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  • shipforshippers
    02.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Harry Potter a Day... Keeps this blog going..?!

    So, I have an idea! Is it a Great Idea? No? Yes? Maybe! I don’t know. But I know one thing I am a Potterhead! Let’s start with the beginning, so this weekend my sister decided to finish “Harry Potter Movies”, all 8 of those! While she was finishing those, I filled in the blanks where movies fell short and basically dumped useless HP Trivia on her whenever it was possible. I am pretty sure she was annoyed with me by the end of it.

    Back to Harry Potter, Harry Potter movies and books have the same nostalgic value to me as every third average American has for Star Wars movies. So, basically at the heights of the obsession, I was ready to change my religion to “Harry Potter”.

    Now, I really find it difficult to put into the words why I actually love Harry Potter. I love those movies and books!

    Making it simpler, a little background about me, when those movies were coming out I was in school but I was not allowed (read as couldn’t afford) to watch movies in a theater. Hence I ended it collecting newspaper clippings enough to fill three full diaries. That’s how much I love those movies, and the books were somewhat the same thing, I couldn’t afford to buy or rent Harry Potter books and the school library only had regional books in my native language. Hence, Newspaper clippings! Well, later on, the public library was my way to obtain books and movies and I am so thankful for them!!!!

    Needless to say, Harry Potter movies and books have a very special place in my life. I can’t say the same thing for the author though. But I wish not to talk about her here. Even years later, finishing watching those movies, leaves me with saddening feelings. I want more for them. As a result, I have decided to read one chapter of the Harry Potter books every day, chronologically until the very end, and document my journey with it.

    I will blog about my thoughts and feelings about that chapter, the story, the plot, the magical world, the meaning of that world, and the culture of the magical world. More importantly, I will talk about the characters cause those were the things that actually made me fall in love with Harry Potter in the first place.

    The idea is quite simple that I will read a chapter a day and write my thoughts on it. Simple, right? I hope so!!!! Tomorrow’s blog will be on “The Boy who lived”!

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  • a-godman
    02.12.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Receive and Enjoy the Riches of the Triune God by the Wonderful Faith and Super-Excellent Love

    Receive and Enjoy the Riches of the Triune God by the Wonderful Faith and Super-Excellent Love

    Faith is for appreciating, substantiating, and receiving the unlimited riches of the Triune God; by faith we receive Christ and enter into the Triune God to be joined with Him as one, having Him as our life and life supply and everything. Hallelujah! Without faith is impossible to be well-pleasing to God, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who…

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    #2021 fall ITERO #appreciate the Lord #faith and love #holy word for morning revival #organic union with the Lord #overcome by faith #receive and enjoy Christ #Ron Kangas #substantiate the unseen things #the riches of the Triune God #the super-excellent love #the wonderful faith #unlimited riches of the Triune God #Witness Lee
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  • thebiggestboloser
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    *Queens watching Harry Potter movie marathon*

    Cathy: ‘yOu HaVe YoUr MoThErS eYeS’ no he doesn’t they’re literally a different colour shut the fuck up

    Anne: Why are Harry’s parents literally 40 years old they had him after finishing school

    Cathy: *five movies in* wait where the fuck is peeves

    Anne: that was the most awkward kiss in the history of ever and once I kissed Cathy upside down on a swing while she was led flat on the floor.

    Anna: *throwing her hands in the air* Okay do you two even like Harry Potter?! We’re watching this for you, all you two do is go on about it - we thought you were massive fans?!

    Cathy & Anne: yeah, of the books

    #cathy hasn’t been sleeping again so she’s agressive #Anne is just being Anne #Cathy and Anne are massive Harry Potter book stans I don’t make the rules #honestly though these are the things I question everytime I see the films #the other queens spent the entire marathon getting more and more frustrated until Anna snapped #Jane definitely mentioned that Ron was an asshole and Cathy almost lost it #six the musical incorrect quotes #six the musical #catherine parr#anne boleyn #anne of cleves #parrleyn
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  • thelightattheendofthistunnel
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    belli i bastonella nel nuovo video dell'inter

    #lo so che ron non è il tipo dietro al computer ma shhhh #kim possibile au when #bastonella
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  • nocribdoll
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Dedicated Mael's

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  • ronarryswhore
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the seven husbands of evelyn hugo but evelyn is ginny, harry is harry, celia is hermione and john is ron

    #ginmione#ronarry #the seven husbands of evelyn hugo #harry potter#ginny weasley#hermione granger#ron weasley #platonic romione and hinny ig
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  • leniiva
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #cale henituse#Violan Henituse#deruth henituse#ron molan #trash of the count's family #thames family au #how Cale knows about Deruth’s remarriage? she doesn’t #that immediately bumps him down a lot of pegs in Violan’s opinion #especially since he literally sent his only daughter off to a random place #something that Violan would never do to her own son #Violan is Ron’s favorite out of the two bc she literally was fluming at Deruth
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  • siriuslyblacksstuff
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    James: What do we think of Sirius?


    Lily: *sighs* Nice pal.

    Remus: I think he's gay.

