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  • ask-emilz-de-philz
    11.06.2021 - 2 days ago


    Show us your strings of fate !!

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  • nerdie-faerie
    07.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Me, now that vaccines are available and restrictions are lifting at the end of the month: I'm not ready for the pandemic to be over

    Me, hearing about another new UK strain: nevermind it's never gonna be over

    #not rp#ooc#Coronavirus#UK #i like having the 'in a pandemic!??!' excuse not to do things but like last year i know people take restrictions lifting as things being #back to normal and i dont want that. but weve got like 3 variants now sooo
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  • hiddenwashington
    29.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    @empathiie​ said: Pst! I’d love to see more characters from Being Human: UK here, like Annie, George, Nina, and Alex ❤️

    you heard it here first! we’d love to see any characters from being human uk make their way into dc!
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  • ghostsrpblog
    20.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Search for 1x1 OC x CC Shameless (US) or Skins (UK) RP on Discord!

    Craving either a Shameless (US) or Skins (UK) RP. I only RP on Discord! Please be 18+! I’m open to doubling and multiple ships.

    I don’t have any Skins OCs yet but some OCs I already have could fit.

    For Shameless, I want to ship with Lip, Ian, Mickey, or Mandy.

    For Skins, I want to ship with Sid, Chris, Effy, JJ, or Rich. Possibly Cassie, Tony, Cook, Freddie, Franky, Alex, Matty, or polyam with Rich and Grace as well. Luke could be fun just for the drama. Out of my OCs, I feel like Misty, Emily, Olly, or Jet could fit into Skins pretty well. Maybe Leo and Elijah too but those OCs are very US based so it would have to be an AU or post-series.

    I’m open to polyam ships and platonic storylines as well.

    I usually write in 3rd person, semi-lit to lit, normally only one paragraph responses per character with each paragraph being around 3-7 lines long, but could possibly write longer responses on occasion. Most of my OCs have traumatic backstories that might be triggering to some people, I do not go into detail about the specifics unless I’m 100% certain it won't upset my RP partner! Limits and triggers will be discussed before starting because I tend to like RPs dealing with heavy topics. I struggle with both mental illnesses and physical chronic illnesses and they can prevent me from responding on some days but I promise I’ll be as responsive as possible and I’ll communicate as much as I can so that you don’t think I’m ghosting. My discord is DorianAvery#6067!

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  • hiddenwashington
    19.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    @empathiie​ said : can I drop Brian Moser and reserve John Mitchell from Being Human: UK please? :)

    of course , darling , brian moser is now reopened for applications & john mitchell is now reserved for kirah until 5/20 at 5:42pm est ! 
    #hw: unfollow#reserves #being human rp #being human uk rp #fandom rp#admin aria#empathiie
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  • narrowtriangle33-blog
    16.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #do it pls #do it please #do it for them #humanity#blacklivesmatter #black lives matter #reblog#rb#repost#rp #do it do it do it #do it now #share#sharethepost#sharethis#sharetheword#uk#black community#do it#injustice#justice #make a change #promise #be the light #spread the word #spread the message #make a difference #make an impact
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  • lievmultimuses2
    30.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Matt Devlin || OPEN

    Matt didn’t believed much in his life, but he never doubted his partner, or Alesha or even James, yes the latter could be a bastard more often then not but he always had Matt’s back, having his character destroy by his own friends wasn’t something he could just let go, it made him doubt everything he had ever done as police officer. He didn’t wanted to go home, it would only remind him that he didn’t have anyone, he was too busy on work and now everything was falling apart so he kept walking around the streets hoping to distract himself.
    #Law & Order UK rp #Law & Order rp #Law & Order SVU rp #Law & Order Organized Crime rp #fandom (Law & Order) #Law & Order UK (Matt Devlin) #Matt Devlin verse. Doubts in our Hearts #faceclaim (Jamie Bamber) #Matt Devlin open starters #open starters#non selective #open to non mutuals #open to AUs #open to OCs #open to crossovers #open to anyone
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  • bloodstainedbeauty
    28.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    alright i think i’m gonna make this a series- anyways sid jenkins nsfw alphabet

    A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)Lets be realistic... he’s not the best at aftercare. he’s a little awkward and probably isn’t a big talker, especially after sex. But i do think he would try his best to make you feel as loved as possible and let you know you did a good job through more physical affection or acts of service

    B = Body part (their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) he LOVESSS your waist/hip area, he loves to hold it, guide them onto his thigh...ANYWAYS, but yeah he loves it, on himself however, he’s not a very confident guy, he does love his hair tho, when you tug on it or just play with it while your with him, he finds it comforting

    C = Cum (anything to do with cum, basically)

    idk why but he gives me cumplay vibes, his favorite place is either your stomach or inside. but he’s also definitely the type to force you to swallow after you give him head

    D = Dirty secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) He wants to try a ownership dynamic but isn’t sure how to bring it up.

