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  • artist-l-e
    30.07.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Silent Hill AU

    Already saw at least one Silent Hill and Miraculous crossover fic, but Imma make a whole AU out of it, simply because I love the aesthetic.

    The AU would be set in the town of Silent Hill, tho Silent Hill could perhaps be moved to French speaking areas of Canada if you want keep that detail from Miraculous canon.

    The cult operating in the town likely sought the gift of greater beings that are only found within the otherworld. Gabriel and Mr. Bourgeois were direct members.

    Gabriel has, since the death of his wife, disappeared and only exists within the otherworld, while Adrien lives with his aunt and cousin, who also live in Silent Hill.

    He is still the cause for people being taken to the otherworld, which swallows the entire town when an akuma victim is chosen. Any death caused in the otherworld might be used by him to try and fuel a Silent Hill version of his wife(Think Mary's final boss form from Silent Hill 2) with life, especially since the shrine of creation wont reveal itself to him.

    Speaking of shrines, this is what would replace the kwamis in this AU. For as fun as Plagg or Tikki are, they don't really fit into Silent Hill. Instead, they're replaced by these shrines, which consist of a minimalistic, abstract painting embodying the core essence of the kwami it represents, a small table and a cup of mystery fluid, which would be ingested to gain the gods blessing.

    The transformation shrine, if encountered, would have a smashed cup and the peacock would have the liquid poisoned.

    Might make another post of what I picture 6 out of the 7 original Miraculouses(Ladybug, Black Cat, Turtle, Fox, Bee and Butterfly) to look like, if anyone wants to hear about it.

    Akumatization functions in the victim, once they're alone, starting to gain a thousand mile stare, slowing down near a hole that has appeared in the ground or wall. They're experiencing the call of the void as that happens and once they enter the hole, the otherworld swallows the town.

    In the otherworld, most town folk uninvolved with the akuma victims grievance or with direct or distant ties to the cult tend to become disembodied voices, who may or may not give clues as to who the victim is.

    The majority of the smaller monsters would have symbolic ties to the akuma victim as well, though some may have ties to any of the heroes and even fewer would tie back to Gabriel.

    Certain environments may also be warped to give clues, so the heroes can figure out where to go and what to do about the akuma.

    The akuma itself would be twice the size of a human and the victim is always somewhere within the akuma. The goal is to cut the victim free from its grievance and put them at ease, so when the otherworld disappears, they can tackle their grievance with a level head and what not.

    I am not fully certain how the superpowers or the secret identities would weigh into this AU or to what extend, though it likely would be that the powers are tuned down a bunch. We want this to be a bit more horror heavy, so the heroes need to struggle.

    Speaking of horror, with Mr. Bourgeois knowing Gabriel and likely to suspect him, he may have to be killed to keep the mystery going. It could also be the reason why Chloés mom would have to return to town and set up more of an arc for Chloé.

    Marinette, Alya and Nino likely got distant ties to the cult, while Adrien and Chloé got direct ties and others could always be brought in through them or other cult members or with them being related to the akuma victims grievance.

    And that's about all I got.

    Hope you like it, even with the darker tone this AU would have, and don't forget to like and share with whomever might like it as well.

    Let me know if you wanna know about the paintings as well ;P

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  • robbielewis
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Can, can?  Yes we can!

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  • nosferdoc
    30.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The State of Louisiana and COVID-19


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  • tropicalrougegifs
    30.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #tropical rouge precure #tropical-rouge precure#precure#cure summer #laura la mer #laura apollodoros hyginus la mer #tropical rouge precure puchi: tobikome collab dance party
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  • qualitygroupusa
    30.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • louierobinson35
    30.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • helena1234321
    30.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    amber ardolino is leaving MR so here's just some shots of her as satine because i loved her satine so much

    #how is she so pretty #also honestly the chemistry is 10/10 #moulin rouge #moulin rouge bway #moulin rouge the musical #amber ardolino#aaron tveit#broadway#musicals#musical theater
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  • lovedmedusa
    30.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    im drinking green tea rn and i never realized my cup that i always drink from says there is only happiness to love and be loved. so true bestie❤️

    #how v moulin rouge of her<3
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  • unlostx
    30.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    [ Kim bora ‘SUA’ female , 23] Let’s give a warm welcome to one of Sparkwood’s finest, Anna marie lebeau “ROGUE” Before coming here, She/her once lived on the pages of X-MEN. Though now they currently spend most of their time as a(n) CASHIER AT RECORD SHOP. If you ask the townsfolk about what they are like, you will hear that they are PATIENT but also CLOSED OFF If they had a theme song it would be UNTITLED- KNUCKLEPUCK .Let’s see how their story unravels this time. [ nicole , cst, CST, she/her ] 

