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    13.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #sf9#sf9 gifs#rowoon#rowoon gifs#sfnet#m;gif #Cleaning out my drafts why not #S like throwback content or new waters for these new hags
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  • unclejuho
    13.06.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #sf9#sf9 gifs#sfnet#m;gif#Too funny #rowoon got so lucky he got excluded ojhsbdhjabdj #saves him some embarrassing memento.... #The funniest thing is i quit tumblr right when i figured out the way togiffing... is this real #打打打
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  • divinefireangel
    13.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    What Type of Yandere SF9 are

    Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction. If this piece of fan fiction is offensive to any celebrity, fandom or culture please let me know so I can take it down. Also note that this is my version of a character or celeb, which will vary from person to person.
    Author's Note: After a freakin eternity, she finally posts about Yan SF9. Depending on the success(?) of the post and how many people like the idea, I will see it I want to continue. Because when I asked I got a very positive feedback, but I know it's easy to change your mind. I won't feel bad or anything dw. Kissys
    Copyright: Please note that this is my work and if you want to publish this on any other platform, take my permission before doing so. Taking an author's work and posting it somewhere else without any intimation is just disrespectful. I readily welcome suggestions and criticisms. That being said, Happy reading!
    Warnings: 16+ ages and all readers (nothing specified with respect to gender, appearance, etc of reader). Honestly content warning. This is a yandere headcanon where I am literally describing shit. Mentions of kidnapping, manipulating, degrading, etc. Just dark stuff man. But lmk if there is something in particular I need to add. Also this is not smut. There is nothing sex related in this post whatsoever. Doesn't mean I won't do it in the future.



    Everything under the cut!


    Reverent Yandere

    You are his whole world

    And he better be yours too

    He will do anything to make you happy

    At times though, what he does can make you upset

    But he will sweet talk you with his reasons and justifications

    So much so you forget why you were upset

    His main goal in life is to give you your best life possible

    With him

    He may be the only Yan who feels guilty when he does something that upset you like talking bad about other people you 'care' about, for example

    Although why he did that would be so you can see that you are very better off without that person

    Manipulates you to thinking that he is the only person you need


    Manipulative Yandere

    Classic, smart and very intelligent.

    If he sets a goal, he will do anything to pursue it

    Doing immoral things won't be a problem because he wants to achieve this goal

    He won't be hesitant to put barriers and rules on you to keep you in check

    These can be very subtle or extremely obvious

    He'll make you question yourself, but he has plans set behind each thing he says to you

    He knows what to say to make you think what he wants you to think, twisting your thought process to his liking

    This not only works on you but also on the people close to you, managing to make them second guess when it comes to you and also isolating you from them if necessary

    His true goal is to make you believe that he is the only person who truly cares about you and your well being

    He will mess with your surroundings, your job, your relations with others anything to keep you "safe"

    Whether it's genuine or selfish, it depends on how you'd see it


    Strict Yandere

    Has internal rules set for you to follow, no matter what

    Won't always say them out loud, so you have to pick them up overtime

    This can range from not wanting you to do certain things to expecting you to behave in certain ways

    Most likely to kidnap you, Stockholm Syndrome type situation

    If he doesn't, then he will suffocate you, not literally, to the point that it feels like you are trapped

    Micromanages every second of your life, every aspect

    If you don't obey his "rules" he will feel betrayed and goes mad with rage

    So punishments are an often occurance, but depending on your "betrayal", he will choose if he has to be cruel or reverent

    The reason why he'd be so strict is to either protect you from everything and/or to keep you all to himself


    Honest Yandere

    As the names says, he won't lie to you

    He sees no point in beating around the bush

    He loves you, so he wants to possess you, be of importance to you

    Doesn't play games with you, deems them unnecessary because they only delay him from getting what he wants

    May not be capable of manipulating or just doesn't want to waste his efforts in it

    Also may feel guilty if he manipulates you to do something he wants

    Very transparent, most of the time to make it easier for him to control you

    Why he chooses to be so, is mainly on him

    But one if the reasons could be because he doesn't see himself worthy of you or your love

    If he's too shy to talk to you, he go all stalker

    Making sure you are safe and happy and content from a distance, even if his main goal isn't to obtain your affection

    A lot of self destructive behaviour may sprout, but it is just for the sake of keeping you content


    Cruel Yandere

    Yan RW thinks too highly of himself

    Which inevitably tends to belittling his darling

    The man can do everything

    Why can't you?

