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    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    Cool thing I did as a sort of warm up??? I think you’ll like this. It’s pretty steamy cute.

    A Skyward sword parallel in botw2 like when Link almost catches up to Zelda the first time in the earth temple but instead as soon as Link finds Zelda he straight up collapses in front of her because he fought his way through a hoard of monsters or a boss battle and she comes rushing over to him, afraid that he’s dying again but he just holds onto her so tight and doesn’t let go, even as he passes out from his injuries. So she knows he isn’t dying, just very very exhausted and needs help getting patched up.

    When he wakes up again she’s cleaning out one of his injuries. She stays a at his side as he gets healed up enough that he can take care of himself but as soon as she’s finished stitching him up she tells him that she doesn’t want to leave him like this but she’s on a very important mission that must be fulfilled and he can’t be at her side for it this time.

    And he does the one thing he can think of to do and pulls her close, letting his tears soak into her shirt as he burrows into her embrace just so he can breathe her in one more time before she has to leave him. At that moment she pulls out one of her barrettes and clips back his shaggy bangs.

    “So you don’t forget me,” she has a watery smile.

    She watches with wide eyes when he suddenly takes the dagger she was using and tears a strip of green off of his toga. He ties it around her right bicep as tight as he can manage before she reaches up to tightens it properly.

    “Don’t lose that arm,” he sniffs and she cups the back of his head, holding him close just as she did all those decades ago, somewhere far, far below from where this lie of divination keeps them suspended, floating as close to their merciless gods as they can get.

    “I’ll find my way back to you,” Zelda whispers, “I promise we’ll get to live in our little cottage and we can have those crepes you promised to make me.”

    “The crepes might not happen…” he croaks and she looks down to see him as he looks at his decaying, dried up arm, “As soon as this is over… I’ll lose this… and I need you to he ready for that… for when I can’t fight for you anymore.”

    “But- but it’s right there— you’ll be okay won’t you?”

    “They said that once Ganon is purified by your sealing powers and I’ve fulfilled my purpose, that the arm will detach and while the malice will be gone… the injury won’t, and I need you to protect me when that happens… I can still use my shield but… without an arm… I can’t defend myself…”

    She takes a sharp breath and lets her tears fall as she cradles the same hand that had held hers tight so many times before. Then her eyes widen and he can see the gears turning in her mind as she pulls a journal and measuring ribbon from the bag next to her.

    “I-I can make you a new one,” she rushes out, “I ju-just need your measurements,”

    “Zelda,” he cups her cheek, “I just need you to make sure I don’t bleed out,”

    “But- I can’t just leave you like this,” she cracks, “I can’t leave you helpless again… I can’t know for sure that you’ll be okay—!”

    “It’s going to drain me, Zelda, I won’t be able to fight even if you did do that… it’s best to focus on our missions and we can deal with getting me a new arm when we know I can survive without one,”

    “That’s so cruel…”

    “That’s just Hylia’s way of saying she’s in love with me,” he slowly sits up and wraps his arms around her.

    “The only thing I want you to do for me is survive, Zel. Survive so that we can live in our little corner of the world in our home… so that I can finally say all the things I wish I said back then.”

    Her features shatter and she hugs him right, “Link…”

    “Zelda, I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I had to be alone again, so please, please stay alive for me, stay alive and I’ll do everything I can to do the same so that you don’t have to be alone ever again.”

    “I don’t care if I come to regret saying it but by the three, Link I haven’t loved anyone else as much as I love you, and I don’t think I ever will,” she sobs into his shoulder, “I want to make a life with you, I want to live as long as I can with you by my side.”

    “I do too…” he croaks, pressing in close. “I want that. I want you,” he presses his lips to her cheek, “Because I love you, and I don’t want anyone but you.”

    “I won’t be there for you if you remember anything,” she rasps and swipes at his tears just as he does hers. “For that I apologize. I know that you’ll be in pain without me there to soothe the ache. I know it’ll be hard for you to sleep without my comfort but please, please take care of yourself, please rest as much as you can.”

    “I’ll try,” his voice wobbles and he wants desperately to just hold her as close her possibly can, “I’ll take care of myself, but you had better do the same,”

    He knows her time is running out… they know they can’t stay here, and they know that the timing isn’t quite right but when he leans back to look at her he can’t help it. He can’t help how helpless he feels against her. He can’t help how much he burns in such a way that only she can control and that only she can soothe.

