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    Sonic And TMNT Unite 2

    #sonic the hedgehog #art #knuckles the echidna #teenage mutant ninja turtles #video games #miles tails prower #shadow the hedgehog #amy rose #blaze the cat #espio the chameleon #leonardo#donatello#raphael#michelangelo#april o’neil#casey jones #manic the hedgehog #master splinter #venus de milo #tmnt 2003#tmnt
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    28.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Sophisticated Look at the Three Level Building of the Choy House in the US

    Sophisticated Look at the Three Level Building of the Choy House in the US

    Different kinds of challenges such as choosing the best materials and designs, selecting the best designer and architects are one of the most important factors to consider when you start planning rebuilding your house. Today we will be sharing to you a house design with a 2,700 square feet built in Flushing, a neighborhood in the north-central part of the New York borough of Queens. The designer…

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    #Choy House #O’Neill Rose Architects #US
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    13.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    The Kiss. Rose O’Neill.

    At a young age, [Rose Cecil O'Neill] became the best-known and highest- paid female commercial illustrator in the United States. (x)
    #rose o’neill#19th century #*exact date unknown. #illustration#art history#artist: american#kiss #*there was so little information ....
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    15.01.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #o’neill rose architects #garden #small contemporary urban garden #fence#veranda#afotw
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    09.10.2020 - 8 monts ago

    illustration by rose o’neill ❣️

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    09.10.2020 - 8 monts ago

    illustration by rose o’neill ❣️

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    art by rose o’neill

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    art by rose o’neill 🐸

    #the frog 🥺 #not my pic #rose o’neill#kewpie#cute#vintage
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    21.04.2020 - 1 year ago
    TAG DROP  •  Mary Connors (1/5)

    MARY CONNORS  •  i’m very adept at being a human safety net. MARY CONNORS  :  face. MARY CONNORS  :  voice. MARY CONNORS  :  about. MARY CONNORS  :  thoughts. MARY CONNORS  :  likes. MARY CONNORS  :  music. MARY CONNORS  :  desires. MARY CONNORS  :  wardrobe. MARY CONNORS  :  aesthetic. MARY CONNORS  &  patrick connors. MARY CONNORS  &  catherine  ‘ cathy ’  connors. MARY CONNORS  &  rosemary  ‘ rose ’  cavanaugh. MARY CONNORS  &  phillip  ‘ phil ’  connors.  ( philconnors ) MARY CONNORS  &  anne marie  ‘ annie ’  o’neill. MARY CONNORS  &  grace connors. MARY CONNORS  &  rita hanson.  ( ritahanson )

    #td. #MARY CONNORS  •  i’m very adept at being a human safety net. #MARY CONNORS  :  face. #MARY CONNORS  :  voice. #MARY CONNORS  :  about. #MARY CONNORS  :  thoughts. #MARY CONNORS  :  likes. #MARY CONNORS  :  music. #MARY CONNORS  :  desires. #MARY CONNORS  :  wardrobe. #MARY CONNORS  :  aesthetic. #MARY CONNORS  &  patrick connors. #MARY CONNORS  &  catherine  ‘ cathy ’  connors. #MARY CONNORS  &  rosemary  ‘ rose ’  cavanaugh. #MARY CONNORS  &  phillip  ‘ phil ’  connors.  ( philconnors ) #MARY CONNORS  &  anne marie  ‘ annie ’  o’neill. #MARY CONNORS  &  grace connors. #MARY CONNORS  &  rita hanson.  ( ritahanson )
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    11.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Mabel, after Evie does something stupid: Do you ever look at your best friend who you've known your whole life, been through thick and thin, shared your whole life with them, and think, "I'd just love to fucking knock you out?"

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    11.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    I was tagged by @abedsmessedupmeta

    1. Why did you choose your url?

    I had signed up for another social media and was actually trying to use an AIM username from high school, but it was taken.  I wanted to keep the star part and the daisy part, so I pivoted to combined stargazer lily with daisy.  And then it became a little bit of a pun and I liked it even more.  

    2. Any side blogs?

    There is one that I share with a couple other people, but none of us have used it in a couple years.  

    3. How long have you been on tumblr?

    I technically created my account in December 2013, I believe (after I had binged Doctor Who).  But i only used it sporadically.  That is until August 2015 when I had finished binging Agents of SHIELD seasons 1-2 and had so many feelings, I decided to definitely make it everyone else’s problem.  And well, no one has been able to drag me away since.  

    4. Do you have a queue tag?

    I do not, which is interesting considering 98% of my posts are queued.  

    5. Why did you start your blog in the first place?

    Because I couldn’t get enough Doctor x Rose and Pinterest was running out of things to show me, plus I noticed that most of them were from tumblr anyway, so I decided to go to the original source.

    6. Why did you choose your icon/pfp?

    I always has an actual daisy as my icon, until last year when I was all into The Rookie and decided I wanted a person icon.  So then @firstdegreefangirl made us matching icons.  She took one picture that had Melissa O’Neill (Lucy) and Alyssa Diaz (Angela) together, split it so we each had one, and then colored them to match each of our blogs specifically.  The tumblr version of a BFF necklace.  :D 7. Why did you choose your header?

    Because stars.  

    8. What’s your post with the most notes?

    Probably the screencap of a text conversation with my husband about when we were moving and I needed to pick out stuff for our new bathroom.  I tagged thebibliosphere in it, she reblogged it, and BAM hundreds of notes.  It’s up to over 900 notes now and still getting likes on a regular basis.  

    9. How many mutuals do you have?

    57, huh.

    10. How many followers do you have?

    651 as of writing this, but it fluctuates frequently

    11. How many people do you follow?


    12. Have you ever made a shit post?


    13. How often do you use tumblr a day?

    Am i ever not using it?