    If you can't do something he can, then be prepared to be degraded to extent of crying

    But don't worry, he still loves you

    Even when you can't do all that he can

    But he is obsessed with you

    Obsessed with everything you do

    Obsessed with every mistake you make so he can punish you for it

    So he'll keep you around for entertainment

    But he will also buy you gifts and spoil you

    Like a cute lil baby


    Aware Yandere

    First of all he will try to make you genuinely like him or become romantically interested in him

    If it works, aka you actually start to love him, he will think that he doesn't deserve your love

    Treats you like a god/goddess

    Thanks you a lot for loving him cause he deems himself unworthy of your love due to his past actions

    Part of the reason why he sees himself unworthy for you is because of what he has done for you, to make sure you are happy and with him

    No matter how much he tries, he can't fool himself into thinking he deserves you

    He feels bad for fooling you into loving him

    Be as much as it hurts him, he will have to accept the fact that you are under his spell

    儭儭one of the top 3 reasons for guilt btw

    Yoo Taeyang

    Delusional Yandere



    Believes that you live him even if you tell him crystal clearly that you don't

    Because deep down in his heart he just knows that you love him

    Always takes the simplest human acts as requited love

    Twists everything you do for him as evidence to prove to you that you love him

    And to validate his delusion of your affection

    He twists your hatred for him in his favour, to protect himself from the reality that you hate him

    "There's no possible way they hate me. There must be some itger reason fir their behaviour. "

    This is how he'd think, a defence mechanism because he couldn't bear the thought of you not liking him

    Always defends everything he does for you

    Cause it's for you, the person he loves more than himself.


    Lenient Yandere

    A rare and chill kind of Yan

    This can be due to the confidence he has in you, knowing you can't do much about him

    Which means that even if you are allowed to live your life in peace, he knows that you would choose to be with him

    His chill nature makes you question why he is the way he is, it's intriguing so you find yourself coming back to him

    Doesn't feel the urge to kidnap you or lock you up, doesn't have to

    The max he can go to is just wanting you to act in certain ways at certain times, but you can still have a life aside from the time you spend with him

    That or they want to have a more "natural" relationship

    He controls you in super subtle ways that you won't be able to notice them at all

    Will never take away your freedom


    Another Aware Yandere

    He is different from Juho though

    Simply does not care if you don't love him

    He wants you and that is the end of it

    What you think of what he does is irrelevant to him

    Kind of like a cruel Yan

    Monopolizes you aka becomes overtly posessive of you

    His pride is the power he holds over you

    It's not like he won't feel bad at all if you don't love him, I mean he is a Yandere after all

    He will feel bad but he takes it as a challenge to try and do things you like so you love him back

    Even if it's just a little

    It's a fine line between not caring at all to caring too much for him

    He will try his best to take things as far as possible just to see you break and cry

    So very cruel minded

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    13.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Rowoon, Dispatch

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  • inseongsfoxybae
    13.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    9:21 a.m

    Pairing: Optional bias (H/N) + Female Reader
    Genre:the fluffiest Smut youve ever read
    Warnings: Reader giving her first handjob, implicated idea of penetrative sex in the end
    Words: +2,4k

    Authors message: Hey, foxies! The following fic came up after a quick conversation with @fantasywritings and @lost-inthedream. Hope you like it and send me a lot of feedbacks. Also, I really liked this story, so, if you want a part 2, please, let me know. Foxy kisses

    P.S: As english is not my mother language, it may contain misspelled. Also, sorry for any other mistakes :)

    You and H/N are dating for a couple of months and tonight is your first time sleeping with him at his place. Before it actually happen, you thought youd be nervous about sharing a bed with your boyfriend. But now thats really happening, you realize how comfortable and relaxed you feel around him and you trust him with your whole life.

    After watching a movie on the couch, he took your hands and guided you to his bedroom. You had been in his room before, but now its different. It feels kinda cozier and you feel like you were in your own space, with plenty of cute pics of you scattered around his wall and his scent softly filling the air.

