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  • leafsprompts
    18.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    the worlds end. quotes from the 2013 film.

    “ let’s boo-boo ! ” “ me ? they call me the king.” “ wtf, [name]. wtf. ” “ history’s a sketchbook.” “ oh my god .. i’m so cute.” “ i think our luck has changed. ” “ look at these cunts.” “ oh crumbs ! ” “ i got lost on the ring road.” “ we had ourselves a little idea.” “ you have a very selective memory, [name].” “ it’s pointless arguing with you.” “ don’t worry, i’m not trying to have sex with you. ” “ how can you tell if you’re drunk if you’re never sober.” “ what the fuck does ‘wtf’ mean ?” “ we are the human race, and we don't like being told what to do ! ” “ he said we’re a bunch of fuck ups.” “ stop fucking starbucking us man ! ” " every year is the anniversary of a year." “ you need help, [name].” " to err is human, so... err." “ just leave us to our own devices, you intergalactic arseholes ! ” “ and we're back! just like the five musketeers ! ” “ yeah .. fuck it.” “ have you got any drugs ?” “ a) i did not and b) how did you know about that ?! ” “ a) it’s a small town, b) i’m not stupid. ” “ get back in your rocket, and fuck off back to legoland you cunts ! ” “ we wanna be free. we wanna be free to do what we wanna do ! we wanna get loaded. and we wanna have a good time. ” “ it says ‘king gay’.” “ i’m not proud of it .. i am a bit. ” “ you don’t need to do this, [name].” “ oh, duck off you big lamp ! ” “ we need to be able to differentiate between them, them and us. ” “ yeah because we are more belligerent, more stubborn, and more idiotic than you can possibly imagine ! ” “ i don’t even know what a pronoun is.” “ jesus, i do something right for a change, and you fuckers get on my case ! ” “ basically no one else has a better idea, so fuck it.” “ i haven't had a drink for sixteen years.” " it's difficult to put into words, but if i had to choose three, i'd say 'really, really sad. ” “ oh, you are in trouble now ! It's only the fucking three musketeers ! ” " i just punched my wedding ring out of a robot's tummy." “ a this point your planet is the least civilized in the entire galaxy. ” “ this civilization was founded on fuck-ups. ” “ ever have one of those nights that starts out like any other but ends up being the best night of your life ? ” “ i think they missed a trick only having three musketeers 'cos if they'd had five then two could've died and they'd still have three left. ” “ it never got better than that night. ” “ there’s something i need to tell you right now .. unless you do want to have sex in which case i’ll tell you afterwards. ” “ must the galaxy be subjected to an entire planet of people like you ? ” “ you may think [name] is a bit of a cock, and he is a bit of a cock, but he's MY cock ! ” “ i fucking know what i fucking said. ” “ i remember sitting up there, blood on my knuckles, beer down my shirt, sick on my shoes and seeing the orange glow of a new dawn break and knowing in my heart life would never feel this good again. ” “ that's a good name for a band, [name], you should write that down. ” “ she left me, [name]. she took the kids to her mum's three weeks ago. ” “ you know what "help" was? help was a lot of people sitting in a circle talking about how fuckin' awful things had got. that is not my idea of a good time. ” “ wow, that is the first time I've ever heard you admit being wrong. ” “ i still think nothing that has been suggested in the last 10 minutes beats "smashy smashy egg men. ” “ i haven't seen you in twenty years ! you really think I'm going to have sex with you in the ladies toilet ? ” “ leave me alone, what do you care, anyway ?! ” “ ten people have entered in this toilet in the last five minutes and not a single one has come back out again. that's going to look suspicious. “ who the fuck are you to come down here and tell us what to do ?! ” “ you know your problem, [name] ? you’re never wrong. ”

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  • rpsourcedmemes
    18.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Send 🐣 for your muse to come to mine with a child

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  • rpmemesbyarat
    18.04.2021 - 10 hours ago

    RP meme from "Prelude: Both Sides of the Coin" from Changeling: The Dreaming (20th anniversary edition)

    I love birthdays!

    Everything is so big and bright.

    I love birthdays. I love songs. And I love secrets!

    Severance packages, cost breakdowns, and financial reports — dull, dull, and duller still

    I fell into an oubliette. I’m still falling. I’m going to be falling forever.

    Have you really fallen into an oubliette? If so, I really need to know details about this oubliette. Does anything stand out?