    E = Experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?) he’s definitely been around but not TOO much, he mostly gets most of his experience from porn

    F = Favorite position (this goes without saying) Either missionary or cowgirl, he wants to be able to see your face and be able to kiss you

    G = Goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.) he’s so goofy are you kidding me? this is sid we’re talking about but he’s also not like- so goofy that it’s not intimate. he just wants to make you fee comfortable

    H = Hair (how well groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes? etc.) he barely showers you really think he cares about the bush?

    I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect) He tries his best. he’s not the best at intimacy ofc he’s still a little awkward, but he really does try to make it intimate and comfortable for you and him

    J = Jack off (masturbation headcanon).... did you forget who were talking about . he has a super high sex drive and if your not there with him, probably atleast twice a day.

    K = Kink (one or more of their kinks)PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THIS ONE. -cumplay




    -impact play



    L = Location (favorite places to do the do) def in his room. RARELY anywhere else, it’s just the most comfortable and easiest place, if not his room tho, he would want to try semi-public sex.

    M = Motivation (what turns them on, gets them going) literally anything you do. you could literally touch his hand and boom horny. but more specific things, when your shy or vulnerable, when you sit on his lap, public humiliation

    N = No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)anything that would hurt you long term. he’s into impact play so he likes to make you hurt, but in a good way and would never want to actually damage you and would probably never forgive himself if he did

    O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) HE LOVESSS GETTING HEAD FROM U. it’s like in his top 1 favorite things ever, the longer and deeper you can handle the better for him. however he rarely give you head, and when he does he’s probably tired and just wants to be close and taste you, so except sloppy middle of the night head.

    P = Pace (are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.) It depends- he’s def on the sloppier side but it depends on his mood the speed, he wants you to feel good tho so it would never be too fast or slow

    Q = Quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) .. are you kidding me. he lives for them. like LIVES. his favorite is when someone gets a mouth or handsy with you and he would fuck you in the nearest place and make you scream so loud that anyone who wanted you could hear.

    R = Risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.) he likes some risk- like i said he likes semi public sex and humiliation but the only risk he wouldn’t take, is getting your pregnant. he would def want kids with you in the future but not so young. he would want his kids to have the best life possible and to be planned.

    S = Stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)

    T = Toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?) he’s not really a toy guy. he owns magazines, that’s literally about it. but he’s not opposed to toys, there’s really nothing he won’t try atleast once

    U = Unfair (how much they like to tease) HE LOVESSS TO TEASE YOU. but not to the point you get actually frustrated, only to get you a little more vulnerable, he loves to make sure you know he’s in control

    V = Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) he’s not much of a moaner, or just loud in general. you get the occasional grunt or heavy breathe but he’s not on the loud side, he loves to hear you tho.

    W = Wild card (a random headcanon for the character)

    X = X-ray (let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) he’s superrrr into puppy play and like wants nothing more than you to be by his side and please him whenever he wants- he wants a golden retriever girl PLEASE

    Y = Yearning (how high is their sex drive?)

    ... i don’t even have to write this one.

    Z = Zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards) he falls asleep fairly fast but not so fast that he doesn’t have time for you, he won’t sleep until he knows your taken care of and feeling okay.

    welp, hope you enjoyed you filthy SINNERS SMH- it’s ok tho i think we would all be a lil bit of a whore for sid

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  • ask-emilz-de-philz
    27.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Victoria: “Let’s take it out for a test drive, shall we?”

    Adam: “NO. DEFINITELY NO.”

    Jacques: “VICTORIA.”

    Adam: “STOP. EW. NO. OH MY GOD.”

