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  • black-dragon1998
    11.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Suprise encounter in the snow

    Summary: Rosalie Hale hears a soft voice while running through the woods.

    Warnings: non, pure fluff. extremly short for me.

    may continue this. Not sure yet

    You were running through the woods, my bare feet freezing the moment they came into contact with the snow on the forest ground barely five years old, my parents thought it okay to leave me in the woods, just because you were a snow leopard shifter instead of a wolf. While running, you heard the whooshing of leaves like something was running very fast, it was the same sound you made when you were running through the woods, so I stopped to listen better.

    “Hello?” I asked in a small voice, my voice a little rough from the lack using. After a minute a beautiful woman with blond hair and golden eyes appeared, her stoic features changed the moment she looked down at me and they softened. You were so caught up in her golden eyes you couldn’t move, so when she came closer, you weren’t able to run. I had never seen such a beautiful person.

    “Hello, their sweetie, what are you doing here all alone?” she asked in a soft voice while crouching down at my height. But staying a respectable distance when she saw you weren’t sure what was happening.

    “lost,” you said while look at your feet. you had been doing very well at being a good girl and not cry, your parent always told me crying was for babies. When the wind changed, you caught a scent, it was coming from the lady in front of me and this caught my attention.

    “you smell nice,” you say looking up at her shily.

    “thank you. Now, what is your name, love?”

    “(Y... Y/N).”

    “well hello (Y/N), my name is Rosalie. Where are your parents?” Rosalie asked being confused why a toddler would be left behind in the woods.

    “left me because they didn’t like me anymore.” Thinking back at how my parents left me in the woods made tears well up in my eyes. Even before the first snick left your throat you were picked up and held closely. On instinct, you swung my arms around her and buried my head in her shoulder. In some way, it felled natural, more natural than when my mother hugged me.

    “it’s going to be okay kitten. I am going to take care of you.”

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  • avyannadawn
    11.04.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Being the Fae of the family (hc) || the Cullens

    Fandom: Twilight

    Pairings: the Cullens x faerie female reader (sibling/parental relationship)

    Warnings: mention of anxiety (tiny), a swear word or two, fluff :) its a bit long for a headcanon, but oh well.

    Summary: To where the Cullens take in a nature fae. Feedback is always appreciated >3

    Wc: 1392


    Alice and Rosalie sensing you in the forest while hunting together.

    Smelling your blood from miles away, they followed the scent to where you lay, legs tucked underneath you in a clearing, flowers blooming out your bare hands.

    They stood silently behind a tree, watching in fascination as everything blossomed to life around you, enticing the two vampires.

    Both being confused about how your blood isn’t tempting and why they have no desire to drink it. The thought making both of them curious about what you are. 

    Alice is the one to slowly walk over to you first, careful not to frighten you.

    You knew that they’ve been there, watching from behind the tree for a while now, having the trees whisper about their presence to you. 

    “Hello there, vampires,” you spoke softly, smiling as you turned to face Alice. You tilted your head to the side as you watched the vampire kneel in front of you, her pixie-like appearance catching you off guard. 

    The blonde appearing behind the other, watching you with the same look of curiosity and fascination.

    The two vampires introduced themselves as Alice and Rosalie, to which you replied, “Y/n, my name is y/n.”

    You talked in the little clearing for hours with the two vampires. Finding out that they’re ‘vegetarian’ and live amongst humans shocked you, you never knew vampires could be so kind to humans. Telling them how you a nature faerie, how you can talk to the flora and fauna around you and bring it to life. 

    Alice getting excited, bouncing on her knees with wide eyes. “Fairy? You’re a fairy?” 

    “No, I am a fae, fairies do not exist,” you replied with a giggle.

    Reluctantly agreeing to meet the rest of their family, you stood letting your magic wash over you, transitioning you into your fae form. 

