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  • bagelboys-withcreamcheese
    06.05.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Modern!Reader But They Keep Breaking The Fourth Wall


    Running on two hours of sleep and redbull so here’s...whatever this is


    Arthur: So, what’s your sexuality? Boys? Girls? Both? All?

    Reader: That depends on the person reading this.

    Arthur: What

    Reader: What

    Reader: What’s my name?

    Arthur: ....Y/N?

    Reader: You’re saying a million different names right now.


    Arthur, slowly walking away: Hosea?!

    Reader: *Does the Jim from The Office look*

    Arthur: *slams his fists down on the table*


    Reader: *Does the look again*


    Reader: Am I inside the simulation...or have I become the simulation?

    Arthur: What simulation?

    Arthur: Y/N what fucking simulation-

    Reader: You know, you’re one of my favorite combinations of ones and zeros.

    Hosea: .....thank you..?

    Reader: You’re welcome :)

    Reader: Bagel boys dum dum duh dum

    Reader: Bagel boys dum dum duh dum

    Reader: Bagel boys, with cream cheese!

    Dutch: Bagel boys with cream cheese?

    Reader: Yeah, they’re the creator of this post.


    Dutch: What

    Lenny: Are you attracted to anyone?

    Reader: I don’t know, some of the readers could be ace or aro, maybe both, so I don’t really mention it much.

    Lenny: H-huh?

    Reader: Yeah, you’re not even the real Lenny, you’re whatever the creator of this post makes you out to be. And whatever the readers make you out to be. There are infinite versions of you, and none of them are real.

    Lenny, having an identity crisis: What the fuck what the fuck what-

    Arthur: So...the people reading this...care... about all of us?

    Reader: Most if you. Micah is very touch and go.

    Arthur: And they’re listening to this?

    Reader: Reading.

    Arthur: Right.

    Arthur: Can I talk to them?

    Reader: Go for it.

    Arthur: Okay...

    Arthur: Erm, thanks for caring about us. We’re...bad people and don’t really deserve it but it’s still nice. I hope you’re all letting someone take care of you, and also taking care of yourself. Drink water, eat food, take your medicine. Don’t get tuberculosis. Stay strong. I believe in you.

    Reader: Anything else?

    Arthur: Oh, yeah! I am not love with Charles!

    Reader: Yes you are.

    Arthur: Yeah I am.

    #Hiya #I’m in a rough patch right now so the last part was kinda just something I wrote up to make myself feel a bit better #but I figured if it did something for me it might do something for someone else #even if it is just a little bit helpful #and even if it really doesn’t make sense #love you guys #red dead redemption 2 #arthur morgan x reader #lenny summers #hosea matthews x reader #Hosea Matthews#Arthur Morgan #dutch van der linde x reader #dutch van der linde
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  • sereina
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    can i be emotional and sappy on main real quick- i just wanna say that im so glad i stuck with serena as a muse. there was a time where i almost wanted to give up on her because i was in such a bad headspace, but i toughed it out and just moved her to a new blog instead. and i wanna thank the people who put up with my flaky ass on her old blog because i would disappear for so long at a time, but you guys stuck through with me and supported me and im so grateful for that ;-; yall are seriously awesome and ive been doing so much better lately so just!!! thank you so much!!! <3

    #🌹 ooc. #and big thank yous to people who would check in on me as well when i was in a rough spot #seriously i just dont know what i would have done without all the support from people ;-; #like there really arent words i can use to express how thankful i am and how much i love u guys #im not good at showing that i care a lot of the time but just know i love and appreciate yall
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  • closuredream
    05.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #the fact that am even writing these sentences its still crazy #my heart its so full of happiness and love 🥺🥺 #gonna overshare now but those four dudes got me through such a rough time when i was younger and now that everything its fine and am not #there anymore seeing that clip of michael knowing who dream is ( #and now dream happens to be my current and main fandom its so crazyyy #full circle moment #asks#anonymous
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  • commander-krios
    05.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Being a mama is difficult and exhausting, but moments like this make it sweeter.

    #personal #they love each other #of course we had a rough night #gassy baby who wakes up her brother with her screaming #and then neither want to go back to bed #I wish we could have a good night because my head is always pounding from lack of sleep
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  • universestreasures
    05.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Justice Bringers, Stars Of Hope For The Future!

