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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    They know what to do when Guerin comes up with one of his patented crazy dangerous plans

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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #roswell new mexico #roswell nm#tyler blackburn#alex manes #rnm season 3
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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Malex #roswell new mexico #malex fic #roswell nm fic #kybel#echo #Dallas x Heath #Michael x Alex #michael guerin#alex manes #this is our sanctuary #This is a MAMMOTH chapter you guys
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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    Chapter 4: Wanna See What’s Under That Attitude

    They had known each other for a long time, that was the consolation Alex took from all of this. After everything was said and done Max wouldn’t hold anything against him, especially if the observations he was prepared to make held true.

    “So,” Alex says leaning against the porch railing beside Max. “You and Kyle.”

    Max gulps, “yeah.”

    “I’ll try and not repeat anything his parents already said,” Alex chuckles

    A smile breaks across Max’s face, “yeah, Jim sent me one of those congratulation texts that throw confetti. And umm… sheriff Valenti said ‘we need to talk’.”

    #roswell new mexico #rnm#roswell nm#rnm fic#kyle valenti#max evans #max x Kyle #valevans #sorry for the late update y’all
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    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    1x13 ⇢ 1x06
    #michael’s cheesy happy ‘im in love’ smile #i had to put them in backwards order otherwise it looked like he was smiling at himself kjfdgjsdjgs #roswell new mexico #roswellnmedit#roswellnewmexicoedit#roswellnmsource#rnmedit#roswell nm#rnm#michaelguerinedit#michael guerin#malexedit #michael x maria #michael x alex #parallels#1x06#1x13#mygifs#mygifsets#myedits#rnm 1x06#rnm 1x13
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Just a touch of your love...💕

    It's been over a month since I've posted a malex drawing... 🥺

    #roswell#roswell nm #roswell new mexico #malex#michael guerin#alex manes #alex x michael #michael x alex #michael vlamis#tyler blackburn#art#drawing#fan art#malex fanart#sketch#artwork #art of the day #the cw#lgbtqia #love is love #malex is endgame #otp: home can be a person #would you come home #rnm#rnm art#rnm fanart#rnm spoilers
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    A fic a mont or two before the pilot. Michael hangs out on the roof of his airstream at night watching the stars. He starts noticing this three legged coyote wandering around the ranch. One night Michael makes up a prosthetic leg for the critter. The coyote seems to like it. But the next time he sees it, the prosthetic is gone…. Anyway, Alex is a were-coyote.

    #roswell new mexico #alex manes#michael guerin#werecoyote #roswell nm fic prompt #Alex the coyote detective
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  • pastelwitchling
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    I noticed from the first episode of season 3 to episode 10 that Alex bed comforter changed and it's only been a week and a couple of days since then so it's canon in my head that Micheal found out Forrest was in that bed and freaked and bought a whole new comforter and sheet set and just showed up with bags. Alex just smiles and let's him do his work 🤣🤣 I can just imagine him doing that

                   Alex tilted his head as he leaned against the doorframe of his bedroom, watching Michael tear off the sheets of his bed and throw them to the floor. He kicked them for good measure and replaced them with the sheets he’d bought new.

                   Or he was going to before he stopped, considering the bed.

                   “You know what?” he said. “I’ll change the mattress, too.”

                   Alex barked out a laugh, and hugged Michael from behind. “No,” he said, “you won’t. Guerin, it was months ago, and I’ve cleaned up around here a hundred times since then.”

                   “I can still smell him,” Michael growled, holding onto Alex’s forearm to keep them attached. “All over your stuff, Alex. That stupid clean laundry smell –”

                   “Forrest smelled like cinnamon,” Alex said into the crook of Michael’s neck before pressing a kiss there. “That clean laundry smell actually is clean laundry.”

                   Michael turned in his hold, wrapping his arms around his waist. “I can’t stand the thought of someone else touching you, someone else in your house –”

                   “I know,” Alex murmured, his smile dimmer. Michael seemed to hear the rest of his sentence, I know the feeling.

                   Michael winced. “I’m sorry.”

                   “I know that, too,” Alex whispered and kissed his lips. Michael moaned at once, dropping his new sheets, his hands slipping under Alex’s sweater. Alex wrapped his arms around Michael’s shoulders, tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

                   “You know,” Alex said breathlessly as Michael’s fingers wandered around his stomach, back, chest, and sides, “I think I know some other way you can erase anyone else’s trace here.”

                   Michael smirked, the same idea lighting up his eyes. He pulled Alex’s body against his, and cupped Alex’s jaw. His lips hovering over Alex’s, he said, “It’ll take all day. Maybe all week. Just us, sweating and naked and on every surface in the house.”

                   Alex moaned when Michael bent his head down to bite his neck. He pushed a hand through Michael’s curls and curved his body into his.

                   “Anything to ease your mind, baby.”