    14. Did you ever have a fight/argument with another blog?

    A couple of times, but nothing huge or long lasting, really.  Just a couple of disagreements on a single thread.  

    15. How do you feel about the ‘you need to reblog’ posts?

    The guilt tripping “you have to reblog this or you’re heartless!” posts?  They can sit on a cactus.  Frigging bite me.  

    16. Do you like tag games?

    I do!  Sometimes it takes me awhile to get to them, but I try to always do them (unless I’m getting tagged a second or third time after I did it the day before)

    17. Do you like ask games?

    I doooooo!  

    18. Which of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?

    Depends on what you mean by famous.  I definitely have a few who are well known in our respective fandoms.  

    19. Do you have a crush on a mutual?

    romantic?  Not so much.  Platonic?  hell yeah.

    20. Tags!

    @universallongings, @firstdegreefangirl, @evieoh, @fromiftowhen, @pia-bartolini, @farfarawaygirl

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    muses and fcs i wanna use. lmk if you’re interested! 

    fcs i wanna use

    adeline rudolph

    aisha dee

    aldis hodge

    amanda seyfried

    anna diop

    antonia thomas

    ashley madekwe

    brenda song

    choi sooyoung

    hwang in-yeop

    jamie chung

    jessica henwick

    ji chang wook

    john kim

    jurnee smollett

    kang han na

    kang tae oh

    kim do yeon

    kim tae ri

    krysten ritter

    lana condor

    lee da hee

    lee do-hyun

    lee pace

    lee sun bin

    lupita nyong’o

    melissa o’neil

    mena massoud

    michael trevino

    ni ni

    okamoto tao

    park bo young

    park so dam

    park yoo na

    quintessa swindell

    rachel hilson

    rahul kohli

    raymond ablack

    rebecca ferguson

    samara weaving

    song kang

    tahirah sharif

    timothy olyphant

    van veronica ngo

    yoo in na

    yoon so hee

    muses i wanna use (some are more written out than others due to newness lol - down for other plots not listed)

    -alisha murphy; 38; fc: billie piper

    general practitioner at a small town practice; sweet; married to her job and will drop everything to help someone; surrounds her office/home with different plants; doesn’t really have time for romance but loves love; gives all the advice and never takes her own

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3

    -charlotte kwan; 30; fc: jung eun-chae

    medical resident; sarcastic/dry humor; straightforward; will stand up for herself and others; slightly competitive; has a good work-life balance

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3 

    -chester “chess” mao; 52; fc: lucy liu

    works for a supernatural verse if wanted (shapeshifter and/or immortal being)

    oddball; works random jobs to have some cash but otherwise lives comfortably (by her standards); likes to help strangers and people in a bind; observant; likes to travel to random/obscure places; isn’t very serious; can sometimes talk in circles rather than getting to the point; loves cats; can be petty when provoked

    inspo: phoebe buffay (friends), nick miller (new girl)

    plot idea: 1, 2, 3, 4

    -cordelia lee; 38; fc: song ji hyo* (alt. park bo young)

    works for a supernatural verse if wanted (vampire or magical abilities)

    astronomer; lived against her family’s expectations; fell in love at a young age but lost them to unfortunate circumstances; mostly a “spinster” due to it; finds comfort in the nighttime; goes camping; soft

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3

    -evelyn wan; 31; fc: go bo-gyeol

    interior designer; usually on the quieter side unless she’s talking about her work; type of person to be in love with their best friend and never say anything; homebody; also doesn’t sleep because she overworks herself

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3

    -harmony rosales; 26; fc: cierra ramirez

    got married too young and is now going through a horrible divorce; ex is an asshole; loves loves, so super sad about her marriage failing; also a marriage counselor; cares about everyone and everything; comes off sophisticated, but is a mess; likes to surround herself with pretty things

    plot ideas: 1, 2

    -isabelle wollf; 51; fc: rachel weisz

    professor of biology and drama; lives in santa cruz; science nerd; goes to play, concerts, and art galleries; comes from money but doesn’t seem like it; disorganized teacher; tends to go on tangents when lecturing/speaking; was in one serious relationship set up by their families

    plot ideas: 1, 2

    -katharine goodwin; 42; fc: rosamund pike

    money launderer; conwoman; pretend heiress essentially; likes to live lavishly; manipulative; will be cold/curt if she doesn’t know them/doesn’t like them; fiercely loyal to people she cares about; willing to get her hands dirty, but prefers not to; doesn’t have family ties

    inspo: rio (good girls), mazikeen (lucifer), emily thorne (revenge)

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3, 4

    -kayla driscoll; 41; fc: rose byrne

    art curator; moved away from her family in australia for her job; paints in her free time; middle child of two sisters; makes bad choices when she’s interested in someone; ignores red flags all the time; always gives people the benefit of the doubt; constantly gives people a second chance

    plot ideas: 1, 2

    -kim joo won; 31; fc: choi sooyoung

    works for a supernatural verse if wanted (fallen angel or immortal being)

    enjoys antagonizing people; flirty; doesn’t think about boundaries most of the time; likes having stupid fun; has a difficult time opening up emotionally to others; collects art, clothes, and jewelry; made her money through investments and owning property

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3, 4

    -lucinda “lucy” dyer; 46; fc: amy adams

    bad at communication; uses physical intimacy as a distraction; black sheep/ostracized from her family; works at a book store; passed law school/exam but decided against her career; smokes and drinks a little too much; witty; comes off standoffish; pretends to not care; lonely; doesn’t know how to ask for help

    inspo: fiona gallagher (shamless), camille preaker (sharp objects), jessica jones (jessica jones)