    (( XDDDDDDDDD ))

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  • ask-emilz-de-philz
    27.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    (( For the English, any food tastes bloody great //slapepd )) TAGS:#APHxPPEvent#Planetputo BLOG: ask-emilz-de-philz.tumblr.com

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  • roleplay-abiogenesis2
    25.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    How to be Good to a Seme - 1

    So, this isn’t calling out grievances to anyone in particular, but rather some food for thought I want to dump on all of you who, like many, may have followed my blog because of the huge collection of seme powerhouses it hosts.

    I hope these tidbits can help you in finding RP more enjoyable for yourself as well as any other RPer with muses like mine who are typically portrayed as more domineering and in charge, not just in smut situation but in all aspects of love life and out. Some of mine include Sephiroth, Fushimi Saruhiko, Munakata Reisi, Roy Mustang, Jumin Han, Sesshoumaru, Genjo Sanzo, to name the most popular...

    As a very first disclaimer I want to instantly destroy one common myth: a seme muse does NOT appreciate a 24/7 submissive uke partner.

    You know what I’m talking about here. The typical ‘girlified’ (and I apologize to all girls for using this term) partner who is stereotypically portrayed in fanarts as being a stuttering, trembling, meek mess in the hands of his/her dom seme.

    I’ll tell you here and now, having a partner who is like that fulltime gets boring and annoying SUPER FAST. Why? Because the seme thrives on conquering control.

    So where’s the enjoyment in taking control over someone who just hands it over like it’s hot shit? None. If the partner is always appearing weak, lacking in its own will, without providing any tug-of-war dynamics with the seme, the seme will get bored, and go look for an actual challenge. There’s no game in overpowering someone who in the first place shows no power at all.

    Do not misconstrue my words as saying that the seme is rape-y. That’s a whole other can of worms on top of a really shitty stereotype that I do not wish to address in this post. But you must think of the muse as a cat, the typical “playing cat and mouse” metaphor works wonders to describe this. If you just give a cat a dead toy that it can do anything with, the cat will soon leave it be and look for something that actually moves, runs, fights back a bit. Provides a challenge and makes the reward of taking charge so so much more rewarding.

    So this might open the eyes to some of you on why your seme partner (and me) seems to react with disapproval, hostility, or boredom upon immediately receiving control of your designated uke/sub partner. It is a delicate balance that you must achieve, not go to the unrealistic extreme that’s often portrayed in art. Remember that fanarts are still images, they don’t show all the in-betweens, before and after of a couple dynamic. Do not use that still image as reference for what your power play fantasy is supposed to be. It’s not going to work.

    I may do more of these eventually, but right now I just wanted to dump this burning thought out of my head. Let me know your thoughts if you like, but be civil.

    #[OOC]#RP tips#about seme #dom and sub #ukes #food for thought
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  • klarsynt
    24.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    thanks to allie i want a marvel verse where tantalus is able to recreate the serum and tests it on emil but it mostly just increases his abilities :)) 

    #〖 OOC: IT’S JUST TUMBLR RP,CAROL 〗 #enhances him still u know peak human condition and stronger than normal #but not cap level #it just mixes with his genetics differently #full empathy #can pull memories and premonitions more easily #is able to project shit into ppl's brains with less blowback on his own mind #but it's a lot and v intense and uk now #also increases his personality which makes everything harder #I'M JUST THINKING ABOUT IT
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  • ask-emilz-de-philz
    21.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    VICTORIA: "The lot of you are always asking the same bloody questions. You are aware this is Season 2, are you not?"

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  • fcacoyne
    16.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    imessage 📲 open

    𝓯𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓪: Schrödinger’s cat is overrated!!

    𝓯𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓪: If you wanna see something that’s both dead and alive you can talk to me any time of the day.

    #open starter#degrassi floater #gilmore girls rp #faking it rp #indie rp#depression tw #idk if any of those tags are active but uk #whatever
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  • nerdie-faerie
    09.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Guess they've started their spring cleaning over at Buckingham Palace

    #not rp#ooc#not hp#Royal Family#Prince Phillip#UK #ive never felt more British #the poor staff his corpse must have left a permanent stench after so long
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  • nerdie-faerie
    09.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    TV: major news report on BBC ONE

    Me, having already found out about prince Phillip's death on Snapchat: wow wonder what that could be about.....

    #not rp#ooc#not hp#UK#Royal Family#Prince Phillip #how underwhelming. the corpse is finally declaredrwd dead
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