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  • i thought about 2019 a bit and realized that there wasn’t a single bad rookie girl group. all those ladies slayed.

    #2019 was definitely a big year for rookie girls
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  • just queens chillin

    #SNUBBED @ rookie gg mama 2019 #fave
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  • People are being so mean about eunwoo getting the excellence award, like i know they went a bit overboard with it because he’s definitely still not an excellent actor, but you don’t need to say shit like “he has no talent” or “he has no star potential” or the best one “he’s just a pretty flower with no scent”

    Don’t belittle his talents as a performer and artist just because you’re salty, fuck you

    #mbc drama awards #2019 #rookie hisotrian goo hae ryung #cha eunwoo #mbc drama awards 2019
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  • As we come to a close for 2019, I wanted to share my favorite group debuts of 2019!  Being a rookie group is hard these days, and it’s very easy to get lost in sauce.  So here are the 10 groups that really caught my eye!

    10. HINAPIA (OSR Ent.)


    2019 Songs: Drip

    Although their debut song was not my favorite, it did show a powerful comeback for the former (and neglected) PRISTIN members.  It showed off their stylish and fierce members, who are taking on the strong the girl crush concept!  I think we will see more of this style from them in the new decade.

    9. Cherry Bullet (FNC Ent.)


    2019 Songs:  Q&A, Really Really

    Cherry Bullet has a lot of potential with their cute and girly image.  Their debut song was refreshing and fun, while I wasn’t as excited about their summer comeback.  They have two very powerful main vocalists that I think really make the group strong and more than just sweet.  I am curious as to why 3 members chose to leave the group, but I hope that all them have success in 2020.

    8. CIX (C9 Ent.)


    2019 Songs:  Movie Star, Numb

    CIX has an easy boy vibe to them, which I do love.  I really enjoyed their debut song, Movie Star, and liked their comeback.  It showed consistency in image.  Their MVs are also so aesthetic, especially since they are coming from a lesser-known agency.

    7. ONEUS (RBW Ent.)


    2019 Songs: Valkryie, Lit

    Two very strong debut songs.  Oof.  We shouldn’t expect anything less from Mamamoo’s little brothers.  I loved LIT – it showed a mix of playfulness, versatility, and tradition.  I expect lots more from them in 2020.

    6. X1 (Swing Ent.)


    2019 Songs:  Flash

    Now, regardless of your opinions on the Produce series and the controversy, you can’t deny that this was a GOOD debut song.  It showed the many styles of each member and had beautiful choreography.  Whatever comes from the Produce series, I hope that they recognize that this was a well-done debut.

    5. Everglow (YUEHUA Ent.)


    2019 Songs: Bon Bon Chocolat, ADIOS

    Probably the most surprising debut of them all.  I had no idea what to expect with Yuehua’s first group debut, but this group exceeded my expectations.  Bon Bon Chocolat was a clever and strong debut that was catchy and fresh!  Adios pretty much solidified them as our go-to EDM girls for the next decade to come.  

    4. AB6IX (Brand New Music)


    2019 Songs:  Hollywood (pre-debut), Breathe, Blind for Love, Truth Hurts (Remix)

    AB6IX was not playing in 2019.  They scored music show wins, collabs, and the hearts of many with their soft and light music.  I still sing the chorus  when I’m dealing with my boyfriend’s behaviors – it was that catchy. And I have no doubt they will continue to win in the upcoming decade.  

    3. BVNDIT (MNH Ent.)


    2019 Songs: Hocus Pocus, Dramatic, DUMB

    BVNDIT is wild.  They proved to be truly MNH girls with their tropical house music and mature vocals, but WOW, did they outdo themselves or what!  Dumb really stuck out to me - the choreography, the vocals, and the MV aesthetic.  Each member is so equally talented – it’s amazing!  I can’t wait for more in 2020!  

