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  • Someday I’ll wake up to see you lying next to me, bathed in the golden morning sun, and everything will be good.

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    Plot: You and Robbie had dated a few years, you relationship not being the best. Your dating Tom and end up meeting Robbie again on a red carpet and get to talking. In the end you both agree that there was good in goodbye after all. 

    Requested: No

    Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader 

                 Robbie Kay x Jessica (yes I’m putting myself in this)

    Fandom: Robbie Kay and Tom Holland 

    Authors Note: This is based off of “Good in Goodbye” by Carrie Underwood. 

        Robbie Kay announces engagement to long time girlfriend Jessica Aide over twitter this morning. 

        I bite my lip as I stared at the headline, memories coming back in a flood, memories of something that seemed like a lifetime ago now. Some good, some bad but all them bitter sweet. The one that stood out the most though was the last one we shared the one that ended with a text and relief instead of heartbreak.

       “Are you serious!” I screeched, glaring at the boy that stood in front of me. At once Robbie crossed his arms across his chest, rolling his eyes at me. In truth the reason for this fight had been forgotten already but it was too late to back down. Both of us furious and rather than taking a break to calm down we were throwing insults at one another and aiming way below the belt. “Are you seriously going to throw that in my face?” 

        “Yes! Your a bitch, a selfish one too. You refused to get into the freaking ocean despite it being my birthday. Then you freaked out when I pushed you in!”

       “Yes! Because I have a damn fear of the ocean and you bloody well know that! You knew that the idea of getting into open water that big gives me an anxiety attack and you know why too!”

       “How long are you going to keep throwing that shark attack in everyone’s face? Do you know how rare that is?”

       “Rare? That’s why I watched my brother lose his leg after a shark attack because it’s rare.” Before he could say a word I was storming out of the trailer, ignoring the shocked looks Colin and Lana sent me as I went racing by.  Before I could get to far though, Lana was chasing after me, calling my name as Colin went to deal with Robbie. 

       “Honey this isn’t healthy.” Lana sighed the moment she caught, smiling sadly as she brushed the back of her hand across my cheek. “I know you two don’t want but I really think you should break up. All this fighting and not mention how you guys use such personal things against one another. While you are both amazing people, you aren’t amazing together.”

      “I know and I think your right. I think that after this fight, there is not fixing it. As much as I hate to admit it maybe it’s for the best.” Before she could answer my phone went off, signalling a text for Robbie. “Looks like Robbie came to the same conclusion, he just broke up with me.” Oddly enough I felt okay. as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. While I was sad that this was end, I couldn’t help but feel relieved. 

       “Hey, think of it this way there is good in goodbye for a reason. Also you better not be a stranger.” 

        I clicked on the article, instantly being hit with a photo of the happy couple.  I smiled softly at it, frowning when I noticed that the article mentioned my own engagement with Tom. As if that wasn’t enough, when I scrolled down a little further and noticed that there was a photo of Tom and I. I was pulled out of my thoughts by the ding of a incoming text message. I grabbed my phone, frowning when I noticed it was from Robbie. 

       Hey I know we haven’t spoken but I just wanted to reach out and say sorry for what I said during our last fight. It wasn’t fair. I’m happy for you and Tom though, you go soon to be Mrs Spidey 

       I chuckled at the text, sending him a reply and assuring him that I was happy for him as well when Tom’s voice echoed through our shared flat. At the sound of his voice I smiled and jumped off the couch, putting my phone aside as I raced towards him. Before he could say another word I threw my arms around him and gave him a kiss, pulling back to give him a wide smile. 

       “Welcome home.” I exclaimed, giggling as he pressed another kiss to my lips. 

       “There is really no better way to come home. You alright? I assume you must have seen the news.” 

       “You know, I really am. I finally realized that Lana was right all those years ago, when she told me there was good in goodbye.” 

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