    This is the deepest oubliette I’ve ever fallen into.

    If I see a bottle that says ‘drink me’, I should drink it, right?

    Dammit, this is why I hate being mission control. Nobody tells me what’s happening.

    We’re in, barely.

    Haven’t had a chance to look for the vault yet.

    We ran into some trouble in the north stairwell, which slowed us down.

    Because it’s not like I would know. I wasn’t hiding in the vent all day or anything. Nooo, don’t ask me, the one who doesn’t know anything.

    Oh, yeah, avoiding violence, like that’s a thing we do.

    Something about the vault, something new, something hard to remember, something close.

    It can’t possibly be in this exact place it feels like it should be, but obviously isn’t.

    Did I say that? I wouldn’t say that.

    It’s just a bathroom.

    Did you find the vault?

    The motion sensors we set up two floors down just tripped. I think you’re about to have company.

    I will assess the situation and engage with any security.

    [NAME], watch those motion sensors. If we get movement on another floor, you let me know.

    We’re hitting the end of our time window here.

    I’m sure you’re going as fast as you can. No reason whatsoever to go faster, when you’re obviously doing everything you can.

    I keep telling you it doesn’t look like it does on TV.

    Aesthetics won’t make it faster, [NAME].

    I’m going as fast as I — yes! I’m in!

    I thought you just hacked that.

    It’s a sphinx.

    Oh, this is fine, everything is just fine.

    The more you take, the more you leave behind. What are they?

    What disappears the moment you say its name?

    A man jumps off a bridge. What color is the bridge?

    What kind of riddle is that?

    We don’t leave until the job is done. That’s the deal. That’s the oath we all swore to each other!

    I’m trying to trace the call, [NAME], just keep him talking.

    Just keep him talking.

    Excellent work there.

    I learned what you wanted, how you went after it, and I created this scenario just to get your motley here.

    Just move, [NAME]. You’ve got to move.

    This is exactly what I wanted from my life!

    What’s your next great idea, [NAME]?

    You always have such brilliant plans.

    I’ll figure it out, [NAME]. I swear to you, I’ll figure it out.

    I have all the faith in you in the world.

    Gossip is not a vice among them---it is an art form.

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  • soulmemes
    17.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    party prompts.

    for muses who plan to go, are currently attending, or are leaving a party! and a couple of varieties for the party animals and the party poopers too. hope y'all enjoy!

    " parties aren't really my thing... "

    " oh, come on, who doesn't love a good party! "

    " alright, get dressed. you're my plus one tonight. "

    " you really are a terrible dancer, you know that? "

    " hey. we show our faces for an hour, then we leave. promise. "

    " hey, i said i'd go to the party, never said i'd have fun. "

    " fine, i'll go to this stupid party. but! i'm wearing sweatpants. "

    " let's get a drink, huh? "

    " come on, it's quieter out here. "

    " we haven't hung out in forever! come on. one little party. please? "

    " dance with me! "

    " they ran out of booze/snacks five minutes ago. wanna bail? "

    " you know what, i need a minute. you go dance without me, okay? "

    " there you are! i was worried you weren't gonna make it! "

    " what's the dress code again? "

    " fancy dress party tonight! who are you going as? "

    " i never thought i'd see you at an honest-to-god party! "

    " who bullied you into coming to one of these insane parties? "

    " oh, come on. you don't want to be here anymore than i do. "

    " you know... there's a cloak room around here somewhere... "

    " hey, put that wallet away! drinks are on the house! "

    " hey! let me buy you a drink? "

    " well, you're definitely the prettiest/best looking/handsomest one here. "

    " how'd you get an invite? "

    " oh, man, i love this song! "

    " it's too crowded in here! i need some air! "

    " what do you think of the party? "

    " what are we celebrating? "

    " why shouldn't we celebrate? "

    " i had fun tonight, but it's time to go... "

    " you need to loosen up a little. it's a party! "

    " don't ask for water! they got me a glass of vodka last time. "

    " do you wanna get out of here? "

    " i'm throwing a little party tonight. you coming? "

    " oh! is that what you're wearing tonight? "

    " you don't go to parties very often, do you? "

    " i've never seen you have fun before! this is nice! "

    " come on. you deserve a night off. forget about everything, just for tonight... "

    " you having fun? "

    " come on. there's no food here. let's go get some pizza, we can come back after. "

    " nice try, party animal! i'll drive. "

