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    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
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    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    a tree grows in brooklyn, pt. 1.

    dialogue prompts from a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith.

    can i come along?

    could you recommend a good book?

    a day like this is like somebody giving you a present.

    isn’t hot coffee a wonderful thing?

    i love to hear you talk.

    i drink because i don’t stand a chance and i know it.

    i drink because i got responsibilities i can’t handle.

    i never wanted a family.

    nobody will remember me for long.

    you’re just saying that.

    you were born to lick this rotten life.

    we can’t be any more than we are.

    imagination is a valuable thing.

    i never listen to what people tell me.

    the only way i know what’s right and wrong is the way i feel about things.

    you’ve got a heart of gold.

    there’s a time and a place for everything, and this isn’t the time.

    all of us are what we have to be.

    everybody lives the kind of life that’s in them to live.

    you’re saying what i’m saying, just using your own words.

    who’s gonna do my work if i don’t?

    you’re trembling like a leaf.

    forgiveness is a gift of high value. yet its cost is nothing.

    there’s a difference in a lie and a story.

    there must be something bigger than money.

    i loved ____ so much once.

    you must learn to take a joke, otherwise life will be pretty hard on you.

    you have a bad case of ‘growing up’.

    don’t you dare laugh.

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  • enter-witty-remark
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    More terrible memes

    Moss: yeet the rat

    Cap: nO

    Dreamxd: i have done nothing wrong ever, here's the reasons-

    Cap: you turned me into a rat twice

    Moss: no no, let them continue

    Cap: how the turn tables have turned

    Roman: p-please leave

    Rain: for the last time you can't eat the prisoners

    Four: but I could

    #prison rp meta #my terrible memes
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  • leneemusing
    16.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    “  they made you cry.  so i killed them.  ”

    “  you’re mine.  and that means i’ll do anything necessary to keep it that way.  ”

    “  i’m not going to hurt you.  i came here to help.  ”

    “  sometimes,  i feel like i can’t breathe when you’re here.  but when you’re gone it feels like my heart stops.  ”

    “  no one gets to get away with making you feel like that.  ”   

    “  when i said i’d kill for you,  i meant it.  ”

    “  you belong to me.  ”  

    “  tell me who did this to you so i can make them pay.  don’t even try to tell me it’s fine.  ”

    “  what do you want me to do to them?  anything you ask,  it’s done.  ”

    “  say the word and i’ll cut their fucking heart out.  ”

    “  one word,  and they’re gone.  ”

    “  i don’t trust you.  but i love you.  ”

    “  i don’t usually care about people.  i just don’t.  but i care about you.  ”

    “  i need you to see how important this is—  us.  i never care about people the way i care about you.  ”

    “  why do you let me close? why me?  ”

    “  i don’t let people close.  but i chose you.  you’re the only one.  ”

    “  i’m not trying to fix you.  i love you.  just let me do that.  ”

    “  i didn’t ask for this!  i never asked for you to be willing to do all these things for me.  i just wanted you.  ”

    “  you’re gonna be the death of me some day.  and i’m gonna let you.  ”

    “  you don’t understand what you do to me.  ”

    “  now you’re going to tell me what’s wrong.  the truth.  and then i’m going to fix it.  ”

    “  you’re not gonna change me.  i want you.  but not if you think you’re going to save me from myself or some hollywood bullshit like that.  ”

    “  i belong to you.  don’t you realize that?  my heart is bleeding in your hands.  ”

    “  you can’t scare me off.  growl and bite all you want,  but i’m not afraid.  ” 

    “  my world is shrouded in darkness.  always has been.  but you...you bring a little bit of light into it.  ”

    “  this is what i am.  i’m one of the goddamn monsters.  you should be running the other way.  ”

    “  this isn’t a fairytale.  i’ll never stop craving the scent of blood.  you won’t heal me.  you’ll just slowly become a monster too.  ”

    “  i’m here because...i know you’ll help me.  the way i want to be helped.  ”

    “  i know i shouldn’t but.  i like it.  i like how far you’ll go to make me feel safe.  ”

    “  let me kill them for you.  you don’t need that blood on your hands.  ”

