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  • I just wanna say that it ain’t bad to fall in love(romantic or platonic) with a fictional character, we are all humans and we all look for someone to keep us company

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    It’s a little longer than a drabble. Hope you enjoy this, anon!

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    #anon#prompt#teen wolf#sterek#stiles stilinski#derek hale#romantic love#post-tv show #stiles is still human #stiles will always be human #stiles and his bat #stiles annoys derek #but derek loves him anyway #those two are idiots
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  • SO this bitch started dating her best friend 💞💕

    I’ve posted about him before and how I’ve always had a crush on him, but I was ok with just staying best friends.

    We would tell eachother “I love you” like every 3 seconds, but he confessed to me by saying “I’m in love with you” and, wow. WOW I felt like I got shot in the chest. I’ll never forget hearing that. Sorry for cheeseposting I’m just so happy and I love him so much

    #emi.txt #relationships #idk what to tag this #just in case it upsets people #romantic love#crush#romance #ask to tag
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  • the feeling when your mom calls you to ask what you want from starbucks because she drove by and thought youd like some then she buys you a cookie too? thats love. your friend knowing your drink order from tims (”a frozen lemonade right?”)? that’s love. your friend asking in the middle of something if you’re okay because you zoned out and got lost in your head and they just know that? that’s love

    love is being known, love is someone taking the time to know the little things about you. your drink order from your favourite coffee place. the book you’re reading. the classes you love and the classes you hate. your favourite chocolate. things they picked up on from spending time with you because they like you and want to know you.

    love is connecting songs to a person in your life. each person has A Song, and when you fight you either cannot listen to it or thats all you listen to. love is seeing things everywhere that remind you of different people in your life and sending them pictures or telling them about it. sending your friend the meme that reminded you of them.

    love is in the little things, the small everday gestures that remind you someone cares, someone is there for you.

    #vi talks #hdjdhj cant wait to have to go back and add that tag to my posts like this #anyways#love#platonic love#friends#friendship#romantic love#meta #the way i just spewed this out of my brain #brain said you can be smart tonight. as a treat
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  • my Very Specific Character Kink for Wen Ning is for him to never take a long-term partner for however long he lives

    Does he have sex? Yeah, once he does some travelling with A-Yuan and gains some self-esteem and stops thinking of himself as hideous or violent or unlovable because of what he is and what his body’s been made to do. He enjoys sex, the feelings, the intimacy of two bodies sliding skin-to-skin, the sheer euphoria of the act. But he learns that it is best done with one who either sees him only as a friend, or one who has already given their heart to someone else.

    Does he have love affairs? Yeah, one or two. But he will not give up his place in cloud recesses with the juniors, and later his children (also hc that he opens an orphanage eventually) - and it isn’t fair of him to ask anyone to accompany him while he devotes his life to others, he knows. It isn’t fair to ask them to give up so much when he is willing to give up nothing. And so he never asks. After the second affair, he realizes that perhaps he is not meant for a partner, after all.

    Is he aromantic allosexual? Is it simply a conscious decision a la celibacy? Who knows. But I really want Wen Ning to have his overarching love, and find healing in, something that’s not romantic.

    #give me characters whose Overarching Loves are not romantic #aromantic#allosexual aromantic#sex#romantic love#romance#wen ning#the untamed #mo dao zu shi #cql #am I projecting as an aromantic allosexual? #yes i absolutely am
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  • Okay due to the fact that I can’t find a post that’s exactly what I want I’m just gonna write a whole ass text about it.

    I really want to fall in love with someone who falls in love with me too.

    Like I would love to be in a relationship again, I sure as hell won’t search for it because most dating websites are uncomfortable for me (I tried a few times). Most people on there seem like they are desperately searching for someone so they aren’t alone. I want and need time to really get to know someone before the ‘what about a relationship?’ question drops. I need time to figure for myself out wether or not I really have feelings for a person or if it is just my bpd brain being like 'THAT PERSON LIKES YOU, YOU GOTTA LIKE'EM BACK’ or 'THAT PERSON IS NICE TO YOU YOU GOTTA LOVE THEM’

    Like when I think back to how the relationship with my first boyfriend started (the relationship was pretty toxic bc we were both unstable messes but the beginning was really sweet), we met at a foster care home and got to know each other because we did the same evening activities and like it was a getting to know each other and outside people could see that we were slowly falling for each other but there was no pressure because it was never 'planned’ that it would lead to a relationship, it just happened.

    And I want that again. I’ve been single for 5ish years now and it was good. It was needed. I wasn’t able to be in a healthy relationship because I was in a really unhealthy state of mind. My bpd made it nearly impossible. For the last 1-2 years I’ve been in a much better place, I’ve been able to have stable relationships. I’m able to talk about things instead of ignoring them and blowing up at every chance I get. I’m not as clingy and desperate as I was back then.

