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    14.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    OKOK WAIT BEFORE I GO I wanna live out my dream of writing NSFW between Jane and her human female mate- y’all want that or do u want me to fuck off—

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  • thevolturiarejustbetter
    14.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Romanians reaction to this pls @like-rain-or-confetti

    Vladimir or Stefan: talks about how many wars they fought and etc. During their like 5 millennia’s of living

    Their bored gen z human mate: I fought and won the race against 100 million other people when I was only a few hours old

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  • wallflowcr
    14.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Was that [PARK CHAEYOUNG]? Oh no no, that was just [ROSALIE HALE], a [CANON CHARACTER] from [TWILIGHT]. They are [EIGHTY EIGHT] years old and [ARE] aware that they are not actually from Washington DC. Too bad they can’t stray from this city for long

    how long has your character been here

    rosalie has been in washington for the last 14 years.

    what is your character's job


    where has your character been pulled from in their fandom

    rosalie has been pulled from the end of breaking dawn.

    has any magic affected your character


    and any other information you might find useful for us and the other members to know!!

    when rose first arrived in washington she did what was normal to her, enrolled in high school and went through another four years like normal. however when it came time for graduation she couldn’t just leave. deciding to go on to higher education this time she focused on learning to be a midwife. she’s been doing that since she graduated from college. 
    #rosalie hale | intro #hw: intro
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  • wallflowcr
    14.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    tag dump !
    #rosalie hale | narration #rosalie hale | inpiration #rosalie hale | imagery
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  • thevolturiarejustbetter
    14.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll stop writing and just reblog my fav imagines instead bc I literally suck at writing and I’m so cringe- bye

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    14.06.2021 - 6 hours ago


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  • thevolturiarejustbetter
    14.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    NSFW VOLTURI GUARD PART 2 female reader human

    Felix Volturi

    U were tiny asf like TINY compared to his huge 6’8 frame
    So sex was out of the question….at first
    He would avoid u when he would get aroused
    So u decided enough was enough and wore lingerie in front of him
    He had just come back from his feeding
    And his eyes started turning darker and darker from the lust
    He’s definitely a top but also loves it when u ride him
    But he’s still in control cuz he’s the one moving ur hips and slamming u onto him
    He has trouble with controlling himself
    The first time was a bit painful because he’s so big
    But because he ate u out for like an hour beforehand
    U were wet enough to take him on
    It hurt for a few minutes but u never felt so full and pleasured
    Anal was out of the question Tho because again he’s way too big so u would have to wait till u were a vampire
    He LOVES doggy more than anything but also loves it when u ride him
    He prefers having slow and sensual sex but can’t help himself so it soon turns out to be rough and fast
    Even as a human u push urself to go for HOURS with him
    Then u end up sleeping for like 20 hours because of the exhaustion
    When u were human, the longest u had sex with him was for 7 hours straight which is very very very impressive for a human
    Sadly u passed out from pleasure and exhaustion so y’all had to stop
    But when u turned, the longest u guys went for was for 3 days straight because Felix got some vacation days from Aro

    Demetri Volturi

    This dude was a bit hesitant at first to have sex with u
    But he couldn’t control himself
    So he planned to just fuck u for an hour because he knew how humans got tired
    But he lost track of time
    And y’all fucked for like 5 hours straight without stopping
    Which is extremely unnatural for a human to have continuous sex for 5 hours
    U were so so so sore everywhere including ur voice from all the screaming
    Demetri first started off with a bit of foreplay and then started to eat u out, making u orgasm for hours
    He then started missionary just to see u roll ur eyes and shake from the pleasure
    He would put u on top to see ur face while at the same time slamming himself into u
    He liked to move ur hips for u because he didn’t want you to tire yourself out
    When you passed out from the pleasure demetri took care of you
    He was shocked to find out that you two had been doing for 5 hours when the plan was to stop after an hour
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  • rosaliehaley
    14.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    murderous femme fatale Rosalie Hale (ca. 1933)

    #that photoshoot is so amazing and it screams rosalie #twilight#rosalie hale#twilight renaissance#twilight saga#twilight revival#rosalie cullen#nikki reed #rosalie hale edit #nikki reed edit
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  • sortofabetaiguess
    14.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    (this is messy but i’m so tired—)

    the saga of various texts sent by rosalie and her wolf gf leah. (feat jennie kim as rosalie and devery jacobs as leah!)