    Rosalie gaping at your wings. The large butterfly-like wings, taking up all the space behind you. The thin delicate frame shone softly as the green vine-like webbing wrapped around the wings in all different green and dusty pink hues. Your height shrinking to your regular fae height rather than the human form you took when you wandered the forest.

    Flying beside the two girls as they ran (at their natural vampire speed), you reached the large white house.

    The rest of their family stood side by side on the porch as if they were waiting for your arrival.

    “Hello there,” said a tall pale blonde man who you assumed to be the leader of the small coven of vampires, all their eyes seemed to dart between the two of you. 

    You beamed up at him, “hello, I’m y/n.”

    The family loving you instantly, taking you in (you agreed of course) as their own. 

    Questions being thrown at you as soon as you meet them all, most coming from Alice and Emmett. “How do you do that?” “Why are your ears pointy?” “Can you talk to animals? Do they curse?” “How come your blood isn’t desirable?” “What do you eat?” “Can I touch your wings?” “How fast can you fly?”

    Carlisle stepping in and placing a hand on their shoulders to calm the two brunettes down as the rest of the family chuckled. 

    All being curious as to why non of them have the urge to drink from you like they do with everyone else. You assumed it had something to do with fae blood being magical, which took away the temptation from vampires.

    Jasper was relieved to be able to let himself be, given how he didn’t have to try and control himself around you. The two of you form a close bond.

    You taught Esme how to make all your native foods, explaining how each country has a different type of fae with different abilities. Like how the fae of Antarctica are frost fae.

    Edward showing you how to play the piano and in return, you showing him all the music your kind make and all the instruments of your people.

    Alice using you as her personal dress-up doll, not that you minded, you had always wanted a sister like herself and Rosalie and now you finally have them. You showed Alice all the styles of clothing fae usually wore and she loved it.

    You and Jasper would take for hours on end, exchanging history stories, teaching him the history of the fae and all the wars your people have experienced. To which he told you all about the Civil War.

    You and Rosalie bonding over cars, you had never really seen what humans use as transportation up close, so Rosalie showed you everything there is to know about them. Sometimes sitting in the seat of the car she worked on, each of you enjoying each others company. 

    Emmett absolutely adoring you. Like this boy straight up loves you, always having pillow fights or when you go hunting with them, you toying with the bears, enchanting them to talk and literally scaring him to death (pun intended;))

    Carlisle being fascinated by you, never knowing your kind ever existed. Him being absolutely floored by your healing procedures and medical treatment. Him being so curious about your wings to which you two would divulge in hours-long talks about the anatomy structure differences between humans and faeries.

    All of them being extremely worried about your wings, seeing as they look like they’re made of shiny glass. All of them being scared to breathe (hehe) in the wrong direction in case they broke you. 

    But after you and Emmett got into a pillow fight and you accidentally shot him through the wall of the living room, they were kind of shocked. You reassured them that they can be as strong as they want around you because fae rarely get hurt and even if they do they heal extremely fast.

    Them all gifting you a large botanical greenhouse for Christmas. You nearly passed out from pure joy.

    You spent all your free time there. Planting enchanted plants, ones you could never plant where humans or anyone else could find it. Seeing as each one had different effects, unknown to humans.

    All of them being shocked when they walked in for the first time after giving it to you, the once empty dome now looked like it could’ve been out of some magical film or book. 

    The entire place is lit up by shimmering flowers that hover midair. Violet, jade and teal hues sparkling like moonlight from each corner of the enclosed garden, literally bringing the entire garden to life. 

    You eventually going to school with them (in your human form) to which you get incredibly uncomfortable with the number of stares you get, hearing all the things humans whisper about you. 

    Jasper using his empath ability to calm your nerves, sending you encouraging smiles every time he feels your anxiety spike. 

    The whole family glaring at anyone who even looks at you the wrong way, and given that each and every one of them has looks that could kill, the stares stop almost immediately. 

    All your classes being with at least one of them. 

