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    Rook Hunt

    Le chasseur

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    〃Pomefiore lockscreens 👑🏹🍎

    like/reblog if you save ♡

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  • TWST Character Events

    Here’s a masterlist of TWST character cards in events!

    BOLD = Hasn’t made a card appearance in (1) event… yet

    Riddle Rosehearts - Ghost Marriage

    Ace Trappola - Ghost Marriage

    Deuce Spade - Dance and Wishes

    Trey Clover - Dance and Wishes

    Cater Diamond - Beans Day

    Leona Kingscholar - Fairy Gala

    Ruggie Bucchi - Fairy Gala

    Jack Howl - Beans Day

    Azul Ashengrotto - Beans Day

    Jade Leech - Beans Day

    Floyd Leech

    Kalim Al-Asim - Fairy Gala

    Jamil Viper - Fairy Gala

    Vil Schoenheit

    Rook Hunt - Ghost Marriage

    Epel Felmier - Ghost Marriage

    Idia Shroud - Dance and Wishes

    Ortho Shroud - Dance and Wishes

    Malleus Draconia

    Lilia Vanrouge

    Sebek Zigvolt


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    Tries and gets somewhere:

    Ace is smart when he wants to be. Riddle and Trey probably tries to teach them proper Japanese. Azul is just there for the contract. Ortho goes and builds a translator, bless him. 

    Meanwhile, Ruggie and Jamil ARE the translators

    just incompetent: 

    Kalim and Deuce? Babies. Sunshine of my life. Adorable and I love them. Unfortunately also stupid. Grim is a cat. Sebek is probably too focused on Malleus. Crowley boots you off to Ace and Deuce because he is BUSY with THINGS like THINGS and STUFF. Ashton says all you need to do is run there are no cells in his muscley brain.

    Doesn’t care lmao: 

    Leona COULD figure it out but why do things when Ruggie can do it for you? Silver just vibes and naps. Cater probably secretly enjoys watching Yuu struggle. Vil is too busy getting his eyebrows even. Floyd says haha squeeze :) oh you said yes despite not understanding any of the conversation? still counts! Jade likes watching Azul struggle and Crewel does just enough to make sure that they don’t blow shit up.

    Incapable of charades:

    Idia has a breakdown whenever they have to interact lmao and Malleus just isn’t Hip and Cool enough to play charades. Trein is too old and Jack is too concerned about his Tough and Cool image. but we all know he’s a softie inside amen to the lord hallelujah

    Dialect fucks it up:

    Epel is a country boy and uses country dialect.  Lilia is old and uses old person dialect. Yuu has no idea whats going on at any time of day


    local idiot butchers french, asks man if they’re h*rny. rook suffers 2k20 

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  • because this is becoming a thing now. oh god oh fuck. 

    the entirety of chapter 2 is just an entire blur for yuu lbr. crowley spends 15 min trying to explain overblot before he gives up and tells Deu-ace to draw them pictures.

    both of them suck at art. 

    eventually they all decide that yuu gets the point when they’re like. “ah yes i see. magic = overblot = we kill! korose korose!” 

    “you know what sure yeah ok”


    yuu, pointing at Jack: inu?

    Deuce: no 

    yuu, pointing at leona: neko.

    Ace: NO

    yuu, nodding: ok, i see, wakatta. Furries. 

    Deu-ace: N O


    yuu has absolutely no idea what Floyd’s nicknames are. they don’t even know ‘shrimpy’ refers to them they just nod whenever someone talks in their general direction.

    yuu: me? koebi-chan? no. i am BIG koebi. koebi-san


    yuu, bored: wa-taeshee-wah ka-koy day-soo 

    ace: stop

    yuu: EE-yeh  :)

    ace: STOP


    kalim is surprisingly helpful in that he doesn’t mind sitting down with yuu to build their notebook dictionary. and he’s good at charades. and he probably thinks a ‘super secret language’ is cool lmao 

    kalim: i learned a new word today. it means i love you :) 

    kalim: hi jamil! fuck you! 

    kalim: did i say that right???

    yuu: oh my god. oh fuck

    kalim: thanks :)))





    yuu: so… tu exciteed?


    rook: we need to stop having these conversations. no i am not horny

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  • Rook - Oui Twisted Wonderland
    #twisted wonderland #twst voice lines #twst ringtones#twst#tsuisute#twst rook#rook hunt #rook hunt voice lines #twisted wonderland rook #pomefiore
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  • 5章前編面白かった!

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  • #yandere#yandere love #yandere x you #yandere x reader #yandere prompt #yandere x y/n #yandere oneshot#yandere drabble#yandere imagines#yandere  scenario#twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland imagines #yandere twisted wonderland #twst x reader #twst imagines#yandere twst#twst rook#rook hunt#yandere rook #yandere rook hunt #rook x reader #twst rook x reader #rook x mc #rook hunt x reader #yandere fantasy#yanderecore#yancore
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  • Epel: Fight me!

    Leona: Ha! Look at your size! What are you going to do, kick me in the ankle?


    Jack: Um, why is Leona quivering on the ground and crying?

    Rook: Epel kicked him very hard in the ankle.

    Epel: That’s what happens when you wear open-toe shoes.

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    Stock photo shenanigans.

