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  • wildinvite
    17.01.2022 - 14 minutes ago
    synopsis. based on yellowjackets / the wilds. a group’s plane unexpectedly crashes into the wilderness, leaving them with no choice but to fend for themselves. 
    tucked out of the way with her knees pressed to her chest, any surrounding chatter is blocked out in favour of staring blankly at the fire. it’s been a little over a week since the crash and with no sign of rescue coming any time soon, that familiar feeling of hopelessness has well and truly settled into julia’s bones. their remaining food is scarce, their water supply even more so, but if they don’t manage to find some form of shelter before the incoming winter chill, dehydration will be the least of their worries. it’s enough to make even the strongest of people begin to panic and the only thing that snaps the girl out of her spiral is a shoulder brushing against hers as someone takes a seat nearby. “i don’t think i’ll be the best company right now, so you’d be better off sitting somewhere else.”
    #𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐓. ╱ julia riley. #indie rp#open #is the fc predictable? yes. do i care? no.
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  • rewrittenfm
    17.01.2022 - 1 hour ago
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  • reshieldedhq
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐞𝐝 :  where could you see jess alexander or sydney sweeney fitting?

          i  could  see  either  fcs  fitting  the  following  :  karolina  dean  ,  cissie  king-jones  ,  amy  winston  ,  courtney  whitmore  ,  megan  morse  ,  alison  blaire  &  cassandra  sandsmark  !
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  • kiki-icons
    17.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Hero Fiennes Tiffin (400x640)

    #hero fiennes tiffin #hero fiennes avatars #hero fiennes icons #hero fiennes tiffin avatars #pbf#rpg#icons#rp resources#rp forum#faceclaim#fc ideas#fc suggestions#200x320#400x640#250x400
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  • chaoticrow
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    x3 Gong Yoo (k-actor)

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  • findopulencerp
    17.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    𝕺𝖘𝖈𝖆𝖗 𝕴𝖘𝖆𝖆𝖈 is now on reserve for 𝕾𝖔𝖗𝖎𝖓. Remember, reservations last 48 hours.

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  • cardigaens
    17.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    ❛  betty young .  ━  ⊰  ✶  open starter   /    marvel verse .

              elbows   rest   upon   the   marble   island   in   her   kitchen   ,      blue   orbs   fixated   on   the   tiny   screen   in   her   hands   .      it   wasn’t   until   she   hears   the   front   door   open   that   she’s   pulled   from   her   social   media   hypnosis   ,      cashmere   socks   pressing   against   the   tile   as   she   moves   to   investigate   .      her   father   was   out   of   town   for   the   weekend   on   a   very   important   business   trip   and   she   was   to   keep   all   the   doors   shut   and   alarms   tightly   secured   .      which   she   could   have   sworn   she   had   done   .   .   .      the   only   person   who   knew   the   code   was   her   father   .      ❛   dad   ?   ❜      she   calls   out   .      swallowing   harshly   as   she   moves   towards   the   cracked   door   .      she   wants   to   open   it   but   her   fears   get   the   best   of   her   and   she   pushes   it   closed   instead   ,      jumping   as   the   sound   of   a   vase   breaking   in   the   kitchen   rings   in   her   ears   .      ❛      hello   ?      who’s   there   ?      ❜      she   calls   out   ,      reaching   for   the   closest   weapon   .   .   .      a   pink   umbrella   .
    #indie rp #indie mcu rp #indie marvel rp #ok thinking she's the target of a villain ?? hear me out her father could have worked for stark industries and maybe he has info that #mysterio or someone else wants !!! and they want to use her as leverage #ur muse could be the villain or the hero i'm open to anything !  I ALSO HAVE AN OLDER FC OF ELIZABETH LAIL lmk if u want her ! #˚   starter  .   . ⊹   betty young. #˚   open starter  .   . ⊹   ic. #˚   marvel  .   . ⊹   verse.
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  • behindfairytales
    17.01.2022 - 10 hours ago
    icons of Kate Fleetwood in The Wheel of Time (s1) as Liandrin Guirale
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  • reshieldedhq
    17.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐞𝐝 :  hi! this is lara, i was wondering if i could get an extension of the jason todd reservation? i've had the longest day. also would love any fc suggestions if you guys have it.