    Even his bed looks more inviting, the clean white sheets calling you to lay on their softness. Your eyes scan over his comfy bedroom, paying attention to every little detail of his more intimate place, a soft smile gracing your lips at the thought of H/N occasionally willing to share it with you from now on.

    What are you thinking about, babygirl?, he whispers into your ear while hugging you from behind.

    I am thinking of a way to borrow one of your shirts, you say, intertwining your fingers with his that rested around your waist.

    Did you forget your pajamas?, he asks, resting his chin on your shoulder.

    No, but I love your smell and I want to feel it on myself, you shyly answer, feeling your cheeks heating.

    Youre going to have me holding you all night. Isn't it enough?, he teases you, but you can feel how his heart races after your answer.

    You turn around in his embrace and snake your arms around his waist, mumbling a soft no before pecking his lips.

    You know H/N cant resist you and youre sure you won when his cheeks get pink and a shy smile forms on his lips. He lets go of you to grab one of his favorite shirts, handing it to you before pushing you to the bathroom so you can change and both of you can finally tuck in beneath his warm blanket.

    Quickly pulling away your dress, you put on his oversized shit and some comfortable sleeping cotton shorts. Once you stepped out the bathroom, H/Ns eyes immediately glared at you from top to toe, a light blush coloring his cheeks again.

    What? Am I not cute enough?, you playfully ask him.

    Youre the cutest girl in the whole wide world, he softly says, his brilliant eyes stuck on your bare thighs half covered by his giant shirt.

    You stare at his still fully dressed tall figure, wondering when he is going to change. Your eyes meet for a moment and you realize he seems a bit nervous, so you get closer to him and reach for his cheeks, giving him a sweet smile.

    Tell me the truth, baby. How do you usually sleep?, you ask, eyes locked with his.

    Only in some pajama boxers, he shyly whispers like it was a top secret, suddenly looking away from you.

    H/N, youre in your home, you must feel comfortable here. I dont want you to change ordinary things because of me. Do what youre used to, baby, you reassure him, giving his burning cheeks a soft kiss.

    A few minutes later, H/N approaches you wearing his usual sleeping outfit and you almost drool at the sight of your sweet boyfriend shirtless. You had already seen his bare chest before, but it looks much more intimate this time, being only you and him in a closed space.

    Your eyes meet and you both smile. H/N takes your hands in his and gently pulls you to his bed, totally relaxing when he wraps his arms around your tiny body and you snuggle closer to him. You inhale his natural sweet scent on his bare chest, feeling safe and loved as never before.

    He lifts your head by your chin and smiles fondly at you, before embracing your lips together in tender kisses. H/N also kisses your cheeks, nose, forehead and hair as you get closer and closer to his half-naked body. When he stops and you look at his eyes again, a sudden thought runs through your mind.

    Baby, you call him, waiting for his hum to continue. I need to tell you something important.

    Whats it, baby?, he asks, a little concerned.

    I know men sometimes wake up, you know, hard, you take a deep breath, watching his eyes widening in front of you. I wanna tell you that you dont have to be embarrassed or hide it from me when it happens to you, right? I know its normal and its super okay if you wake up with a hard on. You can trust me, just like I trust you.

    H/N was nervous because he knows you never had sex before - tough you really had a lot of fun by yourself and with your friendly vibrator - and he didnt want you to feel pressured because of him.

    But your sweet words make his heart melt and everything he can do is smile as he thanks you with small pecks on your forehead again. After your statement and his soft caresses, you both are able to cuddle to sleep in each others arms for the very first time.


    In the next morning, H/N wakes up first, slowly fluttering his eyes open, making out the sunlight mischievously invading his bedroom even with the curtains closed. Ignoring it for a moment, his gaze turns to the cute girl sleeping by his side with her mouth slightly open, one arm tossed over his chest, both legs tangled with one of his own.

    He chuckles at your cuteness, softly tightening his grip around you as he leaves a sweet trail of butterfly kisses from your forehead to your jaw. You stir and unconsciously move one of your legs up, stopping right next to his crotch. Thats when H/N feels an uncomfortable pressure between his legs, a low groan falling from his throat.