    2. TXT (Big Hit Ent.)


    2019 Songs (promoted because let’s be real now):  Crown, Cat & Dog, Run Away

    Anyone could try and make the argument that TXT doesn’t really need to do anything to be big since they are coming from Big Hit.  But, whoa, these kids were not here to be shadow or copycats of their predecessors in their teeny-tiny company.  From the MVs to the performance art videos to the ridiculous choreography to the multiltalented members, TXT has proven to us that they are going to be big all on their own.

    1. ITZY (JYP Ent.)


    2019 Songs: Dalla Dalla, ICY

    ITZY made quite the impression on us for 2019.  Each member had their own pre-debut life that made the expectations insanely high.  THIS COULD’VE GONE REALLY BAD.  But, they lived to the hype and took it another step further with their teen crush funk image that K-fans are thriving on.  Each member has proven to be more than exceptional and charismatic while performing.  Their choreography is some of the hardest in K-Pop right now, I stand by that idea. Also, I think this is a mutual agreement as they’ve been taking home trophies like pros.

    Who are you favorite rookie groups?

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  • [191130] Tomorrow X Together - New Artist of the Year Award | 2019 Melon Music Awards

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  • My TOP 3 ROOKIES OF THE YEAR list grand finale!
    #1 Suzu Suzuki (Ice Ribbon)
    Age - 17 / Pro Debut - 12/31/2018
    I really got into Ice Ribbon this year and when I discovered Suzu Suzuki I was immediately hooked. Just by seeing how athletically skilled she was in the ring it was a great surprise to find out she was only a rookie. Having so much wrestling talent at such a young age blows my mind, her in-ring persona is also on point and goes over with the crowd superbly. She has a lot of passion in the ring, her move set is technically evolving and I see her having another breakout year in 2020.

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  • I was thinking of this list at half way through 2019 and there honestly wasn’t that much on it, haha. I was studying for my Fellowship exams (basically the biggest exams of my career) so couldn’t really invest that much time in new groups or sometimes even new songs from groups I already like. I think this really influenced my list this year because I was in a bad state and sought out a lot more “happy” music than I usually would. 

    Cut to early December 2019, I just found out I passed my exam (yay) and with sudden free time now I went back to the draft of this list to read my notes and listen to all the groups on my “To Do” list. 

    I just have to say: new rookie groups ruled 2019. Most of the most innovative and fresh sounds came from people who I know next to nothing about. I love that about this year actually. I had no bias or agenda with these groups, they won me over SOLELY through their performances and music. That’s a compliment of the highest order. 

    2019 felt so back-ended because there has been so much amazing music released in the second half of the year and, in particular, the last 3 months. It’s great but also really chaotic. 

    Because it’s 2019, I have only listed 19 songs but there are so many honourable mentions including: Dumb Litty by KARD (shout out to Big Matthew for the production, it was chaos in a good way) and CIX for the having the balls to debut with such a smooth chill track with Movie Star. I didn’t even know they were rookies by the way they performed. I was also happy to see HyunA back. Lion by (G)I-DLE smashed it with the audio/music but I had issues with the performance of it. Chungha and ITZY had big years but the music didn’t really stick with me. I know they have an even bigger future though. Lastly, ZICO released a lot of great low key introspective music but I just haven’t been in a deep mood lately (that’s on me, not him). His work with Fanxy Child is worth checking out if you want to chill though. 

    Okay. Onto the ones that made the list. 

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    #19 songs for 2019 #i'll be honest #all the rookie groups really took me by surprise #i wish i had more time to properly stan Ateez but they came to me when i was neck deep in studying #wayv#ateez#ikon#bts#nct dream#red velvet#taeyeon#super M#twice#mamamoo#DEAN#blackpink#stray kids#Zico#(G) IDLE#KARD#HyunA#music #NCT 127 were a bit of a disappointment in 2019 #i wish i didn't have to say that but it's true #also: BTS didn't really release that much music that i got into
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  • As I did with my favorite bl-dramas, I will do the same with my favorite K-dramas. With this year ending, I have seen a lot of K-dramas but I can honestly say that the amount I watched was a lot less than 2018. But a few stood out amongst all the dramas I watched. I have to admit that most of them were a bit darker then I would usually watch.