    Buddy Police Boy Wonder ( @fragmentedimensions ) Loved By: Datchi
    Commissioner Of The Buddy Police ( @universestreasures ) Loved By: Rarity
    #💎 Diamonds In The Rough (Promo) #fragmentedimensions#universestreasures #future card buddyfight rp #buddyfight rp#anime rp#crossover rp #card game anime rp #(TO FURTHER CELEBRATE TASUKU B DAY I GOTTA PROMO MY TASUKU TWIN TWIN DATCHI #(I LOVE DATCHIS BOY WONDER SO MUCH PLS GO FOLLOW THEM <3 <3 <3
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  • maisiesmells
    05.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    the primary driver for all life on earth is the sun

    #line from my soil bacteria lecture that hit #idk #i just love the sun😌😌 #had a rough day and earlier i sat outside w my friends and it was all warm and sunny and everything felt okay😌 #weathers been funny tho like will be sunny then chucking it down w hail and rain the next😂
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  • cno-inbminor
    05.05.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #it's been a rough like 2 weeks unfortunately #missy i love you loads #and thank you for trying to cheer me up <3
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  • crickelwood
    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    apparently it doesnt matter how many times you scream NO! at your computer screen gordon clark still [redacted]

    #i'm watching hacf #feeling ROUGH from my second vaccine dose but i still have two meetings tonight!!!!! live laugh love i guess
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  • irl
    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    sweet man sun bathing boy

    #txt#love him #having a rough mental day #tho tbh it feels like every day lately has been a rough mental day
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  • sawam0chi
    05.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    my poly ship playlist with ichigo and grimmjow is filled with either lovey dovey songs, angsty songs and sexy time songs

    what a great day to start my morning

    #rosie says hewo! #i just know that we would have a rough start as a couple #like all bad in the beginning #and then we would all have bomb sex #but then be like ahahahaha yeah no feelings #i think i would break first then ichigo and then grimmjow would realize what’s happening #yeah i love our dynamic 👍🏽 #also i made erika and butter cry so that’s good 👍🏽
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  • duskamethyst
    05.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    long rant.

    first of all, i just wanna thank everyone that helped me contact the person and also the one that first dm-ed me stating that someone stole my content. i really appreciate the time and energy you spent trying to tell them to take down my works and that you had to get into a pointless argument. but what i can say is that your support was so overwhelming and i was really touched.

    and i know i sound dramatic for saying this (and idc) but that ordeal was enough to make me feel like i wanted to stop writing for jjk and especially gojo (considering they're a gojo fucker) and contemplated on patreon (it honestly sounded good considering that i'm in a tight spot rn).

    and to answer their question, that is how plagiarizing affects me and my readers but ofc they can't see it.

    but i don't wanna do all of that. i know my stuff isn't money worthy, there are more and better writers out there and i did start writing for my own enjoyment and hoping that others would enjoy them as well. (and sadly, i like writing for gojo too)

    but to know that this person followed me here, it felt kinda disappointing and i felt somewhat betrayed. now that i've blocked them, i feel juuust a little bit safer.

    what bothers me the most is when i read one of their replies saying, "just because i copy and paste a fanfic doesn't mean i don't care about people, it's just one specific person lmao."

    i know it only came from one person but i can't help but to feel targeted and as if my feelings actually don't matter at all. i hope no one else have to experience the same thing.

    tldr; thank you to everyone who has helped me i love you guys so much, yes i will keep on writing for free and FUCK MINORS AND ANYONE WHO STEALS OTHER PEOPLE'S CONTENT(S).

    #pls it was only tuesday but im already having a rough week especially with my job. #thanks for taking the time to read but it's done now :) #just wanna say thank you ok?? bye!! #oh and i love u
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  • waterinathermostat
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Gotta tweak the colors a bit still but here’s a little wip before practice

    #template is by @iguanentapioca on Twitter btw #art is being. difficult today so I had to go back to drawin Kalli again which. I’m not complaining about #i love she #the feeling one is gonna be. rough tho #my art#wip#kallista
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  • the-house-of-slytherin
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Damn those little divas !