    " that was the best night ever... we should do this again, some time. "

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  • rpsourcedmemes
    17.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Send 🤞 for a lie my muse has told yours

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  • whiterabbitmemes
    17.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Lyric Starters: DAYWALKER!  - Machine Gun Kelly, feat. CORPSE

    "Punch that motherfucker in the face!" "You hated what he said, right?" "Beat his ass, leave him at the stoplight." "I know you wanted change." "Nobody's around, so." "Kick him again while he's on the ground, yo." "I'll never be the same." "I wanna know if I tell you a secret, will you keep it?" "I need someone to blame." "Take it!" "And I see somebody talkin' with the mouth that's full of teeth I wanna break." "Go!" "Fight! fight! fight! fight!" "They tried to kill me in the rain." "Tried to lay me down and so I ducked and ran away." "Put a gun up to my face." "I won't fucking catch a case." "When I find this motherfucker then I'll lay him in his grave." "All these fucking razorblades!" "I bit the fucking apple, I'm surrounded by some snakes." "Stay up." "I prayed to God and then I went to sleep with bloody hands." "Inside my room, I heard the sirens from the ambulance." "I chipped my tooth and then I found a piece inside my pants." "He talkin' shit, when he wake up, I go do that again." "I came back." "If a pussy wanna say shit, then I'll fuckin' stomp his face in." "Nah, not getting better, can't change it." "I left blood all on the pavement." "I'm on borrowed time, can't shake it." "I blackout when I'm ragin'." "Me and all these pills be on a fuckin' first name basis." "There's an invisible voice that is talkin' to me and it's always tellin' me to kill." "I got a problem with separating what my head is creating from things that are real." "I'm in a room, hyperventilating and debating to pop off the cap of these pills." "If I get angry, I'm goin' to start up a riot like people on Capitol Hill."

    #lyric starters#lyric meme#music meme#sentence starters#rp meme#rp memes #rp ask meme #rp ask memes #meme:machine gun kelly #meme:corpse#meme:corpse husband#tw violence #tw drug use #tw mental health
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    17.04.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Send  🔫  for your muse to witness mine getting shot

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    17.04.2021 - 14 hours ago


    add  ‘ + 🔁 ’   to reverse the roles !
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  • ghstmemes
    17.04.2021 - 16 hours ago


    ❤️ : romantic 

    💛 : friendship

    🖤 : enemies

    🧡 : familial

    💚 : exes

    💙 : mentor/protégée

    💜 : casual  ( friends w/ benefits )

    🤍 : love/hate  ( frenemies )

    🤎 : other  ( please specify )

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  • ghstmemes
    17.04.2021 - 17 hours ago


    add ‘ + 🔁 ’  to reverse the roles !
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  • gatorprompts
    17.04.2021 - 19 hours ago
    send  🩸   for  your  muse  to  take  a  bullet  that  was  meant  for  mine .
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  • soulmemes
    17.04.2021 - 22 hours ago

    new student prompts.

    for all the muses who happen to join a new school! as requested!

    " hey! are you the new kid? "

    " sorry, do you know how to get to room 204? "

    " we're throwing a party tonight. you should come. "

    " it's not easy being the new kid... "

    " oh man, you got mr. jenkins for history class? "

    " hey, do you have a pen i could borrow? "

    " i don't get my books until tomorrow... could i maybe read yours with you? "

    " is this seat free? "

    " hey! newbie! there's a seat over here! "

    " where'd you move from? "

    " why'd you move out here? "

    " you sign up for any of the clubs yet? "

    " come on. we'll be friends, right, new kid? "

    " don't listen to that dude. he's a total bully. nobody likes him... he didn't say anything, did he? "

    " what street did you move to? "

    " oh! we're neighbors! we saw you moving in across the street! "

    " alright, nobody wears the school tie. so... let's get rid of that, huh? "

    " yeah, we used to have a uniform. not anymore though. they must've given you the old brochure... "

    " must be scary, being the new kid. "

    " we have a study group. why don't you join us? "

    " i'm meant to give you a tour of the school. you are the new student, right? "

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  • rpmemesbyarat
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    RP meme from "Dedication" in Changeling: The Dreaming (20th anniversary edition)

    The only thing I can think about when I remember those days is how much I felt my childhood was stolen

    In my twenties I returned to all the fairytales I never read and all the stories that made me happy as a kid.

