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  • — Vinte e três de junho de dois mil e dezessete, seria o nosso dia. — Ela dizia enquanto girava o anel em seus dedos. —  Ele ia me pedir em namoro hoje.

    — Então por que você não se acerta com ele? — pergunto e meu cachorro abocanha minha mão. — Para de me morder, Husky! — ordeno.

    — Você está louco? Você viu a forma como ele disse que me amava? Se ele me ama daquele jeito e ainda me trai… não consigo me imaginar em um relacionamento com uma pessoa assim.

    Dei razão a ela, não estava menos do que certa.

    — Mas por outro lado, sei lá. Eu e ele éramos tão parecidos, tínhamos afinidade…

    — Catarina, muitas vezes quando estamos montando um quebra-cabeça, sempre tem aquelas duas peças que a gente jura que são certas de tão similar que são, mas o encaixe não é certo. Às vezes até dá para encaixar, mas o tamanho não coincide, a imagem não monta e, ao mesmo tempo, você está tirando a chance dessas peças se encaixarem no lugar correto. Confia em mim, a sua peça certa deve estar perdida por aí, em algum lugar, entre as outras.

    AGUIAR, Cary. 2020. ENTRELAÇADOS, Amazon.

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  • something about you
    makes me want to run a mile
    and surrender myself
    to the rush of adrenaline
    if it was not you
    i do not want somebody
    close to me, so i let our love
    conquer my well-being;
    together we live in your
    once abandoned building
    without noticing the weigh
    of our responsibilities
    would collapse it completely
    leaving us with familiar dusts
    and pile of painful debris

    - something about you

    M // 256

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  • Dear Ditto, 

    Unexpected beginnings come with unexpected middles - but this feels more like a bump. Your last relationship caused some emotional damage, you almost tied the knot but ended up backing out because of silly Indian customs and traditions. It’s still pretty recent, you broke up at the end of last year and so I understand that traces of the damage will tend to spill once in a while into our relationship. I guess the timing was not ideal, we started about a week back and your ex’s birthday was yesterday. You were obviously a little bummed and angry at undergoing the whole experience. And the more we talked about it today, it became apparent that you still haven’t had enough alone time to process the emotional baggage that came with the break up. To be honest I did not like hearing that the previous relationship is still playing in your mind-who would? So that is why I asked you to take some time off from us and figure out your stuff by spending some alone time to understand who you are now after the break up, what that experience has taught you, what your feelings are towards the past and what you want in your future. I think I communicated this pretty perfectly to you and you see what I’m getting at. Please remember I am open to you figuring this stuff out by yourself or with me. But I guess you’ve chosen to go for the former because you feel the latter is not exactly fair to me. 

    So let’s take a breath and recognize that this is where we are now. We’re dialing it way back because if we don’t address the issue now, the past will become an uncomfortable topic and it’ll pile up under the rug, and possibly ruin us. So I guess it is better that you deal with this now, take some time off, and come back to me (if you want to), whole and for good. 

    Maybe I can use this time constructively as well. Everything happens for a reason. And in the end, everything will be alright. 



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  • Wholesome literature/cinema dynamics:

    • Enemies/rivals bonding over their past traumas, realizing they aren’t that different after all
    • Two gals being pals but… maybe more? (the line between friend and lover is blurred)
    • Getting on each other’s nerves but still risking their life for “that idiot”
    • The pure innocence, awkwardness and shyness of that first young romance
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  • #will you marry me again if you are reborn #manga#manga cap#josei#romance#drama #slice of life #comedy
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  • Here it is! Isn’t it gorgeous?? FIRESINGER is book four of The Elemental Destinies, and I can’t wait for you to meet my burning 🔥 hot 🔥 couple as they and the other Elementals battle to save the world - and the humans they love.
    FIRESINGER  breaks on June 30th!!

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  • The Dummy (2002)

    Director: Greg Pritikin
    Cast: Adrien Brody, Milla Jovovich, Illeana Douglas 

    A very down to earth, relatable film about a group of young adults trying to figure out life and trying to make something of themselves.  Each character in this film grows in confidence and maturity, which I really enjoyed.  It was quirky and the dummy itself was a great comedic addition.