    He tries to forget it, not believing he has a morning wood right just when you spent the night together for the first time. Poor H/N takes some deep breaths, giving his best to not move too much and wake you up when hes struggling so much to keep control of his own body.

    Unfortunately, luck is not by his side (or maybe it is). The next time he glances at you, your eyes are slowly opening and adjusting to the light of the new day. Once your sleepy mind processes where you are, you look up and smile at H/N, ignoring morning breaths and anything else and lazily kissing his lips.

    Morning, my love, you mumble against his lips.

    Morning, babe, he sighs with a soft smile.

    Tenderly, your lips travel over his jaw and neck as your fingers draw random patterns on the soft skin of his bare chest. You feel his heart race really fast under his ribcage and his breath hitch on his throat and, when your eyes look for his again, you find them shut closed as he desperately bites his bottom lip, fists clenched the shirt youre wearing.

    H/N, are you okay?, you ask, trying to read his contorted expression. Hey, baby, breathe.

    H/N does as you said and looks at you with doe eyes when he calms down a little.

    You told me it would be okay, baby, he shyly says, desperate eyes indicating some spot by your feet.

    You follow his gaze and get a bit surprised when you see a tent under the thick blanket and between your boyfriends legs, a small oh escaping from your parted lips.

    Curious, you carefully pull the comforter away from your bodies, revealing the shape of his hard dick on his loose boxers. You keep staring at his prominent member, lost in an inner conflict about how it could get this big and what you have to do now.

    Y/N, H/Ns low voice wakes you from your trance.

    Thats so beautiful, you automatically mumble, still mesmerized by the sight before your eyes.

    You hear him chuckle beside you, one of his hands reaching for your chin to bring your face back to him. I guess youre the only girl that finds a hard dick beautiful.

    I wonder how more beautiful it can be out of your clothes, you simply say, watching a flash of light cross his eyes. Can I touch you?, you ask, fingers playing with the elastic of his boxers.

    Baby, you dont have to. I can take care of it by myself, he tries to discuss.

    H/N, Im your girlfriend and Im right here, you argue back, eyes locked with his. Let me help you.

    Are you sure?.

    Yes, you confidently affirm and, for the first time since you started to date, his kind eyes change to a more serious ones, like he could see through your soul with his intense dark gaze, as he almost imperceptibly nods.

    You kiss him before doing anything else, as deep as you can, a kiss so intense that both of you are breathless when you finally part. Staring at his dizzy eyes, your hand travels down his body, fingers barely touching his hips, hesitantly going lower and lower.

    Looking at his beautiful tent, you place your palm over his rock-hard erection, a surprising gasp falling from your throat at the same time H/N heavily sighs.

    Its my first time doing this. Tell me how you like it or if I hurt you, your eyes meet his once again and he gives you a smile in response. Can I take your boxers off?.

    Please, he says in a hoarse low tone.

    H/N thought you would just pull it down a bit to expose his dick. But, then, here you are tugging it all the way down his legs and off of his bed.

    Your eyes get stuck on his red hard cock, amazed by how it looks free of its hold, fully erect into the cool air of the room.

    Its really amazing, baby, you rushly comment, feeling an unexplainable heat run through your body.

    H/N chuckles, softly kissing your hair, a touch it, babygirl sweetly pronounced.

    Your small hand slowly reaches for his member, gently rubbing his swollen tip. The weak moan that falls from his parted lips is the most beautiful sound youve ever heard.

    Naturally, you wrap your hand around his cock, carefully pumping it up and down, observing how hes reacting and how his blissful sounds and heavy breaths increasingly fill the room.

    Massage my balls too, babe, he breathlessly instructs through gritted teeth, releasing a loud moan when your other hand gently grabs his balls, stroking them at the same pace as his dick.

    Does it feel good?, you ask, genuinely curious about how youre making him feel.

    So good, bae. Please, dont stop, he struggles to say as you pick a quicker pace.

    You watch some liquid leaking from his tip, making it easier for you to stroke him. His body starts to shiver under your palms as his hands take a strong hold of the bedsheets beside him, his grunts getting louder and more frequent by every second.

