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  • she’s american // the 1975

    #my.edits #the 1975#she's american #the 1975 lyrics #the 1975 album #the 1975 edit #matty healy#george daniel#adam hann#ross macdonald #i like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it #the1975edit#the1975#the1975 edit#band lyrics#lyrics#bandom#lyric edit #second 4thy edit of the morning
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  • Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy) // The 1975

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  • i’ve been in love with her for ages
    and i can’t seem to get it right
    i fell in love with her in stages
    my whole life

    #the 1975 #me and you together song #noacf#matty healy#george daniel#adam hann#ross macdonald #matty the 1975 #george the 1975 #adam the 1975 #ross the 1975 #music#lyrics #falling in love #love #the 1975 music #the 1975 band #the 1975 aesthetic
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  • I love them

    #the 1975 #The 1975 music #the 1975 gifs #funny gifs#cute gifs#matty healy #matty the 1975 #george daniel #george the 1975 #ross the 1975 #ross macdonald #adam the 1975 #Adam Hann #ross the 1976 #team#music
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  • image

    Somebody else - the 1975


    #the 1975#matty healy#george daniel#ross macdonald#adam hahn#Somebody else #a brief inquiry into online relationships #i like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it #notes on a conditional form #dirty hit #music for cars #vibing#vibes#music#sad#heart break
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  • Blue City, by Kenneth Millar (Dell, 1947).

    From eBay.

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  • i watched true romance again last night and realised that christopher walken says like “they didn’t stop until everybody was dead” and THAT MUST BE WHERE MATTY GOT “now everybody’s dead” in robbers from right???

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  • image

    The Japanese band called “The Lamb” copied The 1975 :(( and also their EP ‘Bout Her sounds like The 1975… WTF 😂😭

    The fact that lamb is talking about the 1975 on podcast on Spotify. This is certainly the strategy to get the attention. They said “We’ve made it!”

    I hate how they make money, but at the same time I came to the point where I don’t care about anything anymore because they don’t build up a unique musicality.

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  • I think you have to make love the way George Daniel makes love with his drums every time he plays, otherwise what’s the point

    #his face when he plays PLS SIR #NOT IN PUBLIC #HAVE YOU NO SHAME #the 1975#the1975#george daniel#matty healy#ross macdonald#adam hann#ilywys#sex ep#abiior#noacf #george x matty
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  • Proposal

    Hann: -His proposal would be so perfectly planned out (and obviously the boys would be in on it)

    -You would have been taken out by Matty and George during mid-afternoon and had a great time having lunch, shopping and having a browse in music stores for record and instruments 

    -Then when you got back to the house there would be no lights on but rose petals and candles everywhere

    - you would follow the trail outside into the back garden where Hann would be standing in a suit smiling 

    -You would be so confused but he’d be standing there with his cute little smile and he would totally be holding a rose or a bouquet of your favorite flowers, he would pass them to you 

    -“What’s going on Adam?” he would pull you in for a hug and place a kiss on your cheek as he looked into your eyes

    -“I’ve loved you ever since I laid eyes on you, I’ve known you were the one. Everyone I know loves you, including the boys. And every day I get to spend with you fills me with happiness. You are the love of my life and I just want to be able to spend the rest of my life with you, every sunrise and sunset”

    -he would get down on one knee as he was trying not to cry as well “so will you marry me" 

    -You’d just shake your head up and down "Yes, of course, Hann!” he would shoot off one knee and pull you into the biggest hug 

    -“Did the boys know about it” you laughed as you wiped the tears off your face “Of course the did I was scared they were going to let the secret out" 

    -You would hear footsteps and see Ross, George, and Matty appear in the doorway "Did she say yes” both of you would just laugh “Of course I did” they would run over to you two and you would all have a massive hug

    George: -His proposal would probably be out of the blue 

    -like the two if you would be sitting in bed with a blunt being passed between you and having a really deep meaningful conversation

    -“like what if we got married how fun would that be” you would laugh it off and think he was joking about it