    So he moves and he thinks that maybe she does too. That she leans down, just as he cranes his neck and lets the longing melt away, if only briefly, with the tenderness of each other.

    And yeah, it hurts a little when she lays against him, through the new, awkward motions but he doesn’t care. It hurts but her lips are so soft and she smells like sunshine. She burns in his lungs with each gasp for air but it feels so good. It tastes like a rainstorm on the beach but he’s safe inside with her arms holding him tight.

    How he burns for her. For her to stay. For her to touch him and hold his broken pieces tight until her palms bleed, letting them sink into her skin and heal over with rough scars so he would never been apart from her ever again.

    He tries to get her to stay, to hold her tight as she sends right him to the spirit realm with her touch alone. Leaving him gasping and needing for her in ways he can only dream of and hope to become a reality now.

    And din’s balls are they thankful that they’re wearing a skirt because it takes little to no time for her to get him bare to the elements and wetter than a water octorok.

    She doesn’t slow even when she’s using her cape to pad the floor beneath her knees. She doesn’t cease her motions even as the furnace inside him heats the air around them and burns his throat when she fans the flame.

    Even as she pushes him to capacity, he can do nothing but pray his stitches don’t pull because he certainly isn’t going to tell her to stop. He isn’t going to tell her that she needs to leaves because she certainly is not leaving anytime soon without finishing what she started.

    He digs his heels into her bottom and all at once he understands. He understands the cruelty of the gods and the sweet, sweet love of the one wrapped securely in his legs, and giving him what may be the best and last feeling of her love he may ever receive. So he cherishes it. He cherishes it until he bursts and her name echoes off the walls of the spring surrounding them and he’s sure the gods themselves are in on their spiteful affection.

    And even then, even after he’s sure to be heard by the gods at their own descendant’s hands, she doesn’t leave. She stays. And she must realize. They both realize that they have a choice. That there’s nothing stopping them from staying together. From spiting the gods further and loving as much as they can for as long as they can without leaving the other’s side.

    So when she leaves, he leaves with her. Hand in hand, desperate to keep the other close even if the gods oppose it wholly.

    Yet… for some reason… It feels like the gods themselves approve when she smiles down at him and eagerly answers his call for her. Like it never even mattered what they thought, because love like this, has never been so holy.

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    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    A clip from a thing I’m writing that I need to share.

    For context:

    Link does not handle being sick very well and is bad at being physically vulnerable due to ✨childhood trauma✨ and Zelda and him are both ADHD and Autistic moods respectively. Link has ADHD and autism and Zelda just has ADHD. There’s other, angsty reasons why he’s acting so differently from what is in his typical character but that information is a spoiler that has yet to be written and not important to know for this wip. Link also is lactose intolerant but that’s not super crucial information. And I’m saying that because I am also lactose intolerant and I like making my characters suffer physically :/

    Anyways I just think this whole interaction is a bit funny. Specifically towards the end. But yea.

