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  • wolf-in-the-star
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Roy: oh what a good day



    Riza: and that happens practically every time

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  • datlokibumtho
    04.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Roy: "I thought I said no dropping the apocalypse on my desk."

    Ed: "I didn't. I politely presented it to you."

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  • screensirenfic
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Grandest Of Sins - Chapter 14 - Baptism Of Fire

    To see him standing there in the flesh; all dark eyes and fiery palms, sent a pang of regret through her she couldn’t control.

    It was like all the years, all the memories, came flooding back to her at once in an overwhelming wave that threatened to drown her completely.

    “You want to kill a State Alchemist; come out and damn well kill one…”

    He blustered with that foolish bravery which had infuriated and enamoured her in equal parts; that undying sense of justice that she’d been sure would get him killed one day, and that day may very well be upon them.

    “The Flame Alchemist…”

    Scar spoke; and the title hit her like no punch ever could, the confirmation of his presence just solidifying what she knew must come next.

    “I’ve been waiting for a chance to kill you…”

    He mused; both Doctor Marco and the Elric brothers forgotten in the face of more challenging prey.

    “The feeling’s mutual.”

    Roy muttered, his white gloved hands already prone at his sides, ready to unleash hellfire at a snap of his fingers.


    She managed to croak, pulling on the sleeve of her friend’s coat for a second time, but this time he would not listen.

    He’d waited long enough for a real fight, and wasn’t about to let her sentimentality get in the way of it.

    Instead he marched towards the young Flame Alchemist with determination in every stride, tattooed arm lighting up in an ominous red in preparation to kill him.

    Mustang responded in kind, already whipping up two furious whips of flame ready to strike back against this scarred killer.

    She couldn’t watch this.

    She couldn’t just watch as these two men; these two monsters, who’d meant so much to her, just ripped each other to shreds.

    And yet she knew she’d be powerless to do anything.

    They were both too stubborn, too full of anger to let the other one free.

    So instead she used the only defence she still had.

    “What are you doing?”

    Barked Scar as she stepped out in front of him, not giving him a chance to intervene before a wall of shadow shot up before him, caging him out of the fight.

    “I’m sorry, friend…”

    She whispered hoarsely, already hearing the dull thud of his fists against her wall, and knowing it wouldn’t hold long.

    “It’s unwise of you to cut off your friend like that…”

    Warned Mustang; his fiery gaze now focused on her, but still not seeing.

    “Now you’re stuck with me…”

    He snapped his fingers; a ring of fire whirring up around them in a dramatic flare, separating them from the rest of the world.

    Still; she wasn’t afraid of him.

    She could never be afraid of him.

    She stepped forwards, caring little about the heat of the flames licking at her back; the smell of smoke rising in the air.

    The Flame Alchemist prepared himself for an attack; hands poised at the ready to incinerate her without remorse.

    But she never unleashed the attack he was inspecting

    She stepped forwards, hand reaching up to pull back her hood, unveiling the shadow cloaked face beneath.

    Instead; she hit him with something much worse.


    “How are you feeling..?”

    Came the voice of Captain Mustang; his tall form casting a shadow in her doorway as she sat waiting on her bed for her judgement.

    “I’ve felt worse…”

    She admitted, her eyes drawn in by the slight smile she managed to coax from him; the stern Captain looking decidedly better without that constant frown on his face.

    “I bet you have…”

    He agreed, walking into her room like he owned both her and it; though judging by her position beneath him, she guessed he kinda did.

    They’d hurried her off to the infirmary the moment her and Mustang’s duel was over, quick to clean and wrap her burns to reduce the risk of infection and nerve loss.

    She never even got the chance to say anything; just watch that harsh scowl on the Captain’s face, almost as if he hadn’t enjoyed causing her pain.

    Then, once they’d finished with her in the infirmary, they’d hurried her off to one of the spare rooms in the barracks, clearly under some misled notion that her trail had been a success.

    “If you’re here to tell me I’ve failed; I can leave now…”

    She informed him, her eyes staring down at her tightly bandaged hands as if they belonged to someone else.

    “It’s not like I’ve got anything to pack…”

    He almost smiled at that; the girl still managing to find mirth in her misery, even when he’d caused her so much pain.

    “I’ve actually come to apologise…”

    He said, and she couldn’t help but let her eyes shoot up to his, struck speechless; because this had to be a joke - he couldn’t be serious!

    “What I did to you in the trial; what I put you through, was wrong…”

    He began to apologise; a deep frown creasing his brows as he remembered her screams, remembered her agony as he let his flames sear into her skin.