    Next would most likely be another video but let’s see what happens~

    #twisted wonderland#twst #disney twisted wonderland #rook hunt#ruggie bucchi#ace trappola#deuce spade#azul ashengrotto#leona kingscholar#floyd leech#jack howl #twisted wonderland rook #twisted wonderland ruggie #twisted wonderland ace #twisted wonderland deuce #twisted wonderland azul #twisted wonderland leona #twisted wonderland floyd #twisted wonderland jack
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  • sublime et silence

    Autour de moi tu danses Et moi j'oublie C'est à toi que je pense, À ta bouche brûlante Quand tu souris

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  • when is twisted wonderland going to give us english version. im going to cRY


    yuu knows 1 letter in japanese and its the の hiragana. they literally point it out on everything they see. ace wants to scream. yuu is ridiculously pleased

    ace: WOW supervisor, you KNOW this letter?? you’re SO GOOD at this 

    Yuu: の!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    ace: i am going to die


    yuu literally has no fucking idea whats going on like 90% of the time. They understand absolutely nothing. they astral project in the background for like 5 min as someone monologues and then its murder time. Trey spent 30 min trying to explain riddle’s tragic backstory and the only thing yuu got from it was “okaa-san is… no daijobu? okaa-san… EVIL?” 

    azul’s overblot is worse because yuu said thoughts gone head empty. points at azul mid breakdown. “oh my god i get it now. takoyaki has OCTOPUS in it so thats why its called TAKOyaki i’m SO smart” “not NOW yuu shut the fuck UP”


    yuu: nice

    Deuce “two brain cells” spade: wait, what did you say???

    yuu: oh no wait 

    yuu: NAISU

    Deuce: Oh! I understand! NAISU!!!

    yuu: N A I S U


    yuu, staring at Rook: i should have taken french. I should have taken french. i should have taken FRENCH


    azul, vigorously performing charades: i free 👆🔑 anemones 🌼. but first, you 👇 get picture 📷. 3 days. no 🙅‍♂️ picture? I take 👋 ramshackle. OK 👌? you understand 💯?

    yuu: nods 

    yuu: nani

    azul: i hate this

    floyd: 🤪

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  • Pit, pat. The sound of raindrops multiplied tenfold, tiny bouts of water dropping onto the earth. They kept the soil fertile, they help sustain life, yet they also bring such melancholy.

    As rain water douses the orchard, a lone figure curls up under an apple tree, purple wisps of hair clinging onto his forehead, his knees hugged close to his chest.

    As he sombrely grits his teeth, tightening his grip, the sound of footsteps stepping into the mud took his attention. Still, he did not look up.

    “Epel,” You worriedly glanced at him, an umbrella in hand. It was pouring hard–he’d get sick should he stay here much longer. “Come inside. Vil–we’re all looking for you.” You bit your lip, waiting for his response.

    He averts his eyes, not wanting to move. “Leave me alone.”

    Epel,” you paused, “You shouldn’t be out here. You’ll get–”

    “So what if I get sick?!” He barked back, clenching his hair in his fists. Pristine aquamarine eyes shifted into rage, yet it wasn’t blind. There was fear in his eyes, a certain uncertainty. A scared rabbit, cornered and away from home. “I’m not going anywhere!”

    You stayed silent. Epel thought he had won the fight, but even if he didn’t, you knew he’d stay as stubborn as always. So, without a second thought, you dropped your umbrella.

    The sudden thud brought Epel back to his senses, and he watches in shock as you sit right beside him, letting mud and rainwater taint your once untouched clothing. “(Y/n)-senpai, what’re ya doing?!”

    You chuckled, shuffling close to him. “Keeping ya company.”

    “You can’t!” He cried, “You’ll get sick, and you’ll get all dirty too!”

    “So will you, apple farmer.” You shrugged, wringing out your hair in vain. it would get all wet again in a matter of minutes anyways.

    Without a viable response of any kind, Epel stays silent, gently pouting as he loses himself in his thoughts yet again. You had no reason to stay by his side, jeopardising your cleanliness and wellbeing nonetheless! You were just one of his upperclassmen, as doting as one would expect, though not as eccentric and stalker-ish as Rook, and not as demanding and drill sergeant like as Vil. He had to admit, you were his favourite.

    Well, the two of you were also friends. You’d sneak him a sweet or two, hiding butterscotch treats and smuggling them in his pocket in the guise of a hug, Oftentimes, he’d come to you for advice, and you’d let him blow off steam, by engaging in wholesome apple carving sessions and sometimes inviting Jack over to join.

    How peculiar. Perhaps he felt a little bit closer to you than he initially thought.

    He coughed, deciding to set aside his emotions for both his sake, and yours. “(Y/n)-senpai, you’re right. We should probably come inside…”

    “–About time, apple princess.” He quickly darted over to the source of the voice, as it was definitely not yours. With a much deeper voice and a sturdier body, stood Rook Hunt, towering over the two of you. No umbrella either. As expected… Vil would have all of you poisoned by tomorrow.

    “Heya, Monsieur Huntsman!” You laughed, greeting him with a jest. Rook plays along, getting on one knee and holding one of his hands to his chest.

    “My my, what a surprise to see you here with Monsieur Little Apple, young trickster. Ready to come inside?” He outstretches both of his hands to each of you, hoisting the two of you up to his side.

    “Of course, lest Epel would rather stay~” The aforementioned male let out a huff, shaking his head at your words. You simply smiled in return, hoisting the fallen umbrella up with your free hand, despite it no longer having any use.

    “We have an aggrieved Schoenheit to deal with once we get back, don’t we?” 

    Oui. Not to fret, let us enjoy the journey home before we deal with such matters.”

    You glance back at Rook, then towards Epel. He looked grateful, almost hinting at admiration as he followed the lead of his two upperclassmen, standing in the pouring rain with him together, getting mud in their boots, and dirt in their hair. A strange ensemble, yet an unexpectedly cozy one.

    You shrugged, tugging them forward. “Works for me.”

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