    Link staggers to his feet and presses his back to a tree, his face bursting with color in a way that she would usually find cute were it not directly caused by his upset stomach. “I’m sorry.”
    “It’s alright,” she waves away the sickening odor, grimacing at the lingering scent coming from her internally suffering knight, “Do you want some help? My hands are warm,” she shows her gloved palms to him, “I know you don’t fare as well in the cold, so maybe the warmth will help you feel better? Less backed up?”
    He bites back his next words with an antsy whine and shakes his head as he cradles his stomach. Now that she’s looking at him properly, he’s very obviously bloated, not to any extreme or downright unhealthy extent for his standards, no, but he’s not very big to begin with so it’s concerning to see him filling in his tunic a bit more when it was much looser at his waist just this morning.
    (A waist she misses terribly considering how much pain he appears to be in).
    “It’s not that…”
    “Oh… It’s..?” Her face burns when she realizes his discomfort isn’t coming from not being able to go but the inability to stop it. “You’re bloated…” She puts it as delicately as possible given the situation.
    His flushed pink color in his face doesn’t fade in the slightest even as his hair hangs over his eyes and he looks away from her. “I can hold it until my shift is over… It won’t be an inconvenience to our traveling.” he winces and fumbles with his belts. They’re clearly too tight.
    She moves without thinking and comes up to his side. “Don’t you dare say that,” she quickly pulls his belts away and removes his weapon harness from his back, “Don’t say that you’re being an inconvenience.”
    He sighs in relief from the weight and pressure being removed but even still he doesn’t let it show how much it aches to ignore the discomfort, “It’s just a little indigestion.. I’ll be okay…”
    “Stop that,” Zelda wets the rag with cold water from her canteen.
    “I-I won’t be a bother… You won’t even notice..”
    “Of course I will, you idiot!” She says it without thinking but she doesn’t stop to apologize, for his self-deprecating words have gone on for long enough, “I always notice! I don’t care that you’re being a bother! I don’t care if it’s too inconvenient! I want you to feel better!
    “I know you don’t want to be, but you are sick and you need to get whatever is making you feel so unwell out of your system before you get worse!” Zelda tugs the collar of his sweater down and presses the wet cloth to the back of his neck, receiving a relieved exhale from him when the cool rag hits his feverish skin, “The fastest way for that to happen is to let it out, so are you going to let me get you somewhere to do that or are you just gonna be stubborn and hold it all the way there despite the fact that you clearly couldn’t earlier?”
    Link scowls at the ground. He knows she’s right. He knows it’ll just be torture for him if he doesn’t address it now.
    “You’ll just be cramping the entire way there.” She sighs, caressing their face with the rag as her own eyes well up with worry.
    “I can’t…” he insists, leaning into her shoulder and tickling her neck with his nose. “It’ll be loud…” His legs tremble as another ugly cramp rears its head but he tenses before anything can come of it.
    “That’s just fine,” She argues. “No one will hear you.”
    “You will…” Link bemoans pitifully.
    His eyes go wide from her brazenness, “It’s embarrassing!”
    “And why is that?” She huffs.
    “It just is!” he groans, “A-and I don’t want to do that in front of you— I-I don’t want you to know something about me that’s supposed to be private!”
    “Would it help if I dropped trou too?”
    “Zelda, I’m serious! I don’t want you listening to me!” He stamps his foot and immediately regrets it when he clamps his hand over a gag.
    “Well you’re just fine with me hearing you touching your junk in the bathroom when we’re sharing a room so I don’t know how that is a problem here!” Zelda blurts out with an astonished laugh, “I swear it’s like clockwork, and you’re all nonchalant about it as if there isn’t an echo. I mean really— I personally don’t care that you do that, but if you’re that worried about me hearing you have food poisoning or whatever this may be, then you have got to get your priorities straight!”
    He grows quiet.
    Uncomfortably so.
    Zelda notices his downturned gaze and quickly learns why. Specifically when his eyes grow wide and she sees just how red his face can get without his nose bleeding.
    She realizes very late, mind you, that he was not aware of her possessing such information. It’s quite the look he has going but the fact that he wasn’t aware of just how intimately aware she was of this very personal nightly routine of his is quite worrying. And a little funny if it weren’t said at such an inappropriate time.
    “Why didn’t you say anything?” He croaks.
    “That’s not the point here— the point is that you are getting all worked up over the wrong things!”
    “How long have you known?!”
    “Shut up! That isn’t the issue here!” She presses the cold rag to his mouth, “You are sick, and your embarrassment over what weird noises your body makes is really the least of my concerns!”
    He jerks out of her cold grip with a gasp, “I’m sleeping on the couch for the next week.”
    “You say that now, but I know for a fact that you’ll come crawling back when you get cold.”
    He knows that she’s right about this too but does she have to say that right after saying everything else?
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    07.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Anastasia as Zelink and I say this largely because I want to have a scene similar to when Anya had that nightmare during the storm and was sleepwalking and Dimitri came to save her. Instead of Anya though, it’s Link and Zelda is Dimitri. Which makes sense to me cuz of the whole memory thing.

    Also just, Link being sassy when Zelda is being bossy would be such a funny thing to see especially since Zelda isn’t expecting him to be like that at all and was expecting a shy, soft spoken knight but instead gets someone who has a sassy retort for everything she says.

    Btw, Zelda would still be the princess in question but she also ended up being put into foster care when she was young because of the attack on the castle and Link was the son of her father’s body guard and he ended up in much worse circumstances when he got separated from his parents.