    “It was out of line of me to expect so much so early on in your training, and for that I apologise…”

    He finished solemnly; shooting her a hard stare that spoke of sincerity and resolve.

    “Well; thank you…”

    She uttered, mouth still slack jawed, because never in her wildest dreams would she have pictured Captain Roy Mustang apologising.

    “But now; I’m afraid I must be the bearer of some other bad news…”

    He continued, getting to the heart of the matter of what brought him here in the first place, but already she knew what he was going to say.

    That she didn’t make the cut.

    That she was a weak little weedy girl who treated battle like it was a game.

    That she would never be a State Alchemist.

    “Congratulations; Corporal Emily Marauder…”

    He said, causing her to look around the room for this Emily character he was addressing.

    “You are now, officially, a State Alchemist.”

    The words almost seemed fake in her head, because this couldn’t be real.

    She couldn’t have made it; could she?

    “I- Uh- Thank you; Sir…”

    She managed to reply, her mouth seemingly not working with her brain after such a revelation.

    “No need to thank me; Corporal…”

    He dismissed her; clearly having come to the conclusion of her worthiness on his own, without any need for her praise.

    “You’ll soon find becoming a dog of the military isn’t as great as it seems…”

    He cautioned; turning to leave her to come to terms with her new responsibility alone.

    “Wait; Sir!”

    She called out, and he paused in his step to listen.

    “Can I ask you a question..?”

    She asked meekly, and he turned to see her staring at him with wide purple eyes.

    “Of course…”

    He nodded, giving her permission to speak.

    “Why… Emily?”

    She asked, and the question brought another smile to his face.

    “It was the name of a girl I used to be sweet on in Central.”

    He smirked, leaving his newest recruit to contemplate the meaning of her baptism of fire. 

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  • goneadrift
    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Thrown For a Loop

    Riza Hawkeye & Roy Mustang, Pre-Canon, Ishval Civil War, Angst, Canon-Typical Violence, No Comfort for quite some time (if at all)

    A/N: This is sort of a prologue to one of the ideas that I'm inclined to write. Nothing is set in stone but I want to let this out.

    Thanks to @niconiconina for bringing the idea to me in the first place <3

    Control your breath. Nice and slow.

    Breathe in. Breathe out.

    Carefully look around. No miniscule move would escape her notice.

    Two figures turn their backs to her. Familiar sand coloured coats - fellow soldiers. The sight of them makes her just as sick. But this is not a time and place for her real thoughts and feelings. As long as she follows the rules of this mockery of an honest battle.

    But honestly, does such a thing even exist? Hawkeye is not sure of anything anymore. The foundation of all her convictions and beliefs has cracks and threatens to split apart. She has lost the sight of all reference points.

    Is there anything left for her to decide?

    She returns her gaze to the soldiers. One figure turns, Hawkeye sees his face and flinches. It’s him. Of course, she knew that he was here too. Even deaf and blind could have felt the heat of his work, unnatural even for the desert.

    The first time she sees him in years and it is through the scope of her rifle. How did they come to this?

    Breathe in.

    Was it when he first left for the Academy?

    Breathe out.

    She missed him, the ache in her heart was close to the feeling she got when she thought about her mother, forever lost to her. He went away, there was nothing holding him here - even being alive he was lost to her just the same.

    Breathe in.

    Was it when he suddenly returned?

    Breathe out.

    But he never returned to her. He came back to claim the knowledge he wanted. Only when he didn’t get it from her father, he turned to her. Noticed her. Empathized. Painted a hopeful picture of a brighter future. And she gave in.

    Breathe in.

    Was it when he left again?

    Breathe out.

    He left her behind. Again. But she never held it against him.

    Breathe in.

    But maybe she should?

    Breathe out.

    Or hold it against herself. She was the one who gave him this knowledge. She made a grave mistake. She should pay for that mistake.

    Breathe in.

    All she does in life is lose him anyway.

    Breathe out.

    Pull the trigger.

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  • incorrectfmaquotes
    04.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Alex Louis Armstrong: Colonel Mustang, you look–

    Roy: Pretty? Thanks. I woke up like this.

    Alex Louis Armstrong: I was going to say tired.

    Roy: Well, I did wake up two days ago.

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    04.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    roy doodle

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    04.08.2021 - 13 hours ago

    the one and only time ed ever wore his uniform

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  • fluffykitty1999-blog
    03.08.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Dog of the Military- Chapter 24

    Chapter 24- Papa Roy

    Once again, a sappy hurt/comfort chapter that’s pure self-indulgence.

    It was roughly a half an hour into Ed sleeping that the doctor from earlier returned, nodding to him.