           an  extension  is  totally  fine !   as  for  faceclaims  ,   i  could  see :   thomas  doherty  ,   freddy  carter  ,    diego  tinoco  ,   alex  landi  ,   sergio  mayer  mori  ,   chance perdomo  ,   henry  zaga  ,   lucas  bravo  ,   jordan  conner  ,   and  mena  massoud !  
    #appless rp#dc rp#dc rpg#dceu rp#dceu rpg#batman rp#batman rpg#batwoman rp#batfam rp#reserve #mod - nova #as far as i could tell jason is canonically white so i named a range of ethnicities ! pls let me know if i'm wrong <3 #fc help
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  • sweetheartshq
    17.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    accepted !! welcome to the game, lucia. who knows what kind of drama you’ll get into ?? please arrive at the cabin within twenty-four hours or else your role will be reopened. follow your heart and you could win one-million dollars. until then, we can’t wait for your arrival.

    『 CIERRA RAMIREZ, TWENTY-THREE, CIS WOMAN, SHE/HER. 』 can you believe it’s a new season of sweethearts? i’m rooting for LUCIA JUAREZ. they’re the CHILDRENS’ SKI INSTRUCTOR from LOS ANGELES, CA. back home, they’re often described as +HUMOROUS and +ENTERTAINING, which i guess i could get behind. their -FRIVOLOUS and -FACETIOUS side makes great television, though. you know, they kind of remind me of finger drawings on foggy windows, sunday dinners with the family, & a gray zip-up hoodie worn at all times. i wonder who their match is. i guess i’ll have to tune in to mtv to find out.『 kae, 22, est, she/her. 』

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  • reshieldedhq
    17.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐲𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐚𝐬𝐤𝐞𝐝 :  fc recs for miss Sharon Carter?

           for  sharon  ,  i  could  see  :  brianne  howey  ,  logan  browning  ,  nathalie  emmanuel  ,  medalion  rahimi  ,  priscilla  quintana  &  im  jinah  !
    #appless rp#marvel rp#mcu rp #the falcon and the winter soldier rp #marvel rpg#mcu rpg#fc help #mod - hecate
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  • courtneywhitless
    17.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    at this link you will find #159 100x100 rp icons of LINDSAY WATSON, who is of Kanaka Maoli descent,  in Finding ’Ohana (2021). all of these icons were cropped and cleaned by me, so please like/reblog if you use, and feel free to edit as you see fit if you use them.
    #lindsay watson #lindsay watson icons #lindsay watson rp icons #rp icons#poc fc #fc of color #rph#underused fc #kanaka maoli fc #kanaka maoli#hawaiian fc#isa made
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  • parisrp
    17.01.2022 - 22 hours ago


    NAME: Shayelle Beaumont

    AGE: Thirty-Five

    BIRTHDAY: January 1, 1987

    GENDER/PRONOUNS: Cis Female | She/Her

    OCCUPATION: Manager at Hotel Le Royal Monceau

    BIRTHPLACE: Paris, France

    ARRONDISSEMENT: Entrepôt ( 10th )

    LENGTH OF TIME IN PARIS: Since birth.

    deux —  THEIR STORY

    Trigger Warnings: kidnapping, mentions of substance abuse, pregnancy, affair, divorce, death, murder