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3

    -marlow mao; 40; fc: elodie yung

    family made their wealth through shady means; sold out her father’s criminal activity and had to “runaway” essentially; artist; sells her work under a pseudonym; lives in one of those rich, beach towns; personable but private; doesn’t let people know about her past; worried/concerned about her family/her father’s connection’s finding her

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3, 4

    -natasha chung; 29; fc: shin se-kyung

    event planner for upscale events; temperamental; difficult in relationships (trust issues, jealously, not emotionally available enough, indecisive); doesn’t necessarily trust people in general because her social status/family wealth; can be a tad immature at times personally; badass at work; high-end taste

    plot ideas: 1, 2

    -quentin dae; 25; fc: nam joo hyuk* (alt. lee young hwa, lee do-hyun)

    actual nice guy; carpentry and repairs are his thing; very much a quiet nerd growing up; looks like he has it together, but does not; will highkey freak out and worry during inconveniences; rarely crushes on people and tends to like the same person for long periods of times; is very bad at flirting

    plot ideas: 1, 2

    -rosaline perkins; 29; fc: elizabeth lail 

    architect at a big international firm; moved to paris for a job; found out she was pregnant after a one night stand; didn’t bother finding the bio dad before the move; decided with family support to keep her baby; can either be working in paris or has moved back to wherever else

    plot ideas: 1, 2

    -sun hee “sunny” park; 29; fc: lee sung-kyung

    script supervisor; had a childhood best friend (and crush) that moved away without warning; feels like she’s surrounded by idiots a majority of the time; loves her job but hates it for dealing with people; has worked in the industry for nearly 10 years; super organized; slight control freak; social interactions exhaust her

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    -tara hwan; 49; fc: sandra oh

    baker; owns a bakery shop in the city; very confident in herself and her abilities; comes across scary but is surprisingly sweet; likes to end her day with a glass of wine and trash tv; constantly thinking of new baking ideas/designs; doesn’t put up with rudeness or entitled people

    plot ideas: 1, 2

    -tinsley porters; 28; fc: jodie comer* (alt. adelaide kane, chloe bridges)

    doesn’t stick to a job more than a year; like adventure/traveling; gets restless easily; immature at times; child at heart; can be reckless; believes in soulmates; follows treat others the way they’re treating you; avoids problems and serious situations/conversations; orphaned at 3 years old; believer in found families

    inspo: peter pan (peter pan)

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3

    -winona renwick; 30; fc: poppy drayton* (alt. jenna coleman, amber stevens)

    aspiring chef; spent a majority of her time taking care of her father (widowed and an alcoholic) when her mom passed away; lost her mom in her early teenage years; decided to move away for college to live her own life; worked 3 jobs until she found a steady income after graduating; doesn’t know how to do healthy relationships due to her dad; doesn’t want to have to rely on anyone for help or be a burden; passionate when it comes to cooking

    plot ideas: 1, 2, 3 

    #plot bunny#wanted fc #also just reference for myself #probably going to try and make chara bio thingies again #maybe lol
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    25.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    🐢✨TMNT 2k14/16: Jennifer Campbell ✨🐢

    Meet Jennifer Campbell, Aliyah’s best friend! I haven’t drawn her and barely mentioned in previous posts before. So I made a character bio of her!

    Name: Jennifer Campbell

    Nicknames: Jenny, Jenn [Given by Aliyah and her mother], Sweetheart, Dear [Given by Donnie], Oreo [Given by Mikey], Mini Dalmatian [Given by Raph]

    Age: 19

    DOB: February 27 (Pisces ♓️)

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Ethnicity: 70% American, 30% Afroamerican


    Height: 5'4

    Weight: 121lbs.

    Hair: Short and super puffy (almost like Afro), Pitch black

    Eyes: Round shape, Small Eyebrows, Baby blue (Inherited from her father)

    Nose: Medium round.

    Skin: Almond beige with pale spots in her body. Suffers a disease called “Vitiligo” (A Degenerative skin disease that causes the disappearance, due to limited plaques, of skin pigmentation).

    Face type: round and pointed chin. Thick lips and round jawline

    Body type/Build: Slim, Medium Bust/ C cups. Tiny Waist, Round hips.

    She wears glasses (Most of the time wears contact lenses)

    Her favorite colors are Neon

    Style: Unlike Aliyah, She’s very girly. Loves to wear things fabulous and stylish. Like crop tops, long or short dresses, turtlenecks, scarves, sweaters, skirts, tank tops, t-shirts, jeans, leggings, sandals, sneakers, heels.

    Weapons: None, she tries to defends herself with anything she finds.

    Friends: The Turtles, Splinter, April O’Neil, Casey Jones, Vern Fenwick, Aliyah Rose (Sister-in-law and Best Friend)

    Enemies: Shredder and The Foot Clan, The Purple Dragons, Bebop and Rocksteady, Kraang

    Love Interest: Donatello 💜

    Occupation: Part-Time Waitress on her Mother’s Bakery Store and Dinner called “Devyn’s Cook Palace”, Student at College where she practices clothing design, Secret hacker, helps sometimes Donnie whenever he needs help with hacking.

    Location: She lives in 520 East 14th Street in New York, along with her sister-in-law Aliyah (Which means she’s her roommate).

    #teenage mutant ninja turtles #tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles out of the shadows #tmnt oots#tmnt movie#tmnt bayverse#tmnt 2014#tmnt 2016#tmnt oc#my art#my artwork #my oc art #jennifer campbell
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    24.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    All's Fair in Love and Cake: Chapter 1

    I hate writing first chapters, but here we are! Finally finished! I'm planning to get one chapter out a week. Obviously, that depends on how everything pans out health-wise in the next week or so.