    "Mr. Elric? A word?"

    Roy blinked, surprised. He wondered if he should correct them on what his name was- but that would just mean more paperwork. Besides, he was the kid's legal guardian anyways.

    He knew he'd have to talk to the doctors sooner or later, and he cast a quick glance at a sleeping Ed before he was slipping away to follow the doctors, promising himself he'd be quick.

    He was taken to a small room where an X-ray film was on the light board. Judging by the collar bone and arrangement of bones, he was looking at an x-ray of Ed's wounded arm.

    "We wanted to show you the injuries to his arm before we discussed treatment options."

    Roy nodded, unable to take his eyes off the x-ray. The doctor pointed to a small, white solid object on the film. "So this is the bullet. I'm no expert, but it looks like the boy was shot with a round from a 38. And it struck his humerus just below the shoulder, chipping the bone. See this fragment of bone here?" the doctor pointed to a triangular section of bone that'd chipped off from the large bone and was floating in space nearby the bullet.


    "This is a partial wedge fracture. He's lucky it's not broken all the way through. If it was, I'd recommend an external fixation with metal rods and pins. Thankfully, it's only in one piece and a relatively small chip. My suggestion would be surgical removal of the bullet, followed by a proper re-alignment of the bone, and immobilizing his upper arm in a brace and sling for several weeks to give the break time to heal. It's not going to be an easy recovery, but it'd be much harder on an older adult than it would be a teenager. Would you be willing to sign off on this?"

    "Yes, I would."

    "Good. We're hoping to do this while he's still got the painkillers in his system- we don't want anymore anesthesia than necessary. We're going to inject him with a local anesthetic and up his drip before we remove the bullet, re-align the fracture, and then use a local anesthetic to stitch him up and brace."

    "Will this be done in an operating room?"

    "We were planning on just utilizing a sterile field and removing the bullet in the ER, Mr. Elric."

    "So I can stay with him while you do it?"

    "If you'd like. Edward will be medicated enough he won't be aware, though. It may be slightly hard to watch."

    "I'll stay. I promised him I'd stay." Roy said simply.

    The doctor nodded, standing, and Roy followed her out of the room and back to the ER.

    Thankfully, Ed hadn't moved or woken since he'd left- Roy knew Ed would've been horribly upset if he'd woken up alone.

    A moment after he sat down, Edward shifted and hummed, snuffling and blinking open glassy eyes.


    "How're you doing, Ed?" he was trying to keep the weariness form his voice as he spoke. It'd been one heck fo a day.

    "'M fine. What are they gonna do to me? When can I leave?"

    "They have to take the bullet out of your arm and re-align the bone. Are you in any pain?"

    "No. Just... floppy." Ed's head lolled back and he sighed sadly. "Why can't I just transmute the bullet out?"

    "Because you're in no shape to transmute anything right now. You and I both know alchemy takes a clear head, precise thinking, and energy. None of which you have right now."

    "Whatever." Ed muttered.

    The curtains sequestering them from the rest of the hospital were pulled aside, and the doctor, flanked by an assisting nurse holding several cloths, stepped into the room, smiling warmly.

    "How are you doing, Edward?"

    "Don't be alarmed, but it appears that fucker shot me." Ed said, unamused.

    The doctor raised her eyebrows and stifled a laugh. "Unfortunately, he did, yes. We're going to increase your pain medication so you fall asleep and remove the bullet from your arm, Ed."

    Ed sighed. "That stuff makes me wanna hurl." he admitted.

    "We'll make sure you don't get sick from it." the doctor was already striding over, quietly adjusting the drip.

    Ed sighed, limbs growing heavy and tongue growing thick. He felt warm and tingly all over, like he was floating...

    "Edward, can you hear me?"

    Ed made no move to respond, simply laying still with his eyes half-closed.

    The doctor nodded to the nurse, satisfied. "He's out of it. Let's begin." She pulled up a small metal table on wheels, unfolding the cloth bundles of fabric and revealing a myriad of surgical tools, before she was swabbing Ed's wound and the area around it with an iodine soaked rag.

    "You can talk to him, if you like, Mr. Elric. He can't respond, but a familiar voice might do him good." the doctor assured him, setting aside the iodine and moving for the forceps.

    Roy held Ed's auto mail hand in his own- Ed's fingers were completely slack, and it was unnerving to see no fire in those golden eyes as they stared absently ahead...

    "You're doing alright, Ed." Roy said quietly, not really sure what else to say. He was thankful for the small monitor on Ed's index finger that showed the steady beat of his heart on the monitor to the left. Ed seemed total relaxed, not at all in pain.