    #harry potter#hogwarts #marauders harry potter #marauders headcanon #harry ron hermione #james & peter & remus & sirius #marauders incorrect quotes #nymphadora tonks#james potter #draco x reader #draco malfoy #harry james potter #harry potter fandom #harry potter incorrect quotes #marauders fandom#marauders#hogwarts houses#ravenclaw#hogwarts memes#slytherin#gryffindor#house aesthetic#hufflepuff#remus lupin #remus x sirius #sirius black#wolfstar#lily potter #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #padfoot
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  • thethreebroomsticksficfest
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Today we're very excited to host @welsh-green authorial debut! Find it on AO3 here

    Title: A Christmas Wish

    Author: WelshGreen

    Characters: Ron Weasley, Bill Weasley, Fleur Delacour

    Pairing: Bill Weasley / Fleur Delacour

    Warnings: None

    Prompt: 12. A Christmas wish

    The cosy cottage on the cliff top was the only place Ron had considered coming to, and although Bill hadn’t been vocal in his disappointment, the stilted pauses and hushed conversations in the days following Ron’s arrival at Shell Cottage had left him in little doubt of Bill and Fleur’s thoughts on what he’d done. 

    After his initial panicked arrival, when Fleur had staunched the blood flowing from his splinched fingernails, he’d sat with Bill in the living room, shaken and nursing a firewhisky. He’d explained what had happened as much as he could but, without being able to reveal the whole extent of the Horcrux hunt, he feared he came away looking like a coward who couldn't handle cold weather and a rumbling stomach. Ron had found it hard to look Bill in the eye after that, and so, with Bill’s blessing, he’d hidden himself away at Shell Cottage, seconsced in the smallest bedroom, avoiding visitors and Floo calls, especially those from other members of the family. 

    Those first long days turned into weeks, and the weeks into a month. Ron spent much of his time hunched next to the wireless in the living room, listening to increasingly mad reports on Harry’s whereabouts ("Undesirable Number One was last seen yesterday, shepherding goats in the Austrian Alps") and thanking Merlin that no news was good news. Time slipped away in monotonous boredom, and before he knew it, the nights had drawn in and the autumn leaves had all blown away in a storm - Christmas loomed like a dementor.  

    Bill and Fleur told Mum and Dad that they wouldn't be making an appearance this Christmas, their first as husband and wife, and for this Ron was grateful. Instead, they had decided to celebrate by mashing together French and British traditions. In line with French tradition, they planned to celebrate on Christmas Eve but with all the food and trimmings of British tradition. He did his best to help preparations, offering to make the Christmas pudding to show his appreciation for their hospitality, and all the while praying to Merlin that he’d somehow find a way to get back to Harry and Hermione before celebrating Christmas at all.

    And so, one frosty morning in late November, Ron awoke early to make the pudding. He threw back his duvet, pulled on a jumper, and picked up Dumbledore's Deluminator from the bedside table and put it in his trouser pocket. He liked to keep it on him, occasionally flicking the switch on the top. The cold weight of it was like an anchor grounding him in reality and stopping his near constant anxiety about Harry and Hermione climbing up his throat and out his mouth. 

    Opening the bedroom door, he saw that Bill and Fleur's door was still firmly shut. So, being careful not to disturb them, he padded softly along the landing and down the stairs. Pushing open the kitchen door, he found the kettle heating on the stove and Fleur placing two mugs on a tray. She jumped when Ron entered the room. He almost jumped himself. 

    "Mon dieu! You scared me!" she breathed, clutching her hand to her chest. Her silvery hair hung in a sheet down her back, her blue eyes round.

    "I'm sorry," he said awkwardly. The longer he lived at Shell Cottage, the more he felt like a gooseberry in Bill and Fleur's marriage. "I thought I'd come down early to make the Christmas pudding - the recipe says it's got to steam for eight hours once I've made it. I really didn't mean to startle you."

    “Non, non,'' she said, removing her hand from her chest and moving to the cold cupboard to take out a large jug of milk. “I thought I was alone, that’s all."

    As she spoke, a beam of sunshine reached around the window frame, illuminating the steam now billowing from the kettle. Aiming her wand at it, Fleur murmured, "Finite," and poured the boiling water into a glass coffee press. She put the press on the tray, then poured milk into a smaller jug and put it next to the press.

    “I'll leave you,” she said apologetically, picking up the tray. She carefully carried it from the room, and Ron heard her light tread on the stairs.

    Shutting the door behind her, he moved to pick up the Christmas pudding recipe lying on the kitchen table. It was in Mum's handwriting. 

    When he was little, it'd been a sure sign that Christmas was just around the corner when Mum dug the steamer out from the back of the cupboard and charmed the knife to chop the dried fruit and candied peel. Now, seeing her curling script there on the parchment made him miss her nagging letters and smothering hugs more than he cared to admit. He shuddered to think how ashamed she'd be of him, if she knew. And Fred, George, and Ginny. He groaned. Ginny. She would hex him into tomorrow when she found out. 

    A swirl of hot shame coiled in his stomach. 

    Distracting himself, he crossed to the pantry, ran his finger down the recipe, and selected the pudding ingredients. He weighed out almonds and candied peel, chopped them, and pushed them into a large mixing bowl. Next he measured flour, sugar and dried fruit, adjusting the balance weights to match the quantities needed. He then added breadcrumbs and egg, suet and spice, and poured in milk. Finally, he stuck a wooden spoon in the bowl and tapped it with his wand. The spoon sprung to life and began to mix.  

    Ron looked over the recipe once more. "Grate one apple into the bowl," he muttered to himself. Plucking an apple from the fruit bowl on the table, he began rummaging in a drawer for a potato peeler.

    "You know you have to actually hold the spoon to make a wish, don’t you? Charming the spoon doesn't count." 


    Straightening, Ron saw that Bill was in his dressing gown, his red hair not yet pulled into a ponytail. In one hand he held the coffee tray with now empty mugs, and his other hand grasped the open door handle.

    Ron looked down at the heavy fruit mixture in the bowl, gently turning over as the spoon made its circular path.

    "I know." 