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  • skinsharpenedteeth
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hey yall! I got @dr-lemurr for the 12 days of Malex gift exchange! I used her prompt 'this didn't turn out I expected" and I am gifting her a fic! @malexsanta

    Hope you enjoy it, Jay!

    Fic is also on AO3!


    Michael turned down the burner over the bolognese that he was making and wondered what his boyfriend was up to. Now that he was at the waiting part of the recipe, he wanted a little love and attention. Walking out of the kitchen, he scanned the living room and found Alex out cold on the couch in a pair of dark blue sweatpants and a t-shirt. Feeling playful, Michael made his way over to the couch as quietly as possible and placed both his hands on the armrest above Alex’s head and rested a knee on the couch cushion. 


    “Alex Ma-” he started, but midway through Alex’s eyes shot open and before Michael was aware what was happening, he found himself on the floor on his back with his breath knocked out and Alex’s forearm against his throat. He swallowed against the pressure and took in Alex’s serious, slightly unfocused glare and tried for humor. 


    “Well, this didn’t work out as I intended…” he started, staying completely still. Alex focused on him and a look of horror swept over his features. 


    “Fuck, Michael,” Alex eased off, moving to slide off from on top of Michael’s body. Michael stilled him with his hands on his waist and grinned up at him. Now that Alex knew he wasn’t under a real threat, he was sighing and rubbing at his sleep-crusted eyes. His hair was fluffy and stuck up at odd angles, and the general softness at the set of his shoulders made Michael’s heart feel too big for his body. 


    “You should never wake up a combat vet by sneaking up on them. I could have hurt you, Michael!” Alex burst out in frustration and anger. Michael was still smiling like it was a joke, but Alex’s heart was going a mile-a-minute. Michael’s hands rubbed up and down Alex’s waist soothingly. 


    “I know that now. And I won’t do it again. You’re right, that was dumb. I just… God, you’re such a fucking smoke show when you first wake up. I just can’t stand it,” Michael replied easily. Alex rolled his eyes and groaned at the compliment. He let his body fall forward until his head rested on Michael’s shoulder. He smelled like tomatoes and garlic and, ever-so-faintly, rain. Michael turned and kissed Alex’s ear softly. “Forgive me?”


    “There’s nothing to forgive. I just… I was scared. I could’ve hurt you. I never want to hurt you,” Alex mumbled against Michael’s t-shirt. Michael’s hands moved to rub over his back in swirls and lines. 


    “Unless we negotiate for it, right?” Michael asked, his voice teasing. Alex snorted and sat up, hands trailing down Michael’s chest until they rested at the bottom of his ribs. Alex was smiling now despite himself. Michael’s hands had fallen from his back as he sat up and now slipped easily under his t-shirt to trace the waistband of his sweatpants. He tucked a finger under the elastic and pulled, letting go and popping the fabric against Alex’s skin, making his stomach jump in surprise and something deeper start stirring. 


    “You want to negotiate right now? Don’t you have food on the stove?” Alex asked while slowly pulling Michael’s shirt until he had it pushed up enough to run his hands over Michael’s stomach and ribs. Michael’s hands were restless on him as well, traveling well worn paths that never failed to make Alex gasp and grind against him. 


    “That sauce needs to simmer for thirty at least. We got time to get up a little nonsense if you want.” Michael’s thumbs rubbed over Alex’s nipples, pinching lightly and making heat coil in Alex’s belly. Alex leaned down to run his lips over Michael’s jaw, parcelling out small kisses before he answered. 


    “Is that what you had in mind before I decided to jump you?” Alex asked when his lips neared Michael’s ear. His voice was already getting low and seductive and Michael shifted underneath him. 


    Michael turned his head, searching for Alex’s mouth so he could kiss him before responding. He moved his hands to cup the firm, round cheeks of Alex’s ass, kneading them with his fingers and pulling Alex’s body down to give himself the right kind of friction. Alex knew what his sex voice did to Michael’s impulse control. 


    “Maybe. I really wanted to sit on your face and tell you that I love you, but I’m beginning to think maybe in apology, I should have you sit on mine instead.” Alex hummed, rocking his hips down in rhythm with Michael’s kneading hands. Michael finally caught his lips, their mouths opening immediately.  Alex could feel Michael’s hardening cock pressing against his own and wondered briefly about just staying as they were and frotting like teens, but then the memory of how good Michael’s tongue felt fucking his hole surfaced in his mind. Yeah, why frot when you can ride?


    “That sounds better since I’ve had a shower and you haven’t,” Alex replied finally, breaking their kiss and giving Michael a cheeky smile. Michael grinned back, raising a hand and bringing it down with a smack against Alex’s ass. 


    “You’re a brat. You think you’re sneaky and no one knows, but I do. You’re a fucking menace.”

    Alex laughed at Michael’s pronouncement, not disagreeing with him one bit. 


    “You going to punish me?” Alex asked, taking the opportunity to sit up and strip off his shirt. 