    You love school, finding the human would enthralling. 

    After about a year of being with the Cullens, you casually drop the fact that you are also immortal.

    Everything going absolutely quiet. No one knowing what to say because they all assumed you had the lifespan of a human. Rosalie is the first to react, pulling you into a tight embrace to which everyone joins in, hugging you as if you could disappear if they let go.

    Especially Esme.

    The entire family is so fucking relieved. The thought of watching their little sister/ daughter grow old and pass was one of the saddest thoughts any of them had, so they avoided it as much as possible but now knowing that they now get to spend eternity with you, they couldn’t be happier.

    The thought of taking away your fae nature to turn you vampire disgusted all of them, you were the light of their family and the comfort of hearing your tiny heartbeat made their day, knowing you were safe and alive. 

    And now after spending nearly three centuries by their side, you couldn’t be more content, knowing you finally have a family that loves you and whom you love in return just as fiercely.

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    11.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    it’s loving rosalie hale hours bc she deserves the WHOLE WIDE WORLD BABY

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    11.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I’m never going to see enough of what the Cullen Kids do all night. One night Alice and Jasper make a life-sized chessboard out of giant boulders. Alice and Emmett spend a week seeing if they can make a noise loud/high enough to shatter glass. Jasper holds world records for speedruns for pretty much any video game you could imagine. Rosalie has crafted the most horrifying shambling statues in various forests that scare the living daylights out of tourists. Edward’s guitar hero skills are otherworldly. They break into the grocery store and turn every product up side down. Alice and Rose change all storefront displays to be “better”. Emmett and Jasper dig a hole as deep as they can “just to see what’s down there”. Edward mopes a lot. Like a lot a lot. They build a house of cards using a dozen and a half full decks of cards. They play 6th dimensional chess. Tag is banned by Esme out of concern for the local wildlife. Give me more give me more give me more

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  • writtenjewels
    10.04.2021 - 17 hours ago


    Rosalie assumed that Jasper would be most comfortable around Alice; she didn't expect that she would be his second choice in companions. Surely he would prefer Edward or Emmett, or even Carlisle? But no, if Alice was occupied Jasper would seek out Rosalie. More often than not, he would end up asking questions about the Cullens' way of life.

    “You could ask Alice,” Rosalie pointed out.

    “Yes, but I like hearing your perspective.”

    “Because I'm angry?” Rosalie guessed, which earned her a smile from Jasper. How strange that the one who could sense and manipulate emotions would make her feel at ease with hers. He never judged her for them or mentioned them out loud, or tried to change how she was feeling. He let her be, and she liked him for it.

    “You're the only one who's angry,” Jasper told her. “Edward is angry, but mostly sad. Emmett is so happy, as is Alice. Carlisle and Esme are calm.”

    “What about you?” Rosalie wondered.

    “Depressed. It's better now, with Alice. Meeting all of you has helped a little as well. It doesn't take away what I was forced to be, but it gives me hope knowing I don't have to live that way anymore.” Once again Rosalie had to wonder what his life had been like before Alice. Edward knew, of course, but the rest of them would have to wait for Jasper to tell his story.

    “They annoy me sometimes, but I do love my family.”

    “Is taking the name 'Cullen' part of it? Alice has already decided to do it.”

    “You don't have to,” Rosalie assured him with a shake of her head. “I didn't; I'm still Rosalie Hale.” She went on to explain that she hadn't wanted to give up her name, even as so many other things were taken away from her.

    “It makes sense,” Jasper nodded, “though I can't say I'm particularly attached to 'Whitlock'.”

    “Jasper Cullen.” Rosalie tried it out. “It could work, I guess. If we go young we say we're adopted by Carlisle and Esme, or if we're older you can just pose as a married couple with Alice.” Jasper said nothing, intently focusing on his scarred hands. “What?”