    #yes i know both pics of jennie have black hair but do you know how hard it is finding unwhitewashed pics of kpop idols— #leah clearwater#rosalie hale #leah x rosalie #rosaleah #rosalie x leah #rosaliexleah #jennie kim as rosalie #devery jacobs as leah #moodboards#twilight moodboards #jade attempts a moodboard #jade posts and makes it everyone’s else problem
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  • gothboutique
    14.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    we’re supposed to hate rosalie? we’re supposed to hate the girlboss? fuck off.

    #twilight#rosalie hale #i’m the one with the wicked queued ball
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    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • edwardsgreycoat
    13.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Piano

    While gifting a smile to the dancing figures he passed by, Carlisle’s eyes roamed for another. He searched for the glint of caramel hues among the crowd, but Esme was missing from the wedding affair. Not too long ago the pair had been separated by bubbling guests, excited to share their congratulations on the wedding of their youngest son. Approaching Rosalie and Emmett, he excused himself for interrupting their conversation. ‘’Have you seen your mother? He asked of Rosalie, who’s hand never left the electric embrace of Emmett’s. ‘’Not for some time, I saw her speak to Bella’s parents a short while ago.’’ She offered, a gentle smile encapsulating her perfect pout. ‘’Thank you, I’ll find her.’’ He placed an affectionate hand on both of their arms before resuming his search for his wife. Perhaps Alice would know.  ‘’Alice,’’ he called as he spotted her swaying rhythmically the vibrant jazz igniting the evening air.  ‘’Have you seen Esme?’’ Eyes bouncing with delight, she pointed towards the house. ‘’She went inside!’’  As he kissed her cheek gratefully, he promised he would return to the party soon. Fluidly, he moved his way through the bustling crowd, the sound of human and non human conversations, laughters and clinking glasses lulled into one triumphant cord. An organised chaos of joyful tones. 

    There she was, seated at Edward’s piano. Graceful fingers laid silk like touches along the keys. She looked as though she was deep in meditation, professing her devotion to a forgotten object of an ancient religion. Her eyes bounced from every detail of the piano to the next, as though it and only it, possessed perhaps the answers to the universe. Carlisle however, recognised the expression etched into her features. It was the look she expressed every time she looked into the eyes of her family. It was love. 

    Hands finding their way home as they draped over hers, he angled his lips towards her ear. ‘’You’re missing the party, my love.’’ A smile that would put even  Helen of Troy to shame laced its way upon her lips.  ‘’I didn’t want to spoil Edward’s night with my emotional thoughts’’, she said with a caressing laugh. The pair sat in silence on the piano stool, now both eyes transfixed on the pearl like keys.  ‘’I remember when we bought him this piano.’’ She whispered after a moment. Carlisle eyes locked on hers, the pair silently remembering back to the memory. Oh how those small memories meant the most to her, the beautiful precious moments that she now displayed proudly on the shrine of her heart that was devoted to her family.  ‘’That was the moment, Carlisle.’’ She spoke aloud, although the words she ushered now were more to herself, an outward professing of her heart.  ‘’Of course I knew he was gifted, intelligent...gentle...but the first time I heard him play, I knew.’’ A soft moment caught her in a silent pause.’’I wasn’t there the day he was born, when he took his first steps...brush away his tears when he fell...but the first time I saw him sit at a piano and play, I knew that I loved him and that he was my son. I knew in the very depths of my soul that I would do anything for him and that i would let nothing harm him. That was the moment.’’

    Tears had dusted along her lower lashes, glinting like the first winter snow. She looked at her husband, a look of contentment finally finding its home in her warm eyes, her loving smile, her cheeks. Finally, her job was complete. She had could rest now, knowing that all of her children had found happiness. That they were at inner peace, loved and content. Closing his eyes, Carlisle wrapped his arms around her elegant frame and buried his face into her satiny hair. ‘’Thank you, Esme. For being the very best, most exquisite part of our existence.’’