    “  do you want to watch?  or do you want me to do it where you can’t see.  this could get very messy.  ”

    “  i don’t understand what you do to me. i just...can’t seem to stay away.  ”

    “  you don’t belong in my world.  but i do want you here.  and if you choose to stay,  i won’t let anything hurt you.  ”

    “  they made me feel.  small.  i don’t wanna feel like that again.  show me how to be strong like you.  ”  

    “  i want you to teach me.  teach me how to be like you.  be the kind of person people don’t hurt.  ” 

    “  i’m going to do what i need to to keep you safe.  and you’re going to let me.  ”

    “  i’m never gonna leave you.  you can try to push me away and lash out all you want,  but i’m not going anywhere.  ”  

    “  i don’t care what the world thinks.  i know who you really are.  the good and the bad.  and i love all of it.  ”

    “  i don’t want you to be afraid of me.  ”

    “  i could make you so much stronger.  ”

    “  i’d do anything for you too,  you know.  i know you think you’re the one protecting me but.  it goes both ways.  ”

    “  i’m never going to let anyone make you feel like that again.  ”

    [ CONSPIRE ] sender’s muse presents a captured individual who hurt receiver’s muse to them,  letting receiver choose what to do with them. 

    [ SHOW ] receiver’s muse presents a captured individual who hurt sender’s muse to them,  letting sender choose what to do with them. 

    [ UNLIKELY ] for one muse to pick a fight with the their rival/enemy because they are upset about something unrelated.  their rival recognizes this and refuses to fight back,  leading them to finally breaking down and end up being comforted by the rival. 

    [ STAIN ] for one muse to hold the other’s bloody hand. 

    [ APPEASE ] for one muse to kiss the other to prove they can’t scare them off. 

    [ GENTLE ] for one muse to clean the other’s bruised knuckles after they got into a fight. 

    [ DEDICATION ] for sender to gently caress receivers face after sender killed someone  ( bonus points if it was protecting them  ). 

    [ ADORATION ] for receiver to gently caress sender’s face after receiver killed someone ( bonus points if it was protecting them ). 

    [ SHY ] for one muse to initially flinch away from the other’s touch,  only to grow still when they realize they’re just stroking their face or hair.  

    [ FIRM ] for one muse to force the other to let them see their wounds. 

    [ REDIRECT ] for one muse to distract the other from their anger by kissing them.  

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  • withinkandquill
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    //Like for a small starter from a randomized muse!

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  • askmajiinsonic
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #a change in infinity...M!A/Rp meme #ooc: no i didn't forget to bold his words it's intentional >:3 #mysterious fun...lore #another soul...anon #infinite fun! ask
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  • leneemusing
    15.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    paranormal prompts

    “  there are ghosts here.  ”  

    “  this place is haunted.  i can feel it.  ”

    “  don’t you see it?  over there—  they’re standing right there.  ”

    “  something is watching us.  ”

    “  i don’t feel safe anywhere.  nowhere is safe.  ”

    “  it’s after me—  i know it’s here.  ”

    “  the ghosts are my friends.  i like it when they’re here.  ”

    “  don’t go in there.  there’s something...it’s not good.  ”

    “  you really expect me to believe that ghosts are real?  ”

    “  of course ghosts are fucking real—  energy?  can’t be created or destroyed?  we gotta go somewhere.  ”

    “  are you real?  ”

    “  there’s nothing there.  listen to me,  look.  there’s nothing.  ”

    “  i’m not— i saw something! it was there!  ”

    “  i saw a ghost once.  ”

    “  the spirits...they’re unsettled.  ”

    “  i feel like there’s something there.  in the corner of my eye.  but every time i turn around it disappears.  ”

    “  why are you haunting me?  ”

    “  i’m not scared of you.  ”

    “  don’t look but...i think something is following us.  ”

    “  don’t let it see you.  if it sees you,  it can take you.  ”

    “  it feeds on fear.  don’t give it what it wants.  ”

    “  most spirits...just want to be left to themselves.  but some...they feed on our energy.  ”

     “  ghosts don’t scare me.  they make me sad.  ”

    “  it’s too late for them—  it got to them.  ”

