    lipstick pour les hommes oh oh oh oh, lipstick pour les femmes! lipstick for the men oh oh oh oh, lipstick for the girls!

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    you know i adore you, i'm craving for you, then why'd you leave me? she came just right before me.

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    gonna rewatch the best disney movie today

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