    As they sat there for a long while, holding each other, each remembering their favourite moments over the years, a sparkling laughter oozed from Esme. ‘’God, weddings really do make people an emotional mess!’’ At that moment, the sound of footsteps crossing the room towards them stirred the sentimental pair.  Edward, eyes brimming with affection, simply stood, hands relaxed but his posture remained stiff, the way he always did when he was about to deliver a heartfelt word. ‘’I would not be the man I am today had it not been for you Carlisle.’’ He approached the piano stool now, and slowly dropped to his knees in a devout act of respect, extending his hand towards Esme’s.  ‘’Esme, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me during our years together. I may have been raised by my human mother for a time, but I truly believe that I was born to be your son also, and you my mother. If this life has taught me anything, it is the importance and diversity of family. Elizabeth Masen brought me into this word, and I will love the memory of her until my time on this earth comes to an end. But you, Esme Cullen, brought me into this world in a way that I don’t believe human birth is capable of doing. You gave birth to my reason for finding joy in life, beauty, goodness. Because you chose me as your son, you raised me to accept myself even when I, could not accept myself. And for that, I will spend the rest of eternity being grateful to you,  - and being prouder than comprehensible to be your son.’’ He extended his other hand now to take Carlisle’s. Holding each of his parents hands, he declared one final truth. ‘’Thank you. Both of you, for the very best parents a son could ask for.’’ As Esme dropped to his level to wrap him in her motherly embrace, she smiled incandescently. Edward’s eyes found Carlisle’s, and the pair exchanged a simple look of knowing. Of love. 

    Holding his mother’s hand, the pair now standing, he looked out onto the terrace where the party continued below. Could this be it? Could this be the very embodiment of happiness? He was suddenly overwhelmed by his happiness, knowing that this day was only the beginning of the rest of his life. He had found the meaning to love, to happiness. He had found his heart, in the eyes, smile, laugh and touch of Isabella Marie Swan.  Father, mother and son reunited with their loved ones, Edward pulling his bride towards him and whisking her away towards the dance floor.  ‘‘To family’‘ Carlisle declared as he held a glass of champagne in his hand. ‘‘To our family’‘, Esme declared as she clinked her glass towards his. 

    #i'm not really sure what this is or if i'll write more i was watching bd p1 and got inspired #i'm a sobbing mess no one touch me #i live for the edward/esme mother/son bond <3 #enjoy hehe#drabble#fanfic#twilight renaissance #the twilight saga #breaking dawn #carlisle x esme #carlisle cullen#esme cullen#edward cullen#bella swan#twilight fanfic #edward x bella #rosalie hale#emmett Cullen#alice cullen
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    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Quotidian- chapter 2

    Luna loved her sister so much

    But seeing the 4 golden-eyed vampires in the living room, her current thoughts were the opposite of what a loving sister should have.

    The audacity this bitch has

    yup that was it.

    that was the only thing that came to her mind.

    Her sister was immortal with a loving new family.

    A mate that loved her back

    A kid that she could love and bother for the rest of her immortal eternal life.

    So why ON EARTH did her sister have to bother her.

    She would be long gone in a few months.

    She was dying

    she was one useless human out of the billions, just dying

    She had cut off her parents a long time ago

    earlier than Bella had

    and she technically had also cut off her sister

    who was now again in her living room

    furious at her

    "How dare you. I'm your sister. I love you so much and when I come home from Italy I'm met with a furious Charlie and my sister nowhere in sight? Do you know how worried I was? I don't care if you're a freaking shield who can shield herself from appearing in thoughts I was so WORRIED in case of the Volturi ever finding you. And you kept contact with Rosalie and not me? Do you know how fuckin reckless and dangerous that is? What if someone found your letters? NOT TO MENTION I KNOW ROSALIE TOLD YOU ABOUT THE ALEC VOLTURI, THE MOTHERFUCKIN WITCH TWIN BEING YOUR SOULMATE AND THE VOLTURI HAS A SHIT TON OF ENEMIES SO IF YOU USED YOUR FUCKIN BRAIN ONCE IN A WHILE YOU WOULD FIGURE OUT THAT NOT ONLY IS THE VOLTURI YOUR CONCERN BUT THE PEOPLE WHO HATE THE VOLTURI COULD'VE TORTURED U OR EVEN KILLED-

    Bella's screams echoed through the living room

    She was angry in a way a concerned mother was over her child.

    She didn't get to finish before Luna interrupted her.


    Luna stopped shouting when she saw her sister's face.

    She looked absolutely heartbroken.

    Luna continued her rant in a softer voice.