    Mum had always encouraged them to take it in turns to stir the pudding and make a Christmas wish. He remembered the excitement of it, and fighting with Ginny over who could place the silver sickle in the middle. In truth, he hadn't planned on making a wish at all. It was like that childish well of anticipation had matured into a dark abyss of despair. 

    He looked up at Bill. "Are you?"

    "Well, according to tradition, we should all make a wish, shouldn't we? So yes, I think I will.  I'll go and get Fleur, this is a good tradition to share." Bill disappeared upstairs, returning a minute later with Fleur in tow. She and Bill each took it in turns to take hold of the spoon, close their eyes, and stir the pudding east to west, making their Christmas wish. 

    "What did you wish for?" Ron asked Bill.

    “Well, strictly I shouldn’t say, because then it won’t come true, but since it’s you, my youngest brother, I’ll let you in on the secret,” teased Bill. 

    “Which is?” prompted Ron.

    “Well, I can’t deny, I wished that you get a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas, because if I have to look at your hairy ankles poking out of those ones for much longer, I might have to tell Mum that you’re here, just to get rid of you.” Bill grinned, and Fleur laughed. 

    Ron smiled wryly. “Long haired git.” 

    Laughing, Bill handed the spoon back to Ron. "Make it count," he said, clapping him on the shoulder.

    Ron stuck the spoon in the pudding and wrapped his fingers around the handle. When he was little he'd always wished for a brand new broom, or the Chudley Cannons to win the British League cup.  But this year... there were so many things that he could or should wish for, and yet, when it came down to it, he could only think of one wish he wanted to make this Christmas. 

    Closing his eyes, he folded the wooden spoon through the pudding east to west, and wished that he'd never left. 


    On Christmas Eve they spent the evening preparing for dinner.  Fleur laid a red cloth on the dining table, and Bill conjured holly sprigs to adorn a candelabra at its centre. 

    At midnight they sat down to eat Le Réveillon de Noël, which Fleur explained was a dinner to celebrate the very beginning of Christmas Day. A lobster starter (“good escargot is impossiblé to find in England”) was followed by a succulent turkey crown. Ron piled his plate with roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, spouts, and peas, to which he added a healthy portion of stuffing next to a pile of pigs in blankets, before drowning the lot in gravy. 

    They drank French wine, and pulled crackers - a motley jester's hat for Bill, a night cap adorned with a moon and stars for Fleur, and a bright red bowler hat for Ron that clashed horribly with his hair. They laughed at the awful cracker jokes, Fleur tuned the wireless into the Continental Wireless Network, and French carols filled the air.

    Once they'd stuffed themselves silly with turkey, Ron quietly slipped out to the kitchen, dowsed the Christmas pudding in brandy and set it alight with a spark from his wand. Re-entering the dining room, he proudly presented the flaming pudding to the table. Bill and Fleur clapped and cheered. 

    After dinner, once the dishes were gently washing themselves in the kitchen sink, they collapsed by the fire in the living room, glasses of Firewhiskey in hand. Bill reclined on the sofa, his jester’s hat slipping sideways, with Fleur curled into his side, her head resting on his shoulder. The fire cracked and popped, its warm glow nudging them towards sleep. Ron felt like an intruder into a private moment. 

    Making up his mind, he set his glass down with a clunk, stretched his arms wide and yawned. “I think I’ll call it a night.” The clock on the mantelpiece said that the time was half past one in the morning.

    Fleur looked at him. “Non, non! You must stay awake until morning!” she exclaimed, albeit sleepily, "it's tradition!"

    “Honestly, I really don’t think I can keep my eyes open any longer, I might fall asleep right here, and no one needs to hear that."

    Bill nodded in agreement. “To be fair, love, he does snore like a troll - you won’t have heard it because I charmed his bedroom door so that we didn’t have to hear him.”

    “You did what?!” Ron tried to sound indignant, but even he had to laugh.

    “You can’t blame me! It was the only way I was going to be able to put up with you staying here. Really, you should be grateful that I’m so thoughtful.”

    “Thoughtful my arse, self-serving more like!” Ron retorted.

    “Hey, watch it - I’m very caring, I even got you a Christmas present - here, catch!”

    Aiming his wand at the Christmas tree in the corner, Bill made a small box wrapped in gold paper hurtle out from under it, and zoom towards Ron. He caught it easily.

    “Glad to see my quidditch skills are still sharp” he muttered to himself, and immediately ripped off the paper. Inside was a small wooden wireless radio.

    “Oh wow! Bill, Fleur, this is perfect - thank you!” 

    “It’s so that you can listen to it in your room - you’ve been driving us crazy having it on every waking hour-”

    “I don’t believe it!" Interrupted Ron, standing up "a self-serving present as well!” He scrunched up the discarded wrapping paper and threw it at Bill’s head.

    “Right!” shouted Bill, rising to his feet too, “you’ve asked for it now-”

    Except Ron didn't find out how Bill was planning to take revenge, because at that moment something silver flew through the red curtains drawn across the living room window. A wolf, gleaming and ethereal halted before them. When it opened its mouth, Remus Lupin’s voice spoke to them.

    “There’s been an explosion in Godric’s Hollow. Come quickly. I’ll meet you at Bathilda’s cottage."

    The wolf dissolved into mist, gone as swiftly as it had come. 

    "Godric's Hollow?" Ron repeated.

    His heart thudded in his chest, hopefully. He knew that Harry had wanted to visit Godric's Hollow and this could be the first piece of real news he'd had since he’d left them. He glanced at Bill, but he wasn't paying Ron any attention.