    Shayelle Annalise-Rosalie Beaumont was born on January 1st, 1987, in Paris, France. The second blessing in the delivery room on that new year day. Her brother born fifteen minutes earlier. The birth of Shayelle and her twin brother was nothing short of a blessing, and more then that, long awaited. Born to successful surgeon, Samuel R. Beaumont, and his just as successful model wife, Gabrielle E. Campbell-Beamount, via surrogate; the twins would remain their first and only children. The twins would find wealth and privilege thrust upon them at an early age, and as any child would in such a situation, they hardly complained. Shayelle was a vision, just as her mother, beautiful from head to toe. Therefore, from an early age, she'd find herself in campaigns along side her mother. Beauty pageants, photoshoots, have be it, the world could simply not get enough of Gabrielle Campbell with her perfect mini-me. What the modeling legend had not counted on was that while Shayelle had her mother's looks, she had her father's intelligence. Instead of banking off her looks, she wanted to bank on her brains. This would cause a thug-a-pull between mother and daughter rather early on. Gabrielle always wanted a carbon copy to dress up, and parade around, and when she found out that one of the twins would be a girl, she believed that was her chance. But Shaeylle was as hard-headed as they came, and while her mother tried to get her to play with make-up, she often had her nose stuck in a book. This meant that Shayelle would fly through school with rather amazing grades, her brother not too far behind her in that department either. The Beaumont twins were rather smart in their footing, and for that, many expected amazing things from them.  
    As well as intelligence, growing up, the twins were as any pair of twins would be; attached at the hip. Unafraid to get down and dirty, Shayelle found herself fitting better in with the group of friends her brother had, then most girl groups. As a young girl, Shayelle enjoyed anything she could do outside; especially sports. Therefore, when she hit middle school, she'd find herself taking up soccer, basketball, swimming, cheer-leading, volleyball, even at one point, she had convinced her father to allow her to horseback ride. The more physical, the better. Which didn't always sit right with her mother, and while sometimes, she would attempt to put her foot down, not much came of it. It would be in her Sophomore year of high school, however, when Shayelle's faith and beliefs would be tested. After a school party, 15 year old Shayelle, and her best friend, would find themselves kidnapped. It had been a total of 6 days that they would be missing, before found. Her best friend dead, and her, herself, fighting for her life. Her family knew she'd make it, and that she did, but the person that remained was quite different. There was almost apart of her that seemed to die the day her best friend did. The following year, would come to change her path in life. When the individual that nearly killed her and had taken her friend from her, was put on trail, the guy she knew did it. The trail would result in a mistrial, and the man would eventually go free. This nearly destroyed her, and she’d find herself acting out; the bright and beautiful, intelligent girl no longer seemed to want any of the things she had dreamed of. Instead, she start to find herself with the wrong crowd; involving drinking and drugs. Around this time, not only had Shayelle’s life began to spiral out of control from her untimely abduction, but also it would be made known that her father had been having an affair, and his mistress was claiming to be pregnant. Her parents would begin to fight more, eventually ending in divorce, and her father marrying his mistress; neither one seemed to be able to focus much on their daughter.
    Thankfully, Shayelle had the watchful eye of her twin brother, eventually able to convince Shayelle to get the help she needed. While on the way to recovery, and getting her studies back in order, an then 18 year old Shayelle would find out she was pregnant. This would rock the Beaumont house, and despite their perfect family image long gone, this news seemed to anger both parents. Her mother having the most animosity towards it, as she had been hoping that she would finally be able to convert her daughter into the perfect model. A growing belly was sure not a make for that. After deciding to keep her child, did Shayelle find herself on her own, struggling through the world with a baby on the way. Neither parent being much help at first, Shayelle would debate on adoption, up until the point in which her father would offer up some money to her to, at least, find a decent place to live. She, knowing this was simply a means to upset her mother, but Shayelle didn’t decline the gesture. While pregnant, a friend would be able to hook her up with a housekeeping job at Hotel Le Royal Monceau. She was surely at the bottom of the life she once knew, the luxuries of her family’s money no longer accessible to her. And despite the struggle, the child she had growing inside of her was more important to her.
    In October of 2005, Shayelle would welcome her daughter, Lila Jane-Annalise Beaumont to the world. And for the next handful of years, it would be her and her daughter conquering the world together. Eventually, both her parents came around to the idea of their granddaughter, especially her mother when she realized that she could use her granddaughter as a backup for her failed hopes and dreams for Shayelle. But as to be expected, Lila would be very much like her mother later on in life, enjoying sports and outdoor activities, but to some relief of her grandmother, she also enjoyed modeling; and acting. Throughout the years, Shayelle would also work her way up in the hotel job she got as a young expecting mother, showing true loyalty to the place that gave her the footing she needed. Eventually going for her hospitality management degree, which gave her the ability to be promoted to the manager of Hotel Le Royal Monceau. In August of 2016, Shayelle would come to find out she was nine weeks pregnant with her second child, and in February of 2017, she’d give birth to her son, Levi Julien-Axel Beaumont.