    Also, sorry for any misuse in French. These are phrases I've heard either through talking with French friends or at work years ago. My level of speaking skills is still pretty low so some phrases might be out of context. 😅

    Pairing: Marcus Pike x Reader (can be read as gender-neutral in this chapter, but later chapters will be more 'female' based)
    Words: 2.4k
    Genre: fluff, romantic comedy
    Warnings: swearing, heavily mentions food and cake, mentions of marriage and weddings.
    Summary: A cake theft is threatening to ruin an old friend's reputation. On top of that, a pair of old lovers pop back into the picture and somehow you find yourself faking an engagement to your colleague, Marcus. Nothing could go wrong, right?

    If someone had told you last month you’d be stood in the middle of a bridal shop with Marcus Pike, you would have laughed in their face. You might have also broken down crying too, but that was a whole other story.

    Giving credit where credit was due, Liv had an amazing shop. Three floors, all open plan with high ceilings and an expensive chandelier that costs more than your monthly rent that dangled above the fancy stairwell.

    And there was just so much white. Everywhere. White marble floors. White couches. White roses in white and gold vases lined the white painted walls. Much to your surprise, the least white thing in the store was the dresses.

    Of course, there were rails upon rails of different shades of white gowns, but you were starstruck by the rainbow selection kept at the back of the second floor, a row of brightly coloured silk and lace organised perfectly to form a rainbow.

    Liv disappeared through the double doors, giving you strict instructions to stay put while she talked to the kitchen staff.

    And, so, you were left unattended amongst a bunch of pretty and expensive dresses. It would be a crime not to snoop around a little!

    You never really thought about wedding dresses. Not out of disinterest, it was all Liv ever talked about and you were happy to listen as she flicked through the latest collection she had her eyes on.

    You just never thought you would be the type to get married. Or find someone who was willing to even try. Especially after what happened last time.

    You really didn’t want to be thinking about last time.

    Snooping was a good distraction, skimming through the rainbow dresses before moving across the room to the more traditional styles. The various shades of white and beige blended together, your hand stopping on a pretty ivory gown with a low-cut top and puffy bottom, Liv’s voice chirping in the back of your head giving you the sales pitch of a lifetime.

    “This one is a tea length gown with handcrafted embroidered detailing along the body and skirt, giving it a vintage inspired look that is very in right now. The light fabric makes it perfect for this spring weather. It’s easy to style, which you would like, plus it makes you look like royalty.”

    You had to agree with your friend’s imaginary voice, it was a dress worthy of royalty. Until you flipped over the price tag and your heart near jumped out of your throat.

    ‘We’re in a wedding store.’ Marcus leaned over with a chuckle, sounding nowhere near as shocked by the six digits slapped on the garment, ‘Everything is overpriced. Not sure you can afford that one.’

    ‘You would know.’ You quipped back, ‘How many times have you been married again?’

    A bit harsh? Maybe.

    But you caught the playful roll of his eyes, hip bumping into your side suggesting he at least found some humour in your crude joke.

    Marcus turned back to the painting he had been looking at, arms crossing his chest, and shit was he getting defensive?

    Lips pursed, nose winked, his head tilted to the left like a puppy trying to act cute waiting for a treat and you couldn't tell if he was just really into analysing the painting of a...hyperrealistic black and white rose or masking the pain of the shitty joke.

    'She didn't steal it, did she?'

    Luckily, his smile came back, putting your mind somewhat at ease, 'Not that I can tell.'

    Liv popped her head back through the double doors, ‘He’s ready to see you.’

    The two of you followed her through another hallway, thankfully not white this time, but just as frilly with large bunches of flowers and more expensive paintings framing the walls.

    ‘Just to warn you, he’s not in the best mood right now.’

    Not the best start.

    ‘I’m sure we’ll survive.’ You joked trying to ease some of the tension that was gathering in the air, ‘As long as nothing rotten is thrown in my direction, I’m good.’

    The shock on Marcus's face was priceless, ‘That’s happened before?’

    ‘Once or twice.’ You shrugged like it wasn’t a big deal.

    Liv laughed as she pushed open the double doors.

    The kitchen was exactly how you remembered it from the last time you visited. Shiny, stainless steel worktops spanning around the whole room with another giant island of similar benches in the middle. A mixer ran off in the corner, omitted a sweet vanilla smell that had your mouth watering.

    You were home.

    ‘Where’s the uniform?’ A voice boomed across the room, soon followed by an elderly man dressed head to toe in an all-white chef’s uniform walked out of the fridge. His frown and dark facial hair matched perfectly with the cold nature of the room, ‘I was expecting uniforms. Or badges.’

    ‘Always nice to see you too, Andre.’ You snarked back, biting back a laugh at the way he grunted, slapping down a ball of fondant onto the metal workstation with such vigour it made Marcus jump, ‘I’m doing a favour for Liv.’

    Liv nodded frantically, voice so shaky she stumbled over her words, ‘I didn’t want the store getting in the news for trouble.’

    ‘So, no uniforms or badges.’ You gestured to you and Marcus.

    The elderly man let out a huffed response, on the move as he continued muttering to himself. All eyes were trained on him as he shuffled around the kitchen, pulling at a draw aggressively and rummaging around until he presented a large wooden rolling pin

    Andre turned, his weapon of choice directed in Marcus’s direction, ‘And him?’

    Wide-eyed and caught in the headlights of a grumpy old French baker, Marcus faulters.

    ‘This is Special Agent Pike. He works for the arts division. He’s doing me a favour.’

    ‘Arts division.’ Andre scoffed. ‘I do not need arts division. I need answers. Someone is stealing my cakes. My work.’