    “I’ll go,” Bill was saying to Fleur, flinging his jester's hat on the sofa, “it’s my turn.” He strode from the living room and into the front hall, and Ron could see him taking his cloak down from the cloak rack on the wall. 

    “Be safe,” said Fleur, who had followed Bill, “send me a message if you need me.” She rose on tip toe and kissed Bill. Ron looked away.  

    “I’ll be as quick as I can," and then, more quietly,  "Joyeux Noël, petite Fleur." Ron heard the front door open and close, Bill’s quick footsteps on the path, and then a faint pop as he Dissapparated. 

    Fleur walked slowly back through to the living room, pulled off her hat and dropped it down next to Bill’s. “I’m going to stay awake and wait for him - please, go to bed if you want." She swished her wand at the log basket, and levitated a log towards the fire, where it gently nestled itself amongst the flames. She then sank back down on the sofa. 

    Turning to Fleur, Ron asked, "Do you think Harry and Hermione could be there, in Godric’s Hollow? We've had an inkling that they might go there, haven't we?" 

    He hoped he didn't sound too desperate. Harry had mentioned ages ago that he wanted to visit, but Ron couldn’t think what purpose it would serve to go, especially now. It would be so risky, so why do it? However, almost as soon as he thought it, another voice in Ron’s head told him that this was Harry, and risk didn't really come into it. His heart gave a traitorous beat of despair.

    Fleur sighed, and pulled a blanket over her knees. “We won’t know anything more until Bill comes home." 


    That night the wind howled off the sea, and snow skittered against the window panes. 

    Ron slept fitfully, his slumber filled with fevered dreams. He was chasing Hermione’s voice through Godric’s Hollow as she sobbed “Ron! Ron!” over and over, but he could never quite reach her, no matter how many corners he turned. Then the dream twisted, to Harry standing by an exploded house bellowing “My parents are dead!”, his face hollow and his expression wild, the locket glittering maliciously around his neck.  

    Just before dawn he gave up on sleep.  

    Flicking on his new radio, he pulled on a jumper and shoved the Deluminator into his pocket. He curled up in the window seat and looked out. He could just make out the coastal trees bending and weaving against the wind, and the white horses breaking relentlessly on the surface of the dark sea. How could the world be so wild and beautiful, he thought, when his head and heart were so torn.  

    Shivering in the cool air falling from the glass, he tugged his sleeves down over his hands, and buried his face into the scratchy maroon wool. It felt comforting and familiar, like Christmas at The Burrow and Hogwarts rolled into one. How many happy Christmases had Mum made him a jumper just like this? He'd hated them all, and now he couldn't think of anything he wanted more. What a fool he was. 

    On the radio, Celestina Warbeck burst into the chorus of Accio Christmas. 

    He wondered what Hermione and Harry were doing right now, where they were, what they were thinking. He wondered who was on watch. How cold they were, and how hungry. Were they even celebrating Christmas? He hoped they were somewhere safe. He hoped they were well. 

    I will find you, he thought, and at that moment a voice spoke in his pocket.

    "-Ron? When he broke his wand crashing the car? It was never the same again, he had to get a new one-".

    Scrabbling for his pocket, Ron pulled the Deluminator out and stared at it, aghast. The voice had sounded just like Hermione's. 

    Stepping down from the window, he swiped his wand from under his pillow and tapped the radio, cutting off Celestina mid warble, and then tapped the bedside lamp with a whispered, "Lumos."

    Inspecting the silver instrument in his hand more closely, he asked it desperately, "Hermione? Are you there?" It didn't speak back. He gave the Deluminator a frantic shake of frustration but it remained resolutely silent. 

    Perhaps there was a chance he’d finally lost the plot. But no... he hadn’t imagined it. 

    He shook the Deluminator again and then clicked the switch on the top and, in that moment, the world seemed to pause on its axis and take a breath.

    Then his bedside lamp went out with a faint chink, and an orb of light appeared in mid air just outside the window. 

    Ron's heart gave a lurch. Perhaps Christmas wishes really did come true. 

    On the horizon, the dawning sun washed the sky a deep gold.

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  • strangeanima1
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Apparently I listen to Sparks on Spotify more than anyone in the damn world.

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  • 1971marauders
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Bella Luna (part 35)

    Lunch Break


    previous chapter

    Pairing: Remus Lupin x reader

    Warnings: none I think :V

    Words: 3,571

    Summary: You are just starting to get used to life working at Hogwarts.

    A/N: Guys, for story-telling purposes, I did slightly change some of the order of events in POA. Not a big deal, tho

    Your first couple of days at the hospital wing started off lazily, and you had time to chat with Poppy and hear all about Harry’s adventures of the two previous years.

    You were beside yourself with awe and couldn’t stop thinking about how scared Lily would have been, and how she would’ve scolded Harry if she had been alive. On the other hand, you could almost see James’s proud grin at his son’s mishaps and adventures.

    You were just coming back from lunch as you saw an alarmed Hagrid running up to the hospital’s door, carrying a student in his arms.

    “Merlin’s beard, Hagrid! What happened?” you half-shouted as you opened the door for him and followed him closely. “Put him down here” you showed him to a bed.

    The blonde boy was squirming with pain and wailing quite loudly.

    You approached him and inspected him up and down; he was holding one arm to his chest and keeping his other hand over it, as if shielding it.

    “I need you to lower your arm, darling. What’s your name?”

    “Malfoy” Hagrid answered for him. “s'just a hippogriff scratch. I told him te back off, but he didn’t listen te me, did ye, boy?” You looked up at Hagrid as he spoke and widened your eyes.

    “Malfoy? As in Lucius Malfoy?” you asked, more surprised by meeting Lucius's boy, than by fact that a hippogriff had broken his arm.

