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  • algernoninwonderland
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Miraculous but it’s set in the 90s and Kitty Section is a ska band. Luka plays the trombone.

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  • miraculousfanworks
    27.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Fanfiction Prompt

    (A prompt in honor of Lesbian Visibility Day) Rose prints a ton of flyers/posters to hang up all over their school and the general area, like the nearby park and the patisserie. The poster has one of Juleka's modeling photos with the caption in bold print "Have you seen her? Well now you have :)"

    via @mexicancat-girl

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  • gaylittleinnkeepers
    27.07.2021 - 20 hours ago

    woo! chapter 6!

    today on the couffaines, super gay vampires, juleka thinks a little bit more about love- alongside her favourite little blonde.

    also, i’m going to school today, so please spam my inbox while i’m gone- love y’all bye <3

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  • ar-wenn
    27.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    i was rewatching despair bear and WTF happened to rose i-💀


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  • quirksandmiraculouses
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

         A giggle escaped Rose as she was looking at the male that had rescued her, and gave the young man a hug full of joy.

        “Awww thank you, thank you, new friend! I’m glad that I met someone like you. If only there was something I could do to thank you,” Rose cooed as she then blinked as she noticed the other was pretty quiet, tilting her head as she peered up at him with her big eyes.

        “Oh! I know! What about if I treat you to something? Do you have a favorite food perhaps? I have some money on me,”


    #ic#watchfxrthefangs #▐►◕{{::Rose Lavillant / Pigella::}}◕◄▐ #//I'mma send to Xiao
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  • justanotherpersonsuniverse
    26.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    Some gay doodles

    rough au by @dawritingdragon​

    OM and PN by me

    I’m so sorry for the gender bent bits that was for shits and giggles-

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  • silverpriince
    25.07.2021 - 3 days ago

    Adrien: *texting in the group chat* I have decided on something.

    Nino: what's that dude?

    Alya: 🤞🤞

    Adrien: Alya, no I will not spray paint my dad's face on a billboard.

    Alya: sunshine live a little!

    Marinette: so I don't need to bring the outfits I spent four fucking days to make!? I'm burning them.

    Alix: no, we might need them.

    Nathaniel: that's scary—

    Alix: was meant to be.

    Nino: all of you stfu, Adrien, sweet little angel, please continue.

    Ayla: simp.

    Alix: simp.

    Marinette: simp.

    Cholé: simp.

    Luka: brutal.

    Nino: *sends a picture of him flipping everyone off and caption "this is why Adrien is my favorite person in this hellhole."*

    Adrien: awww you're my favorite person ever too 🥰

    Alya: ew, affection.

    Rose: we literally have proof of you being mushy with Marinette and Kagami.

    Alya: .... So sunshine what do you want to tell us before this becomes "Drag Alya for five minutes"

    Adrien: oh right! I'm running away and moving in with Marinette.

    Alya: DAMNIT!

    Alix: there's my money, thank you Alya 😘😘

    Nino: hell yeah!

    Marinette: mom and dad already have the papers ready, welcome home Adrien Agreste-Dupain-Cheng.

    Luka: I'm on my way I'll help you with the bags.

    Adrien: thanks guys 🥺

    Them: np!

    #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#nino lahiffe#alya cesaire#luka couffaine#nathaniel kurtzberg#rose lavillant#adrinino #alya x marinette x kagami #felt like making this
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  • yourfaveshouldvebeentrans
    24.07.2021 - 3 days ago
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  • poptartcat
    24.07.2021 - 3 days ago


    Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Chapters: 1/1
    Word Count: 737
    Day 7: Bracelet/Dance
    Juleka tries to ask Rose to a the biggest school dance of the year.
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  • mikauzoran
    23.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    JuleRose and Lukadrien: Lament (One-Shot)

    Summary: When Juleka starts fretting, Rose supports her and encourages her to think positively. Meanwhile, Adrien and Luka flirt like dorks.

    Read it on AO3: JuleRose and Lukadrien: Lament

    Juleka’s eyes narrowed as she watched Luka and Adrien on the other side of the main cabin.

    Adrien was teaching Luka how to play their old keyboard, and Luka was pretending to be absolutely inept, making Adrien show Luka things over and over.

    “Sorry. How do I play an F minor chord again?” Luka asked for the third time.

    Adrien just chuckled, smiled like a super nova, and gently placed Luka’s hand, letting his fingers linger a little longer than strictly necessary.

    It was ridiculous.

    Juleka had seen Luka fiddling around on the keyboard just last week playing jazz scales, and it annoyed her that he was acting like a ditz because of a boy. It was beneath him.

    “Juju, are you okay?” Rose inquired softly, setting down the glass she’d been drying and coming over to her girlfriend’s side. “You look like you’re trying to shoot laser beams out of your eyes.”

    Juleka’s shoulders rose to her ears, and she grumbled under her breath.