    -“I’m being serious babe, I was gonna d this a whole different way, but marry me baby” he would say as he looked into your eyes and holding your hand “You serious George” you laughed as tears began to fill your eyes “Dead serious”

    - He would roll over and open his bedside draw and grab a blue velvet box “I had a whole idea plan but this is way easier and more special” he would open the box and inside would be the most beautiful diamond ring 

    -“You are the most beautiful woman in the whole world. you’ve supported me through everything and I’ve never loved anyone as much as you. I just want to spend the rest of my life being able to wake up and go to sleep beside you. So would you do me the honor of marrying me and becoming Mrs. Daniel?" 

    - You would be sobbing and he would be wiping away the tears "Of course George” you would say as you kissed him

    - “Do you like the ring?” he would ask nervously “I love it and I love you ” you said as you would kiss him again “thank you for everything, the ring, and the beautiful speech" 

    - You would spend the rest of the night crying happy tears, smoking the rest of the blunts he  rolled, cuddling and obviously telling the boys, who would all be way too excited and have the funniest reactions to George and you telling them

    Matty: -his proposal would obviously be at a concert

    - He would sing one of your favorite The 1975 sings and make sure you were at the front of the barrier and he kept eye contact with you

    -after the song, he would get off the stage and hold your hand and ask you to come on stage. After getting you on stage he would give you a massive kiss and wrap his hand around your waist.

    - he would give a long speech ” I’ve loved this woman for so long she has supported me through everything and been there with me through some really hard times and she deserves everything, she makes me fall in love with her everyday and she has made me a better man" after the speech he would get down on one knee “So baby will you marry me” and he would pull out the most beautiful ring every

    - all the people in the crowd would be cheering and you would shake your head up and down a thousand times and shout out a massive “Yes!” and he would get up off one knee and you would jump into his arms crying 

    - he would kiss you “ I was so scared you would say no” after he let you go he would place a massive kiss on your lips and place the ring on your finger “It’s so beautiful I love it” you would say as he placed it on your finger “A beautiful ring for a beautiful woman” and he would kiss you again

    - One of the boys would state that they need to finish the concert, he would give you one last kiss before you were taken off stage by someone to watch the show from the side.

    - “give it up for my fiancee” he would shout as you walked off stage so he could finish the concert, he would give you little looks and blow you kisses as he finished the rest of the set, tears still falling as you couldn’t believe what had happened

    -When the boys had finished you would all have a massive group hug and celebrate backstage

    Ross: - He would probably book a holiday somewhere like South Africa for your anniversary

    -You would be so excited to go somewhere that you had never been that you didn’t even notice him not being his usual self

    -You would probably go for a really romantic dinner near the beach at like 6 or 7 at night but you would have finished just as the sun was just starting to go down

    -You would go to one of those beaches with penguins on them and take loads of photos with them, I bet Ross would try and show the penguins his penguin tattoo which would make you laugh. The take a walk by the ocean whilst holding hands and watching the sunset

    -He would stop while you were taking the walk and kiss you on the lips and look into your eyes as he started his speech

    -“From the moment I met you, I knew you were special and I knew I’ve wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. You’ve had to deal and put up with me and my sarcasm, my lifestyle and adapt to me always going on tour which is what I love most about you.”

    he would get down on one knee which would bring tears to your eyes “I know i always call you wifey but I knew from the day I met you I wanted to for real, so love will you marry me”

    - You would burst out crying and kneel down to his level “Y-yes, of course” and he would pull you in for the tightest hug and kiss your head “I thought you were going to say no for a second”

    -You would laugh at him and he would slip the ring on your finger and it would glimmer in the light of the setting sun. Literally he couldn’t have planned a more perfect proposal

    #adam hann#george daniel #george daniel blurb #george daniel fanfic #george daniel fanfiction #george daniel imagine #george daniel one shot #george daniel preference #matty healy#the 1975 #matty healy preferences #matty healy fanfiction #matty healy fanfic #matty healy one shot #matty healy imagine #ross macdonald fanfiction #ross macdonald imagine #ross macdonald oneshot #ross macdonald #ross macdonald preferences
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  • Hickeys