    “That’s my father, and he’ll be hearing about this!” he screamed, scrunching up his pointy nose as he scowled at Hagrid. “It’s not my fault if Dumbledore’s mental and he thinks this oaf can teach!”

    “Alright, there’s no need for all that!” you scolded, and ran up to get hot water, towels, erumpent ointment, and bandages. “Hagrid you can go back to your classes, I’ll take care of this” you told him with a sympathetic smile. His pale face and beady eyes were blank, and he nodded as he stepped back from the bed.

    “Sure, eeh... I’ll-I’ll be down there if... if ye need me”

    Hagrid left, and you got to fixing the boy’s broken arm. In the small amount of time you were with the Malfoy boy, you already hated him enough to wish you could leave his arm as it was and maybe bump it a little with the tray.

    A couple of hours later, Madame Pomfrey asked you to go over to the greenhouses and ask Professor Sprout for a couple of ingredients she needed to concoct a remedy.

    After you delivered the herbs, she told you things appeared calm and to take a break if you wanted. You thanked her and, without even thinking about it, you made a beeline to Remus’s office and when you entered, you saw a boy standing in front of the desk. You almost fell backwards when he turned around and, yet again, for a moment all you saw was James.

    “Oh... I didn’t... you’re busy...” you muttered, unable to unglue your eyes from Harry’s; now that you were in close proximity to him, you could see how green his eyes were, just like Lily’s. Right above his right eyebrow, sat the famous lightning-shaped scar, and you felt yourself trembling at the thought of how he had gotten it.

    Remus stood from his chair and walked around the desk.

    “Harry, this is my wife, y/n Lupin. She is the new healer and will be assisting Madame Pomfrey in the hospital wing”

    “Oh, very nice to meet you!” Harry greeted you with a soft voice. You noticed his hair stood up at the back of his head, and you had to gulp down a chuckle as you remembered James insistently combing his rebel hair in front of the bathroom mirror.

    Remus had to clear his throat for you to come out of your daydream.

    “It’s great to meet you, Harry” you answered back, extending your arm forward and shaking his hand. He must’ve thought you were high, for how intently you were looking at him. “Umm, I can come back... professor, I didn’t mean to interrupt” you smiled at Remus, as your eyes jumped from him to Harry.

    “Don’t worry about it, Harry and I were just finishing here”

    Harry smiled and nodded as Remus saw him out.

    “Dear Merlin! Is he the spitting image of James or what?!” you exclaimed as soon as Harry left the room. Remus smiled, nodding.

    “He could easily pass as him. Except for the eyes”

    “Lily’s” you finished for him.

    “So...” he started again. “We did boggarts today. Harry’s year, I mean”

    “Ooh? How did it go?”

    “Was going great, actually. That is, until it was Harry’s turn and I... I though the boggart was going to take Voldemort's shape”

    “Oh, dear... did it?”

    Remus shook his head as you walked up closer to him and placed your hands on his chest.

    “A dementor”

    You trembled at the thought and widened your eyes.

    “One can hardly blame Harry...”

    “The thing is, I tried to shield Harry as soon as he stepped forward, and...”

    “Oh, no. Remus...” you said, as you understood that the boggart had shaped into Remus’s biggest fear; the full moon. He gave a strained smile.

    “It was only a few seconds, so I don’t think the kids figured what it was about... still”

    You stayed silent for a moment and rubbed Remus’s arms up and down.

    “I’m sorry, love”

    “Never mind it. There’s good news, though! Neville conjured Severus dressed in Augusta’s clothes”

    “WHAT?” Remus laughed as you stared at him.

    “Turns out the thing that scares Neville the most is dear old Severus”

    “Merlin... so, naturally your first impulse was to instruct Neville to dress Snape in his grandma’s old clothes, was it?”

    “Just trying to have some fun...” he chuckled, “boggarts are scary, I just wanted to give the kids an incentive”

    You shook your head at Remus, trying to hide your amusement.

    “You’re mental” you finished, standing on your tippy toes to place a kiss on your husband’s lips.

    The rest of the week went by uneventfully, and on Friday afternoon, you were walking to the infirmary back from lunch and made a turn on the hallway.

    In front of you, just some feet away, stood Severus Snape, towering over a student who, by the messy hair on the back of his head, you immediately recognized as Harry.

    Neither of them noticed you as you were approaching, and you were able to listen to Snape.

    “...prancing around and doing whatever you want. You need to be put in your place, Potter, and I very much look forward to having the privilege of...”

    “Harry?” you called, resolved to end the uncomfortable moment. The kid looked at you and you motioned him to walk over to you.

    “Ah, Mrs. Lupin, I wondered when we would... coincide." Snape said with a fake smile, straightening to his full height, as if that was supposed to impress you... 'bitch, I'm married to Remus long-legs Lupin', you thought, and tried to hide a smile. "A pity it had to be when I was in the middle of a talk with Mr. Potter, here.”

    “Nice to see you too, Severus” you said, returning the fake smile. “Good to see the... hair grew back alright” you mocked, your face imperturbable. Harry looked confusedly at you and noticed Snape had scowled while absolutely piercing holes through your head with his dark eyes.

    “I wouldn’t get too comfortable if I were you, Lupin. I highly doubt your... husband “he emphasized, sneering “will be keeping his position for long”

    “Same old, Severus, always with the good-wishing” You heard Harry chuckle under his breath. “We’ll be just fine; don’t you worry about us. Now if you excuse us, Professor Dumbledore asked me to collect Harry. Good day to you, Professor Snape” you finished, turned around and prompted Harry to walk beside you, nudging his shoulder.