    #botw#link#botw2 #breath of the wild #botw zelink#zelink #legend of zelda #zelda x link #rottentreegremlin writing #rottentreegremlin fanfic ideas
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    26.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Zelda and Link’s first kiss after the calamity would be soft and quiet and it would happen when they are just doing something they always do but they just lean in a little closer, move with a little more purpose and it kinda just happens. Like they are cuddling in bed because they both agree that they get the most rest when they’re together and one of them kinda realizes that there’s nothing stopping them now and no one’s expecting anything from them. Then one thing leads to another and they’re touching each other in places they hadn’t touched before, their hair is all askew and there’s salt water soaking into the pillows and drying on their skin. And not a word passes between them because why would there need to be when it’s written so clearly in everything they do? Every action, every look and step they take towards one another again is a language that only they can understand. Love isn’t a mystery to them, it’s an action, a reassurance, a hand to hold and gentle touch, it’s fragile and it’s sure footed. That extra support beam when the wind blows too hard and they’re falling apart. It’s knowing that you would risk everything just to be with someone who has done the same and more for you.

    #botw#link#botw2#botw zelink #breath of the wild #zelink #zelda x link #legend of zelda #rottentreegremlin writing#botw wip
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    23.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    You guys have no idea how much I wanna draw a botw lyric thing with these. Dear god they fit Link and Zelda’s story(/ies) so well.

    #botw#link#botw2#botw zelink #breath of the wild #zelink #zelda x link #legend of zelda #rottentreegremlin writing
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    23.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
    Note: I’m sorry.

    Zelda reading a book of poems aloud to Link while he watches the clouds go by, occasionally reaching up to brush her hair out of her eyes.

    “I think I’ll miss this the most,” her breath is the wind itself.

    “Don’t say that,” his eyelids screw shut fighting against his internal clock.

    “You have to wake up soon,” she leans down, pressing her lips to his, but it is just a whisper of the real thing.

    “Not yet, let me have this,” he grips her arm, craning his neck to catch her warm lips in his, if only for a second more, “Please… don’t leave before me this time… give me a few moments more,”

    “It’ll just be that many more before I see you again,” her mirthful laughter is like music to his ears.

    “I don’t want to forget you again— please just stay,”—

    “Our next trials await us, my love, do not waver,”

    “Say that again,” his watery eyes meet her own pooling vision.

    “I’ll see you soon, my love,”

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    03.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    It’s even more fucked up when you realize that Link was only 17 when he died and he learned about his death at the exact place happened through passing and only really learns about how he died until (likely) weeks after finding out he had walked through his own grave like it was a play ground and collected all sorts of trinkets from the very things that killed him.

    He had only been seventeen, barely an adult but hardly a child anymore and he had to learn about his own death from someone that had likely heard it as a bedtime story from their grandparents.

    And so of course now he has to see it for himself, the story of his passing. He travels through Fort Hateno and meets the (very young) researcher Purah in order to gain access to the very memories of the friend(s) that he fought and died for 100 years prior.

    It’s just so… melancholic… to wake up into a beautiful world so scarred and broken and yet flourishing so wonderfully, only to find that to everyone you’ll ever meet aside from a select few, you’re dead. You’ve been dead for a century. You’re nothing more than a character in a bedtime story. You’re in a world that is just as unaware of the impact you had as you are.

    You are seen as nothing more than a fantasy, a rumor now… and everything you will ever learn about who you were and what you were like a century ago… will be vague and so watered down that you have no idea what’s real and what’s fake, what is being dramatized and what actually traumatized you and broke you so much that you couldn’t protect the one person you vowed to keep safe.

    #botw#link#botw2#botw zelink #breath of the wild #zelink #zelda x link #legend of zelda #rottentreegremlin writing
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    26.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Me, a writer making my comfort characters sad and horny for some reason: I like my characters weak, submissive, and susceptible to breeding.

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    01.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Zelda: Link you are sick because you are still INJURED.

    Link: yea what about it.

    Zelda: wh-


    Link: yeah.

    Zelda: why DIDN’T YOU SAY ANYTHING???

    Link, scratching his head: it was embarrassing




    Zelda: you- I want to strangle you sometimes you know that?

    Link: *chuckles* I think I’m dying—

    #botw#botw zelink#zelink#botw2#link #zelda x link #breath of the wild #legend of zelda #rottentreegremlin fanfic #it’s basically my fanfic I’m writing
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    30.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Me, when writing about the Botw world: *wants to add in cotton so the material of Link’s champion tunic is made from cotton and/or a mix of cotton and wool to represent his hometown and common materials there*

    Me: who would produce it though?

    My brain: i mean the Gerudo environment—

    Me, clambering to stop myself from writing that: Hebra has grass lands they would make more sense for producing cotton and there aren’t a lot if goats in Hebra for Rito to make their cool flowy outfits and bugs are fairly lacking because of the climate so it makes sense for them to use a biodegradable material like cotton to make their flowy clothes.

