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  • bisexualemmettcullen
    22.04.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    When your entire family is 100+ years old but your adopted daughter works at lush and is always coming in clutch with the moisturizers

    #i did not forget about the rosalie working atlush au ok #it lives in my head rent free at all times #mine#twilight#twilight saga#the cullens
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  • stregoni-benefici
    22.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #carlisle and esme #Rosalie Hale#Emmett Cullen
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  • needahugfromesme
    22.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A headcanon. Vampires have different smells, a perfect mix of different scents, but what if one of those scents is what lingered on their bodies when they died? Carlisle, burning smell. The smell of burnt smoke clung to him as he carried a torch to hunt the vampires. Esme had thought it was the smell of his candles. Esme, milk. Before she jumped off the cliff, she missed her baby too much to control her milk leaking. Edward, disinfectant. Edward had been hospitalized for some time before he died. Rosalie, alcohol. From Royce and the other rapists. Emmett, dirt. When he tried to escape from the bear, Emmett fell over. Alice, mould. She was locked in an asylum before her transformation. Her cell had no sunlight. Jasper, gunpowder. Bella, her own blood.

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  • teambella420
    22.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Sibling shenaniganssss cuz they deserve sooo much more attention!!

    #art #artists on tumblr #digital aritst#digital drawing#digital fanart#imagine twilight#twilight#twilight au #the twilight saga #Emmett Cullen#rosalie hale#jasper hale#alice cullen #omg just please can we ignore all the dumb lovey doves stuff and can we just have cullen family shenanigans is that too much to ask for?? #the cullens
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  • barbudeville
    22.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    La jasette du Barbu #126

    La jasette du Barbu #126 PARTAGE OU RT

    Dès maintenant, une jasette du barbu sur deux ne sera que pour les patreons. Donc pour avoir toutes les jasettes il faut être abonné , toujours à partir de 3$!Barbu Levac et Vaillancourt à sous écouteVaccin ASTRAZENECA La folie Red Dead Redemption 2 Donner le C à Gallagher Groupe exclusif aux membres patreons: Les patrons du Barbu (Avec lien vers les sujet parler dans la jasette)…

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  • igmakeup
    22.04.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #Image by Rosalie H. ♡ #https://data.whicdn.com/images/354766384/original.jpg #src=
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  • charlottcs
    22.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    status - closed to @rosalie-reyes​

    where - anthesis gala

    Way past the fashionably late mark, Charlotte arrived right as dinner was being served and opted to seat herself at one of the open bars for an old fashioned. She drank her cocktail with a smile on her face and held conversation with the bartender, every once in a while looking through the seated guests. A bigger smile, if even possible, appeared on her face when she locked eyes with Rosalie. She pointed at her phone, signaling her friend to check hers and went straight to text her, ‘can i take you home tonight?😍’ she giggled at the words on the screen and pressed send, ‘come meet me at the bar when you can’ she added and locked her phone, placing it in her clutch. After a few minutes, and a second old fashioned, she felt someone coming close to her. “And I thought I looked good in red,” she complimented, “you look stunning!”

    #( conversation. - rosalie. )
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  • avatarbenjamin
    22.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Emmett: Oh, so when you meant baby proofing the house...

    Rosalie, staring at the moat: I meant making it safe for babies, not keeping babies from getting in.

    #they would have made great parents #twilight saga#my post#emmett cullen#rosalie hale
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  • bi-disaster-fsotus
    21.04.2021 - 15 hours ago

    10 Characters, 10 Fandoms, 10 Tags

    I was tagged by the ever-pleasant @arse-crack-thistle to participate! I’ll admit, I have not been active in fandom culture, like, at all over the past few years. This fandom spam blog is as close as I get. Here are ten of my favorite fictional characters across media! Warning for spoilers throughout different shows/books/etc.!

    1. Alex Claremont-Diaz— Red, White & Royal Blue. It was so hard to choose just one character from this deeply beloved novel. I appreciate Alex as a character because he’s so damned relatable. Between his southern roots and his piss-poor crisis management skills, and his desperate need to help others and be part of something bigger, he calls to me in a way that no other character really has before.

    2. Rosalie Hale— The Twilight Saga. A mythic bitch with a tragic past; I’ve loved Rosalie since the very beginning. I won’t get into Smeyer’s blatant misogyny, because that’s not what this post is about, but she deserved so much better than what life threw her way. Her morals are grey, and her attitude throughout most of the saga leaves much to be desired, but she is a truly complex and interesting character, and I adore her.