    “Hair?” Harry inquired while you hurried your step.

    “Long story, kid” You answered, walking Harry all the way to Remus’s office and almost pushing him inside, startling a restless Remus who was still grading papers.

    He looked insistently at you and Harry and put his quill down.

    “Professor Lupin, sorry to interrupt” you greeted, placing once again a hand on Harry’s shoulder.

    “Is everything alright?” Remus asked, half-standing from his desk.

    “Well, that depends, would you consider a teacher bullying his students is ‘alright’?” you said, your nostrils flaring.

    Remus studied you with keen eyes, giving Harry a sideways gaze.


    “I’m sorry, Remus” you interrupted him “but he does not get to treat him like that. Not Harry” you finished with a grave tone. Harry looked up at you and then back at Remus.

    “Did something happen with Professor Snape, Harry?” your husband inquired, slipping his hands into his pockets.

    “Umm, nothing that hasn’t happened before”

    “Do you see? He’s used to it!” You said, and Harry turned to face you.

    “I really appreciate it, Mrs. Lupin, but... it’s okay”

    You stared at the boy for a moment and felt your eyes prickling as you saw nothing but James staring back at you.

    “I really value your attitude, Harry. Towards the whole situation with Snape...”

    “She means Professor Snape” Remus corrected. You gave him a severe look.

    “You might think it ‘normal’ at this point, Harry, and I’m not saying you should stand up to him” you looked at Remus as you said this. “But it’s not okay, the way he treats you. I just think you should know that someone notices” you finished, and saw in the corner of your eye, Remus nodded.

    “Thank you” Harry answered giving a small smile. “Both of you”

    “We’re here for you, Harry” You smiled and placed a hand on Harry’s cheek, pulling it away almost immediately. You saw Remus pursing his lips and scratching the back of his neck. “Well... go back to your common room, then”

    Harry nodded and gave one last smile as he exited the office. You waited a moment before you looked back at Remus.

    “Darling...” he started, looking down at his desk.

    “I know, Rem. I shouldn’t treat him any differently. But I’m also not going to watch that greasy idiot treat him like shit and do nothing about it!”

    “Shh!” Remus said, trying to hide a smile as he walked up to you and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear.

    “I almost forgot how passionately you hate Severus” he said, chuckling “Just like James”. You, too, smiled and put your hand over Remus’s.

    “I swear to Merlin if I catch him talking to Harry like that one more time, I’m going to have to bald him again” you finished, and Remus laughed harder while taking you in his arms.

    It was the first Gryffindor’s quidditch match, and as much as you wanted to attend and see Harry play, it was your shift at the infirmary, so there was no way for you to sneak out and watch for a while.

    You were a little worried, though; the weather was dreadful for quidditch. You could almost hear James and Sirius complaining about it; a cold wind was blowing harshly, swaying the Whomping Willow from side to side, and soon, fat droplets of rain started falling down as an opening act for a full-on electric storm.

    You worriedly looked out the window as you took care of a first year that had fallen down from his broom during a flying lesson.

    Not long after, you were startled by the infirmary doors banging open, as professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall and a group of screaming students entered in a rush.

    You stood from your chair and felt your stomach drop to your feet when you saw an unconscious Harry being levitated by Dumbledore.

    “MERLIN’S BEARD!” you let out as you approached the party and directed Dumbledore to one of the hospital beds. “What happened?” you asked, starting to check Harry for injuries.

    “Dementors” Dumbledore answered with a harsh tone. “Please excuse me as I need to contact the ministry.

    “He fainted and fell off his broom” explained McGonagall, her mouth a thin and tightened line. “Dumbledore managed to stop the fall”

    “Oh, goodness...” you said, absentmindedly, stripping Harry of his quidditch gloves and knee protectors. Only then did you look around and saw next to Harry’s bed Ronald, the Weasley twins, a tall girl with braided hair, and a shorter one with bushy brown curls.

    “Fred, George, help me take his boots off” the twins obeyed on the spot. “Ron, help me with this” you said as you accioed a tray full of instruments, creams and concoctions that landed on Ron’s arms.

    The shorter girl looked extremely preoccupied, and you thought it might be good for her to feel like she was being of use.

    “What’s your name, darling?”

    “Hermione. Hermione Granger” she answered, absent-mindedly fidgeting with some sort of necklace that hung from her neck. You saw yourself reflected on her as you thought how you always played around with your own necklace whenever you were scared or nervous.

    “Hermione, I’m going to need you to go to the Great Hall and find madame Pomfrey. Tell her we’ll be needing some pepper up potion and some lavender fumes.”

    The girl nodded and ran out of the hospital wing, followed by the tall girl. The twins and Ron placed Harry’s belongings on the floor, and you flew them into the night table’s drawers.

    They helped you move Harry around as you patched him up and changed his clothes and when Hermione came back with madame Pomfrey, the nurse helped you treat Harry with lavender and a number of different potions. You told the kids it was now just a matter of waiting for Harry to awaken, and as you remember all those times you stayed the night at the hospital with Remus, you told them they could take turns accompanying Harry if they wanted. Ron and Hermione took the first shift and the Weasley twins went back to Gryffindor tower.

    The next day as Harry’s friends surrounded his bed, he woke up and you were happy to see him sharing a laugh or two with his friends.

    With all the dementor commotion going around Hogwarts, you started feeling uneasy and worried about Lyall. What if he too had an unfortunate encounter with the dreadful creatures?

    With that in mind, you waited for your shift to be over, and then left straight for dinner at the Great Hall.