    + headstrong, imaginative, thankful

    - obsessive, distrusting, bossy


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  • classicdecadence
    17.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Open Starter

    August Redmond - 34, bisexual, professional thief

    As morning sunlight beamed down upon the picturesque garden, the mood between those sat out on the porch was far from perfect. From his seated position, August felt the glare of the other person firmly upon him and he could simply tell it wasn’t going away anytime soon. He’d tried to get through tense conversation between bites of his French toast and similarly tried to endure the continued dirty looks anytime he reached for his fresh orange juice to sip. However, despite him turning the other cheek, the other show no signs of letting up and he knew eventually it would boil over into another argument.

    “Alright, that’s it,” August said bluntly, breaking the tense silence without so much as a care for the consequences after they’d tutted at him reaching for another slice of toast. He’d tried to hold off but such a simple gesture had sparked off a defiant desire within him to confront the matter at hand. He stood up and said “You think I lifted that damn diamond ring from that rich bitch inside? Well, as I said before, I didn’t and you can search me if you wanna...”

    Before even letting them say anything in response, August pulled his denim shirt open to reveal his muscular torso. He slid the garment from his body within seconds and then began to undo his pants. He had no qualms about getting naked to prove a point and not even when they were not alone in the large LA mansion.

    #indie rp starter #open rp starter #indie smut starter #open smut starter #rp starter#open starter #starter: august redmond #/using his alt fc for this #and reposting as the old one got griefed lmao
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  • parisrp
    16.01.2022 - 23 hours ago


    NAME: Gabriel Luis Acosta

    AGE: Thirty-Nine

    BIRTHDAY: November 15, 1983

    GENDER/PRONOUNS: Cis Male | He/Him

    OCCUPATION: Manager at Étoile Books

    BIRTHPLACE: Guatemala City, Guatemala 

    ARRONDISSEMENT: Palais-Bourbon ( 7th )

    LENGTH OF TIME IN PARIS: He has been in Paris for 1 year now, and has applied for permanent french residency

    deux —  THEIR STORY

    Trigger Warnings: parental abandonment & mention of death, suicide, substance + alcohol abuse