    3. Li Shang— Mulan. Everyone loves Li Shang, but I am a wee bit obsessed with him lmao. He’s headstrong, courageous, and one of the driving forces within the film. His rough exterior didn’t even stand a chance when he met Mulan when she was disguised as Ping. A bi-coded soldier with a heart of gold.

    4. Cinna— The Hunger Games. Another one that I struggled with. I ultimately picked Cinna because he was the only person outside of Twelve who protected and took care of Katniss. He was able to take the rose-colored glasses off and face the fucking facts. The first time I watched Catching Fire and figured out what had happened to him, I sobbed like a fucking baby. He will always be one of my first literary loves.

    5. Tina Belcher— Bob’s Burgers. I don’t feel like I need to say more, but I will. She is a fanfiction-writing, neurodivergent-coded, wonderfully-awkward horse girl, and I feel like that is a true reflection of my inner self. Mimicking her noises of panic when things go wrong has become commonplace in my household.

    6. Sokka— Avatar, The Last Airbender. God, watching him grow up over the span of the series was just glorious. He morphed from a cocky, misogynistic boy into a brilliant, intelligent young man. He had his fair share of tragic moments, but he became better because of them, not in spite of them. My favorite himbo engineer. 💕

    7. Mabel Pines— Gravity Falls. I feel like Mabel gets a lot of unnecessary criticism from others in the fandom. She’s a twelve-year old girl, and she often acted like one, with her immature decisions and her boy-craze. That’s part of the reason why I love her so much, though; her immaturity and naivety is what makes her relatable, it’s what makes her human. Whether she’s bedazzling her face, or trying to save humanity from a supernatural apocalypse, she’s a character that is certainly hard to forget.

    8. L Lawliet— Deathnote. Whenever I reached his last episode in the entire anime, I lost my fucking shit. He’s a weird, savant detective with a killer sweet tooth, and was so committed to catching Kira that it was his downfall. He’d had his suspicions about Light Yagami the entire time, and the fact that he couldn’t fully prove it until he died is absolute bullshit. L deserved better, and I will stand by that until the end of time.

    9. Tree Trunks— Adventure Time. I can’t believe that at one point I thought that she was just a sweet little old Pygmy elephant. Tree Trunks has depth, and quite a bit of it. She’s had three husbands, acted as evil Queen Quartzion of the Crystal Dimension, and is literally raising the reincarnated version of the litch with her third husband, Mr. Pig. She’s a whirlwind of a character, wrapped in a southern accent and baked into an apple pie. I wish we could have seen more of her before her voice actress passed away. An iconic character.

    10. Draco Malfoy— The Harry Potter Saga. Putting this fucker at the very bottom of the list because I love to hate him, and hate to love him. I’ve always had an interest in the darker characters of the media I consume. Draco’s rivalry against Harry was so dramatic and so enrapturing that I wonder how anything got done with the two of them at Hogwarts together. When he enchanted the badges to say “POTTER STINKS” during Goblet of Fire? That is fucking dedication, and I applaud him for that. I’m not excusing his behavior whatsoever, but he deserved the redemption arc much more than Sn*pe did. He’s a posh, obnoxious shithead, but any God, he’s certainly interesting.

    Tagging ten mutuals: @prefectmoony @omgcmere @three-drink-amy @im-definitely-hermione-granger @genzennialpink @kirito-potter @bibliothesoph @ellen-claremont-simp @superpaperclip @tedddylupin and whoever else would like to participate ☺️

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  • imaginetwilight2704
    21.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Like Minds

    T/W: Domestic abuse.

    You arrived home later than expected, prompting the same argument you’d had many times before with your boyfriend, Jake. He accused you of cheating, like he did before, called you a slut and started beating you, like he did before. His hands were covered in blood and it had splattered on his shirt when he shattered your nose, blood exploding from it as it cracked under the force. This time he didn’t stop. This time he kept going. This time not leaving you in a state where you could recover like he had done before, like he had when he had taken you to hospital, claiming you fell. He’d gone too far, and you weren’t coming back. He panicked, carrying you to the car, knowing you couldn’t be saved. So he left you in an alley near a seedy bar, thinking that’s all you were worth, you were a slut and a cheat in his mind, you didn’t deserve to be found or helped. He was better off without you...

    Edward had heard your thoughts whilst driving that night with Carlisle, your voice was loud and clear, but he couldn’t see you anywhere nearby. It was unlike any mind he had heard before, like your voice was being pushed into his mind. They pulled over the car and tried to pinpoint where he could hear your voice from.