    “It's only... I don't know if being a 'Cullen' suits me, either. Alice has already embraced all of you as family and I trust her visions that we're staying with all of you, but I feel like an outsider.” He lifted his eyes to Rosalie's face. He didn't need to say his next thought: you know how I feel.

    And she did. “When I was still human, I had a brother,” she told him. “Would you like to be mine now? We can be outsiders together.”

    Jasper stared at her for a moment, reading her mood. “Jasper Hale,” he said thoughtfully. “Yes. I think that suits me perfectly.”

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    10.04.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Just thinking about how Leah Clearwater and Rosalie Hale deserved better

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    10.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m posting this here bc I KNOW twilight-renaissance tumblr will appreciate me 🤚🏻

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    10.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    The budget for wigs in every twilight movie was whatever spare change the cast and crew had in their pockets

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    baseball scene pose practice

    #bec draws shit #wow havent used that tag in a long ass time #mine#twilight#twilight saga#bella swan#rosalie hale
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  • raindancer2004
    09.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    A life for a life

    Word Count: 2,542 Felix x OC Oneshot Warnings: Angst, fluff

    December 31st – Confrontation of Renesmee

    Once it had been declared that Renesmee is not an immortal child, Irina was ripped apart and burned for providing a false allegation to the Kings.

    Alice shows Aro a vision of what will happen if he decides to fight the Cullens and the Wolves “Now you know, that’s your future…unless you decide on anther course” “We cannot alter our course, the child still poses a great threat” Caius says to Aro “What if she can remain hidden from the human world, can we go in peace?” Edward asks “Of course, but that cannot be known” Caius replies “Actually it can” Edward cuts him off as Nahuel and Huilen break through the tree line and walk towards the Volturi. “I have been searching for witnesses of my own…” Caius cuts Alice off “We have enough witnesses” “Let him speak brother” Aro says, silencing Caius. “I am like the child, half human / half vampire. A vampire seduced my mother, who died giving birth to me. My aunt Huilen raised me as her own. I made her immortal” Nahuel advises everyone. They learn that Nahuel can survive on both blood and human food and after seven years he became full grown and hasn’t changed since.  

    Aro appears convinced all is well, and there’s no danger in allowing Renesmee to live. However, Edward reads Caius’ mind and discovers he isn’t as convinced as Aro and without thinking he trades Renesmee’s life / freedom for that of Bella’s sister. “If we traded you Felix’s mate for Renesmee’s life would you allow us to leave and live in peace?” Edward asks looking at Caius. “What? I don’t have a mate” Felix says looking confused “You do, you just haven’t met her” Edward replies “And you have?” Felix retorts “Yes actually. Her name is Annabelle, she’s Bella’s sister” Alice answers this time and shock washes over everyone’s faces. “We would need to confirm that they are mates first” Caius replies, Edward nods “You can meet her today, she’s at home.” Caius looks at his brothers for a moment, before glancing over at Felix, who still looks shocked and nodded at Edward.

    “Does your sister know about vampires?” Aro asks curiously “She found out recently, but it couldn’t be helped” Bella replied, Caius glared at them “You like breaking that basic law of ours, don’t you Edward?” “Actually, I let it slip” Alice interjected, smiling at Aro “That’s quite alright my dear, no harm done really. She was due to find out anyway, given that she is Felix’s mate” Aro replied with a smile, Caius rolled his eyes.

    Aro sent the majority of the guards back to the plane, keeping Demetri, Felix and the twins with him, Caius and Marcus. “How do you feel about meeting your mate after centuries of being alone?” Demetri asked low “I should be happy, I know…but this doesn’t seem right D. This isn’t how I thought I’d meet her.” Demetri nodded and sympathised with his friend because he too didn’t agree that this was the ideal way to meet one’s mate.