    Roy had seen carnage on the battlefield before. Bullet wounds, specifically, he'd seen too many of. He'd helped carry his friends and comrades to safety when they'd been shot, seen both crude field extractions and orderly medical tent ones.

    Still, watching the doctor dig around Ed's wounded arm with a pair of forceps made his skin crawl, and he could swear he smelled burnt flesh and sand for a moment.

    "There." the doctor carefully withdrew he forceps, dropping a small object on the table that made a metallic clang. A moment later her hands were inside Ed's open wound, moving cautiously but expertly around as she felt for the break in the boy's arm.

    It only took about two minutes of careful prodding before she removed her bloodies gloves hands from Ed's wound, nodding to the nurse.

    "Nadia, please get the portable x-ray. I want to verify it's in place correctly before we brace it."

    The nurse nodded, returning a moment later with a small cart on wheels. The woman covered Edward with a heavy led sheet, positioning the small film plate beneath his arm and ling up the machine before nodding to the doctor, who in turn nodded to Roy.

    "We'll need to leave the bay for a moment." she informed him, and he followed her outside the curtains. She pressed a button on a remote- there was a loud whirring noise- before there was silence again and they were all ducking back into the bay, the x-ray machine and film being whisked away by the assisting nurse, the doctor following.

    Roy sat in the silence, Ed not making a sound- it was unnerving, seeing his fiery alchemist so still and quiet.

    It felt like an eternity, but really it was only five minutes later when the doctor returned, this time with a fresh pair of gloves that she carefully pulled on.

    "X-ray confirms we're set nice and proper. Now to stitch you up." five carefully placed sutures and a bandage later, the doctor was once again discarding her gloves, pulling out a long, rounded piece of plastic and placing it on Ed's upper arm. It was a pearly white plastic, starting at Ed's shoulder and ending just above his elbow. A smaller piece of plastic, part of the same brace, fit on the inner side of his arm, starting just below his armpit and ending just shy of where his elbow bent. The doctor carefully laced the two pieces together, tying them tight, before she was placing a small loop of fabric around Ed's neck.

    It would've looked like the fabric of a medal around the boy's neck, had it not been for the small loop of fabric at the end. The doctor carefully slid Ed's wrist into the loop, so it was holding his arm still in the sling.

    She nodded to Roy, who still sat by the boy's side.

    "He's been through quite a lot, and he's had a lot of medication." she moved towards the drip, adjusting it carefully. "I'm going to lower the dose slowly over the course of an hour or so. I'd like to keep him overnight at the very least for observation, if you're agreeable to it?"

    "Of course."

    "It should go without saying he's on light duty for the next 4 to 6 weeks. It's not a complicated break, but it'll take time to heal."

    Roy nodded. Still, he only had eyes for the pale and still blond child laying on the cot. Ed's eyes were mostly closed, but he hardly moved- it made icy fingers grab hold of Roy's heart. His Edward shouldn't be so quiet, so still...

    "We'll wait for him to come round a bit more and then I'll transfer you to a room for the night." the doctor informed him, pausing and placing a hand on Roy's shoulder, meeting his dark eyes with her own.

    "He'll be alright, Dad. He's a strong boy. I know it must be hard seeing him in pain, but he's resilient. I've never seen a child this young with automail before. It must bring back a lot of old memories seeing him like this, but in the grand scheme of things, this will be much less serious than the automail surgery was."

    Roy nodded, swallowing. He hadn't been there for Ed's auto mail surgery- He'd told the boy to call him when he was ready for a job as a state alchemist. He frowned- thinking of the time Ed had spent with the Rockbells, sweating, in pain, amidst automail surgery. long nights alone and in pain, too stubborn or guilty to call out to for comfort...

    He hadn't been there. He didn't know why he could taste the sour tang of regret in his mouth now, but he definitely could. At the time he'd gone back to his office without a care in the world, knowing Ed would do what he needed to and continuing to selfishly chase his own goals and furthering his own life.

    The doctor gave him a wane smile before she was ducking out of curtains that separated their emergency room bay from the next.

    Roy sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, before he was taking Ed's automail hand in his own.

    There was slight movement from the bed- Ed's head moved slightly- his eyes were half open. A low moan escaped the boy.

    "Easy, Ed. They just took the bullet out of your arm and braced it. You've got a fracture. They gave you a lot of medicine so you wouldn't feel it- you're gonna be feeling pretty strange for awhile."

    A pink tongue darted out of the boy's mouth to moisten chapped lips.

    "W-water?" he rasped.

    Roy moved to stand and go get him some, but he was stopped by the metal fingers managing to catch hold of his sleeve as he stood, preventing him from leaving.