    "Bella we all know that I won't even make it to 18. I don't know shit about the Volturi but I know one thing. Even if this Alec or witch twin is my soulmate, that changes nothing. He has his other twin. According to Carlisle they're inseparable and always will be. I'll always be #2 and he probably won't even glance at me if we even ever meet. I'm human. Bella, I'm human. He probably won't even bother with me and I just can't live an eternity stuck in a relationship with a dude who probably won't love me-"

    "ok, you know what you need to shut up. The Volturi may have tried to kill my daughter but guess what? It's their job. They haven't met or heard of a half-human/vampire child so it was their duty to confront us. I can ignore the fact that they're basically murders if it's all for you. Luna, please. Carlisle told me about how rare soulmates are. Me and Edward were just blood singers and now we're mates. On the other hand, you and Alec haven't even met, yet you guys hold a possible stronger bond than us and we've spent two years/have a child together." Bella spoke while going to put her arm around Edward's waist.

    "Bella just go. Please leave me alone." pleaded Luna

    Luna was tired.

    She had an expiration date above her head and she was emotional/mentally/ and physically drained.

    "Just- Just, Luna please just hear me out."

    Luna hopelessly let herself fall back on her couch and just helplessly looked up at her desperate sister's face.

    Bella proceeded to walk towards her as she sat down next to her on the couch

    " I want you to go to Italy with me. Hear me out please, I want you to come with me to Italy and just at least, meet him. Look him in the eye and tell him that you're going to be gone by next year. I want you to at least tell him before you make your decision. If you can do that, I'll accept it too and leave you alone." Bella finished, closely watching her younger sister's facial expression.


    In a blur, Alice came forward with packed bags and suitcases.

    She had basically packed everything Luna owned in less than 10 seconds after the word was spoken.

    Luna was already regretting her decision.

    They got off the plane at midnight.

    The Volturi were notified of their visit, as they had Carliels with them, but they didn't about Luna.

    All they had told the Volturi was that Bella's younger human sister who was dying would also be coming along.

    They hadn't clarified the bond she would share with one of their most prized guards.

    And because the human was dying, the Volturi looked over the fact that the Cullens had broken another law.

    The human would be gone soon anyway so why bother.

    Esme held Luna tight.

    She was like the daughter she would have had

    "Everything will go smoothly. We're staying for one night and then we're going to go back to Forks and you can choose to spend the rest of your days as you please," Carlisle reassured Luna in a gentle comforting voice.

    She got into a car that Alice was driving, her sister choosing to sit next to her, reaching out for her hand to grasp tightly onto.

    Bella gave Luna a reassuring and comforting look, but the look of sadness and hope was also visible in Bella's eyes.

    Bella didn't care if her sister would end up being a normal vampire.

    She just wanted her sister to exist with her for the rest of eternity.

    When they had stopped by forks, she wished that when Luna was introduced to Renesmee, she would fall in love with her niece.

    But who was she kidding.

    Bella knew how much Luna had a distaste for children.

    Not to mention Renesmee was the exact spitting image of Luna when she was around 10 years old, and Luna didn't like to remembring things from the past.

    So during the short three hours, they stayed at the Cullen's residence, she avoided Renesmee like a plague while the child held a curiosity towards her only biological aunt.

    Rosalie, Alice, and Edward were rolling over when they had seen childhood pictures of Luna.

    But unlike Renesmee's bright hopeful happy eyes, Luna Swan's 10-year-old eyes showed different emotions.




    In almost every picture, Bella had now realized that Luna Swan was never really happy.

    Her sister had the most normal childhood, other than divorced parents and growing up without a proper father figure, Luna Swan had grown up normally.

    Bella had once spent a whole week frustrated flipping through photo album after photo album trying to find a childhood picture of her younger sister not looking depressed or frustrated but she couldn't find anything.

    She beat herself over and over again frustrated at how she never caught on to what her sister had felt over these past years.

    She soon was brought out of her thinking with her sister shaking her.

    "Bella we're here."

    The golden-eyed pixie turned around giving her a small nod.

    Felix and Demetri couldn't wait until their shift was over.

    The Cullens would be coming over and they really didn't care until Aro had spoken about Bella Cullen's younger human sister who was dying.

    They still didn't care but couldn't help their minds as they curiously pondered on this younger dying human.

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    12.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m sorry but the entire plot of twilight happened because a depressed vegan mind reading vampire found his bloodsinger? Not even his mate but a mf BLOODSINGER-

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    Me when I realize Tumblr notifications tricked me into thinking that @wallwriterstuff posted an imagine-

    I hate tumblr so much like pls stop tricking me-

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