    Faster, babe, he breathes quickly, a high-pitched sound crossing his throat as you push him closer to his release.

    Suddenly, H/N holds onto your shoulders, pulling you tight against him as a low and lewd moan explodes into the lit room. You feel his dick twitching a last time between your fingers before hot shots of white cum paint his stomach, his whole body shivering when his orgasm hits him strongly.

    His breath is uneven and his heart is pounding like a hammer into his chest, his eyes are shut closed and his lips are parted as he struggles to calm down from his high. H/N looses his grip around you as his head falls to the side to rest on top of yours, releasing a long sigh of relief.

    You carefully clean him up with some tissues you found in his drawer, eyes observing every small detail of his expressions, mesmerized by how more gorgeous your man is after an orgasm. You feel proud of yourself for being able to make him feel this way and you just fell in love with him a lot more.

    Feeling your gaze on him, still with closed eyes, H/N shots you a bright fucked out smile.

    What are you looking at?, he mumbles, slowly showing you his sweet eyes again.

    How ethereal you look right now, you answer, your lips immediately capturing his in a lovely kiss.

    H/N smiles wide and deepens the kiss, pushing you down so your back meets the sheets as his naked body cages you under him. You dont try to stop him, you dont want him to stop. You love the feeling of his lips on yours and his tongue softly exploring your mouth as you grant him free access.

    He reluctantly pulls away and rests his forehead on yours, giving you both time to regain your breaths.

    Thank you so much, baby, H/N murmurs against your lips.

    Did I make this right?, you ask, still a bit dizzy from the kiss.

    Definitely, he chuckles and pecks your lips once more. Do you want a reward?.

    Your eyes meet and get lost in each other for a moment as his question hangs in the air between you. You scan his beautiful face so close to yours, you can feel part of his weight pressing you down the mattress and his soft breath on your lips, and all of this feels just right.

    You cup his cheeks on your hands and pull him to rest his forehead on yours again, closing your eyes. A small sigh falls from your lips as you gently brush the soft skin of his face, trying to organize everything youve planned to tell him when the time comes.

    I love you, H/N, you whisper, opening your eyes to find him staring down at you.

    I love you, Y/N, he whispers back. More than I can show.

    I love you, you peck his lips once. I trust you, you peck his lips twice. And I want you, you give him a long kiss this time, pulling him closer by his neck, totally surrendering to your feelings.

    After making sure youre 100% okay and ready, H/N softly makes love to you for the very first time, with so much kindness and caring that you feel like youd never be able to do this with someone else.

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    | 21/04/16 Dawon Vlive |

    He has been living in My mind Rent free!
    #dawon#lee sanghyuk#sf9#dawon gifs#sf9 gifs#kpop#my gifs#210416#vlive#sf9 dawon#sanghyuk gifs#dawon vlive #sensation feeling 9 #fantasy #~~ Okey so i finnaley got more into sf9 #and i thought rowoon was my bias #but sir mr dawon over here #stole my heart! #so rude honestly #so yeah i am now in love with sf9!~~ #still need to think of a tag for dawon
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    SF9 Masterlist

    Series = / AU = / Reaction = / Timestamp = / Drabble = / Social Media = / Male Reader = / Fluff = / Angst = / Suggestive = / Music Fic = / Prompt Fic = / Word Fic = / Unusual = / Favorite =


    Brother Series

    Kim Youngbin:

    Kim Inseong:

    Lee Jaeyoon:

    Lee Sanghyuk:

    Baek Juho:

    Kim Seokwoo:

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Kim Youngkyen:

    Kang Chanhee:

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    Playing My Part ~ *Park Seonghwa ft. Kim Seokwoo*

    Collage made by me

    Summary: The media has caught you with your boyfriend, Seonghwa. And your older brother, Rowoon, has something to say about that. Hopefully hell go easy on him...

    Pairing: Park Seonghwa X Reader

    Genre: Fluffy Oneshot

    Word Count: 1272

    Warning: Swearing, a little bit cringe

    Taglist: @azraelspromise @soulangel @weuschoiceheart @starlit-serenade @rai-scutum

    A/N: I have a problem...

    You cannot be serious. Dawon would be lying if he said his jaw didnt drop at Rowoons words. You do realize how overprotective you are of your little sister, correct?