    “  there’s something...dark inside me.  i can feel it taking over,  clawing at my mind.  ”

    “  this is freaking me out.  let’s leave.  ”

    “  jesus christ! did you see that?!  ”

    “  i felt something touch me just now.  ”

    “  i can feel something...  ”

    “  i just want to help them be at peace.  ”

    “  don’t leave me here alone it’s fucking creepy!  ”

    “  ghosts can’t really hurt us.  ”

    “  i can see you.  ”

    “  you can see me?  can you hear me too?  ”

    “  i’ve been trapped here for so long.  ”

    “  what’s it saying?  ”

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  • leneemusing
    15.10.2021 - 12 hours ago


    content warning for themes of violence, gore, death,  horror and general dark themes as stated in title. obviously these can be used for any context but i figured i’d provide some content for spooky season. ♡


    “  did you really think you could hide from me?  ”

    “  no one is coming to save you.  ”

    “  now,  i’m gonna have to kill you.  but i won’t let it hurt.  i promise you that much.  ”

    “  what?  crying already?  ”

    “  keep your goddamn mouth shut!  ”

    “  oh,  don’t look at me like that.  surely you’re used to being hurt by now.  i always pick the damaged ones.  ”

    “  damn—  you’re a really fucking fast runner you know that?  ”

    “  it’s so cute that you think you’re going to survive.  ”

    “  you can scream all you want.  no one will hear you.  ”

    “  i’ve been planning this for so long.  ”

    “  oh yes,  i remember now.  i had so much fun killing that one.  ”

    “  i really wish you hadn’t said that...  ” 

    “  well shit.  i didn’t want you to see this—  blood really isn’t my color.  ”

    “  i’m warning you to walk away now.  forget you saw this.  ”

    “  if i see you again,  i’ll take your eyes.  ”

    “  don’t give up now,  i’m just getting started.  ”

    “  i was hoping you’d put up a fight.  ”

    “  stop squirming— it will hurt less.  ”

    “  you’re not getting out of this.  ”

    “  i’m afraid it has to be this way.  ”

    “  it was always going to end like this.  just accept your fate.  ”

    “  i really don’t like having to do this.  please don’t make it harder.  ”

    “  just let go,  feel the life draining away. it’ll be peaceful.  ”

    “  shh it’ll all be over soon.  ”

    “  oh,  you’re going to be a fun one to take apart.  ”

    [ INTIMIDATE ]  for one muse to use gentleness in a threatening manner  (  stroking their face or hair etc  ). 

    [  CRUEL ]  for one muse to threaten the other by putting a hand around their throat without fully choking them. 

    [ TRAPPED ]  for one muse to wake up bound to chair. 

    [ GROUP ] for both our muses to wake up,  bound and about to be tortured. 

    [ KNIFE ] for one muse to stab the other.

    [ BULLET ] for one muse to shoot the other. 

    [ CRACK ] for one muse to break the other’s bone  (  feel free to specify location  ). 

    [ BRUISE ] for one muse to punch the other.  

    [ CAUGHT ] for one muse to discover the other in the act of killing someone. 

    [ LATE ] for one muse to discover the other after they just killed someone. 

    [ QUIET ] for one muse to menacingly put a finger over their mouth to indicate the other to hush. 

    [ WHISPER ] for one muse to put their finger over the others mouth while intimidating them.


    “  why are you doing this to me?  ”

    “  what the fuck do you want from me?!  ”

    “  i swear to god i’ll shoot!  ”

    “  what the fuck is wrong with you?  ”

    “  i’ll do whatever you want,  it doesn’t have to be like this.  ”

    “  why are you like this?  what happened to you?  ”

    “  please—  help me—  ”

    “  i think i’m dying—  fuck i’m gonna die...  ”

    “  i can’t keep running.  ”

    “  please, stop—  ”  

    “  go to hell you fucking bastard!  ”

    “  i won’t cry for you.  ”

    “  hurt me all you want,  i won’t let you break me.  ”

    “  go fuck yourself.  ”

    “  oh,  i don’t think you’re misunderstood.  i just think you’re a little bitch who only gets off when they’re hurting people.  ”