    “You know she is not going to be happy with either of you for doing this” Alice says looking at Edward and Bella. “My daughter’s life was on the line. What was I meant to do?” Edward replied “Oh I don’t know, maybe not trade in Annabelle’s life” Jasper pointed out “She’s innocent in all this and you’ve just handed her over to them like it’s nothing” Rosalie added, sounding a little upset. “They’re mates! They were bound to meet sometime” Edward shouts “This isn’t the best way though is it son?” Carlisle asks “And Bella, you’re awfully quiet, what do you think of Edward’s deal?” Tanya called out “It had to be done” Bella replied. “Let’s hope your sister is more loyal than you are” Tanya responded.

    Carlisle motioned for Felix to approach him, Aro nodded and walked alongside him towards Carlisle and Esme “Everything ok Carlisle?” Aro asked “Yes, I just wanted to give Felix some advice” Esme replied low, Felix nodded “Be patient with her, she hasn’t known about our world for long and is likely to be upset, angry even at this situation” She added “I understand” Felix replied with a nod.

    Bella and Edward go inside the Swan house to speak with Annabelle and tell her what they did and all hell breaks loose. The three Kings and the four elite guards stood in the back garden of the Swan house listening to the conversation between Bella, Edward and Annabelle, Caius finding the girl intriguing…for a human.

    “You traded my life for hers? How dare you? You had no right!” Annabelle screams at Edward “They would have killed her…” Bella tries to explain “THAT’S NOT MY PROBLEM!” Annabelle interrupts loudly “You don’t understand...” Bella tries again “NO! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. I’M NOT GOING!” Annabelle screams “YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE!” Edward shouts back “ONLY BECAUSE YOU TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME! YOU HAD NO RIGHT!” Annabelle continues to scream at Edward “I have a life; I have things I want to do with my life and being mated to a vampire is not part of my life plan. So, the deal is off!” Annabelle goes to walk away but Bella grabs her “OW!” Annabelle screams “He’s outside waiting for you. You leave tonight” Bella said, nodding towards the back yard and keeping hold of her sister’s arm “You need to go pack” Bella adds. Annabelle pulls her arm free of Bella’s hold and walks to the living room “I don’t care what deal that ginger prick and my sister made, but I am not coming with you. They had no right to trade my life for their daughter’s” Annabelle shouts, knowing they can hear her.

    “I will not make her come with us by force. It isn’t fair to her or me” Felix says looking at the Kings “The mate bond doesn’t work that way my dear boy. You know that” Marcus says softly “I haven’t actually seen her; we’ve not actually met one another so there is no bond in play” Felix replies, Marcus turns to look at him “So you’re telling me you don’t feel a pull towards her...seeing as you’re in such close proximity to one another?”  “Not really…but that might be due to her…reaction to the news” Felix replied, sounding unsure of himself, Marcus shook his head “We’ll see.”

    “If you don’t go with him now, you’ll end like how I was when Edward left me” Bella said “No I won’t. I haven’t actually met him. I can’t miss someone I don’t know, genius” Annabelle retorts “She’s a feisty little human. I like her already” Demetri says sounding both amused and impressed not caring that Bella and Edward could hear him.

    “You know what once I’m changed, I’m going to come back here and RIP YOU ALL APART!” Bella’s mouth falls open in shock “Caius won’t be happy with you” Edward says “Ha – I’ll just tell him it’s a newborn thing and he’ll just be happy I didn’t slaughter an entire village of humans and expose us. Let’s face it, he doesn’t like you two much anyway, so I’ll be doing him a favour really” Annabelle adds smiling.

    “I like the girl. I’m going to go claim her” Caius says entering the house, missing the confused look on Felix’s face. “Don’t worry Felix, he didn’t mean it how it sounded” Marcus assured him. Caius enters the house and grabs Annabelle around the waist before an incident occurs as she was standing face to face with Bella. “You’re coming home with us” Caius said in her ear and she struggled in his arm “Put me down now” Annabelle told him “If you come quietly now, I’ll have the elite guards bring you back here as a newborn to follow up on the promise of ripping these two traitor’s heads off” She stopped moving and looked over her shoulder at him “You promise?” “Yes. I promise. I may even come to watch” Caius replied grinning “Fine. I’ll come quietly…but if you break your promise, it’ll be your head I rip off. Understand?” She glared at him “I understand and I will not break my promise, as you said I don’t like them anyway. You killing them means one less problem for me” He smiled at her.