    “Hell no. I’m going to reward you. Get naked and get up here already,” Michael replied, reaching and pinching Alex’s nipples playfully. Alex jerked back and laughed, climbing off Michael long enough to roll onto the floor beside him. Glancing up and down, Alex took in Michael sprawled out and ready for him. His sweats left nothing to Alex’s imagination (not that he had to imagine. God, Michael had a perfect fucking cock). Maybe Alex would sit on that next. His stomach grumbled though, voicing protest at the idea of such vigorous activity while empty. 


    Michael started chuckling and pushing himself up onto his elbows. 


    "Okay. Maybe later. I know who really rules this relationship. I've got some garlic bread and salad you can munch on while the sauce finishes," Michael said, no trace of disappointment in his voice. 


    "Mmmm. You're going to get all your wishes later if you keep this up," Alex teased, leaning down and giving Michael a quick, but thorough kiss before backing off. Michael groaned as Alex pulled away, but didn't chase him. 


    "I'm going to hold you to that, Manes."


    "I expect you to. I look forward to it."

    #12 days of malex #Malexsanta2021 #malex santa 2021 #malex secret santa #malex#gift fic#alex manes#malex fic#michael guerin#rnm#roswell nm #roswell new mexico
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    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    2022 RNM Fandom Events Calender

    Click on the dates to be taken to an events announcement + prompts, if they’ve been released. Click on the tags to be taken directly to the tumblr tag search.

    2019 Calender / 2020 Calender / 2021 Calender

    Looking for a schedule by month? Check out the Google Doc here!

    Liz Ortecho Week

    January 9th - 15th

    Tags: #lizortechoweek #lizweek2022

    Three Days of Echo

    February 11 - 13th

    Announcement post pending

    Ladies of RNM Week

    March 4th - 8th

    Announcement post pending

    March for Meta

    March 14 - 18th

    Announcement post pending

    Michael Guerin Week

    Announcement post & dates pending (April)

    Questions? Concerns? Send us a message!

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  • pastelwitchling
    01.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hi, was just wondering if you could write a Malex fic where Alex is suffering from Phantom limb syndrome and Michael is helping him with it

                   Michael woke in the middle of the night to Alex shivering against him, his body drenched in a cold sweat. His immediate thought as he sat up, gently waking Alex with him, was fever.

                   Alex’s fevers were so rare and short-lived, but they got pretty bad when they did come. It didn’t help that Alex was naked from their night together, and the blanket they had around their hips was as thick as paper.

                   “Wake up, baby,” Michael murmured into Alex’s hair, trying not to worry about how damp it was already. “Come on, we’re taking you to Valenti.”

                   “N-No, Guerin,” Alex managed through grit teeth, turning his face into Michael’s shoulder and clutching his waist painfully tight. “’M not sick, I . . . my – my leg.”

                   “Your leg?” Michael threw back the blanket, half-expecting to find an infection had spread from Alex’s stump, but . . . it looked fine. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it, and yet Alex shivered and ached like the bullet was still in his bone.

                   Then he remembered. Something he’d studied back when he’d first caught wind from Maria that Alex had lost his leg, something he’d read in his secretly hopeful desire to be prepared . . . just in case.

                   “Okay,” Michael helped him sit up against him, shushing him softly and raking his hair back off his brow. “Look, you’ve got some phantom limb pain, I’m going to get up – just to get you your medication,” he added quickly when Alex started to whimper, clutching his arm tighter.

                   “No,” Alex said, eyes still shut. “I’ll – I’ll get it, I can get it.”

                   Michael winced. Alex was half asleep and clearly had forgotten that he didn’t have a leg to stand on right now to get much of anything.

                   “Okay, Alex,” he murmured against his ear. “I won’t leave you, I’m right here, okay?” he reached down and started massaging Alex’s right thigh, murmuring how much he loved Alex, how he wouldn’t leave him for a second.

                   Alex hissed as Michael rubbed his thigh, and slowly, Alex’s pills came floating in from the bathroom. Michael reached out for them with his free hand, grabbed a bottle of water off the nightstand, and held them out for Alex.

                   Alex’s eyes were shut, his face turned into Michael’s shoulder. Michael eased him into loosening up by dragging his lips along his forehead, his cheek, down to his jaw.

                   Eventually, Alex could breathe deeply enough to take his medication. Michael pressed a kiss to each of his eyes as the pain slowly eased away, a kiss to his nose as he tried to calm his heartbeat. He kept massaging his hip, his thigh, his knee, kissing his ear, his jaw, his neck.

                   When the pain finally ceased completely, and Alex’s breathing was deep against Michael’s collarbone, his body warm from the extra blanket Michael had added and Michael’s arms around him, Alex stirred in his hold.

                   “I’m sorry,” he murmured, shivering. Michael hugged him tighter.

                   “I’m not,” he said. “I’m glad I was here to protect you.”