    Anna-Marie was born in a small town called Meridan, Mississippi her parents were very controlling she could barely breathe from how suffocating they were, they dedicated her diet insisting she be Vegetarian, they dressed her up like a doll treating her more like an object than a person. Her mother didn’t have a mternal bone in her body, moare of a dictator with strict rules, her father no better she had the scars of his anger riddled all over her body, ciggarette burns on her back and the marks from a switch in random parts of her body, she had looked to the others in town for help but they turned away not taking her seriously just saying her parents had a ‘firm hand’ and that she was being dramatic for attention.  She had  she also wouldn’t learn till later on that she was being raised in a cult, she found out when her parents tried to arrange her a marriage at 16 with a man older than her own father, She protested and screamed and shouted but they were insistent. 

    She ran away with her boyfriend that she had kept a secret from her parents before that could happen They got enough money to get the first bus out of town and she never looked back.  But that was the end of her dreams of a happy ending, when she woke up her boyfriend was dead right beside her she didn’t know what happened but the thought that she possibly could have been sleeping peacefully while he was laying beside her suffering. She was in shock as the police came taking his body away she was screaming and wailing begging for it to not be real but it was real her new reality, she would have so much survivors guilt and the unknown of why this happened to her, they wanted to call her parents and she gave them a fake number and address and she left before they noticed.

    She used the last of their pooled money to get the cheapest bus ticket out of town, it was to a town called Sparkwood, Va. When she got there she noticed it was a small town with barely anything, which was perfect for her no one would ask too many questions she could fade into the background for once. She wanted more exciting and a better distraction, but what she got was the complete opposite. The first thing she did when she arrived was looking for a job, she applied everywhere restaurants, coffee shops, bars but not one wanted a home school teenager who didn’t have a degree, but finally the owner of the record shop showed her some mercy and hired her even though she had no prior work experience or education. She worked saving money living in a homeless shelter till she finally saved enough to get a small studio apartment, it isn’t much but it’s the first place she ever had that actually felt like a home.

    #tw:death #tw: childhood trauma #tw: child abuse #tw: child grooming #tw: child marriage #bio: rouge #spark. intro
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  • morpedits
    30.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    3 different versions of red rose icons of Rouge from Witch's Heart.


    @allys-edit-cafe for the Omori dividers

    @noir--tears for the Noel reply icons

    #💞 my edits 💞 #witch's heart#Rouge #witch's heart rouge #witch's heart icons
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  • stylishtveit
    30.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    So Amber’s just announced that she’ll be returning to Broadway in the ensemble of Hamilton… I wonder what that now means for the role of understudy Satine 🤔

    I feel like we should be able to expect a Satine announcement soon and every time the MR account posts something my heart stops bcs I’m scared I’ll miss it 🤣

    #moulin rouge broadway
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  • wsi123
    30.07.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • abnormalasks
    30.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Trying to get out art block, so I drew da queen.

    #art#fan art#doodle#sonic#sonic fanart#rouge #rouge the bat #rouge the bat sonic #rouge the bat fanart
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  • bardicc-inspo
    30.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Ok so time reset brainrot time...

    This party of adventurers gets the chance to change time to make it so the world doesn't end. With that they also get to fix one mistake they made in life, to then go live through this timeline they saved from destruction.

    It is made so the end of the world never happened. And thus, this group never met one another.

    But would this apply to the gods? Wouldn't the gods remember the near end of the world and the party who stopped it? Would those gods, the ones who had favors for the adventurers, keep an eye on them even if the adventurer doesn't remember them (or know them at all now)?

    Going with that, while the party never begins their quest together, I like to think they stumble across one another and get a sense of dejavu. They meet eachother in passing and think they know one another from somewhere, but have no memory of why they would remember them.

    Or they may have foggy memories they write off as dreams or nightmares. Or even perhaps, remember those memories as stories they make up for folk tales.

    Abilities they gained through travel are forgotten, but still exist if they stumble across that ability again. A prior rouge may realize they can dissappear from a crowd easier than their friends. The prior party magi casts a high level spell in self defense, despite not being able to cast that (or looks as if they should'nt be able to)

    The world is changed for the better, but would the universe really let these heros fully reset after all they've sacrificed?

    #many thoughts head full #dnd rambles#dnd#dnd ideas #this is jumbled im sorry im just thinkin many things #dnd bard#dnd rouge#verse
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  • citrine-hatake
    30.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    rouge :: kakashi hatake

    The door slammed open to your home, revealing a very angry jonin- hair mused up to show his frustration and clothes rumpled to show he was in some sort of scuffle. You merely eyed him, not daring to say a word yet- you learned your lesson last time you asked him something the second he walked in the door. He almost opened his sharingan, almost killing you- and if you hadn’t of used your jutsu in time, Kakashi wouldn’t have ever forgiven himself.