    As soon as they stepped out the car they smelt your blood, quickly identifying that the smell was coming from an alley down the street. Your voice was strong and clear. I don’t want to die. I don’t deserve to die. Help me, please. Edward hung back as Carlisle checked you over to see if he could help you, quickly realising that you were too far gone to live as a human. Instead, he turned you. As he had done with Edward years before. He bit his venom into in several places, unsure if it was too late to save you. They took you home and set you up in Carlisle’s office waiting for the transition to take hold.

    30 years later

    The Cullens had become your family. The last piece of the puzzle they didn’t realise they had been looking for. For you, they were the family you had always wanted and felt you had deserved, and you would be forever grateful to them for saving you that day.

    Alice and Rosalie were your sisters, with Jasper and Emmett being your older, protective brothers. Esme was more like a mother to you than your own mother had been and you loved her deeply, with Carlisle holding a special place for you in his heart like you were his youngest child.

    However your relationship with Edward was deeper than your bond with your other siblings. You knew each other better than anyone else, as you were the only people who truly knew what the other was thinking. There was a deeper reason you portrayed twins other than the colour of your hair; you could read each other’s thoughts, and this secret language of thoughts shared between you solidified your bond over the decades you had spent together. This also made him incredibly protective of you, you were his best friend and he couldn’t imagine life without you.

    Your gift was different to Edward’s however, more powerful Carlisle said, dangerous if not controlled properly. You could read thoughts like Edward yes, but you had the ability to stop your own thoughts from being read, putting a block on someone entering your mind, and could push your thoughts into the minds of others, effectively manipulating that person into thinking and doing what you want.

    Dangerous Carlisle had said, but he knew in someone as kind as you this would not be the case, you yourself were not dangerous. What he feared were the kinds of vampires who would use you as a weapon, having spent time with people like this before, he knew you needed to be protected at all costs.

    So, as a family, you moved around from place to place. Sometimes all of your siblings joined you, sometimes they led separate lives as married couples, leaving just you and Edward as the twins of Carlisle and Esme. Wherever you went, you were always with Edward, you were best friends of sorts, like minds he called you, destined to be in each other’s lives.

    When your family moved to Forks, you quickly grew bored of the quiet town and longed for life to be more interesting. You had moved as a whole family this time, Carlisle determined to spend more time here than anywhere you had before, so you all started at the youngest ages you could pass for. Your siblings hated high school, many of them holding a number of degrees from around the country so they found it boring and mundane. For you and Edward, high school affected you in a different way, the thoughts of teenagers being the hardest to block out.

    At Forks high school, your family was a new obsession, the students were fascinated by you all, their minds filled with inane gossip and drivel, both you and Edward worked hard to block out their thoughts. People thought you all to be beautiful; they fawned over you all, pined for you in their thoughts, and, although they though your family dynamic to be strange, they were desperate to be you. You hated it.

    One particular boy who seemed incapable of not thinking about you was Mike Newton. He had developed what you described to your family as a silly crush, Edward described it as an unhealthy obsession.

    You need to change his thoughts Y/N, we can’t risk allowing someone to become close to us, it’s too risky.

    You look over at Edward across the cafeteria table, your siblings oblivious to your conversation.

    I’m not doing that Edward. You know I hate that, and Carlisle won’t want me doing it to someone at school. I can just turn him down like a normal teenage girl. Stop being so dramatic.

    Rosalie glances between you, she’d become quite skilled at working out when the two of you were talking, whilst the others were oblivious.

    You need to be careful Y/N.

    I’m fine Edward. Chill.

    You roll your eyes at him across the table and turn to Alice. “Alice, anything standing out as being an issue for me in the near future?”

    She thinks briefly, “nope, not that I can see! You’re going to get an A in your history project though!”

    “Fantastic!” You stick your tongue out at Edward and beam at Alice.

    She smiles back at you, not knowing about your conversation with Edward, and you say bye to the rest of your siblings as you pick up your stuff and head to history.

    Edward catches up with you in the corridor, holding your arm to stop you from walking into the classroom without acknowledging him.

    “I’m just looking out for you Y/N.” He looks down at you with a pleading look in his eyes. You nod in response, about to speak when you are both interrupted by a thought.

    This is my chance, I can do this, just talk to her, Y/N is just a girl, a beautiful girl, just do it, just ask her. You can do it Mike, you can do it.

    Edward raises his eyebrows at you and you bat him away as you walk towards your seat in the classroom next to Mike.

    “Hi Mike, how are you?” You smile at him, trying to force your face to just express friendliness and not give him the wrong impression.