    Rowoon sighed, slumping in his seat. I know and it pains me greatly to do this, but youve seen what the media has been saying about the two of them. Theyre practically a couple already and because everyone knows how protective I am over my sister, they want a statement about whether or not I approve of their relationship.

    Do you?

    Again, he sighed. I dont know! I dont like the idea of her dating. I mean, shes my little sister! I cant help but be protective of her. I dont want to see her heart broken by anyone. But have you seen how happy she is ever since they started dating? Shes got this, like, glow to her, that I cant explain. They seem to really like each other and it sort of puts me at ease that shes found someone that makes her happy like this.

    Well, Dawon started, unsure of how to properly respond to his friends plight. Consider it this way: who are you to get in the way of her happiness?

    He shrugged, a defeated look on his face as he blew away the stray hair in his face. I know and youre right. But what if I asked her to hold off on dating until shes a little older? I still see her as my little baby sister, which I know isnt right, but I do.

    How much older does she need to be until youre comfortable with her being in a relationship? Dawon inquired.

    Before he could answer, there was a knock at the door. They both got up to answer it, though they both knew who it was. Upon confirming who it was, Dawon excused himself, leaving just Rowoon and his sisters boyfriend in the conference room at the FNC Building.

    Gesturing for him to sit, Rowoon sat across from him. So I assume you know why youre here?

    Seonghwa nodded, trying not to appear nervous. I understand you must be upset because we didnt tell you about our relationship right away-

    Oh, Im beyond furious. He responded flatly.

    The boy in front of him visibly paled before continuing slowly. I-is there anything I c-can do to convince you-

    Theres no need. Rowoon cut him off again by raising his hand to stop him. With a sigh, he announced, You have my permission to date my little sister.

    It went silent until Seonghwa answered incredulously, Really? Youre really okay with us being together? Because I know how protective you are of her and I dont want to overstep my boundaries.

    He nodded. My sister isnt a child anymore and I need to stop treating her like one. I trust her judgement. She seems to really care for you and you make her very happy, which is all I could ask for for my sister. I have no right to be getting in the way of her happiness.

    Seonghwa instantly looked relieved. Thank you, Jinyoung, thank you so much.

    This doesnt mean you get a free pass to treat her any less than she deserves. You do not get to be any less of a gentleman to her, no matter what. No cheating, lying, or hurting her in any way, shape, or form. Shes still my little sister and Im still insanely overprotective of her. If I hear even one word about you breaking her heart, youll be hearing from me in an instant. I can do a lot worse than destroying your career. Rowoon exclaimed, his voice ice cold.

    He nodded, flushing again at his words. Again, he tried not to let the anxiety show in his voice. I completely understand. I promise to be the perfect gentleman, no matter what. I swear Ill be as good as gold to her.

    Rowoon nodded before standing up and holding out his hand. Seonghwa scrambled to his feet and shook it. Im trusting you with my sister, alright? I know I gave you the stereotypical threats an older brother does, but this is what I really want to tell you, honestly. I beg of you not to hurt, please. Shes my beloved sister and I dont think I could bear seeing her cry over someone, whether its you or someone else. Please, dont hurt her.

    Seonghwa nodded, understanding in his eyes. Yes, of course, I completely understand.

    It was at that moment the door opened.

    Hey, what are you two doing here? You asked, with a slightly nervous smile. You knew that eventually you would need to tell your brother about Seonghwa, but the media beat you to it. You could only imagine the stern talking he gave your boyfriend, though you hoped he was still lenient to him, to the best of your overbearing brothers abilities.

    I was just speaking with your boyfriend.

    Rowoon, Im sorry, I know I should have told you before the media got to us, but I was so scared- You tried to explain before your brother cut you off.

    Im just giving your boyfriend my blessing. Im not trying to break you two up. If anything, I want you two to stay together. He explained with a small smile.

    Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped a little before you broke into a big smile and hugged him tightly. Thank you, thank you, thank you Rowoon! Really, I truly appreciate it. You have no idea how much it means to me to hear you say that! Thank you so very much!

    Jinyoung chuckled. Youre welcome, Y/n. But if he ever crosses a line, you tell me straight away. Ill be sure to set him right, mark my words.