    ‘And this is why we’re here, but my division works more with USFDA. Stolen cakes aren’t really my territory.’ You bumped your hip into Marcus’s leg, earning enough attention for him to snap back from the shock, ‘Agent Pike, on the other hand, knows a lot about priceless works of art.’

    ‘Oh, yeah.’ Marcus nodded, deciding now would be a great time to jump in, ‘Yeah. I’ve seen photos. Your cakes are truly beautiful. The best I’ve ever seen!’

    That was enough to draw a smile out of Andre, lowering the pin with a chuckle. Marcus could finally breathe again.

    Nothing like buttering up an old man with flattery to get him on your sweet side, ‘I make cakes for royalty, you know?’

    ‘As you like to tell everyone.’ Liv joked with fondness, ‘But we need to move things on. These two are very busy people.’

    Andre waved his hand in dismissal as he shuffled back to his station, ‘Chut! What could be more important than this?’

    ‘I have six restaurants under investigation that I need to visit today.’ You shifted a little closer, voice a little lower as you said, ‘One of them being O’Neil’s.’

    That caught his attention. The old man slowly glanced up in your direction, that soft sparkle in his eyes turning to something more murderous.

    ‘Espece de merde!’ the metallic slap of fondant against the bench rang out through the room, ‘I knew that bastard was up to something.’

    The fondant was now a perfectly flat circle which he attacked with just as much anger. It was somewhat amusing. You had never seen a man slice out such flawless delicate curves with such rage.

    ‘Here is what you need to know; someone has been stealing my cakes. They remake them and put them to sell on the internet. People have been giving them bad reviews. They think it’s me and…’ tears clouded Andre’s eyes, a thickness in the back of his throat clogging the words but he quickly pushed all that down ‘...I would never make such low quality.’

    Andre grabbed the rolling pin, his wrinkled hands shook with each hard hit. Marcus honed in on the switch of the knife, each swipe ending with a scrape of metal on metal as Andre drew the blade back towards himself.

    He swallowed thickly before asking, ‘And you think O’Neil is behind this?’

    ‘O’Neil is a piece of shit who cannot tell a crème fouetté from a crème pâtissière.’ Spite dripped from his words, the knife clattering to the bench. Ever so carefully, Andre picked up the thin ribbons of fondant and began sculpting, ‘Of fucking course it is not him.’

    ‘Is there anyone else it could be?’ You leaned in to get a better look, watching in amazement as he layered the pieces of sugary paste, twisting them here and there into an intricate pattern, ‘Anyone new working here?’

    ‘There is a new boy. He brings in the flowers. Other than that, I do not know.’

    ‘You mean Liam?’ Liv asked, ‘He’s only been working here three weeks. This cake theft has been going on for months.’

    Marcus shrugged. ‘There’s no harm in asking him. We don’t have much else to go off.’

    Liv nodded and shifted from one foot to another nervously. She had been acting off all week. Barely sleeping. Barely eating. The business was her baby, and now that it was under threat, she didn’t know what to do.

    You took her hand from across the table and she looked up at you with tears swimming in her bright eyes, ‘We’ll figure this out.’

    She flashed you a watery smile, doing all she could not to break down right on the spot.

    ‘Voilà!’ Andre held up the sweet pink rose with gentle hands, his new prized possession.

    Softly, he placed it into the palm of your hand. It looked so real, as if he had picked up one of the roses from outside the shop and dusted it with icing sugar.

    You opened your mouth to thank him, but he held up a finger, telling you to wait before shuffling back into the walk-in fridge. Andre reappeared moments later with a large white box decorated with an elaborate bow, ‘Incentive. For your work.’

    You raised an eyebrow, ‘Are you bribing FBI agents, Andre?’

    He pushed the box closer with a smile, ‘Piss off! Be good. Find my cakes.’

    There was no way in hell he was going to take no for an answer. Not that you were ever going to turn down free cake.

    You took the box, carefully placing the rose inside, asking Liv to send you an email with all possible suspects.

    'Do you really think you can catch him?' Liv asked while showing you and Marcus out. She kept her voice low, the shop was already starting to get busy for the day, 'I know this isn't really your department.'

    'How hard can it be? World-renowned baker gets his work stolen, Pie deals with this kind of stuff all the time.' You could hear the eye roll from the agent behind you, 'We'll catch him. Search into a few of these sites, nothing more than a few questions and some deep web shenanigans.'

    For the first time in weeks, Liv was something other than a purely anxious mess, 'Thank you again, both of you.'

    You said your goodbyes just as a larger group bustled into the shop, being boisterously loud for seven in the morning and you did not envy your friend one bit as you and Marcus made a quick exit.

    There was nothing more beautiful than DC in the spring. Tree and flowers were beginning to show colour again. The few people you caught passing by appeared to be somewhat happy.

    Everything just looked less depressing, for a better word.

    It was still early morning, far too early to head to HQ without raising suspicion from your supervisors, the pinky-orange sun still hanging low in the sky.

    ‘Is O’Neil’s really under investigation?’

    Marcus had asked once you had settled in a local park. For the first time in months, it was warm enough to sit outside. Although, the bench was still slightly wet from the weeks of showers DC had been subjected to, making your jeans cling to your thighs uncomfortably. But the smell of rain and damp grass was nice, so was the light breeze that rustled through the newly budding blossom trees.

    ‘What? Oh, fuck no! Dude’s held a clean record since he opened five years ago. I just needed Andre to speak, knew he had beef with O’Neil. Voilà!’

    ‘You’re horrible.’ He choked on a laugh, brow raising when he saw you trying to unknot the bow securing the deliciousness out of your reach, ‘Are you really going to eat those?’