    “Er, erm, hi Y/N. You look erm...beautiful today”

    His eyes travel up and down your body, and you cringe at the unwanted attention.

    You internally roll your eyes. You can feel Edward’s glare at the back of your head, I told you so.

    Go away Edward. Let me handle this.

    “Erm, thanks Mike. You’re a good friend.” You emphasise that last word, hoping it will make Mike think twice.

    It doesn’t.

    You feel Mike’s eyes travel up and down your body again and a small shiver runs through you. Why do men do that?

    “So, erm Y/N do you...erm...I mean would you...do you...”

    He’s interrupted by Edward appearing at his side.

    “Y/N, Carlisle has called us home, there’s an emergency.” You glare at Edward. Why was he being so overprotective today?

    “He wants us home, now?” Edward nods in response and Mike sighs, knowing he’s missed his opportunity again thanks to your brother.

    “Fine” you say, as Edward heads to the front of the classroom to speak to the teacher.

    Whilst Edward is distracted you act quickly.


    Mike shakes his head as if he had been daydreaming, before turning to you and saying “you’re such a good friend Y/N, I hope everything is ok at home”. His eyes don’t leave yours as he speaks and you smile at him in response.

    “Thanks Mike, see you later”

    You head out of the classroom following Edward.

    He turns around to look at you, a suspicious look on his face.

    You did it didn’t you.

    I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    We’re like minds remember Y/N, I know what you’re going to do before you even do.

    You shrug at him in response.

    Don’t tell Carlisle.

    I wouldn’t dare.

    A/N: This is the first part of my new series. This is potentially a long one, so if I’m saying that it definitely will come in many parts! 😂 There will be many of my favourites appearing so it’s not all about the Cullens!


    (Let me know if you would rather not be on the taglist for this one! Equally if you would like to!)

    @volturidoll13 @clearwater-hoe @fatiguing-thoughts @wallwriterstuff @like-rain-or-confetti @moviequeen51 @awesomebooklover17 @cncogirl18 @raindancer2004 @officialfictionalwreck @megzdoodle @slasher-sweetie @evakipara @reclusive-chicken-nugget @holl2712 @icarusinstatic

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  • notaperfectworld
    21.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Hadley!!! (And what a lovely photo Rosie posted for the occasion...

    Also, my favorite comment:


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  • wickedlvst
    21.04.2021 - 18 hours ago
    closed for @filthysins​

    "hi, i'm rosalie", the brunette introduces herself while beaming a warm, bright smile at the older woman, extending herself to shake her hand, "it's so nice to be here." to be honest, saying that she's nervous as hell might be the understatement of the century for, quite frankly, she's one huge ball of nerves wrecked by anxiety of fucking this up. this movie has the chance to be the next grand blockbuster and potentially the start of a new franchise and she really wants to be picked as the female lead. wants it more than anything in her entire life before. more than she's ever thought one could ever want anything. "do you want me to play a scene for you or how does this usually work?" words are followed by a nervous giggle, dainty fingers shake as they tug a strand of hair behind her ear. "i'm afraid this is my very first casting so i have to admit i'm a little nervous."

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  • sortofabetaiguess
    21.04.2021 - 19 hours ago

    rosalie hale, angela weber, and lauren mallory as the bi flag. bc it looks nice. feat. jennie kim as rosalie hale (pink), choi tzu-yu as angela weber (purple), and choi m-yeon as lauren mallory (blue)!

    pictures from pinterest, editing by me on picsart. reblogs and likes appreciated, don’t repost my stuff without credit!

    #twilight moodboards#bisexual twilight#rosalie hale#angela weber#lauren mallory#rosaliexangelaxlauren#moodboards #jade attempts a moodboard #jade posts and makes it everyone else’s problem #can you tell the only celebrities i know are kpop idols?
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  • sortofabetaiguess
    21.04.2021 - 20 hours ago

    rosalie with a sword because i like women and i like swords, so: women with swords. feat. jennie kim as rosalie

    pictures from Pinterest, editing by me! on PicsArt. don’t repost my stuff without credit. likes and reblogs appreciated!