    Roy looked down at the boy, giving him a small smile. "I can't get you water if you don't let me go, Ed."

    "Stay. I... want a hug."

    Roy froze for a brief moment- it was obviously the drugs talking.

    A small, ragged whimper escaped Ed's lips, the tug on his sleeve growing stronger as those cloudy golden eyes started to water.

    Drugs talking or not- Ed clearly wanted to be held and comforted. He was just a child.

    "Alright. I'll stay, and you'll get your hug. But I can't hug you from the front- your arm is too hurt for me to try that. I'll sit you up and sit behind you, alright?"


    Slowly, Roy sat the boy up, nudging him forward on the cot before he was sitting behind the boy, letting Ed sit back and rest against his chest.

    He gently placed Ed's automail hand in the boy's own lap, since Ed seemed to be too loopy to move with any coordinated effort at the moment.

    His own arm encircled Ed's chest on the side of his automail arm, holding him close, while his other hand moved to pet the stray locks of messy blond hair from the boy's face.

    Ed hummed in pleasure, drunkenly swiveling and trying to look behind him, a dumb grin splitting his features.

    "Thank you. Nobody has hugged me since mom died."

    Roy's hand stilled in Ed's hair for a moment, his heart seizing in his chest. Once again, the regret rose within him like a coiled serpent- why hadn't he been there? Why hadn't he held Ed when he'd needed it before?

    "Do you want me to hug you more often, Ed?"

    Ed nodded absently, before he was turning, pressing his face into Roy's uniformed chest and letting out a contented sigh.

    "Why do I feel so crusty?" Ed mumbled into his uniform.

    Roy couldn't help it- he barked a short laugh, continuing to card his fingers through the boy's hair. "That's the medicine. You'll feel better soon, just ride it out."

    "I wanna go hoooommmeeee..."

    "Trust me, I do too, Ed. But the doctors know best and we're staying here for the night."

    "I want my couch." Ed looked up at him petulantly, eyes sad.

    "You can sleep on my couch when they send us home, Ed." Us. us. It was strange, but there was that warm feeling in his chest again. Since when had Roy's house become Ed's home?

    "'Kay." Ed didn't look pleased by the news, his lower lip sticking out in a childish pout. "But you can't leave. You have to stay and give me hugs."

    "I can do that, Ed. Now I need you to close your eyes and get some rest."

    "'Kay. Goodnight, Dad." Ed snuffled, wriggling slightly, before his face was buried in Roy's uniformed chest again and he was breathing deeply.

    "Goodnight, kiddo. Rest up. You'll feel better when you wake up."

    If you’re enjoying this fic, hit me up here to comment or leave support and make my week; https://ko-fi.com/fluffykitty12 .

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    Headcanons about fullmetal alchemist brotherhood(part 4):

    Royai headcanons:

    @corrathecat @e-a-t-the-rich @pachangas-lenguas-deactivated20 @melidraws5 @peartato @fma-forever @luckycheesefoodie321 @icydeku14 @womenofwonder @i-havenothingelsetopost @bloodyshadow1 @alex-sketche-s @daystar-daydreamer @microscopic-insanity @prettywitchiusaka @ahvra-boyd

    Enjoy :)

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    It’s been so long since I’ve drawn, I think I forgot how to

    #royai#roy mustang#riza hawkeye#fma#fmab#fullmetal alchemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #areyouart #its been even longer since ive drawn *them* #brain was in a real funky place this past month
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    Roy, babysitting: Time for bed.

    Elicia: Mr. Snuffles says I can stay up as long as I want, and you need to die!


    Roy: What the heck Mr. Snuffles-

    #Roy Mustang#Elicia Hughes#fma#fmab#Fullmetal Alchemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #incorrect fma quotes #source: vine #source: not even emily #submission#pachangas-lenguas
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    Roy, texting Riza: Don’t worry about it too much, but I just committed us to possibly raising two kids.

    #Roy Mustang#Parental Roy#royai#fma#fmab#Fullmetal Alchemist #fullmetal alchemist brotherhood #incorrect fma quotes #source: texts from last night
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    My own personal head-canons for Fma because… idk. About 700 of you find me interesting enough to follow so. Here we go.
    (Btw, thanks for 700+ followers?? How did that happen???? When??)

    Mustang keeps Hughes up to date on the Elric’s adventures, and sometimes tells Elicia stories over the phone of what her idiot adoptive eldest brothers are doing. He will never admit that he genuinely enjoys telling these stories, not to the Elrics (who don’t know) or anyone else for that matter.

