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  • silvrmoon
    15.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    both my countries are playing today so obviously i need to use my muse isaac, my asshole soccer player, come play against him 🥺

    #indie smut rp #indie rp #watch me disappear if Portugal or France loses tho
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  • forgottenprince
    12.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    This is a shot in the dark most probably, but I am rewatching Skam France, and I am craving a roleplay. If anyone is interested in being the Lucas to my Eliott, hit me up.

    #skam france #eliott and lucas #skam france rp #skam france roleplay #elu
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  • sins-of-the-sea
    12.06.2021 - 5 days ago

    //If there is one frustrating thing about RPing a historical period in the Tumblr RPC, you have a really limited number of people to gush about history and how it would affect your characters, because from what I am observing, most historical RPers in general tend to be either:

    1.) Someone who wants to play dress-up and not care about accuracy


    2.) Cares too much about accuracy or specific misconceptions and be super rigid about the zeitgeists of the period to the point of completely limiting artistic and creative liberties to be taken for the sake of fun.

    #it's never in between and it's annoying #this is why I don't push my Tumblr RP partners to go for the Main Verse UNLESS they are at least vaguely historically savvy #every instance I've tried to RP the DE story and have people take to consideration the history would often result in a dead RP story #and even then the actual time period of Devil's Eye isn't particularly popular #like WWII or the Victorian period #either way enough of my rant #I made this post because I found out that the il Capitane archetype in Commedia dell'Arte as typically Spanish #and I'm LAUGHING #so that means the Vespucci probably had disdain for the Frances but married Frascona's parents because they wanted power #and the Frances went along because they wanted wealth #it's a shitstorm deserving its own Netflix show or something #except if I ever get an offer in some cable TV #like fuck everyone is going to wear only black and brown biker leather >:C #people are going to wear colors and YOU'RE GOING TO LIKE IT
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  • ask-emilz-de-philz
    11.06.2021 - 6 days ago


    Show us your strings of fate !!

    Blank template from: C.H.


    BLOG: ask-emilz-de-philz.tumblr.com

    You can repost and tag us yours or simply comment under this tweet!

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  • narrowtriangle33-blog
    25.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #humanity#social justice#injustice #make a difference #make a change #make this world a better place #make this go viral #make the change #french#france#share#spread awareness#raiseawareness#raise awareness #help raise awareness #help reblog#rb#rp#reblog#repost#doit #do it plz #do it pls #do it please #do it for them
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  • quintin-levens
    18.05.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    This kitty French?

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  • piriluri
    05.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Bonjour ! ( Bonsoir plutôt)

    Je recherche un(e) partenaire pour faire du RP Frozen/La Reine des Neiges et plus particulièrement un Hans pour un ship Helsa (Hans - Elsa) -

    Peu importe le contexte, on peut en discuter ensemble : canon, post frozen 2, AU.,.. Tant que les personnages ne sont pas OOC ça me va ❤️

    Je suis plus une adepte des rp sur messenger, whatsapp ou discord, je n'ai pas d'exigences sur un certain nombre de lignes et je sais que cela arrive à tout le monde de faire des fautes tant que cela reste lisible !

    Ah et je réponds TRÈS régulièrement ! (plusieurs fois par jour)

    Bref bref contactez moi

    #la reine des neiges #elsa#fandom rp#hans#disney frozen#frozen rp#roleplay#Roleplay france #La Reine des neiges 2 #Reine des neiges #disney rp
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  • queenlexieuno
    21.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    [[OC Character Profile ]]


    1600s-1700s: Medieval/ Fantasy

    Full name:

    Louis Auguste, Duke of Maine









    March 31, 1670

    Age: 22 year old

    Powers: None



    •Sword Fighting

    •General Knowledge

    •Speaks English and French

    [[ About ]]



















    •Moon light


    •French biscuits

    •Alcoholic beverages

    •Fancy things







    Occupation: Duke of Maine


    •Losing love ones

    •The kingdom falling in Ruins

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Species: Human


    •Timothée Chalamet

    [[ Relations ]]

    Father: Louis XIV of France

    Mother: Françoise-Athénaïs de Rochechouart, Marquise de Montespan

    Siblings: Louis, Grand Dauphin, Louise de Maisonblanche, Françoise Marie de Bourbon

    Significant Other(s):


    [[ Biography ]]

    Louis-Auguste de Bourbon was born at the Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye on 31 March 1670. He was named Louis after his father[2] and Auguste after the Roman Emperor Augustus. Immediately after his birth, Louis-Auguste was placed in the care of one of his mother's acquaintances, the widowed Madame Scarron, who took him to live in a house on rue de Vaugirard, near the Luxembourg Palace in Paris. His siblings, Louis-César, Louise-Françoise and Louise Marie Anne de Bourbon were also brought there after their births. Their mother, living with the king at Versailles, rarely saw her children, and Madame Scarron took the place of mother in Louis-Auguste's affections.