    “  newsflash asshole,  we’re all fucked up.  you don’t see me going around killing anyone over it.  ”

    “  what did you do? what the hell did you just do?  ”

    “  you said you wouldn’t do this anymore.  ”

    “  enough! just.  stop.  ”

    “  okay,  you’re really starting to freak me out this isn’t funny anymore.  ”

    “  just leave me alone! ” 

    “  we have to keep running—  ”

    “  get the fuck outta here,  it’s not safe!  ”

    “  we can’t hide here forever.  ”

    “  who’s after you?  ”

    “  don’t leave me here!  ”

    [ DEFEND ] for one muse to fight back against the other. 

    [ LOGIC ] for one muse to try and reason with an antagonist. 

    [ FLEE ] for one muse to witness the other do something violent and immediately run away. 

    [ LIVE ] for one muse to be injured by an antagonist and barely survive. 

    [ HELP ] for one muse to stumble upon the other after getting attacked. 

    [ SURVIVE ] for one muse to have to leave the other behind to run from an antagonist. 

    [ GRIEF ] for one muse to watch the other get hurt/killed. 

    [ PURSUIT ] for one muse to chase the other. 

    [ SURPRISE ] for one muse to grab the other from behind,  hand over their mouth but with the intent to help them hide. 

    [ COLLIDE ] for one muse to run into the other’s arms after fleeing from an attacker. 

    [ AID ] for one muse to find the other in shock,  hiding from something or someone. 

    [ RESCUE ] for one muse to just narrowly get saved by the other. 

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  • xgatheringdust
    15.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Give me empires memes and art ideas, I have free time and wanna draw dramatic queers playing lego dnd.

    #and by empires memes and art ideas i strictly mean shrub #she is the only character that matters #i do not perceive anyone else #/lh#empires smp#minecraft rp#mcyt
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  • adasmemes
    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    send ‘i’m calling 911 on you′ for my muse’s reaction.

    #rp meme#adasmemes #can be horror or someone really needing help tbh #use your imagination ^^//~
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  • justanotherrpmeme
    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Multi-Muse Starter Meme

    Send a symbol for a starter with one (or more) of...

    😇 my most innocent muses 😘 my most flirtatious muses 🤪 my most jovial muses 🤓 my most geeky muses 😎 my coolest muses 🥳 my muses who are the life of the party 😡 my angriest muses 🤗 my kindest muses 🤫 my quietest muses 🤥 my muses most likely to lie 🙄 my most sarcastic muses 🤑 my richest muses 😈 my most sinful muses 👽 my weirdest muses ✌️ my most peaceful muses 🤞 my luckiest muses 👍 my most positive muses 👎 my most negative muses 👊 my muses most likely to punch yours 🙏 my most faithful muses 💪 my strongest muses 🧠 my smartest muses 👀 my most observant muses 💋 my muses most likely to kiss yours 👶 my youngest muses 🧒 my most childish muses 👵 my most mature muses 👴 my oldest muses 👮 my most law abiding muses 👩‍🎓 my most qualified muses

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  • of-elitiism
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago


    blue calcite

    valuing emotional intelligence, you're good at calming those around you. you have a way of putting words to feelings others can't quite verbalize. you spend so much of your time nurturing others, expending energy in your efforts to keep a peaceful environment. you're often undervalued and unappreciated until people need something from you. when was the last time you spent as much energy on yourself as you do on everyone else?

    tagged by: @lykaiia​ tagging: steal it, i dare you~

    #[ vibes - Marcus ] #[ rp meme ] #[ not half bad tbh ]
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  • faememes
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Send 🙈 for your muse to catch my muse in their wedding dress/suit.

    #rp meme#wedding meme #wedding rp meme
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  • firstavengersteverogers
    15.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    the woodworm men prompts

    in honour of the creepiest best episode of ghosts thus far and how fitting it is so close to samhain, i’ve put together some prompts from s03e03 ‘the woodworm men.’

    Help! Help! There be creatures in the house!

    Strange men with the heads of flies!

    Did the woodworm men banish you?

    You’d be scared of a teddy bear if it spoke.