    Seonghwa blanched for the third time that day but you just scoffed, turning to your boyfriend and interlacing your fingers with his. Dont mind him. His bark is much worse than his bite. Trust me.

    As Rowoon rolled his eyes, Seonghwa relaxed a little when your hands were clasped together. Looking into your eyes, he pressed a soft peck to your lips. When he pulled away, you pulled him right back into a deeper kiss, annoying your brother in the process.

    With a frown, he scoffed. Alright you two lovebirds, break it up. None of that PDA stuff while Im around, got it? No one wants to see that.

    You stuck your tongue out at him. You might not want to, but I do. How else is Seonghwa going to know how much I love him?

    Sweetheart. Seonghwa muttered, nuzzling into your neck, though you could see a small smile on his face.

    Rowoon grimaced. Im going to leave you two alone before all of your loving sweetness makes me sick.

    As he slipped out of the room, you smiled at Seonghwa, kissing his cheek. I cant believe it. That went a lot smoother than I thought.

    Maybe for you. He whined. He says if you so much as shed a tear because of me, hes going to destroy my entire career and Id never see you again! I mean you know I would never do such a thing, but if someone were to spread rumors...

    Well, we cant have that now, can we? Looking deep into his eyes, you gave his hands a tender squeeze. Dont worry, dearest, were going to be just fine. If he even thinks about destroying your career, Ill simply return the favor.

    Still reminded me to never ever piss you or your brother off, ever.

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    Also while FNC lacks in the vocal training dept they must have decent Acting coaches that these other idols don't have access to bc they're churning out SF9 to be semi decent actors

    #rowoon is not bad i liked him in extraordinary you. chani is good ofc. #Dawon was surprisingly good but honestly it just seemed like his old self so idk how much acting was involved ajdj #hwiyoung is decent too and OMG INSEONG CRACKED ME UP IN HIS ROLE FUCK HIM 唐唐 #text #I'd like to see Zuho Youngbin & Jaeyoon's acting #when u have 5 decent idol actors u know smth is being done right #Taeyang refuses to get on it ik
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    Last 4 Idols you saved in your gallery will be your roommates

    "And they were roommates"
    Well having room mates seems more appealing now I won't lie不
    In order of appearance top to bottom, left to right; Jhope BTS, Yuta NCT, Rowoon SF9, Lay EXO

    Tagging @hwa-luvs, @canadianwatermelon, @mullettaegi, @hwipetals, @cosmosisvibing, @pentagon-supremacy @kookthebaddest anyone else who wants to play tag games. Ofc never any pressure to do so!!!

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    If SF9 dont bless us with another summer bop like Summer Breeze what is the point of summer?

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    @ewsbdi on Instagram

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    Waiting Up

    SF9 Extra Member AU

    Summary: Dawon and Zuho wait up for Miyoung to come home from practice.

    Warnings: swearing

    Taglist: @hyunmijung @galacticstxrdust @many-gay-magpies @precious-seungwooya @helladead-hellaradical @boss-baby-jongho @kimonmars @chagi-nana @wooya1224 @poutypoutybin @sunflower-0180 @frankenstein852 @jenseok17 @keijikunn

    Let me know if you like to be added or removed from a taglist.

    A/N: Hope you enjoy!

    Requests are closed.

    Miyoung walked into the dorm and took off her sneakers. The lights in the living room were off, so she stayed quiet just in case the others were asleep. She had had to stay late with the girls, seeing as they had a few setbacks during the finalizing of the recording. Miyoung and Bao were also already falling behind with the choreo, so Yoori, Ollie, and Sara had to help them out.

    Mimi? Sanghyuk called out from his spot on the couch. Juho sat next to him.

    Oh, hey guys. I didnt think anyone was still up, Miyoung said as she placed her bag on the couch.

    Juho got up and gave Miyoung a quick pat on the head. We were waiting for you. You hungry? he asked her as he began to walk towards the kitchen.

    What? No! You guys didnt have to wait for me, Miyoung pouted, taking a look at the clock on the wall and seeing that it was past midnight.