    #twilight moodboards#moodboards#rosalie hale #yes this is inspired by that fic of mine #jennie kim as rosalie #swords! #look i’m a simple girl i’d like a wife #i’d like a sword #i’d like a wife with a sword #jade attempts a moodboard #jade posts and makes it everyone else’s problem
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  • shiftingshiftingshifting
    21.04.2021 - 20 hours ago


    ITS ROSALIE DURING S1 AND I PUT IT AS MY ICON ON @evenfall-halls-daughter

    THANK YOU JUNI I LOVE YOU SM @juni-ravenhall

    #the header isn’t done yet but this is so cool i had to share #dr number 4.1 #commission#art commission#rosalie tarth#shifting#shiftblr#reality shifting#drself#got1#got 1x01#more specifically#house tarth #brienne of tarth #juni ravenhall#mutuals #we’re mutuals on ssoblr
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  • sortofabetaiguess
    21.04.2021 - 21 hours ago

    i’m on fire with a blade (you about to hear my name)

    or: i just like woman with swords!

    Rosalie Hale is tired. She’s tired, and, more importantly, she’s angry. There’s an ever-present burning at the back of her throat, and she wants to cut it out.

    The house they reside in is old, old and dark. The curtains are drawn shut, the windows barred. Esme drifts in the kitchen like a forgotten phantom, mechanically preparing food they can’t eat for a dinner they won’t sit down to. Rosalie leaves her be. Carlisle is out at work, Edward is brooding in his room upstairs. Rosalie is alone.

    She finds a trapdoor, and she opens it. Nothing down there can kill her. She walks down the ladder, and she drifts around. It’s some sort of cellar. The barrels of wine are empty, and dusty, and a spider shoots across the floor. Rosalie crushes it under one tall heel. She walks, and she sits.

    She sits for longer than she should have, perhaps, and she seethes. She seethes, and she pictures taking Royce King apart with her bare hands. The image isn’t right. She’s not a monster; she’s a lady. She’ll kill him like one.

    But for that, she needs a blade. The kitchen holds many, but those are Esme’s, and Rosalie dares not disturb what Esme has set up. Edward has a small collection of knives in his room: taken from his ‘vigilante’ days. But those are small, weak.

    She wants a sword.

    She stands and drifts around the basement again. Swords are hard to procure. They had more than enough money, but she’s chained to this stupid house. The people think her dead, and they must think so. She is dead, after all.

    A leather sheathe sits upon a barrel. Rosalie plucks it off the barrel with ease, and draws the sword. The sword is beautiful; it’s a longsword, shining, sharp, and beautiful. She runs a finger along the flat of the blade, and her finger smokes. Silver.

    Rosalie Hale dons her wedding dress, her finest heels, her shiniest jewelry, and she leaves. She hunts down each and every man, and she leaves Royce King for last. Her sword shines like judgement in the sunlight, while her skin gleams brighter than hellfire. The blade burns her skin when she touches it, but it cuts and hacks and mutilates.

    Royce King prays to any god that will save him, but none do. When Rosalie comes, she’s fast, and she’s agony distilled. His blood smells sour, like alcohol and drugs, and his screams are like an out of tune instrument.

    Rosalie keeps the sword.

    #jade writes#twilight fic#rosalie hale#rosalie cullen #royce king ii #swords! #women with swords! #jade posts and makes it everyone else’s problem #fics and tricks #i have no excuses #violence //
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  • idoltoons
    21.04.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Ya lo había publicado, pero lo borre por alguna razón.

    Pero lo vuelvo a poner. 

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  • chaotictruth
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    ❦  ━  𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐍  𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐑 (  open to all​  )

    Rosalie  decided  that  even  though  she  couldn’t  physically  carry  a  child  that  it  wouldn’t  keep  her  from  having  a  child  any  longer.  She  wanted  to  be  a  mother  and  there  were  plenty  of  babies  that  needed  homes  and  she  adopted  a  beautiful  blue  eyed  six  month  old  baby  girl  that  she  and  Emmett  named  Evelyn.  She  was  rocking  her  little  girl  wearing  a  long  white  dress  and  standing  on  the  porch  of  her  family  home,  her  gaze  moved  when  she  heard  someone  walk  up  and  a  smile  formed  on  her  lips  “  I  don’t  think  I’ll  ever  be  able  to  put  her  down.  ”

    #( rosalie c ) . opens #( opens ) . all characters
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  • chaotictruth
    21.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    ❦  ━  𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐍  𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐓𝐄𝐑 (  open  to  all  )

    “  You  have  𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲  nice  eyes  ”  Rosalie  commented  as  a  𝐒𝐌𝐈𝐑𝐊  formed  on  her  full  pink  tainted  lip,  she  rose  her  hand  to  slowly  wipe  the  bit  of  her  drink  from  the  corner  of  her  lips  before  moving  her  thumb  into  her  mouth,  her  eyes  naturally  𝐒𝐄𝐃𝐔𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐕𝐄  as  she  watches  the  other.

    #( rosalie ) . opens #( opens ) . all characters
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