    I never recovered my childhood, but I’ve made peace with that, in a way.

    So how far will you go in search of wonders?

    At at that time, everyone was a vampire.


    Sometime, I told someone “you should grow up” and he, very courteously, answered me “growing up is just for fruits”.

    Life is a wheel, full of ups and downs, but first and foremost letting that banality consume us depends entirely on that curiosity.

    Do not forget seeing life with innocence, sweetness and, of course, a little bit of magic.

    The streets of Rome were always strong in magic; I loved this city since I came here, years ago

    I always also loved to tell stories

    Underneath that fluffy image was something different.

    Think about the dreams you remember, the ones that don’t dissipate in the morning light. The ones that stay with you. The frustration, fear, confusion and yes, horror. These dreams also make up the world you inhabit.

    It’s about slowly losing the war for a part of yourself and there being nothing you can do to stop it.

    Dreams will always be there when we close our eyes. Some must never end.

    Fairy tales that do contain a little piece of truth after all.

    It was like a reunion with a very old friend, almost forgotten and still able to touch my inner self.

    It’s one of those games that leave a mark in a very particular way.

    I was certain something so light and colourful wasn’t for me.

    “The greater the light, the deepest the shadows it casts”.

    It’s deceptive by how bright and happy and colourful it looks on the outside — but, inside, it hides the scariest monsters and the darkest stories.

    It is this otherworldliness that fascinates me.

    They cut into your soul, your innocence and that shred of extraordinary belief in the impossible, desperately fighting against the casually horrid normality we learn to accept as adults.

    Stay strong, for your story will never betray you.

    We all most certainly have at least once in our lifetime thought that our lives already written.

    I’ve been interested in mythology and folklore since childhood.

    Everything is part of some story when you are young; the simplest task may become a magical adventure, a trivial problem can turn into a horror story.

    Nothing is meaningless!

    The door to my freehold is always open.

    That light flooding through stain glass was like water in the desert for me.

    Here comes a goddamn dancing bear in a top hat in full color.

    I was just escaping one bleak world into an even darker and bleaker one.

    I was an angsty young adult with mental health problems, and the nihilistic gothic punk aesthetic spoke to me.

    I became more fascinated by long-term consequences, both in unintended outcomes and examining how time grinds down even the greatest legends from the snapshot immortalized in their stories.

    When the world was ending—literally—I begged to be a part of it.

    It’s a wonderful allegory for those who have a spark of magic but don’t know what to do with it or where they fit into the world.

    It’s also about the fear of losing that creativity, of growing up and being forced to leave whimsy behind, and of loss.

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  • askgarden
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Send 👋😅 for my muse to show up at your muse's home unexpectedly!

    Multimuse blogs, please specify muse!
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  • soulmemes
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    breaking the ice prompts.

    have you ever been too afraid to approach a mutual for plots and conversation? ever been intimidated by the idea of making that first step? then YOU need to know that ur valid and wonderful and it's natural but unnecessary to be afraid bc mutuals obviously wanna write with you if they followed you back. but u also need these prompts. ily. have some water. and some of these prompts--

    " lovely/weird/terrible weather, huh? "

    " hey! need some help? "

    " sorry, i'm lost, could... could you help me? "

    " i like your shirt! "

    " woah, take it easy... you feeling okay? "

    " oh my god, i'm so sorry! did i hurt you?! "

    " you need to watch where you're going. "

    " your shoelace is untied. "

    " okay, don't panic, but i saw someone was following you for the last block. i thought i'd keep you company a while until they're gone? "

    " walking home alone in the middle of the night is stupidly dangerous. come on. i'll keep you company a while. "

    " hey! you left your wallet at the coffee shop. "

    " see, normally people run AWAY from danger... who are you, again? other than the craziest person i've ever met. "

    " engine trouble? "

    " is this your dog? "

    " don't i know you from somewhere...? "

    " say, aren't you that one who was in the news this week? "

    " i thought you looked familiar! "

    " oh, man, i'm sorry! i'm so clumsy... "

    " sorry, i've, uh... i've never eaten here before. what do you recommend? "

    " excuse me? i could use a little help, if you don't mind... "

    " oh! that was one nasty fall... are you alright? "

    " come on. you'll catch your death, and my umbrella's big enough for two. "

    " you know the host/hostess/couple/deceased? "

    " not much of a party person, huh? "

    " don't panic. i saw everything... you okay? "

    " hey, uh... i just moved in next door. i thought i'd introduce myself. never know when you need a cup of sugar, right? "

    " you're not from around here, huh? "

    " help! help me! "

    " was that person bothering you? "

    " need some help with those? "

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  • devour-memes
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Things Me and My Friends Have Said On Discord!