    ‘Yeah, why not?’

    ‘I don’t know. It’s just, don’t you guys in the food department get poisoning from these things?’

    You eyed him a moment. Did he really think you to be that stupid? That after years of training, you would willing eat something without a care in the world? And it wasn’t like Andre was a total stranger with some vendetta on your head.

    But then it hit you. This was nothing to do with you, ‘Oh my god, you’re one of those types.’

    ‘What types?’

    ‘I know you were a goodie-goodie please everyone types, Agent Pike. Didn’t know you were this by the book.’

    ‘It just seems wrong taking a bribe from an old man.’

    ‘You’ve never taken a bribe before?’ You waited for a response, but nothing. The most you got out of him was a sheepish glance and a flattening of his lips as he shuffled awkwardly, ‘Seriously? Never!’

    ‘I mean, I have. Just, you know?’

    ‘You scared the mean old man is going to come after you with a rolling pin?’

    ‘I’m not scared of him. He’s like sixty. I could outrun him.’

    ‘Eighty-four.’ You pulled the ribbon in the most dramatic manner. Flicking the lid, you were greeted with the most delightful smell; six samples of cake by one of the world’s best bakers.

    You picked up a slice, going for your favourite four-tier Belgian truffle chocolate with raspberry chocolate ganache, the gold leaf finish glistened in the early morning sun.

    You were so ready to take a bite, only to catch Marcus starting down at you with wide eyes. Cake slice halfway to your mouth, you reaffirmed him before shoveling in the glorious chocolaty goodness. ‘Andre is eighty-four years old. He will outrun you and he will beat you with that rolling pin of his.’

    Marcus stared at you, mouth parted in shock.

    You offered him the slice of cake, ‘You want some?’

    ‘I’m good.’

    ‘I promise you it’s not poisoned.’

    You waited, and waited, and waited. A good few seconds passed before Marcus finally stopped starting, getting over whatever moral complex he was having, and took the damn slice.

    And from the look on his face and the soft moans he gave, it was the first time he had tried one of Andre’s masterpieces.

    ‘This is really good!’

    Laughing, you pushed the box into his lap. There was something wholesome about the pure joy he omitted as he opened the box, pointing to each flavour and asking you to give a rundown of what it was.


    You had never witness joy melt away so quickly.

    Marcus’s back straightened out, fingers tightening around the box so hard you were afraid he was going to have smashed cake decorating his lap for the rest of the day.

    Slowly, he turned towards the woman’s voice, his smile strained but from the outside appeared to be nothing less than picture-perfect, ‘Hey!’

    When you turned, your heart dropped. You hadn’t expected her to be so pretty, and she was in workout gear with her hair pulled back and sweat dripping down her face, for crying out loud! Cheeks flushed red, she hardly panted with her hands on her hips.

    She smiled sweetly at the both of you, ‘I wasn’t expecting you to be here still. How have you been?’

    ‘Yeah, I’m still here. I negotiated a stay deal with HQ. Here I am.’

    'Here you are.’

    There was a pause.

    A very long, very awkward pause.

    And there was nothing you could think of that would help that moment but hope and pray for his sake whoever this woman went away.

    ‘Crap! Sorry I’m being rude.’ Marcus scratched the back of his neck. You knew better than to embarrass him in front of an old friend, but lord, you hated him for dragging you into this mess of a conversation, ‘This is Emma. Emma, this is-‘

    ‘Wait.’ Your cheeks heated under Emma’s gaze, her eyes squinted like she was trying to remember where you were from, ‘You’re Aaron Hill’s ex, right? I’ve seen some photos of you.’

    Photos. AKA, Facebook.

    And if you thought your heart had cracked when you saw her, it practically shattered from just hearing that dick's name, ‘Yep. That’s me.’

    ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean that to be creepy! Marcus and I used to date. Me and Aaron are actually engaged now.’

    Shattered. ‘Congrats!’

    ‘Thank you.’ She held up her left hand as, you don’t know, proof? To brag? Either way, the giant rock on her finger shimmered in the light, ‘Never thought I’d be getting married, to be honest. But here I am!’

    ‘Here you are.’

    ‘But I see you’re doing well for yourself? Found yourself someone new.’ She gestured between the two of you, her smile dropping at the confused looks on yours and Marcus’s faces, ‘The cake box? Liv Your Best Dreams? Me and Aaron have been trying to book an appointment there for weeks but it’s always too full.’

    Right. The cake box. From the bridal shop. You just came back from. With Marcus. Your colleague. Totally not your fiancé or any other kind of romantic relations.

    ‘Yes!’ Marcus was the first to jump in, his arm subtle sliding across the back of the bench, ‘Your best friend runs the store, isn’t that right, honey?’


    Of all things, he was going to call your honey?


    A sour feeling boiled in your stomach, but you smiled through it. You leaned a smidgen closer into Marcus’s touch because, hey, if this was happening, you might as well make it somewhat believable.

    ‘Yeah, she does.’ You finally choked out, still trying to get your mind off honey, ‘She’s a bit run off her feet at the moment, spring is always her busiest time. But I’m sure I can put in a word for you, if you want?’

    ‘Oh my god, really? You can do that?’ The smile on her face was sickly sweet, ‘That would be amazing!’

    And yet, that sour feeling lingered as you passed her a pen, giving her room to scribble her number on the top of the white box lid. Each line was another painful score to the heart, digging deeper and deeper and with all your mite you wanted to just yell at her to go away.

    But you didn’t. Of course, you didn’t. The guilt would have eaten you up for weeks.