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  • image


    so I just finished The Dragon Prince season 3…

    #pink#love #rayla x callum #romance #the dragon prince
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  • I thought I’d share this book with the phandom for anyone interested :) 

    Night Magic  by Charlotte Vale Allen is an alternate universe retelling of our beloved story. Maybe an 18+(?), as it has a few tender moments.

    At the time I read this, I was young and way less cynical (*smirk*). It hit me in the the feels pretty hard and caused me to escape reality dreaming of such passion and pure devotion. Ah, amour! 

    If you’ve read it already, please let me know your thoughts! 

    #phantom of the opera #poto#exophilia#monster boyfriend#monster lover#gothic romance#romance #eric x christine #phandom#poto fandom #the phantom of the opera #music of the night #dark romance
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  • I felt like coming up with a list for all the things I need in order to enjoy a romance

    1. a happy ending: these character better end up together and never be separated ever again

    2. not rapey (this is entirely subjective): I’m okay with surprise kisses as long as it is conveyed that the character getting the surprise kiss is pleasantly surprised but no “my mind says no but my body says yes” for kisses or any sexual contact. and especially no actual removal of consent or one of the characters is drugged or sleeping during a “sex scene”

    3. equal footing: if character A has power over character B (rich, powerful, higher status) than character B has to have power over character A in another way (smarter, stronger, a top, blackmail). Also if character A does something to or for character B (good or bad) then character B also has to do things equally as good or bad to them (A is rude to B at first meeting bc of misunderstanding so B is rude to A next time they meet, thinking A is a rude person. A learns they were in the wrong at first and both apologize and start over). Also no hypocrysy (I can have a now dead wife and sex with hundreds of women before I met you but you can’t have had a husband before you met me)

    4. characters cannot have sex with someone that isn’t the love interest if it has already been established to both of the characters that the feelings are mutual and if it feels unexpected or unexplained to me, the reader, especially if I have to read the sex scene. I have left many books unfinished bc of this. It bothers me a lot and feels like a betrayal.

    5. if there is a ton of characters in the story, there needs to be LGBT+ and POC characters somewhere. An acknowledgement at least that there is a possibility for people to be LGBT+. If there’s too many characters in the story and no mention of anything outside cishet and/or white, it loses believability for me.

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  • Como agua para chocolate, 1992

    #drama#romance #como agua para chocolate #like water for chocolate #alfonso arau#laura esquivel#lumi cavazos#escape
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  • There is a love in you,
    as of yet unanswered;
    unfound in another.
    You used to exude it from
    every pore.

    It opened up a world of hurt,
    till you supposed you
    for a thing non-existent.

    And so
    you stifled the whispers
    whirling in longing
    by compressing your rib cage
    and all that sought expansion
    imploded within.

    Supernovas turned black holes,
    and light faded to this darkness.

    Wasn’t it supposed to be
    easier when you started?

    But the void aches more
    in its ever gnawing

    Scoff at the irony of this
    self-imposed emptiness:

    How can nothing hurt more
    than anything?

    The whispers
    now cut like razors,
    escaping the harsh vacuum
    caused by clenched fingers;
    wrapped around a heart, still beating.

    Resonance escapes
    no matter how hard you try
    to prevent it;

    seeking that which will amplify it.

    And you feel incurably diseased,
    when you look over to your lover,
    once more wanting
    to leave.

    26-5-2020, M.A. Tempels © “… complacency kills.”

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  • I could have run my hands over his body for hours. Refamiliarizing myself with the spaces I already knew and find new ones I might have missed after all this time. From his head to his toes I traced his body, massaging his muscles and hoping he found some relief and comfort under my touch and in his head.

    He says it felt good, that he slept amazing. He said he felt important.

    He is important. Truly he is one of the dearest people I have in my life. God has blessed me with his presence. He made quite the masterpiece when He made him.

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  • sometimes i lie awake, remembering our first kiss.

    what gives you the right to invade my every waking hour?

    even in my dreams, you’re there.

    but in my dreams, i never have to keep you at arm’s length.

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