    Team Mustang listen to these stories through the office door every now and then, for blackmail and for fun. So long as they get their work done, Riza allows it.

    This continues even after Hughes dies, though with a bit of sadness, because there is no begging from Hughes before hand to, “get Uncle Roy to tell a bedtime story to his darling girl!”

    Edward routinely avoids going to the doctors because 1. He hates needles (big same buddy,) 2. He hates being poked and prodded at, and 3. He doesn’t trust the doctor to not express concern and question his loss of limbs. When Mustang finds out about it, he finds a trustworthy doctor, introduces them to the Elrics, and is sure to keep up with their appointments to make sure Ed is actually going.

    After the promised day, Al owns a cat, but often fosters and finds homes for cats. Along with learning Xingese alchemy, he gets veterinary training to help with any cats he may come across. It’s a lot of work, but Al assures anyone who expresses concern that he can handle it. He does really well in it too.

    Den (the Rockbells dog) is very chill, so she’s the ideal kind of dog for a cat to be friends with. Many of Al’s foster cats had taken a liking to her, and Den is often seen laying down with whatever cat Al has this month.

    Ed doesn’t give compliments easily, or take them easily. If he gives you a compliment, especially based on intellect, count yourself lucky.

    Hughes and Team Mustang know that Mustang cares about the Elrics, as more than subordinates, but family, and often teases him of such. They all know not to bring it up while the Elrics, specifically Ed, and Mustang are in the same room. While it would be funny to watch, the clean up would SO not be worth the laugh.

    Greed (in his first form, while at the devils nest, but even afterwards) LOVES the idea of Christmas. He gets really in the spirit of it. So every December, the Greed gang get into the spirit too, and the devils nest is prettied up with lights, a tree, and presents— most for Greed, for obvious reasons—and they all get dressed up. Idk about y’all, but I NEED to see fanart of the greed gang in Santa hats and Christmas sweaters. I just it’s necessary.

    At one point, when Ed visited Al’s place in Xing, a foster cat took a liking to him. This cat proceeded to follow him around for his entire stay there, taking any opportunity to sit on his lap. Ed actually ended up taking the cat to Resembool, and gave it to a family with a daughter who had been wanting a cat for a while. This cat, while not at its home, now roams the fields of Resembool, and always stops to get some pets from Ed when he’s in town.

    That’s all I’ll give you for now, but there *is* more, if you all are interested. I mainly just reblog stuff but I can do more like this as well. Idk I’m up for it if it’s wanted. Anyways have fun with these and tag me in Fma stuff if you think I’d find it interesting.
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    hi someone please talk to me!!!! literally about anything!!! i unironically have zero friends!!!!

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    please take these doobles of the aminene :]

    #i receive: love and affection #you receive: anime doobles #fmab #fullmetal alchimist brotherhood #fma #full metal alchemist #fullmetal alchemist#ling yao#fmab ling #colonel roy mustang #roy mustang#fmab roy#fmab fanart#fma fanart
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    The Phoenix Alchemist

    Thank you @dragonifyoudare for the @royaimonopoly challenge!

    Read on AO3

    Rating M

    Word count: 1796

    When she’d learned Flame Alchemy from her father, Riza hadn’t expected it to turn like this. When her father had died, she’d wanted to do something useful for her country, and entering the military had seemed a good idea at that time.

    It wasn’t.

    State alchemist certification had been easy to get, and the military academy hadn’t been hard on her. She’d even met some friends there. Rebecca Catalina was the best of them. But she hadn’t even had the time to finish before she’d been sent to the front line in Ishval with other State Alchemists as the Phoenix Alchemist - a wordplay between her name and fire found by none other than the Fuhrer.

    She was the youngest of them all, and they all seemed to look at her with pity. Riza was used to the feeling and didn’t really care about them. She had other matters in mind.

    How to keep her sanity in this Hell on earth was her main concern. And she’d succeeded on this task until now. For months now she’d managed to keep her feelings deep down in her, she’d tried to forget she was killing people by burning them alive. But keeping things hidden, buried, couldn’t last long.

    She’d been assigned to a new unit led by Lieutenant Mustang - a dark haired young man who seemed as tired as her - for this mission. She’d never met him, but some soldiers had told her he cared a lot about his men’s lives.

    They stood in front of General Reynolds as he gave them their orders. The more he spoke, the more Riza felt sick. All the feelings she had bottled away were coming back, even stronger now they were numerous. Nausea settled in her stomach, and she struggled to keep a neutral face when her guts were a battlefield.

    An entire village of women and children.

    That was their target.