    Marcus's hand rested on your shoulder, fingers brushing along the stiff muscles of your arm. It was surprisingly relaxing, the warmth of his touch seeping through the thin material of your jacket. You couldn’t turn to look at him, your chest was already too tight, too close to tears and you were scared if you did look at him, see that forced smile he was undoubtedly wearing, you would break.

    ‘Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver!' And just like that, Emma clipped the lid back on the pen and handed it to you, ‘I guess I’ll see you two lovebirds around then.’

    ‘I guess so.’

    You shared a wave as she jogged away.

    The two of you sat in silence for a long time after that, even when the woman disappeared around the corner to some other part of the park. Slowly, Marcus’s hand melted away from your shoulder, falling back into his lap in defeat and you wondered if that interaction was just as hard on him as it was on you.

    Still not knowing what to say, you handed him the silence of cake.

    ‘Well, that was…’



    Oh honey, this was going to be a mess from the start.


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  • calorecrown
    15.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Books I wanna read: The entire list

    ESome of them are dutch, I will translate the title to english so you understand what i’m talking about.

    A throne of swans-Katherine Corr ENG

    All the stars and teeth-Adalyn Grace ENG

    Aan het hof van Eden-Joelle Charbonneau/Eden Devided

    Adder-Bex Hogan/Viper

    Alera, de erfgename-Cayla Kluver/Alera, the heir

    A deal with the elf king-Elise Kova

    American royals-Katharine McGee

    Ash princess-Laura Sebastian*

    A touch of gold-Annie Sullivan

    An enchantment of ravens-Margaret Rogerson

    A river of royal blood-Amanda Joy

    A thieving curse-Selina R. Gonzalez

    A season of sinsister dreams-Tracy Banghart

    Assassin’s heart-Sarah Ahiers

    Blanca & Roja-Anna-marie Mclemore

    Bloed en beenderen-Tomi Adeyemi/Children of blood and bone

    Blade of secrets-Tricia Levenseller

    Brutal curse-Casey L Bond

    Blackout-Nic Stone

    Blindelings-Chinouk Thijssen /Blindly, yet not translated to english.

    Blood heir-Amelie Wen zhao

    Brine and bone-Kate Stradling

    Blood casino-Nina Walker

    Beyond the tower- JacQueline Vaughn Roe

    Burning glass-Kathryn Purdie

    Between ink and shadows- Melissa Wright

    Crown of Oblivon-Julie Eshbaugh

    Cinder & the Prince of Midnight-Susan Ee

    Caraval-Stephanie Garber

    Cinder-Marissa Meyer

    Court of bitter thorn-Kay L Moody

    Cast in firelight-Dana Swift

    Castles in their bones-Laura Sebastian

    Curse of the wolf king-Tesonja Odette

    Crown of coral and pearl-Mara Rutherford

    Coral-Sara Ella

    Crowned a traitor-Kate Callaghan

    Coral and bone-Tiffany Duane

    Damsel-Elana K. Arnold

    De erfgenaam-Liane Baltus Rosalie Derickx/The heir (not translated)

    De wrede prins-Holly Black/The cruel prince

    De laatste halte-Wendy Brokers/The final stop (Not translated)

    De raven-Kass Morgan Danielle Paige/The society/the ravens

    De genadigden-Margaret Owen/The merciful crows

    De selectie-Kiera Cass*/The selection

    De beminde- Kiera Cass*/The bethroded

    De prinses- Kiera Cass*/The Heir

    De laatste namsara- Kristen Ciccarelli/The last Namsara

    De ijzeren engel-Cassandra Clare*/Iron angel

    Drown-Esther Dalseno

    De glazen troon-Sarah J maas*/Throne of glass

    Duizelingwekkende hoogte-Katharine McGee/Tenthousand high.

    De naamloze koningin-Rebecca Mclaughinlin/Nameless queen

    Dagboek van een chihuahua-Do van ranst/Diary of a chiuaua

    Dance of thieves-Mary E. Pearson

    Dream a little dream-Kerstin Gier

    De strijd om Verona-Melina Taub/The battle for Verona

    De heerschapij van de maskers-Sabaa Tahir/Ember in the ashes

    Dubbelleven- Chinouk Thijssen/Double life not translated

    Dark of the west-Joanna Hathaway

    De gevangene heler-/The prison healer

    Dark breaks the dawn-Sara B. Larson

    Daughter of sparta-Claire M. Andrews

    De erfenis-Jennifer Lynn Barnes/The inhertenice games

    De hemel in het ijs-Adrienne Young/Sky in the deep

    Daughter of a dead empire-Caroyln Tara O’Neil

    Dragonfly girl-Marti Leimbach

    Empire of sand-Tasha Suri

    Ever cursed-Corey Ann Haydu

    Een vloek zo eenzaam-Brigid Kemmerer/A curse so dark and lonely

    Evenfall-Gaja J. Kos

    Een van ons liegt-Karen Mcmunes/One of us is lying

    Four dead queens-Astrid Scholte

    Feather and flame-Livia Blackburne

    Fly with the arrow-Sarah K.L Wilson

    Girls of paper and fire-Natasha Ngan*

    Graf DK62-Ilse de Keyzer/Grave DK62 not translated

    Glittering court-Richelle mead*

    Het meisje dat van IS won-Farida Khalaf/Andrea Claudia Hoffmann/Not sure if translated: The girl that bested ISIS.