    #rough#zart #love and war #man and woman
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  • treeshidingleprechauns
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Shoutout to my cat who, when I still couldn’t fall asleep at 4am today, let me hold him like a baby and rock him back and forth while smothering him with kisses and just purred the whole time 🥺

    #I love him so much #cats #it was... a rough night but at least he let me snuggle with him
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  • 3303andmore
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #inbox #my favourite thing is watching ben barnes get roasted by the s&b cast lmao #that poor man I love him but he has a rough time lmao #wait this is queued
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  • do-i-dazzle-you
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Geez Edward was really out here going through addiction withdrawals and falling in love simultaneously and both issues are the same person

    #like I’m really having a rough time here with him because it’s like #he’s trying very hard not to kill her and fighting every instinct so he needs to stay away... #but he’s also experiencing the whole crush thing where you’re hyper-aware of them at all times and hope to see them everywhere #like dude pick a struggle #this is too much #how do you fall in love with your next murder victim #wait I’m dying imagine if Bella wasn’t his singer and he had to go through falling in love with the girl he just can’t hear #Imagine the lines we would’ve gotten #Alice I DONT fall in love #Well your vision is WRONG #SHES A HUMAN ITS BENEATH ME IM A TERRIFYING MONSTER #like idk just the same stuff but his only struggle in life is trying not to fall for her #no bloodlust just denial
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  • alovelikesims
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    a problem with creating a new TS3 save and doing townie makeovers... I can't find the EP/SP hair retexture default replacements I used to use so... I'm just gonna retexture them all myself.

    I used to give townies CC hair but I literally only have 5 hairs downloaded lol

    #going thru the fullbuild packages is confusing so I can only hope I'm doing it correctly lol #nonsims #i found the ones for IP I used to use but none of the others lul #the thing I love about the default ts4 look of hairs #the mm ep/sp hairs look pretty good and I don't mind using them #ts3 on the other hand #oof they're all so rough
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  • mypuffyassistant
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Some spring creatures

    #I switched from night shifts to days and am slowly recovering from some pretty rough sleep deprivation aggravated issues #but I love me dogs and me friends and am greatful as heck for this job #hhhhhhhajajjaajjjajj #also boy is angus messy in this photo #got help grooming him recently but it is now raining again #hhhhhjhhhahajajajwjsjsksoskskdkdkskskskkd #me wrists are being fucky and I feel a shave down in my bones
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  • lolaskmeanything
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    DAY 64

    Today was too long. things kept going wring and for the most part of my day I just wanted to lay in my bed and listen to Janis Joplin with noise canceling headphones. Sometimes I just want to block out the world. My money situation...might as well be nonexistent. My car situation...laughable. I swear I am going to commit arson on the fucking DMV and the banks.

    I’m was also thinking about this...let me run it. So for three years I dated my ex Layton who I was committed to. I mentioned him in my last post. I was in love and I knew I was going to marry him. Obviously I was wrong, but I mean I’m much better off. I was so abused by this man that I felt like I needed a reason to leave, and let me just say, you don’t need a reason to leave someone. If you just don’t want to be with them anymore, that’s reason enough. I felt trapped and like i didn’t have a choice so I cheated on him so that I could give myself a reason to leave and recently I found text messages of when he found out (post break up) and I was thinking like although I don’t condone cheating, and I don’t believe in it or whatever, I still did it and maybe there was a better route I should have chosen. When I explained it to my therapist she said that she completely understood why I did it. I didn’t do it because I was tempted, or because I felt like it or because my heart is black. I did it because in my warped mind I needed an out and that’s what I saw. I feel badly that that’s what the out was, but at the same time he cheated on me literally two months after we started dating and tried saying all these people who told me about it were lying. I deserve more than that and I know it, but like why has it low key been eating at me that I cheated? 

    Trying to keep my head up. This full moon has really been messing with my emotions and my head.

    I also looked up how to change my name today...I was really fucking upset with my life and I was thinking about leaving. Going where I wouldn’t be found, starting a new life. Seems like a pretty easy process, but if I start my new life, I wouldn’t need this blog anymore, and I could just start fresh, like a new being. That makes me smile, it excites me. I want it to become a reality and I’ve decided (a while ago) that I was going to make it my reality. I’m not going to self sabotage and stand in my way with it any longer...

    Night lovers.

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  • catzgam3rz
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ah the familiar fine line I must walk between writing a script for a comic and just writing a full fic by mistake

    it is a true struggle I tell ya

    #rambles #endlantis ranboo comic #that's right motherfuckers I'm working on another one #I just have to figure out a clearer point A & B for it #and then make a concise way through it lmao #script writing my abhorred (it's worth it though) #it's just sometimes rough to cut down dialogue n stuff to make it have enough exposition but not just be a lore dump the whole time yk? #it's fun lol I love it just a thing to work through and then I can rough it out and figure out how many pages this baby will be! #hopefully not as many as blaze empress but lets be real it will probably be more....
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