    You scanned the Gryffindor table, looking around for Lyall. It didn’t take long for you to spot him, and you walked over to where he was sitting next to a tiny and smiling boy.

    You abruptly sat right in between them.

    “Hi, I’m Lyall’s mother” you said to Lyall’s friend.

    “Mum!” he exclaimed, as a flush spread through his face.

    “Ummm... I’m Dennis” he answered, confused, and then turned to face your son.

    “Hi darling, I’m sorry, I need a word with you, I promise I won’t be long”

    “Alright, fine!” he answered as you stood and walked over to the entrance hall with Lyall close behind you.

    “What is it!” he demanded, clearly embarrassed.

    “Darling, listen to me, it is very important for you to stick to rules and curfew, I understand it might be tempting to leave your room afterhours and do some exploring, Merlin knows I did as much, but it would be quite dangerous, what with dementors surrounding the castle, and...” “Mum, breathe!” Lyall cut you off. “Dad already gave me this very talk”

    “Oh... he did? What am I saying? of course he did.”

    “And he too said something about being up afterhours, I might add.” you had never seen Lyall looking so similar to Remus, and you gave a smile. “Mum, I’m not stupid, I know to be careful and do what I’m supposed to” he said. You sighed.

    “I know, sweetheart, I just got scared... you probably saw what happened to Harry, and...”

    “I know, mum. And I am being careful, I promise” he finished, smiling up at you, and you let out another sigh of relief.

    “Alright, darling. You know whatever happens you come to us, yes?”

    “Yes, mum...”

    “Okay, well... you go back to your dinner, then” he wasted not a second to run back to his table, and while he seated, you waved goodbye. “Nice to meet you, Dennis!” you yelled, laughing inside as you saw your kid’s face go red.

    Some weeks later, the day of the first trip to Hogsmeade arrived, and from an early hour you saw students running up and down hallways, having breakfast and excitedly talking about what they’d do in the village.

    You thought back to the several times you went to Hogsmeade with Remus and the gang, and, as was expected, your heart ached.

    When your morning shift ended and you entered the Great Hall for lunch, you saw Harry sitting alone at the Gryffindor table.

    Why was he not at Hogsmeade with his friends? Why had he stayed behind? Then it hit you that his no-good aunt and uncle had probably refused to sign the form that allowed him to leave school.

    You stopped as you were walking to the teachers table, and when you saw Remus was not there, you turned around and went to sit with Harry.

    “Mrs. Lupin, hi” he greeted when he noticed you approaching.

    “Hello, Harry. Didn’t make it to Hogsmeade, I see”

    “Oh, yeah... I...” he didn’t seem to know what to say, so you lifted a hand and stopped him with a smile.

    “May I join you? Professor Lupin seems to be busy right now, and I very much dread eating alone”

    “Oh, please” he said, moving over so you could sit. You looked around before sitting down, and your eyes found Snape, who eyed you eerily from the teacher’s table.

    “Ugh, he just won’t leave it alone, will he?” you muttered, sitting down.

    Harry seemed to have noticed what you talked about and gave a small yet amused smile.

    “I would like to thank you again, for... the other day, with Snape”

    “Oh, don’t mention it, Harry. He’s always been fond of playing the villain, and just because he’s a teacher, he shouldn’t get away with bullying you kids... I heard he was Neville’s boggart... and as much fun as it would’ve been to see him dressed in Neville’s grandmother’s clothes, it just speaks of the concept students have of him”

    “I know he hates me; I would just like to know why”

    “Oh, Harry. I don’t think it has as much to do with you as it does with your parents...” you stopped yourself mid-sentence, as you realized you should probably not be telling Harry much about anything... he was still a student.

    “Professor Lupin said he... he said he knew my mum and dad” Harry mentioned, casually poking the porridge on his plate. “And I wondered if maybe you did too”

    You looked in his eyes, and you felt your heart skip a beat. You wished you could tell him all about your and his parents’ friendship, of what great friends you had been, how James had always been like an older brother to you and told horrible jokes, and how Lily had been the sweetest person and your best friend. But you knew you couldn’t just talk to Harry as if he was someone your age...

    “We were friends” you answered, holding yourself back, as much as you wanted to talk until you were out of breath “I was your mother’s maid of honor at your parents' wedding” Harry’s expression changed in a second, and you knew he was seeing you differently.

    "I, ummm... saw some pictures, and... Sirius Black is in some of them..." your eyes widened like saucers and you gulped. "Did you know him too?"

    “Harry I, ummm... I’m not sure we should talk about this..."

    “Mrs. Lupin, please. My whole life has been nothing but adults keeping secrets from me, about my own life. But Professor Lupin and you are different, you don't treat me like I'm just a kid... Please.”

    Right at that moment, when you felt yourself about to bend, you felt a presence behind you.

    “Harry” you looked up and saw your husband standing behind you, smiling down at both you and Harry.

    “Hello, professor” he answered.

    “Mrs. Lupin, I wondered if I could have a word with you in my office” he asked, looking at you with a side smile and focused, slightly golden eyes.

    “Of course, Professor” you answered, standing up, and then looked back down at Harry, “we’ll talk later, Harry” you finished, placing an arm fleetingly on his back, but secretly thanking Remus for interrupting. Harry smiled and nodded, and you left the Great Hall with Remus. He opened the door for you, and you entered his office, digging in your brain for what it could be that Remus wanted to say.

    “So... what exactly do you want to have a word with me about?” you asked, looking back at him and leaning on his desk.