                   Alex’s lower lip trembled, and he did something that was even rarer than one of his fevers. He cried, covering his eyes with a hand.

                   “I’m so tired,” he breathed. “I don’t want to be broken anymore.”

                   Michael kissed his temple hard. Sometimes, when Alex was too tired to realize what he was saying, he woke up the next morning embarrassed and remorseful. He hated it when people found out about his deepest weaknesses and fears, the ones he wouldn’t even admit to himself.

                   “You’re perfect,” Michael whispered fiercely to him. “You’re beautiful and perfect.”

                   Alex let Michael pull him down onto the bed, wrapping him tightly in his arms, his back to Michael’s chest.

                   “I love you,” Michael whispered against the nape of his neck, even after he slept. “I love you so much.”

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    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    miss them 🥺

    #malex #getting my heart broken by buddie these days #at least malex finally happened #roswell nm
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  • infp-obsessing-over-everything
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Who Was Jim Valenti?

    Jim Valenti’s life is told through other character’s narratives and perspectives, his motivations and decisions being pieced together through and by all the people who knew him and loved him. This creates a shaky foundation of who he was, of what he did. The audiences only understanding of his character through the sometimes marred depictions presented by biased parties. The evidence supports he was a troubled man with a good heart, a man who would never knowingly take advantage of another person. Who tried his hardest to fight for those he loved, even if those people were the likes of Jesse Manes.

    The viewers are given a brief depiction of who he would have been in the early years. Jim was close with his brother, and we know of at least two close friends. The narrative implying he was close to MiMi DeLuca, Jesse Manes, and Eduardo Valenti. His closest non-familial relationship would have been with Jesse Manes. As they appeared to have been close during their early years, Jesse claiming in 1x01 that “[Jim] was my closest confidante’. This however, most likely changed due to the knowledge of aliens. The Manes and Valenti family’s having deep roots in Project Shepherd and Caulfield, informing them of their family obligation to protect Roswell and carry on the legacy. Law enforcement and the Military working together. This information created three different outcomes, Jesse believing aliens were essentially terrorists, Jim dancing the line between right and wrong, and Eduardo not doubting for a moment that no species could be inherently evil. This change in demeanor is noted by MiMi in 1x07 when she tells Alex “the other world creeps into us and makes us ugly inside, don’t let it do to you what it did…to poor, sweet Jimmy Valenti”. This could have been referring to the cancer Jim would develop later in life, but the use of Jimmy implies a younger version of himself being impacted by the other world.

    Sometime between then and Rosa’s birth (most likely somewhere between 1988 and 1990) Jim drowned his confusion in alcohol and women. His marriage to Michelle not being enough to satisfy the deep sadness inside him, as he had begun working alongside Jesse and their family legacies. During this period he had two stints in rehab for alcohol, as noted by Kyle in 1x05. This period of time, was when he married Michelle and had an affair with Helena Ortecho. He overcame the alcoholism around the time he would have begun working alongside Eduardo and Deep Sky. Eduardo telling Kyle in 3x09 “your father became obsessed in his mission to help the aliens” as a direct result of Rosa’s birth. His code something he built around protecting his children as noted by Michelle in 1x10. This is the defining trait most of the younger character’s recall about him. Kyle citing his father’s code of ethics throughout the series, remarking in 1x02 that Jim “taught me principles, the Valenti code”. This code of ethics being the main focus of all the younger people he interacted with, and being the final wedge between him and Jesse.  As noted by Alex in 1x05 Jim was a father to “any and every kid who needed one”. This paternal nature is what divides Jim and Jesse, as the latter has no such instinct. Alex tells Kyle in 1x05 that Jim recognized Jesse’s abuse saying “[he] tried to intervene, but you can’t make someone stop hating someone”. This abuse created the final breach in Jim’s love for Jesse, as Michelle notes in 1x10 “the unbreakable moral line, protect your children at all costs”. For Jim seeing Jesse’s maltreatment of his own offspring was the final nail in the coffin of their relationship. Jim reportedly claiming that “Jesse had no code(1x10)”, Michelle pointing out that he truly meant “Jesse had a different code”. Because Jesse Manes did live by a rule of law, he prioritized results and defeating the enemy over his own children. Which was something Jim could not understand or support. Jesse even citing the difference in their relationship towards the end of Jim’s life, he tells Michelle in 1x04  that he had hoped she would create “a more amicable partnership”.

    Jim and Jesse continue to work alongside each other, Jim becoming more bold in his defiance of Jesse. As any hope he had for his friend was completely gone. This sets the stage for the confusing mumbo jumbo that is Jim’s life between Rosa’s death and getting cancer. Which roughly took place across the span of {six years}. The accident caused a divide within Roswell, in which Jesse vocally supported Jim’s competition in the election (1x03). This was a direct result of the disagreements between them on how to handle Rosa’s murder. In 1x13 Jesse tells Kyle that “[Jim] conducted the cover-ups. I wanted them exposed”. This difference in opinion cropping up due to the connections Jim made with Noah. Whether or not he was aware of Noah’s track record as the alien killing around Roswell is unknown, however, Jim would have risked most anything for his children. In this case Rosa, as Max notes in 2x12 Jim’s storage unit used to house a pod. One Noah undoubtedly gave to Jim or led him to.