    Hann: You both don’t leave them unless you are drunk or by accident. With you, you notice them very quickly and try to cover them to the best of your ability and sometimes Adam tells you not to worry and just let them be. But with him on the other hand, you would probably leave them accidentally and he would forget about them, and when the boys would tease him and make him go bright red with embarrassment, but he doesn’t mind the embarrassment as he knows it wasn’t meant to serve as an embarrassment but more as affection and love from you

    George: George would probably only leave hickeys where he could see, and he would always smirk at you when he knew you had them just to get you to laugh or roll your eyes at him. He would usually leave them down on your hips or on your legs or chest. Even though you don’t leave them often he likes when you give him one as he thinks of it as a mark of love, they aren’t much of a problem until Matty starts talking about one he saw on you or George then starts to bring up your sex life and you both just laugh or groan at his comments.

    Matty: Lol Matty wouldn’t care if he gave you one or not, he would just leave them, they usually are very noticeable and you defiantly think he leaves them in the hardest to cover and most notable places. You love them but sometimes its a bit annoying to cover a thousand of them. Matty would always beg you to leave them on him, but you try your hardest not to as the man has a reputation for not wearing a shirt on stage, though when you leave them he thinks they are pretty fun and he thinks its kind of hot when you leave them on him.

    Ross: Surprisingly Ross tends to leave quite a lot of hickeys and with the roughness of his beard, which leaves a beard rash, makes them 10 times more noticeable, but he always leaves them in random places which makes them harder to spot. On the other hand, you usually don’t leave nay on him unless your super rough as you’d never want to embarrass him, but when you do leave them he doesn’t mind and is pretty good at hiding or covering them with your help.

    #adam hann#george daniel #george daniel blurb #george daniel fanfic #george daniel fanfiction #george daniel imagine #george daniel one shot #george daniel preference #matty healy#the 1975 #adam hann preferences #adam hann fanfiction #adam hann imagine #adam hann one shot #ross macdonald fanfiction #ross macdonald imagine #ross macdonald oneshot #ross macdonald preferences #ross macdonald #matty healy preferences #matty healy fanfiction #matty healy fanfic #matty healy one shot #matty healy imagine
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  • so i made a playlist but i have apple music so im just gonna write it out for yall

    soft: For When You’re Feeling Sad, This Will Make It Worse

    - “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton

    - “The Other Side” by Conan Gray

    - “The Good Side” by Troye Sivan

    - “Dear (Live at Hoxton Hall)” by Cavetown

    - “Lover” by Taylor Swift

    - “Always” by Panic! at the Disco

    - “I Have a Dream” by ABBA

    - “She Lays Down” by The 1975

    lol anyways sorry ✌️😔

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  •  reblog if one of your favorite bands uses // wayyyy too much and has a number in the name

    example for the 1975: // N O T E S O N A C O N D I T I O N A L F O R M - O U T N O W // 

    example for twenty one pilots: ||-//

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  • holy water

    sorry for the low quality images of ross and adam. also george has one with his face in it but i like the hands one better. photos by rachael wright for q magazine

    #the 1975#matty healy#george daniel#adam hann#ross macdonald #matty the 1975 #george the 1975 #adam the 1975 #ross the 1975 #hann#ross#photoshoot#water#q magazine #the amount of talent in that pool is astronomical #aesthetic#hands
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  • image

    The 1975 Live Photos taken by Jordan Curtis Hughes (edited).

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  • SETTLE DOWN // THE 1975

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  • I love watching in every video/photo of Matty the size of the platform shoes he’s wearing

    #he is SHORT #I mean you see him singing #with 6 cm of wedge #and still he's the shortest there #adjfksbdjgbsk#matty healy#the 1975#george daniel#adam hann#ross macdonald#size difference
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