    #rottentreegremlin writing#writing struggles#world building #i mean I could just make up a material- like maybe safflina leaves could be made into fabric #idk I’m working on it.
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    29.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    They called him a mountain…

    Piercing the heavens and staring down gods.

    They called him stubborn.

    But he was fleeting.

    He wasn’t the earth under your heel.

    He was the wind.

    He flowed in the land,

    the animals,

    the trees.

    He was the gentle breeze on a hot summer day,

    Making sandcastles

    only for them to crumble in the crashing waves.

    He was the clear blue sky

    before a blizzard.

    The rainbow

    after a storm.

    The howl in the night

    and the birdsong in the morning.

    He was untamable.

    And he was no mountain.

    He fell apart and grew from the ashes of a kingdom destroyed by hatred.

    But he is not unmovable.

    He is not unbreakable.

    He is not a hero.

    He is a child,

    A lover, a fighter,

    He is a little wild thing.

    And he fights a dead man’s battle

    For the smile it might bring.

    They thought she was the ocean.

    But she was a child lost at sea.

    With nothing but the wind

    and the night sky as her eyes to see.

    #idk man I just had a vibe #shitty poetry#rottentreegremlin writing#botw zelink#botw#zelink#botw2#link #zelda x link #breath of the wild #legend of zelda
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    07.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    So like- Link pulling out his stitches after loosing his arm because of nightmares of first losing it. I think… spicy….

    #botw#botw zelink#zelink#botw2#link #zelda x link #breath of the wild #legend of zelda #rottentreegremlin hc#rottentreegremlin theory#cw: stitches #cw: amputee mention #cw: ptsd #i may be writing something about it… maybe.
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    23.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Hate when I’m reading someone else’s fanfic of the same content I’m interested in and then getting down on myself for not writing that good.

    And I, thankfully, remind myself that I have really only written one fanfic that I have actually saved properly instead of putting it somewhere on the internet in a comment on a post, never to be seen again.

    And I tell myself: hey that’s pretty fuckin cool. The fact that you are writing is amazing in itself. The fact that you are taking your ideas and putting them somewhere to be kept forever is really cool because then you can look back on it and grow more off of those ideas. And that does not mean you have to be the best and it does not mean that you are cringe or bad or gross. It just means that you’re a person that is expressing their love for a thing in a really cool way that other people can appreciate and that helps soften the rough edges of life and I think that’s so sweet of you honestly. I think that even if you don’t being a famous writer, that fact that doing this makes you really happy is enough in itself. You are of value and you are making sure you have some part of you remembered even if it’s in the form of a really raunchy or gross thing you’re writing. Or drawing or whatever because you don’t need to be better than anyone. In fact you don’t need to be better you can just keep doing what you want and writing how and whenever you like because you’re doing this for you and when you know that, you can achieve so many amazing things because you are doing this for self fulfillment, not the satisfaction of others.

    Anyway… I guess I just wanted everyone to know how I felt about like- comparing myself to others or some idea on how I dealt with jealousy of others and feeling inadequate. I hope this like- idk makes people feel good. If it doesn’t that’s fine, I just wanted to put it out there.

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  • rottentreegremlin
    22.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Me? Writing Link to have mommy issues? No never.

    *writes him having a panic attack at a banquet/party and hoping for his mom to come take him home like when he was little and had anxiety attacks and sensory overload when he was in school and she would take him home early*

    I am mentally stable.

    #botw#botw zelink#zelink#botw2#link #zelda x link #breath of the wild #botw fanart #legend of zelda #rottentreegremlin hc#rottentreegremlin fanfic#personal rottentreegremlin#rottentreegremlin writing #cw: panic attack mention #cw: anxiety attack mention #Link has mommy issues because she left to work at the castle when he was 7. #btw.
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    24.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    I’m gonna say it.

    Zelda would absolutely pop Link’s back pimples for him.

    Yes it is a gross headcanon but couples do gross things and that is one of their (many) gross couple things.

    Link would do the same for Zelda btw.

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  • rottentreegremlin
    12.04.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Warning! Long-ish post!