    1. The Crowned Clown;

    This one is definitely my favorite one, from the past year. I was surprised by it and also a bit shocked, especially in the beginning. I loved how amazing Yoo Jin Goo played both characters. It was amazing to see how he could play a cruel/crazy king Yo Heo and then the light-hearted and at times really soft “clown” Ha Seon.  I hated the real king and loved the clown, this drama intrigued me so much, that I couldn’t wait for the next episode every single week.

    In my opinion, this was definitely the drama that put Jin Goo on the map as an incredible actor.

    I will rate this a 10/10. I really did not dislike anything about this k-drama.


    Originally posted by liveasbutterflies

    2. Sky Castle;

    I think everyone has seen this one by now. This was also one shocking drama giving us a sort of glimpse in the elite world of doctors and their families. The way the mothers tried to out beat everyone by using their children and the way they manipulated. It still makes me frustrated. I mean I would’ve slapped someone already. I love how things turn around when one girl uses her secret to manipulate back, which of course went wrong but it was refreshing. The first episode ended shockingly though. I mean my mouth literally dropped and I actually had my hands in front of my eyes because I didn’t want to see it but you can safely say it set the tone for the drama.

    I’m glad I waited until the drama was over so I could binge watch it in one go. I loved the drama and even applauded it when the last episode ended.

    I will rate this a 9.5/10.


    Originally posted by belsmultifandommess

    3. Hotel Del Luna

    What else can I say except that this was a masterpiece. I found this one so original and even scary at times. I mean sometimes I couldn’t even watch it at night because there was horror. Also, I’m just a complete scaredy-cat, so there is that. I loved the chemistry between IU and Jin Goo. There was not a boring moment and I loved the way IU portrayed Man Wol. She made me laugh a lot but also made me feel frustrated but the same was with Jin Goo as Goo Chan Sung. This stubborn man who needed a lot of convincing but eventually fell for this woman. I can safely say that they made me cry in the last episode.

    I also have to say that I absolutely loved the soundtrack of this drama. I can safely say that I loved the entire cast of Hotel del Luna. They suited each other so good and I hope to see them more often, especially P.O. I mean he is cute!

    I rate this a 9/10


    Originally posted by ebjkk

    4. I wanna hear your song

    This one, my god, this one kept me on my toes. Like there was a murderer but for the first time ever I did not know who was the culprit. I was so confused and frustrated because there could be three possible murderers. Also, it made me wonder if Jang Yoon isn’t the bad guy himself. I loved how even though he thought Yi Young was the murderer of his brother he still helped her and eventually felt for her. I know it’s a bit of a cliche but I still fully enjoyed this drama. The music also helped a lot with this drama.

    I’m a bit sad though because a lot of people skipped this drama, which was not fair because it really was a good one.

    I will rate this an 8.5/10


    Originally posted by yeonwoojinland

    5. Graceful Family;

    I am in love with the main lead. She was just awesome and radiated absolute girl power. The way she went for her family for the murder of her mother, amazing. She did not held back at all and even if she had to suffer herself she did not stop. Im Soo Hyang, played the eldest daughter Seok hee and together with the lawyer Yoon do(Lee Jang woo) They go for the operation behind the family, which proves to be difficult and every turn they take, will blow up in their faces but she never gives up and always finds other ways and eventually she will win. I have never cheered on someone this much but I was really rooting for her. This also revolves around a murder and this one also kept throwing me on the wrong tracks a couple of times but I did guess it eventually.

    It was before it was revealed who the culprit was, just in case there are smartasses amongst my dear followers, lol.

    I will rate this an 8/10


    Originally posted by iam-cgm

    6. Angels last mission; love

    This one ugh, where to start. I loved the whole angel part of this drama. the fact that he was an angel but because he saved a human became half-human, or a fallen angel himself, only to make that human fall in love. This gave us a couple of funny scenes but also sad ones as the main character was blind. I loved Myung soo as the angel Dan, he was funny, sweet and did not give up even if Yeon Seo made his life difficult. I love the way she starts trusting him and you can see when he falls for her. It’s heartbreaking though to see that when he completes his mission they try desperately to stay together.