    Both Noah and Jim being the two individuals with the ability to preserve Rosa and the need for her to be resurrected. The second piece of information Noah gave Jim was Max, the savior, the alien with healing abilities. As noted by Max in 2x12 Jim “pulled [him] aside at high school graduation, [telling him he] was the kind of guy the sheriff’s department could use” that he believed Jim “knew [Max] was an alien”. The plan being Max coming into his abilities and resurrecting Rosa, for both Jim and Noah’s sake. This leading to Jim trusting the aliens over Jesse, becoming more and more vocal against Project Shepherd and Caulfield. This created a further gap between them, Jesse becoming more aware of how far Jim was from his own ideals. He tells Kyle in 1x13 that  “an alien killed his daughter, and he still wanted to shut Caulfield down” this being enough for Jesse to terminate the friendship. As seen by Kyle and Alex in 1x13 Jesse shoves Jim into the cell with the alien causing his brain tumor. Eduardo telling Kyle in 3x07 that it was retribution for Jim smuggling the Lockhart Machine to Deep Sky, which revealed him as a spy as well as an alien sympathizer.

    The cancer affected Jim until he had trouble differentiating between all the facts in his life and recalling all the details. One of the results of this being displayed in 1x01 when Kyle tells Jesse that “[Jim] was barely coherent toward the end…he’d repeat this crazy mantra ‘if you see the handprint, go to Manes’”. This being something Jim still believed, that Jesse was a good man deep down, that his friend was still there. But as Michelle notes in 1x03 “the cancer changed him, by the end he’d look at me and I could see in his eyes he had no clue who I was”. His brain to scrambled to recall his people nevertheless how they would have betrayed him. Jim would have times where he could remember the horrors of Caulfield and tried to carry out his code and protect Kyle. Beginning to jot down in his letters enough information to protect his son from beyond the grave, encoding them so Jesse couldn’t and wouldn’t intercept them. This is noted by Michelle in 1x03 “he was mailing us letters even when we were sitting by his bedside every day”. During this time Eduardo would have visited his brother’s side and made the promise he told Kyle about in 3x09, “that I would keep you away from this life, and all of the consequences that came with it”. The two of them creating the secret message in the radio, for Kyle. Since Eduardo had to maintain his cover away from Roswell.

    His plan to save Rosa was buried inside his mind, but he did his best to communicate it to Helena when she visited. Her face undoubtedly making him recall his duty to their daughter. She tells MiMi in 2x12 that “when Jim Valenti was dying, I came to say goodbye. But he kept saying Rosa could live again, that she was preserved”.

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  • juleswritesthis
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    My thoughts (shows update)

    I have so many thoughts about 9-1-1, season 5, and fandom reaction. I'm hesitant to voice these thoughts right now as they are all scrambled. So I'll probably wait until the winter finale next week even though I have so much in my mind after last night's episode. I don't think I have followers from that fandom but still want to get my thoughts down in my blog.

    I also never provided finale/final thoughts on Roswell NM probably because the finale was badly executed (and writing all over the place). So there's that to do too.

    Hmmm....more to come

    #I love 9-1-1 for the characters and pure entertainment value #I don't take the show very seriously and don't spend time in fandom or emeshed in spoilers or theories #however I noticed a change in writing for this season #I also feel like fandom reaction to certain actors and arcs are extremely alarming #more to come when I have my thoughts more clear #911onfox #As for Roswell NM I really love that show but the final 2 episodes especially the finale wasn't very good #not the outcome or story as much as the execution and horrific pacing #resulted in removing any excitement I have for the show as I am ruminating over the season and what was left unfinished or dropped #Anyway more to come there #roswell new mexico
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  • pastelwitchling
    30.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Hi darling, hope this doesn’t count as fics fix 😅. If you want to write about their first meeting, before the guitar stolen episode and of course the cosmic bond that immediately pushed Michael to Alex. 😍

                   Like most other people in high school, Michael had no idea what to think of the emo kid who wore black eyeshadow and a silver skull ring. He’d seen him walk by in the hallway, heard him answer the occasional question in class – quickly realized that Alex, like him, was much smarter than people thought to expect – and saw him around Max’s crush, Liz Ortecho, at school.

                   And still, there’d always been a strange pull that made Michael want to turn and look whenever Alex walked by. He told himself he didn’t care, told himself he was just curious, but that didn’t stop his eyes from jumping to Alex’s face when he gave one of his rare and genuinely happy laughs. It didn’t stop him from taking note of the fact that Alex smelled like vanilla and that the scent was both unexpected and surprisingly pleasant. It didn’t stop him from looking over at Alex in the cafeteria to see what the strange emo kid was doing.