    It fun until a wolf eats your eye.

    If we inhale their mist then we’ll... I don’t know, like, die or something.

    Why does he always talk to us as if we’re up in the air?

    You having a laugh, are you? With your mates? Your little dead mates? Yeah?

    Get into the corners, do it right and they won't be back for ten years.

    Woodworm men, woodworm men, be gone with your foul incense.

    What are you up to?

    Make sure you keep the noise down. I'm reading.


    I wondered how long it would take for you to resort to name-calling!

    Fascinating modern age we live in.

    It's, like, eighty years old.

    There's more than one way to make a shelter and we've got plenty of useful kit.

    Where are we going?

    The woods.

    Sorry. I would help but I physically can't.

    Damn it and blast it to hell!

    What are you doing down there? He can't see you, mate.

    You can dip it. Dip it again.

    Can you stop? I can't enjoy them if you're looking at me like that.

    Yous are not welcomes here! Oh, be gone, ye servants of Beelzebub!

    You simply must watch Grease with me. All the boys have wet hair and they sing about their cars!

    And now we return to A Nightmare on Elm Street.

    Oh. Danny's changed his hair.

    I could blow that over. And I've got asthma. And I'm dead.

    Fallen off your body again, have you? I suppose you want me to put you back.

    Shoo, shoo! Evil creatures, begone!

    They... They shed their skin like serpents!

    That showed you! I'm not a scaredy cat!

    But what if they return?

    Let no servants of Satan prey upon the peoples that live in this place.

    May this house be sturdy from the woodworm men.

    Let no demons cross these walls.

    Wonder what got her goat.

    Probably just scared of the dark or something.

    Suppose we ought to... investigate?

    I know it was too much to ask that you quietly... Kitty? Where has she...?

    Hello? Anybody there?

    I was going to say... Maybe we should go see the others together.

    Well, you have to remember, it was two hundred years ago. I can't remember every single detail.

    I decided to book it for our anniversary. We didn't go in the end. Because I was dead.

    The lights went out in the house. And the TV turned off.

    I wasn't much enjoying it anyway.

    Oh, I thought you'd really like it - a high school romance.

    Yes, but I didn't like the man chasing the girl.

    Well, he's the man of her dreams.

    Yes, and he won't stop until he gets her.

    You should wait till the end because then she starts chasing him.

    Does she? I hope she gets him. Then we can all sleep again.

    Ah, we heard you screaming - just wanted to make sure you're okay.

    Don't think so. Must be another caveman.

    It's creepy in the woods at night, isn't it?

    The woodworm men have gone, I've blessed the house.

    I'm scared! Where are you? Oh, my God, oh, my God...

    Can we talk some more please? I don't want to go to sleep.

    We can't stay up all night.

    But if I dream, then...

    Just try to imagine the man from the film wrapping you up in his arms.

    What happened to Susan?

    She was never seen again.

    It's all my fault. I pretended we were fine and now I'm scared of everything.

    I don't want to die out here. I mean, I already have, but, you know.

    When I was alive, was much to be scared of, but I know what make feel safe. Come on!

    You've been awake all night?

    I was scared the man from Grease would get me in my dreams.

    I was just thinking, it ought to be dull and commonplace - the same sunrise over the same house in the same tiny piece of England every day for two hundred years. But it is beautiful.

    I travelled miles and was unchanged when I could have been here and... transported. It's no fault of the sun if the eye sees not its beauty.

    Oh, that's where you got to last night. What were you doing in there?

    Never have I known such a feckless bunch of good-for-nothings.

    Don't forget, the boiler man's coming at two.

    The boiler man?!

    #bbc ghosts #rp sentence starters #roleplay sentence starters #sentence starters #sentence starter meme #rp sentence meme #roleplay sentence meme #rp memes#rp meme#rp prompts
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  • deity-of-calamity
    15.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    (Heading out soon to buy a new sketchbook and then eat. I'll bring my phone.)

    #outofcontracts#mun things #I'll reblog some rp memes and try to do those when we get to outback
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  • infinityrph
    15.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

      🚀.・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. RP Starters:

                                                                       YOU --- Season Three

    **disclaimer:** : may have been slightly altered to better fit the needs of the rpc. there may be series spoilers in the sentences.