    A collection of things my friends and I have said on vc & general chat on Discord! Feel free to change things and pronouns as needed!


    "Alright, lads. Let's calm down a second."

    "You bought WHAT?!"

    "I tried to wave... pulled a gun."

    "I just killed my first bear and (name) helped me sniff out the corpse. I'm so proud!"

    "The bounty gear is sexy!"

    "I shan't stop!"

    "I had a lil beer."

    "...aroused but full of anger."

    "Not going to lie, I'm kinda into it."

    "Oh, dude, she's into that though."

    "(name) stop being nasty!"

    "Oh my God, are you okay?!"

    "I didn't mean to hurt you!"

    "Hahaha, yes. Suffer!"

    "If you keep talking, I'm going to shoot you."

    *wolf whistling and saying shit in spanish*

    "Okay, but hear me out..."

    "I love you so much?"

    "You sound so tired right now."

    "Not gonna lie, I'm tired as fuck."

    *yawns loudly*

    "You should probably go drink something."

    "I have coffee... try to do a wake..."

    "You're awake enough to trash talk and that's all that matters."

    "(name) you best be sleeping!"

    "I will suck your dick if you stop."

    "Suck my dick and I'll leave you alone."

    "The vibe that has.."

    "Jesus, (name), calm down."


    "I'd die for (name), it's not even funny."

    "Fuck no."

    "I will die for you."

    "Not to brag, but (insert thing here)."


    "How do you remember all of that?!"

    "I need money."

    "I'll call you out, don't test me."

    "I'll owe you my life!"

    "Don't call me out."

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  • askgarden
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Send ⁈ for my muse's reaction to yours showing up at their home unexpectedly!

    Multimuse blogs, please specify muse!
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  • whiterabbitmemes
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Lyric Starters: Youngblood - 5 Seconds of Summer

    "Remember the words you told me?" "Love me 'til the day I die" "Surrender my everything, 'cause you made me believe you're mine." "You used to call me baby, now you're calling me by name." "Takes one to know one, yeah?" "You beat me at my own damn game." "You push and you push." "And I'm pulling away from you." "I give and I give and I give and you take." "Say you want me out of your life." "I'm just a dead man walking tonight." "But you need it all of the time, yeah?" "Say you want me back in your life." "So I'm just a dead man crawling tonight." "'Cause I need it." "Yeah I need it, all of the time." "Lately our conversations end like it's the last goodbye." "Then one of us gets too drunk and calls about a hundred times." "So who you been calling baby?" "Nobody could take my place." "When you're looking at those strangers, hope to God you see my face." "You're running around and I'm running away from you."

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  • askgarden
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago
    Dragged Out Starters

    ✿ ❝Come on, you've been cooped up for days!❞

    ✿ ❝Do you even remember what outside looks like?❞

    ✿ ❝We're going out! No 'but's!❞

    ✿ ❝Hey, let's go get lunch! My treat!❞

    ✿ ❝It's not healthy to stay in so much.❞

    ✿ ❝C'mon, just for a little bit?❞

    ✿ ❝Don't make me drag you out of there.❞

    ✿ ❝It's nice out. Come walk with me!❞

    ✿ ❝Just come outside for five minutes. Just five.❞

    ✿ ❝Come on, let's get you a change of scenery.❞

    ✿ ❝We're going on a walk.❞

    ✿ ❝Come and look at the stars with me! They're perfect this time of night!❞

    ✿ ❝It's not that bad, is it?❞

    ✿ ❝I told you you'd have fun, didn't I?❞

    ✿ ❝I'm glad you're indulging me.❞

    ✿ ❝Going home already? But we just came out here!❞

    ✿ ❝This would be over with much faster if you stopped dragging your heels.❞

    ✿ ❝Let's go get a drink, ok?❞

    ✿ ❝I know you don't want to be here, but take a look at this!❞

    ✿ ❝Hm? Oh! sorry, I didn't realize I was still holding on to you.❞

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  • givemeangstymemes
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Send  ✔️  for my muse to make a list on what they want to do with yours in the future

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