    Riza didn’t make it ten meters before she collapsed on the ground and threw up. She was sick of herself. Sick of this war. Sick of the command center that ordered her to kill without regret. Sick of the trust she’d placed on this country she wanted to protect. Sick of everything.

    A hand fell on her shoulder, light but somehow reassuring. She raised her head and met concerned black eyes. Lieutenant Mustang removed his hand with an apology. “I felt you needed that.” And she did. But she stayed silent, and instead rose on her feet and walked away. This guy didn’t know her, and didn't need to either.

    She would deal with her guilt alone. She was used to it. She didn’t need other’s pity because it only made her feel even worse.

    “Let’s go,” she said after she wiped her mouth with her sleeve. It was already dirty anyway.

    The operation was a disaster. A slaughter. A nightmare.

    They fell into a trap. The women and children were armed, and definitely not alone. Fifty men had joined the fight, and even with Riza’s alchemy her unit struggled to kill them all.

    During the fight she could understand why his men trusted Mustang. He made the right decisions, he shoved some soldiers away from the enemy’s fire, knew when they could attack, with how many men, when to take shelter, when to retreat, when to circle the enemy.

    But that didn’t prevent half of the soldiers from being killed where they stood.

    And when the last Ishval man fell, when the last child burned, she felt empty. Why was she here? Why was she killing the citizens of her own country? Why was she using a power she wanted to dedicate to the weak to kill said weak? Why was she still alive?

    She walked back to the camp with the men left in the unit, her mind lost in a thick fog. She didn’t even acknowledge their greetings as she walked away from them. She just wanted to lay down. To lay for a long time. Forever.

    She hadn’t even been able to keep her men alive, and she’d killed innocent people. Again.

    That was something she had never gotten used to. And it had happened too many times.

    Riza sat on her cot, her alchemist’s watch between her hands. She knew the lines drawn on the lid, the amestrian lion, the star. She knew how it would warm between her fingers, she knew the number of links on the chain. She knew how heavy this piece of metal felt in her mind and on her shoulders.

    That was too much to bear. She had no one in her life anyway. It wasn’t like someone would miss her. Maybe the Ishvals would even be happy she was gone.

    She set her watch away and pulled her gun out of her holster. She didn’t use it a lot, but she knew she hadn’t lost the aim she’d at the academy. This would be a quick affair, and no one, nothing would bother her anymore.

    Standing in the middle of her tent, she placed her weapon on her temple.

    Footsteps sounded on the outside, getting closed to the entrance of her tent.

    Panic flooded her. She needed to get this done. Now.

    The safety clicked.

    The tent opened.

    Riza’s eyes met Mustangs’.

    She pulled the trigger.

    Too late.

    The gunshot rang at her ear before her weapon was taken from her hand and thrown away.

    Mustang took her lapel and shook her, a furious light in his eyes. “What do you think you're doing?” He shouted.

    Riza didn’t react at first. It was obvious, why should she bother answering him? Why would he care about her anyway? Why didn’t he leave her alone? Why was he here?

    “Let me go,” she whispered. “Nothing will be better than that.”

    “There are things better than that, Major!”

    Riza shook her head. She was his superior officer, and even when he mentioned her rank she didn’t react. He was almost attacking her, but she didn’t care.

    “You’re better than that, I’m sure!”

    She let a sour laugh escape her throat. “What could I do? I’m powerless in this war I can’t stop. I can’t even protect the men under my command. I’m worthless, Lieutenant.”

    He shook his head and let go of her uniform. “You’re not powerless. You’re not worthless. I looked at you today, I watched you before, and I saw a soldier who’s capable, I saw a woman who cared deeply for the people under her command, I saw a powerful alchemist who knew how to use her ability to protect others. I’ve protected you today too, but I know I could have stayed there if you hadn’t been with us.”

    Riza flinched at Mustang’s words. How could he see such things in her? “I’m not…” she protested in a weak voice. “I don’t know how I could use that power outside of this war… How can I prevent other wars like this one?”

    She still hadn’t looked at him.

    “You can climb the ranks.” Mustang’s voice startled her. He was speaking softly but firmly, like he was trusting her. “You can climb to the top and try to change things from there. It’ll be long, but with the good people you’ll manage.”

    “Climb to the top?” Riza almost chuckled at his idea. It was a silly, unreachable goal. But when she finally met his gaze, she realized he was serious. “And why should I, the Phoenix Alchemist, should listen to you, an anonymous Lieutenant?”

    “Because I feel the same guilt as you, everyday, and I long for peace in this country. I entered the military to protect the people I love, and now I kill innocents against my will. I’m as guilty as you are, and I feel like you are the only one I can trust to go that far to change Amestris. I’m as guilty as you are, and we can work together to make things right. Your death would be a waste. Let me help you do something else with your life.”