    Halo- Alexandra Adornettto*

    Heart of thorns-Bree Barton

    Hof van doorns en rozen-Sarah J maas*/Court of thorns and roses

    Heks & Jager- Shelby Mahurin*/Serpent & dove

    Hier begint alles-Anna Todd*/After

    House of dragons-Jessica Clues

    House of dragons-K. A linde\

    Heart of the winter prince-a fated mates fae romance-Alessa Thorn

    Incendiary-Zoraida Cordova

    Into the bloodred woods-Martha Brockenbrough

    Into the heartless woods-Joanna Ruth Meyer

    Koninginnen-Kendara Blake*/Three dark crowns

    Koning van het sintelwoud-Jen Minkman/King of the cinderwoods Not translated

    Koud als sneeuw-Gena Showalter/Cold as snow/the evil queen

    Kill the queen-Jennifer Epsten

    Kiss of the blood prince: a fated mates fae romance-Alessa Thorn

    Kingdom of the wicked-Kerri Maniscalco

    List & leugens-Leigh Bardugo/Lies and schemes/the crows book 1

    Lore-Alexandra Bracken

    Luck of the titanic-Stacey lee

    Luminous-Mara Rutherford

    Little thieves-Margaret Owen

    Long may she reign-Rhiannon Thomas

    Marionet-Aimee Carter/Pawn

    Meermintranen-K. T sterling/Mermaidstears

    Mirage (01): mirage -somaiya daud

    Nocturna-Maya Motayne

    Medusa-Jessie Burton

    Mark of the wicked-Georgia Bowers

    Night Shine-Tessa Gratton

    Onyx & Ivory-Mindee Arnett

    Of beast and beauty chanda han

    Once upon a broken heart steph

    Ontworteld-Naomi Novik/Uprooted

    One small thing-Erin Watt

    Of Poseidon- Anna Banks

    Of Goblins and gold-Emma Hamm

    Of blood and deceit-Rachel A. Collet

    Of silver and shadow-Jennifer Gurenke

    Phobos-Victor Dixen

    Realmbreaker- Victoria Aveyard

    Rode koningin-Victoria Aveyard*/Red Queen

    Red queen-Victoria Aveyard*

    Roar-Cora Carmack*

    Rebel in de woestijn-Alwyn Hamilton*/Rebel in the desert

    Red tigress-Amelie wen zhao

    Ruined-Amy Tintera

    Raybearer-jordan ifueko

    Rebel Rose-Emma Theriault

    Red rope of fate-K.M Shea

    Stolen songbird-Danielle Jensen

    Spindle Fire-Lexa Hillyer

    Sisters of sword and song-Rebecca Ross

    Schim en schaduw-Leigh bardugo/Shadow and ..shadow.

    Stiefzus Jennifer Donnelly/Stephsister

    Siren-Kiera Cass*/Siren

    September 11th-Bavo Dhooge

    Sea witch-Sarah Henning’

    Shielded- KayLynn Flanders

    Strange Grace- Tessa Gratton

    Scythe- Neal Shusterman

    Sweet black waves- Kristina Pérez

    Soot and slipper-Kate Stradling

    Sorcery of thorns-Margaret Rogerson

    This can never not be real-Sera Milano

    The wrath and the dawn-Elizabeth Micpike renée Ahdieh

    The famoux-Kassandra Tat

    The iron sisters-Tracy Banghart*/Grace and fury

    The girl of fire and thorns-Rae Carson

    Toxine-Rani de vadder/Toxic

    The glass spare-Lauren Destefano

    The gilded ones-Namina Forna

    The princess will save you-Sarah Henning

    The diabolic-S.J Kincaid

    The shadows between us-Tricia Levenseller

    The traitor’s game-Jennifer A. Nielsen

    The kiss of deception-Mary E. Pearson

    Tijdbom-Joelle Charbonneau/Time bomb

    To kill a kingdom-Alexandra Christo

    Tussen de beesten en wilde rozen-Ashley Poston/ Between the beasts and wild roses

    The shadow queen-CJ. Redwine*

    The yearbook-Holly Bourne

    The winner’s curse-Marie Rutkoski

    The mermaid, the witch and the sea-Maggie Tokuda-Hall

    The Affiliate-K.A. Linde*

    The Jewel Thief-Jeannie Mobley

    The Princess Trials-Cordelia K Castel

    The promised prince-Kortney Keisel

    The raven and the dove-Kaitlyn Davis

    The Rest is Silence- Chii Rempel

    The Traitor's Kiss-Erin Beaty

    These Hollow Vows-Lexi Ryan

    The kinder poision-Natalie Mae

    The deep-Alma Katshu

    The ivies-Alexa Donna

    The descent of the drowned-Ana Lal Din

    The corpse queen-Heather herrman

    The bright & the pale-Jessica Rubinkowski

    The crimrose girls-Laura Pohl

    The queen of all-Anya Leigh Josephs

    The almost queen-Alys Murray

    These voilent delights-Chloe Chong

    The Queen’s assassin Melissa De la cruz

    The heir and the spare kate stradling

    The bridge kingdom-Danielle Jensen

    The scarlet Harvest-Kate Ashbrook

    The cursed Crown-Alexia Blake May Sage

    The Bird and the Blade-Megan Bannen

    The rejected King-Kortney Keisel

    The Guinevere deception-Kiersten White

    The beholder-Anna Bright

    The star touched queen-Roshani Chokshi

    Untold-Sarah Rees Brennan

    Unsinkable-Lotte van den Noort TO BE TRANSLATED WOOHOO.

    Unspoken-Celia McMahon

    Uit bloed en as-Jennifer L. Armentrout/From blood and ash

    Verleiding-Erin watt*/Seduction/Paper princess

    Wintersong-S. Jae-Jones

    Water-Holly Black/Tithe or something. 

    When wishes bleed-Casey L. Bond

    What monsterous gods-Rosamund Hodge

    Witches aren’t wicked-Hanah Balwin

    When its real-Erin watt

    #YOUNG ADULT#BOEKEN#BOOKS #The cruel prince #court of thorns #more books
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