                   “Stop staring,” Isobel nudged his side with her elbow at one point. “DeLuca will notice.”

                   Heat rushed up Michael’s neck and cheeks, and he suddenly felt embarrassed. Alex, he now saw, was sitting next to Maria and Rosa. Isobel must’ve thought he was staring at one of the girls. “R-Right,” he said. “DeLuca.”

                   He had no idea why he felt a strange attachment to Alex, like he might’ve understood a secret part of Michael that no one else did, but he told himself it was just curiosity. It was curiosity that made his eyes rake Alex’s body without even knowing he was doing it. Curiosity that had him imagining Alex walking up to him, time and time again, and starting up a conversation. Curiosity that had him readying to fight whenever Valenti shot some snark comment at Alex in the hallways when he was without Liz.

                   One day, Alex had bumped shoulders with Michael and gave him a rushed apology as he passed, and Michael thought about it for the rest of the week. But that was normal, right?

                   One thing he was sure wasn’t normal, and one thing he couldn’t account for, was why, walking into the music room one time after class, he found himself standing by the open door, staring openly at Alex who had his back to him as he played the keyboard.

                   It was a song he’d never heard, a song he somehow knew Alex had written himself, but it was his voice that had Michael frozen to the spot, jaw hanging open. He’d heard Alex’s laugh, as melodic as one of the old-timey singers opening an animated Disney film, and he’d heard him speak before. Every time, his clear and strong voice demanded attention, even when it was soft and warm.

                   But when he sang . . . when he sang, it had goosebumps rising along Michael’s arms and legs. It made his heart beat heavily and urge him closer, his shred of rationality the only thing keeping him from exposing himself. It made something warm settle in his gut and suddenly, he found himself wondering what Alex’s voice sounded like, breathy and low, right against his ear.

                   The music stopped, and Alex sighed. As he gathered his music sheets, his back still turned to Michael, he asked, “You staring for a reason, Guerin?”

                   Michael swallowed, blinking, trying to break himself from his reverie. He briefly registered that this was the first time Alex had said his name and that it didn’t sound like it always did; just a name that meant nothing, given to him by people that couldn’t have cared less about him. It sounded like his. It sounded like something Alex knew him by, which made it . . . different.

                   “I – I wasn’t staring,” he shook his head, forcing himself through his haze of thoughts and trying to look away from Alex’s piercing eyes. For an emo kid who most presumed to be shy, no one ever seemed to note that Alex was very steady when he spoke, never breaking eye contact. Then again, Michael remembered that his father was military and heard he was very strict.

                   “You –,” he tried again, “I like your voice.”

                   “Thanks?” Alex said slowly, brows furrowed like he was waiting for the punchline.

                   Michael looked down, drawing on the floor with the tip of his sneaker. “I didn’t know you sang.”

                   “Oh,” he said, and returned to fixing his music sheet. “It’s just a hobby.”

                   Michael hesitated, then took a few steps towards him. “You wrote that song yourself?”

                   “Yeah, look,” he said, impatient. “Whatever stupid joke you want to make, can you please just make it? I have class soon.”

                   Michael thought of the rumors he’d heard circling Alex, the reason stupid jocks made kissing noises at him and the reason girls giggled and whispered whenever they passed him by. He considered mentioning it, reassuring Alex that he didn’t care whether they were true or not, but he didn’t. It just didn’t seem like the time.

                   He felt like anything he said could be interpreted poorly and he would make Alex hate him for good. If he was too nice, Alex would think he was coming onto him or something just because of the rumors. The only way not to push Alex further away, he realized, was to pretend he didn’t care.

                   He put his hands in his pockets. “Relax, Manes. I usually come in here to use the guitar, I didn’t think it’d be occupied.”

                   “Well,” Alex stood, shouldering his backpack. “I left mine in here, so don’t touch it.”

                   Michael’s smirk tightened and something in his chest ached. “Don’t want my greasy fingers on anything?”

                   He, after all, had the fair share of rumors circling him, the words “Poor Michael Guerin” having more than one infuriating and demeaning meaning to them.

                   Alex merely stood and considered Michael a moment. Then he smiled and shook his head, and Michael took the chance to swallow the lump in his throat.

                   Then Alex said, “My music is the one breather I get, Guerin. The only one. I don’t let anyone touch it, and I definitely don’t let anyone listen to my songs, but you’re eerily quiet when you want to be.”

                   A smile tugged at the corner of Michael’s lips before he could help it. Alex was making it very clear that he didn’t care one way or the other about what little money Michael had. Rich or not, he shut himself from the entire world. No one ever bothered to force themselves in past his walls, Michael realized.

                   Will you? Alex seemed to be daring him.