    He was dead serious.

    A sudden weariness overwhelmed Riza and she slumped on her cot, her hands limp at her sides.

    “Why… Why do you want to help me?” She muttered, her throat tight. Why her, when others had claimed their opposition to this war, like Armstrong?

    “Because I know I can really trust you,” Mustang replied. “Because you’re the only one I want to imagine at the top of Amestris. Because…” his voice was a whisper “I want to get to know you better because you’re a beautiful woman, even in this shapeless uniform, even after you threw up, and despite all the things you’ve done I know deep down you’re a good person.”

    Riza’s breath caught in her lungs. Beautiful? her? A good person? The only one she’d heard say that about her was Rebecca, and she didn’t know how to face her friend after what she’d done here. A single tear rolled on her cheek and she didn’t try to stop it. It was swept away by Mustang’s thumb, and she raised her eyes to him. He had knelt in front of her, a soft frown wrinkling his forehead. What was he trying to do?

    When she felt his lips on hers, she knew he was definitely trying to hit on her. He was soft and gentle, and he pulled away after a few seconds. His hand left her skin, and she suddenly felt cold.

    “I know I’m going beyond the rules, but if you need me for… comfort, I’ll be there. Either way, I’ll follow you when this war ends if you’ll have me. That’s a promise.”

    His eyes bore a sincere look, and Riza found herself wanting to know more of this man who’d appeared almost from nowhere in her life, given her back her will, and set a goal for her. She only had to trace her path. To trace it with him.

    “Don’t die, then,” she murmured with a faint smile.

    “I count on you to do the same, Major,” he replied, squeezing her hand in his. Then he rose back on his feet.

    He was about to leave when Riza found the words. “Lieutenant Mustang.” He turned to her. “Thank you. And concerning your offer… I’ll think about it. But I want to know you more before anything happens between us.” He was pleasantly looking, he seemed nice and gentle, but that was only the image he wanted to show.

    “Alright, then. I’m looking forward to working under your command, Major Hawkeye.”

    With one last smile, he left the tent and Riza reflecting on the latest events.

    The next months would be hard, but she knew she had someone she could count on, and maybe trust.

    #fma#royai monopoly#challenge#role switch#my fanfic#ao3#roy mustang#riza hawkeye#royai #tw: suicide attempt #that's why it's rated M #heavy angst and some hurt/comfort
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  • shocotate
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    Roy and Riza’s pre-battle dialogue for Anon. Not to be confused with Riza and Roy’s.

    Please take these transliterations and translations with a grain of salt, and listen for yourselves because I suck at spoken Japanese >_>

    Roy_ Riza_00000 and Roy_Riza_00001

    Roy: Lieutenant, you have my back. (中尉 、私の背中を託す。)

    Riza: If you slack off, I’ll hit you. (サボたらうちますからね。)

    Roy_ Riza_00000 and Roy_Riza_00002

    Roy: Lieutenant, you have my back. (中尉 、私の背中を託す。)

    Riza: Yes, you can count on me. (はい、お任せください。)

    Roy_ Riza_00000 and Roy_Riza_00003

    Roy: Lieutenant, you have my back. (中尉 、私の背中を託す。)

    Riza: I’ll follow you wherever you go. (どこまでも、ついてきます。)

    Current in-game bond level: 5 (max)

    Plays: Roy_Riza_00003

    FMA Brotherhood (PSP)

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  • prettywitchiusaka
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    Maybe it’s just me, but I would totally set this to a montage of Roy and Riza enjoying each other’s company while he’s recovering from his battle with Bradley. 

    It just seems right, you know?

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  • shocotate
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    Riza and Roy’s pre-battle dialogue for Anon. Not to be confused with Roy and Riza’s.

    Riza_Roy_00000 and Riza_Roy_00001

    Riza: Colonel, please do your best. (大佐、おねがいします。)

    Roy: Follow me. (私についてこい。)

    Riza_Roy_00000 and Riza_Roy_00002

    Riza: Colonel, please do your best. (大佐、おねがいします。)

    Roy: I-I’ve got some business to attend to. (こ, これからちょっと用事が。)

    Riza_Roy_00000 and Riza_Roy_00003

    Riza: Colonel, please do your best. (大佐、おねがいします。)

    Roy: All right. Let’s go, Lieutenant. (よし。行くぞ、中尉。)

    Current in-game bond level: 5 (max)

    Plays: Riza_Roy_00001

    FMA Brotherhood (PSP)

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