    It was never a question of need, for Gabriel, but always one of want. And whatever he wanted, he could achieve. This extended to scholarships, prestigious internships and jobs, relationships. Gabriel never needed for anything, not for his entire life. With his father’s connections in the vast worlds of politics and academia, Gabriel was always in touch with the right people, the right opportunities—always in the right rooms at the right times. What he called luck, others deemed (at best) a happy accident at birth, at worst an existence perfectly manicured for him. The odds were always in his favor, thanks to a healthy dose of guilt and a brand new career in politics, after years as a professor, on his father’s part.
     Gabriel’s father, Giancarlos, and his chronic inability to remain committed to Gabriel’s mother, resulted in relocating from Guatemala City to central London before Gabriel could tie his own shoes and single parenthood—which really just meant a lifetime of being told yes by his father and being mothered by women intended to stand-in for the one he needed most. Nannies, aunts, girlfriends of his father’s who became stepmothers. (And then, in his adult years, a slew of ill-prepared lovers of his own, unaware they’d be loved and left after a minimum of six months, maximum of twelve.) Childhood trauma, with a side of unhealthy coping mechanisms—partying, drinking, substance abuse. And all the legal ramifications of those actions: sealed from public view, expunged from the record, or otherwise ignored by those who craved his father’s good favor, so that at 20 years old, Gabriel had a clean slate. A chance to start anew, and remake himself.
     In a rare moment of clarity, he saw the potential of the opportunity, and took something seriously for once. Yes, Gabriel actually worked hard to clean up his act, put in double time to earn three degrees in a little under a decade, and become a well-respected, albeit newly minted professor. In time, he thought, he’d be well on his way to becoming the head of the English department at University College London, where he’d worked at the time.
     For once, it seemed, Gabriel had found his way. It was all going so well. Too well, it seemed.
     He was 36 when he learned of his mother taking her own life, and it still knocked the wind out of him as if he was 16. To tell it straight, Gabriel spiraled after that. Showed up to work drunk, or didn’t show up at all, enough times, until he was politely given the ultimatum to resign or be fired. The therapist he was assigned at his third—and last—rehab said something about a child wound being reopened; this final act of abandonment by the mother he never knew. And it sounded nice when regurgitated to his father, the man footing the bill, to prove he’d learned something.
     But, in truth, he had no idea why he was so profoundly impacted by the death of a woman he never even knew. The last photo he had of her was decades old now. He was no older than 3, and there she was, planted beside him on the couch: straight-faced and melancholy—even through the photo, you could feel it. Had she been sad to be there with him, or just sad to be there at all? Her full, pink, slightly pouted lips and mossy green, red ringed eyes made it clear to an adult version of Gabriel that she’d been, well, miserable. Still, he’d wondered how his life might’ve turned out if she’d just stayed. And, still, he kept the photo. It had been in his pocket, the day he’d attended her funeral. While everyone stood to give their final statements, to tell stories and share memories of the woman whose face he could barely remember, he hung back, sat in the last row of the packed church, and listened. Maybe, if only for an hour, he felt like he knew her.
     That was how, two years later, when it came time to pack up his life and begin again, Gabriel ended up in Paris. It had been her city, her favorite—his mother’s sister, his aunt, had mentioned it on the day of her funeral. When asked by his father—and the few colleagues who hadn’t abandoned him, he gave a flippant answer about job opportunities, or art, or… something or other. But, the truth was the truth. He longed to know more of her, to see more of what she saw—to understand why all of it was so big, so important, that she just left him behind.  


    + confident, ambitious, passionate

    - impatient, foolhardy, exacting


    #oscar isaac fc #oc rp#city rp#lsrp#rpg#c#m #palais-bourbon ( 7th ) #gabriel luis acosta #etoile books #parental abandonment tw #death tw#suicide tw #substance abuse tw #alcohol abuse tw
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  • findopulencerp
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖑𝖎𝖊 𝕮𝖔𝖝 is now on reserve for 𝕬𝖕𝖗𝖎𝖑. Reservations last 48 hrs.
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  • parisrp
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    NAME: Liyana Khosini-Wood