    Haha the reason Link was able to find Zelda so quickly at that shrine when she yelled at him isn’t just because he’s a good listener but also because he probably knew she would do that because he would too and likely has done the same as her before. Trying to run away for a time that is. He wasn’t trying to be cruel and I just like that he likely just wanted to let her know that she can do the things she enjoys and he wasn’t just going to judge her for needing to take a break from the castle to do those things. Like yeah Link is a quiet dude but he’s got the same struggles as she does because like. Even when he has the sword he can’t even use it to the full power all the time (it’s never glowing until the very end of his memories or once he’s trained with it in the present) so it would make sense that he would feel insecure about his own abilities even though having the sword shows that he is the hero of legend. Having the title can only do so much when you’re in a war against the evil incarnate and the sword you “earned” the title from only accepted you because it likely wouldn’t get another chance to find you and choose you as it’s wielder (which really isn’t as random as it seems) before it was too late. Like I absolutely think that Link was afraid of not being able to wield Fi properly because he knew it wasn’t at it’s full strength. But he couldn’t exactly make it stronger naturally because he would have needed the shrines that none of them had access to because of the towers not being a thing. Like I notice a lot that Zelda’s insecurities are clear and have been talked about a lot but for Link they’re much more subtle because he’s always so quiet and people can’t always catch that. But as someone who has some level of skill in things, specifically art and writing, that when I get any sort of like appreciation for my art it’s like people see the art but not the person behind it and the experiences I’ve had to express those things. Link is like the guy who was in a competition of some kind for the fun but then he gets first place and gets a shiny trophy to go with it but he doesn’t feel like he even earned it because most of the good things he does has nothing to do with the sword and he didn’t even plan to win but here he is, getting popular with everyone just because he accidentally won a first place trophy and everyone expects him to act a certain way and everyone is watching and waiting for him to act in that way but he can’t even do that because if he were to do anything he feels that it won’t be what they need from him or that if he were to mess up everyone would despise him for it because he was supposed to know what he’s doing. He’s supposed to be able to protect and save everyone. He’s supposed to help people and pull them out of the darkness.

    But what about him?

    Who will go the extra mile to save him? To protect him? To pull him from the darkness? No one told him anything. No one taught him how to be a hero just like no one taught the heroes of legend before. There was never a rule book and there was never even a small riddle to get him curious or questioning what it could mean. Not even that was there for him. Which is why I think Zelda and Link got along so well in botw after Kara Kara.

    Because They’re both just two kids expected to do all these things and get it done correctly the first time without so much as a rule book or instruction on how to do so. So they respond the only ways they know how, silently bearing it while the world burns around them or kicking and screaming for an answer only to realize that they are just as in the know as everyone else. Even with these supposed powers and abilities they have, they are just has ignorant to what steps need to be taken as everyone else.

    So can you really blame either of them for running away from their destinies when they realized they just weren’t as strong or as capable as they thought or as everyone hoped they were. Can you blame them for fleeing from a situation that they didn’t know how to deal with? That they have never had to deal with? Yeah their people failed them but it wasn’t because they didn’t help them it was because they were expecting two kids to act like adults when they were never even allowed to act like kids. They were never allowed to mess up and never allowed to grow from them they were never nourished or given the support they needed from the people that expected so much from them. And that’s just... fuck I love this game so much.

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  • rottentreegremlin
    17.03.2021 - 7 monts ago


    Link hums right? Yeah ok so like what if he was just on break or something in between guard duty at the castle (pre calamity, post kara kara bazaar yiga attack) and Zelda is passing through the halls and suddenly she just hears a soft voice humming and occasionally singing out a small tune and she thinks it’s the court poet so of course she goes to turn the corner to look for them but instead finds Link cooking outside or something and just doing a little dance like no one is watching and humming a tune that he must have heard somewhere on his travels with her or before he became a knight. And he suddenly turns and sees her and just comes to a none-too-orderly stop. To put it simply, he had an open jug of milk in his hand, it falls from his grasp, and then this ridiculous sort of scrambling panic to catch it occurs before it inevitably hit the stone floor and milk spills and glass shards scatters everywhere and he just is standing there, his hands together, bent forward, in a failed attempt at catching it.

    Zelda sees the whole thing and she is fighting so hard not to laugh at her silly knight and his bright pink face. He starts to kneel out of respect.

    But she immediately tells him to stop and he just stands there awkwardly, milk staining both if their clothes.


    “It’s okay, it was cute...”

    And apparently he was talking about the milk stains and broken glass. Not the dancing and humming because he began stuttering and blushing like crazy all over again.

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