                   He cleared his throat. “I thought you said music was just a hobby.”

                   Alex bit his lower lip and came up to Michael. “And you said you weren’t staring,” he said, his lips a breath from Michael’s. Michael could smell the vanilla so closely now that it made his head spin. Before his body could think to lean in those few extra inches for him, Alex pulled away.

                   “Guess we both lied,” he said, and left Michael alone in the music room.

                   Michael stood there for a long time, and when he tried to take a step forward, he stumbled. Swallowing, Michael searched for what he knew was Alex’s guitar. He couldn’t follow Alex, but what if Alex came to him?

                   Not that it matters, he told himself. This wasn’t just to get Alex talking to him again, or to understand what it was that had passed between them. Michael just wanted to play some music.

                   And if it happened to bring Alex right up to him again, if it happened to get them that close, if it soothed some of the ache of being apart from the youngest Manes man that Michael was starting to realize was a thing with him, then so be it.

    This was so much fun to do.

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  • djchika
    30.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Max wasn’t answering his phone this time around so Alex had to call *his* emergency contact much to Guerin’s annoyance

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  • nobadvibesinmyhouse
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Watching Roswell on Netflix and I can't shake the feeling that the reason the Deluca women can't physically handle their powers and the visions or W/E cause neurological degeneration is Because they don't have that weird protein that the rest of the Aliens / Rosa have in their bodies.

    And in that same vein, if Liz could come up with some kind of Gene Therapy for Maria and Mimi to introduce that protein into their systems then That could prevent any further degeneration.

    Maybe even repair some of the Damage?

    #roswell new mexico #roswell nm#maria deluca#elizabeth ortecho #roswell tv show #idk what the fandom tags are i hope yall see this
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  • pastelwitchling
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    Would you be willing to do a malex story where Michael mentions spending like Christmas with his family and so Alex assumes he means Max and Isobel and accepts that he's going to spend the holiday alone but Michael actually meant Alex and he makes sure that Alex knows he's family. Thank you in advance!

                   Michael walked into Alex’s living room to see him setting up the seven-foot tall Christmas tree. He leaned against the doorway, listening with a smile as Alex softly sang “River” by Joni Mitchell while he worked.

                   “You planning on staring at me all night?”

                   “I don’t see why not,” he shrugged, smirking. “You love it when I watch you.”

                   Alex huffed a laugh and smiled over his shoulder at him. “I love it better when you’re actually touching me.”

                   Michael bit his lower lip to keep his grin from widening, and saddled up to his boyfriend. “Well,” he groaned, “if you insist. But only because you begged.”

                   Alex laughed fully at that as Michael wrapped his arms around him from behind and hooked his chin over his shoulder. He closed his eyes and absorbed the beautiful sound, Alex’s warmth, Alex’s voice.

                   “I love you so much,” he breathed into Alex’s sweater before he could help it, and at the blush rising up Alex’s neck and cheeks, he felt the urge to whisper it again into his skin.

                   Instead, and trying to maintain some semblance of self-control, he looked up at the tree. “Started decorating without me?”

                   “Oh,” Alex chuckled quietly. It sounded weaker. “Y-Yeah, I don’t mind. Anyway, did you have dinner yet?”

                   As they ate together, Michael glanced across the table at Alex who was picking at his rice and stew.

                   “You okay?”

                   Alex looked up innocently and blinked. “Mm hm.”

                   He was either lying, or so accustomed to being alone in his misery that being okay even when he wasn’t was just something he was used to.

                    Michael tried to think through everything that had happened in the past few days, everything that he might’ve said or done to upset Alex at all. Alex, he realized, had turned remarkably quiet last night after they’d talked about their plans for Christmas.

                   Alex had said he was finally going to be able to decorate for once, since work with the Air Force was finished. Michael had only said he’d wanted nothing more for Christmas than to celebrate it with his family. He’d hoped Alex would be happy to hear it, eager even, but he’d just looked a little startled, then a whole lot resigned. He’d nodded before he hugged Michael closer to him on the couch and they were lost in whatever Christmas movie they’d put on.

                   Was that the problem? Alex felt like he had to spend the holidays with Michael? Had he been planning on spending it with his brothers? Was he even going to stay in town?

                   Michael swallowed. He wanted to spend Christmas with Alex. It was all he’d had to look forward to after all the business with Jones had ended. Would he not get to?

                   He came around the table, and sat close enough to Alex to bracket him between him his legs. Alex smiled into his spoon, amused. “Yes?”

                   Michael gripped his chin and turned his head, kissing his lips slowly, and tasting the salt of the stew on his tongue. Alex whimpered, tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

                   When they pulled back, Michael took the few seconds of Alex’s haze to admire his long lashes curled against rosy cheeks, the absolute pleasure in his expression. He couldn’t help himself. He leaned in and kissed his cheek, and lingered there, breathing in the warmth of him.