    AGE: Thirty-Six

    BIRTHDAY: February 19, 1985

    GENDER/PRONOUNS: Cis Female | She/Her

    OCCUPATION: Novelist

    BIRTHPLACE: London, England



    deux —  THEIR STORY

    Trigger Warnings: Parental Death, Divorce

    Adoption had always been the plan. From the day 24 year old Nokulunga Khosini found out she was pregnant she knew she wasn’t in any sort of place in her life to give a child the life they would deserve. She wanted any child she brought into the world to be surrounded by love and comfort, family and happiness, but with her now ex already halfway around the world and her parents back in South Africa the support system she knew she’d need didn’t exist. Besides, she was living in the small upstairs converted loft of the family she was nannying for. It wasn’t time for her to be a mother. The decision was made early on and it was one she would stick with, and when she was introduced to Madiha Dar-Wood and her wife, Debbie, through the family who’d accepted her news with grace and compassion, she’d known right away that it was their family her daughter would thrive with. They’d covered all of her medical expenses, gotten her whatever she needed, and the trio had planned for an open adoption. Just because Nokulunga wasn’t ready to be a mother didn’t mean she wasn’t permitted to be in her child’s life. Everything had been going smoothly, she’d gone into labor a day before her due date and Debbie and Madiha rushed from their home in York to be in London in time for the birth and be there for Nokulunga while she was pregnant. Liyana Khosini was brought into the world with bright eyes and a soft cry that brought tears to all three of her mom’s eyes- but the joy was short-lived. Three women went into that hospital but two women and a baby came out. Nokulunga had died from complications during her delivery. The open adoption that had been planned, the relationship between biological mom and daughter, would never be. But Debbie and Madiha had made a promise to Nokulunga that they’d intended to keep: Liyana would be loved, supported, and she’d know just how much Nokulunga loved her.
    Her parents kept their promise and Liyana grew up in a household where they weren’t rich by any means but their five children never wanted for anything. They had all the love and support they could ever need and even though times were tough at times, the family got through it together. It was in this nurturing environment that Yana, as her family called her, was encouraged to pursue her passions. The young girl was quiet, bordering on shy at times, but had the biggest heart. She’d help anyone she could, her heart proving to be large and empathetic, her patience with her siblings and willingness to help her parents was unmatched in their household. She was always there with a comforting hug and encouraging words for anyone who needed them, romanticizing the world around her, and would often be found sitting at her window and staring at the stars at night. She was a dreamer, one who kept daily diaries in various notebooks that could be found housed beneath her bed alongside the numerous books she’d been collecting since she’d learned to read. It was no surprise to anyone when she’d announced her intentions to become a literature teacher. She’d spent the majority of her formative years with either her nose buried in a book or her head in the clouds and only one of those activities would lend to a viable career (or so she thought).
    School hadn’t always been easy for Yana, the young dreamer spent more time daydreaming than taking notes, but she thrived in her English and Literature courses. So when she was accepted into the University of Bristol after sixth form she’d quickly decided to pursue her BA in English Lit before going on to pursue ITT courses. It was during a semester abroad in California that her life would change forever. She met another student in the program, one who, as was her way, Yana fell hard and fast for. They only had a few months together before they were separated once more, each going back to their respective home universities, but the pair had bonded over their distaste for the warm California air and their inability to find anything good on TV. Liyana came back to Bristol knowing she’d found the love of her life and she wasn’t ready to let that go just yet. They found a rhythm as they finished their schooling, making the relationship official (and officially long distance), visiting their respective schools whenever the opportunity and funds arose. It was when Yana was placed at a school in London that they’d be reunited, her love having been offered a job there as well. The couple found an adorable apartment, small but affordable, and began their lives together. At 23 Liyana had everything she could have ever wanted. She had her dream job and was blissfully in love, everything was falling into place.
    Two wonderful years in London passed by quickly, Liyana got her certification in teaching and her dream journals from her childhood had morphed into short stories and small novellas. Nothing ever shown to anyone outside of her household, but writing had begun to bring her as much joy as teaching and reading. It was a hobby that she luckily would be able to take with her when her partner was offered a job in Paris. For a girl who loved love, moving to the City of Love was like a dream come true, made even more enthralling when, while on a visit to the city to find a place for the couple to live, her partner proposed the moment the Eiffel Tower lit up for the night. The moment, much like their relationship, had been everything she could have ever wanted and more. The move from London to Paris had been tumultuous, with half of their things going missing for a month before randomly showing up on their doorstep, but Yana didn’t care. She had her fiancé, she was planning her dream wedding at the Château de Chantilly, and she’d found the perfect teaching job just a short walk from their apartment. Once again, everything was falling perfectly into place and the young bride to be couldn’t have been happier.