    “Wow. She threatened Caius and got away with it. Now I’m impressed” Jane smiled looking up at Felix, his face paled “She’s going to be a handful” He muttered “I know, I can’t wait” Demetri smiled wide, excitement shining in his red eyes and he patted his friend on the back. “It’s going to be an interesting year” Aro said just as Caius came out of the house carrying Annabelle. “Annabelle these are my brothers Aro and Marcus, we rule the vampire world together” “It’s nice to meet you both. My apologies for the…er…scene in there but it was abit of a shock to learn that my life had been ‘traded’ for their daughter’s” “That’s quite all right, my dear. We actually found it rather…refreshing” Aro replied smiling.

    Once on the Volturi’s private plane Caius introduces Annabelle to Felix, Demetri, Jane and Alec. “Annabelle, these four are our Elite Guards, Demetri, our resident Tracker, Felix who’s our Executioner” Annabelle gulped and took a small step back, something that Felix noticed and he frowned slightly. “These two are Jane and Alec. They’re twins and are both gifted like Demetri” Caius added. “It’s nice to meet you all” Annabelle smiled at them “Likewise” Demetri replied “Are you curious who your mate is?” Caius asked “Yeah I guess, I hadn’t really thought about it” Annabelle replied “Ok then Annabelle, you are mated to Felix” Annabelle looked between Felix and Caius “That Felix?” “Yes, we only have one Felix…that I am aware of” Caius mused “You’re sassing me? Really?” She asked staring at Caius “When you ask an obvious question, you’re going to get a sassy remark” He replied and started to walk towards his seat “Is he like Edward?” Caius raised an eyebrow at her, the four elite guards turned to look at them “Is he controlling and possessive? Because if he is, this isn’t going to work. I am not Bella. I won’t be told what I can do, where I can go and who I can talk to” She replied “No, he is not like Edward. Although, all vampires are protective of their mates, seeing as we only get one and that can sometimes come across as possessive” Caius replied “Good. That’s something at least” Annabelle said low.

    Annabelle sat down beside Felix “So…mate, how soon can I become immortal and go back kill my sister and her husband?” Demetri choked back a laugh as Felix took a deep unneeded breath “As soon as you feel ready to be changed” Felix replied “Great. Bite me” Annabelle said as she pulled her hair to one side and tilted her neck to give him access. Felix looked at Annabelle and then to Demetri who was sitting on his other side “Is she serious D?” “It would seem so Fe” He replied “Come on Felix. Bite me” “Annabelle…I…” “Demetri, will you bite me please?” She cut Felix off, Demetri smiled “Be my pleasure sweetheart” He stood up and watched as Annabelle turned to face him, he leant down and inhaled her scent “You smell nice” He whispered against the shell of her ear “Thank you…I think” Demetri carefully tilted her head a little more as his mouth filled with venom and just as he was about to bite her, he felt a strong hand on his arm “If you bite her D, I’ll have your head” Felix growled and Demetri smiled at him and sat back in his seat “See Felix you do want to bite me” Annabelle smiled and Felix sighed “I will turn you myself, but please wait till we get home. I’d like to spend the ten-hour flight getting to know you, not watch you writhe in pain” He said softly “Fine I’ll wait. But if you wuss out on me, I will let Demetri turn me” Annabelle told him before smiling at Demetri “I’ll be ready if / when you need me sweetheart” Demetri smiled back at her and Felix growled low.