                   “You know you can tell me anything, right?” he whispered against his jaw.

                   “I know,” Alex murmured. It didn’t ease his exhaustion. “I’m fine. Really.”

                   “You’re always fine,” Michael told him. “Even when you’re not fine. I don’t want to be someone you learn to be okay around, Alex.”

                   Alex searched his face, considering. Finally he looked down, shy in a way Michael had never seen of him before. “It’s stupid, you’ll – you’ll get annoyed with me.”

                   Michael tried not to show how much that one sentence hurt. He blamed himself for Alex being afraid to be honest around him, blamed his past taunts and betrayals. No wonder Alex didn’t think Michael would respond kindly.

                   He tried to tell Alex that he had only ever been afraid of permanently losing him, only afraid of getting hurt. In the end, he could make no other response but to lift Alex’s hand to his lips and kiss his fingers.

                   Alex sighed shakily, and took his hand away, rubbing them together. Like he was worried Michael had been about to let go of him anyway.

                   “I . . .,” he shook his head, and huffed, frustrated. “Okay, I guess I just thought that . . . that you and I were going to spend Christmas together.”


                   “But I – I swear,” he said quickly at the look on Michael’s face, blushing furiously, “I’m used to spending the holidays alone, you know? I really, really don’t mind, it’s just because I got, like, double of everything, but – but hey, we could totally use that stuff on New Year’s, everybody’s still way in the Christmas spirit by that time, so it doesn’t bother me, but you asked, and I wasn’t even going to tell you! I just – it’s been weighing on me since yesterday, and I – I feel kind of stupid because I just expected us to spend Christmas together, but I completely get you wanting to –”

                   Michael shut him up by crashing their mouths together, pushing Alex back until his hips hit the couch in the living room. When Michael pulled back, he was panting. “Sorry,” he managed. “I just wanted you to draw breath.”

                   Alex inhaled, grabbing fistfuls of Michael’s jacket and keeping him close. Like he would ever go anywhere.

                   “You kissed me,” he said, worried. “Y-You wouldn’t be annoyed if you kissed me. Right?”

                   Michael huffed a chuckle. “I’d kiss you no matter what.” He shook his head. “But I don’t get it, why aren’t we spending Christmas together?”

                   Now it was Alex’s turn to look confused. “You . . . said so. Yesterday? You said you wanted to spend Christmas with your family.”

                   “Right,” Michael said, “still not catching on. My family, which means –”

                   “Max and Isobel,” Alex nodded. “I know.”

                   “What’re you talking about?” Michael chuckled, brows furrowed. “You know you’re my family, too.”

                   Alex looked legitimately startled. “I – I am?”

                   Now, Michael thought. Now he was hurt. He thought back to Caulfield, when Alex had first saved him by telling him he was his family. And the next day . . . Michael had chosen someone else. He’d made his thoughts about Alex and their relationship painfully clear. It didn’t matter if it was true or not. His reaction to Alex’s confession was seared into both of their memories.

                   Michael’s shoulders fell. “Oh my god . . . I’m – I’m so sorry, Private.”

                   “Guerin?” Alex reached out and took his arm, concern etched on his face. He smiled like this was okay, like any of it could’ve been okay. “It’s okay –”

                   “It’s not okay,” he said, pulling Alex in against him. “You’ve always been my family. I should’ve told you. I should’ve told you every day.”

                   “Okay,” Alex whispered, hugging him back just as tightly. “I know that now, just . . . don’t get upset.”

                   Michael buried his face in the crook of Alex’s neck, breathing him in. They stood there for a long few minutes, just hugging each other.

                   Then Alex asked lightly, “So we’re definitely celebrating Christmas together then, right?”

                   Michael huffed a throaty laugh, and squeezed Alex until he was laughing, too. “Damn straight,” he said. “You didn’t think that mistletoe I hung over your bed was for aesthetic, did you?”

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  • infp-obsessing-over-everything
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    my wishes for Kybel season four

    Kyle supporting Isobel all season as she dates Anatsa, helping her through all her fears of starting a relationship as much as Max and Maria will

    Isobel working through all her ptsd and traumas from Noah and building a good relationship with Anatsa, before deciding at the end of the season that what they have is good but she wants something different, something steady

    All the steady hands jokes that come with accidentally flirting with a surgeon

    Kyle bonding with Anne Evans and going to Woman as Warrior when Isobel and Max ditch her at the Wild Pony to take care of alien stuff

    Max and Isobel having a twin fight over who is Kyle’s best friend while Liz looks terrified in the corner (because she knows), until Max breaks and says that they can’t be best friends cause they have too much sexual tension, to which Isobel tells him all hot people have sexual tension and it’s not her fault he’s plain

    #kybel #rnm season 4 #roswell new mexico #rnm#roswell nm#kyle valenti#isobel evens #also I’m a sucker for the idea of Kyle and Anne Evans just hanging out
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