    “Oh nothing” he started, approaching you slowly, putting his hands in his pockets, looking casually flirtatious. “I have entirely too many students, so as you can imagine, breaks are scarce”


    “I imagined you’d be on your lunch break, so... I decided to fetch you for some... us time.” he finished, eyeing you up and down with a smirk. You felt a tingle in the back of your head, and took a step closer to Remus.

    “OH... so that’s what this is about... Not even going to ask me out for some coffee first, are you?” you asked playfully, taking another step closer, standing now just a couple of inches from him.

    “Do you want coffee?” he inquired, cocking an eyebrow.

    “No.” you finished, launching yourself forward and crashing your lips against Remus’s. He surrounded you with both arms and kissed you desperately.

    That was going to be one looong lunch break.

    next chapter

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    The sheer disappointment when someone claims to love Harry Potter, and when asked for their house they don't have an answer!

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    (Werbung aufgrund von Markennennung) . Die Flasche entkorkt und das Noisingglas erstmal ein wenig befüllen und schon beim einschenken des hellgoldenen Bernsteinfarbenen Rum fällt mir sofort der duftende wunderbare Obstsalat und seiner schönen Ester Note auf, der sich im ganzen Raum verteilt. Es duftet nach frischer zuckersüßer Ananas, nach karamellisierten Bananenbrei, sowie recht schwach nach Zitrone und dazu kommt dieses echt tolle Ester Note, die mich in Ihren Bann zieht. Meine Nase nimmt auch die leichte alkoholische Note vom jamaikanischen Rum wahr und er kitzelt mich angenehm in der Nase, wenn ich diese zu tief ins Glas halte. Der erste Schluck ist recht cremig auf der Zunge und Gaumen und es schmeckt nach sonnenverwöhnten reifen Pfirsichen und Karamell. Dazu kommt eine leichte Bitterkeit von Medizin. Die Schärfe vom Alkohol macht sich mild und gleichzeitig kurzweilig auf Zunge und Gaumen bemerkbar. Dabei bringt er Aromen von Holz und Rauch mit, sowie eine schwach ausgeprägte Bitterkeit von Medizin und eine wunderbare Wärme macht sich an den Wangen breit. Nach dem zweiten Schluck bemerke ich eine überreife Banane, die mit einer schwachen Bitterkeit in einhergeht. Dieser medizinische Geschmack verschwindet langsam und es bleibt das der Bananen Geschmack, Das Finish ist zum Verlieben langanhaltend und sowas von überzeugend, ich schmecke frisch gebackene Vanillekipferl mit feiner Kuvertüre-Verzierung. Zum Schluss bleibt nur noch eine Bittermandel Note mit einem Quäntchen Nelke am Gaumen, aber es könnte auch der Geschmack von Leder sein 🥃😀👍 . ℹ️ Eine ausführliche Besprechung und Wissenswertes sowie Tasting Notizen über den angezeigten Rum bekommt ihr auf meinem Blog: www.frank-ficht.de . #cocuyorum #rum #rhum #ron #tasting #rumtasting #rumlovers #rumcocktails #drinks #drinkporn #cocktails #cocktail #bar #bartender @leipzigerspirituosenmanufaktur . Anmerkung: Ich bedanke mich bei der nachfolgenden Firma für die Musterflasche. Es fand keine Beeinflussung oder ähnliches auf das Tasting statt. ➡️➡️ LSM - Leipziger Spirituosen Manufaktur | Erich-Zeigner-Allee 64b, 04229 Leipzig | www.leipziger-spirituosen-manufaktur.de . www.maßvoll-genießen.de (hier: Hude) https://www.instagram.com/p/CW-JKN2MRrH/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    FOURT YEAR, 1992 - 1993

    Nice and quiet evening in the Weasley Burrow, everyone relaxing and doing their thing. Fred and George entering the room.

    Fred: George and me have been thinking ...

    Bill exactly knowing what's gonna happen: Boys and girls the show is starting in ten, nine ...

    Ginny: Mom they are doing it again!

    Charlie waking up from his nap: Seriously? What now?

    Bill: Six, seven ...

    Arthur curiously: Oh what is going on, let me see. Ahm, I mean Molly, sweetheart, we have a situation!

    Bill: Four, three ...

    Me: What is happening?

    Molly storming in the room with wet hair, just with a towel around her holding it with her left hand, having her wand in her right: Fred and George Weasley don't you dare! Stop!!!

    Bill: One!

    Nothing. Everyone looking confused.

    Molly: Well that was quite embarrassing. I'm sorry everyone. Boys.

    Bill winking at the twins: Zero.

    Percy screaming in his room: Mommy help me my books are attacking me!

    Molly red in face of anger: You two ...

    Bill to me: Popcorn?

    Note: based on my shifting experience

    #hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry #hogwarts shifting#shifting community #shifting to hogwarts #harry potter#shifting #fred and goerge weasley #fred weasley#george weasley#weasley twins#ron weasley#molly weasley#bill weasley #harry ron hermione #hogwarts headcanon#charlie weasley #misfits and magic #percy weasley #fearless taylor’s version #red taylor’s version #taylor swift #all too well taylor's version #shifttok#shifting realities
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    I wonder if there's going to be more teases or maybe a confirmation hhhh their friendship is already so cute

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    Harry: *with a large box in his arms* What would you say if we came home one day with six turtle ducks?

    Hermione: What’s in the box?

    Harry: …

    Hermione: What's in the box, Harry?

    Ron: *standing behind Harry with his own box* I think you know.

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    Ginny: Hey everyone, what color shirt am I wearing?

    Ron: Grey.

    Hermione: Grey.

    Luna: Purple.

    Neville: Grey.

    Ginny: *to Harry* Now tell them what color you thought it was.

    Harry: *softly* Dark white.

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