    And I crave the sweetness of a healthy relationship. The cuddling, kisses, the looking at that person and just…getting soft bc 'yes, you are the one I love’

    I just in general miss romantic love. Bc yes I love platonic love and I love my friends so so much. But the small nuances that romantic love has that platonic love doesn’t is what by now I really miss.

    And also I’ve always had a 'hard time’ falling for people. I was in love a while after my first boyfriend broke up with me, or at least I thought I was. By now I think a lot of it was just another way to hurt myself bc the guy I 'fell’ for was really toxic and like in a way just another way to destroy myself just a little bit more. Other than that I had a crush last summer that lasted for around half a year or smth. Like 'love’ or 'crushing’ was never something that came easy, I had other smaller crushes but like I don’t even want to call them a crush because yeah I liked the people but like in a softer way somehow. And me being somewhere on the ace spectrum makes it kinda hard to realise what a crush is bc there never was a desperate craving for 'more’ in a sexual way. The only craving for 'more’ I have is waking up with a person, legs tangled together and sleepy morning kisses because that is and always has been one of my favorite things.

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  • I’m going to sound terrible here, but sometimes, I love being cynical about (romantic) love

    Never in real life, I will always support people in their love, but in fiction, it’s all fair game

    The main character’s crush doesn’t like them back, boo hoo

    True love’s kiss is the only way to wake them, it’d be hilarious if their partner kissed them and they stayed asleep

    I feel like a horrible person, but it’s funny

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  • How come when I love you with all my heart,I love you with all your imperfections? How come I find your qualities to be so charming that it over-shadows your flaws? This is called ‘to admire’ and and 'to worship’ in all their sense.

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  • “it’s frustrating how love is so often seen as romantic only when platonic love is just as special” and “’let it be platonic!’ is often used against gay and interracial couples” are two statements that can co exist.

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  • good morning just wanted to come on here and say that love will always come to you, platonic or romantic. both are equally divine. it’s all love. beautiful, glorious, effervescent love. omnipresent love. you’re best friend? they love you. your mom? she loves you. and that platonic love is not less than a romantic one. it’s just as beautiful.

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  • It never ceases to amaze me how people call Aromantics “Loveless” because they think “Romantic love” is the only kind of love. As an aro, I can say for certain you all weird me out. Romantic love isnt the only kind and some of us prefer platonic love, sexual love, aesthetic love and familial love. Just learn that everyone has a different language for love and it’s okay if you dont speak it. Respect it.

    #raving of a brick wall #aromantism#aromantic#LGBT#LGBTpride#romantic love#platonic love #love is love even if it isnt romantic
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  • So yes, I ended things and I still suffered. I still suffer period.

    It hurts me so much to see people who have been dumped complain about the other because I fell like it’s aimed at me. I feel like such a vilan for ending things. Like everything is my fault and I was the toxic one. And the worse part is that I don’t really know what I should have done differently.

    Or is it just that I am never going to be ready to spend my life with someone? I wish I was one of those people who are so in love with the other that they gat married and swear they are going to do everything to stay together. It would have made everything so much easier. But no, I had to have been born a free soul, destined to never get attached enough to be able to make this kind of promise.

    I’m so sorry I made you believe this. I’m SO SO sorry.

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  • I never thought I would ever feel the way you made me feel when we first met. I had always been convinced I would never be able to fall in love the way I did for you, because of my previous history of always being bored with other boys after a while. But you were always different, from our first date when you asked me to go to the beach and made me wait for 3 hours before you got there, and I did, maybe by then I already knew you were something worth the wait. And so 3 years of a great relationship passed, a very solid one, might I add, one that I did not know in any other couple. We were partners, and we were best friends. Telling you everything I did had always came easy to me, you were easy.

    But like I feared in the beginning, things took a different turn and I started to want out like I always do. You never did anything wrong, you were the perfect boyfriend to any other girl. But that was never what I wanted, to grow old with someone, to get married, have kids. In my future I was always alone, and you always wanted to make plans for us to be together. You always said (or rather thought) I was selfish and individualistic. That’s all true. And that those were all the reasons that made me end this. Plain and simple. I don’t want to plan my future around someone, I want the freedom to make my own. And I don’t want to take your dreams away from you just so we can fit a little bit better together in the future. I hope someday you can understand me and forgive me for this. You were the best first boyfriend anyone could ever ask for and I am very grateful for everything. You brought only knowledge and nice things to my life. But I can’t keep on pretending like we are going somewhere with this. Please god let me not regret this. Please please please.

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    Originally posted by sudokuyomi

    So this year has been not terribly kind to me, and it only seems to become less so as the months go on. I have been trying to continue with optimism and hope, clinging to the concept that if I just try hard enough, things will get better. If I keep moving, things will get better.

    But they don’t. They’ve been getting worse and I’m so exhausted by all of it. But I don’t give up, I can’t. Where would that leave my fiancé, his family who loves me? My friends, members of my own family? I have to continue, despite being exhausted. I have to live on even if my darkest moments leave me questioning the point.

    Because the point is there: people care about me, and that is enough.

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