    You let him sit down at the table first, sighing and running his scarred hand through his hair before taking his headband off and eventually his mask. His breathing started to come to a slow and you finally cleared your throat, emitting a grunt from your lovely fiancee.

    You didn’t turn from the meal you were making, your eyes were too concentrated and Kakashi knew that. You heard the chair squeak as he got up, footsteps nearing where you were stationed at the stove. He stood behind you, careful of where he put his hands.

    “How was today?” You asked softly, taking a peak behind you to look at him. Your knees slightly buckled at the sight of him. His cheeks were a shade of red that was too obvious to miss, hair messed up enough to look like you two were just off having fun, and his eyes… His eyes looked tired. He looked exhausted.

    “It was just a long day with the kids. All of them seem to sense what’s going on and were hounding me with questions,” the irritation in his voice slightly humored you. You successfully suppressed a giggle, and moved your eyes back to the meal at hand.

    “I mean I wouldn’t doubt Sakura putting the clues together.”

    “Is it that obvious?” Kakashi’s voice sounded slightly hurt, but his tone was playful. You full on laughed this time, snorting and breathing in rapidly to try and calm the palpitations in your chest. Kakashi groaned, stepping backwards from you to sit back onto the top of the table. You heard his palm hit his forehead, a deep sigh leaving his lips.

    “I don’t know honey, when’s the last time you let them see me at the shop?”

    It’s as if then Kakashi suddenly remembered that he hid you from public view once you started showing. Your tummy now was more rotund, an obvious sign that you were pregnant. That was months ago, though, and he thought the kids would glaze over that, you know- since kids don’t go into a book store often.

    Once the meal you had been preparing started sizzling, you turned the heat down and turned to your fiancee, your hands rubbing around your stomach. Kakashi watched your hands with extreme focus, as if he could see the baby inside. His eyes then went from your hands, to your eyes, and back and forth.

    Your voice was soft as you cleared your throat, “Why don’t you want them to know?”

    “I don’t know,” he replied with an even softer voice. “I guess I’m a little worried that everyone’s going to be hounding you with questions… Wanting to know what all we’ve prepared… What we’re going to name them… And I don’t want everyone to be disappointed.”

    You couldn’t help the eye roll. “Why would anyone be disappointed?”

    “Did we plan at all for this to happen, {Y/N}?” His tone was a little harsh, eyebrows furrowing just the tiniest bit. “Most families plan years for this, being well off and settled in.”

    “We’re settled down, aren’t we?” You looked around the home you two shared, careful to look back to the meal you were making to make sure it hadn’t burned. You took the pan off the heat and set out plates on the table behind Kakashi. “Sure, we might not be rich or well off enough, but we’re happy with what we’ve got, right?”

    Kakashi sighed again. “Do you want to get into it?”

    At the mere mention of it, your expression dropped and you turned away from him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    There’s tension in the room now, thick enough to cut with a knife. You move around him and plate the food, patting his shoulder to let him know he needs to move before you set the plate on the table. Kakashi moves without a word, kneeling across from you at the table. He grabs his chopsticks and stares at you silently, as if he’s expecting something else out of you.

    Your eyes are closed for a brief moment before you start eating, a silent little prayer to whomever seems fit at the time. The noodles are hot, so you slow down, ignoring Kakashi’s eyes across the table.

    The silence seems forever on Kakashi’s end. He watches you finish your supper, finishing his bowl after you and cleaning up so you can sit down for the rest of the night. But on the other hand, hearing your argument replay in his head makes him re-think everything. He walks you to the couch before handing you some tea- your favorite that you’ve started drinking since you got pregnant.

    He finds his way back to the sink and he was going to start washing some dishes, but he stops to turn to where you sat on the couch, reading a book. His hands grip the countertop. “You want to take a stroll?”

    “Do we need something from the store?” You don’t take your eyes off the book you’re reading.

    “We could get some ice cream while we’re out,” his voice is tempting, sweet and dripping with honey and you easily fall for it everytime. He knows he’s got you by the way you turn immediately, your eyes shining with happiness and excitement. And to be honest, you don’t care that he’s sweet talking you. As long as you got your ice cream, you didn’t care how he got you there.