    ✰  ❝ wanna see my reading room? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i promised myself i would do this right ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i thought about seeing my mom and then i went and got ice cream instead ❞  

    ✰  ❝ maybe thanks to you i can make this work ❞  

    ✰  ❝ is your life even a brand without a perfectly pretentious soulmate? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ are you flirting with me or offering me to join fight club? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ we as a species deserve to go extinct ❞  

    ✰  ❝ if you could do anything, what would you do? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you look at me like i’m a monster ❞  

    ✰  ❝ happily ever after looks a lot different than i thought ❞  

    ✰  ❝ am i the asshole here? i’m sorry, that’s a bad word. ❞  

    ✰  ❝ how are we supposed to understand each other? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i’m gonna do everything i can… i just don’t know what that means yet ❞  

    ✰  ❝ and i can’t tell them what you did, so now i’m the villain ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you signed a lease for our crime scene? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ oh, funny, it’s already blame-the-parents-o-clock ❞  

    ✰  ❝ and just like that, you’re the victim again ❞  

    ✰  ❝ it feels good to fix something, especially when everything else feels unfixable ❞  

    ✰  ❝ so far, nothing about this place is worth fighting for ❞  

    ✰  ❝ if this is a partnership, i’m better off alone ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i’ve worked hard to be better and i am not that person anymore ❞  

    ✰  ❝ what’s the feeling under the rage? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you’re broken. i could never love you. ❞  

    ✰  ❝ why is that so important? why does love have to be unconditional? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you understand me better than anyone ever has. i’m starting to understand why that’s so terrifying. ❞  

    ✰  ❝ and just like that, there you are ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i would absolutely kill for you ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i’ll keep us safe, i promise ❞  

    ✰   ❝ i am not flirting, i am begging you for food ❞  

    ✰  ❝ most of the time, i still have no idea what i’m doing ❞  

    ✰  ❝ contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the husband ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i didn’t come here to get on a soapbox ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i don’t want to help them sharpen their pitchforks ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you know how...when a rule exists but you don’t think it applies to you? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ we straddled the poverty line my entire childhood and i escaped with books ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i know all about that one thing that saves your miserable life ❞  

    ✰  ❝ generally my favorite apologies are stiff and grudging ❞  

    ✰  ❝ not even the saints are saints ❞  

    ✰  ❝ there’s nothing for them to find ❞  

    ✰  ❝ it had to be done. you were protecting me ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i did something you’re not gonna be totally psyched about ❞  

    ✰  ❝ even though you’ve been through a lot, you’re not fucked up for life ❞  

    ✰  ❝ stop trying to cash in on someone else’s tragedy ❞  

    ✰  ❝ knowing the whole truth. the messy truth. that’s beautiful. that’s worthwhile. ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i didn’t want to see in you what i saw in myself ❞  

    ✰  ❝ does family tragedy make someone fuckable? cause i could really use a silver lining ❞  

    ✰  ❝ if i’m the problem, how do i fix it? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you like things that make you feel, you find beauty in the flaws ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you’re just a fleeting crush ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i cheated on my soulmate ❞  

    ✰  ❝ grieving is a roller coaster that never ends ❞  

    ✰  ❝ it’s not because you’re special. it’s because i have mother issues ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i don’t even like you anymore ❞  

    ✰   ❝ i’m self-sabotaging, aren’t i? ❞  

    ✰   ❝ why can’t i just be happy? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ don’t be sorry for surviving ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you always knew it was gonna turn out this way. that’s why you held me so tight ❞  

    ✰  ❝ it’s an emergency. i’m sorry for calling so late ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i never stopped thinking someone would show up and save me ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i’m not okay with what i saw ❞  

    ✰  ❝ the whole soulmate thing is mostly bullshit ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i’ll always love you, but i have to say goodbye for real this time ❞  

    ✰  ❝ there are a lot of bad men out there and sometimes you can’t tell until it’s too late ❞  