    I can safely say, that I cried my eyes out. The supporting cast was fun as well and the second lead even made me wonder if he was the devil at some point but to see he also had a traumatic experience made me understand him better and I couldn’t help but cry when I found out about Dan’s past. It’s just so sad.

    I rate this an 8/10 as well.


    Originally posted by dreamingsnowflake2013

    7. Rookie Historian; Goo Hae Ryung;

    This one made my heart flutter and also cringe because of the amount of cuteness. I love that this drama is based around the female Historians. The way they had to stand their ground amongst all the ignorant men during that era. amazing! I love that the second Hae Ryung meets Prince Yi Rim but insults him without knowing he is the prince. opposites attract is definitely true in this drama and the way they eventually fall for each other was just too cute. It doesn’t only have cute scenes though, there are more serious matters going on, which they have to fight and that makes it intriguing for sure.

    I think Cha Eun Woo, is a promising actor and I love to see him in more dramas.

    I rate this a 7.8/10 (the cheesiness was a bit much at times)


    Originally posted by thingskateknows

    8. He Is Psychometric;

    Say hi to Park Jinyoung the actor. I have to admit that even though he is an amazing singer, I love him just as much as an actor. This was his first lead in a drama and he did good!! I loved this drama, again because it was thrilling and not what I expect from a Korean drama. It was fresh and it actually was quite an interesting drama. I mean how weird must it be to see someone entire life by just one touch?! amazing and scary as well, because you never know what you will find.

    I will rate this a 7.5/10


    Originally posted by dreamys-archive

    9. The Last Empress

    This one knocked my socks off in the beginning and I don’t think I ever felt such hate towards two characters. The way the Emperor(Lee Hyeok) tried to kill Sunny(empress), my god, it was just awful but the way Sunny fought back. I would’ve given up along time ago and even tried to kill him. you know an eye for an eye but not Sunny she never gave up together with her bodyguard Wang Sik, who wanted revenge because Lee Hyeok killed his mother. Thrilling I’m telling you!

    I rate is 7/10, It could’ve scored a lot higher if they didn’t ruin the ending. Because the drama was so popular, they decided to extend it with a couple of episodes, it was better if they hadn’t done that tbh.


    Originally posted by prgirlsrock

    Honorable mentions;

    • -Her Private Life
    • -Abyss
    • -Love Alarm season1
    • -Moment of eighteen
    • -Encounter
    • -Search: www

    That was it for 2019. I have seen many more drama’s and if you’re curious you can always ask my opinion about them. I love to discuss them. I had a lot of fun this year but it’s quite obvious that I enjoyed the darker K drama’s this past year.

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  • my top korean songs of the 2019 + b-side shoutouts (rookies edition) [part i]:
    wonderlandadioscrowntwilightdalla dallaicyreally reallyq&aflashgravity

    #neweraidols#ateez#everglow#txt#oneus#itzy#cherry bullet#x1#trei#krsgifs#kreations#gifs'19#gifs:mix#favs:2019#top 10 #so i definitely have not kept up with all of the rookies this year lol #but this seemed like a good way to help sort my list #2019 review
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  • i was tagged by @sondongpyos (thank u !!! :D) to do my top 9 albums of 2019!!

    im not going to tag anyone but if you see this and want to do it you should :DD

    i CANT order them so they’re in tiers instead because it hurts less:


    • emergency: quantum leap - x1
    • kill this love - blackpink (kick it superior)
    • awaken - nct 127


    • the book of us: entropy - day6
    • we boom - nct dream
    • clé 1: miroh - stray kids


    • want - taemin
    • treasure ep.2: zero to one  - ateez
    • an ode - seventeen
    #tag games #money by dawn is my fav kpop song from this year but it was just a single ;-; #others that almost made it include rpm #dear my dear by chen #ANYTHING released by pentagon #and twices japanese album #and then anything released by any of the big rookie groups #i swear 2019 rookies were just so so good #anyway #thank u for tagging me #:D
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