    And he’s really sweet about it too, helping you with your shoes, even grabbing his jacket for you to wear and you don’t even refuse to take it- even if there are strict rules about jonin and their ninja jackets. Are there rules about it? You couldn’t even remember. All your brain was focused on was how warm and cute and sensual your fiancee was being and the destination being some sugary sweet ice cream.

    The second you get into town though, you can feel the stares and the looks from just about everyone. You squeeze Kakashi’s hand, and he winces at how hard you’re holding it, but both of you don’t care anymore. He decided he wants to let everyone know you two are expecting, and by golly everybody sure knows it now.

    When you get to the shop, all your negativity melts away and you sprint inside with your mouth watering. All those flavors… You don’t know which to choose. Kakashi always chose the matcha and he headed straight for it, grabbing your favorite suika ba- giving you a cute little wink as he shut the cooler door.

    He pays, ice cream in a bag as he grabs your hand once more and you two leave, heading home with the sun setting behind you.

    In a way, it’s a cute little date and you enjoyed it. It’s not like the date you two went on when you guys were first dating, the little ice cream shop on the corner of town that served the covered cones and stacked high with toppings you couldn’t believe…

    As if he read your mind, Kakashi squeezed your hand. “We’ll go tomorrow, okay? If you’re up for it.”

    A smile inches it’s way across your mouth, and you can’t help but giggle. You squeeze his hand back, swinging it a little as you get a little carried away in your steps. Just the thought of going makes you giddy, and you can’t wait.

    “{Y/N}!” The voice made you stop. You hadn’t heard that voice in ages, hadn’t seen that face in forever…

    Kakashi turned before you could. “Gai! Hey!” His voice sounded a little shaky, as if he were a little nervous about seeing him. As if he were a little embarrassed.

    You turned now, and the second Gai made eye contact with your stomach, his eyes widened and his cheeks turned a cherry color of red. Whatever words were coming out of his mouth stopped the second his eyes locked with yours and Kakashi’s. “So I see why I haven’t seen you two out together in a while.. Thought {Y/N} moved or something and Kakashi was moving on for some reason…”

    “No,” Kakashi quickly stuttered out, careful to bring his hand to the small of your back, running his fingers down your spine and over your shoulder blades. “Still with me, still getting married soon.”

    “That’s good,” Gai said softly. “And now expecting someone else to the party as well?”

    You let out a little chuckle. “About four months from now we’re going to have a new academy student on the loose.”

    “Right out of the womb, eh?” Gai laughed, walking on the other side of you, so now you had support on either side. You three began walking, just like old times, down the street. You had always enjoyed Gai’s presence, whether Kakashi thought it was annoying or not. Those two always had the funniest friendships, and Gai’s team was always a joy to be around as well.

    When it came to the turn in the road to head towards your home, Kakashi turned to Gai, hand outwards as they always did before separating. “One thing, if I could please ask of this, Gai?”

    “Sure thing, Kakashi, ask away.”

    “Don’t let the kids find out. We’re trying to keep this a secret, at least for the most part. I don’t want the kids to rile {Y/N} up and raise her blood pressure or god forbid make her go into labor early or-”

    “He’s just nervous that the kids are going to make fun of him, that’s it, Gai.”

    The two of you start laughing, while Kakashi fumes with pink cheeks beside you. Once you two ease up with the laughter, you and your fiancee start walking home, ice cream in hand.

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  • hothotmiso
    30.07.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #tropical rouge precure #tropical-rouge! pretty cure #トロピカル~ジュ!プリキュア#laura#kururun#my gif
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  • dizzydennis
    30.07.2021 - 11 hours ago

    This might sound super silly, but I always get so overjoyed and gleeful when I finish a Sonic translation. Last night, I was up until 3AM translating the Rouge story. It’s not perfect and I still have a lot of flaws in how I interpret and translate text, but I felt so accomplished. The moment I posted my translation to tumblr, I just felt so excited and happy. I started playing NateWantsToBattle’s Sonic album though my earphones at full volume! Just gleefully hopping up and down as I sat on my bed and sent the translations to my friends. It’s a joyous feeling that just hits me like a bolt of lightning and I love it!

    #sonic the hedgehog #rouge the bat #sonic unleashed#natewantstobattle#sega
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  • smallcures
    30.07.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #tropical rouge precure #submission#natsuumi manatsu
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  • diawaterfalls
    30.07.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #shadow the hedgehog #sonic the hedgehog #Rouge the Bat #sonic heroes#meme#lol
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  • loopersum
    30.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Rouge the Bat for my next Team Dark story arc, Pyramid Base

    #rouge the bat #rouge#team dark#sonic #sonic the hedgehog #sonic comic#pyramid base#sa2 #sonic adventure 2 #sonic heroes#teaser
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