    They land in Volterra and once back at the castle they begin to make preparations for Annabelle’s transformation. Felix asks Alec and Demetri to be in the room with him when he turns his mate. “Demetri, Alec please be the room with me when I change Annabelle, I may need you both to stop me from killing her, if I don’t stop on my own. After all I have never turned anyone before” “Of course Felix, I will strip your senses away to allow Demetri to pull you away from her without ripping her throat out” Alec replied and Demetri nodded “Of course I’ll be there to help Fe.”

    Annabelle woke up three days later and her eyes instantly found Felix’s and she ran straight into his arms “Thank you Felix” “You’re welcome mi amore” Felix replies as he gently cups her face in his large hands and presses his lips to her forehead.

    Jane spoke to Annabelle about changing her plan for revenge on her sister and Edward. “Annabelle, I have an idea regarding your plan for revenge” “Ok Jane, I’m listening” She replied turning to face her. “Revenge is a dish best served cold and I think we should have fun with them first…” “What were you thinking sister?” Alec cut her off “I think we should play around with Alice’s visions a little, make the decision to go and see Bella and Edward, then decide not to go or just not turn up at all. Leave it a little while and make the decision to go to them again…” “Play mind games with them?” Annabelle interrupted “Exactly, that will irritate them, maybe even drive them mad” Jane replied smiling, a wicked glint in her eyes “I like that plan because when we do finally go and exact revenge, they will not see it coming” Annabelle responded with a wicked smile “We will all be by your side when the time comes mi amore” Felix added and wrapped his arm around her.

    The next few decades were amusing to the Volturi but frustrating to the Cullens. Demetri tracked the Cullens as they moved around every so many years and took great pleasure in sending them a ‘Welcome to your new home’ card.

    Finally, when Annabelle did decide to pay her sister a visit, Caius accompanied her and the four elite guards but instead of beheading Bella and Edward as originally planned all those years ago, they gave them a ‘new home’ present consisting of recently dead small woodland creatures “For you” Caius and Annabelle said together, both sporting a wicked grin on their lips and watched as shock washed over the faces of the Cullens. “We’ve bought you a welcome to your new home meal” Caius added smiling. “Revenge is sweet, sister” Annabelle told Bella with a smile before leaving the house to return to Volterra with her family.  

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    I fully believe there are other people Edward has never heard the thoughts of, they just aren’t attractive peers at his school for him to notice. You think Edward in a crowd would realize that a little 8 year old boys head is silent? You think as he passed through a large shopping center with Alice, that he would notice that the older woman with her grandkids doesn’t have thoughts? No. If it weren’t for biology and Emmett begging to hear if she’s scared of them, he may have not noticed that Bella was silent either. I fully believe a small but not insignificant portion of the population has the same type of brain as Charlie and Bella, and Edward simply either hears elevator music, thoughts that are muffled like they’re coming from another room, or nothing at all. I just think that Edward and the other Cullen siblings are too self involved and pretentious about ~the weak little humans~ that they wouldn’t have noticed someone who evaded his powers unless they were right in front of them

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    When Rosalie questions “why, what is she to me?” when asked to wear Bella’s coat is a very valid point

    To Rosalie Bella is just a random human Edward is curious about and he’s asking her to put her life in danger by getting James and Victoria to track her instead of Bella. Why should she risk her life, and the lives of everyone she cares about, for someone she’s just met?

    #Rosalie Hale#bella swan #live posting while watching twilight
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  • znosyns
    08.04.2021 - 2 days ago
                   ❛    i  don’t  hate  you.   i   don’t  particularly  like  you  either  .  ❜  
                                            LAURA  HARRIER  as  ROSALIE  HALE.  /  based.  
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  • twilightofficial
    08.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    TW: Blood

    Twilight but instead of Edward rebelling and going on a predator killing spree it's Rosalie and she never stops

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  • renesmeeslittlelocket
    07.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    If you try to tell me the Cullen family didn’t absolutely own the 1970’s then I won’t believe you

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