    Their wedding day had gone perfectly, their Parisian lives starting off on the highest note possible. The city inspired the teacher, who took every opportunity to explore her new home and learn the intricacies of daily life in a new city. It may have been cliché, but she found that most of her favorite spots in the city were those frequented by tourists. The joy she saw in their eyes, the love she felt surrounding places like the Eiffel Tower and Pont des Artes, it was intoxicating. It was there, at those famous places of joy and love, that she’d begun writing what would later become the novel that launched her writing career. A beautiful piece of fiction that borrowed from her life, the leading love in the story based on her own partner. It took 7 years of writing when she could between social and professional obligations, but suddenly she found herself with a complete novel. One she hadn’t quite set out to write but she’d poured her entire heart and soul into. The characters had become almost like family to her over the years and when she’d finally gathered up the courage to show her own love the completed work, a dream she hadn’t quite realized had formed was blossoming into something beyond her wildest imagination. It was only two months after she’d finished and shared her writing that she found herself in a plush seat opposite of an editor at HarperCollins Publishers in London. They wanted to publish her book and depending on the sales, talk about making it a series. Suddenly, Liyana wasn’t just a teacher, but a writer as well.
    It took about a year for the book to go through the various editing, marketing, and publishing channels before it was released to the world on Valentines Day. Liyana had been nervous, putting so much of herself out into the world, but it only took a short while for her editor to call and tell her the amazing news: people loved her book, sales were skyrocketing, and they wanted her to go on a book tour. It’d been a difficult decision, but with her newfound dream of being a writer quickly becoming a reality, Liyana, with the support of her partner, took a step back from teaching to pursue her creative endeavors. It was a whirlwind of meet and greets, book signings, and podcast and talk show appearances. It was as if her life mirrored her heart, radiating positivity and growth, and things couldn’t have been going better. At least, that’s what she’d thought. With her newfound writing success and her partner’s own success at work, the pair had bought a home, a beautiful townhouse in Élysée, and began the next chapter of their lives together. Little did Liyana know, it would be their last. They’d been in their new home for a couple of years now, second and third book deals signed as she began to write more tales of love. It’d been just as easy as before, her own happiness in her homelife and walks throughout the beautiful city she’d learned to call home providing endless inspiration, but it all came to a halt the night she came home from dinner with her editor to discuss her progress on her second book that she found her partner on their couch with their bags packed and a forlorn expression on their face.
    “I’m not happy. I want a divorce.” Seven words was all it took to completely demolish the 35 year old’s world. They’d been happy just yesterday, hadn’t they? She was blindsided, shocked into silence as she stood in their living room as the love of her life said something about getting an attorney to get the paperwork drawn up before they gathered up their things, their cat, and left- leaving a shattered Liyana behind to pick up the pieces of the life she’d so lovingly built. Had she been a smarter person, maybe she wouldn't have done what she did in the following months, but they saying ‘a fool in love’ seemed to have been scrawled into existence only for her. She couldn’t accept an ending without a reason, she couldn’t accept losing the person she knew in her heart she was meant to be with, so she did everything she could to get them back. Big romantic gestures, flowers, homemade meals, reminders of the times they’d spent together- all had fallen on deaf ears. She spent months groveling, looking for answers and solutions, until one night it all seemed to come back together. Her partner showed up at the house (it wasn’t a home without both of them residing within its walls) and the former lovers spent another night together. A final night. In the morning Liyana woke up happier than she’d been in months, the sun streaming in through the windows as she rolled over to gather her love in her arms only to be met by an empty space and a note on the pillow. Last night was a mistake. I’m sorry. Seven more words dealt the final blow to her marriage. She’d tried to call, tried to text, but it appeared her number had been blocked. She was completely cut off. And she finally got the hint. That day she found her own lawyer and a month and many tears later, she was officially divorced.
    This had never been the plan. She’d gotten the townhome in the divorce but found that living there only brought her pain, so she sold it. She found a small two bedroom apartment near the water and started down her new path. It was bumpy, her writing muse completely gone and her editor breathing down her neck for new pages, the loneliness and sorrow she felt threatened to consume her usually bright eyed and optimistic personality, but she did what she could to keep her head above water. The magic of the city had begun to fade as a growing crack in her rose colored glasses began to show the harsh reality around her. She thought she’d be able to fill the emptiness she felt with hobbies, company in the form of pets and then a new roommate, but she was still struggling. To the outside world she’s relatively the same, but there’s a sadness that she’s constantly trying to fight off while looking for the muse to write and not let yet another dream slip through her fingers.


    + romantic, optimistic, compassionate

    - naïve, forgetful, pushy


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