    One of his legs was shorter than the other and Scarron took him to consult, first, a famous quack at Antwerp and later to the waters of Bareges, a small town near the Pyrenees, whither they traveled incognito (she as the marquise de Surgeres). On 19 December 1673, when Louis-Auguste was three years old, Louis XIV legitimised his children by Montespan by letters patent registered by the Parlement de Paris. At this time, Louis-Auguste received the title of duc du Maine. In 1674, at the age of four, Louis-Auguste and his siblings were officially introduced to the court at Versailles. In the same year, he was made a colonel-general of the Swiss Guards. Du Maine's greatest enemy at court became his father's sister-in-law, the duchesse d'Orléans, known at court as Madame.

    In her famous correspondence describing life at Versailles, Madame claimed that du Maine was not the son of the king Louis XIV showered him with gifts and titles, and hired the best tutors for him. The maréchal du Luxembourg, a famous military strategist, was put in charge of the child's military training. Despite this, Louis-Auguste never became more than a mediocre soldier. He was made Grand Maître de France. The king also blackmailed his cousin, the wealthy La Grande Mademoiselle, into ceding some of her estates to du Maine in return for the liberation of her imprisoned lover, Antoine Nompar de Caumont, Duke of Lauzun. As a result, Louis-Auguste became the comte d'Eu, sovereign Prince of the Dombes, and duc d'Aumale. He also received the governorship of Languedoc and was awarded the Order of the Holy Spirit.

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  • viceversusvirtue
    08.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    im gonna trick these people into drawing aph france

    #its an rp smp #and my skin is the halloween event france where hes a ghost #if anyone finds out i'll die ig #said
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  • helozinha-art
    02.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    And this is my way to prove that Fran can have his hair in any color and any haircut and he'll still look pretty

    That's it, that's the post :)

    #helo-art#hetalia #hetalia axis powers #hetalia world stars #aph france#hws france#hetalia france #i haven't watched the new episode of the new season yet #this drawing was inspired only because of a rp i'm writing with a friend #in which francis has a different hair color every four months or so #and that became a headcanon of mine too audjsjsjsh #also i wanted to test out some hairstyles for him anyway
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  • lilylunapottersblog
    01.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    here’s a picture of Alice and the airport, cause me, my cousins, the Longbottoms, and Jacob are going to F R A N C E!!! Rose, Hugo, Molly, and Lucy are visiting their mothers, but we’re excited to meet Victoire’s family!

    #hp roleplay#HP#HP RP #hp next gen #Harry Potter #harry potter fanfiction #harry potter roleplay #harry potter fan fiction #harry potter next gen #lily luna potter #Lily Potter#Lily Luna#jacob thomas-finnegan#jalice #James Sirius Potter #Albus Severus Potter #alice longbottom#france#wotters
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  • starter-library
    10.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    「WLW Lyric Sentence Starters」

    Honey by Kehlani

    “I like my girls just like I like my honey; sweet, a little selfish”

    “I like my women like I like my money; green a little jealous”

    “I'm a beautiful wreck, a colorful mess, but I'm funny”

    “I'm a heartbreak vet with a stone-cold neck”

    “All the pretty girls in the world but I'm in this space with you”

    “I came to find, my fire was fate with you”

    “Don't walk away, or would you wait for me?”

    “Is it love all we need? Is it love?”

    Only a Girl by Gia Woods

    “Soft touch, warm skin. Nothing like my ex-man”

    “I've never felt this way before”

    “He never called me beautiful like you do”

    “Now I'm in uncharted water, territory getting hotter. And I think I like it”

    “Only a girl knows how a girl feels”

    “Only a girl can make me feel this way”

    “It's getting better, nothing like two girls sticking together”

    “Everything is new to me, I like what you do to me”

    “Now it's you, only you”

    “Now I'm open like I've never been”

    Jenny by Studio Killers

    “Darling, you're my best friend”

    “I'm using your shirt as a pillow case”

    “I wanna ruin our friendship we should be lovers instead”

    “I don't know how to say this ‘cause you're really my dearest friend”

    “I will follow you until the end”

    “I cannot pretend why I never like your new boyfriends”

    Space Girl by Frances Forever

    “Show me the stars. You know the galaxies of my heart”

    “Girl, are you a Cancer? 'Cause you make me cry”

    “I saw a lunar eclipse, Looked like how I feel 'bout your lips”

    “The only way that we'd end was if you were sucked into a black hole”

    “Tell me how to stop dreaming’ 'bout you”

    “I hope you play this song some day”

    Explosion by Zolita

    “Corrupt my mind with dirty dreams”

    “I could kiss her but your lips taste better”

    “You could kiss him but my words are sweeter”

    “When I'm with you there's no other”

    “Don't call me about him I don't wanna hear put him out of your mind just make him disappear”

    “I'm not in love with my best friend”

    “In my dreams you are my queen”

    “I'm mad for you, you're mad for me”

    “Tell me that you'd die without me”

    “I don't want you in my dreams, be mine in reality”

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  • sadidoesrp
    06.03.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Another ad I made for Scions of Terre d'Ange over on Jcink. The flowers are from Pexels and the the other is from Pride and Prejudice.

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