    “Huh? What did you say?” Rose came around to Juleka’s other side, craning her neck to meet Juleka’s gaze under her curtain of hair.

    Juleka took a deep breath and repeated, “It’s hard to watch my brother make a fool of himself over some guy.”

    Rose bit her lip and looked up at Adrien and Luka across the room.

    Adrien had his arm around Luka as he guided Luka’s hands.

    Rose grimaced and took Juleka by the hands, tugging her around the kitchen counter and up above deck to the upstairs living room.

    Rose sat them down on the couch and turned to Juleka. “Juju, Luka’s not making a fool of himself.”

    “Yes, he is,” Juleka retorted sullenly. “He’s pretending like he doesn’t know the first thing about piano so Adrien will fuss over him and give him attention. Rose, Luka taught himself to play violin, and you know how good he is. This whole asking Adrien to show him how to play the same notes again and again thing is degrading.”

    “Oh, my sweet Juleka,” Rose sighed, rubbing soothing circles on the back of Juleka’s hand with her thumb. “It’s not like that at all. It’s their thing. They’re flirting. It’s what they do. Haven’t you noticed that whenever Luka is giving Adrien guitar lessons, Adrien always asks Luka to show him how to play F?”

    Juleka blinked.

    She had noticed that, but she’d just thought Adrien was bad at guitar.

    “It’s a game with them,” Rose explained patiently. “They’re just playing. It’s an excuse for them to touch each other.”

    “Oh,” Juleka mumbled, feeling dumb.

    Rose smiled sympathetically, giving Juleka’s hand a squeeze. “…I’ve noticed that you’re not too thrilled about Adrien hanging around here so much. I’ve seen you spying on them whenever he’s here.”

    She chewed pensively on her bottom lip for a moment before tentatively asking, “…I thought you liked Adrien. Do you not?”

    Juleka slumped, letting her head tip back. She blew out a long sigh. “I do like Adrien. I like him a lot. I just…I’m not sure I like him getting so close to my brother.”

    Rose’s eyes widened in honest surprise. “Oh, no. Why not? I think they’re adorable together…and they obviously like one another.”

    Juleka winced, shaking her head. “Luka gets so attached to people, and he’s extra vulnerable right now because he just had that breakup last month. Plus, there’s no way Adrien’s dad is going to allow this. I just don’t want to see Luka hurt, Rose.”

    Rose nodded, patting Juleka’s hand. “I know. You’re not wrong to feel that way, Juleka, but…don’t you want to see Luka happy?”

    Juleka quirked an eyebrow, sitting up straighter. “Of course I do.”

    “Then I need you to concentrate on all the ways Luka and Adrien could go right instead of all the ways they could go wrong,” Rose coaxed. “You’re right. This isn’t going to be easy for them with Adrien’s dad and him being famous and everything…but maybe it will all work out and it’ll be worth it. Either way, Luka’s going to need our support.”

    Juleka gradually started to nod as understanding dawned upon her.

    “Even if it doesn’t go well, let’s support Luka because, right now, he’s very, very happy with Adrien, and we don’t want to spoil that for him by bringing up the things that could go wrong. Let’s just be in the moment and be there to help if things do go wrong. Okay?”

    Rose tipped her head to the side and gave Juleka a dazzling smile.

    Juleka’s lips twitched into a faint echo of Rose’s.

    “You always know just what to say,” she chuckled as she pressed a kiss to Rose’s temple.

    “I’m magic like that,” Rose replied with a wink, leaning in to steal a quick smooch from Juleka’s lips. “Just…don’t worry so much, okay? It’s going to be all right, Juleka.”

    “Thanks,” Juleka whispered, resting her head against Rose’s.

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  • ghostlybird-gelato
    23.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    It’s Julerose Week! To-day’s prompt is: Photo!

    I got inspired by Reflekdoll~


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  • poptartcat
    23.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    The Butterfly Effect

    Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Chapters: 1/1
    Word Count: 944
    Summary: Julerose week day 6: Invisible/Picture
    The story of how Rose and Juleka met.


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  • buttshellyumeno
    22.07.2021 - 5 days ago

    Rose talking to her girlfriend juleka😌

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  • pandalob
    22.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    I had the idea of Rose with a parasol, so Time traveling Rose. 🐰 🌸

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  • username8746489
    22.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    Something I Noticed

    You are literally unable to steal Pigella’s miraculous from her. Why?

    Because it isn’t there. 

    Rose had the smartest idea of just. covering it up using her outfit.

    (And other holders are able to do this too! (Mainly thinking of Chat’s space power up, I looked up the reference sheet for him and I couldn’t see his ring.) Like I understand for some (Namely, snake holders) need their miraculous to be out in the open to use them for their powers, but the rest have no excuse!)

    #miraculous ladybug#ml spoilers#rose lavillant#pigella #can't believe rose is the smartest character in the show
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