    We were watching a movie, but when it ended and you still werent home, we figured wed wait. We werent really tired, Sanghyuk shrugged, grabbing hold of Miyoung and pulling her towards him. He latched onto her, nuzzling his face into her neck.

    Miyoung giggled, despite herself. I still hate it when you guys wait up for me.

    You always wait up for us, or even come and get us, Juho said, as he popped his head out of the kitchen. I know its late, but how does ramen sound?

    Perfect, Miyoung smiled, And me waiting up for you guys is different.

    How the hell is it different? Its literally the same thing, Sanghyuk rolled his eyes, jabbing her side.

    Yah! Miyoung squirmed, swatting his hands away. Cuddles only. Im too tired for tickles.

    Fine, Sanghyuk huffed. He leaned back on the couch, pulling Miyoung with him.

    She smiled as she curled up in his lap. Other than the fact that every member was insanely taller than her, Sanghyuk was just larger. Miyoung always felt small and safe in his arms.

    Hows the song coming along? Juho asked as he walked in with a pot of ramen and some chopsticks. He placed it on the coffee table on top of the hot pad that was previously placed there. The boys must have had ramen as well earlier.

    Miyoung slipped out of Sanghyuks lap and smiled as he whined. Its going great, she answered, sitting in front of the pot. We ran into some problems here and there, but everyone was able to step in and help.

    Yeah? Sanghyuk asked, laying on his side, facing Miyoung. He propped his cheek in his hand, smiling as she ate.

    Miyoung hummed. Bao and Ollie are amazing producers. The song is so good! And then Sara and Yoori are monsters when it comes to dancing, though Sara definitely is the more intimidating one, she said as she thought about the dance practice they just had.

    Does that mean were gonna get a major dance break? Juho asked.

    Miyoung shook her head. Not really. Bao and I just suck at dancing, she chuckled, reaching for some of the kimchi that Juho had brought out as well.

    Can you give us a hint of what you girls are doing? Sanghyuk asked.

    Can you guys give us a hint of what youre doing? Miyoung turned to him, raising a brow. She smirked when he didnt answer. Exactly.

    Judging by the fact that you have Ollie and Bao on your team, Im guessing you guys are coming up with an original song, Juho said.

    Yep. Original everything. Everyone is definitely going to see something theyve never seen us do before. But thats all Im at liberty to say, Miyoung said, zipping her lips.

    She was dying to tell the guys what they were working on exactly, but she wanted to surprise them. Miyoung knew that the other girls were also struggling with keeping their performance a secret. They all had nosy members and some people (Ollie and Yoori) tended to talk a bit too much.

    Miyoung needed to remember to send a warning text to those two. Though by the time shed do it, they may have already said too much.

    You seem happy about the whole thing, so I know for a fact that its going to be great, Juho smiled, getting up and grabbing the empty dishes to clean them.

    Yeah, I cant wait to see what you guys have planned, Sanghyuk agreed. He got up and placed his hands underneath Miyoungs armpits, lifting her up in one go.

    I cant wait either, Miyoung smiled.

    Go shower and get ready for bed. You must be beat, Sanghyuk said, leading Miyoung towards the bathroom.

    I like the sound of that, Miyoung hummed as she made her way down the hall.

    Some time later, Miyoung was washed and dressed, and doing her nightly skincare routine when Sanghyuk walked in. He made his way to her bed and laid down.

    Wheres Juho? Miyoung asked as she finished up.

    Went to bed, the older answered.

    And what are you doing? Miyoung asked, smiling.

    Sleeping over, Sanghyuk answered, rolling over to face the wall. Hurry up and turn the lights off so we can sleep.

    Miyoung giggled, but did as she was told. She curled up into his back and relaxed. She hadnt realized how tired she was until then.

    Rest up Mimi. Weve all been really busy lately, and we still have a long way to go, Sanghyuk said. Miyoung smiled as she could hear the sleep in his voice.

    You too, Oppa, Miyoung said. He hummed and soon the two fell asleep.

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    #i mean . he kinda just led youngbin away so maybe it wasnt about the flag #or maybe staff said something to him #the whole thing is just funny to me fjfhdj rowoon is totally fine tho #asks
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    Rowoon for Marie Claire, @ewsbdi on Instagram

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