    ✰  ❝ as long as i love you, you’ll be in danger ❞  

    ✰  ❝ if this is the game i have to play to be closer to you, then game on ❞  

    ✰  ❝ if i push too hard, i risk losing you ❞  

    ✰  ❝ how do i make you see i could be your happily ever after? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ it’s a power move, you want to show me that you can hurt me ❞  

    ✰  ❝ it’s like you’re training for the asshole olympics ❞  

    ✰  ❝ don’t worry, my asshole days are far behind me ❞  

    ✰  ❝ did you kill someone else and you’re trying to distract me? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i heard screaming, so i entered ❞  

    ✰   ❝ we met the other night when i wasn’t being my best self ❞  

    ✰  ❝ what is this? a sociopath’s power play? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i need justice. i need karmic retribution ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you will never see me ever again ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you liked me broken because it gave you purpose ❞  

    ✰  ❝ one day you’ll lose everything and see how cruel you really are ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i should be in bed with you, tracing and drawing on your arm ❞  

    ✰  ❝ love requires a hint of madness and we’re all mad here ❞  

    ✰  ❝ this loophole cannot be falling into my lap ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you can come to me about anything, that’s what this relationship is, right? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i cannot be the villain of our story ❞  

    ✰  ❝ the fucker is plotting something, i can feel it ❞  

    ✰  ❝ our love language is violence ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i need you to remind me that there’s life beyond this ❞  

    ✰  ❝ this is so far beneath you ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i want to erase everything that ever made you think you deserve to be here ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you deserve everything you want ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you aren’t the only person who is haunted by shame ❞  

    ✰  ❝ do you think i deserve all of the bad things that happened to me? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i struggle every day with the fact that i’m capable of doing something like that ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you’ll figure it out. that’s what people like us do ❞  

    ✰  ❝ i don’t need to cause any more damage ❞  

    ✰  ❝ how can i stop this from being the end for us? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ we’re quite the team in the worst way ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you were taught that you don’t deserve a second chance, but you do ❞  

    ✰  ❝ when i go will you come with me? ❞  

    ✰  ❝ you fucking shot me in the leg! ❞  

    ✰  ❝ this is not how i imagined us ending ❞  

    ✰ ❝ you try so hard to be good ❞  

    ✰ ❝ the end of our story remains unwritten ❞

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  • tonksxmagicalxroleplayxmemes
    15.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Suggest Face claim to my muse

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  • jaskkin
    15.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    have to make a video for class: complete artistic liberty. we just need to make it about something we learned in class

    if you thought i wouldnt make it marble hornets you dont know me. marble hornets fire safety. jay and tim teach you about fire safety as tim loses his house.

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  • rpdepartment
    15.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    tsundere sentence starters! requested by anon!

    26 starters

    « don't call me cute! »

    « listen, i- ...ugh, forget it! »

    « i'm not blushing! shut up!! »

    « man, you're such a mess... »

    « stop being so cute! it's infuriating!! »

    « guess you're not half bad, after all. »

    « oh, man. why you, of all people... ? »

    « d-did you just try to hold my hand?! »

    « i didn't need your help, but... thank you. »

    « you're... sigh. you're alrigh, okay? there. »

    « i don't have a crush! i don't have a crush!! »

    « so you're not just an idiot. i'm... impressed. »

    « gosh, you moron. you really don't get it, huh? »

    « n-no, i don't want a hug! not from you!! stop that! »

    « i guess... i'm a little happy you're here with me, now. »

    « i'm helping you out just because you looked pathetic! »

    « you don't have to stay with me all the time, you know? »

    « i don't have a crush on you! who the heck told you that?! »

    « you idiot. why did you help me? you could've gotten hurt! »

    « s-stop looking at me like that, will you?! it's embarassing! »

    « you can be such a nuisance, sometimes, but... you're not half bad. »

    « i... i think i have a crush, okay?! ugh, this is so embarassing to say... »

    « you can sleep here, but tomorrow morning you have to leave! got that?! »

    « i'm just giving you some of my lunch because i made too much, don't overthink it! »

    « i know i don't have to stay here with you all the time! i just don't have anything better to do! »

    « no, i'm not happy to see you! but... i guess someone much worse could've showed up, so... »

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